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History & Biographies I have often found that the darker skinned people are often complimented using words like “beautiful”, “exotic” etc and the fairer skinned often referred to as “pretty”, “cute” or even “nice” etc. But are those terms fair? They seem to carry an undertone of colour determining their definition. And again, I ask – are we truly aware of the diversity present on the African continent? How open are we to this diversity? What role, as such, is the western world playing in influencing how we view African Beauty? – (if at all there is any such thing as “African Beauty”) Who really is to say what is African Beauty?

Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder undoubtedly because some prefer light skin to dark skin and vice versa. The definition – on a universal level, of African Beauty, perhaps shall remain quite complex.

Book Summary – Owning Ideas

Copyright came out of printing patents, which were exclusive rights to print and distribute certain texts. Under the printing patent, the publisher mattered most. These patents were designed to regulate the book industry, not to protect authors...