The Oxford Dictionary of Slang (Oxford Paperback Reference)

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The Oxford Dictionary of Slang (Oxford Paperback Reference)

DICTIONARY OF JOHNAYTO The worlds most trusted reference books ~:NetRdx :~ Oxford Paperback Reference SLANG Contain

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The worlds most trusted reference books ~:NetRdx :~

Oxford Paperback Reference

SLANG Containing over 10,000 words and phrases, this is the ideal reference for those interested in the more quirky and unofficial words used in the English language. Including surprisingly old words such as booze and guzzle to the most up-to-date words like humongous and lunchbox, this fascinating book is sure to provide a stonking good read for all. •

Thematically arranged by chapter for easy browsing

Words are arranged chronologically within their theme to show how the language has changed

Contains word origins, illustrative examples from literature, and an easy-to-use A-Z index

'hours of happy browsing for language lovers' Observer

ISBN 0-19-280104-X



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The Oxford Dictionary of


John Ayto is a professional lexicographer and author. His publications include The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang (with John Simpson), The Oxford Essential Guide to the English Language, The Longman Register of New Words, The Bloomsbury Dictionary of Word Origins, and Twentieth Century Words (published by OUP).



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Contents Sustenance and Intoxication

Preface The body and its Functions


1. The body and its Parts 2. Nakedness 3. Physique 4. Sight, Vision 5. Hearing 6. Smell 7. Bodily Functions 8. Pregnancy & Childbirth 9. Tiredness 10. Sleep 11. Illness 12. Death

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People and Society


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Foodstuffs Eating & Drinking Alcohol Tobacco Drugs Articles and Substances

1. Things 2. Clothing & Accessories 3. Tools, Implements, & Containers 4. Weapons 5. Explosives 6. Dirt & Cleanliness Money, Commerce, and Employment

1. Ethnic & National groups 2. People 3. Children 4. Relations 5. Terms of Address 6. Groups 7. Status 8. Social Categories 9. Conventionality 10. Friends 11. Solitude 1 2 . Sex 13. Sexual Orientation 14. Prostitution 15. Crime 16. Killing 17. Reprimanding & Punishing 18. The Police 19. Prisons 20. Vagrancy 21. Politics 22. Military, Maritime, & Airforce 23. Espionage 24. Religion Animals

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