Renee's High School Reunion

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Renee’s High School Reunion By Cheryl Dragon

Resplendence Publishing, LLC

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Renee’s High School Reunion Copyright © 2012 Cheryl Dragon Edited by Michele Paulin and Juli Simonson Cover art by Les Byerley,

Electronic format ISBN: 978-1-60735-458-1

Warning: All rights reserved. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

Electronic Release: January 2012

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and occurrences are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, places or occurrences, is purely coincidental.

Chapter One

Staking out the hotel lobby and waiting for Renee made AJ McNamara feel a little like a stalker, but his intentions were good. He stared at Jesse, his lover of ten years, from across the round booth in the bar not far from the hotel lobby. They both needed to catch up with Renee and see what sparked. The hotel bar buzzed with activity as early arrivals poured in for their high school reunion. Jesse seemed relaxed, but not much got him rattled. The artist had been out in high school and accepted life as it came. AJ’s road had been bumpier. “We don’t have to try this,” Jesse said. AJ smiled. Jesse sensed the unease. “It’s not about the threesome. We can try it, see if she’s into it. Maybe we’re too focused on the idea?” Jesse nodded. “We’ve been kicking it around for a few years now. Can’t hurt to see, but we’ve only ever agreed on Renee. I know I get ahead of myself. Maybe I played on your bisexual side too much. We both want her, but it’s been awhile. Of course, reunions are stressful without love and sex games behind the scenes. Everyone is judging everyone else’s lives. In high school, I thought I’d be a famous artist and photographer by now.” “You will.” Jesse was a dreamer, and AJ loved that about him. Always positive and fearless. “Maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up that it’ll develop into anything. A weekend of fun is good. It may not work out to be a relationship,” AJ continued. “I know. I feel good about it.” Jesse shrugged. “She could always say no.” AJ had considered the possibility. “Renee was pretty sexually adventurous in high school.”

Jesse smiled. “Another free spirit.” AJ had to agree. Renee was special. He’d dated her during senior year but had always had his eyes on her. He didn’t really fit in the football and jock world, but he had the skills. He liked cars more, but family pressure had put him in a sports uniform. Being popular felt good. Renee was the type to be comfortable in any situation. No one scared her or was too unpopular for her. Not the Goths, the jocks or the geeks. She was pretty and popular but had never seemed snobby. A hard trick in high school. Jesse had been one of her best friends back then. The artsy type with his photography. She’d loved to dabble in different worlds. Of course, she’d had a lot of friends in the nerd category, as well. No one bullied someone Renee hung with. “I can’t believe she’s a pilot. I figured her for an activist of some sort. She always rooted for the underdog.” Jesse had done enough searching to find out she piloted commercial jets and was still single, which had spurred AJ’s mile high club fantasies. AJ chuckled. “She never could sit still. It’s the perfect job for her.” Renee had eventually brought AJ and Jesse together. When they talked about adding a woman, she was the only choice that they never doubted. “We should keep it open, a little fun. Just a weekend. Ten years is a long time. If it seems like there’s potential, we can bring it up before she leaves.” AJ nodded. “Sounds good to me.” Jesse slid his hand over AJ’s underneath the table. “No matter what, we’re not going home alone.” AJ sighed. “It’s not that. We’re good. It’s the gay thing. No one from high school knows about me.” “We can leave. Find Renee while she’s in town and offer her the fun without doing the drama of the reunion. The jocks probably won’t roll out the rainbow carpet for you.” Jesse scooted closer to AJ. The fear of rejection had been there all his life. AJ’s parents and older brother had set the bar high. AJ had never measured up, but he’d tried like hell. Renee was the one person, until Jesse, who’d loved and never judged him. Never pressured or nagged him to be something or someone he truly wasn’t. They both accepted him and everyone for who they were. Everyone is different. That was Renee’s quote in the yearbook.

If Jesse and Renee had the courage to be themselves, AJ couldn’t hide. He was a late bloomer, but he was no chicken. “I’m not leaving. We’re not going to run. Let’s enjoy it.” Jesse squeezed his knee. “Renee, over here!” shouted a female voice from the other side of the tall private booth. AJ started to get up. Jesse held his arm and put a finger to his lips. “Let’s see where this goes,” he whispered. Jesse had patience. AJ kissed his one and only male lover. It’d taken them time to sort out their bisexuality, but AJ knew he belonged with Jesse, wherever they ended up. **** “Hey, Linda.” Renee hugged her old friend. Linda was still thin and tall, but she’d filled out a bit. She had a timeless look with glasses and a lot of curls. “How are you?” Renee sat across from her. Linda shrugged. “Same old since our last email. Teaching and saving my pennies for a European trip someday. Boring old me.” “When you’re ready, call me. I’ve got plenty of frequent flier miles to share.” Renee knew Linda saved beyond most. Her job as a professor no doubt paid her well, but after her dad had bailed, she and her mom had been on their own. But Linda had never complained or gotten depressed. She saw the sunny side of things. Renee liked that about her. “Anyone interesting around? I swear if I didn’t have a layover in Vegas and a few friends I want to see, I’d just skip the reunion.” Renee ordered a diet coke from the passing waitress. “It’s like prom; you need to have the experience, right?” Linda asked. “You got me to go to prom.” Renee nodded. “The experience is good.” “I saw your senior year boyfriend around I think. AJ. He’s still cute. Hope that’s not a drama waiting to happen. He got so mad at prom and punched Jesse. Talk about possessive. But that probably feels good. A man who wants you to be his so badly.” Linda smiled. Renee hated the memory. The two guys she loved in high school fighting had made her sick on prom night, and the memory still made her sad. “AJ hadn’t been so much possessive as he’d been a little prone to overreact. His dad was a beast. Very old-fashioned. AJ probably felt terrible about it later. God, we’re all reduced to our high school reputations and worst or best moments.” Now that she stopped to think about it, she missed a great friend like Jesse. That petty

high school crap had gotten in the way, but she’d counted on those two guys, and they let her down because of jealousy. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. It’s a weekend not forever. Ten years is a long time. We’ve all matured and mellowed, I hope. I think I saw Jesse around here, too.” “Did you talk to them? I really hoped they’d be here. I’d like to catch up. Doesn’t seem like a Jesse thing.” “No, I doubt they’d remember me. Maybe Jesse has a hot new boyfriend to show off? He was always so sweet and had such an eye. He took my only candid picture in the yearbook. It was me in library surrounded by books, trying to do research for a paper. I almost looked cute.” Renee groaned inwardly. Linda was kind to everyone but herself. She’d admit to being smart but that’s all. She hadn’t changed a bit. “Don’t put yourself down, Linda. All you need to do is get out there a bit and let men have a look at you. They won’t hunt you down in the history section of the library.” “It’s no one’s fault there weren’t a ton of pictures of me. I was always working after school and on weekends. I wasn’t in a lot of activities. I’m making up for it at UNLV. Now, I get to be faculty supervisor for some clubs on campus.” Linda sipped her cola. “So, no men? Maybe you and AJ will reunite. Reunion romance.” “I’m sure he’s married with kids by now. I can’t get my hopes up. It’s fun to see people, but they change.” Renee checked her cell for messages. “I don’t really feel like I’ve changed much though. More mature, but I can’t see myself settled down with a husband or anything. I travel so much and I love it.” “I don’t feel like I’ve changed, either. I’m older, but I’m still working on school. PhD is next. And dreaming of my European summer. I think we’re all who we are, at our core. That never changes. We just get more honest with ourselves.” Linda sat up straight. “Maybe, I’ll get drunk at the reunion and have a fling? Be totally not myself.” Renee laughed. “You couldn’t.” “Probably not.” Linda frowned. “And you shouldn’t.” Renee lived her life with few regrets and didn’t want to see Linda jump into something for no reason. “Why? You probably will. You made the guys crazy.”

Renee tried not to give advice, but with Linda it was hard. She’d been so sheltered by her mother and spent all her time with her books. Even her afterschool job had been at the local library. Renee knew Linda had a darker side, a curious nature. Someday, the right guy would find her; Renee just hoped Linda wouldn’t miss him. “You need to be who you are. You’re not about random sex. I’ve had my share of flings. If all you need is the physical release, it works, but you’re way more emotional.” “Fine, so let me live vicariously through you. If AJ’s single, would you fling him?” The idea made her skin tingle. “Maybe. We never really talked after prom so things were left unfinished, and he could never be just a fling.” “What better way to make up and bury the past?” Linda asked suggestively. “I would like to clear the air.” Her one regret from high school was that she’d caused the fight at prom. She’d posed nude for Jesse’s photo project, and though it hadn’t shown her face, AJ had known her body when he’d seen it. She should’ve told AJ and smoothed if over first, but Jesse was gay. Nothing had happened at the photo shoot so what did it matter? Renee hated regrets. In her life, she had very few. AJ and Jesse’s messy prom night was one. “Healing old wounds will take effort from both sides. I hope they’ll be up for a talk.” “You talk to Jesse, right? He was your best guy friend.” Renee shook her head. “Not since prom night. I left some messages at his house. I didn’t want to bother him about it when he didn’t call me back. I felt so bad, and I didn’t want to embarrass him further. Next thing I knew, I was off doing the pilot thing and he was probably away studying art.” “Probably for the best. I know coach yelled at them for a while.” Linda stirred her drink. “It’ll be great to get it all out there and be friends again. I tried to find them in the online social networks, but I never could. Weird.” “Very weird.” Renee expected Jesse at least to be out there. He loved to network. “Maybe his boyfriend is someone famous or something so he’s being discreet?” “Discreet? That guy was out way back. He wouldn’t go in the closet.” Linda shook her head. “I know. I’m just pondering why he’d be so quiet. It’s not like him.” Renee loved that Jesse knew who he was. A kindred spirit, Linda called him. Renee had trusted Jesse with

everything. Even her first time. She’d never regretted losing her virginity to Jesse. The right guy at the right time. “Some people are private. Maybe he’s a super famous artist now and uses a fake name and is concerned about safety.” Renee smiled. “More plausible than him going back in the closet. I guess we’ll find out this weekend.” “Well, you won’t find them sitting here talking to me. Are you checked in?” Linda asked. “Not yet. The bar is always a good first stop. And I don’t ditch my friends for guys.” Renee finished her drink. “Very noble but I want the gossip and entertainment. Let’s get you checked in and registered for the reunion. Lines have been long.” Linda scooted out of the booth. Renee followed. “Sounds great.” At least, she wouldn’t have to face the reunion without a friend in her corner. But Renee definitely had her eyes out for the two men who’d defined her high school experience. **** Jesse ducked around the corner to make sure they were gone then sat back next to AJ. “Same old Renee.” “She thinks I’m married with kids.” AJ hung his head. “Don’t let that bother you. She has no idea the turn your life took because of me. We should’ve contacted her sooner. She feels guilty, and it turned out great for us. We can’t let her live with all that guilt and regret. That’s not her.” Jesse kissed AJ’s neck. “True. And she was open for a reconnecting.” AJ grinned. “You’re sure you don’t want to bail? You’ve only ever been with a girl once.” Jesse shook his head. He’d wanted to tell AJ who that girl was from the first time the three-way idea took hold, but the timing had never seemed right. Now would definitely throw a wrench in this plan. AJ needed the female form, so did Jesse, even if only for one weekend. “No, no changing my mind. But let’s just enjoy the experience and decide how the future looks. No pressure.” Jesse reached under the table and cupped AJ’s cock through his pants. “Jesse, stop.” AJ leaned back. “No, we need to get rid of the anticipation high or we’ll go crazy.” Jesse carefully unzipped AJ’s fly.

Jesse inched out the table a bit from the circle booth. He slid beneath it and sucked AJ’s erection. Public sex was an occasional treat they played with. Jesse sucked AJ to the base and looked up. AJ was red from his neck up to his ears and lower, no doubt. Jesse loved the hint of danger and the rush it gave AJ, despite his always hesitant attitude. Scoring his teeth along AJ’s balls, Jesse felt his lover grip his hair. AJ’s hips snapped and the booth squeaked. AJ was on the verge; Jesse loved how hot the three-way talk got them both. He hoped the reality proved every bit as satisfying. Deep down, he wanted to try it with Renee, and his dreamer side knew the three of them would end up in bed. But reality was part of life, like his mom wanting him to go to prom with a girl. His parents had eventually accepted his lifestyle, and prom with Linda, as a friend, hadn’t been so bad. But Jesse had been fantasizing about AJ that night. Working the tip of AJ’s cock, Jesse didn’t let up until AJ froze and his tangy cum sprayed into Jesse’s mouth. AJ stayed silent, but one look at his face betrayed the pleasure his body enjoyed. “Get up here,” he whispered. Jesse checked that the coast was clear and returned to the seat. AJ zipped up discreetly. “Ready to go check on Renee?” Jesse asked. “Yes. If she’s stuck in line, we can bump into her.” AJ nudged him playfully out of the booth. “Sounds like a plan to me.” Jesse led the way.

Chapter Two

Linda had gotten called away on some scholastic business, and Renee just wanted to freshen up and put her bags away. On her way to the bank of elevators, Renee stopped short as two men blocked her path. They looked extremely familiar. One stood about five foot ten inches with dark hair and eyes. The undercurrent of energy from him was artistic and seductive. Jesse. “Hey, Renee,” Jesse said. “Damn, I heard a rumor you were here.” Renee hugged him. The connection was instant. Those same strong arms she felt safe in. No tension or awkwardness. If Jesse were straight, she’d have dated him all through high school. “Am I chopped liver?” the other man asked. Renee let go of Jesse to give the taller man a better look. Those baby blue eyes, football shoulders, and that spiky golden brown hair, it could only be… “AJ.” Handsome and sexy as ever, her senior year boyfriend grinned down at her. “Yeah, guess I didn’t make much of an impression.” He hugged her, lifting her off her feet. “I just figured after the breakup at prom and all that… Did you bring the wife and kids?” She knew life had gone on for all of them all, but high school always seemed frozen in time. AJ wasn’t a guy who would stay single long. At times in college, she’d thought of both men and wondered if prom’s wrong turn had hurt their lives. She’d missed talking to them. The men exchanged grins. “No, no wife or kids,” AJ said. “Oh well, what about you, Jesse? Hot guy letting you take naked pictures of him?” Renee took them in. The two biggest male influences in her high school years, she’d missed them. Seeing them brought the emotions back. It was real. AJ had been a great boyfriend until the end.

Jesse had been one of her best friends. She grabbed a hand from each guy as if they’d run away on her. Jesse nodded. “I’m seeing someone. Come on. Let’s get your stuff up to your room. We can talk there.” They all got in the elevator, and Renee’s doubts about the reunion disappeared. She was supposed to be here. If these two were being friendly, it’d be a great weekend and she’d enjoy catching up. “So is your guy here?” Renee asked. It seemed all the drama of prom night had vanished. Maturity did wonders to the confusion of high school relationships. “He’s here. Right now, we want to hear about you.” Jesse held the elevator door as Renee exited and AJ carried her bag. Renee fumbled the key. “Not much to tell. Not married, no kids or anything. I’m a pilot for a commercial airline.” Finally, the door cooperated and they were in. “You always wanted to travel.” AJ put her suitcase down in the corner. “Yeah.” Renee marveled that AJ remembered the details. The jock she remembered was hot, sweet, but a bit self-involved. His family put pressure on him to achieve as much as possible so she couldn’t blame him on that score. “What about you?” “I own a mechanic shop. Cars and motorcycles were always my thing. Not much of a change. I restore some classics for fun.” AJ shrugged. “That’s wonderful. You loved getting dirty. And you?” Renee nodded to Jesse. “Professional photographer. Told you I’d make it. A lot of advertising for Vegas stuff, but it’s going good. I do my artistic stuff on the side.” Jesse smiled more then than Renee had seen him smile in all of high school. “That’s great. I always knew you’d succeed.” Renee put her purse on the dresser. “You were the only one who did.” Jesse gave her another hug, and it felt different this time. Sensual. Renee knew it’d been awhile, but Jesse wasn’t playing for her side. “I knew the minute I saw the pictures you took of Renee. Why do you think I freaked out and punched you at prom?” AJ moved closer to them, taking up his space and changing the feel. “You had naked pictures of my girlfriend.” “Not my face.” Renee got between them. “I wasn’t dating you when they were taken. I thought you two would be over this by now.”

“We are. AJ just wants to get things worked up. We’re all friends here.” Jesse gave AJ’s arm a squeeze. She detected some sexual tension, but maybe, she was projecting her own fantasy. Linda and her fling suggestions didn’t help either. That girl really needed a man! Renee decided a subject change was in order. “Where do you both live now?” “Vegas,” they replied in unison. “Oh, okay. What are you two doing here so early? The reunion isn’t until tonight. It’s only ten-thirty in the morning.” Renee checked the clock to be sure. Her flight had been early, but her frequent flyer miles and pull with the hotels gave her flexibility. She’d left plenty of time to shower and change before the dinner and dance that evening. “We came here to see you. Put all the prom crap behind us and make nice.” AJ put an arm around her shoulders. Renee nearly melted as if she were seventeen again. AJ had muscle and testosterone to spare. Being a pilot sucked for relationships. It’d been so long since Renee had let her guard down and given into pleasure that was more than a random hook-up, but deep down she wanted that special connection. Someone who knew what she liked to eat and drink and what she loved in bed. It felt odd that the guys from high school were the closest she’d had to a serious relationship, but she still enjoyed the sparks with them. “I’m glad you two are friends after all that.” Renee was truly shocked AJ made friends with Jesse. He’d been so uneasy around the gay guys. High school rules and expectations no doubt, defending his masculinity at all costs. “Actually, we’re more than friends now.” Jesse gave her a sly smile. She laughed then stopped when they didn’t. They had to be playing a trick on her. “Good one, guys! Joke’s on me.” Renee looked up at AJ, and there was no laughter in his eyes. “Really?” “Really.” AJ released Renee and moved to Jesse, wrapping both arms around the slighter man and kissing his neck. They looked like a cute gay couple from the ads her airline did to promote gay-friendly resorts. It looked so natural. So hot! But it was AJ! “When? How?” Renee folded her arms and took a minute. She was excited and curious but shock won the emotional battle.

“Prom night after you dumped me,” AJ answered. “What’s wrong? You supported me in high school.” Jesse wagged a finger at her. “I’m supportive of your lifestyle. I just didn’t know AJ was gay.” They were together. The two men she’d loved most now loved each other. “Relax, Renee. He likes women, too.” Jesse sat on the bed. “You dumped him. High school was almost over. AJ had college freedom, not high school judgment to look forward to. Exploration happens.” “You two have been together for ten years?” she asked. AJ grinned and gave a slight shrug, his way of saying yes. “Now, we know why I never fit in fully on the football team but enjoyed it.” She kicked off her sandals. Part of her envied their long term love. Most of Renee’s friends and sisters were married. Renee secretly wanted it, but she’d seen so many marriages go bad she kept her distance. “And they say no one stays together anymore. How exactly did this happen? When I left that night, AJ had been dragged off by the football guys and Jesse had a bloody nose.” She’d felt a little guilty stalking off, but her staying would have only antagonized AJ more. Once the team had pulled AJ back, Jesse had been safe. No one had wanted to miss graduation over a fight.

“You’re sure you want the details?” Jesse asked. “Did you molest AJ or something? I knew you were horny for football players but seriously, Jesse.” Renee moved to sit in the desk chair and grabbed a bottle of water. AJ sat on the bed next to Jesse. “It was nothing like that. Coach was chaperoning the dance, and he’s an old-school type. Wanted us to be men and shake hands after the fight.” “He thought we were fighting over you.” Jesse grinned. “Shocking. So you shook hands and grabbed cocks by mistake?” she chuckled. He loved how Renee fell back into teasing them. It felt as if no time had passed at all. AJ looked over at Jesse. One night could change a life, and he wasn’t about to give up on another life-changing night because Renee seemed stuck in shock. “Coach left us in the parking lot and told us to go home. Banned from prom with two hours left.” Renee’s eyebrow arched. “So you went to an after-party, got drunk and got laid?”

“Do you want to hear it or not?” AJ shot back. Renee held up her hands in defeat and took another sip of her drink. “Can’t wait. Sorry I missed it.” “I wanted to see all the pictures of you so we went to Jesse’s. His parents were out so we were alone. Seeing some of those pictures of you naked annoyed me again.” “And aroused him,” Jesse added. “So he did you like a substitute?” Renee asked Jesse. “Cock is addictive.” “Hell yeah. But it wasn’t a substitute.” AJ leaned over and kissed Jesse on the mouth. It felt like yesterday—that first time—but they’d had ten years together. Only one thing had been missing. “Do you two want the room? I can get another free. I’ve got plenty of flier miles.” She waved her glass, but her eyes stayed on them with interest. “No, you stay. I don’t remember you being such a prude.” Jesse leaned back in the bed. “I’m not a prude! Naked but very attractive pictures, remember. Sex in the football players’ locker room. Not a prude. I just don’t want to intrude when you don’t need me.” She pointed to them. AJ studied the beauty. Slim and sleek, her breasts and hips giving away her subtle curves. Her pixie face and angled bob of dark blonde hair still made him hard. “We want you here.” Renee set her drink down. “It’s getting a little weird in here, but two men having sex is hot. Finish the story.” “I got annoyed and turned on seeing the pictures. Basically, I accused Jesse of wanting you for himself and just playing the gay best friend thing to get close.” AJ gave Jesse a playful nudge. “So, I had to show AJ that I was really after football meat that night.” Jesse grabbed AJ’s jeans and massaged his cock. AJ watched Renee’s eyes grow wider as his erection tented his pants. “Apparently, I’m getting the instant replay.” Renee squirmed in her chair. “Hit pause now or enjoy the show,” AJ said. When she didn’t say a word, Jesse continued unzipping AJ’s fly and removed his thick cock.

AJ thrust up needing more of Jesse’s touch. Yet, AJ watched Renee, her pink lips hanging open in stunned silence. As Jesse licked the tip, AJ fucked up, the familiar jolt of heat increased by their audience. They’d waited for this, hoping she’d show up at the reunion. At least now, AJ knew why trying to track her down had been tricky. She never sat still, but between the two of them, they would manage to pin her down. It had taken some years to figure it all, out but they were a good team. Fisting a hand in Jesse’s dark hair, AJ thrust up until Jesse moaned. Jesse released AJ’s cock and stroked it for a bit. “Tell her how many times you sucked me off that night. If only his football buddies had seen him then.” AJ groaned, fucking harder. Jesse knew how to get him off with verbal play and a firm hand. The fact that Renee was still there looking flushed only pushed AJ to the edge faster. “I can’t take it.” He grabbed Jesse’s neck. “Just like that night, high school guys come if you flash them. He’s developed a lot of endurance, but with you watching him…” Jesse winked at Renee and leaned down to suck AJ’s cock back into his mouth. The tip of AJ’s cock rubbed the back of Jesse’s throat, triggering his release. He came hard, feeling just like that first time on prom night in high school without the jealously or immaturity. Pulling Jesse up, AJ kissed him hard. “Still good,” he mumbled against Jesse’s mouth. “This is really hot, but I’m still confused.” Renee tucked her hair behind her ears. “Is this some sort of sexual revenge because I left when you two fought? A ‘look what we’ve got?’ Because it’s working. I’m horny and a little jealous but not sure where it’s going.” AJ sat up. “Renee, we’re not in high school anymore. I know it’s weird. Tonight, will be very wild. But we didn’t come here early to perform a sex act in your hotel room and rub it in your face.” Though the idea of rubbing her face places did get AJ’s juices flowing again. “So you just have oral sex in front of everyone?” Renee shrugged. “Sorry. This is hard to just blurt out.” AJ understood her frustration. They’d kept her in the dark long enough. He hoped she was turned on as well. Either she’d be into it or not, but dragging out the suspense wouldn’t help. The blush on her cheeks was unmistakable, and he took it as a good sign.

“No blurting out news, but you’ll whip your cock out. Come on AJ! Blurt out with the info,” Renee urged. She sat there primly, legs crossed with a black skirt and a halter top in paisley green. The black heels had had AJ’s attention since the lobby. “It’s easier for men to solve issues with sex, so yeah, whipping it out is easier than explaining stuff. Makes being with a guy fun. But we’ve both had experiences with women that were great.” AJ tried to be subtle. While he’d found a whole new level of sexual satisfaction and intimacy with Jesse, he’d had amazing sex with Renee, too. Renee glanced to Jesse, staying quiet. “Bisexual isn’t a bad thing.” Jesse leaned in her direction. “I never said it was bad. It can be very hot. Wait, I’m not doing it with a girl, though. That doesn’t do it for me. Men are hot. Men together is a super turn on, I’ve always wanted to see it up close. I’m not sure how open you two are.” “You’re our turn on. We’re inviting you in.” AJ held out a hand. Renee uncrossed her legs, shifting her weight forward, but her face was scrunched with uncertainty. “The three of us. You two are both bisexual?” “That’s the idea. It’s not complicated.” AJ grinned. “I heard you’re staying over the weekend. We can make it memorable.” “We ruined your prom night. Thought this might be a fun way to make it up to you. That bad music and lousy food we can’t recreate.” Jesse tugged up AJ’s shirt to reveal killer abs. “You’re not going to the reunion? I want to see everyone’s faces when they find out AJ went for Jesse. Shocking people can be fun.” Renee eased from the chair and moved to the edge of the bed. AJ pulled her between him and Jesse. “That’s still on. Why not enjoy the down time? You can have anything you want this weekend. You’re the only woman we’ve both wanted. That hasn’t gone away in ten years.” He untied the knot at the back of her neck and let the halter top fall. The strapless bra underneath teased AJ, and the way Jesse’s cock strained in his jeans, he wanted more as well. Jesse undid the bottom part of the halter-top and tossed it aside. “This is crazy,” she said.

AJ eased up her black skirt and found a thong teasing him. “What’s crazy is you dressed for sex and you didn’t even know.” “Maybe she knew she’d get lucky. Had plans for some of your football buddies?” Jesse suggested. “You think there was any way I ever expected this? I dressed for Vegas heat. But this is way hotter than the desert. Someone pinch me.” She stretched out on her side. AJ nodded to Jesse, and in unison, they gave her exactly what she asked for…a good pinch on each of her lush cheeks.

Chapter Three

“Ouch! It’s like a kinky, tag-team wrestling match. Are you guys serious?” she asked. “Think of it as make-up sex that’s very late.” AJ kissed her cheek. “Sounds good but I don’t want to mess things up between you. You’re my best high school memories. Guess it can’t hurt.” Renee pushed up Jesse’s shirt and yanked it over his head. “We’d never hurt you again. It was an immature mess, but we’re much older and more talented now.” Jesse unbuttoned her skirt and worked the zipper down. Looking at AJ, Jesse knew this was the right thing for both of them. AJ fell quickly into the bisexual category, while Jesse had struggled with admitting his lust for both men and women. The gay label had been safe in high school—at least, it had felt right. Then he was with AJ. But AJ sensed more to it and, every few years, brought up the girl thing. “Do you two do this a lot?” Renee leaned over to kiss AJ then back to kiss Jesse. Her soft lips sent him back to high school. He’d only ever been with one woman, and while it’d been great, Jesse had needed to deal with his need for men first. Liking girls didn’t disturb anyone. He took his time and kissed her thoroughly. She pressed to him and didn’t try to speed things along. Just a fling sounded good, but the feelings he had for Renee weren’t going to go away. “You’re the first.” AJ unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. His large hand covered one breast completely. Jesse ignored his pulsing erection and pushed Renee down to the bed on her back. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were by no means small. What he remembered most was the roundness. They’d held up great. This was his fantasy, Renee between him and AJ.

Sucking her breast, Jesse tugged her g-string down, and AJ grabbed it, taking it off completely. Then Jesse saw AJ’s hand on his belt. His boyfriend was right. If Jesse didn’t get out of those pants, he’d come like a freshman. “You two have never done a three-way before?” Renee gasped at their attention to her breasts. “How do you know you’ll like it?” Jesse climbed off the bed and stripped, his erection strained for more of AJ and Renee. “That’s how,” he said. As he returned, two hands reached for his cock, one male and one so female and soft Jesse bit his lip. AJ had been right. Without Renee, things were incomplete. At least now, they could figure out if they had a future. “Sure it’s not just a fantasy?” Renee asked. “If it is?” AJ released Jesse’s cock and rubbed her bare pussy. “A weekend of fantasy sex isn’t such a terrible thing with old friends.” “I’m not complaining, but I don’t want it to be weird either. You and I used to date. The feelings were real, and we never really wrapped up our relationship. It was intense.” She stroked AJ’s growing cock but turned to face Jesse. “And you were my best friend who I wanted a lot. I don’t want to ruin friendships that could be rekindled, but you are very tempting.” She rubbed Jesse’s sac. “How many three-ways have you done?” AJ nipped at the side of her breast. Renee’s cheeks flared pink. “A few. But not with men I knew really well. Or who were in a relationship and would have sex with each other. I was the only one getting two lovers. This feels very different.” “We haven’t done much to you yet.” Jesse rubbed his cock against her hip. “Don’t worry. AJ has enough three-way porn. If we didn’t want this, we’d know it by now.” AJ’s hand gripped her hips. “But if it’s too weird with us, Renee, it’s okay. I can keep Jesse busy until the reunion.” “Oh no!” Renee rolled onto AJ and kissed him. “You’re not getting out of it now. You two got me all hot and ready. If it’s not weird for you, then I need to live out this fantasy. Just don’t be shy about going after each other. I’m used to being the main attraction and watching could be really hot.”

“You are the main attraction this time.” Jesse moved in closer. Renee and AJ had dated for a year. He’d heard all about the sex, and it was good—high school good, but they’d learned a lot since then. In high school, Jesse had always felt a little jealous. Now, he couldn’t tell if it was jealousy of Renee or AJ. “Good. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to watch. I thought I had experience, but I’ve never been with two guys who are bisexual.” She leaned toward Jesse, licking his cock and guiding him to AJ with her mouth. Giving in to the feel, Jesse let AJ lead him in. Jesse straddled AJ’s head, facing Renee. The second AJ’s touch connected with Jesse’s balls, all thought went away. Jesse watched Renee suck his cock as his hand caressed her soft back. His hand slid under her and teased her pussy. She was wet for them already. The woman definitely had skills. Jesse fought for control as she hummed and kissed the head of his cock to keep him on edge. He fingered her clit to keep her eager. Jesse and AJ had been craving this since the idea had hit. Renee was the only woman they both wanted. Sure, AJ would’ve gone for any female at first, but the more thought they’d put in it, the clearer their choice became. Only Renee, the woman they both loved could soothe the urge fully. Soft and sexy, she had a role in both of their lives, and they could share her freely. They wouldn’t have had ten years together without her. “Not so fast. I’m going to come.” Jesse tried to ease Renee back, but she held on, rolling him around her tongue faster and faster. “That’s the idea.” AJ gave Jesse a slight reprieve then his tongue returned to the spot behind Jesse’s sac, playing with the sensitive flesh AJ knew all too well. Jesse wanted it to last but couldn’t bear to have either one really stop. As Renee went full force on the top of Jesse’s cock, AJ pressed a finger to Jesse’s asshole, and he came in shudders. Grabbing Renee’s silky hair, Jesse pulled her back enough to see her suck and swallow his cum. “Feel better now?” She kissed the tip. “God, yes. Women are so different. You’re perfect.” Jesse kissed her. He’d missed her as a friend. They’d gone their different ways after high school so the separation was expected. But not the bad terms. Basically, Jesse had stolen Renee’s boyfriend, though she’d technically dumped AJ at the prom. How could Jesse face her after what happened that night? So long ago, it was life or death. “I missed you,” he said.

Renee sat up and straddled AJ’s hips. “I missed you, too, both of you. I should’ve found you, but I never dreamed you’d made up and gotten this close. Obviously, I didn’t have far to look. You’re both still in Vegas. Together. I was so bitchy in high school. How did you two put up with me?” She leaned down and gave AJ a hard kiss before rolling to her back. “You were popular, jock boyfriend and the gay best friend. Plus, you were hot and smart. Girls wanted to be you. And your little sister was chubby, and you protected her. So you had a nice side that appealed to teachers and the less popular kids. Who could hate you?” AJ grabbed one of her hands and tugged it over her head as he rolled on his side. “I was nice to friends, family and you two, but I could be tough. Prom night I was pretty harsh.” Jesse reclined on the other side of her. “What’s high school without a little drama? There were serious bitches in our school. You kept them in check. Refusing to be a cheerleader only made you more popular.” Renee elbowed him in the ribs but pulled the men closer. “Please. I dated a jock. I wasn’t about to be a groupie on display.” It was true; Jesse liked the fact she’d worn cute tops, jeans, and funky boots and not the trendy stuff to show off her ass and breasts. But today, the skirt and halter-top had turned him on. “Well, I think it’s only fair we give her a turn. We both got off.” AJ nudged her legs open with his knees. She opened for him and arched her back. “You two have a plan. I’m at your mercy.” “And you’ve had three-ways and we haven’t. So, it’s full speed ahead. Jesse has been talking about tasting pussy for weeks.” AJ dipped his fingers into her sensitive folds. “She’s ready.” “I was ready half an hour ago, just seeing you two kiss.” Her body lifted for more. Jesse wanted it all, to fuck her, see her get fucked and eat her. His cock started to throb again, and he noticed AJ was fully erect. The weekend would be better than they’d expected. Leaning in, he kissed her stomach, and her hand gripped his hair, leading him down to her cunt. He inhaled, and the contrast to AJ’s masculine scent urged him on. Running his tongue along her outer lips, he went slowly as she shivered beneath him. AJ’s fingers spread her pussy, and Jesse trailed his tongue to her inner folds, so delicate and yet he wanted to bite them.

“Hit her clit; she’ll get really worked up,” AJ coached. “Don’t stop. I could do this all day,” she moaned. AJ chuckled. “Not the goal, but I remember she wanted a lot of cock. Like pussy, Jes?” Grunting, Jesse moved up to suck her clit, and Renee trembled. He worked his tongue around the nub and flicked it. He had no doubt as to why AJ missed this, the soft feel, the tangy flavor, and the noises Renee made. Her flavor intoxicated Jesse, and her sounds of pleasure drove him to give her more. Her nails dug into his scalp, and Jesse smiled. She was into it and encouraging him. “Harder. On top!” she gasped, and her hips lifted for more. Jesse did as she asked, adding pressure and rubbing the tip. She screamed, and Jesse enjoyed the triumph. He also hoped the hotel had good sound proofing because there would be a lot of noise coming this room. Making Renee come might be his new addiction.

The floating sensation faded slowly, and Renee opened her eyes. Not a dream or a fantasy fueled by a vibrator. Two of the hottest men she’d ever screwed in her life were here to make her weekend even hotter. Her insides trembled, and she wanted more of them. Random sex felt good, but intimacy with these two was special. When it was a weekend marathon, everyone needed a rest. Renee wasn’t even sure if they’d get to all the things she wanted to do in that short of time. She’d never get enough, but she had to respect their relationship and not expect anything more than they offered. “Now that we’ve all had a turn, I think it’s time for everyone to have fun all at once.” “Uh oh, she’s got a plan.” AJ winked at Jesse. “Always.” She rolled over on her stomach, still horny, needing to be fucked in every way possible with two men. “You sit up at the headboard.” She pushed AJ that way. He went willingly. His long, muscled frame shaking the bed a bit. Renee kissed up his hard legs. Few men hit the sexual triggers in her that AJ did. He was honest, down to earth with a lot of common sense. In contrast, Jesse was deep and artsy with a sexy form made of lean muscle. Having both in one bed promised Renee tons of pleasure and being in the middle was what she wanted.

She stretched up and when she arrived at AJ’s balls, she teased around his sac and up his shaft. The tip already had a drip of arousal forming. He’d learned a lot of control since high school, and Renee wanted to explore it. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Jesse sitting and watching them. “You’re not going to ignore me, are you? All this oral is fun, but we’re adults so let’s go for it.” She wagged her back end side-to-side. “Come on Jesse, fuck her. You said you’d fucked a girl before and wanted it more.” AJ rubbed her back and squeezed her ass. “Where are you going to stick it?” Renee groaned. Either option would make her come. “I didn’t bring any lube for anal stuff.” She nipped AJ’s sac to get his attention. “Don’t worry about that. Never leave home without it.” Jesse grabbed his jeans off the floor and produced plenty of protection and a small bottle from the pocket. “Always prepared. I loved being a boy scout. But I think I’m going to start with what I’ve almost never had the chance to enjoy.” Renee was glad, her pussy throbbed and the wetness made her ache. Anal could wait a little while anyway. When Jesse pressed a couple exploring fingers to her pussy, Renee sighed and pushed back. Once Jesse got a little more confidence in fucking girls, he’d be more aggressive. She loved how he cared about people and never pushed boundaries without an invitation, well except in his art. She worked AJ slowly, keeping time with Jesse’s pace. Renee went from the base up and back down to tease him. Suddenly, she was eighteen again, and that invincible rush hit her. Anything was possible, two great men gave her sex and love together. She’d given up on fairytales young thanks to her family drama. Nothing was perfect, but this was damn close. One finger slid inside her, and she tightened around it, rocking back. Finally, Jesse gave her two fingers, and she arched for more. She was far from a virgin, but he’d had more cock than pussy. “Quit teasing her, Jes. How long have we waited for this? You’ll get it more than once.” AJ lifted into her mouth. Renee sucked harder and let her tongue rub along the ridge. Moaning, she rotated her hips. One good fuck and they could tease each other all night, but she needed his cock inside her

now. If they took the edge off, she could relax and indulge in the two men all night or all weekend. When Jesse pressed his tip to her pussy, Renee gasped. The wait had made her needier than ever. She let AJ’s cock slip from her lips and worked it with her hand. No reason for AJ to come too fast. “Fuck me, Jesse. God, prom night could’ve been a lot more fun if we’d spent it like this. The three of us screwing in the limo.” She pussy opened for more. “Watch it, Renee. He’ll come before you do.” AJ pinched her nipples. Renee yelped at the unexpected move and nipped his sac in return. Jesse thrust in fully, groaning. They wanted her, and the heat filled Renee making her tremble. Renee’s body tightened around him. “Yes, that’s what I need.” Jesse’s cock ran long and thick enough to please yet would work her ass just right. A perfect instrument to play either way, while AJ felt like a rocket ride in her cunt. She remembered high school so well, and it flooded back to her now. Sucking AJ’s cock again, she loved the feel of two throbbing cocks in her, needing her. Wanting and satisfying her. The ripples of orgasm started slowly, and she moaned with AJ at the back of her throat. “She’s going already, Jess. Don’t stop.” AJ fucked her mouth and held her head. Jesse listened to the advice and kept his pace even until Renee’s tremors stopped, then so did he. A gasp of need escaped her throat as the warm tingle lingered. He was still hard and it felt so good! But she wanted to get him off, too. Give and take was a game she wanted to play with them. She let go of AJ’s cock for only a second. “Don’t stop!” “I don’t want to hurt you.” Jesse held her hips. His hands were tense; she could feel him struggling for control. She nearly laughed, but her body needed a bigger release. “Again!” she insisted. “Women, multiple orgasms. Tricky area. Jesse, you’re in serious need of practice. Give her what she wants or I’ll never get my blow job done.” “You don’t need practice?” Jesse began fucking her again, harder this time. “It’s like riding a bike. I remember,” AJ groaned as Renee resumed her efforts. Renee raised an eyebrow at him as her hips rocked back on Jesse to satisfy them both.

“Or being the bike being ridden by a sexy woman. You never forget something that good, even if a sexy man makes you fall in love with him.” AJ smiled at Jesse. Renee felt the connection between the men. No way would she be the reason anything went wrong. She’d do everything to make the fantasy real and promised herself not to get clingy. It was one weekend of great sex at their reunion, but if anyone could make her want more, it was these two. “Love is wild. Sex can be very cathartic.” She rocked back into Jesse as her lips worked AJ’s tip. “Yeah!” AJ pulled back, and Renee got only a little cum in her mouth. Her neck and breasts got the most of it. “Messy!” She loved the feel of cum on her skin, and he remembered that. Most men liked to come deep. “Come on me, Jesse!” “Oh no, you stay inside.” AJ sat up to get a better view. Renee had a feeling that AJ would win. But as her third orgasm of the hour hit, she wanted nothing more than to keep that cock inside of her. Thrusting back for more, she moaned low as the waves hit hard through her body. They might be out of practice with women, but they were doing damn good with her! The shouting came from Jesse this time as his fingers dug into her hips, and he came in jerks. “Good?” AJ asked. Renee nodded. “So good. I can’t believe it’s been ten years. We need to make up for all that lost time we missed. Screw the reunion. Let’s just stay here all weekend. Or as much time as you have.” Then Jesse pulled out of her. “Amazing.” He kissed her back and rolled her over. Knowing a coordinated attack when she saw one, Renee watched Jesse move up and lick AJ’s cum off her neck and breasts. AJ shifted onto his hands and knees behind her, his face buried in her pussy. His long tongue worked hard to get Jesse’s cum out. His thumb rubbed her clit until she couldn’t help it. Her body helped give him his reward, and she got another raw release. When he pinched her clit, Renee jumped. “Bastard. One more orgasm. I think that’s a record!” Pulling Jesse up into a kiss, she let their tongues tangle as AJ licked her pussy clean.

Chapter Four

AJ’s cell phone chimed, and he knew they had to go. “Time for the lunch stuff.” “Lunch stuff?” Renee stretched and tugged a sheet around her. “I thought it was just the reunion tonight. Dinner and dancing.” “That’s the main event, but you know there are always extras. A luncheon for the groups and organizations.” Jess pulled on his pants. “That class president of yours wanted all the groups to sit together and catch up so the reunion wasn’t as awkward. You were in the student government, Renee. Didn’t you get the emails?” She shrugged. “I’m always traveling, I don‘t have time for keeping up with that. I put the reunion into my calendar, and it worked with my schedule. In high school I was just the member at large, no actual work. It looked good on my transcripts.” “Apparently, our student body president, Ms. Picky, is an event planner now so we’re in for a real treat.” AJ tried to remember the woman’s real name, Margo something that sounded like Picky but the nickname stuck. “There’s a farewell breakfast tomorrow morning, too.” “Oh, weird. I didn’t sign up, but maybe, I’ll go crash the student government one. I assume you’re doing the photography club, Jess?” She slid out of bed. “Shutterbug geeks unite.” He pulled on his shirt. “AJ has the varsity football team. I’d kill to be at his table.” Renee grinned at AJ. “They don’t know you drive stick, now?” Finding his shirt, AJ shook his head. “We came to the reunion, but it’s not like we went searching for everyone online to announce our relationship. Who cares?” In high school, AJ had learned the rules of popularity: act cool and don’t care about what others think unless they’re more popular. But he’d always been cool and hadn’t faced the gay thing until after the high school drama.

“Right. Who cares?” Renee grabbed her clothes and headed for the bathroom. “One of the most popular varsity football players now is a literal cock sucker. They won’t care at all. Be careful AJ. Not everyone matures after high school. You and Jesse have chemistry, and people will figure it out.” “Are you offering to be our beard?” Jesse asked. “I’m happy to hang with you two all the time have all the fun we can. Just let me know how you want to play it…in or out of the closet?” “This is crazy.” AJ shook his head. “What position did you play again?” Renee asked. AJ gritted his teeth. “Tight end.” Renee shrugged. “Not anymore. These are jokes even the jocks can come up with.” “You lost your boyfriend to your gay best friend on prom night.” Jesse swaggered to the door. “People might find out about that.” Renee folded her arms. “Works for me. The prom blow out will make sense then. And now, I’m getting a hot three-way weekend during the reunion. Either of you need to get in here?” she offered. “We’ve got a room. The lunch is down in the main banquet hall. See you there.” AJ opened the door and led the way. Jesse caught up. “You okay?” “She hasn’t changed a bit.” AJ smiled. “Little devil’s advocate.” “Not much changes. She pilots commercial jets, but she’s sassy and interested in us.” Jesse slid the keycard to open their door. “Second thoughts?” “No. She’s exactly what I wanted and expected. You?” AJ asked. “So far it’s perfect. We don’t need to spring anything serious on her yet. We’ll see how she feels, reacts and what she’s looking for first. You always want to rush into things full blast. Let’s ease her into a three-way fun time.” Jesse grabbed a clean shirt and handed it to AJ. “Thanks. I know I’m not patient, but when I know what I want, I go for it. Like you.” AJ wrapped an arm around Jesse’s neck and pulled him in for a slow kiss. Jesse laughed and leaned back. “Yes, prom night I kept expecting you’d freak out and beat me up.” AJ pinched Jesse’s ass. “You never told me that.”

“I didn’t want to scare you off. It took me about six months to believe you weren’t going to run back to the girls. After ten years, it’s happened.” Jesse nudged AJ back and put on his clean shirt. “That’s different. You dove right in back there.” AJ didn’t feel jealous, but Jesse seemed very comfortable with a girl in their bed. “Bisexual. You always were, but it took me a little while to get there. If we both want the same girl, it’s worth a shot.” Jesse smoothed the fabric on AJ’s broad back. “It’s not going to get weird.” AJ turned and hugged Jesse. “This is just something we need to try. We won’t be happy unless we know. And you’re giving it your all. Ready?” Jesse nodded and they headed into the hall. **** Once in the ballroom, they separated, back to their high school definitions by group. AJ knew Jesse kept in touch with some of his photo friends. Looking over, he saw Renee right at home chatting with the eclectic group in their graduating year’s student government. She’d fit in anywhere. Renee read people and situations quickly and adjusted. She’d make a great pilot. A product of a divorced home, she’d had to adjust and adapt. All Renee could count on was herself. AJ had a traditional family—a mom at home while dad worked and an older brother he had to live up to. In high school, he’d been a success, but he’d rarely looked at himself through those glasses. Approaching the football table, he spotted Frank the Tank who’d been captain and one of AJ’s best friends all four years. “AJ!” Frank hugged AJ. “I knew you’d make it, man.” “Hell, yeah, wouldn’t miss food and football talk.” AJ got high fives or handshakes all around the table. “So what’s everyone been up to?” Pictures of kids and wives were flashed. The food arrived and conversation broke into smaller groups. “How was UCLA, Frank?” AJ remembered his buddy got a scholarship. “Good. Lots of parties, pussy and football. Blew out my knee before the NFL could draft me, but I got my college ride and a good job in IT. Can you believe it, I’m a computer geek? I lead a whole team of programmers.”

“You always were a good leader.” AJ was glad his friend had made out well. Lots of Vegas kids went for casino jobs and never made it to college. AJ had taken up cars out of love, not because it was easy. “I’ve got my own mechanic shop. I fix up cars, mostly vintage muscle.” “That’s so you.” Frank slapped AJ on the back. “How about kids? I got three.” “Kids? No, none for me.” AJ could predict the next question with near certainty. “Wife?” AJ shook his head. “Nope.” Frank’s knife clattered to the plate. “Divorced already? Damn.” “Never married.” A defensive guard across from AJ chimed in. “Sowing your wild oats is good, but man, weren’t you going with that hot brainy thing? Renee? I thought that was serious. I’d have held on to that.” Frank waved off the guy. “That all went ugly at prom. You were drunk, Larry. AJ and Renee broke up.” “We’re good now.” AJ nodded to Renee, and she smiled back from the popular table. It was just like her to circulate. “Nice. A little reunion of the kinky kind. I don’t blame you. I only settled down for the kids. My father walked out, and I wasn’t going to do that.” “Good for you.” AJ ate and relaxed. Part of him wanted to come out and tell them all about Jesse, but things felt so safe and comfortable just then. It’d only make things weird. Like those dreams about Frank when he was in junior high. A gay crush. It had passed, but AJ still felt as if his friends would feel betrayed. “Hey AJ.” Steve leaned in. The jerk had a way of razzing all the other players and keeping the guys in line. He was the one AJ didn’t want to see. “Yeah?” AJ responded. “I heard from a girl in that photography crew that you and Jesse got into it that night.” Steve sneered. Frank chuckled. “A few punches. We all saw it. You got suspended twice for fighting.” It was Steve’s turn to chuckle. “I meant into each other. Like in their pants.” “Shut up. You’re crazy.” Frank finished off his beer. “He’s not,” AJ said.

Frank dropped the empty bottle on the table. “You and Jesse? Damn, you must’ve been drunk. Steve drank hard, too. Remember when he passed out and we put makeup on him and took picture?” The guys at the table laughed. AJ appreciated Frank’s effort to let the facts slid. “I wasn’t drunk. Jesse and I have been together ever since.” “So, you do have a wife,” Steve said then added, “Or are you the wife?” Internally, AJ felt sixteen again. Wanting to fit in and knowing he could, if he played by their rules and lied. Until he had a man worth breaking the rules for, he’d done just that and stayed popular. But not now. “You really want the details, Steve? I didn’t think you’d be so interested in the play-by-play.” Steve held up his hands. “No thanks. But now we know why you loved football. Showering with men, bending over for the snap, and all the workouts.” “Never got it up for you, Steve,” AJ shot back. Frank’s meaty hand hit the table. “Enough. Okay? We were a team; now, we’re all fucking adults. Act like it.” The chatter stopped, but AJ felt the tension humming in the hair. Especially from Frank. “Thanks,” AJ said. Frank shrugged it off as the desserts arrived. Knowing he’d only made things tense, AJ stood and put his napkin on the table. “I’m going to go and let you guys enjoy. Sorry if it was weird. I was going to tell you, my way.” He gave Steve a scolding glance and walked away. “Don’t like cheesecake. Right? That’s beefcake you like,” Steve joked. Back in high school, AJ would’ve punched Steve. He wanted to, but he’d never see these men after the reunion. There was no reason to bother. AJ kept walking away. He didn’t want to be alone and needed Renee’s strong defiance and Jesse’s sympathy now. Walking up to Renee’s table, he leaned over her shoulder and asked her to meet him upstairs. Then he went to Jesse’s table and did the same thing. Ignoring the jock table, AJ headed for the elevators. To his relief, Renee and Jesse both followed him right away. He couldn’t get through this without both of them.

**** Jesse caught up with AJ and Renee was right behind him as AJ waited for an elevator. “You okay? The cheesecake is good.” Renee asked. “Steve outed me before I had a chance to get that far, and he started with the jokes. He found out from one of your photo friends.” They got on the elevator, just the three of them. Jesse let the guilt sting. “Sorry. We keep in touch, but what’s a varsity jock chatting up a photo geek for? I’ll find out who blabbed.” He pressed AJ to the wall and felt some of the tension ease as Renee cuddled AJ, too. “Don’t bother. It doesn’t matter who. It just didn’t go as planned. I’m not here for their approval.” AJ stepped back from the group when the doors opened. Jesse headed for their room and unlocked the door. “You’re right. We came for Renee. But it’s good to get it out. No secrets needed.” He flopped on the bed with Renee and watched AJ, still frowning and debating, pull off his shirt. Coming out to the world was hard. Jesse had expected some hiccups. When AJ had told his family, there had been a big and noisy fight, his mom crying and his dad and brother freaked out. “It’s okay. It’s new. Like going back in time and changing what table you sat at, at least from their perspective. They’ll get over it; most of them will still be your friends.” “That’s the weird part. I’ll never see most of them again. Who cares?” “But what they think bugs you.” Renee shrugged. “That’s why I tried to prep you for it. People don’t like change. So many people think I’m a flight attendant or just the co-pilot. A woman in charge still scares some narrow-minded people. Prove them wrong!” “It’s so high school. Such bull.” AJ stretched out next to Renee on the bed. “It’s life. People change and others adjust. Imagine what our gay friends will think if we keep Renee in our relationship deal.” Jesse rolled toward the lady in the middle. “Our community is more open than those guys.” AJ rolled onto his side and rested his head on Renee’s shoulder. “Naturally. My grandma is more open than some of those guys. Still there will be a reaction. Some will say you can’t make up your minds, gay or straight. Maybe we’re all sex maniacs? They might think you’re forcing Jesse into it.” Renee stroked AJ’s temple. “We don’t have to.” AJ’s hand slid under Renee’s dress top and then reached for Jesse.

Renee sat up and pulled AJ’s hand away. “Sex isn’t always the answer. Sure you don’t want to talk about it?” Jesse wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her arm. “Who are you, and what have you done with our girlfriend?” AJ chuckled, and Renee leaned back on Jesse. “Stop it! I’m not a total nympho. Two guys, who wouldn’t love that? But sex won’t fix the football team.” “Maybe he needs the distraction to clear his head?” Jesse teased.

Chapter Five

A distraction was a good idea. Renee got off the bed and pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders. She shimmied out of the dress and revealed her completely naked form. “You think I can distract you guys?” She climbed on the bed and sprawled on her back between them. Two men, two she trusted and loved. She hadn’t felt this safe or free in ten years. Sometimes, it felt like a dream, but right now was very real. AJ pulled her close. “If those jerks only knew how intense and fun my sex life is…” He kissed her hard, and Renee’s insides melted. Just sex? Could it ever be just sex with these two? Renee kissed him back, more than a warm kiss; it scorched her mouth and smacked of sex. Her body trembled, and her skin tingled. AJ had been good in high school, but his techniques and endurance had improved tremendously. Jesse could only be called a lucky bastard. Now Renee felt doubly lucky. Great sex with two men she truly liked and care about was only slightly scary. “If they knew about this, those jocks would freak.” Jesse kissed Renee’s neck. The intimacy made it hard to breathe; she pulled back and switched to kiss Jesse on the mouth. But AJ didn’t back off, licking her neck and down to her shoulders, nipping at her flesh. They wanted her. This wasn’t a ten-year-itch thing. She felt the attachment and wanted more. Thankfully, she hadn’t skipped the reunion. Jesse’s seductive mouth pulled her in, and she fitted her body to his, pressing him onto his back. AJ moved in behind her, his erection nestled between her cheeks. She had to distract herself, enjoy the sex and not get attached. They’d made no promises for the future. She didn’t want to get hurt. Slowly, Renee’s kissed Jesse’s neck.

“Those mean jocks, they can be such jerks. They put you in that box of being gay. But you’re still a football player. If they only know this, they’d feel different, especially when they realize how much it turns on a girl to see two hot guys together.” She ground her pussy to Jesse’s cock, and he lifted in return. Renee had been moist during the lunch just thinking of the men and what fun this weekend had turned out to be. Watching them with their high school groups brought back all the memories of high school. They were more than stereotypes and school cliques. She wanted to be a part of what Jesse and AJ had, whatever it was. AJ rubbed lube between her cheeks and Renee pushed back, eager for more as she heard the rustle of a condom packet. “Sure you guys want to share a girl?” Jesse laughed. “We’ve wanted you since we lost you. Friends can be more. We need you. You’re a much better distraction to the issue anyway. We can’t resist you.” He ran a thumb over her clit, and Renee jolted in pleasure. Her pussy throbbed for more attention. “If someone doesn’t fuck me soon, I might just go find those jocks and offer them a little fun.” Renee would never do it, especially since most of them were probably jerks and married. But it’d get her men into action. “Oh no, you’re all ours until we decide to let you go.” AJ entered her rear and kept up the sweet and steady pressure opening her until he was in to the hilt. Groaning, she took a few deep breaths and squeezed his thick member. “One isn’t enough anymore. You spoiled me. I want both.” “I think she’s addicted to the double. Pin her, Jesse.” AJ held still, staying buried deep. Everything seemed still except for the throbbing of his cock and her pussy. “Please, you’re just being mean now. I need it.” His hands gently rested on her hips then AJ nudged their bodies up slightly just as Jesse fitted to her cunt, fucking upward as AJ pulled out. Renee moaned at the change. Her pussy was now stretched to perfection while AJ left her rear aching. “Together, please. I need all or nothing right now.” How often did a woman get this? Love and hot sex with two men. It should be like this always, but Renee couldn’t think how it would work. She couldn’t think at all now! Jesse’s strong hands massaged her lower back. “I think we can manage that.”

“Give her everything, and she’ll be bored tomorrow.” AJ kissed Jesse over Renee’s shoulder. Her pussy contracted. “Oh God! I swear I’ll never be bored with you two. I could do this every day and want more. Please. Damn it, fuck each other through me. Rub each other hard. It’s so good!” “She’s right.” AJ gave in and fucked her ass, grinding and angling against Jesse’s shaft. The sensitive flesh pressed between the two cocks throbbed in a delicious tight pinch, but it just kept going. The men never stayed still. Both of them were filling her, shifting for the best contact. It kept Renee on the razor’s edge of a climax. Her hands planted on either side of Jesse’s head, she wiggled her hips side-to-side and listened to AJ and Jesse’s groans. They got her off so well, and she wanted to make them come hard again and again. Would they want her or get tired of her? AJ grabbed her shoulder and held her tight. “You want to make us come or just you?” “All,” she admitted. “I can’t wait. I want to hear you get off. Feel it.” “Don’t wait. Come for us.” Jesse’s fingers teased around her clit. Renee began to tremble. “Please.” “Make her come; she’s whining now.” AJ pinched her ass. Jesse’s gentle touch changed to a rapid tapping back and forth on her nub. “More!” She pressed her chest to Jesse and buried her face in his neck as her lungs emptied, screaming their names in raw ecstasy. AJ and Jesse continued, working her body until first Jesse came then AJ, both deep inside her, rubbing their cocks together with her in the middle. She shuddered, squeezing them inside her as her body pulsed—enjoying the attention. It was unlike any other sexual encounter she’d had. Renee let her guard down with them. Hell, she’d said please. She never said that to men. “Did we perform to your satisfaction, Captain?” AJ asked. Renee moaned. All of her female parts ached with satisfaction. “Yes, you can let me go. I won’t run. I just need to breathe.” Part of her wanted to stay tight between them, but her legs would cramp up soon. As they eased from her, a loud knock on the door startled them. “Hey, Siegfried and Roy. Quit disturbing the floor with your kinky shit packing.” “Damn,” AJ said. “It’s Steve.”

“That jerk?” Renee remember him. The one guy on the football team who could cause trouble and get decent guys to be cruel. No! No one would mess with her men and get away with it. “How’d he our room number?” Jesse asked. AJ shrugged. “Could’ve followed us or Renee. Could’ve asked someone we know. We weren’t exactly keeping it a secret earlier with your photo buddies.” Another round of pounding on the door. “Come on. Let’s see you guys. If you’re not screwing, no reason for the delay.” Renee rolled her eyes at Steve’s stupidity. Two men could screw with their clothes on. Open the fly and blow jobs were easy. Pull down the jeans at most. Girls had all the underwear and panty hose. She got off the bed and walked naked to the door. The fury at jerks hurting her guys wasn’t something Renee could just let go. “What are you doing?” AJ asked. “Renee, just ignore him.” Jesse propped himself up on his elbows. She had no doubt that Jesse didn’t care about Steve. He would have given AJ minor abuse in high school for his sexuality if AJ had been out. A little name-calling was easily ignored. But, Renee saw the shame on AJ’s face—shame fueled by Steve. AJ obviously wanted to protect Jesse from this. AJ liked to protect people, but he had to face the ugly facts of life someday. Renee glanced through the peephole. Steve was there, but no kids or other people were visible in the hall. After unlocking the door, she swung it open and stood there, hand on hip and grinning with all the sexual satisfaction running through her body. “Hey Steve, can you keep it down? We’re pretty busy here. I don’t like to be interrupted.” All the color drained from Steve’s face, and his jaw went slack. After a few blinks of his bugged out eyes, he still hadn’t said a word. “Geez, don’t faint, Steve. It’s just great sex. You probably haven’t had any in years, but that’s the boring traditional route. See you at the reunion tonight.” She closed the door and locked it. “What the hell did you just do?” AJ’s face was deep red.

“It serves him right.” Jesse eased back into the pillows. “That guy always thought he could outdo, out-gross, and outscore anyone. Football, food and girls. Hell. I heard about it, and that wasn’t my crowd at all.” Renee still saw unease in AJ. “Relax, AJ. I wanted to show those guys we’re all in it together. You’re not alone. Besides, Steve’s into girls. He stared at my rack the whole time.” “Who wouldn’t?” Jesse crooked a finger to draw her back to bed. **** A nap later, Jesse woke to find Renee cuddled between him and AJ. A perfect fit. She still cared about both of them and it showed. Part of Jesse wished they’d admitted their feelings up front, but ten years could change things. They all deserved to see if it would work before going after anything more. It made sense, but the feelings weren’t going to be denied. Renee wasn’t one to tell people how she felt. She kept her emotions hidden a lot of the time. But he’d seen her attachments to them grow. The affection slipped out. Jesse nudged AJ awake, and they slid down, opening Renee’s legs and kissing her inner thighs. She shivered and glanced down at them. Jesse licked her pussy slowly, enjoying that they’d caught her off guard. Renee arched her back and tilted her hips. AJ took a turn tasting her and sliding two fingers into her pussy. Her moans and juices started. “Like it?” Jesse asked. “I had dreams like this in high school. Two guys I trust making me happy. No one else could do this.” Her eyes closed. Jesse nodded to AJ. She trusted them more than any of her flings. It was different. Jesse licked her inner folds until she rocked for more. Nipping at her clit got Jesse a groan from his woman. “Fuck me,” she insisted. “Not this time.” AJ slid up to give her breasts the proper attention. Jesse agreed. They wanted to watch her come and make sure she knew they could do this for her again and again. Her body was tense with need and yet open to them. Jesse kissed her ankle and tickled the bottom of her foot. Renee smiled and tugged for him to get back to her slit.

Jesse wanted this every morning. Eating her seriously, licking and sucking her cunt, Jesse smiled when she began to shake. Renee screamed their names as her juices flowed and her hips froze in climax. Her face was beautifully content. After a little more play, Renee left to get ready for the main event. The reunion would be the standard dinner and dancing and catching up. The sex part had kept AJ and Jesse occupied, but Jesse still felt AJ’s tension. “You okay?” Jesse grabbed some clean underwear from the drawer as AJ pulled their suits from the closet. “Sure.” AJ went into the bathroom and started the water for a shower. When he returned, still quiet, Jesse had to say something. “Renee pulled a wild stunt. If you don’t want to go tonight, we can check out and go home. Order in and forget it all.” He kissed AJ’s shoulder. AJ turned to face Jesse and shook his head. “I’m not running. Jesse, I’ve been out for ten years. It’s not like it’s new.” “No, but high school isn’t real life. It’s a weird time where your world is small and crazy. Reunions trigger those old feelings and habits. I saw it at lunch. People fall back into their old patterns, and it can be dangerous. Renee thought she was making a point by opening the door naked, but I think she may have kicked the drama up a notch.” “It’s Renee, and that’s why we love her. She was wild in high school. Not as a stunt. It’s just her. She let you take the nude pictures of her for your senior project. She was very sexually adventurous then. I’m not running from the reality.” AJ headed in to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. Jesse joined him, hugging and kissing AJ with a pride and love that after ten years still inspired him. “Thanks.” “It’s not for you,” AJ said. “It’s for me. I didn’t know in high school. Not until that night. Maybe I suspected, maybe the bisexual thing made it easy to play it safe and go for girls.” “Maybe Renee just got to you first.” Jesse rubbed the bar of soap along AJ’s hard abs. “Maybe.” AJ nodded. “I don’t want Steve and all those guys to think I’m ashamed. What about you? Renee just made your story more confusing.”

“Nah. I was out of the closet in high school. Even if I went bi for you and her, they wouldn’t care. It’s not interesting like the jock who goes for guys now.” He moved the bar of soap lower, lathering AJ’s cock and balls. “You’re starting something now?” AJ groaned. “Not a big something. A little relief to help us survive until afterward. I’m going to be in a sharp suit, looking hot, and Renee will be in some slinky number. Remember her prom dress with the tame front and plunging back?” AJ moaned. “And that thigh-high slit.” “Some of the other girls looked slutty, but she made it look elegant and tempting.” Jesse rubbed his erection against AJ’s soapy one. “I don’t know if we can pull this off. She thinks it’s just a weekend of sex. What if she…” AJ trailed off as his hips thrust to Jesse. “Doesn’t want to settle down?” Jesse filled in. “I get the feeling she’s attached to us. It’s complicated. We didn’t decide overnight.” AJ’s head thudded against the shower wall. “This is crazy. I’m happy. We’re happy.” All the year they’d been together, Jesse had known that. They trusted each other and had an amazing connection others envied. This was new and different. Both things were scary to a long-term relationship. “It’s okay. If it weren’t Renee, it’d be weird. But she’s got a hold on us both. It’s right, and we’ll be happier with her.” “Big time,” AJ agreed. “Don’t sweat it. She’s not married so we’re not doing anything wrong.” Jesse changed the angle of his thrusts and watched AJ’s eyes roll back in his head. “Fucking a girl isn’t so bad,” AJ joked. Jesse picked up the pace. “I told you I screwed a girl in high school. I knew I’d like it now. I just wanted the male experience more back then. You have to figure out who you are. That’s why a three-way relationship wouldn’t have worked then. Now, we’re all adults and have had plenty of reality. Renee will hopefully figure out no one is better for her than us. We just need to keep proving it.” “You didn’t want me back then.” AJ wrapped his powerful arms around Jesse’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

The hell he hadn’t! Jesse had had plenty of football guys in the fantasy bank. Seeing those hard bodies bending over in tight pants. That was good. AJ had always been at the top of the list. Maybe because he’d had Renee and had to be nice to Jesse as the gay guy friend.

Jesse kissed him hard as they ground against each other like high school guys afraid to go all the way. When Jesse felt AJ come, the spasms and jerks sent him over. Pressing himself fully to AJ’s form, Jesse screamed his lover’s name. Panting, he chuckled. “You know we could stay in bed and make out all night. Let them think of all the dirty things we’re doing up here.” “No, we’re going. Tonight, you’re going to confess which girl you slept with if I have to guess every girl in our class.” AJ shifted away so they could rinse off. “What if she’s not in our class?” Jesse didn’t know why AJ was so curious, but Jesse’d avoided the subject for good reason. Maybe tonight was the time. But Jesse didn’t want to blurt it out; he’d find the right time eventually.

Chapter Six

Renee walked around the ballroom decorated for the reunion. She was early, but she needed a little time to think about things. It was so easy with Jesse and AJ. So comfortable and hot. She didn’t want it to end, and it’d only been a one day. Maybe she needed more in her life than she’d thought…she never wanted to be like the women in her family. Divorced or putting up with a bad husband. But with these two guys it didn’t feel as if she were stuck or dependent. She had to get this out of her head for a little bit. Grabbing a drink, she found Linda. “You look so great!” Linda hugged her. “Most people went black or red, but that purple and green pattern looks like a watercolor painting with shimmer.” Renee spun happily. Since prom night had gone to hell, it was nice to feel special and know that AJ and Jesse would get along tonight. “I have to wear a uniform for work. When I dress up, I got all the way. So what’s new?” “Apparently, people are talking. Some thought you’d show up here naked.” Linda smiled. “Steve, that football player, is saying you answered the door…” “I did.” Renee stood a little straighter. “And there were two men in the bed?” Linda’s voice went higher to nearly a squeak. “AJ and Jesse. They’ve made this reunion memorable.” Renee never doubted that the rumor mill would work as quickly high school gossip had—even faster, now that there was texting. She wasn’t ashamed, in fact it felt oddly right. Maybe it took two men to handle her? Renee had never been content with what others seemed to want. Unconventional appealed her. “You really? With two men?” “Two.” “And they’re a couple? AJ is gay?” She frowned. “I don’t get that.”

“Well, he’s bisexual. Both of them are. You know about me and Jesse.” Renee had confided in a few friends. Jesse was her first love but needed to explore men. High school heartbreak hadn’t totally missed her, but she understood. Linda nodded. “Your first time. Experimentation happens, but he clearly went toward men after that, at least in high school. Those two did talk, fight and leave together after prom. I figured coach made AJ shake hands and be nice for the team’s image. Sounds like Jesse was more persuasive.” “Well no hard feelings. They have a solid foundation and amazing relationship. I think I’m just a guest star in the fantasy of some hot high school flashbacks. So, don’t let the rumors go crazy. Not that I care, but AJ has to deal with the outing crap.” Linda gripped her glass of champagne. “Poor AJ. The football team won’t make it easy. People fall right back into bad habits some times.” “Exactly. So, spread good stuff.” Renee took in the standard decorations and ignored the fire building in her. She wanted to protect AJ and Jesse, to make it better somehow, but she’d done enough with the door stunt. They hadn’t exactly made any comments about getting serious with her. Renee couldn’t get her hopes up. “Let’s talk about more interesting things. Any hot new professors at UNLV?” Linda shrugged. “I’m not like you, Renee. It’s not like me to look or act sexy and aggressive. My nickname in high school was bookworm.” “Don’t let others define you,” Renee said. “No, but it wasn’t wrong. It bothered me in high school, but it was true. I loved my books and history. The teasing could’ve been worse, like about how I developed so late. I was so skinny everyone thought I had an eating disorder. ” Linda adjusted her glasses. “I know you’re right. You can’t let others define you. I defined myself with the books and my afterschool job in the library. I wasn’t into fashion; my mom couldn’t afford it. If you hadn’t lent me that dress and gotten Jesse to take me as a friend, I’d never have gotten to prom. It was great just to go.” “My pleasure. Jesse’s mom was on his case to go and gave him the cash for it. But, he didn’t have a boyfriend at the time. Everyone needs to have a prom night to remember.” Renee laughed.

“As friends, yes. I had fun. Poor you. AJ and Jesse fighting. You lost your boyfriend and your best friend in one night.” Linda shook her head. “I’m sorry. Why are we wallowing? I think reunions are like time machines, warp speed right back.” “You’re right. But with AJ and Jesse, I only remembered the good times. Watching them fool around made it hard to think at all.” “Wow. The stuff that happens to you. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do—panic and freeze up probably.” Linda waved off the idea. “Thankfully, it’ll never happen to me.” “Don’t say that. You’re pretty and filled out. You just need to loosen up,” Renee encouraged. “That’s not me.” Linda shifted in her heels. Her black and white dress went to the floor and her shoulders were covered with a wrap. The neckline revealed nothing. “You could pass through an Amish community in that dress.” “No, stop.” Linda let the wrap fall off her shoulders. The straps were thin, and the empire waist hinted at her figure. “But you hold that wrap around you like a mummy, and no one can see what you’ve got.” Renee adjusted the wrap to highlight her long neck and sleek figure. “Thanks, I’m not good at this stuff, but I’m getting out there. I signed up for a conference for the historical society.” “Hold me back. You’re on the edge,” Renee deadpanned. “How about a singles cruise or a weekend in Reno?” “The topic is the Marquis de Sade and his influence on modern society’s development,” Linda whispered. Renee was impressed. “I knew you had a naughty side. Maybe, you’ll find a rough history buff to spank it loose.” She turned bright red. “Renee!” “Hey, it’s an educational experiment. Call it research.” Renee spotted the guys as they headed over. “I want a full report when you get back. Details!” “Ladies,” Jesse said. “Hi.” Linda waved. “You found me.” Renee smiled.

“We’ve got a table. Let’s get you another drink.” AJ offered his arm. “Care to join us, Linda?” “No, I’m good. I need to catch up with the literary group.” Linda headed off. Crossing the room on the arms of two gorgeous men, Renee felt like a princess. She settled at the table with AJ and Jesse. “Everything okay?” she asked. “Great. Rumors are flying. It’ll be fun.” AJ smiled weakly. Renee put her hand on his knee. She knew it wouldn’t be easy. Jesse had come out on his own in high school, but that was tough. “It’ll be over tomorrow. You can handle it, and we’re right here for you.” A few of the big names stepped up to the microphone, and Renee tensed when she saw Steve up there. As the crowd ate their salads, the awards were announced. Most successful. Most famous. Most kids. Who moved farthest. It went on and on. Steve stepped up. “Most unchanged. This was hard. Most changed was harder until we all talked after lunch. Now, it’s a slam dunk.” Steve grinned at their table. “Most unchanged is the wild and passionate Renee Carlson” “Oh hell,” Jesse said softly. “Don’t go.” AJ grabbed her hand. “Of course, I’m going. Don’t let them get to you.” She kissed Jesse and AJ before she headed to the stage, waving at Linda and other friends. She took a small cheap statue from Steve. “Thank you. I’m a little changed. I’m a pilot so I travel a lot more. I live in Los Angeles now. But I’d like to think I’m as good as ever. No reason to change.” “Mile high club!” someone shouted from the crowd. “What a layover,” another person chimed in. A flicker of annoyance tugged at her. They were jealous. She looked at AJ and Jesse and knew there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. It felt so right she never wanted it to end. Even if everyone found out. She smiled brightly at her men. “You don’t know the half of it.” Renee walked off the stage and rejoined her table. AJ held her hand under the table, and she gave it a squeeze. Steve took center stage again. “Now, guys, calm down. She’s got her hands full with both of them. But after managing a flight crew and all those luggage handlers, I’m sure she can deal.”

The president of the student council nudged Steve away. “Most changed.” “I’ll do it.” Steve held his ground. “Sorry guys. I got a little shock today. We’ve all changed and moved on with our lives. But our most changed since high school…”

The pause went on as Steve opened the envelope. “AJ McNamara.” “Damn,” AJ muttered. “Go. Beat them at their own game. Be proud of it all.” Renee smiled. “You didn’t make a fuss up there,” Jesse pointed out. “Because AJ needs to stand up for himself. AJ cares. That’s the issue. I can take care of me, but I don’t care what they think. I’m happy. Even happier with you guys. Why pretend otherwise? We’ll never see these people again.” AJ knew that was the truth. She deserved better. He stood up straight. “This is my fight. You two dealt with your stuff in high school. I didn’t.” “You didn’t know,” Jesse argued. AJ headed to the stage. The silence was worse than insults. He took the statue. “Well, I think I know why I got this.” He took a deep breath as coughs and giggles broke up the murmurs from the crowd. “I don’t think this is because I still have the same body and can fit into my football uniform, unlike some. Right, Steve?” AJ looked his old teammate dead in the eyes. It was on. “I don’t think this is because I’m still screwing around with Renee, because I did that all senior year.” He winked at her. “It’s even better now because Jesse is into it, too.” There was chuckling from the crowd. They were swaying to his side. “And I don’t think it’s because I own a mechanic shop here in Vegas, because I was working on old cars all through high school. I made my best grades in shop class.” He took a slow breath. A couple shop guys cheered. “So, I guess it’s about my relationship with Jesse and Renee. Not traditional.” Whistle and kissing sounds rained. It was exactly like high school only AJ wasn’t on the popular side of things. But seeing Renee sitting close to Jesse and smiling appreciatively made it okay.

“But really, we started dating the night of prom so that was during high school, too. It’s been ten great years with my best friend and boyfriend. In case you missed the news floating around, it’s true. I’m bisexual. I never got over Renee, and Jesse loved his high school best friend. It’s complicated but real.” The comments and noises stopped, and AJ felt a bit surreal. “I didn’t know in high school. I wasn’t lying or hiding. But, if we’re counting from graduation, I haven’t changed a bit. In fact, Steve’s big beer gut and bald head count as more of a change, so I’d better give this to him.” AJ handed over the trophy and headed down. Applause rippled and took over the room. AJ glanced over his shoulder at Steve, who looked as irritated as AJ had hoped. He arrived at the table and hugged Jesse and gave Renee a kiss on the cheek. “Sorry for the confusion folks. We’ll just gloss over that AJ has two girlfriends now. Enjoy your dinner.” Steve turned off the mic. “What an ass!” Jesse said. “You were great.” Renee handed AJ a scotch and soda. “Thanks. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.” AJ took a swig and let the alcohol do its job. “It never is. Anticipation is the worst. Beginner pilots want to avoid incidents, of course, but once they get through that first round of bad turbulence, they aren’t always on edge during every flight. The fear goes away like that.” Renee snapped her fingers. “No one can take the leap for you, but once you get the rush, you can’t stop.” “Let’s eat. Food will help even out the stress.” Jesse cut into his steak. Renee leaned over and kissed Jesse. “There will always be jerks in the world. Let it go.” AJ set down his drink and focused on the food. “I’m starving.” They ate and chatted with others at their table. Nothing bad happened. AJ felt foolish for building it up in his mind, but Steve certainly had tried to rip him down in front of everyone. As the dancing started, a tall, slightly familiar-looking woman with glasses approached and smiled at Jesse. “How about a dance for your old prom date?” she asked. Jesse hugged her. “Sure, but I better dance with him first, or I’ll never hear the end of it.” Jesse pointed to AJ.

“Of course, how silly of me. You just did that whole big speech, and here I am trying to steal your date. Go on, I’ll catch up with Renee.” Linda nodded. AJ and Jess joined the other couples on the floor and barely got a few looks. “Okay?” Jesse asked. AJ nodded. “We’ve danced together plenty. That prom date of yours is interesting.” “Renee set that up, as friends. Mom paid; she wanted the picture. Linda didn’t have a boyfriend, and neither did I. She’s actually entertaining.” “A friend of Renee’s? Probably trying to help us out by adding another girl to the mix and diffusing the three-way rumors.” AJ nodded. “That stuff is no one’s business. We don’t ever have to share that in public.” Suddenly, the women were tapping them on the shoulder and demanding to cut in. Jesse danced with Linda, and AJ led Renee. “Your friend is sweet.” AJ smiled. “She is. Don’t worry; she won’t steal your man. Are you sorry you came to the reunion?” she asked. “Hell no. It’s good to get it all out.” He held her close. “We get much closer, and you’ll be in the dress.” She took a half-step back. “You don’t care what people think,” he reminded her. “No, but it’s a weekend of fun. You don’t need to explain or justify that to anyone.” She nodded at Jesse who was coming toward them. “I think you’re trading girls.” AJ didn’t argue and danced with Linda. She was light on her feet, if a bit timid; she kept their space very appropriate. “You were inspiring up there. Jesse felt like a million bucks.” She smiled. “Isn’t it funny how things change, but not really?” “Meaning?” AJ shrugged. “Well, in high school I was good friends with Renee and she was popular and pretty. She and Jesse were fast friends, and some people thought they were dating, but I knew the truth. Then the summer before our junior year in high school, she shocked me when she and Jesse had sex. She’s still full of surprises.” Linda took a step closer, relaxing a bit. It was AJ’s turn to tense. “Jesse and Renee? You’re saying they had sex in high school?”

“Well, yes. You knew that. Right.” Her face went from happy to confused. “Right? I mean, you’ve been dating Jesse for ten years. You know everything about each other by now.” “I thought so.” AJ forced his jaw to relax. He scanned the dance floor for Jesse and Renee. “Oh God, you didn’t know. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…” She stepped back from the dance. “It’s okay. Not your fault. Excuse me.” He walked way to find Jesse talking with an exgirlfriend of AJ’s from sophomore year. “Hi, AJ. I knew there was something special about you. You really cared.” She smiled at him. “Hello, Mary. Thanks, I think. How are you?” He tried to be polite as he seethed with a secret. “Fine. Married with twins. Boys. I used to be in real estate, but when the market fell apart in Vegas, I just went to being a stay-at-home mommy.” “It’s good to have options.” He turned to Jesse. “I’m going up to the room. I forgot something. Do you have the key?” Jesse handed it over. “You okay?” “Sure. Just need some aspirin.” AJ faked a smile, not ready to confront Jesse on this matter yet. But once they were alone, they’d have to talk it out. “Nice to see you again, Mary.” “You, too! I have pictures.” She grabbed her phone. AJ didn’t wait. He headed for the bank elevators. Aspirin, a drink and a reality check about his relationship were in order. Adding Renee to the mix? No wonder Jesse had agreed so fast. What was AJ thinking?

Chapter Seven

Jesse was tired of chasing AJ at this reunion, but something was wrong. “Renee?” AJ asked in the elevator. “I thought you’d be happy. Relieved she was the only girl.” Jesse’s only regret remained that he hadn’t told AJ about it. But Jesse had thought AJ would laugh, that it’d all come full circle and that they’d gotten what they all wanted. “I don’t know what to think. It makes those pictures you took even weirder. You didn’t sleep with her while I was dating her?” AJ asked as the doors opened. People milled in, and Jesse kept quiet until they were safely in their hotel room. “No, of course not. We never screwed around while you were dating. It was that one time. One.” “Details,” AJ prompted. Jesse sat on the bed. “It’s nothing impressive. I was struggling with my sexuality, men or women. Renee didn’t want to go into junior year as a virgin. I wanted to see what a girl was like. So we tried it on her sixteenth birthday.” “How was it?” AJ sat next to him on the made-up bed. “We were sixteen and virgins. How good could it be? I didn’t last very long. She was pretty tight. The oral we tried afterward worked much better. I’d only been fooling around with a couple of guys at that point so nothing to compete with you.” Jesse nudged. “It’s not a competition. We both had partners before each other, but you never told me it was Renee.” AJ looked Jesse in the eye. “When we started dating, you never thought to mention it?” Jesse saw the hurt in AJ’s furrowed brow. “I’m sorry. No, I never thought about it. It was one foolish night between friends. She didn’t want to regret her first time. We trusted each other, so it wouldn’t have been embarrassing if it hadn’t gone perfectly. We never tried it again. I was

deep into a guy, and that worked.” How could he make AJ understand? “She was the only girl I ever wanted.” “So that’s why you were okay when I suggested her?” AJ asked. Jesse shrugged. “Sure. No one else would fit. I loved her, and that never changed. She let me be me. I fell for you in high school and after. Hard. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about all my sexual history, but I wanted you, to show you how good it could be. I was your first guy; lots of pressure.” He kissed AJ’s tense mouth. “Pressure. You were an expert. My one and only man ever. I’ve slept with more girls than guys.” AJ’s face contorted into an amused smile with a dose of confusion. “But none of those girls lasted ten years. That long and you’re still addicted to me.” Jesse kissed AJ’s cheek gently, trying to diffuse the tension and replace it with affection. “And when we talked about the threesome and trying to seduce and keep her, you didn’t want to share the truth then?” AJ punched Jesse’s chest and pinned him to the bed. Jesse groaned, the feel of AJ’s muscles holding him down, the outline of AJ’s growing cock against his thigh, turned their tiff to foreplay. “At first, I didn’t even know if you were serious. Then you seemed nervous about it. I didn’t want to freak you out and have it all get called off.” “You knew it would bug me,” AJ said against his neck. “Not bug, I figured once we’d done the deed in a three-way, it’d be a funny story. We were sharing a girl we’d both screwed before. The reunion drama got in the way. And we still need to tell Renee.” AJ adjusted the angle and thrust harder against Jesse’s cock. “She already knows she slept with you.” “I mean about what we want with her. If you’re pissed about something that happened before we even dated, imagine what she’ll think. We’ve been screwing her, and she thinks it’s just great sex, but we want more.” Jesse lifted up to meet AJ. The hottest sex was angry fight makeup sex. “I can’t believe she doesn’t suspect anything weird.” AJ moved back and freed Jesse’s cock, sucking him off fast with the experience of ten years. Jesse came hard. The wave of release, emotional and physical, made him tremble and pull AJ’s hair. “We’re so lucky,” he said in the afterglow.

“What?” AJ pulled out his erection and straddled Jesse’s head. Jesse sucked in his lover’s cock fully, knowing every curve and ridge and which ones trigged AJ’s climax. Teasing and tasting AJ for a moment, Jesse squeezed his sac and let go. AJ’s strong hand dug into Jesse’s hair. Jesse groaned, sucking and fucking until AJ came deep in Jesse’s throat. When AJ slid down Jesse’s body so they could kiss, Jesse smiled. “We’re lucky.” AJ kissed him harder. “Hell, yes.” “So few people have what we do. Even if Renee says no, we’re still fine. We’ll get over it. Luckier than most.” Jesse didn’t want AJ to be disappointed. Renee had always been a girl with goals. Settling down might never be her thing. “So we’re ready to find her and tell her?” AJ zipped Jesse’s fly. Jesse returned the favor on AJ’s pants. “Sure.” AJ grabbed his phone and texted Renee to come and join them. They got a fast text back that she’d be right there. Lying back on the bed, they waited for her. Nothing was going to happen without her now.

AJ opened the door and Renee walked in and kicked off her heels before she sat on the bed like it was a slumber party. “You guys okay?” “We’re good. AJ found out about our time before junior year. He was a bit shocked I was your first.” Jesse shrugged. “Oh yeah. I got to be his first girl.” She rolled onto Jesse’s chest. “Didn’t hurt much and the first time weirdness was over with then. Of course, he went running to men. But apparently, he found his way back to liking me in bed.” AJ stretched out next to them. “You’re the only girl he ever did.” “Oh, that’s sweet. So you two don’t do this three-way thing with other girls?” She leaned over and kissed AJ then did the same to Jesse. AJ ran a hand over her curves and took in the view of her pressed to Jesse. Clothed or not, the chemistry still crackled between them. “No, just for you. It’s not just sex. It’s you.” AJ didn’t exactly know how to steer the conversation to the emotional side. “You two are so sweet. I never would’ve imagined this weekend turning out so great.”

“You made the reunion wild. Our little group is now the talk of the reunion. I’ll bet it gets in the newsletter.” AJ pinched her firm ass playfully. She batted his hand away. “I’m not ashamed of what I do. People are too boring and afraid all the time. I fly planes with hundreds of people’s lives in my hands, and weather that can be unpredictable. If that doesn’t scare me, nothing does. It’s something to enjoy.” She wiggled on Jesse. “And you made a stand while getting an award.” AJ tugged her skirt up. Just as he’d suspected: no panties of any kind. “I’m amazed you didn’t moon them.” “They don’t deserve it.” Jesse tugged her strapless dress down and massaged her breasts. AJ took the hint, seduce her first and tell her the truth in the sexual afterglow. He dipped his fingers between her thighs and teased the tender skin. Renee spread her legs and inched forward until Jess could satisfy her breast with his mouth. She belonged there, with them. AJ leaned in and ran his tongue along her pussy lips, flicking them until her hips lifted. “Your boyfriend is a fucking tease,” Renee said to Jesse. Working his tongue into her core, AJ found her wet. He smiled to himself and pressed a thumb to open her. Renee eased up onto her knees so he had better access. Immediately, AJ took full advantage, licking her clit and pushing his other thumb to her core and opening her with both, massaging and teasing her from both sides. Grinding, Renee pushed back. “Fuck me.” “Sorry, babe, you’re not directing right now. Relax. But you’ll get off.” He sucked on her clit until Renee moaned in a constant need. Her body quivered between them. AJ nipped at her clit, and her hips snapped to him, insisting on more attention. Trailing his tongue along her inner pussy lips, he tormented the opening his thumbs held. Renee had only grown wetter. “Like my thumbs?” “I like your cock better. Two of them in me are better. Why is that so hard to get?” She gasped as AJ thrust three fingers deep in her, stopping only when he hit his third knuckle. “You love two cocks, don’t you?” Jesse egged her on.

“Yes. Two mouths, two cocks. You two are a hell of a team!” She gasped in release. AJ curled his fingers down to hit her g-spot, and her body tightened around his like a vise. “One man would never be enough for you, would it, Renee?” AJ wanted her to admit her needs first. “No, never enough. More!” She arched her back. “How could I pick one of you?” AJ sensed her need. “We didn’t ask you to pick. Are we the best you’ve ever had?” He massaged her inner lips down to her clit with those three slick fingers. Her body froze as though she feared he’d stop or not give her what she needed. He waited, not touching her until she answered. “Yes, you’re the best. I love it. Make me come again, you bastards, or I’ll drag you out in the hall and ride you there.” AJ suppressed a chuckle and rubbed hard on her clit, rotating it. It was firm and rebounded as her body jerked. He increased the pace until she trembled and shouted. “Thank you,” she gasped for breath. He kissed her ass. “We love you, too. And I don’t think one weekend will be enough.” AJ sucked her juices off his fingers. “Yeah, we’ll have to make her stay with us.” Jesse rolled over and pressed her beneath him. “What are you two talking about?” she asked. “You just kick back and enjoy.” The truth was about to come out. AJ wanted more of her first.

Chapter Eight

The men had pinned her, very willingly, under their weight as they each sucked and teased one of her breasts. The duel pleasure had her arching and wet. It didn’t hurt that each had a hand playing in her pussy. AJ lifted his head. “We must be maturing to realize we might want more, might be able to handle more then go for it.” “I guess we’re mature enough to share. I’m still waiting for you two to fulfill my fantasy of watching two men.” Renee ran her nails up their backs. “You’ve seen us do stuff.” Jesse pinched her clit. Renee hummed in enjoyment. “True but that’s not really watching. I want to just sit back and see you two alone. Forget I’m even here. Ignore me. Enjoy each other, and go at it for as long as you want.” “But you’re the new flavor here.” AJ bit her nipple. She groaned as she lifted for more. “So you get your fantasies, but I don’t get mine?” “If you want to get into fantasy fulfillment, we’ve got a list with you in the mix,” Jesse said. “We’d need more than a weekend.” “A lot more.” AJ smiled. “But we can give Renee her fantasy.” Jesse got up and pulled the old heavy chair near the desk to face the bed dead center. He pulled Renee up and guided her into the chair. “What are you doing?” she asked. “No, you’re not here.” Jesse grabbed the scarf she’d worn and tied it around her head as a gag. “You want the fantasy.”

Renee didn’t remember a gag in her fantasy, but if it helped them forget about her, that’s what she wanted. Jesse crawled under the desk and unplugged the phone line from the wall and the other end from the phone itself. He wound the cord around her right ankle, holding it to the chair leg. He tied her left arm to the chair as well. Unless she wanted to drag the chair with her, she was stuck. “Watch all you want.” Jesse winked at her. Renee moaned against the expensive scarf. They’d heated her up then set her aside. But they were giving her what she wanted, only without full use of both hands and her toys. But when Jesse lined up with AJ for a sixty-nine, she didn’t care about anything except watching. Their muscled bodies, one leaner than the other but both so hot any girl would appreciate them, strained to hold each other as they sucked each other’s cocks. Renee understood the appeal of gladiators. Two men willing to do anything to come out on top. Even if it wasn’t sexual then, Renee’d bet money those women had squirmed in their seats. AJ flipped them so he was on top, and Renee found her tied hand could still reach her breast. She massaged it, trying not to rush her pleasure as the men performed for her. Watching AJ thrust his thick member in Jesse’s mouth made Renee’s cunt tighten. Her fingers rubbed her outer pussy lips to satisfy the momentary need. She lifted her left leg, propped her foot up on the seat and spread her legs to open herself more. They didn’t glance over, not at all. She had to give them credit; they went all the way for a fantasy. “Mine,” AJ said. Renee watched him suck Jesse to his base and squeeze his balls tight. Jesse trembled and released AJ’s cock to scream his lover’s name. The muscles on AJ’s throat moved, and she could tell he was swallowing Jesse’s cum. Her clit suddenly ached to join the party in a very constant way. Tapping her clit, Renee strummed along her pussy to avoid early orgasm. AJ and Jess kissed for a few minutes, but AJ’s long cock still strained for relief. Without any warning, AJ pushed Jesse onto his hands and knees.

Renee had a side view of the men. Licking her lips, she dipped her finger to her entrance, testing her wetness as AJ licked Jesse’s ass. She saw him slid the condom on, and he was ready. It was true; men didn’t talk a lot. They seemed so at ease and satisfied with the silence. Watching them truly had her mesmerized. AJ’s cock looked big as he pushed it to Jesse’s asshole, but Renee knew she’d ridden it with pleasure. Obviously, Jesse was up for it. The arch of his body when the penetration was complete, the muscles tensing and flexing on arms, legs, and tight asses—she wanted to join them. But the view was so good! She shoved two fingers into her wet pussy and matched her thrusts with AJ’s. Slow at first, they grew steadily faster. Occasionally, he did a double, two short and fast thrusts then slow, long strokes to make Jesse groan. The moans and grunts were raw and so masculine she wanted to tape them. What a naughty ringtone! Once wouldn’t be enough. As AJ sped his thrusts, Jesse twisted with need. They were so close Renee could feel the energy vibrating. She plunged her fingers deeper in her cunt, matching their speed and just teasing her gspot with her middle finger when her hips got into the act. Her climax built fast. Jesse shouted, and Renee stared as he tensed and held his ground as AJ fucked through it. Her thumb rubbed her clit as her nipples throbbed for attention. Finally, AJ held Jesse tight. They were one, fused in their release. AJ grunted his orgasm, and Renee’s thumb rubbed her clit until she hit that place and her pussy contracted. Juices ran over her fingers and soaked into the chair. Renee didn’t care that she was tied up as she screamed against the gag and let her hips rock the chair along the floor. The deep throbbing persisted as she rubbed her pussy. By the time, Renee could focus on the world outside her skin, AJ and Jesse were cuddling. “She didn’t rip through the cords or chew through the gag, I don’t think we did enough to please her.” AJ chuckled. She growled and demanded, but nothing came out clearly. Finally, AJ walked over and removed the gag. “You’re welcome.” Renee took a deep breath. “Thanks, but next time, I get a vibrator and no restraints.” “You’d have joined in and fucked us.” Jesse shook his head.

AJ gave her pussy and breasts a lick before untying her. “You were on fire when we tied you up. Not fair but fun.” “Maybe, I would’ve joined you, but AJ’s right. No teasing me with foreplay then saying just watch.” She rubbed her arm and flexed a leg. “But did you like it?” AJ scooped her up and dropped her on the bed with Jesse before joining them. “Oh yeah. Once isn’t enough for that fantasy, but right now, I need to be fucked.” She turned around so she faced their feet and began playing with their cocks, one in each hand.

“Next time.” The words rang in AJ’s ears as Renee squeezed their cocks to get them up again. Jesse’s cock recovered first since his release had been internal. “I think Jesse needs to fuck someone.” AJ teased Renee’s pussy. “She’s soaked.” Before Renee could move, Jesse was on top of her. Missionary was dull, but she needed it. He eased in, and she was in instant pleasure. “Yes! Harder,” Renee begged. AJ’s cock responded as he watched Renee scratch Jesse’s back while they fucked. Jesse’s hips worked hard, and Renee gasped, bowing her body in record time. “Guess she liked watching us.” Jesse drove in twice more and groaned his own release. They kissed, and Jesse teased her breasts for a minute until Rene’s eyes lit up. “AJ needs some attention,” she said. “I’m out of cum right now. I think that’s for you.” Jesse nudged her toward AJ. AJ stretched out, head on the pillows, his cock straining upward and calling to her. Renee crawled over and licked it. “Face Jesse.” AJ pointed away from himself. “And sit on it.” Renee blushed but for once didn’t argue. Maybe watching made her appreciate having two men and two cocks at her disposal. When she tried to slide him in her cunt, AJ grabbed her hips and injected lube up her ass. She shivered but held as still as possible. He lubed his protected cock; there was no doubt of his intentions.

“The position makes it better.” AJ squeezed her tits from behind and her head tipped back. “Know what else makes it better?” “No, what?” She tensed, and AJ felt it in his cock. “Riding and getting fucked.” He eased her ass upward and lifted. “AJ,” she moaned. Jesse was right there to help hold her and lick her pussy. AJ felt Renee relax. It wasn’t her first time with two men, but she was on the edge. It was such a rush to keep her on her toes. Fucking her sweet ass, AJ wanted to go full force, but he held back. Slowly, he worked her as Jesse ate her pussy. Finally, her hips matched his pattern, her hands planted on his chest for support. Jesse moved up, shifted AJ’s hands so he could suck her breasts. Renee rode like a champ as her pussy and ass contracted. Her strangled cry of relief went on and on as she rocked on him. AJ felt her pussy juices mix with Jesse’s cum and flow from her cunt over his balls. A rush of triumph coursed through him. “So good!” she yelped. Her second release hit, and AJ spotted Jesse fingering her clit. Those tremors erupted from her and into AJ who came deep in her ass while she bucked and rocked. Finally, there was no sound but heavy breathing in the room. “That was insane.” She rolled onto her side with her head on Jesse’s shoulder and AJ still buried deep in her rear. AJ rolled with her, and Jesse winked at him. AJ nodded. Now was the time. “You liked it?” he began slowly. “Yes, but usually, I have a cock in my pussy if there is one in my ass—at least if I’m on top. That position was crazy for one ride.” “We’re not boring.” Jessed kissed her nose. “No definitely not. I can’t believe it’s almost over.” Renee wiggled AJ free from her ass, but his arms caged her waist. “Doesn’t have to be,” AJ said. “Weekends end. I can’t stay here forever. I have flights.” Jesse took a deep breath. “You could fly out of Vegas. There are tons of flights here, too. You could stay with us.” “Like a kinky vacation spot?” She snuggled with them. “Sounds good.”

“Or forever.” AJ kissed her neck. “Forever? You’re serious?” She rotated to sit up. “Yes, we both want you. As much as we can get. I think we’ve both been stuck on you, at least on the girl side, since high school.” AJ rubbed her shoulders to keep her relaxed. “But.” “But it’s weird? We’re both bisexual.” Jesse could be very persuasive. AJ had fallen under the spell fast. “I came hard with you in high school. It wasn’t a lie or fake. I went to guys, but I can’t deny this. We can give you fantasies, two cocks and a stable relationship.” Renee’s face went red. “I love you both, but that’s huge. It’s one day. It’s crazy.” “You opened the door naked to Steve the asshole, and this is crazy? It makes perfect sense to us.” “Just quit the mile high club.” AJ bit her neck. “I don’t do that. Not when I’m working.” She turned over and looked AJ in the eye, then glanced back to Jesse. “You’re both serious?” “We love you, too.” AJ kissed her hard on the mouth. Jesse took over. “We don’t need an answer right now. Sleep on it. Think it over. We’re not going anywhere. You’re a Vegas girl, wild and willing to gamble. All you have to do is rearrange your job so you fly out of here. We can try it for a while; you could live with us. If it works, you can give up your apartment in L.A. We have a house with plenty of room. It makes sense.” “Enough debate. I think we need room-service sundaes. Hot fudge.” Jesse slid from bed and grabbed the menu. “And for the tip, Renee can answer the door naked.” AJ laughed. Renee smacked his shoulder. “No. If I’m with you two, no one else gets to see me naked. It’s sort like settling down.” “Let’s put the ice cream on pause, Jesse. She needs a double dip to clear her head.” AJ dipped his fingers into her pussy and felt her body change from serious confusion to sensual arousal. Jesse’s hand slid down and worked her clit. Her hips began to shift. AJ could see her mind trying to fight them. They’d given her a lot to think about. “You’re the only one we want. It doesn’t matter, yes or no. You’re ours,” AJ whispered in her ear.

Renee’s eyes closed, and her lips quivered as her cunt clenched his fingers. Finally, she went calm, her arms draping around their necks and kissing them in turn. It felt like a yes, but she hadn’t said it, not yet.

Chapter Nine

Jesse sat in limbo on the bed. Renee was in the shower, and AJ still dozed. An amazing night to be sure, but deep down, Jesse had expected a quick yes from Renee. It seemed like an ideal arrangement. But Renee always did the unexpected. Add in AJ, who seemed fine with the fact that Jesse had been Renee’s first and had her before AJ, but a bit of trust needed to be repaired. Hearing AJ roll over and inhale deeply, Jesse turned to look at him. “Morning.” “Hey. Renee bolted?” he asked. Jesse shook his head. “Shower.” “Alone?” AJ sounded surprised. “I wasn’t sure about joining her. You didn’t seem okay with our first time.” Jesse shrugged. “If we do this, if she agrees, we need to work out the ground rules.” AJ shifted, turned around and kissed a sensual path up Jesse’s spine. It was hard to pout when AJ was so affectionate. “I’m not mad. I was shocked you never told me about it.” AJ kissed Jesse’s neck. “I wish I’d told you the night of prom, but it was ancient history by then. What can I do to make it up to you?” he asked. They’d overcome plenty, AJ’s coming out, his family and lifestyle change. “No, I’m not mad,” AJ repeated as his hand circled around Jesse’s cock. “I wanted to thank you. If it’d been some jerk for her first time, he could’ve taken advantage. If the first guy treated her like crap, she might not be the same carefree and confident Renee we love.” “She was eager and wild, but we were both inexperienced. Though…I’m pretty sure she already had a toy or two.” Jesse leaned back and kissed AJ.

“But she trusted you. Some other guys could’ve left her crying or angry. Trust me, I saw enough football players get girls drunk and walk some pretty thin lines.” AJ held Jesse tight and teased his growing erection. “Did you get off?” Jesse elbowed AJ in the ribs. “Yes, of course, I did. She practically taught me how to blow a guy.” “And you coached me through that first one.” AJ slid around and knelt on the floor between Jesse’s legs. “We owe her a lot.” “Yeah. But if you’d known when you started dating her that I’d screwed her, I doubt I’d have been able to stay good friends with her. You were possessive.” AJ gripped Jesse’s cock harder and sucked the tip. “Still am of the people I love.” The bathroom door opened. Renee came out. She looked gorgeous in a towel. “Good morning.” She dropped the towel and knelt next to AJ on the bed. “Morning.” Jesse kissed her. AJ took over as soon as Jesse released her lips. “Just so you know, you’re the one flying around the country so don’t expect us to be celibate.” “I’ll compromise if I stay. Too much sex to ponder now. You’re distracting me.” She tugged their clothes off and ran her hands over their naked bodies. Jesse groaned and lifted into her hand. “Don’t give yourself time to change your mind. Just say yes.” Kneeling before them, Renee took a cock in each had and stroked gently. Their hands worked her pussy as she played with them. Renee shook her blonde bob, still damp and clinging to her face. “You two have had time to play and plan. It is a big change for me. Multiple orgasms aren’t conducive to planning life, but you do make a great argument.” The play was fun, but not getting the message across. Jesse slid on protection and pulled her onto his cock. He thrust up into her tight pussy. “Yes, the anticipation, the phone sex, and the naughty toys we’ll stuff in your luggage—that’s what makes it hot, being creative.” Watching her bounce on his cock made Jesse eager to take her home. “I’m sure Renee has plenty of dirty ideas and fantasies yet to try.” AJ stood and slid his cock into Renee’s mouth. Renee moaned and picked up her pace.

“She needs it morning, noon and night.” AJ rocked into Renee’s eager mouth. “More!” she said against his cock. Thrusting faster, Jesse pinched her clit. Jesse felt the change on his cock. AJ squeezed her breasts and Renee moaned. Renee tightened and ground on his erection, her juices flowed over Jesse’s cock, and he couldn’t hold on. Grabbing her hips tight, Jesse howled in climax as he filled her. Their creamy mix proved how intense their relief was. “Nice.” AJ leaned in and fucked her mouth faster. Jesse went at AJ from the bottom, working his sac as Renee swallowed his thick shaft down to the base. In no time, AJ drove in, his hips out of control then he froze. Moaning, Renee got the reward. When AJ pulled back, Renee kissed Jesse to share the tasty prize. Suddenly, AJ was gone. Jesse felt the hot tongue working where Jesse still filled Renee’s tight pussy. Renee giggled. “I’ve got to go. You two have fun. I’ll see you guys later.” She slid off Jesse and climbed off the bed. Getting dressed, she slipped out the door as quietly as a mouse. “I think Renee will say yes,” AJ said confidently. “Me, too. I hope.” Jesse spooned with AJ for a bit. “We should shower and get some food.” “Sounds like a plan.” AJ eased out of bed and grabbed Jesse’s hand, pulling him out of bed. **** Renee sat across from Linda and studied the menu. The little diner Linda had chosen was nowhere near the hotel, but for Renee, that was just fine. “I’m so glad you called and suggested this.” Linda smiled. “It’s good to see you before you leave. You sounded busy on the phone. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.” Renee kept her eyes on the menu. “Nothing major. But I’m starving.” She eyed the fiveegg omelet. “Is everything okay?” Linda set aside her menu. “Sure. You know what you’re getting already?” Renee couldn’t seem to make up her mind about anything.

“I come here once a week with another professor. His special interest is military history. We’re collaborating on a class for next semester as an elective to draw students.” “Like what? It’s history. No offense but the Marquis de Sade is about as interesting as it gets. Unless you do the history of sex.” “We thought about that, but psychology has something similar. No, we’re doing the history of torture.” She grinned. The waitress approached and didn’t react at all to Linda’s last words. She just poured coffee. Renee ordered a Greek omelet with the works. Linda ordered her usual. The waitress scribbled, clearly familiar with the regular. “I’m so boring. I always get the same thing,” Linda said. “Not if you’re teaching the history of kinky sex or torture.” Renee knew Linda was intrigued by the darker side of things, but she always went through life so sunny. No amount of teasing in high school had ruined her attitude. She never let people bully her out of doing what she wanted. “Team teaching. He approached me about it because I’ve published a few well-received papers lately on the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials. So we’re coming at it from both sides, the military POW and the social and religious control drive end. It should give us plenty of material.” “He approached you about this? Is the Marquis de Sade thing his idea, too?” “No. Every year, I try to go to a conference in December. I don’t have much family. Mom is always off with her latest boyfriend. So, I go to a conference, and then make a holiday vacation out of it. But, Conner talked the department head into fully paying for our trip this year since it supports a course in development. That was nice.” Linda took a sip of the coffee and added a bit more sugar. “Why are you so suddenly interested in the history department at UNLV?” Renee sighed. “Just getting my mind off my own life is good. And your trip and collaboration is about sex not torture, by the way.” “What? Please! A pear of anguish is not about sex. Well, it could be used for those things, but the torture stopped when people confessed. These weren’t masochists who volunteered. You better confess before that pear cracks your jaw off and you can’t.” “But the Marquis guy got off on hurting others.”

“It’s the root of the word sadist, yes. Conner suggested we do a short piece on the historical nature for violence. One thrills to the power while others use pain to heighten sexual pleasure. And then of course, cover serial killers like Jake the Ripper. But we don’t want to get into the psych stuff, but a historical evolution.” Their food arrived, and Renee dug in. “So this Conner, is he hot?” Linda turned dark red. “Renee. He’s a colleague. He’s quiet, very smart, and I think he was a Marine or Air Force. Lots of muscle when he rolls up his sleeves. He has tattoos.” “Sounds hot.” Renee salted her hash browns and started on those. “No. I mean, he’s not unattractive. But, he’s so polite and reserved. He opens doors and says ‘yes ma’am’ and all that. It doesn’t sound condescending or like I’m old. He’s not flirty. He might be gay.” “I’ll bet you one thousand dollars he’s not. If he were gay, he’d have asked a male professor to collaborate. That polite stuff is all military training. He’s got control of himself. That’s good.” “Oh please, that’s crazy. A new teacher just started. She’s younger and always wearing tight clothes and low-cut tops. Leaning over him. If he’s looking for a fling, he’ll fling her. She’s the Victorian, Georgian and Regency era teacher,” Linda added extra syrup to her pancakes. “Don’t sell yourself short. You’re into what he’s into. The history and the torture. The dark times. I’m telling you, get a wax and paint those toenails before you go. And wear some sexy underwear, boots and skirts.” “Renee, I think you’re oversexed this weekend. My life isn’t like yours.” Linda played with her food instead of eating it. “Okay, you know more than I do. I think you need to put yourself out there more.” Renee hadn’t intended to ruin her friend’s mood. “I’ve tried, Renee. I’m not good at asking a guy out or making the first move. I’m weird, you know. Old-fashioned or whatever but it’s true. I’m not like you with two guys, and you act like it’s a normal thing.” “No, it’s not every day. But things get complicated, so you do need to be careful.” Renee wanted to talk about Linda’s potential fun, not her own life choices. “What? You said it was just reunion sex but seemed like it was no big deal.” Linda started in. “Spill it.”

“I don’t know what to say. I love them both and love being with them.” All their talk about phone sex and toys. Coming home to them would be so much better than always going away looking for something. She liked flying, but she’d done so much traveling in ten years that it was a habit more than an adventure now. Coming home to an empty apartment didn’t thrill her. Linda chewed thoughtfully and pushed her glasses up her nose. “You love them.” “What?” Renee didn’t know how to react. It felt true. “It’s all mixed up, and it’s two men. They’re together.” “I feel a ‘however’ lingering in the air.” Linda stabbed a piece of pancake. “Talk.” “They want me to stay. To move in with them. It’s crazy.” “Okay, calm down. Did you say yes?” Renee shook her head. “No. I said I’d think about it. I changed my schedule to spend a few extra days here to see. I’m not sure what to do.” Linda rolled her big brown eyes. “Please, you know exactly what to do. You’re staying. If you didn’t want it, you’d have said it right away and be on a plane already.” “It’s too intense.” Renee wanted to stay. “I can see it in your face. You want it. You’re just scared.” “Scared? No, it’s complicated.” Renee tried to define her feelings. “No, it’s not. Obviously, you love them back. It’s about whether you want to settle down? Do you want to stick with two guys long-term? At prom, they got in the fight and you walked away.” “Commitment isn’t my thing,” Renee said as a reflex. It didn’t feel right anymore. “It hasn’t been yet, but you can do it. You’ve been a pilot with the same airline for ten years or whatever. You’ve lived in L.A. that long.” “I travel all over. Different flights, crews and men.” L.A. wasn’t home. She had no real place that made her feel at home and safe. Linda sipped her coffee. “You just need to decide if you want to stay with the men. You won’t get an offer like that every decade. How much travel do you need?” “I guess. I’m boring in a way. My life has always been the same.” “Mine, too. I like it. But it’s not boring to us. If the men make you happy, good. When you’re off flying they can pleasure each other and give you a lot of attention when you get back. It’s not your whole life changing. Your career won’t go away.”

Renee let Linda’s comments sink in. “You’re right.” “Of course, I am. You have it easy. Two hot guys you love and who love each other want you forever in a three-way. I can’t get a guy to look at me like a woman rather than a boring teacher who lives in the past.” Renee grinned. “Thanks for the great advice! I think this Conner is hot for you, but he’s a gentleman. And you’re a lady. You need to spark his need and send the right signals.” “I don’t think so. You won’t be here to help me get ready or plan. Unless you stay?” Linda’s smile looked hopeful. “I’ll be here. I think I have to try it out, and we’re going to get you ready. Shoes that say fuck me. A henna tattoo of something centered on your upper back, and the right clothing to show it off.” “Henna? Why?” “Show off that creamy skin and long neck. More elegant than a tramp stamp. I’ll pinch your arm, too.” “What?” Linda’s eyes grew wide. “No, but I’ll get AJ to do it. He’s stronger. You’ll be pink there, and Conner will cave quickly to get his hands on you.” Linda held up a finger. “I’m not following you.” “You need to get his attention. Everything will invite a question and have a simple explanation. You pinched your arm on your luggage while carrying everything. That’ll get him to carry your luggage at least and maybe want to do more to your skin if he’s kinky. Tell him a friend had a henna party and you got a little adventurous. Let him think you have henna where he can’t see it. I gave you the shoes; it’s all little things adding up in his brain. You’re more than he thought. Maybe we’ll get Jesse to take some headshots of you to update your photo on the University website?” “What does that have to do with Conner?” “You got the proofs right before the trip and want his opinion on which one is best. That makes it look natural, and he’s already imagining you naked.” Renee couldn’t believe how little Linda got the subtle flirting most women did. “As long as it’s not crazy lies and schemes.” Linda looked around. “I’m not even sure he’s the least bit interested.”

“Relax, no lying. You get his attention with the right signals and I’m sure he’ll take it from there. Or he’s a sub and wants you to be his dominatrix. In that case, you’re out of luck.” Renee shrugged. “So you’re going to stay for real?” Linda asked. “I’ll let you know. The guys and I need to chat a bit first.” Renee wanted to stay, but reality was bigger than a weekend. She always loved adventure, but L.A. and flying wasn’t the adventure anymore. Two men in Vegas were!

Chapter Ten

“This is so weird,” Renee said from the backseat. “What?” AJ merged off the highway to the suburban streets. “We’re going to see my shop. You said you wanted to see it.” “I know, but I’m usually driving. Good weird.” AJ chuckled. “She’s got pilot withdrawal.” He wanted Renee to see their lives, work and home. Part of him didn’t really believe she’d agreed to move in. Of course, she could just as easily move out, but he suspected the arrangement would work out as well as he and AJ had. “If you two think you’ll win by ganging up on me with all your testosterone, you’ve got another thing coming.” She started to pull up her shirt. AJ caught a glimpse in the rearview mirror. “Wait until we get to the shop!” He put his eyes back on the road. Jesse turned and snapped a picture of her and smiled. “I’m glad you never changed, Renee.” “A little more mature, I think. I didn’t actually flash you.” She smiled. “We’re here.” AJ turned into the parking lot of his shop and parked in the reserved spot. Renee whistled. “Nice,” she said as they entered the bays. “Do you have any idea what you’re looking at?” Jesse asked. “No, do you?” Renee replied. “After ten years, I get about half of it.” Jesse shrugged and led her to a project in the back. “He’s restoring an old GTO now.”

AJ hung back and watched Renee lean on the car. It felt like the unfinished business was finally complete. It’d worked out better than he’d hoped. When Renee slid up on the hood and posed, AJ checked to make sure the place was empty. On a Sunday, it should be. Jesse snapped some pictures, and AJ watched them. “You always did like the muscle cars.” Renee rolled onto her stomach and pressed her breasts to the metal. “She could be a pinup.” Jesse winked at AJ. “You could make a fortune selling those to every garage in the country. Get her naked, and we’ll charge more.” AJ moved in behind Jesse and wrapped his arms around Jesse’s waist and kissed his neck. “Oh don’t you two start. My chest isn’t big enough for a pinup image. Be nice, or I’ll have to mess up your pretty car here.” She slid her hands down over her hips. “How many times do threats work? We know you’ll do it.” She slid off the hood and adjusted her clothes. “Let’s go to Jesse’s studio then see your house.” **** Fifteen minutes later, Jesse unlocked the door to his studio. “It’s not much, just sets for photos. I freelance a lot,” he warned Renee. “Shut up. I can’t wait to see it. If greasy car parts can get me turned on, art certainly can.” Jesse let her go in first. “I’m pretty sure it’s the greasy men you’re after at the car shop.” “We’re definitely going to have to spend some time there.” Renee winked then went from room to room inspecting every photo on the wall. “Should we tell her we’ve already got plans for the grease gun?” Jesse whispered to AJ. AJ shook his head. “Let her be surprised. Not like we’ve never used it before.” “What’s back here?” Renee shouted from the far end. Winding their way toward her voice, they found her in front of a door marked private. “My office,” Jesse answered. “It’s not locked. No secrets.” Needing no further encouragement, Renee opened the door. Strutting right in, she plopped down in Jesse’s big black leather chair and propped her heels up on the glass desk. “Nice. I like your style.” She folded her hands behind her head.

“Thanks. It’s a dream to be able to create and earn money at it.” Jesse watched her survey the photos on the wall. He suspected she was hunting for one special one. “Yeah, your dad said you’d never make money off taking pictures.” She leaned forward and stared at an image. “You two are so hot, naked in black-and-white.” Jesse walked over to the picture of him and AJ, naked and tangled up in bed. “We were about twenty-two back then.” “You’re still hot!” She glanced at the remaining photos and blushed. “You have my picture up?” Walking over to her photo, Jesse watched Renee take it in. “Of course. It’s what tormented us year after year. The girl who got away.” AJ joined them. “Please. You went ten years without pussy, and neither of you jumped off a cliff. But I was hot.” Renee studied it up close then stepped back. “And to think if Jesse never took those pics of me, none of this might’ve ever happened. “None of what?” Jesse asked. “This. You and AJ.” She wiggled her fingers in the space between them. “AJ and I broke up. Then the fight and you two having sex. It all started with the photos. And as intense as it was, we’re still hung-up on each other.” “We’re in love with each other. Just took a long time to figure it all out.” AJ pulled her close. “I don’t think I ever thanked you for dumping me that night. I was a jerk. It was your body and I got weird. All that possessiveness and here we are sharing.” “Okay, stop.” Jesse held up a hand. “You’re starting to sound like an afterschool special about a three-way bisexual lifestyle. It’s creepy.” Renee giggled. “But it’s true. We’d never have been this mature back in high school. Two guys would have been great, but sharing and watching you two together? I’d have been jealous.” “There are two of us and only one of you. Why in the world would you be jealous?” AJ asked. She rolled her eyes at him. “I’ve watched you two. Trust me. The need and attachment is all over your faces.”

“We’ve both been missing the soft curves. We need you.” They pressed her between them. “That’s sweet, but I need to be naked now.” She glanced down and slid her skirt to the floor. AJ pulled her top over her head as Jesse rolled her thong down to her feet. “We need a shot of the three of us naked. I hate incomplete work.” Renee kicked the thong away and unhooked her bra. “You, too?” Jesse led the way to a black backdrop. She sat on the set, her legs together and her back slightly arched. He took a picture of her in a spontaneous moment. Setting down his camera, Jesse undressed and kept an eye on AJ who also shed his clothes. “Get on her right side.” Jesse nodded to him. AJ eased in, and Renee curled to him naturally, her red heels stood out. Jesse grabbed his camera and set up the stand. “Just a few test shots. No need to pose.” He snapped several of the sexy pair. The two people he loved, finally together with him. Taking a deep breath, his chest felt tight even as his cock hardened. Not that he was alone in his arousal. The other two openly groped each other. “I want a classy and artistic shot here.” “Get over here then before it gets out of hand.” Renee patted the black cloth. “I need to set the timer. Change position.” Jesse gave her a stern look. She leaned back on her hands, straightening her knees so those sexy legs were out in front of her. AJ angled toward her. “Reach an arm across her, cover her pussy halfway,” Jesse dictated. “We’ve got naughty shots together.” AJ didn’t move his arm. “Yes, eventually. You’ll have her naked every night at home. You won’t need nude pics yet.” Jesse looked into the viewfinder, and AJ rested her arm out just right. “Perfect. Don’t move a muscle, either of you.” “AJ’s cock is moving. I can see it.” Renee grinned. “That’s involuntary,” AJ replied. “It doesn’t matter.” Jesse slid in on Renee’s left and reached over her to mirror AJ’s posture, his hand blocked AJ’s erection. “Cover me like that.”

AJ opened his hand to shield him from the camera and the flesh went off ten times in quick succession. Before things could get hot, Jesse jumped up to review the work. “Nice. Why don’t we go home now?” “You promised me naughty shots.” Renee pouted. “I want them.” “I have cameras at home. I need to keep my backdrops clean.” “True but one won’t hurt. We can keep it clean, I swear. Get over here and give it to me.” Renee let her legs fall open. “Not a drop?” He set up a long trigger to snap pictures of them in action. “I swear.” She nodded innocently. Jesse handed her the small trigger and moved to stand on the backdrop. AJ stood up next to him. “What now?” Renee smiled up at them and kissed AJ’s bare balls with her glossy red lips. Then she kissed Jesse’s. She snapped picture with the red lip imprints. Renee sucked AJ deep, working on play now. Jesse watched and listened to AJ’s moans. No longer concerned with the backdrops, Jesse wanted his turn. In no time, AJ came, and Renee kept her promise. Not a drop spilled. She stood, and Jesse found himself kissed with AJ’s cum on her tongue. He pulled her close and deepened the kiss. How did she know exactly how to push their sexual buttons? Renee knelt back down, her mouth took over Jesse’s world again, sucking his shaft to the base and working him fast and hard. Grabbing her hair, Jesse fought for control, wanting to lose it yet still wanting it to last. When she curled her tongue on the head of his cock, Jesse gave in. Thrusting deep, he let the release take over. Opening his eyes, Jesse watched AJ and Renee kissing and sharing his cum the way she’d done to him. When they broke the kiss, Renee looked to Jesse. “Can we go home now? I want to get fucked in our bed,” she said. Her use of the word “our” made Jesse smile. “Great. We can do more pictures anywhere and anytime.” **** Renee sat in the back of the classic convertible and shifted side to side. Without her thong on, she felt even more sexually charged, and her wet pussy hadn’t been serviced. She’d left her

bra and thong on the floor of the car, a surprise for them to find later. The men had politely stuck their underwear in their pockets rather than put on the layers. It was cute. AJ and Jess hadn’t even put their shirts back on, just their jeans. Eager, Renee wanted to be topless. They were doing it just to torment her. “It’s not fair that men can go without a shirt. It’s Vegas, and it’s hot out here!” “You want a ticket? Or do you want to get home and get fucked?” AJ challenged. “Two more blocks.” Two blocks later, AJ pulled into the garage. His long white convertible fit next to Jesse’s small foreign model. They were such sexy contrasts. Renee felt free and lucky. She pulled her top off before getting out of the car and shimmied out of the skirt. In nothing but her red heels, she walked into the house. “The bedroom is through there.” AJ pointed to the back hallway. Renee held up a finger. “No, no. I want the full tour. Besides, I need you two good and hard, or I’ll be bored.” The men shared a smile then showed her the comfy living room, the large Mediterranean style kitchen, the guest bedrooms, the guest bath, the patio then finally the master bedroom. It held a California king-sized bed, a long dresser and two tall dressers. “Nice. Any room for me in here?” Renee crossed the room, done in southwestern style, to the closet and gasped. “It’s huge!” “Plenty of room. Half the closet and the long dresser are all yours too. We’ve got a tall dresser each.” AJ kicked off his shoes. Renee stood in the doorway of the closet facing the bedroom. “You guys sure know how to tempt a girl.” “You want us to do you in the closet?” Laughing, Renee moved to curl up on a corner of the big bed. “Where are the toys?” “I think she wants our attention again.” AJ kicked away his jeans and stretched out. “We saved you a spot, Jesse.” “Now, that sounds like high school.” Jesse striped and lay down next to AJ. “Renee, open the bottom drawer of that nightstand and take your pick.” She grabbed a handful of condoms and lube. Teasing AJ’s cock, she slid protection on him as soon as he was hard. Straddling him, she took his cock in one motion. She needed them.

No hotel room. No reunions or excuses. Just them. Jesse’s cock was hard, and when he reached her rear, Renee handed him lube. Closing her eyes, she rocked on AJ, and instead of lube on her ass, she felt Jesse’s probing tongue. Shivering, she leaned forward and let him get her ready for real. Finally, he rubbed the lube in, and she felt his hot body pressing to her back. His cock slowly filled her ass, and she backed up on him a little more. The men thrust in unison, and she leaned back on Jesse. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she held on as AJ lifted and Jesse ground to her. Fast and hard, she couldn’t believe she’d ever doubted this was a good idea. She felt the love and the passion. When AJ tickled her clit, she moaned and rocked between them as if she’d been denied sex for weeks. “She’ll want to come home to us. Vegas is home,” Jesse said. “God yes! I think I need to take a vacation and stay here for a few weeks.” She gasped as the orgasm rippled through her. She heard a groan in her ear, and Jesse’s hips snapped to her rear. His body pressed to hers and she got the wonderful vibrations from his release. Riding AJ harder, she wanted him to join them in orgasm. When AJ shouted, Renee’s cunt contracted, and her clit stung with an orgasm that rolled through her until she gasped. Then Renee felt powerful arms pull her down to the bed. She couldn’t fight, didn’t want to. Lying between them was where she belonged. Their heat consumed her. Their strong mouths enveloped her nipples, and Renee arched. This was no dream, no fantasy and no quickie for fun. This was deep and forever. Renee shifted onto her side. “We’re definitely going to have the kinky do-over prom night sometime. We have to give this a try.” She kissed AJ then Jesse, knowing the fun was an expression of deep love and trust. She’d spent her life flying, roaming and being free. Maybe, it just took two very special men to hold her down and make her want to stay in one spot forever.


Renee pulled into the driveway and went into the house. Her house. It’d taken ten years to get back to AJ and Jesse, but in the ten months since the reunion, she’d had more fun in their happy triangle than she’d found wandering the world alone. Moving back to Vegas didn’t mean she gave up flying or anything else…she had an even better life! Coming home to two great men made it a much more attractive prospect, though. She found herself more and more eager to go get back to Vegas and spend time with them than before. “It’s me,” she called when she didn’t find them in the living room or the studio. “Kitchen,” AJ replied. Renee dropped her bag and purse in the hall and continued to the kitchen where the men washed dishes. “Too late for dinner?” They grinned at her. “We saved you some in the fridge. You said you’d be in late,” Jesse said. “I couldn’t wait.” She slipped in between them and kissed Jesse then AJ. “It’s only been two days. You’ve been doing shorter and shorter runs away from home.” Jesse’ arm slid around her waist. “Sick of me already?” she teased. “If we had our way, we’d never let you leave. Or get dressed. But you’re a rather strongwilled woman.” AJ squeezed her ass with a soapy hand. “We like that,” Jesse added. “We do. But we all have our careers. You have to decide what your goals are.” AJ kissed her neck.

She shivered at the intimacy. No jealousy or fear. No regrets or egos out to dominate. Renee never fell in step with tradition, and it had worked out damn fine for her. “I’ve been thinking about making a change with my career, but first, my sister called while I was out. She loved you two at her New Year’s Eve party.” “No awkward questions?” Jesse winked at AJ. Renee shrugged. “She’s curious about the house sharing, but she likes you both. Invited you two for Easter dinner.” “Easter. Less alcohol to cover our kissing and flirting.” AJ shook his head. “Less groping and making out on Easter than New Years.” Renee shot him a look. “This dinner involves all the family. Grandma and old aunts.” “We’ll behave.” Jesse nodded. Renee had no doubts, but it seemed odd to even try it. They’d all gone to AJ’s parents’ for Christmas Eve and Jesse’s family for Christmas brunch. She’d made an appearance with them at her mother’s for Christmas dinner, but even she’d been nervous. Somehow, her sister had figured it out or didn’t care and had invited them all for New Years. “Will there be an Easter egg hunt?” AJ lifted his eyebrow suggestively. “You’re very naughty tonight. Those games are for the kids. But maybe, I’ll amuse you so we can get it out of your system.” She slid her hand down his shorts and took firm hold of one of his balls. “Got one.” AJ stiffened, and his cock responded, but Renee was only after eggs tonight. She reached in Jesse’s jeans and grabbed both of his firmly. “More. All for me.” “Does this make you the bunny?” Jesse asked. “Watch it. She’ll want to paint our junk pink with purple spots next.” AJ slipped his hand under her skirt and rubbed her slit. Renee was already eager to get her men in bed and had been ever since she’d touched down, but the play had made her wet. First, she needed to finish the business. “So you’ll come for Easter?” “Of course. My family does brunch so yours is dinner. Perfect.” AJ shrugged. She looked at Jesse. “My parents are going to the sister’s out East since they were here for Christmas. It’ll work out, Renee. It’s just one more family to negotiate. If we all had divorced parents, then we’d have a mess.”

Renee rested her head on his shoulder as her body opened to AJ’s pushy fingers. “Sounds perfect. One more thing.” “She’s teasing me.” AJ groaned. “No. I’m thinking of taking a private piloting job. Some colleagues are starting it, and we can flex our schedules more. Thoughts?” Renee asked. “Are you sure you want to do that?” Jesse wiped the final dish dry and snapped the towel at AJ. “We’d love it, you’d be a little safer and at home, and you know it’s not about the money. But it’s your career.” Renee nodded. “I know. And I love flying, but the regulations and the cutbacks are making it even more stressful and less fun. The airline wants to make money and fly us to death. Cut pensions. It’s all corporate, and I want the fun, too.” “We want you to be happy. That’s all that matters.” AJ drained the sink and pinned her to it so he and Jesse blocked any escape. Reluctantly, she let go of their balls, but it was just as good. Renee loved the feeling of them together, so strong and united in their purpose. Back in high school she’d never dreamed of this—well maybe fantasized about it but never believed it was possible. She grinned and slid an arm around each of their necks. “I’ll quit tomorrow. Tonight, I have other ideas.” Jesse kissed her and then AJ. Then they kissed each other and she watched, so close she could join in, and finally, she did. They’d perfected the three-way kiss and pressed together tightly. When they broke, the trio headed for the bedroom. “Maybe we should do a photo shoot with her as the sexy Easter bunny and our balls painted?” Jesse suggested. AJ glared at Jesse and tugged the slighter man’s shirt off. “Your stuff is getting a lot more erotic lately. I don’t mind, but I think you’re obsessed.” “With you two. Always.” Jesse dropped his pants and underwear fast. Naked and growing hard as he pulled AJ’s clothes off, Jesse’s lips curled in a mischievous smile. “No, with taking kinky pictures of us. The Easter bunny hides the eggs. So, she’d be hiding our balls? You’re weird.” AJ kissed Jesse deeply. “You love it.” Jesse groped AJ’s ass playfully.

Renee loved watching them, but as she shimmied out of her skirt suit, she found their attention on her. Both men were naked so she had plenty to play with. They removed her bra and thong while she teased their balls. “Jesse always makes us look amazing. Trust him.” Renee knelt down and licked up AJ’s shaft then up Jesse’s. Her insides pulsed for attention, and she knew she’d be at home more and more. “I trust him. But, maybe he needs to pick a more publically acceptable topic for his photography. We don’t want to be on display at his showings.” AJ’s hand tangled in her hair. Renee sucked and stroked the cocks until they were fully hard then nuzzled their balls as if she’d been kept from her men for weeks. Two days was too long. She turned and crawled to the bed. They joined her quickly, tossing condoms and lube packets on the bed for all the fun they could handle. “For Easter, maybe you can do something with my sister’s kids. And the egg hunt and the fun at the kids’ table. If you’re looking for more innocent subjects.” Renee kissed Jesse and rolled onto her side to kiss AJ. Jesse pressed to her back and rubbed his cock over her ass. “You want to make your men think innocent thoughts now?” “No. But if you want to do something with the kids, my sister would love you forever.” She laughed and felt her cheeks redden. Not much embarrassed her, but at Christmas, the kids running around made her start to think. “You’re on dangerous ground, Renee. Men have the urge to procreate. Coach went on and on about it when lecturing the guys to use protection. We don’t want to. Naturally, we want to pass on our genes. All this kid talk…don’t tease us.” AJ pulled her close, tugging her leg over his hip. He looked her in the eye as he rubbed his cock to her slit. He grabbed a condom packet and tore it open. For a split second, she almost told him not to put it on. Then Jesse rubbed lube on her ass. Now was not the time to make that sort of decision, and she was still on the pill. When AJ had the protection on, she moved into position, and the men pressed to her with practiced talent. “Maybe that’s the next talk we should have.” She turned her head and kissed Jesse.

He thrust into her ass, and Renee gasped at the sweet ache of two cocks stretching her. They rubbed to each other as well. Everyone won. AJ grunted and picked up his pace. She and Jesse both kissed AJ. The mating urge had taken hold of him. Renee gave into it, letting her hips snap back and forth as the men rocked to her. AJ’s hand gripped her breast as Jesse kissed her neck. The need flowed between them, and AJ came in a shudder. Jesse ground to her rear and reached down, rubbing her clit in rapid circles until Renee shouted. Jesse’s climax left the three a trembling mass of flesh. “Dirty trick.” AJ sucked her breasts with a new passion. “Playing on our masculine drive.” Jesse smiled. “Maybe her biological clock is starting to tick?” Renee shook her head. “I don’t know. It complicates things a lot more. But if we’re serious about this ménage life, then we need to deal with that possibility. Nothing is absolutely foolproof. And we like kids.” AJ nipped the underside of her breast, and Renee moaned. “I’m not hearing any objections.” “No one is running, Renee. I say we give it some thought first. But I’ll bet you’re pregnant by Easter dinner.” Jesse smiled down at AJ. “Then let’s have some more fun with my figure while it’s still this good.” She eased off the men and turned to face Jesse. When things were this good, how could they not bring more fun into it? They’d just have to start locking the door.

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A lover of unusual things, Cheryl Dragon enjoys writing unique stories with sinfully hot erotic romance. Her two favorite settings are Las Vegas and New Orleans...where anything can happen! Cheryl lives in the Chicagoland area with her deaf albino cat. By day she analyzes numbers for a division of a large international conglomerate, which leaves the creative juices free for her erotic romance novels.

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