Hungarian Phrase Book & Dictionary (Berlitz Phrase Books)

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Hungarian Phrase Book & Dictionary (Berlitz Phrase Books)

Hungarian PHRASE BOOK & DICTIONARY Scanned b~ DeDeKaRKuT Easy to use features • Handy thematic co lou r coding • Qui

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Hungarian PHRASE BOOK & DICTIONARY Scanned b~


Easy to use features

• Handy thematic co lou r coding • Qui ck Re ference Section-opposi te page •Tie_ping Guide- inside back cover • (..!ui ck reply panel throughout



How best to use this phrase book • We suggest that you start with the Guide to pronunciation (pp. 6-9), then go on to Some basic expressions (pp. 10-15). This gives you not only a minimum vocabulary, but also helps you get used to pronouncing the language. The phonetic transcription throughout the book enables you to pronounce every word correctly. • ConsuJt the Contents pages (3-5) for the section you need . In each chapter you'll find travel facts, hints and useful information. Simple phrases are followed by a list of words applicable to the situation. • Separate, detailed contents lists are included at the heginning of the extensive Eating out and Shopping guide sections (Menus, p. 40, Shops and services, p. 97). • If you wan t to find out how to say something in Hungarian, your fastest look-up is via the Dictionary section (pp . 164-189). This not only gives you the word, but is also cross-referenced to its use in a phrase on a specific page. • If you wish to learn more about constructing sentences, check the Basic grammar (pp . 159-163). • Note the colour margins are indexed in Hungarian and English to help both listenerand speaker. And, in addition, thereis also an index in Hungarian for the use of your listener. • Throughout the book, this symbo! . . . suggests phrases your listener can use to answer you. If you still can't understand, hand this phrase book to the Hungarian-speaker to encourage pointing to an appropriate answer. The English translation for you is just alongside the Hungarian.

First revised ed ition-8th printing-July 2000

Printed in Spain

Very weil, thanks. And you? How's life? Fine . Questions

Köszönöm, nagyon jól. ~s Ön? Hogy s mlnt? Köszönöm. jól.

kursurnurm nod Yawn

yl!WI. aysh urn hawdY sh meent kursurnum yi!WI


m !JI

> (/)

n ~

J m


Hol? Where? Hol van ... 7 Where is . . .7 Hol vannak ... 7 Where are . . .7 Hol tahlllok/ Where can l find/ kaphatok ... 7 get . . .7 Hogy? How? Mikor? When? Mi? What? Mi az? What's that? Miért? Why? Kl? Who? Ki az? Who's that? Melyik? Which? Melyik busz megy Which bus goes ... felé? to . .. 7 Milyen messze? How far? Mennylldelg? How long? Mennyi!Hény? How much/How ma ny? How much does this Maonyibe kerül? cost7 When does .. . open/ Mikor nyit/dir .. .7 close? Hogy mondjék ezt/ What do you call azt magyarul? this/that in Hungarian? What does this/that Ez/Az mit jelent? mean? Tessék? 1beg you r pardon 7




hawl hawl von hawl von ~ nok


oz (/)

hawl tollaalawk/kophottawk hawdY meekawr

me e

mee oz meeayrt

ke e kee oz meYeek m•Yeek boos mmdY

... f111lay meeYren mms-sae me nYee eedmeeg menYee/haanY

mmnYeebae kerewl )>

meekawr nYeet/zaar




;ez/oz meet yeh:ent


hawdv mawndYaak mst/ost/





How much do you charge for processing?

Mennyibe kerül előhivatn i?


c 6 m

aeermtnayk öötlmvayl.. kaypmt cheenaaltotn


l' d like a film for this camera . black and white colour colour negative colour slide




meekawr· ro l•snaek When wi ll the photos Mikorra lesznek készen a fényképek? kaysaen o faynYkaypaek be ready?

Accessories and repairs Film

keenodVeetonnaa aest


:z: o ."

maen't'eebae kerewl •IOlheevotnee

Alkatrészek és javftások

l'd like a/an/some ... Szeretnék .. . battery elemet cable release egy kábeles kioldót carnera case egyfényképezőgép tokot filter egy szarőt for blac k and white fekete-fehér lor colour szlnes flash egy vakut !ens egy lencsét telephoto !ens teleobjektlvot Wide-a ngle !ens nagy létószögO lencsét !ens cap egy lencsefedőt ~an You repair this Meg tudja javltani ezt amera? a fényképezőgépet 7 1 he film is jammed . lhe ._, re •s somsthing rong with the . .. e~p

fil osure counter ,,m Winder le~sh attachment ,. s 1 r ~~t nneter Sh 9efi nder Utter



•lmmmt md' kaabaelaesh keaawldawt aed' faynYkaypmzUi'gayp

tawkawt mdv siWrUrt fekmtae-faehayr eeenmsh

md' vokkoot md' l111nchayt tmlaeawbymkteevawt

nodYlaatawsurgBw l~~tnchayt

mdY lmnchmfaedurt maeg toodyo yovveetonnee

ae st o faynYkaypmzrngaypmt

Megakadt a film. Nem mOködik a ...

megokkodt a feelm


keeawldaash-saamlaai!W feelmtmkanchmiOl' vokkoo


vaku lencse

naem miWkurdeek o


latnchaa faynYmayrm

távolségmér6 zé r


BERS, see page 147



Cigarettes, cigars and tobacco are on sale in Dohán (dawhaan>'bawlt) and Trafik (troffeek) shops, in ali (aabaytsay) and other department stores, and at most counters. Intertourist branches also seU smokers' sup induding foreign brandsof cigarettes, against hard curr


... kayrmk


dawhaanYt chawkawlaadayt mdY tseegorrmt-to mdY tseegorraet-to tseegorraet-taat

feeltaeraesh/ feeltaer naylkewlee kurnYUw/mrüish dawhaanYt

dYmngm/mrülsh mentawlawsh haws-si:RS seevort

umd'!jljytawt umdYi5QytBw bmnz ga ast d'oofaat




J z



Hungary is a land full of fascination for souvenir- and gifthunters. Throughout the country the ancient traditions of woodcarving, embroidery, weaving, pottery and other fo lk arts are alive and flourishing. Modern designs are found alongside age-old motifs. Other good buys include records and tapes, antiques and books, not forgetting the excellent local wines, fruit brandies and foodstuffs. art book carpet embroidered blouse embroidered pillow embroidered tableeioth embroidery folk art shop folk music fruit brandy apricot brandy cherry brandy Plum brandy ~andwoven articles erend china Hungarian literatura (in English) Pottery rug Salami 10 kay wine "" 0 od-carving

mavészeti könyv sz6nyeg hlmzett blúz hlmzett párna hfmzett asztalteritő

hlmzés népmOvészeti bolt népzene gyümölcspálinka barackpálinka cseresznyepálinka szilvapálinka sz6ttesek herendi porcelán magyar irodalom (angolul) cserépedények sz6nyeg téliszalámi tokaji bor fafaragás

miWvayscetee kurnVv

eUrnYmg heemzaet bl!jljz heemzan paarno heemzatt ostol· tmreetüi' heemzaysh

naypmawvaysmtee bawlt naypzamat

dYewmurlchpaaleenko borrotskpaaleenko ch•raesn"'mpaaleenko

seelvoppaaleenko sürtaeshaek h•ramdee pawrtsaelaan modYor eerawdollawm

(ongawlool) ch•raypmdayn'mk sUrnYoog tayleesollaamee tawkoyee bawr



peepotteesteetiWt peepoddawhaanYt

peepoppeeskaalawt kaypmshloppawt toobaakawt bay'mgmt tsookawrkaat


llecords- eassettes 1

'd like a ...

~assette cIdeo c assette ,~mPact disc Cord



Lemezek - Kazetták Szeretnék ... egy kazettát egy videokazettát egy CD lemezt egy lemezt


mdv kozzmt·taat cedY veedmawkozzatt-taat mdY tsayday hemaest



c 6 m






imple method of forming the future tense is to use the personal pronoun + the word corresponding to "shall'' or .. wi ll" (fogok/fogsz, etc.) + the infinitive . Here we take the lerb vásárolni (to shop) as a n examp le (l shall shop/go ' hnp ping, etc.).


én fogok vásárolni maga fog vásárolni• te fogsz vásárolni 8 fog vásárolni

mi fogunk vásárolni maguk fognak vásárolni• you .. . ti fogtok vásárolni they .. . ISk fognak vásárolni

we . . . you .. .

mi vagyunk maguk vannak• ti vagytok 8k vannak

nekünk van maguknak van• nektek van nekik van


• Polita form for "you ", "you r".

én olvasok maga olvas* te olvasol lS olvas

Questions: olvas? = does he l she read? etc.

he/ she .

to have (birtokolni) l have you have you have he/she/it has

l read you read you read he l sh e reads

You . ..

to be (lenni ) Iam you are you are he/ she/i t is

2. Present tense of other verbs: The present tense may be forrned in variaus ways. Here is a common pattern for verbs ending in -s based on the infinilive olvasni (to read).

~eg atives ln a sentence. the word nem is u ually placed after the subJect. Thereis also a change of word order (inversion). l am here 1 am not here



Polt te form for '' you ".

én itt vagyok én nem vagyok itt