All You Can Eat

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All You Can Eat

by MEGAN HART ISBN 1-59279-239-1 Amber Quill Press, LLC Also By Megan Hart After Class The Clear Co

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Pages 9 Page size 595 x 842 pts (A4) Year 2007

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ALL YOU CAN EAT by MEGAN HART ISBN 1-59279-239-1 Amber Quill Press, LLC

Also By Megan Hart After Class The Clear Cold Light Of Morning Convicted Dream Upon Waking Driven Friendly Fire Lonesome Bride Love Match Opening The Door Passion Model Playing The Game Pot Of Gold Right To Remain Riverboat Bride Sand Castle

Trial By Fire With Steps Like Knives DEDICATION To anyone who's ever overindulged. ALL YOU CAN EAT There were a lot of things Daisy Cooper hated about her job, but the flashing neon sign up ahead of her wasn't one of them. All You Can Eat. It flashed over and over, a beacon of red blaring in an otherwise pitch-black sky. Sonny must have just turned it on. Sonny was good at that. Turning things on. Her, for instance. As Daisy twisted the wheel of her big rig toward the beckoning, welcoming sign, she couldn't help the huge grin that spread across her face. The rumble strips designed to let sleepy drivers know they were entering the parking lot of the Come and Go Diner sent vibrations straight to the hot spot between her thighs and made it throb with delicious anticipation. That was another thing she didn't hate about her job. Her truck, the cab of which was painted a vibrant purple and gleaming gold, shook like hell. Long runs were like sitting on top of a giant vibrator for hours on end. Hell, there were times she creamed her panties a good six or seven times by the end of the day, and that was just if she were going a few hundred miles. Daisy eased her big rig into one of the long parking spaces in the otherwise empty parking lot and shut it down. She took a moment to smooth her hair and straighten her skirt, to tuck in her blouse and unbutton the top three buttons. Then she shucked off her comfortable sneakers and slipped into a pair of stiletto heels in Fuck-Me-Red. She looked down at her long, tan legs, free of hose. Dorothy's ruby slippers might have sent her home, but Daisy's shoes were going to send her across home plate tonight. She stretched her back to get the kinks out, then climbed down from the high seat. Her nipples tightened in anticipation of what lay ahead of her. "All you can eat," she murmured, and headed toward the diner. "Hello, Daisy." As always, Sonny's low, liquid voice slid across her entire body and made her shiver. Sonny's voice was like melted chocolate. Gooey, sticky, delicious and sweet, and it went straight to her thighs. "Hi ya, Sonny." The bell on the door behind her jangled as Daisy let it close. She went toward the counter and sat on one of the black stools lined up along it. "Slow night?" Sonny nodded. He'd flung the wet cloth he'd been using to wipe down the counter over one shoulder, and now he hooked his thumbs in the belt loops of his faded jeans. His white T-shirt stretched so tautly across his chest, ripped with muscle, Daisy swore she could count every ridge and bump. His nipples poked up through the tight material in a way that made her want to taste them. The way his eyes lingered on her breasts told her that her nipples were doing the same thing. Daisy leaned back on the chair and twirled a little, watching the way Sonny's gaze followed her chest with every movement. When he looked at her like that, she got hot all over. She felt the blush creep up her chest, to her throat, then to paint her cheeks.

It had nothing to do with being embarrassed. Sonny Dean just turned her burner on high. Daisy licked her lips as their eyes met. Sonny smiled. Damn, the man has a grin that could melt butter. Daisy grinned back. "What can I get for you?" Sonny tossed away the cloth and put both hands on the counter. His fingers were long and strong, the kind of fingers a woman would have to be a fool not to want inside her. Daisy wasn't a fool, no matter what her mama had said about her choice of career. Sonny's fingers spread out and he curled them slightly, like he was thinking about holding something with them. Maybe her ass; maybe her tits. Daisy hoped it was both. "You alone here tonight?" She toyed with one long curl, pleased with the way the auburn strands contrasted with the emerald green of her silky shirt. Green was Sonny's favorite color. Sonny looked over his shoulder briefly, toward the low counter and the window where the cook usually put the finished orders. "I let Eddie go early. Kitty and Mabel headed out early, too. It was a slow night." And he knew I'd be coming in, Daisy thought as she watched Sonny straighten up and lean back against the counter behind him. His dark hair, a little too long for a fry cook, but just what a woman would love to run her fingers through, hung just to his shoulders and swept off his forehead. A small scar bisected one black eyebrow, but didn't take away from his searing good looks. He grinned at her again. She could tell he knew what she was thinking. "You want me to tell you about my specials tonight?" Daisy looked over his shoulder to the menu chalked on the board. "Looks like you've got chocolate pudding up there." Sonny glanced at the board, then back at her, spearing her like a shish-kabob with his stare. "Oh, we've got that. But there's plenty of other stuff on the menu, too." Daisy had an idea about what that other "stuff" might be, but she asked anyway. "Why don't you tell me about them then?" Sonny began to count off his specials on his long, strong fingers. "Well, for starters, we have some really good ... hot sausage." Daisy made a noise of appreciation. "Yum." "We've also got thick, creamy custard." "That sounds delicious." A "You must be hungry, Miz Cooper," Sonny said. " Cuz I swear you're looking at me like you'd like to eat me right up." "Are you on the menu, Sonny?" Sonny crossed his muscled arms across his chest and raised one brow at her. "Daisy Cooper, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were coming on to me." Daisy put a look of mock innocence on her face. "Me?" Now he leaned forward again, this time so close to her face she could smell his aftershave. Something spicy and sweet, like the taste of him. Daisy shivered and clamped her thighs together as her clit buzzed and hummed. "Would you like me to tell you what's for dessert?" She nodded, unable to speak, her eyes locked with his and her mouth already salivating. "Kumquats." Daisy blinked. "What?" Sonny, she didn't know how, kept a straight face. "Kumquats."

Daisy burst into laughter. "Sonny, you're such a goofball!" In a second, moving so fast he was like Superman without the tights and the cape, he slid across the counter and landed beside her. He twirled the stool and pulled her into his arms. Daisy teetered on her Fuck-Me pumps, but Sonny steadied her as easily as he could juggle a tray full of coffee cups. "So I can't interest you in any slick—" He kissed her. "— juicy—" He kissed her again, this time more thoroughly, his tongue touching her lips, "—kumquats?" Pressed against him, her nipples rubbing his chest, Daisy had to remember to take a breath before she could answer him. "You were right when you said I must be hungry. But I have a question first." He raised both eyebrows at her and slid a denim-clad thigh between her legs. She balanced there for a moment, her pussy already wet and aching as he pressed himself against her. Daisy bit back a moan at the sensation. "What's your question?" "Your sign says 'All You Can Eat.'" His eyes twinkled and he leaned in for another kiss, this time sweeping the inside of her mouth with his talented tongue. "It sure does." "I hope you mean it," Daisy said. "Because I aim to eat quite a bit of tonight's special." With that challenge, Daisy pushed Sonny back a few steps until his ass hit the edge of the booth behind him. Daisy unbuckled his belt, whipped it open, pulled down his zipper and yanked his jeans off his hips. Seemed she had a little bit of super-hero inside her, when she wanted it. Now Sonny lay back on the white Formica tabletop, his pants down around his ankles and his cock thrusting upward into the air. He rested his head on one arm and looked at her. Sonny put his free hand on his cock, offering it to her, and Daisy didn't need to be asked twice. The table was just the right height. If she put her hands on either side of Sonny's hips and stood between his thighs, she could bend at the waist and take him entirely into her mouth. He groaned when she did, and the sound of his pleasure made her pussy jump and contract with another wave of desire. Hot damn, Daisy loved doing this for Sonny. His cock was long and thick, but not too long, or too thick. Just like his apple pie, Sonny's prick was cinnamon-scented perfection. She took him as deeply as she could, all the way down, until her nose was buried in the thick tuft of dark curls surrounding the base of his shaft. Then upwards she stretched, high on her stiletto heels, to suck on just the tip of his dick while his hips leaped. Down again, one hand on his balls, rubbing that magic seam that made him hop like water on a hot griddle. She stroked his prick with her hand while she moved down to lick and suck the tender flesh of his testicles. She flicked them fast, then slow, licking and nuzzling while she continued to stroke his penis in the rhythm she knew he loved. Within moments, his balls tensed and warmed beneath her tongue and fingers. His cock was so stiff she'd have bet anything he could have made holes in sugar doughnuts with it. Hmmm. Sugar. That would be good. Moving her mouth back up to caress his erection, Daisy groped for the sugar container on the table. She sprinkled the sweet white crystals on his wet penis and then dove down to lick them off, while Sonny let out a shout and bucked so fiercely she thought he was going to throw her right off. "What?" Daisy looked up and licked the sugar off her lips. "You didn't like that?" Sonny was breathing hard, his dark hair mussed and damp with sweat. "Damn,

woman. I'm about to explode like a can of soup in the microwave." Daisy locked his gaze and very slowly, very deliberately, sprinkled more sugar on top of his stiff prick. Then, tongue out, she licked him from the base of his balls all the way to the tip of his cock, before sinking her mouth down on him again and sucking him free of the sweet powder. Sonny groaned. His hands clutched at the tabletop. Daisy's pussy was so wet her thighs slid together when she moved her mouth up and down on his cock. Her clit rubbed the front of her lace panties, and she moved her hips back and forth as she sucked him, pushing her clit against the material with just enough pressure to keep her hot without sending her spiraling into climax. That would be Sonny's job. "Daisy..." Sonny made a gasp, like he was fighting for breath. "I'm ... wait." She slid her mouth off, though it pained her greatly to leave that sweet treat. "What?" Sonny pushed himself until he sat up. His penis brushed his firm, ridged belly, sticky with sugar and her saliva. Daisy reached for it, but he put his hand over hers to stop her from stroking him. "I'm hungry, too," he said. "Oh." Daisy swallowed. Hard. All at once, her knees felt weak and she wobbled again on her high heels. Sonny held her tight and kept her still. Then he scooted himself off the edge of the table and twisted her until now she was the one with her ass on the Formica and her thighs spread wide open. "You have got to be the finest woman in this whole fucking world," Sonny said matter-of-factly as he pushed Daisy down on the table. "Look at you. I want to taste every single part of you." She heard the sound of him kicking off his boots, then watched as he bent to shuck off his jeans. Next, he stripped out of his white T-shirt and stood before her in all his naked glory, hands on his hips. He gave her that grin again, and it was a damn good thing she was already on her back, because Sonny's smile made Daisy feel a little faint. He put his hands on the soft knit of her skirt and inched it up over her thighs, exposing her white lace panties to his view. Daisy knew she didn't imagine the way his stare darkened when he looked between her legs. Sonny licked his lips and ran a hand across his forehead. Then he looked up at her, the sexy grin, for once, gone. His face was serious as he searched her eyes. "I do mean that, Daisy. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on." Her heart thumped at his words, but he didn't give her any chance to return the compliment, because he pressed one gentle finger to her clitoris where it pushed up out of the lace. He traced a circle on it while she moaned. A little faster his finger went, still in that same circular pattern. Daisy watched his face as he concentrated on her pleasure. The sight of him enjoying how much he was pleasing her made her pussy contract again in what she always thought of as a "pre-gasm." This was why she loved being with Sonny, why she made it a point to stop in at the Come and Go Diner every chance she could. Sonny made love to her not just like she was the most beautiful woman in the world ... but like she was the only woman in the world. Sonny now bent and put his mouth to the jutting bump of her clit. His lips closed over her through the fabric and he suckled gently. She came, right then, right there, just from his kiss on her bead. Sparks of ecstasy arced through her, set her on fire,

until she was lit up like that neon sign outside, flashing. He didn't wait for her to come down. He hooked his thumbs into the wispy strings that held her panties across her hips and pulled the scrap of material away. Sonny spread her thighs, still jumping and twitching from her first orgasm. Then he bent back to lick her bare flesh. He found her button with his tongue, rolled it, suckled it, then licked at it again. At last he gave her what she'd been craving since she walked in tonight. Sonny slid one finger inside her and pressed upward. The pressure of his mouth bore down on her from above, and his finger from inside, until she thought she might scream from the sensation. In and out, he slid inside her, fucking her with first one finger, then two. He spread her while he ate her, sucked her, licked and nibbled and stroked her. Daisy was flying again. Her second orgasm rippled out to her legs, her belly, her arms, down to her toes and up to her ears. She lifted her hips to meet Sonny's thrusts and was rewarded with another climactic bolt of pure, sweet, unadulterated pleasure. When she was able to breathe again, she looked up to find him staring down at her. The grin was back. His cock bobbed as he watched her. "I don't think that was on the menu." Daisy sat up and moved to the edge of the table so she could pull him down to her for a kiss. "But I'm glad you served it to me anyway." Sonny's hands tangled in her hair. "Still can't convince you on the kumquats, can I?" Daisy giggled and gave him her tongue, which he sucked gently and sent shivers of pleasure tripping down her spine. "No kumquats. But I didn't figure you for a liar, Sonny Dean." That gorgeous face creased with confusion. "Liar?" Fixing him with a serious look, Daisy took his hands and put them on her breasts. "The sign out there says "all you can eat.' I don't think I'm quite finished yet." Sonny's chocolate chuckle oozed over her body and made her wiggle on the chilly Formica tabletop. "I guess I could use a little more sugar myself." He put his hands beneath her ass and lifted her. It must have been difficult for him to walk with her into the back room, what with his lips locked on hers and all, but Sonny made it without even stumbling. He kicked the door shut behind him, hitched her up a little higher on his belly and urged her to wrap her legs more tightly around his waist. "Hold on," he breathed against her mouth. "We're going down." "I love that saying," Daisy replied. Sonny knelt on the battered and faded sofa along the back wall with Daisy still clinging to his hips like a strand of spaghetti on a fork. The couch, half-covered by a clean but tattered Navajo-print blanket, cushioned her back. Daisy unhooked her legs and pushed back against the wide cushions. While Sonny straightened, she swiftly tugged off her shirt and wiggled out of her skirt. "No sense in wearing these when you're as naked as a biscuit without honey," she told him, then threw back her head and laughed when Sonny growled and dove down on top of her. He kissed her mouth, her cheeks, her throat and ears and every part in between. When he reached her breasts and took first one nipple, then the other into his lips, Daisy cried out his name. He answered with hers, with that melted chocolate voice of his sending her pussy into delighted spasms just from the sound of it. Daisy pushed him off her, made him turn and got him on his back. She straddled his hips and rubbed his engorged

cock back and forth on her moist slit and upright clit. "I love to watch you do that," Sonny said. Daisy stopped for a moment, surprised. "You do?" When had Sonny started talking about love? She knew saying he loved to watch her wasn't quite the same thing as saying he loved her, but still ... he'd never said anything like that before. He reached up and palmed her breasts, rolling the nipples the way he knew she adored. His hands slid down to her hips, then front to press one thumb against her button. "I love to watch you do everything, Daisy Cooper. I love to watch you eat, I love to watch you drink. I love to watch you walk into my diner with the whole world turning its head to see you pass. But you want to know what I love the best of all?" She swallowed again and fought to find a voice to answer. The words that came from her throat were pitched low and sultry, hoarse and sexy. She didn't try it, that's just how she sounded when she talked to Sonny. "What's that, Sonny?" His hand moved again on her clit, rubbing the moisture from her slit upward onto her love button and getting it nice and hot. "I love to watch you come, Daisy." She sighed and shuddered as another ripple of orgasm began to build inside her. "Ah, Sonny, yes..." "Turn around," he told her. Nearly blind with passion, she did as he said. Now her mouth hovered tantalizingly close to his wonderful prick. She felt the puff of warm breath on her pussy, and she tensed, waiting for the touch of his tongue. She quaked and quivered when she felt it, and sank down with her cheek on his belly, her elbows on the soft couch, while he licked and sucked her clit and pussy. After a moment, she broke out of the haze of desire his mouth was giving her, and she took him between her lips. His penis bucked inside her mouth and sent a slippery, salty drip of pre-come to tickle her tongue. The taste of it sent another shudder through her, echoed in the way her pussy contracted around the finger Sonny had managed to slip inside her. Daisy fucked Sonny's cock with her mouth while he fucked her with his finger. In. Out. He added a sinfully erotic twist she echoed with her mouth, and when he groaned out loud, she did, too. Up. Down. She cupped his balls with her hand and stroked him while she sucked. His hips moved, and so did hers, each in time with the other, moving up and down, in, out, around and around, until at last she felt him begin to swell in her mouth and knew he was going to come. She was, too, an incredible, amazing orgasm that rocked her body from heels to hair. It flooded through her, and she took him all the way in as far as she could while he cried her name over and over and kissed her pussy as it spasmed. The force of their mingled passion landed them on the floor in a tangle of arms and legs. Daisy pushed herself up and unwrapped her body from Sonny's. She snuggled back close to him, her head on his shoulder, while he stroked her hair away from her face. The question rose to her lips and she bit it back, not wanting to ruin a good thing. She'd been coming—no pun intended—to Sonny's Come and Go Diner for about a year now. It was always the same. He sent the other staff home early on the nights he knew her route took her past here, and he turned on the sign when he saw her rig heading down the off ramp. On the few occasions she'd arrived to find the diner full of other truckers, she and Sonny had shared steamy glances and flirtatious talk that had made the next time they had sex that much more spectacular. They'd laughed together lots of times. She'd

even slept with him once, the whole night through, and woke the next morning to slip out before the morning crew came in. Nearly a full year of amazing sex and good companionship, too. Sonny Dean was a good-looking man, decent and kind, and he made a mean apple pie. He'd put his heart and soul into this little back-roads diner ... but Daisy was afraid to ask if he was offering to put his heart and soul into her. "Daisy?" She pretended a sleepy murmur, though the way he said her name sent her heart leaping like bread from a haywire toaster. Sonny stroked her hair again, then held her close. His lips brushed her temple. "Daisy, I meant all that stuff I said earlier." She was afraid to look at him. Afraid to look into those dark, compelling eyes and see the proof of what his chocolate voice was promising. She snuggled closer, eyes shut tight, not wanting to lose this. To lose him. "Daisy?" "Sonny..." She faltered, then gathered her courage and looked into his eyes. "Sonny. You don't have to—" "Daisy, every couple of weeks, you strut in here and turn my world upside down. Every time that bell over the door rings, I look up, hoping it's you and hating whoever it is that has the bad luck to be someone else instead. When you're not here, the milkshakes all taste sour and the fries are soggy. Without you, I'm like apple pie without the vanilla ice cream. Just not worth having." Daisy reached up to push his dark hair away from his forehead. Her hand lingered on his cheek, then came down to trail her fingers across his lips, still glistening from the loving he'd given her. "I'm on the road a lot," she told him. "Long weeks away from home." "I know that." He kissed her palm. "I think what I'm asking you, Daisy, is that ... well, if you might just consider ... that maybe you might ... aw, hell, Daisy. I want to know if there's a chance for me to be more to you than just an occasional fuck. I want to know if I could be more to you than just a come and go, Daisy." Although she didn't know how she was going to answer until she actually did, the words that tumbled out of her lips had never sounded more right. "You already are, Sonny. You're the light at the end of a long, hard haul." She kissed him lightly on the nose, then the chin and finally, the mouth. "You know what else? I already came, but this time, I think I'd like to stay." What that meant for her career and her life on the road, Daisy couldn't rightly say. And she couldn't say she cared in the least. At that moment, nothing else much mattered. She was in Sonny's arms, tucked up in there like a sausage in a pancake, and there wasn't any other place on Earth she'd rather be. Megan Hart Megan Hart began her writing career in grammar school when she plagiarized a short story by Ray Bradbury. She soon realized that making up her own stories was better than copying other people's, and she's been writing ever since. Megan's award-winning short fiction has appeared in such diverse publications as Hustler, On Our Backs and The Reaper. Her novels include every genre of romance, from historical to steamy futuristic SF. In addition to her short erotic fiction for the Amber Kisses imprint, look for her other Amber Quill novels: Riverboat Bride, Lonesome Bride, Convicted! and Love Match. Megan's current projects include a fantasy series, a futuristic trilogy and a

dramatic suspense novel. Her dream is to have a movie made of every one of her novels, starring herself as the heroine and Keanu Reeves as the hero. Megan lives in the deep, dark woods of Pennsylvania with her husband and two monsters ... er ... children. Learn more about Megan by visiting her website: AMBER QUILL PRESS, LLC Quality Books, Print And Electronic Horror Romance Fantasy Mainstream Young Adult Science Fiction Suspense/Thriller A ction/A dven ture Non-Fiction Paranormal Historical Western Mystery Erotica Buy Direct And Earn Free Books