My Daddy's Best Friend

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My Daddy’s Best Friend Gia Blue August 2011

Published by Gia Blue. Copyright, Gia Blue. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author. Gia Blue Email [email protected] Editor Marisa Chenery Cover Artist Gia Blue This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues in this book are of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental. Smashwords Edition, License Notes This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

My Daddy’s Best Friend By Gia Blue I’ve wanted to fuck him since I turned seventeen. Or rather, I’ve wanted him to fuck me since I turned seventeen. But I became interested in him long before then, I guess…actually from the moment I learned about sex and of all the neat little things I could do with my pussy. Like having a cock shoved into it. Or fingers. Or a dildo. I’ve always found creative ways to sate my raunchy curiosity. And now, at eighteen, I still want to do the nasty with Mr. Parker, my need rising higher every time he swings by the house. Mr. Joseph Parker is my dad’s best friend and an Army buddy from way back. My dad resigned his commission years ago, but Mr. Parker had stayed in, doing the whole special commando thing. He’s all macho, complete with black face paint and sneaking around in the middle of the night to kill bad guys. He’s able to survive solely on grass and insects or something. He’s not handsome by today’s standard…not a lanky guy in skinny jeans and that whole androgynous thing going on. He’s manly and there’s just something about him that makes me wet each time he comes within an arm’s length, causing my body to quiver with need. Maybe it’s his toned, muscled body, his soul-melting eyes or his big dick (which I can easily spot when he wears his jogging suit). Either way, I want to jump his bones. Seriously. Hard core. Of course Mr. Parker isn’t interested in me. Or at least pretends he isn’t. To him, I’m just his best friend’s little girl. Even though in the past four years I’ve grown from a stick figure into a fully developed young woman. I have a pair of firm D-cup breasts that I

love to stroke and fondle when I masturbate and a shapely ass that all of my friends envy. Boys always want to grab my behind, and older perverts can’t seem to keep their gazes off it when I walk by. I’m not a slut, but I like to tease. Okay, maybe that nudges me closer to being slutastic, but I’m very selective about who I sleep with. I don’t fuck losers and I’ve always been interested in older guys. What can I say? They’re more experienced in bed. There’s more to sex than just sticking your dick in the wet hole and jiggling it in and out. They know how to eat a woman properly, how to make a round of sex last long into the night. Unlike some boys I’ve fucked. A few jabs and they came all over me. Ugh. And Mr. Parker, the object of my desire, is the only one I can’t seem to lure into playing choo-choo into my panties. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting him. Mr. Parker got divorced a couple years ago. The gossip is his wife left him because she couldn’t take being alone all the time. Which is bull crap. Mr. Parker was often deployed to different countries at moment’s notice, but he’d never left his wife for longer than a few months. I heard rumors that Amanda, cheated on him all the time. People talked. I caught my mom gabbing to her friends on the phone about the way Amanda would screw anything that had a cock. From the delivery guy, to the sleazy bar owner on King Street and a stripper with a strapon. I couldn’t understand what kind of woman would want to divorce a man like Mr. Parker. Dumb bitch, apparently. I did a high-five in secret when I heard the news Amanda had served Mr. Parker with divorce papers. It had given me the edge I needed to seduce him. I didn’t know how and when, but I knew someday he would be mine. For the last couple of months, I’ve sent him signals. Dad always invites him over for

dinner every Sunday night if he is in the country, or when my dad and his friends play poker. Mr. Parker always does his best to ignore me, but the guy is lonely. I know it. I can see it in his eyes, eating away at him. His cock seems to be fighting with his brain whenever I drop my hints, though. Twitching and filling when I lean too close. He has to think I’m untouchable. Being his friend’s daughter and all. My dad doesn’t approve of me dressing like a whore. (His words, not mine.) And I don’t need to. I can get any guy, even in my Sunday best and covered from head to toe. I just graduated from a good Catholic school and I used to wear the standard plaid uniform—a short skirt and a fitted, white blouse. When Mr. Parker would come over to the house during the day, I would exchange my white bra for a black one and undo the first three buttons of my shirt, so he could see the tanned line of my cleavage. He always averted his gaze as if he were being chastised by an invisible nun. Or if he came at night, I would change into my tight jogging suit that outlined the shape of my body. Especially my firm little ass. I liked to wiggle it suggestively whenever he glanced in my direction. And he would always blush. Kind of adorable. To see a grown man blush. But what I like even more was to see a grown man cry. Whenever I ride a guy’s dick hard and have him under me, sobbing in pleasure, it makes me feel strong and powerful. Like a goddess. Two weeks ago, my parents talked about sending me to Brown University. With my good grades and the credits I’d earned, my acceptance had been a slam dunk. My mom and dad attended the school way back when, meeting in their first year, and they’d decided they wanted me to follow in their footsteps.

I didn’t mind. But I had a little unfinished business. Mr. Joseph Parker. I wanted to have him before I left for college. Since Mr. Parker had always ignored my hints, I’d decided I’m the one who was going to make the first move. I’d seduce him if I had to. This afternoon, I have the house all to myself. My dad and mom are at a charity event at the country club. Done with cleaning my room and fresh from the shower, I glance out the window and spot Mr. Parker’s car parked in front of the garage. Just my luck, the man of my smutty fantasies is here to return my dad’s lawnmower. Within seconds, I pull a pink tank top over my head, no bra, white panties and cap off the outfit with a matching mini skirt. A quick brush of my hair and then I head down, barely able to contain my excitement, anticipation rising, pussy growing heavy and aching with each step. Mr. Parker hoisted the lawn mower into the garage when he saw me coming from the nearby kitchen door, taking one look at me before averting his gaze. “Hey, Jessica. Your dad at home?” I saunter leisurely, putting an extra sway in my hips. “No. Dad and Mom went to Crown Point. They won’t be back until late.” “Oh, okay. Then I’ll just put this here. Tell your dad I cleaned it up and changed the oil. This mower was due for some maintenance.” “Sure. Um, Mr. Parker,” I pout, nibble my lower lip and toy with the edge of my shirt. “I wonder if you could give me a hand.” Now he looks at me, those deep brown eyes seem to be filled with concern and a little something else. “What’s the problem?” “I did something stupid with my bathroom sink. It won’t drain, so I used a wire hanger to

try and clean it up. The darn thing broke in the middle and I can’t use the sink at all. Dad told me to leave it alone so he could fix it tomorrow. But I was impatient and did the pokey thingy again.” I tangle my fingers together in front of me, which just manages to create more cleavage for Mr. Parker to ogle. “Now the pipe underneath is leaking all over. I thought, maybe, you could help fix it? Dad is going to have a fit when he finds out I made it worse.” His eyebrow arches a fraction. “Kids,” he mutters. “When are they ever going to listen?” He nods. “I’ll just grab a toolbox from my trunk and see what I can do.” “Thanks, Mr. Parker. I appreciate it.” I flash him my biggest, most innocent-looking smile. “Sure. No problem.” I pad back to my room, Mr. Parker in tow, and open my bedroom door. A quick tilt of my head and I direct him toward my lair. “My bathroom is over there.” Mr. Parker shimmies past me and places his toolbox on the tile floor, so he can examine the sink. While he’s distracted, I lean against the door, ever so slowly flick the tiny button on the knob to lock it and then hurry to join him in the bathroom. Crouched, he opens the cabinet and peers into the dimness, eyebrows pulled together. “I don’t see anything leaking.” His tone was accusing. I lean against the doorframe. “You sure? Must be the other pipe.” It took him less than a second to realize I’d made everything up. He grabs his toolbox, face darkening as he glares at me. “This isn’t funny, Jess.” I block his way, drop my voice to a seductive purr. “No, it isn’t.” I rose to the tips of my toes, lean forward and brush my lips across his, arms snaking around his neck as I grind my hips against him…letting him know just how much I want him.

Mr. Parker jerks away, hands circling my forearms and keeping me from going farther. “Jessie—” “I won’t tell anyone. It would be our little secret.” I kiss him again, lick his lips, savoring his taste, the musk. His body tensed in response, face dark. “Jess. This is wrong.” “Why? Because you’re my dad’s friend?” “That. And you’re too young.” I ease closer while he’s distracted, bringing myself flush against his body. “Shush. I’m eighteen. Just think about how good this could be...” I brush my lips over his again, nibble his lower one and trace it with the tip of my tongue. I wiggle one arm free of his grasp and snake my hand down toward his crotch, triumph fills me when I find him hard beneath his jeans. His cock jumps against my hand at first touch, and I squeeze his erection. I ache to have him slamming into me. I slide my tongue into his mouth and give him a greedy kiss, giving as much as I’m taking. I savor his taste, cinnamon and clove with a hint of spice. Manly. Mr. Parker wasn’t resisting any longer. He returns my kiss. Shy at first, tentative ventures into my mouth, hints of tongue. This is the man I know, quiet and soft-spoken. But then the kiss changes. Deepens, strengthens and nearly drops me to my knees. He’s aggressive, demanding, drawing my pleasure out while his hands roam, squeeze and pinch. Fuck. The man knows how to kiss. He thrusts his tongue into my mouth as I knead his erection through the heavy fabric, my pussy growing wetter with each passing second. Fuck, I want him, in me, on top of me, behind me. God, I don’t even care what hole he uses.

His breathing is labored as he murmurs against my mouth, telling me how bad he wants me, his dirty girl, and his cock is so hard against my palm I know he’s telling the truth. His voice rumbles through me, like the growl of a big cat, turning me on even more. My body’s response is wanton, nipples hard, pussy clenched and juices soaking my panties. I whimper when he breaks our kiss, but calm when I see he’s just placing the toolbox on the floor, which gives me the opportunity to close the bathroom door behind me. No way I’m going to let him escape now. Mr. Parker blinks and freezes for a moment, a look of doubt flashes across his features, letting me know he seemed to have second thoughts. “Jessie...” I jump on him before he can say another word and wrap my arms around his shoulders, whispering against his lips. “It would be our little secret. No one needs to know about it. Now kiss me. Please.” His gaze bores into mine and he pauses another moment before he does what I ask, gives me the same hard, starving kiss as before. His hands roam my back, then he grabs my ass and I reward him by grinding my pelvis against his. His erection settles easily against my mound, pussy screaming to be filled. I’m beyond hot, I’m fucking burning. I want him to fuck my brains out. Twice. I release him for a moment and nudge him until he’s sitting on the toilet seat. Now I’ve got room to straddle his thighs, beg for what I want. “Touch me.” I need his hands on me more than my next breath. His attention is fixed on my chest and it doesn’t look as if he’s going to move any time soon. I grab his hands, those work-worn callused hands, and place them on my breasts, nipples poking him. Mr. Parker lets out a low groan, palms covering my ample flesh nicely. He squeezes

me. Gentle and hard, alternating, kneading and playing. Giving me some, but nowhere near enough. “Take it off. I want to feel you on my skin.” His voice is deep, almost growling. I want it too. Before I can beg, he whips my tank top over my head and his gaze seems to burn when he first sees me topless. Like an addict who had been deprived for far too long and was suddenly offered a fix. He cups my breasts again, fingers rolling and pinching my nipples. I moan, pleasure shooting through my body, settling around my pussy. That felt so damn fucking good and I ground against his erection, the bulge snug against my mound. “Lick them. Suck them. Please.” Mr. Parker lowers his head and sucks a nipple into his mouth, tongue teasing, pressing and teeth nibbling. I throw my head back and cry out. Fuck. His mouth. I arch backward, breast pushing forward, body tight while he sucks me like he means it. He’s flicking my nipple back and forth. I love what he’s doing, especially when he circles the peak of my hard bud. I’m creaming in my panties, cunt wanting. I’ve never ached like this for any other guy. Just him, Mr. Parker. He releases one nipple and turns to the other. I grab his head and claw his scalp before I lower my head and press my face to his hair, inhale a lungful of his scent. God, I can’t get enough of him. He smells of sweat, dust and his own musk, just like a real man should. His teeth bear down on my breast, a hint of pain slinking through me, and I flinch. “Yes,” I urge. “More.” So much more. He does it again. Harder this time. I swear that almost brings me to an instant orgasm. I don’t think I could be any wetter, wanting more, so ready to fuck. I love it when guys bite my

nipples. Or mark my breasts with their teeth. It feels so territorial. Like an alpha male marking his whore-bitch. I quiver from head to toe when he sucks my flesh deep into his mouth. Fuck. It feels as if my spine will melt at any moment. Like wax on hot tar. By the time he’s finished, my panties are saturated with my juices. Mr. Parker swallows and I trace the path of his Adam’s apple with my gaze. “You’re so pretty, Jessica. Such a pretty little girl, aren’t you?” He squeezes the globes of my ass. I preen at his compliment. He sounds sincere and I shudder at the thought of our age difference, of being called a little girl. He runs his hands up my thighs. His rough, battle honed, soldier hands feel rough against my skin. He continues his upward journey, fingers teasing the juncture of my thighs. “God. You’re wet.” “I burn for you,” I breathe out. “Hmm.” He hitches my mini skirt up and slips his hand beneath the silk of my panties. A curse blossoms on his lips. “So smooth.” “I like it smooth. It’s cleaner, you know? I know guys don’t like having hair in their mouths.” Mr. Parker makes a strangled noise in his throat, eyes wide for a moment while he takes a deep, quick breath. I giggle and climb from his lap before tugging my panties down my legs. A blink later and I lose the skirt too. A flick of my foot and I kick it from my ankle, leaving me nude before my daddy’s best friend. Mr. Parker grabs my ass, drawing me closer. He brushes his lips across my belly, fingers going to my pussy, teasing my lower lips. I grind against him, getting his palm nice and wet with my cream.

“Sit on the sink,” he orders. I dash away, more than ready for his mouth on me. I haven’t had a good round of oral sex in a while. I plop on the edge of the sink and spread my thighs wide. He groans again at the sight of my pussy. As I’d told him, I shave mine until it’s smooth. I part my sex lips, exposing myself until cool air touches every part of my secret place, until I was sure he saw my tiny, pink hole. God. A sudden thought makes my heart stutter. If Mr. Parker was as big as he felt, would he really fit into my tight, little cunt? I like a big cock. No lie. I like the feeling of being stretched and filled. I have this big vibrator I named Mr. Pink. It’s thirteen inches long and has made me squirt multiple times if I jam it in and touch my cervix, fucking myself deep and hard. I’ve had long, fun hours with Mr. Pink when my parents weren’t home. Even though Mr. Pink is fun, nothing beats a real dick. Its hardness, yet supple at the same time. Plus, I love it when guys fuck me so deep I can feel their balls pressing against my clit. The way their pubic thatch grazes against my sensitive, bare skin can make me come over and over. Mr. Parker makes a rumbling sound in his throat. “Pink and pretty,” he tells me. My heart swells with pride. Okay, my pussy too. He rubs my sex lips with his fingers before he lowers his head and licks me, tongue traveling from hole to clit. Sweet Jesus and Mary. What he did sends a high octane lust through me. I mewl like a kitten while he eats me like a pro. Unhurried, really taking his sweet time as if he were savoring a ripe, forbidden fruit. He nibbles, sucks, licks and bruises my sex lips with his teeth. Tugging. Nipping. Tasting. Savoring and drawing more of my juice from my cunt. I don’t mind. I like a little pain. His tongue is everywhere. On my clit. On my opening. Inside me.

God. I’m delirious. The pleasure is unbelievable and I wrap my thighs around his head while I brace myself on the edge of the sink with one hand. He drives into me even farther. I can’t believe his tongue can reach that deep, but I’m not going to complain. He increases his pace, giving me everything I need and I’m rising higher, pleasure pouring through me. It just keeps climbing, body shuddering with each breath, ecstasy easing closer. He increases his pace, tongue working me harder and giving me more. “Close.” He hums against my clit, vibrations traveling through me and my nerves light up, shoving me over the edge until I’m coming, crying his name. No, not just his name. His first name tumbles from my lips. “Joe!” Mr. Parker growls against my cunt tongue continuing, fucking me until I come a second time, body shuddering and shivering with the pleasure. He laps at my pussy, my cunt, and my juices cover his face. “Joe,” I sob. “Oh, Joe.” He flicks his tongue against the hood of my clit. “You like it.” His voice is gruff, sexy and needy. “Dirty little slut.” “Fuck yeah.” I’m breathless, panting. He leans forward, mouth open, but I stop him. “I want to suck your cock.” Mr. Parker freezes for a moment, then he rises, unbuckling his belt. I slip from the counter and brush his hands aside to help, yanking his jeans down once open. My mouth waters when I see he’s a commando-type of guy, his cock bobbing free as soon as his pants slip down. God.

He’s bigger than I imagined and I can’t wait to get my lips around his dick. It’s fat, thick and long, the head slightly bigger than a plum. Mr. Parker’s balls are large, high and look heavy. I lick my lips, imagining his taste. Without letting another second pass, I push him back until he’s sitting on the toilet once again. I drop to my knees and don’t hesitate, swallowing him down as much as I can, savoring the first hint of musk and heat and salty sweetness that emanated from his shaft. Beneath me, he jerks and shivers when I wrap my hands around his dick, massaging his hot rod while I suck the head of his cock as if my life depends on it. “Oh, Jess.” He fists my hair, hint of stinging pain melting through me. “I didn’t know you were so good. Suck that cock.” He flexes his hips, pushing his arousal deeper into my mouth. I pull free of him with a loud pop. “I’ve had plenty of practice.” He gives me a surprised look, eyes going wide, mouth dropping open. Maybe he didn’t think I was sexually active. Even though I’m slutastic at heart, I’ve deceived many people with my cool and angelic façade. I suck him again, wanting to impress him with my hard-won skills. Soon he’s panting, both hands knotted in my hair. His breath has cut into a string of short staccato heaves as I bob my head up and down. I knead his balls as I plunge my mouth down him until the tip of his cock nudges the back of my throat. I’m pissed that I can’t take him all. He’s too long and fat and I have to really stretch to accommodate his alarming girth. “That’s it, suck that fat dick.” His fingers dig deeper, as if urging me to take it all, give him more. “Take it.” Mr. Parker’s chest heaves, the expression on his face hardening as if he’s trying hard to stave off his orgasm. And I don’t want him to come yet. Not before I’ve had his cock inside my

pussy. Deep. Hard. Again and again. I give him one last long suck before I pop his dick out of my mouth and rise to straddle him. He must have figured out what was coming, the tense, wanting expression on his face turning to worry. Doubts were probably worming their way back into his mind, so I soothe him. “I want you. Wanted you for so long. Deep and hard in my pussy. I don’t want to leave home before I have you.” “Leave home?” His voice is deep and hoarse, cock still hard between my thighs. “I’m going to Brown this fall.” I rock my hips, yanking a moan from within his chest, and my cunt contracts, aching to have him in me. His expression changes from tormented to a dawning realization as to why I was suddenly trapping him in my bathroom. A sliver of anguish flashes on his face, but he composes himself just as quickly, biting his lower lip when I rotate my hips. Without another moment passing, I crush my mouth against his, kissing him. “I need you. Fuck me, please.” I curve my back and shift until I can mash my bare pussy lips on his balls, then slowly I inch up along his hard, veined shaft until I reach the tip, rotate my hips and bathe the head of his prick with my cream. I ease back down to his balls, making him all wet and glazed with my juices. Like an éclair. But I like this one better than any from a bakery. Mr. Parker hisses in pleasure, head dropping back and eyes squeezed shut. In everyday life he’s a quiet man. Soft-spoken. Cultured. In sex, he’s demanding with a hint of dirty. And I love dirty talk. He praises me too, alternating between telling me how good I make him feel and what a dirty girl I must be for tempting him. I relish each and every word. Especially when I grab his shaft and position it at my

entrance. A dreamy look seeps into his eyes as I lower myself onto him, taking him inch by fat inch. My pussy resists at first, but I’m determined to take him all. His cockhead spears me open, an initial bite of pain instantly followed by a stretching sensation that I could become addicted to. He gasps when my cunt swallows the tip. I inhale a lungful of air, then sink down until my cunt engulfs his whole, rigid erection. Our pubis kiss, his balls graze my perineum and I revel in the sensation of being filled by him. Hard. Hot. Throbbing. Fucking fat cock in my cunt. I smile and kiss him, my lips just grazing his. I got him. I finally got him after all these years of wanting. I ease up and down, fucking him in slow, shallow thrusts. My tits bounce as I move, my ragged breath matching his. “Take my cock, Jessie. Take it all.” I shove myself down and he groans while I cry out. We kiss as I ride him like a cowgirl. And he’s a very fine stallion. Mr. Parker grabs my ass and yanks me down hard, forcing a scream from me. He gyrates his hips as if he’s looking for a deeper penetration, but I’m already so full, stretched and packed beyond my imagination. Oh, fuck how I love it. Clit rubbing against the skin above his cock, his pubic hair teasing my bare lips, prick touching all of those secret places in my cunt. Mr. Parker pants. “We need more space. Let’s go to your bed. Wanna fuck that pussy harder.” I push down one last time, back arched and hands braced on his knees behind me. I don’t want to let him go. I rise a little and then shove down again, rotating my hips, drawing out a bit

of pleasure before I relent. “Fine. Whatever you do, don’t stop. You feel so fucking good.” “You feel so damn good too, baby.” Baby. I like the way he called me “Baby.” So intimate as if I were his real lover. I enjoy the dirty talk, but I like this too. He doesn’t think I’m just a little girl anymore. He wraps his arm around my waist and uses his other hand to support my weight, gripping my ass. He lifts me, opens the bathroom door and trudges toward the bed. My pussy clenches around his cock with each step, pulling my pleasure higher. My back hits the mattress and then he’s on top of me, his cock still deep inside my cunt. I tighten my muscles, squeezing his hard rod. He groans, teeth clenching, followed by a deep growl I can feel from head to toe. “Naughty girl.” He pushes deep, slamming his hips and rocking me, tits jiggling. “Spank me.” I moan, fuck but it feels so good. “I’m a naughty girl and I deserve a spanking.” I want it, crave it, will take whatever he gives me. Mr. Parker slaps my outer thigh, the delicious sting snakes through me and my pussy grows even wetter around his dick within a heartbeat. He seems to notice that his cock is bathed in my cream. “God. You like to be spanked, don’t you? Dirty slut.” “Yes, I like a good spank. Or two.” I tighten my legs around him, his shaft still hard in my pussy. He swings his arm and his palm connects with my ass, a hard, firm slap. I throw my head back, baring my throat, squirming, body trembling from the pleasure and pain and I can’t hold back my sob. “Oh, Joe. That feels so good. Fuck me, fuck me now.” He slams his cock into me and fucks me like a demented man, prick hitting all of my sensitive nerve endings, my g-spot singing and tempting me closer to coming.

“Fuckmefuckmefuckme...” I can’t stop begging, wanting. “Take it,” Slam. “Take my fucking cock.” He’s pistoning, going faster and faster. I love thick, fat cock. And I love to be fucked by a man who knows how to use his dick. I grab his face and kiss him. He wraps my hair around his hand, fisting it while he kisses me back with the same heat. His tongue thrusts between my lips, fucking my mouth the same way his cock is fucking my cunt. My body tightens like a bow, hands roaming his shoulders, fingers digging into his skin as his fucking pulls and shoves me toward coming, pleasure rising hard and fast. I can’t control my body anymore, pussy clenching around him as if begging for him to go deeper, harder. My orgasm slams into me, coursing through my veins and stealing my breath. I come so hard I squirt, my juices bathing his prick and he notices another of my girlie talents, swearing in amazement. “You’re one of those…” “Only if someone fucks me good and hard.” I dig my nails into his shoulders, tilting my hips to meet his next thrust. “And you fuck me beyond good with that fat cock.” “Baby.” He slams into me. “My fucking pussy. So wet for me.” He kisses me as he starts pounding his cock into me in steady thrusts. “Oh.” I mewl again. He’s just made me come, but I want to do it again. If he keeps going like this, I’m going to have to change my sheets for sure. I lick his lips, suck his lower flesh. “You’re amazing. I’ve dreamt about this for a long time. Having you like this. Inside me.” His brown-eyed gaze settles on mine, an incredulous expression flashing across his face. “You did?” “Fuck yeah. You didn’t?”

“I…” He gulps hard. “I thought about it. But I couldn’t entertain my fantasy. You’re forbidden.” “Says who?” “Your dad—” I stop him. I don’t want to hear about my dad while filled with his dick. “Everybody has a secret, and this will be ours.” I choke his cock with my pussy again. He groans in response. Seems he can’t take being teased. “Shit. Baby. Fuck.” I wiggle beneath him. “Make me come again. You fuck me so good.” Mr. Parker growls and hammers me with his cock, fast and hard, until I’m seeing butterflies swarming my vision. God. It’s heaven. I murmur, urging him to take me harder until a violent climax ambushes me. I drift into La-La land while he keeps his pace, retreating and advancing, filling me again and again. When I finally float back to reality, I notice him grimacing, neck tight, face tense and I can tell he’s about to come. “Come in my mouth. On my tits.” He yanks free of my cunt and pumps his dick, pointing the head toward my chest. I open my mouth, tongue out, waiting for the delicious cream filling of my favorite éclair. He strokes once. Twice. And spurts, jets of cum splatter my mouth, my chin and dribble down my neck. He cries as he comes. A grown man crying, the most beautiful music to my ears. I collect the cum with my finger and slip it between my lips, savoring the salty sweet flavor, the creamy texture. I love his essence and ease forward to suckle his cock until it has nothing left. As it softens, I release him. I hold his gaze, tongue flicking out to capture any lingering drops of my new favorite

treat. “Thank you,” I whisper, lips brushing the sensitive skin. “For making my dream come true.” He didn’t seem to expect my heartfelt thanks. He strokes my face, a gentle caress, and smiles before he excuses himself to get cleaned up in the bathroom. I saunter in while he’s washing his hands in the sink and jump into the shower, letting the heat relax me even further. Once done, I flick the curtain aside and realize Mr. Parker is gone. No goodbye or anything. But I hadn’t expected him to hang around, either. I bet deep down he was still rattled with my scheming to get him into my bed. Maybe he regrets falling for the temptation I presented. Fucking his best friend’s daughter. What a dirty old man. But I have no regrets. I got what I’d wanted for so long. I am a devious little slut. Time moves on and days pass without a hint of Mr. Parker stopping by. Mom invites him for the usual Sunday dinner, but he declines, always saying he has errands. I rather miss him. It would be nice to see him one last time before I start my first semester at Brown. The night before I leave for college, I wake in the middle of the night and find someone in my bed. A hand covers my mouth before I can scream. Eyes wide, I can’t see a thing in the blackness surrounding me. Heart pumping, I can’t hear anything other than the thundering in my ears.

“Ssh. It’s me,” he whispers. My heart skips a beat. Mr. Parker! In my bed! Thank you, sex fairy. I grope in the darkness and grab his face, crushing my lips to him, kiss with a hunger I didn’t know I possessed, taking everything that I’d missed. Thank fuck, he kisses me back. Our tongues tangle, tasting and savoring until I want to melt like butter. Our breath is ragged when we finally part our lips. He caresses my cheek. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disappear on you. I was confused. Your dad is going to kill me if he ever finds out what happened. But I can’t get you out of my mind. I had to see you one last time before you go. Feel this pussy around my cock. One time, baby. Let me have it.” His voice is tempting, soft and alluring. My pussy aches and grows heavy with each whispered word. I sniffle. “I was kinda hoping I’d see you before I left too.” Mr. Parker smiles, brushes his lips across mine, making my heart flutter like a butterfly. Eyes now accustomed to the dark, I look around my room. My door is still locked from the inside. How had he snuck in? He must have read my confusion. His voice is low, probably so he won’t wake my parents sleeping in the master bedroom down the hall. “Your window is open.” I forgot. Mr. Parker is a special commando guy, a man who is a master of sneaking into forbidden, dangerous places without being detected. He kisses my neck, hands roaming for a moment before he realizes I’m naked beneath my blanket. I had masturbated with Mr. Pink before I drifted to sleep. “God.” His voice is a hoarse whisper.

I don’t hesitate to tempt him. “Take off your clothes and join me. The door is locked and my parents both took a valium before they went to bed. They won’t hear us, even if there’s an earthquake. But we better not make too much noise. Just in case.” I nuzzle his neck, teeth nipping his earlobe. Mr. Parker sits up and undresses, stripping his all black clothing and dropping them to the carpet. He really had been ready for this sneak attack. Before long, he slips into bed with me, his warm, nude body against mine. No clothes, nothing keeping me from stroking his smooth skin. I love caressing his toned biceps, his six-pack abs. Mr. Parker’s thick, fat and long cock is hard and ready. “What is this?” He found Mr. Pink. “Have you been a bad little girl?” I’m not someone to be embarrassed by being a slut, but I feel a blush heat my cheeks. “I was lonely. And horny.” “Hmm.” He brings Mr. Pink to his mouth and licks it. “I love the taste of your pussy.” “Yeah?” I get excited and lie back, spreading my legs. “I wouldn’t mind a few licks.” That big cat growling sound I love pours from him. “Wider. Give me what I want.” A second later, Mr. Parker settles between my legs, tongue flicking and teasing, eating my pussy as if I’m the tastiest treat he’s ever had. I scratch at the sheets, fisting them, writhing in pleasure. I’ve already had two big orgasms with Mr. Pink tonight. They’d been good. Normal and enough to ease some of my tension. But they hadn’t been Mr. Parker. He knows how to eat a woman until I’m balancing on the edge of ecstasy. I’m there, on the very tip of orgasm, reaching and stretching for it as if I’d die if I don’t come. He growls against my pussy, tongue fucking me, lapping, flicking and nibbling my clit. When he takes that bit of nerve filled flesh between his

lips and sucks, I come all over him, body tensing and relaxing in waves. Every nerve is alive and singing. When I finally come back to myself, my gaze clashes with his, and he almost whines, making me think he’s disappointed I didn’t squirt for him. “I need a cock,” I tell him. “Let’s try this.” He shoves Mr. Pink into my pussy and turns it on. No preamble and straight to the good stuff. I jerk, body tense, familiar hum of my toy easing into me. My vibrator is an expensive one. It doesn’t make any noise that would reveal someone is secretly having some dirty fun. But it flutters inside me, delivering the sinful sensation I always crave. I squirm as he fucks me with Mr. Pink. God. It’s good. Mr. Pink is a big vibrator and I can’t take the whole length. Even when I jam it in and the tip kisses my cervix, it’s only half its length. Mr. Parker works the vibrator in until I’m full. He’s toying with the switch, causing more powerful vibrations to tear through me. He rubs and fucks it into me in such a way I can sense another climax roaring toward me. It dances along my spine, circling me as if it were a jungle cat ready to pounce. Every muscle tenses, drawing tight and ready to burst as it builds, crawling, running and dancing toward the end. It’s a big one. Huge. And I can’t figure out how I’m going to muffle my scream. Mr. Parker plucks my clit with his other hand, stimulating me, while he whispers, that deep voice sweeping through me. “That’s it, my little slut. Take it. Take that big cock. Beg me for mine.” I jerk my hips. “Mr. Parker…” It’s too much. I come in that instant, his words hanging in

the air. I practically bend in half as I come. Hard. I gush juice, probably coating his hand with my pleasure. He slips the vibrator from my cunt and laps at my cum coating the toy and his hand while I struggle to keep my sanity in check. “Mmm.” Mr. Parker purrs. “You taste so good.” I catch my breath and beg. “I want your cock in my pussy. Fuck me again like the last time.” “Jesus.” He scrambles from his position and settles behind me, spooning me. He nuzzles behind my ear as he pulls my leg up to rest on his hip, leaving me open, and he impales me on his dick. In one thrust, he’s in me, stretching and filling like I remember. Oh fuck. “Yes,” I moan. I love it. Love his cock. Love the way it stretches the tight walls of my cunt. He eases in and out, prick quivering in my depths. I turn my head, searching for his face and I capture his lips. We fuck, but it’s not like the last time. He seems to want to go slow, savor the time we have left. Fine by me. Even going slow, taking his time and teasing me, hand stroking my breasts, stomach and tweaking me clit, he manages to make me come twice more. I’m delirious. I love coming multiple times, but it also makes me sleepy. Mr. Parker hasn’t come yet, his stamina amazes me, his erection still hard as a rock. He slips his cock out of my pussy and replaces it with a couple of fingers, stroking me. He plays with my cunt, making it just right, so good and deep, followed with a playful slap to my pussy. He eases his fingers free of my heat, wandering, lingering on my ass. Mr. Parker plays

over my nether hole, a thrilling sliver of the forbidden races through me as I moan and tip my hips back toward him. Urging him on. I love getting fucked in the ass. It’s dirty. Slutty. Fuck, I need it now that he’s toyed with me. He pauses, his lips hovering over my ear. “Tell me, little girl, have you…” “Been fucked in the ass?” I giggle quietly. “I love it.” “Oh.” He sucks in a breath. “I want your ass.” “Please.” He positions his cock head at my back hole. Unlike my pussy, the ring of my sphincter denies his entrance at first. Well, Mr. Pink doesn’t fit in my ass, and I’ve never had a guy with such a massive cock fuck me there. Mr. Parker sighs, fingers collecting my juice and smearing it over my puckered hole. He’s gentle, nothing but rubbing for a while, and I relax, enjoy his sweet touching. A finger slips in, opening me. Then a second, stretching a little. I fidget beneath the lewd, dirty feelings of pleasure he draws out of me. Like isn’t even the word. Ready now, he presses the tip of his dick against my ass, the ring of my hole yields, letting him in. Oh so slowly, he eases forward, inch by inch, until he’s buried in me. I’m taken, conquered, his in every way now. Oh, sweet Jesus. I can’t believe how good it is. When he moves, fucking me in shallow thrusts, my pussy creams, empty and neglected. Wanting. “You okay, baby?” His tone is so soft and sweet. Concerned. “So good. I love it.” “Oh, babe.” He kisses me. Tender instead of the racing passion we had earlier.

“Can you fuck my pussy too?” I’m a greedy whore. I admit it. “Fingers?” “I need something bigger.” Slutastic. That’s me. He grabs Mr. Pink. “This?” I nod. “Fuck. You’re a naughty girl, Jessica.” “But you like fucking a naughty girl. Your dirty little slut.” “I love it.” He shoves Mr. Pink into my pussy and fucks me slow like he’s fucking my ass. I bite my lip again so I don’t scream. I love double penetration. Having all my holes filled. A third cock would fit in my mouth, give me everything I could ever want. It waters at the thought of a hard dick against my tongue. “Jessica…” “Hmm?” He kisses me open-mouthed as we both ride the endorphins slowly toward completion. No fuck-your-brains-out-sex this time. We don’t want to make too much noise. And it seems Mr. Parker wants to make himself last as long as possible. I come three times before he finally can’t hold out any longer and lets himself go. He abandons Mr. Pink, grabs my hips and thrusts a dozen times before he surrenders. He comes in my ass, filling my back passage with his hot seed. His cock spasms more than seven times before it finally stops. I choke his shaft with my anal muscles. He swears, then chuckles quietly. Mr. Parker withdraws so I can turn around and face him. We kiss, our limbs tangled in a

lover’s embrace. I caress the side of his jaw. His five o’clock stubble feels rough against the smooth skin of my palm. I realize then that I’ve never cared for any man much as I care for him. Of course I won’t tell him. I don’t want to scare him. Mr. Parker will always hold a special place in my heart. He’s the first man I’ve ever fantasized about. When I masturbated for the first time, I imagined him fingering me. When my first boyfriend took my virginity, I closed my eyes and pictured Mr. Parker taking me. It has always been Mr. Joseph Parker. My fantasy man. I want to say a thousand things to him about my feelings. My emotions. But I had better not. I don’t want to ruin the moment. And Mr. Parker seems to be the type of man who doesn’t convey his feelings with words. So we only kiss. And touch. And kiss again until we both fall asleep. In the morning I wake and see Mr. Parker is gone. So is Mr. Pink. I figure he’s taken it as a souvenir and I don’t mind. Actually, it seems kind of sweet. He probably wanted something to remind him of our encounter. Either that or he wanted to use it on himself. I giggle. Nah. Mr. Parker is too macho to do something like that. Later, my parents drive me to Rhode Island and I’m heading off into the real world, living on my own for the first time. And I can’t wait. When I get to school I find out I’ve got a roommate who loves sex, loves to experiment… and we do...on each other. It doesn’t take long for me to realize college life is fun. I work hard and play harder. I don’t date. I hate having boyfriends, because they always get all jealous and macho

when I flirt with other men. I’m a flirt and I don’t apologize for it. I’ve fucked several guys now, but none of them have been as special as Mr. Parker. And I haven’t heard anything from him since that special night. Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed. I figure he could at least pick up the phone and say hello. Then again, he probably doesn’t want to and I shouldn’t expect much. It had been a physical thing. That’s it. Still, I wonder about him. I call my mom over the weekend and ask her about Mr. Parker. “Oh, Joseph was deployed to Iraq not long after you left.” What? “Is he okay, not getting killed or anything?” I couldn’t help but let a trace of worry seep into my tone. “I suppose he’s okay. You know how spec-op people are. We would know if he got hurt or anything. We’re listed as his emergency contact. Why?” My mom sounds suspicious and I backpedal. “Nothing. Just curious. I read that a bunch of soldiers died in Iraq this month. It would suck if he were one of them.” “Oh. Yeah, I know what you mean. Don’t worry, sweetie. He’s okay.” I lick my lips, praying she’s right. “I hope so.” Two months pass and I do my best to push him out of my mind. But later I finally hear about Mr. Parker. Actually, he just sort of showed up on campus. I’m talking to my friends after class when I look over and spot a man in a white shirt and faded jeans climb from a generic sedan. I stare at him, my heart thundering. Joseph Parker. In the flesh. Here.

I didn’t think, I just run to him and leap into his arms, kiss him before he can say anything. I don’t care if anyone is watching. Or if he’s twice my age. He doesn’t look old enough to be my dad…maybe it’s his military training that’s kept him looking fit and young. “I missed you,” I confide. “I really did.” “I missed you too.” He looks around. “Is there somewhere we could talk?” “Are you staying in a hotel?” “Holiday Inn.” I lick my lips, aching to taste him again. “Let’s go there.” We drive to his hotel and go up to his room. He’s barely closed the door before I pounce on him. What can I say? I really missed him. We undress each other, tossing clothes. I’m in bed when he abandons me to rummage through his bag, taking something out and holding it high in triumph. It’s Mr. Pink wrapped in plastic. “You did steal Mr. Pink.” I laugh. “I wanted to remember your smell. Your taste.” He climbs into bed next to me and reaches out to stroke my hair. “I don’t know if you want to hear it, but I’ve been thinking about you all the time.” “Hell, I think about you all the time.” I smile. “No shit.” “Scout’s honor.” I put two fingers together and touch my forehead. His gaze remains fixed on me. “Jessie, I don’t want to intrude on your personal life, but I wondered if we could see each other from time to time.” I smile. I like where this is going. “Like boyfriend-girlfriend?”

“Your dad will kill me if—” I kiss him to shut him up. “He doesn’t need to know. My family doesn’t need to know what we’re doing. We’re adults. It’s our own business if we’re seeing each other. It would be our little secret.” Mr. Parker nods and joins my smile. “It would be our little secret.”

About the Author: Gia Blue writes smut because she's been cursed with an unbelievably dirty mind. Every erotic thought has her putting pen to paper and then releasing the stories to all of the naughty people in the world. A self-proclaimed whore, nympho and ex-stripper now that she's traded in her pole for a Mac. She's embarked on an important mission to convert everyone who reads her books into jolly, one-handed readers. She'd shake your hand, but it looks like you're busy. http://