Frequently Asked Questions on SILO.PUB

Answer: Absolutely! Our Free plan has many great features, including the Professional Page Editor, which can be used to create and enrich publications. And guess what? You may use this account FOREVER!
Answer: The Pro and Gold versions employ the monthly payment mode, and you need to bind the monthly fee plan if you want to enjoy integral service. Once you bind the plan successfully, the cost of your rent this month will be deducted immediately from your PayPal account, since then PayPal will automatically deduct month fee every month from your PayPal until you cancel the lease. You just need to pay for the Platinum, Enterprise version every month, year.
Answer: The free version of SILO.PUB provides users with basic features, allowing users to convert a PDF file to a online E-Book; however there will be a SILO.PUB watermark on the published E-Book. In addition, access to the advanced features like Page Editor to add video and audio is forbidden.
Answer: Sure. You can stop the lease or change the plan anytime, but you don't get a refund for the current month.
Answer: Yes, you can use your account to login and create online E-Books.
Answer: Yes, you can choose Platinum or Enterprise Plan. Your E-Books can be accessed and managed by account.
Answer: The max PDF file size is 200 MB.
Answer: PDF downloading option is disabled by default. you can enable the PDF downloading option by changing settings.
Answer: No limitation.
(1) Start SILO.PUB, create a new account and log in.
(2) Create a new project and import source PDF file (Office and images only for Premium versions).
(3) Select a template and a theme and design the book with various settings.
(4) Publish to local (Premium versions only) or Upload to SILO.PUB Online Service.
Answer: You can upload the publications to your own server or use Upload Service, just follow the below instructions.

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SILO.PUB provides versions: Pro, Gold, Platinum and Enterprise. Pro version and Gold version are monthly paid plans and you need to pay monthly; while the Platinum version is an annual plan. And the Enterprise version is a one-off payment plan, you just need to pay $999 and you can use it forever.

Answer: Please Send A Message to us.