Software Engineering for Experimental Robotics (Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics)

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Software Engineering for Experimental Robotics (Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics)

8= //= / =B8 8(-(1+9 - &++-%9 8-9 (- //= / =B8 /,(- -%(-8(-% ^=), S]:@=* ( S^=B 

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Pages 482 Page size 447 x 675 pts Year 2009

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//= / =B8 8(-(1+9 - &++-%9

8-9 (- //= / =B8 /,(- -%(-8(-% ^=), S]:@=* ( S^=B :;= ( S]$, $EB@); ( TT KK ,TBT ( B) =@@=A K ASY 


?:\)QR:W  &)6=: W[&: &: )Q6>B% W=_ AJ+2/J5/+=/G ?:\)QR:W_ B. ?RR%  +-1J=%$J ?:\)QR:W_ B. ["754%5C? '7> 77C >7->4405;, :E@ E2 !]=@)=B: ,3,$Y=^, SE!EY=$ TT=TYBYT 2ES ;]ABT ;T B,^,S !,,B AES, S,@,^BY( a,Y SE!EY TaTY,A ),^,@EG,ST 2$, Y;, $EAG@,`=Ya E2 AE!=@, SE!EY=$ TaTY,AT( Y;, )=4$]@Y=,T E2 ^S=!@, B) ]BGS,)=$Y!@, ,B^=SEBA,BYT( B) Y;, $;@@,B:, E2 A?=B: ;]AB.SE!EY =BY,S$Y=EB ,3,$Y=^, B) T2,K B< 2ESY]BY,@a( SE!EY=$ GSE:SAA=B: YEE@T ;^, BEY )^B$,) T SG=)@a T Y;, SE!EYT Y;,AT,@^,T( BES T SG=)@a T Y;, ),AB)T 2ES $EAG@,` SE!EY=$ YT?TK

Q)?&R :? BBW B.W]Q) B>:? ?6:?))Q:?6


`=TY=B: YEE@T S, E2Y,B ! .6U Y;,a Aa !, TG,$=6$ YE Y;, SE!EY ;S)_S,( @$? EG,B TYB)S)T( B) =:BES, Y;, ;]AB =B^E@^,A,BYK , !,@=,^, SE!EY GSE:SAA=B: YEE@T A]TY !, YS:,Y,) AES, $@ET,@a YE SE!EY=$T( Ga=B: YY,BY=EB YE Y;, B,,)T E2 Y;, SE!EY ),^,@EG,S B) Y;,S,2ES, Y;, BY]S, E2 YaG=$@ SE!EY GSE:SAT( Y;, YaG=$@ T?=@@T E2 SE!EY GSE:SAA,ST( Y;, =BY,S$Y=EBT !,Y_,,B ;]ABT B) SE!EYT( B) Y;, GSE:SAA=B: $EBTYS]$YT Y;Y GS,^=@ =B SE!EY=$ GG@=$Y=EBTK B ),T=:B=B: Y;, ),^,@EG,SRT YEE@$;=B B) $;EET=B: Y;, ]B),S@a=B: Y,$;BE@E:=,T 2ES SE!EY=$ GSE:SAA=B:( _, A]TY $$E]BY 2ES Y;, GS,T,B$, E2 ;]AB ),^,@EG,ST =B Y;, =AA,ST=^, SE!EY ,B^=< SEBA,BY( B) S,$E:B=T, Y;Y =Y =T Y;, A66G@B 05G$AG065 M0G. G.$ $5L0A654$5G Y;Y A?,T SE!EY GSE:SAA=B: )=3,S,BY B) $;@@,B:=B:K Y =T 8A6-A44$A@B 32 6& K5!$ABG5!05- 6& G.$ A66G@B M6A3! L0$M Y;Y A?,T SE!EY GSE:SAT )=4$]@Y YE $E), B) ),!]:K Y =T Y;, $N8A$BB0L$5$BB 6& G.$ 35-K-$ Y;Y Y;, ;]AB GSE:SAA,S ]T,T YE ),T$S=!, Y;, SE!EYRT !,;^=E]SK ;GY,S 6&GMA$ 5L0A654$5GB &6A 66G A6-A4405- !a S]$, $< EB@) $G 3( 2E$]T,T EB $T, TY])=,T E2 =AGSE^,A,BYT =B Y;S,, S,T S,@Y,) YE Y;, ;]AB GSE:SAA,SU Y;, ,`GS,TT=^,B,TT E2 Y;, SE!EY GSE:SAA=B: @B< :]:,( Y;, ,`GS,TT=^,B,TT E2 Y;, SE!EY TE2Y_S, 2SA,_ES?( B) Y;, B,,) 2ES ;]AB.ES=,BY,) SE!EY ),!]::=B: YEE@TK

> /-+@9(/E2Y_S, ),^,@EGA,BY 2ES SE!EY=$T =T TEA,_;Y )=3,S,BY 2SEA HB) AES, )=2< 6$]@Y Y;BI TE2Y_S, ),^,@EGA,BY 2ES EY;,S $EAG]Y,S TaTY,ATK FK E!EY=$T =T AES,  S,T,S$; 6,@) Y;B B GG@=$Y=EB )EA=B B) SE!EY S,T,S$;,ST T,,A YE T;]B TYB)S)=bY=EB( T=B$, ,^,SaEB, _BYT YE _S=Y, Y;,=S E_B S$;=Y,$Y]S,T B) $E),K E!EY=$ TE2Y_S, =T M]=Y, $EAG@,` B) $]TYEA $S2Y,) TE@]Y=EBT ;^, !,,B AES, )EA=BBY !,$]T, Y;,a =B=Y=@@a GG,S @,TT $EAG@,`K E_,^,S( $]TYEA $S2Y,) TE@]Y=EB )E BEY T$@, _,@@ B) $B @,) YE AES, $EAG@,` TaTY,AT _;,B =BY,:SY=B: A]@Y=G@, $G!=@< =Y=,TK ;, ),^,@EGA,BY GGSE$; AETY @=?,@a YE T]$$,,) =T  ^,Sa :,B,S=$ EB, Y;Y @,^,S:,T $EAAEB 2]B$Y=EB@=Ya B) _;,S, ,^,SaEB, $B =BY,:SY, Y;,=S $EAGEB,BY Y,$;BE@E:aK EA=B B@aT=T =T  GSEA=T=B: GGSE$; YE =),BY=2a=B: $EAAEB@Y=,TK \K ;, A]@Y=VH  @T! H )=> ?& H BR?,$Y AE),@ =B Y,SAT E2 GSY=$=GBYT B) S,@Y=EBT;=GTK ;,S, S, Y_E A=B GSY=$=GBYT =B  TE@]Y=EB AE),@' $@TT,T B) GYY,SBTK @TT,T S, Y;, TA, T Y;ET, _;=$; S, ]T,) =B YS)=Y=EB@ !>,$Y,$YESa _=@@ !,  b=:b: @=B, HAE!=@=YaIK ]Y =2 Y;, T=b, E2 B BY H,A!E)=A,BYI _,S, YE !, =B$S,T,) !a  2$YES E2 Fccc( Y;,B =YT YS>,$YESa _E]@) !, A]$; TYS=:;Y,SK

? -=++(%- -+D9(9 ==8E!EY=$T =T B ,`G,S=A,BY@ T$=,B$, Y;Y $B !, B@ab,) 2SEA Y_E G,STG,$< Y=^,TK SEA EB, G,STG,$Y=^, =Y =T  )=T$=G@=B, Y;Y ;T =YT SEEYT =B A,$;B=$T( ,@,$YSEB=$T( $EAG]Y,S T$=,B$, B) $E:B=Y=^, T$=,B$,K B Y;Y S,:S)( SE!EY=$T G@aT Y;, SE@, E2 B =BY,:SYES E2 Y;, AETY )^B$,) S,T]@YT =B ES),S YE !]=@) $EAG@,` TaTY,ATK SEA BEY;,S G,STG,$Y=^,( SE!EY=$T =T  S,T,S$; 6,@) _;=$; G]ST],T A!=Y=E]T :E@T( T]$; T Y;, TY])a E2 =BY,@@=:,BY !,;^=ES =B SY=6$=@


H Q[6=:

TaTY,ATK Ba $;=,^,A,BYT ;^, 2E]B) GG@=$Y=EB =B =B)]TYS=@ T,YY=B:T B) ,^,Sa)a @=2,K 75C%JC ;, $EB$,GY E2 =BY,@@=:,B$, HY;, !=@=Ya E2 ,`GS,TT=B: ]T,2]@ !,;^=ESI =T M]=Y, ,@]T=^,K Y =T ]T]@@a TTE$=Y,) _=Y; EY;,S $EB$,GYT( T]$; T ]YEBEAa( =K,K  SE!EYRT !=@=Ya YE $EBYSE@ =YT E_B $Y=^=Y=,T( B) YE $SSa E]Y YT?T _=Y;E]Y Y;, =BY,S^,BY=EB E2  ;]AB EG,SYES "S?C-# H,K:K B^=:Y=B: YE_S)T  YS:,Y GET=Y=EB _=Y;E]Y $E@@=)=B: _=Y; E!TY$@,TIU ),@=!,SY=^,B,TT( =K,K Y;, !=@=Ya YE G@B B) S,^=T, 2]Y]S, $Y=EBT =B ES),S YE $;=,^,  :=^,B :E@ _;=@, Y?=B: =BYE $$E]BY Y;, $;B:,!@, $EB)=Y=EBT E2 B ,`Y,SB@ ,B^=SEBA,BY " c9# H,K:K G@BB=B: Y;, T;ESY,TY GY; !,Y_,,B Y_E @E$Y=EBT =B B =B)EES ,B^=SEBA,BYIU B) )GY!=@=Ya( =K,K Y;, !=@=Ya YE $;B:, !,;^=ES =B S,TGEBT, YE ,`Y,SB@ TY=A]@=( $$ES)=B: YE GTY =BY,S$Y=EBT _=Y; Y;, S,@ _ES@) H,K:K S,$E:B=b=B: @S,)a ^=T=Y,) G@$,TIK >73%4 ;, ?,a =B:S,)=,BYT =B ),T$S=!=B: SE!EY ]YEBEAa H),@=!,SY=^,B,TT( B) )GY!=@=Ya( B) Y;]T Y;, !=@=Ya YE AE^,I( S, Y;, $Y=EBT Y;Y  SE!EY ,`< ,$]Y,T( Y;, !,;^=EST Y;Y =Y ,`;=!=YT( B) Y;, $EBYSE@ T$;,A Y;Y =Y =AG@,< A,BYTK ;, 6STY :E@ E2 Y;=T GYY,SB =T YE ),6B, Y;,T, Y;S,, $EB$,GYT B) YE =),BY=2a Y;,=S S,@Y=EBT;=GTK E!EY =BY,@@=:,B$, =T ,B$Y,) !a =YT $EBYSE@ S$;=Y,$Y]S,K B "Yc\# > YS=$ T]AAS=b,) Y;, $EB$,GY E2 SE!EY $EBYSE@ T PY;, GSE$,TT E2 Y?=B: =B2ESAY=EB !E]Y Y;, ,B^=SEBA,BY( Y;SE]:; Y;, SE!EYRT T,BTEST( GSE$,TT=B: =Y T B,$,TTSa =B ES),S YE A?, ),$=T=EBT !E]Y ;E_ YE $Y( B) Y;,B ,`,$]Y=B: Y;ET, $Y=EBT =B Y;, ,B^=SEBA,BYPK ;=T ),6B=Y=EB =AG@=$=Y@a S,2,ST YE Y;, $EB$,GYT E2 T=Y]Y,)B,TT B) ,A!E)=A,BYK ;, T,$EB) :E@ E2 Y;=T GYY,SB =T YE =BT]@Y, TE2Y_S, !TYS$Y=EBT Y;Y S,< 2,S YE SE!EY $EBYSE@ 2SEA Y;ET, Y;Y S,2,S YE SE!EYC0095C?  TE@]Y=EB $EBT=TYT =B Y;, ),6B=Y=EB E2  =Y]Y,)B,TT ( B) E2  T,Y E2 S,@Y,) B@aT=T GYY,SBT HTIK  TY!@, E!>,$Y AE),@ S,@Y,) YE  =Y]Y< ,)B,TT  =T ),G=$Y,) =B =:]S, \U =Y T;E_T GSY=$=GBYT HTI( B) Y;, S,@Y=EBT;=GT !,Y_,,B Y;,AK ;, T S,GS,T,BY TY!@, !TYS$Y $EB$,GYT Y;Y $;S$Y,S=b, SE!EY T=Y]Y,)B,TTK B ES),S YE B@ab, B) ),T=:B $EB$S,Y, SE!EY TaTY,AT( ,^,Sa  ;T YE !, 2]SY;,S ),Y=@,) =B ES),S YE $GY]S, Y;, S,M]=S,< A,BYT E2 )aBA=$ SE!EYE=) B. >)"8?:"= )=)>)?W ]:W8 W8Q)) EBQWR

BA,T TYSYT _=Y; PBaP =B ES),S YE ,AG;T=b, Y;,=S =B),G,B),B$, E2 Ba TG,$=6$ GG@=$Y=EBK 5O3$4$5G S,GS,T,BYT ,@,A,BY@ A,$;B=TA GSYT( T]$; T AB=G]@YES @=B?T( SE^,S $;TT=T( @=B,S TGS=B:T( ,Y$K Y ;T EB, S,2,S,B$, 2SA, S,@Y=^, YE _;=$; @@ Y;, ?=B,AY=$T GSEG,SY=,T E2 B ,@,A,BY S, ,`GS,TT,)K Y ;E@)T  TaA!E@=$ YYS=!]Y, ),T$S=!=B: =B2ESAY=EB S,@Y,) YE =YT G;aT=$@ GET=Y=EB EB Y;, ,@,A,BY( ,K:K =Y =T $E=B$=),BY _=Y; Y;, $,BYS, E2 ATT ES _=Y; EB, E2 =YT GESYTK 5O3$4$5G =T =BY,B),) YE TYES, =B2ESAY=EB S,@Y,) YE T,^,S@ YaG,T E2 G;aT=$@ GSEG,SY=,T( T]$; T Y;, ATT )=TYS=!]Y=EB( Y;, ,@TY=$=Ya( B) Y;, Z T;G,K ]S $]SS,BY =AG@,A,BYY=EB ),6B,T Y;, Z T;G, EB@a T  ;=,SS$;a E2 !E]B)=B: !E`,TK 5O3$4$5G )E,T BEY S,$ES) Ba =B2ESAY=EB !E]Y ,`Y,SB@ S,@Y=EBT;=GT( T]$; T Y;, YSBT2ESAY=EB !,Y_,,B B ,@,A,BYRT S,2,S,B$, 2SA, B) Y;, :SE]B) =B,SY=@ 2SA,K ;=T =B2ESAY=EB =T S,GS,T,BY,) E]YT=), Y;, A,$;B=TA AE),@ =B Y;, GG@=$Y=EB Y;Y ]T,T =YK 5O6AG S,GS,T,BYT Y;, G@$, _;,S, Y;, G;aT=$@ =BY,S$Y=EB !,Y_,,B B ,@,A,BY B) EY;,S ,@,A,BYT E$$]ST( T]$; T Y;, AE]BY=B: GE=BYT E2  @=B?( Y;, _ES?=B: GE=BY E2 B ,B),$YT F( \( B) Z ),G=$Y,) T $=S$@,TK ;, SSE_T S,GS,T,BY Y;, S=:=) YSBT2ESAY=EBT !,Y_,,B Y;, GESYT B) Y;, ,@,A,BYRT S,2,S,B$, 2SA, K B ES),S YE B^=:Y, Y;, :,EA,YS=$ S,@Y=EBT;=GT !,Y_,,B GESYT ,4$=,BY@a( ,$; GESY S,$ES)T !EY; )=S,$Y B) =B^,ST, YSBT2ESAY=EBTK ;]T Y;, S,@Y=^, GET=Y=EB E2 Y_E GESYT( ,K:K F B) \( =T $EAG]Y,) T Y;, GSE)]$Y E2 Y;, YSBT2ESAY=EB 2SEA F YE I

W=) ?=_R:R WW)Q?R .BQ BBW B:=:W_


B) Y;, YSBT2ESAY=EB  YE \K 2 Y;, ,@,A,BY =T S=:=)( Y;,T, YSBT2ESAY=EBT S, $EBTYBY B) B,,) YE !, @E),) ES $EAG]Y,) Y =B=Y=@=bY=EB Y=A, EB@aK Y=3B,TT AYS=` $B !, TTE$=Y,) YE 5O6AG E!>,$YT AYS=$,T YE ),T$S=!, ;E_  ^,$YES E2 ,`Y,SB@ 2ES$,T GG@=,) YE B 5O3$4$5G E!>,$Y $]T, ),2ESAY=EB =B 5O6AG )=TG@$,A,BY _=Y; S,TG,$Y YE Y;, 5O3$4$5G S,2,S,B$, 2SA,K 5O0A S,GS,T,BYT Y;, =BY,S$EBB,$Y=EB E2 Y_E ,@,A,BYT Y;SE]:; Y;,=S GESYTK Y TYES,T Y;, @=B?T YE Y;, =BY,S$EBB,$Y,) GESYT( Y;, YaG, E2 Y;, =BY,S< $EBB,$Y=EB H,K:K S,^E@]Y,( GS=TAY=$( GE=BYE=BY !,Y_,,B Y;, T]S2$,T E2 Y_E 5O3$4$5G E!>,$YT Y;Y ?,,GT Y;,A =B $EBY$Y B) $EBTYS=BYT Y;,=S S,@Y=^, AEY=EBK

& &  &:6Q> B. W8Q)) :?W)Q"B??)"W)& )=)>)?WR

=:]S, 7 T;E_T Y;,  )=:SA Y;Y S,GS,T,BYT Y;, =BY,S$EBB,$Y=EB E2 ,@,A,BYT ,@F( ,@\( B) ,@Z Y;SE]:; Y;,=S GESYT GEFF B) GE\F( GE\\( B) GEZF !a A,BT E2 G=ST GF B) G\K ;, )=:SA =B)=$Y,T Y;Y $@TT 5O3$4$5G ;T  $EAGET=Y=EB S,@Y=EB< T;=G _=Y; $@TT 5O6AG ( Y;Y =T( B =BTYB$, E2 $@TT 5O6AG !,@EB:T YE B) =T $S,Y,) X ),TYSEa,) !a EB@a B =BTYB$, E2 $@TT 5O3$4$5G K ;, S,@Y=EBT;=G =T !=)=S,$Y=EB@( Y;]T 5O6AG E!>,$YT ;^,  S,2,S,B$, YE Y;,=S $EBY=B,S E!>,$YK @TT 5O0A ,`G@=$=Y@a S,GS,T,BYT Y;, TTE$=Y=EB !,Y_,,B Y_E 5O6AG E!>,$YT( !EY; E2 _;=$; S, _S, E2 Y;, S,@Y=EBT;=G !,Y_,,B Y;,AK T  $EBT,M],B$,( _;,B B TTE$=Y=EB !,Y_,,B Y_E 5O6AG E!>,$YT =T $S,Y,) ES ),TYSEa,)( !EY; E!>,$YT A]TY !, =B2ESA,)K 2 EB, E2 Y;, 5O6AG E!>,$YT =T ),@,Y,)( Y;, 5O0A =BTYB$, Y;Y @=B? Y;,A =T )=TTE@^,) T _,@@K 5O $.50B4 S,GS,T,BYT $EAG@,` A,$;B=TAT A), ]G E2 T,^,S@ 5O3$/ 4$5G E!>,$YT( _;=$; S, $EB$Y,BY,) !a A,BT E2 5O6AG B) 5O0A E!< >,$YTK 5O $.50B4 =T Y;]T  $EBY=B,S TE2Y_S, AE)]@, Y;Y ,B$GT]@Y,T  T,Y E2 5O3$4$5G E!>,$YT B) A=BY=BT Y;, :SG; E2 =BY,S$EBB,$Y=EBT Y;Y A?, ]G Y;, A,$;B=TA YEGE@E:aK Y =T =B $;S:, E2 $S,Y=B: B) ),TYSEa=B:


H Q[6=:

5O0A =BTYB$,T B) YE @=B?X]B@=B? 5O6AG E!>,$YTK Y ,A!,)T @:ES=Y;AT 2ES :SG; =Y,SY=EB( ]G)Y,( B) M],SaK 5O $.50B4 T]GGESYT Y;, ;=,SS$;=$@ $EAGET=Y=EB E2 A,$;B=TAT YE !]=@) AES, $EAG@,` A,$;B=TATK ES ,`AG@,(  AE!=@, AB=G]@YES =T Y;, $EAGET=Y=EB E2  AE!=@, SE^,S B) B SY=$]@Y,) SAK B ES),S YE @@E_ Y;, ),6B=Y=EB E2 @:ES=Y;AT Y;Y ]B=2ESA@a =Y,SY, Y;, A,$;B=TA ;=,SS$;=$@ TYS]$Y]S,( _, ;^, GG@=,) Y;, EAGET=Y, ,T=:B YY,SB " C7#K ;, S,T]@Y =T Y;, )Y TYS]$Y]S, ),G=$Y,) T  )=:SA =B =:]S, W( _;=$; S,GS,T,BYT Y;,    ,T=:B YY,SBK

& *&  &:6Q> B. W8) ?_ BQE8B=B6_ WW)Q?

;, 5O6!O TE2Y_S, !TYS$Y=EB S,GS,T,BYT !EY; T=AG@, 5O3$4$5G E!>,$YT B) Y;,=S 5O $.50B4 $EBY=B,ST E2 S!=YSSa $EAG@,`=YaK ;=T =T B !TYS$Y $@TT Y;Y )E,T BEY B,,) YE !, =BTYBY=Y,)K Y =AG@,A,BYT A,Y;E)T Y;Y @@E_ $@=,BY GG@=$Y=EBT YE S,YS=,^, Y;, G;aT=$@ GSEG,SY=,T E2 =B)=^=)]@ ,@,A,BYT ES A,$;B=TAT =B  ]B=2ESA _a( T]$; T Y;,=S Z T;G,K ;]T( $@=,BYT Aa ,^,B BEY ?BE_ =2  !E)a =T B ,@,A,BY ES  A,$;B=TAK

B Y]SB( 5O $.50B4 E!>,$YT S, A), ]G E2 B S!=YSSa B]A!,S E2 5O6!O E!>,$YT( _;=$; $B !, 5O3$4$5G ES EY;,S 5O $.50B4 E!>,$YTK 5O6!O ,B$GT]@Y,T Y;, @:ES=Y;AT 2ES =Y,SY=B: Y;, A,$;B=TA ;=,SS$;=$@ TYS]$Y]S,K =:]S, V T;E_T B ,`AG@, E2  T=AG@=6,) AE!=@, AB=G]@YES TYS]$Y]S,( _;,S, TE@=) @=B, S,$YB:@,T S,GS,T,BY 5O3$4$5G E!>,$YT H,K:K $;TT=T( @=B?( K K K I( TA@@ $=S$@,T S,GS,T,BY 5O6AG E!>,$YT( TA@@ $SETT,T S,GS,T,BY 5O0A E!>,$YT( B) )T;,) @=B, S,$YB:@,T S,GS,T,BY 5O $.50B4 E!>,$YTK ;, E!EY A,$;B=TA ,B$GT]@Y,T Y;, B=G]@YES A,$;B=TA B) Y;, E^,S A,$;B=TAK ;, B=G]@YES ,B$GT]@Y,T Y;S,, =B? ,@,A,BYT( _;=@, Y;,

W=) ?=_R:R WW)Q?R .BQ BBW B:=:W_


& )& 8) WBEB=B6_ B.  R:>E=:2)& >B:=) >?:E[=WBQ RWQ["W[Q)

E^,S =T A), ]G E2 Y;, ;TT=T ,@,A,BY B) 2E]S ,: A,$;B=TATK =B@@a( Y;, ,: A,$;B=TAT S, A), ]G E2 Y_E =B? ,@,A,BYT ,$;K ;, S,T]@Y=B: TYS]$Y]S, $B !, E!T,S^,) 2SEA Y_E )=TY=B$Y G,STG,$Y=^,TK =STY( =Y S,GS,T,BYT  8Y =BY,S$EBB,$Y=EB E2 5O3$4$5G E!>,$YTK ;=T TYS]$Y]S, )=S,$Y@a AGT Y;, G;aT=$@ $;=BT E2 A,$;B=$@ $EAGEB,BYT( _;=$; @=B? 2ES ,`AG@, Y;, ,B)% G30CK C7>? ;,    YY,SB ;T Y;, 2E@@E_=B: GSET B) $EBTK `GS,T< T=^,B,TTK ;, GSEGET,) AE),@ T]GGESYT Y;, S,GS,T,BYY=EB E2 )=3,S,BY A,$;< B=TA YEGE@E:=,T( T]$; T Y;, $;=B E2 @=B?T Y;Y A?, ]G  T,S=@ AB=G]@YES( ES Y;, YS,, E2 ),^=$,T Y;Y A?, ]G  AE!=@, SE^,S HYSBT2ESA=B: $;TT=T( _;,,@ !E:=,T( T]TG,BT=EB TaTY,AT( ,Y$KI ES ,^,B Y;, :SG; E2 T,S=@ ?=B,AY=$T $;=BT H@,:TI Y;Y A?, ]G  GS@@,@ SE!EYK B =BY,S,TY=B: $EBT,M],B$, E2 S,GS,T,BY=B: Y;, S,@Y=^, GET=Y=EBT E2 5O/ 6AG E!>,$YT ,`G@=$=Y@a =T Y;, GETT=!=@=Ya YE AE),@ ,@TY=$ GSEG,SY=,T E2 A,< $;B=$@ ,@,A,BYT T,A@,TT@aK ES ,`AG@,( =Y =T GETT=!@, YE YY$;  )aBA=$ !,;^=E]S YE 5O6AG YSBT2ESAY=EBT =B ES),S YE S,GS,T,BY B ,@,A,BY ),2ES< AY=EB )], YE ,`Y,SB@ ES =BY,SB@ 2ES$,T H,K: Y;,SA@ )=@YY=EBIK G030GOK ;, GSEGET,) AE),@ $@,S@a T,GSY,T Y;, =B^S=BY GSEG,SY=,T E2  A,$;B=$@ ,@,A,BY 2SEA Y;, ^S=!@, YYS=!]Y,T Y;Y ),6B, ;E_ Y;, ,@< ,A,BY =T =BY,S$EBB,$Y,) _=Y; EY;,S ,@,A,BYT YE 2ESA $EAGET=Y, A,$;B=TATK

W=) ?=_R:R WW)Q?R .BQ BBW B:=:W_


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8)  W_ QB;)"W


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