The Sasquatch People and Their lnterdimensional Connection

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The Sasquatch People and Their lnterdimensional Connection


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The Sasquatch People and Their lnterdimensional Connection Copyright ©2011 Kewaunee Lapseri ti s All rights reserved Published by Comanche Spiri t Publishing Printed in USA ISBN: 978-0-9833695-3-0

Books may be ordered by contact ing the author at Sasq uatchpeopl [email protected] or 1-425-844-8409 www.Sasquatc

Another book by Kewaunee Lapseritis The Psychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connection

Editing, text design, and typography by Carol Hilt ner Cover art and the drawings at the beginning of each chapter by Jesse D' Angelo

DEDICATION This book is dedicated to all the Sasquatch cQntactees who have had the courage to step out of the shadows and in to the light. Without their openness and shar ing, this book wou ld not have been written.

Also, th is book is ded icated to Ma ris Kundzi ns (19422010) whose own interdimensional journey happened way too soon. Maris, j ust know that we mi ss YO ll, and that Shei la, Mario, and I wi ll never stop lovi ng you.

Maris Kundzins (/9-12- 2010)

TABL E OF CONTENTS Acknow ledgments ............ ....... ........... .... vi i Pre fa ce

C hristo pher L. Murphy ..... ... •.... . . ... ..


Lee Tri ppen ................. . ... .... ... xi i


Introduction Kewa unee Lapseritis ..... ........... ..... x iv

C hapte r I

Cryptoal1 lhropo logy: The Anc ient Ones. . . . . .. 1

C hapte r 2

T he Sasquatch Wh ispere rs ................ 3 1

Chapter 3

The ETfU FO Connection ................. 6 1

Chapte r 4

The Hyperd imensiona l Sasq uatch & Q uantum Phys ics ...... ......... . .. .. . 93

Chapte r 5

T he Vortex Phenomenon: Unusua l Cryp tids . 11 3

Chapte r 6

T he E lusive Ev idence: Revamp ing the Empirica l Model. . . . . . . . .. 143

Chapter 7

A Native Amerind ian Perspecti ve .... ...... 159

Chapter 8

Researchers and a New Approach to Science. 187

Chapter 9

The Future or Sasquatchery .... .......... 203

Chapter 10

The Sasqua tch Message to Hum an ity ....... 2 17

Afterword I Jann We iss- In terspecies Communi cator ... 227 Afterword II Kathleen Jones- Interspec ies Co mm unicator 23 1 End Notes Bibl iograp hy

Index Biograp hy


«Apes can wa lk on two legs, but not with the strides and gait the Patterson Bigfoot uses. That's a human trait." Dr. Esteban Sarmiento, Primatologist Previously of the American Museum of Natural HistOlY, New York

"Th e exact contrary of what is generally be lieved is often the truth." Jean de la Bruyere

"Using advanced techno logy, when I freeze and enlarge a frame from the Patterson film , it's plain to see that the creature has li ps. On ly humans have lips, not anthropoid apes." M. K. Davis, Researcher


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Fi rst to my dear friends and associates Lee and Marlys Trippett with my deepest grat itude fo r th eir un wavering support over the years; Many thanks to my good fr iend, associate, and staunch supporter Mike Wisotzke, who firmly beli eves in me beca use he was a witness to some of these anomalous events I e ffected and manifested at times with th e he lp of the Sasquatch peopl e; Much love to Rusty and Irene Axtell for thei r ongoi ng support; My warmest a pprec iat ion to Jeremy Lynes for hi s brotherly he lp and for his always being there to ass ist me in the kindest way; May God richly b less Mary Rau for her spiritual support and generosity. You are certainly a most wonderfu l and Joving friend ; I am 111 0St grateful to my sp iritua l brother Donald Peterson fo r his friendship and research ass istance; also for the support from his 'w onderful companion Kat hl een Ryan; My kindest regards to forensic sc ienti st Dr. Kenneth Siegesmu nd fo r hi s support analyz ing my physica l ev idence for the last 30 yea rs; Thank you ki ndl y, John A ll en, fo r believ ing in my work and always enco uraging me to carry on. You are also my spiritual brother; My love and bless ings to Professor John Boatman for hi s superb contribution to th is book as an Oj ibway First Nation persoll. Recently, the eagle guid ed hi m home over the Great Div ide. He wi ll be missed by many; Jack and Audrey Jurkonie's fri endship and moral sllpport ove r the years has meant everythin g to me. Thank you and God bless you both; One of my greatest supporters and a noble frie nd, Russ Rusby, ha s been there for me every step of th e way and is one of the most generous ind ividua ls I have every met! Thank you with all my heart. My utmost apprec iation and bl ess ings to experiencer Susan Treibs for her spiritua l support over the years;

v ii

Dr. R. Leo Sprink le must be me ntioned here. My thanks to him over the last 25 years of frie nds hip and for hi s support in tak ing the tim e to critique the manuscript 10 get it po li shed lip. Many blessi ngs to you and your family; O n an exped ition to the O rego n Cascades in 1980, I had th e pleasure of meeti ng Phil an d Wendy S ingleton, and we have been the best of friends ever si nce. I am most gratefu l for th eir love an d support whi le cond ucting fie ld research in that part of the cou ntry; Many thanks to Elai ne Freema n fo r her love, kindness, and generosity. You r caring heart is most apprec iated; My pro found gratitude to my edi tor and des igner Carol Hiltner, whose profess ionali sm shi nes th rough at every l evel~ Wit h my deepest apprec iation to Jesse D'Angelo, whose pro fessional talent and exquis it e artwork have brought my writi ng to li fe; Many, many thanks to my typ ist Teny Burch for her unendi ng pati ence and expertise in gell ing everything right. May God graciously b less you and your fami ly: I want to exp ress my gratitude to Glenn Fra nco Si mmons for his photograp hy of the Redwood fo rest used fo r the bac kground on the cover o f the boo k; And lastly, it has been a bless ing, Maris Kundzins, to have you for a fai thful friend for 46 years ! It 's been an interesting adve nture. Thank you fo r the photography you contri buted in the book an d for your constant support. As a Zen Master said. «Every step of the journey is the journey."

v iii

PREFACE BY CHRISTOPHER L. MURPHY The depiction of strange ape- like creatures in th e history of North Ameri ca predates European senlement. Nati ve people show such creatures in pictographs (pai nted images) and in petrog lyphs (stone etch ing). In more recent times, they were de picted in woodcarvings (totem po les and ceremonial masks). Stories of sllch creatures abound in Nati ve li terature, and always state that such be ings were "spiritual" or " paranorma l" in naturc. In other words, they possessed powers beyond those of normal humans. Although Nati ve cul tures also include numerous oth er "spirit" creatures, remarkab ly, only the one with ape-li ke features fo und its way into non-Native cul ture. In about 1925, thi s creature became known to no n-Natives in Canada as the " Sasquatch," and then in the 1950s the fam iliar term "B igfoot" became its common nam e in the United States. Thi s name, of course, was derived from the large human- like footpri nts that have been fo und (and continue to be found) in wilderness and rural areas. T he ma in reason non-Native people have professed a be lief in Sasquatch/Bigfoot is due to physical sightings of the creature or other evidence o f its presence, of which there have been at least 2,5 00 incidents over the last 100 years or so. At this time, it is estimated that there are at least 400 sightings/inc idents per year throughout the Un ited States and Canada. Perhaps the earl iest US newspaper report on what appears to have been this creature was pub lished in The Exeter Watchman , New York, in 18 18. It reads as follows: Another Wonder Sackels, HarbOl: New }'Ork, Augllsl 30, 18 18 Reports says, that in the vicini ty of Ellisburgh, was seen on the 30th Ult. By a gentle man of unquestionable veracity. an anima l rese mbling the Wild Man of the Woods. It is stated that he came from the woods within a few rods of this gentleman- that he stood and looked at him and then took his flight in a direct ion which gave a perfect view of him for some time. He is descri bed as bending forwa rd when

running- hairy. and the hee l of the fOOl narrow. spread ing althe toes. Hu ndreds of pe rsons have been in pursuit fo r seve ral days, but not hing is hea rd or see n of hirn. The freq uent and positive manner in which this story comes, induces us 10 be lieve it. We wish not to impeach the veracity of this hi ghly favo red gen tl eman, yet it is proper that such naturally improbable accou nts should be establ ished by the mouth of at least two direct eyewitnesses to entitl e them to credit. S ince that tim e, thousands of newspaper arti cles 0 11 Sasquatch sightings and other related ev idence have been publ ished. Although Jllany are ce rtainly the result o f overactive imaginations, misidenti fi cations, and hoaxes, it defies logic to dismiss them all as such. Serious research into th e question of actual Sasquatch ex istence started in the 1950s. It was (and contin ues 10 be) reasoned that the vast expanse of No rth America coul d reasonably conceal a creature o f this nature, an d it was thought that it wo uld on ly be a man eroftime before a speci men (phys ical body, or part thereof) coul d be placed be fore men o f sc ience. The filming in 1967 (Patt erson/G imlin film) o f what is be lieved by many to be a Sasq uatch bolstered beli ef in its

Bob Gimlin at Ke waunee s cabin. Bob was witness to thefilming of a Sasquatch al Bluff Creek. Cali/omia on October 20, 1967. x

ex istence and greatly increased hope that one wou ld be capUi red, kill ed, or at least again phoLOgraphed with equal or better clarity. Remar ka bly, such has not been the case. There have been many associated tangible "findin gs" (a ll eged footprints, body pri nts, hair, feces, sound record ings, and so fo rth), but nothing that has fu lly satisfi ed the sc ientifi c commu nity that the creature ex ists. Nevertheless, through the efforts o ror. Jeff Meldrum , the world of sc ie nce recognizes that somethin g unknown makes large human- like foot prints. Some years ago, I concluded that the SasquatchlBigfoot iss ue was like a jigsaw puzzle with essenti al parts miss ing. It ap peared to me that these parts might be beyond normal, rationa l (convent ional) thinking. In other words, one might need to go outside the restri ctions of phys ical sc ience to find answers. Iron ica lly, Nati ve people had " been there" long before non-Nati ves set foot on their continent. My fi rst in-depth exposure to such thi nking was in meeting Kewau nee Lapserit is in the mid-1 990s. Kewaunee sent me hi s fi rst book The Psychic Sasqualch and Their UFO Connection, and over the years we have kept in touch and established a good fri endshi p. He has confided many things to me and sent me num erous photo-

A IIlhor/researcher Cllris Mlllphy and Kewaunee Lapserilis Of CI SClsquClfch Symposillm in Bellingham

graphs of the research he has conti nued to undeltake. I told him I was only rea lly interested in " physical" thi ngs- having concluded that he had just as much chance of fi nd ing actual Sasquatch relics or artifacts as anyone else. We have disclissed at length hi s unusual ex periences, and although, like the Sasquatch itself, neither he nor I can put these "on the table" and physical ly ana lyze them , I firmly believe in Kewaunee's honesty and sinceri ty and think he has certainly made important discoveries. The fact that he is not alone in thi s field is also highly im portant. N umerous other peop le say they have had essentially the same experiences, and li ke regu lar Sasquatch sightings, one gets to a point where quant ity starts to say somethi ng. As John Green says, if j ust one of the thousands of Sasquatch sightings can be proven beyond a doubt, then there can be no doubt that the creatu re exists. I think the most important thing scientists and peop le in general can do with regard to the paranorm al in all aspects is to listen. Th ere have been many cases in histol}' where claims have been made and cast aside as ridi cu lous or impossib le, only to later come to light as totally correct- some have " changed the world." Could the Sasquatch be of the natu re that Kewaunee tells us? Of course it could. What we know of the universe has hardly touched what there is to know. Kewaunee's uni que spi ritual and eclectic fi eld approach to thi s research may not meet with the approval of his peers and mainstream sc ientists because it goes beyond the unid imens ional biological sciences into the little-known rea lm of quantum physics , psychi c phenomena, and the outer limits of the intang ible Sasquatch world. Nevertheless, at least Kewaunee has the co urage to express the truth as he has come to understand it, and is willing to share his knowledge in this unique landmark book. For certa in, readers wi ll become acute ly aware that there is possib ly much more to the Sasq uatchIBigfoot issll e than th ey could have ever imagi ned.


FOREWORD BY LEE TRIPPETT OUf family came across first-hand news of unusual and remarkable event s in the earl y 19605. My Dad's broth er was in Happy

Camp, Cali fornia, when there were reports of hai r-covered giants. And when he shared these events with us in Eugene, Oregon, our fam ily becam e enamo red w ith intrigue and po tential ad venture. Thi s was the beginning of a lifetime of searching for reasonab le explanations of ph enomena th at were totally new in all the know ledge of what we thought was our ex tensive awareness. How is it possible for a giant to surv ive and keep out of s ight from hundreds of trackers, loggers, hunters, and mi ners? This is the one vital question that has remained throughout my nearly five decades of often active interest. This is still the one quest ion th at has opened many doors to a totally unexpected range of awareness. Why five decades? Because the amount, quality, and character of the ev idence kept expandi ng. Thousands of reports over a wid e range oftime, geography, and witness credent ia ls show a consistent patt ern . The more we interviewed witnesses, and heard or read of reports, the more compelling was our need to find a reasonab le answer. Being schooled in advanced hard sc ience that has inappropri ately reli ed on only rep li cati on, there was a prevailing dri ve to find su pport for those witnesses who needed understanding for their sometimes earth-shaking experiences. Through th e 1960s our fami ly came to know major players in the field of research in the Pacifi c Northwest. We came to understand the imposs ibi li ty of look ing behind millions of truly big trees all at once and during the night. Thi s required a uni que research too l because it was becom ing obvious that traditi ona l advanced technology was not working. r re luctantly too k the suggestion of various " proven intuitives" to camp alone out in a very remote area and wa it. No gu ns, cameras, or hidden motives allowed. (It took years to fully understand and appreciate the reason for thi s sty le of approach.) So in the late 1970s, when my employer gave tota l freedom of hours to the entire staff, x i ii

I spe nt two co nsecutive nights during th e full moon for ten consecut ive mont hs. As always, like many ti mes before an d afte r. I paid very close attenti on to details of the env ironm ent and eventua lly noticed thi ngs out of order. I rea li zed that I was be ing watched by something very powerfu l and far more in tune with nature than I could have ever im agi ned. Being a bit slow to catch Oil, it wasn't unti l th e 1980s and ' 90s that I started pay ing more attention to subtle event s. energies, the feelings of witnesses, and Native Amer ica n stories. My slowness to "catch on" to what coul d be happening was due, in large part, to early training in relig ion and hard science that requi red " reality" to fit within esta blished scriptural doctrine or objective measurable parameters. The really big shift in expanded awareness about the nature of these hair-covered giants occurred slow ly with fo ur event s. One was a personal meetin g with Kewa unee. th e author of thi s book. Another was meeting with witn esses who had had multipl e sighti ngs and telepathic conversati ons with these giants, and third, the remarkable di scovery in quantum science of an " omni present, omn iscience, and om ni potent consciousness" by my peers in, of all places, the fie ld of physics. The fourth was a long-standing int erest in altern at ive hea lth. It seems that there are now a number of hea lth care practitioners who can have a very relaxed att itude with focused coherent intent to bring about healing miracles with the app rova l of a consenting cl ient. This is a di rect confirmation of ancient healing practice and the recent di scovery of quantum sc ience. It is essentia l to not let the profound im plications of thi s go by. It is these words and thoughts that have provided meaning far beyond the typica l modern worldmind. It is these words and thoughts that provide the mental tool that allows the g iants to get along without the need of materia l artifacts. It is these words and thoughts that have provided wide rangi ng extraordinary powers to affect matter and energy in ways that we describe as paranorma l or psychi c events. It is also these words and thoughts that were taught 2,000 years ago. However, th ose concepts are now tran slated into something meaning a deep unshakable con fidence in faith. Our famili ar prevailing attitudes and thought pattern s have far more s ignificance on ou r li fe xiv

experience than we rea lize. O ur potential is unl imi ted for access to real freedom. In other words, we need not be limi ted by energy, time, space, and form. We a ll have a lot to learn fro m these hair-covered g iants. How much expans ion can our consciousness take? How much energy or inHuence can a disciplined mi nd affect? The search for a reasonab le answer to profound phenomena has led 10 considerable study in the forefron t of rel igion and science. The ride has been a w ild, e ntertaining, and exc iti ng learning adventure over the past 45+ years. Within the fo ll owing pages you will find a ll the im portant necessary arguments, first-hand perso na l experience, and scientific leads for evidence that we and other humano id forms of this incredible universe have ta lents and capabilities that far tran scend the limited in fo rmat ion that can be commonly fo und in a ll the textbooks of our soc iety. Quantum sc ience and the remarkable personal d iscoveries of the author wi ll open the door to many exciting awakenings. Best Wishes! Lee Trippett Eugene, Oregon Apri l 20 10

Treat the Earth and a ll that dwell thereon with respect. Remain close to the Great Spirit; Show great respect fo r your fe llow beings; Work together for the benefit of a ll Mankind; G ive assistance and kindness wherever needed; Do what you know to be right; Look after the well be ing of mind and body ; Dedi cate a share of your efforts to the greater good; Be truth ful and honest at a ll ti mes; Take fu ll responsibility for your act ions. Amerindian phi losophy; the Sasquatch people and Ancient Ones ' sp ir itual be liefs

INTRODUCTION " Oh, you' re a contacteeT The few w ho have been sought out by th e psych ic Sasq uatch are indeed honored, because the elusive g iants will only speak or intentio nally show themselves to humans who have open hearts. Co ntactees are a l the forefront of a soc iopsychologi ca l evol ut ion that is being instigated by these hi ghly advanced nature bei ngs whom I ca ll the Sasq uatch people. In recent years amongst Sasq uatch resea rchers, however, the word "conlactee" has become a dirty word-a word with connotations syno nymous with pseud osc ience, mis info rm ation, subjective data co ll ecti ng, or worse yet, the " lunati c fri nge." The reality is that more and more open- hearted people are being contacted by th e psych ic Sasq uatch, and I have beco me a key faci litator-helpi ng witnesses to expa nd thei r spiritual consc iousness by int eracting w ith these evo lved beings. Ironica ll y. it is the co ntactees who are the rea l experts, beca use via telepathic communi cati on they have bee n en lightened as to who and what these forest g iants truly are. I unexpected ly beca me a contactee in 1979 when bot h a Sasquatch and ET telepathically spok e to me. It was a very start ling experience, but has been an ongo ing process ever si nce. Because of Illy sc ientifi c backgrou nd, I strugg led for two years with the psychi c aspects of th is phenomeno n until I finally sto pped my denial and accepted thi s new rea lity. My life has not been the sam e since the initial co ntact. I have now been conducting Sasquatch research for 55 years. My struggle w ith a res ulting spi ri tua l lransformation has been sorely misunderstood by the commu nity of researchers who bel ieve that procuri ng a dead body, bones, or clea r photographic evidence is what th is phenomenon is about. But there are no monsters here for the taking! Such perce ptions come [rom people who have never seen a Sasquatch or amicab ly interacted \v ith one via mental te lepathy. How can people proclai m themselves "experts" in thi s field witho ut fully experiencing the su bj ect that they are invest igating and supposedly xv;

study ing? Those who have been most criti cal of co ntactees have the least to show fo r thei r efforts! Sadly, this fi eld has few bona fide scientists and an abundance of armchai r critics, computer geeks, and weekend warriors, when long term fi eld work is needed- in the Jane Goodallirad ition. However, the rea l brea kthroughs are happening to the consciously aware people who have the patience and lack of fear to spend weeks or months alone in the wilderness without a gun or camera. Desp ite the adol esce nt attitude of some sc ienti sts toward the unknown, espec ially invo lving psi, UFOs, and other elusive phenomena, many sagacious sc ienti sts rea lize that quantum phys ics and psychic phenomena are sy nony mous- perhaps born of the same cruc ib le. Statistically, as of November 20 10, I have documented exactly 187 experience rs who can objecti fy the reality of a psychi c Sasquatch. In th e fo ll owi ng pages I share my persona l story and those of witnesses as they un fo lded. I haye made no effort to "scientifi ca lly" prove these anomalolls experiences, because the sc ientifi c parad igm to measure reality is incomplete and nonholi stic, and thus the subject is viewed in distortion. So it is up to the reader to dec ide what is real. The reader may wonder what my background and sc ientific methods are, that have led me into such controversial viewpoints. I was raised hunting, fis hing, and trapping as a boy in the 1950s. Later, I backpacked around the world to over 40 countries by age 25. Ninety-nine percent o f the time I cond uct my fi eld work alone. I conducted an etlmographic study, learning from Amazon ian Indians, and later studied herbo logy with the Great Lake Woodland Indians. These experiences certain ly helped me to be confident and independent in the field. But it's what I hold in my heart that counts the most, and I still have to work at it by trying always to be a better person in service of God and humanity. That 's most important to me- not some sc ientific physica l proof that in the end may alienate the giants fro m me. We have bui lt a trust and I am fortunate 10 be learning fro m them. I study botany- both medic inal and edible plants in the areas I visit. I read, write, pray, med itate. and telcpath; in other words, I relax and merge with nature. Taki ng on some of the qual ities of a Sasquatch in a non-threatening way has proven successful. I go out in the forest for xvii

one week, three weeks, sometimes more---once up to five months in one place to make contact. I let them come to me as they feel comfortable after monitori ng my behavior for a tim e. Because of their powerful psychic network ing to other clans and tribes around the globe , they know who I am before I even enter the area. This is fact. I telepath to the one near my home before I leave, asking for permission from the others out of respect. I certai nl y wo uldn' t want anyone campi ng on my front lawn without first asking my permission. The beings say they have wisdom to share. but our inflated egos are bli nding us from the truth. From time to time, when I let my own ego interfere with thi s se nsit ive research, they have stated to inte rspecies communicator Kathleen Jones that I need to get out of my head and back into my heart while letting go of negative emotions. This message is really fo r everyone. That's not always easy for me, but I try. I am only scratching the surface of a whole new area of anthropo logy and quantum sc ience that the mainstream conservatives have been ignoring. There is a vital need to change the scientific paradigm , because it does not include the aspect of quantum physics, which would change the way we view our world concerni ng Sasq uatch. After 32 years it's normal paranonnal still fasc inat ing to me to experience the nowMveryM phenomena. I have my own proof that Sasquatch interdimensionalism exists. If I tried obtaining physical proof, I wou ld be regressing. For I cannot unl earn how to swim! With thi s book some may feel that I stretch the present sc ientific model, yet it is time that th e world be properly informed of thi s new para-phys ical paradigm. New areas of sc ience are being discovered all the tim e and this is one of them. Whether recogni zed or not, thi s phenomenon is here to stay. In fact, th e contact and telepathy are accelerati ng all over the country, perhaps the world ! Though greatly critic ized for not publ icly revea lin g names and addresses of contactees/interviewees, I feel it is not fair to subject them to certa in ri dic ul e and scrutiny by those who don ' t understand the complex ity of th is spirinl3l phenomenon. I make no apologies for the fac t that my book is large ly anecdotal. As a scientist, I took the limits of scientific method as far as they wou ld go, always objective ly following wherever the evidence wo uld lead me. xviii

It is important to note th at the Sasquatch as a people, with numerous clans and tribes throughout the North American co nt inent, have asked me to write this boo k about them in order to directly affect societal awareness of them. Their purpose is not only to make th e pub li c aware of th eir clandestine ex isten ce, but to impress upon the outer world that many other types of beings also ex ist on thi s pl anet- some fro m outer space, some fro m inner space. As a responsib le researcher, I fee l my d iscoveries need to be shared wi th the pu blic. I am the firs t academi cian to experi ence and document the dynam ics of mental telepathy and psychic hea lings, and to w itness interdimensional ism in the quantum rea lm of the Sasquatch peopl e. I am proud of my achievements in presenting a book based on integrity, perseverance, and love. No ne of this research was compromised to please the skept ics. When I asked the Ancient Ones how much of what they told me I should share with the world, they sa id, "Tell truth , tell all !" And that is what I have accomplished here-revealing God 's truth of th is strange and mystica l phenomenon that on ly now is calli ng for full, unconditi onal publ ic disclosure.

Kewa un ee Lapser itis, SA, MS, MH Seattle, Washington November 2010



ang ... knock, knock! " was the sound heard at the cabi n door late one evening by a 60-year-o ld divorced man living in a remote forest some fifty mil es southeast of Seatt le, Washington. Th is was in the 19905. Upon opening the door, the man was startl ed to see an attractive curvaceO liS woman complete ly nude, wi th short brown hair (not fur) covering her entire body! There was no hair on her face whatsoever. She did not have Negroid features, wore straight long hair on her head, and had short hair that was evenl y distributed on her breast and everywhere e lse except for her palms and bottom of her feet. The fe male being was around six feet in he ight.



2 - The Sasquatch People

The woman appeared to be pleasant and gent le, and immediately began mak ing overtures of a sexua l nature toward the gent leman. He was stunned. What li tt le communication occurred was strictly telepathic. Soon the two peop le were in bed engaged in sex ual intercourse. As if th is was not shocking enough, after the romanti c interlude, she smi led at him wh il e climbing out of the bed, the n proceeded to turn and walk straight through the solid wall of the cabi n. Two months later there was another knoc k at the door, and when the man opened it, the forest being was once again standin g there pointing to her be lly. She said te lepathically, " It took," then turned and walked away. The man never saw her again. During the prev ious months, before he first met the seduct ive lady, he had observed what he labeled "Sasquatch" at the edge of his property on severa l occasions, but he had never seen one up close. Also, a week befo re meeting her, he had witnessed a spaceship hovering a coup le of feet above a sma ll lake near his cabi n. The gentleman cla imed it had a long tubular appendage submerged in the water. The follow ing morning he noticed that the water leve l in the lake had dropped about a foot. He associated the UFO with the woman with whom he had the sexual encounter. It was very confusing for him, so he ca ll ed a group of in vestigators from a local UFO organization to report the incident and to possibly rece ive some explanation of what had happened. A member of the team relayed the report to me . As a veteran Sasquatch researcher, I immed iately recognized the woman the man described to be an " Anc ient One" and 110/ a Sasquatch! I wanted to interv iew the man myself, but was told he had moved and the researc her did not know his new address. T he investigator said the man was sincere and distressed over the incident. There have been many strange encounters reponed across the conti nent that have bee n co nfusing to both witnesses and researchers alike. The descriptions range from human-looking to monkey-faced , gori ll a-li ke, and even someth ing similar to an orangutan. Percip ients wo rl dwide on every continent except Antarct ica have also reported a variety of sizes of these extraordinary anthropoids. The com monaliti es are bipedalism, hairiness, a sku nk- li ke odor. extreme adeptness at evading humans, and psychic abi lities. Some are friendly; some are protectively aggressive. The beings appear to have facial diversity no different than humans. However, when a witness sees one at a distance, it is labeled (or mislabeled) Sasquatch.

Chapter 1 : Cryptoanthropology: The Ancient Ones - 3

From my years of study and analysis, I understand that there are four "lypes" afforest giants in North America, and I have seen and interacted with two kinds- the Sasquatch people and the Ancient Ones. Yet, there may be more subdivisions of them of which I am not aware. I was to ld by the beings that sub-races exist and are usually referred to as "tribes," because they are a people. The four Sasquatch-types in North Ameri ca are: I) the Sasquatch people, who look ape-like- with conical heads and arms down to the ir knees- but are actually hu manoid and velY menta ll y, sp iritually, inte ll ectually, and psych ica lly evolved, in sp ite of the ir many ani ma l-like qualities that allow them to better survive in a raw wilderness env ironment; 2) the Anc ient O nes, who at a glance look like the Sasquatch, have velY hum an faces and rou nd heads and are also hum anoid- not homi nids or animals in any way. Their arms are not long like a Sasquatch, but arc in proportion to their bodies like ours; 3) th e dog-faced or baboon-like forest giants with a "snout," whi ch are rarely reported, but are like Sasquatch beings except for fac ial phys iognomy; and 4) th e orangutan-faced one in Florida often referred to as the "Skunk Ape." As of 20 I 0, J have experienced the Sasq uatch people and the Ancient Ones just over one thousand times since I was stunned into a quantum real ity in 1979, when both ETs (Starpeople) and Sasq uatch began te lepathic communication with me, reveali ng their interdimensiona l existence. All of thi s has dra stica lly changed my life and the nature of my reality. My focus is to report the truth as objectively as possible under extraordinary ci rculllstances. Telepathic communication is the key to thi s ent ire phenomenon! In Oregon in 1985, I began to encounter the Ancient Ones, and discovered that they too had profound psychic ability and were also affiliated with friendly Starpeople. I was told by the Ancient Ones that all of them consider themselves a "people." Anthropologists define a people as having: I) cu lture- that is, social behav iori s111s, a po litical stru cture, art , and produ cts o f hu man work and thought that, in total, he lp a people to survi ve;

4 - The Sasq u atch People

2) belief or recogni tion in a supreme be ing or supernatural God; 3) language to pass on oral or written trad iti on; 4) the abi lity to bury their dead rather th an leaving a corpse to nature's elements to decompose; and 5) too ls to aid them in their cultural surv iva l. After interviewing and doc umenting 187 pe rcipi ents (most ofwhom have had mental te lepathy with these fo rest beings, some ongoing), I can state without hes itation that both Sasq uatch and Anc ient Ones fi t the five criteria as a people. nol ani mals, and certain ly not monsters! Anthropo logists need to accept these gentle forest giants as an uncommon il k of true humans, li vi ng inside of an imal-li ke bodies. Each Sasquatch has a di fferent level of intellect, persona li ty, and life experiences, j ust like us "hairless" humans. The Sasquatch people have become my fri ends- no di ffere nt than my Native American, Black, and Asian friends. We are all a people, regard less how eac h race physically looks. The Sasquatch have lots of hair, enabl ing survival while liv ing a prim itive existence in the wilderness through all seasons. Thei r animal li ke characteri st ics also allow them to gather wil d plants, growl, howl, kill , and eat animals raw. I discovered that they can make fire, but rarely use it, because the smoke wou ld attract unwanted attention from forest service and pri vate airp lanes ("big sky birds" to them). What ani ma ls does the reader know that can make fire? None! Over the years, I have witnessed mind-boggling powe rs from the psychic Sasquatch and how they are able to tap into a quantum "frequency" that alters our phys ical environment. For example: five limes the beings changed the weather-four times af my request. And there were witnesses! The very first time, in August 1979, I was alone in the deep wilderness and it freaked me out to a poi nt that I was shaki ng with fear! A detailed report of the August 1979 happen ing is documented in Chapter 3 of my fi rst book, The pjychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connection ( 1998). Another uniquely human characteri stic that Sasquatch and Anc ient Ones possess is their own separate languages, as they themse lves told me. Both races understand basic English and so me of them are very eloquent and fl uent, with incred ible insight and wisdom. The two races often prefer menta l telepathy. They have both ora l (vocal) and mental modes to comm unicate.

Chapter 1 : Cryptoanthropology: The Ancient Ones - 5

Linguist Scott Nelson, who teaches at a university, has been ass iduously analyzing Sasquatch recordings that sound to him like a language! I personall y have audio tapes of the Ancient Ones say ing words in Engli sh and the Caddo Indian language as we ll. Approxi mately four times, I have heard two Sasquatch speaki ng aloud to each other- the last time was in April 2006 in Arkansas' s Black Fork Mountain Wi lderness abollt 10 o'clock one night. All the Sasquatch people and Ancient Ones have names because they are humal1, not animals. It may surpri se some people, but a few Ancient Ones can print simple sentences that invariab ly express great wisdolll. They have difficulty wi th longhand, but print in a man ner si mil ar to a third-grader in e lementary school when pen and paper are left in certain places in the fo rest. The reader must keep in perspective that there are diffe rent levels of intelligence within eac h of the seven races worldwide. It is unfair, if not erroneous, to place them all in one category. In 2004 the Anc ient One named Haloti left me the fo llowing note:


SoW\e. · S"Y t-O K//I LIS


tw\el1 v./alf.7-

'/7:,.l~'~l,A~:t.]e. /jo'T Ne-flih i IK.. NOT eVi 2 ..s~ i ,..; t-


&\"'e Fir-S} f"e,,,,,)e.

Se~G't o-F. AJ...A..VYL /('I)+ o'f Co,j.....

L..~Y"h ~oo J... -rIt~ old. Wo.yS!

-r "I'1,e ;9

.sJ,.Olri. SolW\ "'O"""~ J#..S+: W~.-

We.. q[ (


~i tn;;.¢! s~li~ iI,vlloo-cl.! '


6 - The Sasq u atch People

I have a pi le of letters of exchanges from two of the Ancient Ones, Haloti and Pushoma, the chief. Once, I asked Pushoma, " Will I be successful convey ing the truth to the public?" He replied in writing, "Finish you wri te book!" These beings are nature 's cosm ic co ntradiction~a beautiful anomaly of sensiti ve humanity living inside an animal -li ke body; an anthropo logica l wonder roaming our planet whi le constantly avoid ing the deadly, domi nant race of spo il ers that we have chosen to become. Sasq uatch and the Ancient Ones are actually advanced races who see no purpose or use for techno logy. They have told me and others that they were deposited here eons ago by friendly alien be ings from another world. In reality, they are terrestrial extraterrestrials without a green card ! These hairy folks have evolved beyond us, but humanity 's notion of them is confused by the ir excessive body " hair." which looks si milar to an imal fur. For many years I have diligently listened to and read about the views of people in the circus of researchers, and have come to the conclusion that only those individuals who have interacted with the man-creatures multipl e times, using mental telepathy. know the rea l truth of who these nature people are. Researchers who makes sideshow claims without themselves having in-depth personal contact via communication show themselves to be inexperienced field investigators. During the summer of 2008, MatI Moneymaker (who has peop le pay hi m fo r campouts in areas where the forest bei ngs are frequently sighted) made claims on an Internet Big Foot forum that: The re is more than one species of undiscovered giant primate in North America. Some people may want to " believe" that .. .and othe r people may want to sell books by suggesting that (and may even include hokey sketches to ill ustrate different types of undiscovered primates in North America). But that is total nonsense. Those types of authors are only concerned with se lling books, rather than tTuth or the progress of science. The BFRO (Big Foot Research Organ ization based in Ca li fornia) co llecti ve ly knows far more about these animals than those authors, and we know they are wrong on that issue. A person should not be fooled by such rhetoric, espec ially when money is involved. I have received four complaints from peop le who were angry because a group tour cla iming to offer the opportunity to see

Chapter 1: Cryptoanthropology: The Ancient Ones - 7

or interact with Bigfoot firsthand was a fa rce! The Sasquatch recognize such people and cannot be bought for a price! The fo rest giants are not what they appear to be. The Sasquatch people and Ancient Ones very much resent bei ng referred to as a " booger," " beast," "animal," "ape," "monster," and even " Bigfoot" when used pejoratively! Their feet arc not big to them; they are of a normal , natural size in proport ion to their bodies. Many of them despise us and want nothing to do with the outer world , see ing it as hope less because "Whites" are so horribly prejudiced. In many respects the Sasquatch are more human than we are, because they view their surroundings in a spiritual, respectful way. I define spirituality as the more positive side of humanity where peopl e show kindness and unconditional love fo r all li ving things, are compassionate, altruistic, forgiving, and pleasant in nature with a sense of inner peace; plus, they actually apply and live by these universal principles. The Sasquatch wi ll know that and be attracted to such individuals. Keep in mind , the psychic Sasquatch are the "watchers" and spiritual keepers of Mother Earth . Thi s is not something to take lightly. It is not fo lklore. The Sasquatch told the Indi ans this and now they are saying the same thing to contactees. The romanticized monster "myth" perpetuated by mainstream researchers does not apply here. Like attracts like; opposites repel! This is a truism with these nature peopl e. Think of one's attitude as a mirror- what one puts out, one will get back. These words are extremely important if a researcher tru ly wants personal success. When these senti ent, super-intelli gent nature beings observe us in order to to understand our behavior, they end up avoiding our world. They know us fa r better than we know ourselves and fee l that our egos are out of control ! They see us as dangerous, out-of-control "children." We simply need to "grow up," they have said to me and others during their comm unications. I am the messenger here, putting their feelings in perspective so they will be better understood. To better understand these nature people and begin to connect with them, we must stop being so anthropocentric, so raciall y prejudiced, for which White European -Ameri cans are so hj storically infamous. Our society teaches more of material values emphasizing the accumulation of wea lth, which has put our culture out of balance with nature. We have become spiritually bankrupt in many ways. Where are our compassion, our feelings, our caring and altruism?

8 - The Sasquatch People

For exa mple. recentl y on the Internet " YouTube;' an elderly man was shown gett ing hit by a car with no one coming to his aid. That could have been your fath er, grandfather, or you tyi ng there. Then a freeway camera showed a dog getting hi t by a car and no one stopping to hel p, unt il another dog appeared on the screen and risked its life by making an etTort to pull the injured compani on to the side of the road and out of danger. It took a " dumb" an imal to exhib it real compassion and altrui sm. What does thi s say about us- the supposed ly su perior "animal"? Just what are we evol vi ng into? The fores t beings say that our scie nce and society will truly become modern when it foc uses on our sp irituality- for that is where our imbalance lies. Spiritua li ty is hav ing respect for a ll li ving things. The Sasquatch e lders have told me and other co ntactees that they are often repu lsed by hairless humans, because the ave rage person in our soc iety has no respect for nature, anim als, and the Sasquatch people as a uni que ty pe of human being. They also sa id that our trash ing and overexploitation of our enviro nment shows a lack of seif- respect. We have gravely pollu ted our ai r, water, so il, domest ic ani mals, wildlife, and our food , which resu lts in an increase in life-threatening diseases. So a ll of the chem icals, heavy metals, parasites, and human and ani mal waste come ri ght back on us in a very depraved and ug ly way. But some of the ir people argue wi th the council ofe lders that, because our planet is dying, a few of them should reach out to certain people with hope of educat ing the publ ic, at least those who are ready to listen. They want to help, but few of us are listening. These spiritually evolved Sasq uatch-lype races offorest people are the ultimate envi ronmen talists. They asked me to relay thi s information to the human society. To paraphrase the forest beings, their message to scie nce and researchers is: everything YO ll " know" is wrong! How can we show these beings respec l? Certainly not by murderi ng one j ust to dissect it in a laboratory or to place it in a cage. They know this pri miti ve approach of science and detest us for pursuing them in lhi s manner. This is truly disrespectfu l. And thi s is the main reason a rogue Sasquatch cou ld be so distraught that it would destroy property and eve n occas iona ll y kill a hairless human who shoots a gu n at it. They are fed up! However, on rare occasions some have even been "executed" by their own clan for harmi ng another. I have been told thi s by two separate clans, and other contactees have la id me this as wel l.

Chapter 1 ; Cryptoa nthropo logy: The Ancient Ones - 9

In 2004 in Oklahoma, the female Ancient One named Haloti sa id that at times their peopl e " marry" a Sasquatch person, but that it is rare. How is this possi bl e? Just like LIS humans, these races can mi scege nate, because they all have 46 chromosomes, j ust as we do! Whil e cond ucting field work in Texas, I was told that back in the 1800s the Ancient Ones would occasionall y find a black slave hopelessly lost and in want of food and shelter. They woul d te ll him or her not to be afrai d, take the escapee into their clan, teach him or her their ways, and eventuall y find the newco mer a partner \0 mate wi th . The giants seem to be aware that an outsider can strengthen the ir gene pool. To be a successful researcher, it 's vital to look for co mmon denominators rather than rac ial differences, and avo id rac ial stereOlypes when assessing these nature bei ngs. Thi s is no different than interracia l marriages between Asia n races and Blacks or Whites with Ameri ndians, etc. We are all intercon nected in a way that sc ience and researc hers still do not understand. It is far more complex than anyone can imag ine. Amorous encounters between humans and Sasquatch-types appear to be rare but authenti c, and are occasionally reported in several other countries as we ll. If thi s sounds outrageous to the reader, I make no apolog ies. The Europeans have folktales of a man having a sex ual encounter in a forest with a " wood nymph"- apparently a misnomer. I am convinced the men met with Ancient Ones! In Russ ia sim il ar tal es have been documented. Yet, it is of great interest that " testimonials" ex ist as part of European arc hi tecture. Severa l countries li ke England , France, Spain and Germany- perhaps others- have detailed murals, bas reliet's, wa ll sc ul ptures, wood engrav ings and statues of wild men and wild women! I immediately recognize these as Ancient Ones and not Sasq uatch, because they have human faces and are not simian-looking in spite of their hair. For example, a medieval statue of a nude hair-covered, bearded man is found in the Schnutgen Museum in Cologne, Germany. Some mura ls depict a giant hairy holy man who was respected for his wisdom. Another mural in the Nea r East clearly illustrates Alexander the Great, whose so ldi ers had caught a famil y of Anc ient Ones and viewed them as ev il. It depicts the man-creatures (wi th human faces) bei ng thrown into a bonfire! The scene cannot be mi sconstrued as anythi ng else, since the anatomy and the story are so concise. There must be close to a hundred murals, bas reli efs, and other art fo rms wi th depictions of Ancient Ones

10 - The Sasquatch People

all over Europe. The Internet is an excellent source to study this art phenomenon. Back in December 1988, a friend and I di scovered two sets of track s in the snow, one medium- sized and one child-like about 25 mil es northwest of Roseburg. Oregon. I fe lt that we were being watched, but we saw nothing. Nine months later in September 1989, I visited the same area again whi le alone, and a beautiful green-eyed young woman who was an Anc ient One presented herse lf to me. She was about five foot nine or ten, with a very shapely hourglass figure, and did not resemble the Sasquatch in Roger Patterson's film whatsoever. This sensuous woman told me that she and her son were visiting the area and had come through the " portal" from another dimension. She said that her parents were upset with her for having a child before her time, so she was spending time away from her clan. Apparen tly premarital sex is a problem in her soc iety as well. With a sly look on her face, she boldly said to me, "Now I am lonely and want you to come up by the vortex to make love to me." I was shocked and did not know how to react. There was no hair on her beautiful face. She had hi gh cheek bones with large green eyes and a flirtatious smi le. I told her I had to go and help someone. She rep li ed, "It is good to help others, but as I sa id, I am lonely and want your compan ionship. " Just two weeks before, I had a broken engagement with my fiance and had fallen into a deep depression. I was introspecting and did not have any sex ual interest for her or anyone else. In truth, at another moment in time----ut of "scientific" curiosity, of course- I would have acquiesced. After all , she was a beautiful woman. There would have been more to learn about her culture and peopl e beyond a sexual encounte r. How better to get to know someone? The place where I lived in the southwest Oregon wilderness in the 1980s was excellent Sasquatch country, and I often explored the coastal Siskiyou Mountains. In 1998 I met a 38-year-old ranch-hand who used to be a woodcutte r. He told me that once, whi le cutting wood alone in the forest, he felt a presence of someone watching him. The air was fill ed with a strong aroma of flowery perfume, though no flowers were out at that time of year. Putting down his saw, he was surpri sed to see a lovely hair-covered woman standing behind some bushes. Without any understanding of this complex phenomenon, he desc ribed to me an Ancient One, yet used the word Sasquatch.

C h apt er 1: C ryptoa n t hro p ology: T he A n cien t O n es - 11

She had the shape of a Homo sapiens woman- again, unlike the Bl uff Creek female Sasquatch, who was ape-l ike in appearance. She te lepathed to the man, asking to be sex ually seduced. This startled him. He became afraid and apprehensive, grabbed his gear, and quick ly left the area. In So utheast Oklahoma in October 2005, I met a hermi t who lived alone in the Kiamichi Wi lderness where I was conducting field work. He claimed (and I believe him) that his "girlfriend" was an Ancient One, that she visited hi m from time to ti me at his cabin at night and had slept with him on occasion. The man said she was beautiful by our standards. So these iso lated situations are happen ing without the knowledge of mai nstream soc iety, and this information is important anthropological data. Interracial re lat ionsh ips have become more commonly accepted in the last 30 or more years and the forest incidents documented here are an exampl e of the more unusual ones. Many researchers ridicule these reports because they mistakenly believe that the Sasq uatc h are apeswhich is speculation by those who have not carefully studied the data. It 's vita l to keep an open mi nd. Then there is the documented and historic Zana, who was not a hominid but humanoid in my opinion. She was considered a wild woman , captured and then domesticated in an iso lated village in the late 1800s in Tsari st Russia. Zana has been described in the li terature as acting more anima l than human. But the public has a distorted image of who and what they are when liv ing in nature. It was reported that Zana was sexually mo lested by several men in the village, where she gave birth to hu man- looking offspring. Once again, genetically speaki ng, how cou ld this be if she were not human, carrying 46 chromosom ~s? In fact, Zana produced severa l progeny, four of whom lived- two male and two fema le. This is part of the histDlY of that region. Some researchers theorize that Zana was a liv ing, breathing Neanderthal , but thi s cannot be proven. If she was not humano id, then how was she able to conceive a human child? Yet all of Zana's children had pri mari ly human characteri stics and were not hirsute or wild. All reached adulthood. The youngest of the fo ur, named KhUrl, died in 1954, as noted in Christopher L. Murphy's book, Meet/he Sasquatch (2004). I was told in July 1985 by the Ancient Ones that there are seven distinct races of their peop le worldw ide, each at different levels of development- the Yeti (in the Hima layan region) were the least evolved

12 - The Sasquatch People

with more ani mal characteristics, they said. These statements have been verified by other contactees who were told the same info rmation. Zana could have had telepathic ability, but perhap the peasants in the village were not good candidates to rece ive her communi cation. Mental telepathy is "language." I beli eve many (or all) of these races of hairy fol ks can transmit fee li ngs and thoughts via psychic com munication. They told one experiencer that it is we, the potential receivers, who are blocking telepathy with our negative thought patterns of JeQ/; angel; resentmenr, and aggression! I have read of four episodes concerning the kidnapp ing of an Indian maiden for the express purpose of having a new progenitor who would strengthen and add variatio n to the Sasquatch tribe and Ancient Ones. The Sasquatch people and Ancien t Ones have told me that occasionally rogue members of their group have taken women from our society when there is a shortage in the irs . The beings insisted it was extreme ly rare and they do not approve of kidnapping. Some women eventuall y escaped to te ll what happened. Most Indi an women had offspring, proving without a doubt that the Sasquatch, as we ll as the Ancient Ones and other such tribes around the globe, are human. Ivan T. Sanderson noted in hi s 1961 book, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Comes 10 L[fe, that all the various tribes he visited from British Co lumbia through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California told si milar stories of female abductions.l In the mid- 1980s, in Alaska Magazine, an art icle reported that a Nome pilot and his new wife were in route to Anchorage to make arrangements for a honeymoon. Because of adverse weather conditions, the couple decided to land , camp for the eveni ng, then fly off to their main destination in the morning. When the groom went to fetch the gear in the Cessna plane with his bride tagging behind, suddenly she screamed, and when he turned around , all he saw was a huge Sasquatch running off with his wife under one arm! The distraught husband followed as best he could, but only got a glimpse of them three separate times before giv ing up. The next day he flew on to Anchorage and reported the event to the Alaska State Police. A search fo r his wife by the authorities proved fruit less. In Daphne Sleigh's 1990 book titl ed, The People qi the Harrison (British Co lumb ia), she states from school princ ipal J. W. Burns' newspaper stories of the 1920s:

Chapter 1: Cryptoanthropology: The Ancient Ones - 13

About 1880, Seraphi ne Leon is kid napped by a Sasquatch and held prisoner in a cave for a year. When she is about to give birth to a child, at her entreaty, she is carried home to the Douglas reserve: the baby does not survive. Also somet ime during the J 890s: Charles Victor of Skwah (near Chilliwack) and Henry Napoleon discover a Sasquatch cave 5 or 6 miles from Ya le, Be. Some years later, Henry Napo leon returns to the same loca li ty and falks to a Sasquatch, who tell s him that the home of the monster is at the top of Morris Mountain. 2 Once again, a humanoid Sasquatc h successfully mates with a human, produc ing a child who unfortunately dies at birth, showing that both Sasquatch and Ancient Ones are humans! Their excess body hair that protects them from the elements does not make them animals! Also, for a Sasq uatch to " talk" to Henry Napo leon, the giant had to be human. Chances are, it was through menta l telepathy, though no one was familiar with psychic phenomena back then, to properly define them. On October 13, 2004, the newspaper Pravda ran the following articl e. Instead of sc ientifica lly analyzing the data, a journalist sensationalized the story by head lining the article "Woman Tells Her Story of Being Married to Bigfoot." What the media mi ssed was the fact that these rare miscegenations have been reported and have taken place all over the planet for centuries. Their report was mere ly a recent one demonstrating once again the creature's humanity. It read as fo llows: A fa ntastic love story has been recently unveiled in St. Petersburg. Psychiatrist Niko lai Boyarchuk said that he had copies of the text of the story from the file of a female patient. The doctor sa id that the story, that happened with Oksana Terietskaya, was absol utely rea l. He added that it wou ld not be immoral to write about it in the press, because the woman either died or she would never return to live with humans again. The 19-year-old was "married" to the Bigfoot for almost a year. The gi rl lost her way in the woods one day, after she had been hurt by her boyfriend. She went to wander in the woods just because she cou ld stay there alone with her fee li ngs . Oksana completely ignored the fac t that she had lost her way home. She sat down underneath a tree and cried, trying to get over the pa in in her heart. She reali zed that she had gone astray when

14 - The Sasq u atch People it was too late. She came across raspberry bushes and dec ided to eat some berries before looking for a pat h horne. When she was pick ing raspberries. she heard a strange noise nearby, as if someone was champing. When the girl moved the branches aside, she saw a big hai lY creature that looked like an orangutan . The girl sc reamed and lost consciousness. " I ca me to my senses in a cave. I could hear a stream nearby and there were rays of light co ming down on me from a hole in the ceiling. Tang- that's how I called the creature afterwardwas sitt ing opposite me. He was baring his teeth, as if he was infuriated. I realized later that it was just his sm ile. The ha iry anima l came up to me and sta rted sn iffing my c lothes. Then he roared and tore my clothes to pieces. My heart was about to explode with horror, but he cont inued sniffing me until his nose sto pped near my groin. He roared again and threw himself over me." When Oksa na woke Lip the next morning, she realized that she had become the prisoner of the hairy creature. When Tang went out, he would cover the entrance to the cave with a bi g boulder, leaving no way for the girl to escape. Tang would always bring something to eat- berries, nuts. mush rooms, eggs, or raw meat. The terrible sex with the animal became a dail y torture for Oksana. There was a spring in a corne r of the cave- the water was running somewhere outs ide the cave. Tang strongly refused to let the gi rl out. The " beauty and the beast" started developing a relationship. Tang showed interest in the girl 's CD player. Oksana had only one CD with her- best hits of the band Kino. When the girl carefully showed the monster how to listen to the music in the headphones, the Bigfoot was horrified. He got used to the music later, though, and eve n liked one of the songs on the CD. Tang was very upset when the music stopped playing because of low batteries. He would spend hours shaki ng the device in his hands. "1 took the batteries out and gestured him that it would not work without them . The next morning Tang took one battery and left. When he returned to the cave in the even ing, he brought a pack of batte ries with him:' The Yeti had undoubtedly broken into a li ttle shop somewhere in the town. Oksana concluded that the cave in wh ich she was stay ing was not too far from a sen lement where people lived.

C h apter 1: Cryptoanth ropology : The Ancient Ones - 15

The Yeti's prisoner could not see how days turned into nights, and how summer turned in to a utumn . When Tang sta rted stoc king food for winter, Oksana fi gured that it was a lready autumn outside. She tried to expl ain to the beast that she was cold. Tang listened to his "wife" and left. The hai ry monster turned out to be rather bri ghter than Oksana thought he would be: In the eve ning Tang brought a warm padded jacket and pants. It became known afterwards that the girl 's story co incided with the story of a tractor driver, who sa id that a monste r attacked him in the begi nni ng of October, shook hi m out of his clothes and disappeared. Oksana was happy to find a li ghter in a pocket of the jac ket. " I picked so me dry branches a nd leaves from the ground and dec ided to make a fi re. When he saw the fire, he became very exc ited. It seemed to me that anger and horror we re tearing him apart from inside. He beca me very quiet; he sat down in a co rner and did not make a sound . I felt sorry for him . I managed to overco me my own fear, though. I ca me up to Tang and stroked him on the head. He put his big ann around me and whi ned. "A week la tcr hc was happy to join me near the fi re. We started frying chestnu ts and meat. Tang was thrilled when hc tasted fried meat. I also hoped that hunters would notice the smoke coming from the hole in the ce iling of the cavc. but peop le did not find Ta ng 's she lter. I caught cold in the beginning o f winte r. Tang unde rstood that J was ill and he tried to feed me with some roots and plan ts. He would hug me ti ght at night to makc me wa rme r." Ok sana managed to escape from her prison onl y in the spring. Her relationship with Yeti had become almost perfect by that time. Tang would take her out in the morn ings to see the sunshine, but he wo uld ne ve r leave the girl alone. One day he sensed someth ing dange rous in the air. Before leaving, he covcred the entrance to the cave with the boulder as usua l, but did not notice a sma ll gap that the boulder left. [t took the girl great e fforts to sneak outside, but when she fi nally succceded in gen ing out of the cave, she started running without stoppi ng. When shc saw people in the woods, she realized she was fina lly free. " He r parents took Oksana to the hospital.'· Dr. Boyarchuk sa id. "The girl was menta ll y incompetent; all I could hear from her was that she had bee n married to a Bigfoot for a year. She nevcr managed to get used to home cond itions. She was afra id of go ing out even duri ng the day; she was terribly afraid of

16 - The Sasquatch People

the da rk. In addition, Oksana could not eat normal food ," the doctor said. The girl recovered a litt le at a mental hospital. She to ld her story to her doctor and he pllt everyth ing down in Oksana's file, havi ng cons idered it the description of the patient's delirium . When the gi rl realized that nobody believed her story, she gave way to despair. She did not show any react ion to her parents when they visited her; she did not want to eat or drink. One day Oksana started recoveri ng very fast. She started eating. talki ng. and even laughing. When doctors told her that she was getting better. Oksana laughed and said that she had never been sick. She added that " he" wou ld come to rescue her. Doctors considered sllch behavior the new stage of Oksana's ill ness and decided to iso late her in a special room. However, the g irl disappeared from her ward at night in the midd le of November. Someone very strong pu lled steel bars out of the bri ck wa ll. Oksana 's ward mates all sa id that a huge ha iry monster had ki dnapped the girl. They never managed to trace the Bigfoot because o f the heavy snowfa ll. Since psych iatrists are not trained in cryptoanthropology, they would not know the hi story of other documented cases of Sasquatch and Ancient Ones kidnapp ing women. It's very interesting that the young woman told the doctor that " he" knew where she was and that " he would come to rescue her. " It is obvious to me that Oksana could only make such a statement because she was communicating with Tang via mental telepathy, because he did come to rescue his "mate." The next reference to a Yet i-type taking a fema le human as a mate was published in Dawn: The Review, August 2000, about Pakistani triba l people encountering hairy folks in a region called Karakoram. The article sa id: Some cla im that the wild women prey on men and wi ld men on local women, even that a num ber of loca l wome n have been abducted by the wi ld men over the years ... The author of the art icl e continues by wondering where the mancreatures disappear to and offers hi s own theory: ... that the "wild people" step backwards and forwa rds through cracks in the fa bric of tim e, cracks they understand and we don ' t.

Chapter 1 : Cryptoanth ropology : The Ancient Ones - 17

Th is is another bit of ind igenous " folklore" in one of the most isolated mountain regions In the world, and yet, these reports match lip to similar stories of other hai ry-fo lk behavior in totally diffe rent countries. In Vietnam there was a Sasquatc h-type creature reported by several US military veterans who enco untered the primates during jungle fighting in the 1960s. There were similar reports from the ne ighboring country of Cambodi a. On January 2 1, 2007, the Associated Press released an article about a woman who wa lked Ollt of the j ungle after having been lost for 19 years, grunting wh ile she walked bent over like a monkey. It was reported that the gi rl had di sappeared at the age of 8 whil e herding bu ffalo. Her fami ly had thought all thi s tim e that she had been killed by a wild animal. No one could explain where she had been or how she survived for nearly two decades, since the jungle woman didn' t have the ability to speak. After ten months of living with her parents once again, the feral woman ran away back into the jungle wi lderness. It was said she could not adjust to normal day-to-day living in the small village, but appeared fearful around peopl e. The Daily Mail (October 9, 2007) quotes the father as saying that his daughter "may have run away to fi nd ' her wild man. '" When she was captured, some witnesses cl aimed to have see n a naked, ape-like man who managed to slip away into the undergrowth. These beings are a nature people who li ve by a di ffe rent set of c ultural rul es and who know that staying hidden means stay ing alive. The Sasquatch and Ancient Ones have given me and other con tactees very compell ing information about the origins of both them and us An Ancient One sa id that humans were "seeded" here on Earth by ETs after they and the Sasquatch people were seeded. IfI correctly interpret what the fo rest giants said , the real reason there is no mi ss ing link is the fac t that each " race" was genetically engineered and placed here experimentally, including lis- Homo sapiens sapiens. Zecharia Sitchin is now say ing exact ly the same thing, based on the Sumerian history in the ir clineifo nn s. Though this subj ect is hi ghly controversial and may be offensive to many Chri stians, our origins must be more closely examined. Now there is more and more evidence to support such a statement. I encourage peopl e to research our origins themse lves, so they can draw their own concl usions. What is confusing in physical anthropology and human evo lution

18 - The Sasqua tc h People

is that science has made Darwinism a fundamentalist " rel igion"! Mai nstream science makes a leap of faith fro m independent hominids without prese nting proof of a " missing link" fo r each branch on the evol utionary chai n. That 's because it doesn' t ex ist! Paleoanthropolgy has erroneously labe led lowe r non-h uman primates like " Lucy," who could walk erect, as the begi nni ng of the branch of true man . Though these primitive fo rms did evolve here, based on my research , they were definitely not the seed of " modem man." Likewise, Gigantop ithecus may well be a giant ape. a pongid that became extinct a hai f a mill ion years ago, but it may not be remnants of the Sasquatch peop le. We may be tricking ourse lves wi lh an academic ego by try ing to force a square peg into Darwin 's round hole. There is a lot of specu lat ion among sc ientists and lay researc hers, jumping the gun to wrongly legiti mize thei r theory that Sasq uatch is a livi ng Gigantopithecus. We just don't know. So beware of those people who labe l the be ings as apes-animal s to be shot or captured. Most researc hers simply lack personal in-depth encounters. A Sasquatc h elder named Afta to ld interspecies communi cator Kathleen Jones that the ir peop le were liv ing on thi s planet during the age of the dinosa urs. confirming what I was told back in the late 1980s. In the 193 0s, dinosaur and human footprints were found in li mestone in and along the Pal uxy Ri ver in Glen Rose, Texas. By 1970 a sc ient ific team began a thorough investigation of the area. All the empirical data is described in the book Valley of the Giants by Dr. Cec il N. Daugherty (197 1). Daugherty spent ten years ana lyzi ng these tracks along the Paluxy River. Du ring that time, he recorded more than fifty human trac ks in bedrock, many of them of gigantic size. The startl ing thing about them is that they are literally side-by-side with 16 1 dinosaur tracks in the exact same laye r of rock! The largest human track in good condition measures 25 inches long. There were five track s in all at that excavation site with an average stride of 72 inches. The researchers say they esti mated the "'man" to be twe lve feet ta ll when he was alive. The question is: Are the prehistoric human footprints those of a Sasquatch or simply a hairless human giant? I f it is a human giant liv ing in the di nosaur era over 65 mi ll ion years ago, where did he come from and how did he evo lve to be? The Sasquatch say they made

Chapter 1 : Cryptoanthropology: The Ancient Ones - 19

these tracks! We must give credence to anecdotal evidence, especiall y when it is backed up by physical ev idence. Initially, coming from a background in anthropology, I did not know what to do with this information. My struggle with this ended when I carefull y read an array of scholarly books presenting si milar arguments stating that eac h race was brought here- starting with, perhaps, Homo Neanderlhalensis onward. The giants did not make that clear to me. Each bit of information is like a piece of an evo lutionary puzzle, rel ated to me and other contactees who were told similar infonnation. The hairy folks cautiously share whatever they want us unenli ghtened humans to know. One must always follow the evidence to where it leads. Keep in mind that the fu ndamentalists of academia have been "worshipping" Darwin since 1859. With the pl ethora of unso lved anomali es being reported on our planet, there must be other facto rs at play influencing the hi story of man and the organic evolution of the planet. Frank Zappa said: " Our mind is li ke a parach ute, it on ly works when it 's open! " Keep in mind, there is recorded evidence of true giants worldwide from ancient times and they apparently were not iso lated freaks or mutants, but a race of people. The Sasquatch also sa id that the hairless human giants came much later than they did. An important question is : Were the hairl ess human giants genet ica lly engineered and placed here along with all the Yeti-type races, Black Africans, Asians, Indi ans, and Whites by advanced people from the stars? The Sasquatch say "Yes," plus there is a plethora of "folklore" that tell s indigenous tribes that they were brought here in the beginning. And physical evidence in the form of hundreds of overs ized skeletons has been di scovered and documented on the North American continent, in Europe, as well as in the Near and Middle East. Hundreds of giant skeletons seven to twe lve feet tall were unearthed and sent to the Smithsoni an Institute in the middl e of the 1800s from Ohio and Illinois down to Loui siana. California, Minnesota, and other states documented these un ique and littl e-understood find ings. They were referenced in townships, county records, j ournals, antique diaries, and newspapers. These skeletons are a part of recorded hi story. Haloti , an Ancient One, claims the Mound Builders we re a branch of her race called theAdena people. She al so said that the Karankawa, a fierce cannibal tribe of Indians in Texas and Louisiana, that suddenly vani shed in the earl y 1800s, actually migrated into the Louisiana swamps to survive

20 - The Sasquatch People

the infiltrating Whi tes. Later. some of the Indians miscegenated with the Sasquatch peop le and live there today, hiding out! Ha loti referred to this mixed race as the "Karan," and they were said to be six-and-a-half to seven feet tall and were feared by all the surrou nding Indian tribes. I admit that Haloti 's story sounds similar to the fictiona l movie with Tom Bere nger and Barbara Hershey called " Last of the Dogmen." It 's about a band of Cheyenne Indians sti ll living thei r trad itional way of life hiding in the deep wilderness of Montana and totally avoiding all contact with modern mall. But why should Haloti create a fiction? Those swamps are unmapped and so thick no one can penetrate them. The few people who explore these regions stick to the familiar waterways. Investigat ive journalist Rob Riggs in his 200 1 book In the Big Thicket: On the Trail oJ fhe Wild Man discusses witnesses who have seen evasive, primitive- looking Indians retreat to the swamps when spotted by fisherman, second- and third-hand stories of people in the den se swamps being attacked by unciv ilized -looking Indians with bows and arrows. Again, I am not trying to prove this "rumor," but the concept and possibility are intriguing. Armc hai r urbanites cannot grasp the still uncharted regions and vastness of geography right here in our own country. There are thousands of square mi les of wilderness left throughout all of the North American conti nent. We shou ld not underestimate that. Maybe the Smithsonian Institute has proven Ihat the Ancient Ones are real , but si nce they don 't neatly fit into the Darwinian scheme and are a direct threat to their funding, perhaps scho lars had the mendac ity to conceal the skeletal evidence. AUlhor Ross Hamilton seems to think so! He wrote a fasc inating. fairly well documented paper titled : The Holocaust o/Cianls and the Greal Smithsonian Cover-Over: Whal Has Happened to the SkelelOns? Through the years, I have galhered a substantial amount of infonnation about how the Anc ient Ones live. All thi s informat ion was shared with me alo ng with a few other resident-infonnants in that part of the south. Thi s cryptoanthropo log ical information comes directly from them. Over the years. I have conducted investigations in 26 states, even to the po int of exploring miles of snowy mountains on horseback, camping out in ten degree temperatures. The Texas/Ok lahoma clan of Ancient Ones assigned names to their chi ldren from differe nt cultures and languages. For example, they liked

Chapter 1 : Cryptoanthropology: The Ancient Ones - 21

the sound of the English name Sally, the grandmother's name. Haloti is a name fro m their language as is Andan her father. Sumac is her mother's name. A two-year-o ld was Sali to, which is Mexican. The five-year-old sibling is Beaver Ta il (Native American), and Nashoba, nineteen, was the same- possibly Cherokee or Choctaw. Nashoba had a strange 3540 pound coal-black pet cat named Waddo, whi ch means "wild cat" in the Caddo Indian language once indigenous to northern Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas before the 1800s. So these hi ghly intelligent nature bei ngs are adaptable linguistically. Some of the Ancient Ones know basic English well enough to print sentences. Also, at times, they have llsed Ogam, an ancient form of Iri sh that the hairy-folks call "stick language. " They said that SaUy, the grandmother, learned it "when the red-haired ones came in boats up the Mississippi River in the 1800s" (the Irish?) That's all the information 1 could get, but what they put on paper was Ogam. They do use tools on occasIOn. Some silverware left out in the

/ Author on a Bigfoot expedition in the Rocky MOlll1/ains o/MonIGIIG. FebrllGlY /98/

22 - Th e Sasqu a tc h P eopl e

forest with food was neve r returned a farmer; it was probably used to dig roots and tubers. Glass jars have been taken by them from time to time to make "sun tea" from herbs. And bac k in the 1980s, in Oregon, a hunter observed a Sasquatch hi gh on a ridge carryi ng what appeared to be a large pot or kettle! These nature people are on rare occasions seen holding clubs. In 2005 I purchased a rugged steel-pronged harpoon to give to Andan, the head clansman, to spear fis h. An informant in Texas helped by fitting it to a long shaft then leav ing it as a gift from me. The report came back sayi ng he "caught much fi sh." Halot i told one person that her people live to be 1 25~150 years old. Every December all the clans in northem Texas and throughout Oklahoma area migrate to a giant underground shelter-cave in the wildemess for approxi mately three months. In 2005 there were 34 members of the tribe. In the cave where food has been stored, they have meetings, socialize, discuss what the hairless White men are doi ng to the land, take security measures to protect themselves from hunters, choose a mate, take care of the sick and elderly, and so on- no diffe rent than a tri be of Nati ve Ameri cans. They are maste rs at concealing themselves, and leach their children early how to avoid us- their ever-present enemy. They know how the insensitive Whites decimated and subjugated all the Native American tri bes. That is why they remain in control of the ir own lives. They go to great lengths to keep thei r society secret from the outs ide world. The Sasquatch and Ancient Ones are very aware of our technology and trickery-the use of he licopters searching for them, as well as the Johnn ies-corne-late ly with thei r trail-cams and other wild ideas to hopefu lly obtain proof. At this point, their friendship, pl us communicating and shari ng with them is proof enough for me. If physical scientific proof does happen , it will only be because they gave it freely. The paradox is, if a person invades their space or threatens them with a gun, thei r protective animal side will emerge to defend themse lves. Who can blame them? On one occasion, in 2005 in Texas, three men were fish ing on a lake while drinking beer. One of them spotted Beaver Tail, roughly a quarter mile from them on the opposite shore. They thought that the four-foot-tall hairy creature was a monkey, so the men headed over to try to capture it. The boat was moored in a hidden cove (I have explored that same place and found numerous creature tracks there). The group

C hapter 1: Cryptoanthropology: The Ancient O n es - 23

tried to surround Beaver Ta il as one of the stalkers stood on a ten-foot embankment. Danger for them struck when seven-foot-tall big brother Nashoba came to the rescue by running out from behind and slapping the man across the back, sending him to the bOHom, whi ch broke his leg, end ing the fiasco. I know these details from two sources. One of my local informants overheard the story in the workplace, and then the same inc ident was relayed to another informant by Nashoba himself. Because I conducted field work there two years in a row, I know the exact area ofthe incident. Sadly, Beaver Ta il was so traumatized at a lmost gett ing captured that he hid in the woods for two days and refused to come out! News comes from other places as we ll. In 2008 I interv iewed a man who cl aimed to have had an encounter with 12 to 15 Menehune in the Hawaiian Island s. He was backpack ing alone into the interior of Malli when he became ill. Stopping frequently to rest because he was weak and staggering, he became aware of someone following hi m. Peeki ng from behind bushes were little hairy people about three feet lall. As he continued on the tra il, some of the li tt le guys ran ahead of him and didn't seem afraid but merely playfu l, yet caut ious. The j ungle be ings did not appear mali cious in any way. Finally, he was too sick to go on and went off the main trail to an isolated spo t to lie down. He was horribly ill! The hiker removed hi s gear, lay down on the ground, and fe ll asleep. (The man sti ll appeared amazed at what happened to him while sharing thi s uni que encounter with me.) Three hours later, he awoke while it was st ill daylight and discovered that "so meone" had elevated him onto a three-and-a-hal f foot hi gh sandy bed earth structure exactly where he had fa llen asleep! It was six feet long and three feet wide. Who made it and how? Who moved him and then returned him to the sandy "bed"? Also, there was no sand anywhere in the area, so where did the sand come fro m? Plus he was no longer sick. Was it the altruistic Mellehune? They will he lp us if they know we will not harm them, I was to ld. Could the sand have been aported [seemingly transported from another dimension]? We can only speculate. Throughout recorded history many in terdi mensional visi tors have demonstrated unearthly powers, which apparently the tiny Menehune also have as we ll. In August 1999, I recall meet ing a 60-year-old Tulalip Indian in Wash ington State, in a Laundromat. The Indian man told me that

24 - The Sasquatch People

when he was 10 years old. he and two siblings were slay ing in a cabin with their grandmother during the winter mon ths. One night their grandmother ushered the three children into the back bed room without explanation. She commanded them to stay there, as she needed to do something outside. When the children heard the front door shut, they dashed out and peeked through a window. There, on a cold wi nter's night, stood eleve n Sasquatch by the smokehouse. They were of all sizes and we ights. The largest was approximately twe lve feet tal l. Their grandmother had unlocked the smoke house where salmon were hung and was givi ng them handfuls of smoked fi sh. Two six-foot Sasquatch were in the smoke house as the matriarch handed them what they needed, wh ich was passed on to the larger members of the fam il y. As the group was leavi ng, the gra ndmother caught a glimpse of the chi ldren at the window. She later told them that the Sasquatch were her fri ends that spoke to her "i n the mind" and said the Sasq uatc h were starvi ng during a difficult wi nter and had asked her for food. Today, there are people in differe nt states around the nation who are feed ing the Sasquatch people and have fonned an amicable relationship with them. All of thi s cl andestine activi ty is happening in greater numbers in probably every state in North America. In fac t, there are several experiencers who call me often, because thi s is happening in their lives and they ask my advice. These people treat the be ings with love and respect whi le enj oyi ng their conviviality. All of this socia l behavior demonstrates that the Sasquatch are undoubted ly a people! Other Sasquatch-types. also deposited here on Earth. include the Orang-pendek of Indonesia. the Himalayan Yet i. the Yeren of China, and the smaller varieties like the Ebu Gogo or Flores Island " Hobbit," a three-foot-ta ll human type also from Indonesia. I am conv inced the Hobbits are a hairy race of peop le sti ll living and hid ing in the jungle, who did not become extinct 18,000 years ago as sc ienti sts postulate. Just ask the abori ginal Indonesian people liv ing on those cl usters of islands in and around Flores. Science gives littl e or no credibility to native folklore. Dismissa l of "tales" that native people tell investigators is the reason why many informants become reserved and keep val uable infonnation to themse lves. First Nation tribes fee l that Whites are nai"ve and do not understand different aspects of Un iversa l Nature. Amerind ians and othe r indi genous cultures do not need mainslream sc ience to interpret reality for them, as

Chapter 1: Cryptoanthropology: The Ancient Ones - 25

they are too busy experienc ing it for themselves- as I have also been. Urban man has removed him/herself from nature and learned to fear the wilds of the unknown as a place where danger lurks around every tree. Poppycock ! I have had people ask me, "You are out there all alone without a gun? Aren ' t you afraid?" These fo lks are from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, etc, where there is a tremendously high crime rate, shoot-outs, rapes, et a!., and they ask me if I'm afraid ofliving in the peacefulness of the forest with plants and animals all around me? Our society sees things upside down! In June 2004, Mike Wisotzke, an associate of mine from New Mexico, agreed to accompany me on an expedition to east-central Idaho. We used Mi ssoula, Montana, as a central base for food and supplies. I had been to ld a speci fi c geographic area where a race of half Anc ient Ones, half Sasquatch dwelled in the Selma-Bitterroot Wilderness. Previously. Haloti sa id that the tribe that li ved there was extremely powerful and was respected by other forest giants. This group referred to themse lves as the Chuska people [pronounced Chew-skaJ and were informed that we were coming into their area. They sa id they knew me

Mike Wisotzke resting while exploring in the Selma-Billel'l'Oot Wilderness. Idaho. in 2004

Author with pet hawk in 1962, age 18, while living in the wilds of New Hampshire-already an experienced woodsman

26 - The Sasq uatc h Peop le

as a man of truth who was he lpi ng them by ed ucating those living in the outer world about their ex istence. This Idaho Iribe was composed entirely of half-breed peop le. It was no differen t than visi ting a sma ll village in eastern Russia where there are Eurasian people or a mulatto population in Latin America. Using map-dowsing, I located a vortex, an energy spot used by the Chuska people. It was at the far end of a large meadow. f brought a light folding chai r to sit in , to meditate over the vortex. ThaI day was exceptionally cold and windy, making it uncomfortable to sit for any length of time. The bitler wind was relentless while black ominous clouds darkened the landscape. It was miserable and ready to rain agai n. This was at 6,000 feet. When I complained to Mike, who was just leaving to look for tracks along the brook, about the inclement weather, he chuckled, "Why don't you ask your fr iends to open the clouds to give you some sunsh ine?" He conti nued 10 laugh as he lumbered away, sayi ng, " We ll , you asked them once before at an outdoor wedding for sunshi ne and it worked." As I sal sh ivering, I thought it was a pract ica l idea to com municate with them about it. My first try at telepathy received a prom isi ng response. I knew they were watching us. I kept my eyes closed as I began to meditate. I requested that they open the blac k clouds to let the sun in to keep us warm , though I had no idea what wou ld happen . After twenty minutes I heard someone wal king up to me and, when I opened my eyes, it was Mike. " I can 't believe it, Kewaunee, the clouds have opened up and the su n is shi ning through." I was stunned to see that a perfectly rOll nd 360-degree hole had opened lip in the clouds, as if so meone had used a gigant ic circu lar cookie culler. It was unnatural , but triggered our exc itemen t. A warm su n was beating down on us in 38 degree temperatures! Minutes later I unzipped my jacket and took off Illy wool cap because of the steady warmth shining through. Two hours later the opening with the perfect 360-degree circ le in the clouds sti ll rema ined directly above us. It was li ke somethi ng out of a science fi ction movie. We finally folded the chairs and walked a hundred yards toward om four-whee l drive vehicle parked on a trail. When 1 looked back, the hole in the clouds was no more. It had transformed back to the way it was, creating once aga in a bleak grey landscape. Mike kept ribbing me, saying, " I' m

Chapter 1 : Cryptoanthropotogy: The Ancient Ones - 27

your witness; you need to put thi s in your second book. Nobody is going to believe it." I need to still emphasize that it is importan t not to sta lk these bei ngs, but to show love and respect without any inten tions of ex pl oiting them in any way. I left a large crysta l for them as a gift , and telepathically thanked them and sa id, "May God bless you and your people," then departed. Deep com passion and respect is the field methodology that always works for me. We are actua ll y dealing with unique terrestrial extraterrestrials that have been living for centuries at the very fringe of civilization throughout North America. These people are so psychica lly advanced and stea lthy that they have fooled sc ience into believing that they don' t exist! Now that 's realfy bei ng evolved! They are both physical and nonphysicalnot one or the other as paranormal researchers clai m. The bei ngs live in a quantum realm that is reall y part of mainstream phys ics. A mergi ng of humanist ic anthropology and quantum mechanics will advance us toward solving this mystery. Keep in mind, most Sasquatch don' t care if we have proof of their existence or not. So me proponents say one Sasquatch must be killed and sacrificed for science to once and for a ll prove their existence so laws can be in pl ace to protect them. That 's ludicrous! The law means nothing to some people, because there are not enough game wardens to enforce it. Hunters are pouching eagles, our national bird, all the time to sell talons and feathers. On the other hand, the Sasquatch have taken care of themselves all this time. Si nce researchers have not caught, killed, or rarely even sighted a Sasq uatc h after many, many years of searchi ng, it remains obvious that these nature people possess some clever abi liti es that have all owed them to stay hidden fro m us for so long. Not on ly do we need to change our outmoded fie ld methodology, but we need to shi ft from the way we think, to perce ive living nature as an integral part of us, not something separate, frightening, and wild. Ho li sticall y and spiritually, they are us and we are them in the Great Oneness of an interco nnected uni verse. Or as the Fourteenth Dalai Lama says: " If you see yourself in others, then who can you harm?" Researchers should experiment with these benign philosophies, integrati ng them into their field approach and leaving their guns, cameras, and fear at home.

28 - The Sasquatch People

Indeed. it is the human race that needs to save ourse lves by: I) ending war and serial violence; 2) stopping pollution of our air, water, so il, and food; and 3) stopping the ubiquitous bureaucratic and corporate corruption that spawns "greed." Already there is a scarcity of food and potable water because nature can' t take the abuse any more. Some Sasquatc h fee l it is vital to connect with certain people in the outer world because our Mother Earth is dying! They said if we continue to destroy the planet, then we too wi ll perish and their demise will follow. Many of them ass ist friendly Starpeop le. because the ETs do not want to see a domino effect throwing our so lar system, as well as other dimensions, into serious turmoil because of our soc iety'S negative actions. We are all interconnected- more so than modern man is aware of or understands. If modern man did understand. there would be no wars, pollution, urban vio lence, scarcity of food in underdeve loped countries, destruction of wildlife, and certainly not hunters stalking and harass ing these giant hairy people. It is a fact that only 4% of the universe (as we know it) has been discovered, which leaves an infinite number of possibilities-a whopping 96% to be discovered that is a part of Uni versal Reality. When a Sasquatch first spoke to me in 1979, it was then that I immediately knew they were human and not ani mal. Also, they li ve in family units close to a clan that gathers seasonally into a tribe for social and political reasons. The forest giants have a culture. use tools and fire on occasion, pass on oral traditions, give homage to God-a higher supernatural being- and, amazingly, seems to know of Jesus Christ. Plus, they have an unwritten language, which they can speak verbally but more often lise telepathically. A fe w can read and write simple printed writ ing, but not longhand. They also mu st have the same number of genes as we humans, since they can mate with us and produce a mulatto-like child in some cases. Based on my years of interacting with the giants, they are without a doubt a higher fornl of human living inside hai ry bodies. They are unique with a huge capacity to love and socially interact with Homo s{lpiens if we let them; if only we would SlOP the immature behavior of monster-hunting.

Chapter 1 : Cryptoanthropology : The A ncient Ones - 29

There are many readers who may not agree with me that hairy fo lks world-wide are apeople whose animal-like tra its enable them to survive. But they are humans neverthe less, and anthropologists and Sasquatch researc hers will discover th is when they expand their parameters. When the Sasquatch speak to you te lepathically, your whole world and perception of them changes forever. One soon knows that such a psychic encounter is a spec ial gift that few people have ever experienced. In spite of all the con troversy quest ioning the rea li ty of a psyc hic Sasquatch, Universal God knows that every written word in thi s monograph is true. I and 187 witnesses can verify that. I stand by the truth as I have come to know it.

As Mahatma Gand hi said about truth and presenting new ideas for change: First they ignore you, Then they laugh at you, Then they fight you, Then you win!



hile most Bigfoot hunters (lay and academi c types) are busy looking for tracks, call blasting in an attempt to lure in a Sasquatch,

and hanging up trai l-cams in an effort to get photographic evidence, I have been quietly interacting with the psychic Sasquatch in forest regions all over the United States. My primary concern in life is gaining knowledge so that I may help others in God's name.

To clarify my role, please understand that this book is about Ihem, not about me. My focus is to convey precisely what these nature people want me to say. Without my understanding or wanting the responsibi lity. the Sasquatch people have asked me to be an intermediary, a voice for them to express to the outer world their feelings and concerns. Thi s made me uncomfortab le at first, because the majority of people who believe in Sasquatch wrongly think it 's an animal. This I can understand. Yet, these super-inte lli gent beings, who are evo lved way beyond us (in spite of thei r primitive appearance), strongly feel that Canad ian and American soc ieties need to raise their spiritua l awareness, so the beings have begun contacting certain people in the "outer world," to share their message with us concerning our planet. 31

32 - The Sasquatch People

T hose peopl e, like myse lf, who are having ongoing telepath ic com munication with the forest giants, I call the "Sasquatch whisperers." These whisperers, as such, have developed a trust and rapport wi th the beings so that, at times, the Sasquatch or Ancient Ones wi ll grant a se lfl ess request. It has happened to me so many times that I have lost count. For me it' s very rewarding and sometimes a lot of fun. And the whi sperers are grow ing in numbers as I patiently educate people so they too can become successfu l contactees. This is where the future of Sasquatchery is headed, because it is the higher evol utionary step to the New Science. Communicat ion is everything. The Sasquatc h and Starpeople are sy nonymous- they are one and the same, just different races working together. Their goals are to 1) save the planet from be ing environmentally destroyed , and 2) find Earth people who are evolved enough to work with them. They feel it's important to educate the public concern ing the greatest evolutionary leap in human history by learn ing how to li ve in peace on a violent planet. Capitalistic societies are teac hi ng their people non-spi ri tua l values that prod uce menta l, physical, and cu ltura l decay that has reached a po int where our Earth Mother is dy ing! On a famil ial level, from a personal aspect, who wou ld eve r wan t to contribute to their mother 's demise? In May 1998, whil e living in Tucson, Arizona, I met a woman named Joyce at a business meeting. We would get together t\vice a week to disc uss business. She had moved into the area fro m Utah a month before we met and rented a large mobile home twenty miles away in cowboy country in the Sono ra Desert. One night she called me from an isolated pho ne booth in the desert near her ho me, because her cell pho ne was temporarily dead. As we talked and prepared for our next meet ing. Joyce 's vo ice grew into a tone of fea r and anxiety. She re lated that two unsavory looki ng cowboys had begun sto pping at her hOllse asking if they could help her move in. The liquor sme ll on their breath and the way they gawked at her attractive features made her fearful of being raped. She po litely refused their offer of he lp and made up an excuse to get away from them. After all , she was living completely alone in wild cac tus count ry. While she was on the telephone, the two cowboys had driven by three times, slowing way down while stari ng at her. She was alone in a vul nerab le posit ion. It was 9:30 p.m. and Joyce was frightened. The gate

Chapter 2: The Sasquatch Whisperers - 33

in her driveway was locked , but she was sure these men of questionable character wou ld be waiting for her at her home! Then in my kitchen , wh il e on the phone, three living Sasquatc h apparitions appeared to me. They were monitoring my conversation interdimensionally, as they had been si nce 1979 when they fi rst approached me. " Kewaunee, if you want us to help your friend, just ask us," they telepathed. Since I had shared with Joyce that I had written a book on Sasquatch to be released that sum mer, I was blunt with her about my fr iends wanting to help her! I suppose she could have said, " You're nuts," but her response was a resounding, "Yes!" She was desperate! I had no idea how the Sasq uatch would arrive or what they would do, but I put the phone down for a moment and "spoke" to the three figures who were patiently standing in a row. I thanked them and they replied, " Don't worry, we will help." I warned Joyce that a brightly- lit spacesh ip with ETs might arrive at her place. I to ld her, " Don ' t be afraid, because they are my friends." I asked her to trust me. After hangi ng up, Joyce carefully drove two miles to her home and this is what she reported to me at our next meeting. She pulled into her driveway to unlock the gate, and the light from her headlights shone on a seven to seven-and-a-half foot tall hairy man who deliberately stepped out from behind the house so she could see him; then he turned and walked back again. The being was there in his physica l body less than five minutes after Joyce left the phone booth. Inside the house she felt secure, because a serene energy from hi s presence was " vibing" her. She said she slept wo nderfully all night, the most restful sleep she had had since moving in a month before. Interestingly, a couple of weeks later, Joyce to ld me that she had previously seen the cowboys al most daily checking out her place, but since the night of the Sasquatch she has not seen them anywhere. She was happy for that, yet puzzled. Since the giants have the ability to use "telepathic hypnosis" to influence peop le, it is possib le that the Sasquatch gave the cowboys a subt le threa tening "suggest ion" that scared them off even though they probably had no idea where it came from . At times a Sasquatch will throw out ufear" to hunters and hikers in the forest, when they have their fam ily nearby and don ' t want anyone in the area . The intruders merely have an overwhelming feeli ng of doom and they quickly leave the area. Th is is a haunting feel ing that numerous

34 - The Sasquatch People

witnesses have descr ibed. On the other hand, when loving feelings come to me, it 's very clear and intense, sent as a "welcome." I have been told many times by them that I was most welcome in their territory and that they would watch over me during the night when I'm camping in my tent. Agai n, the man creatures avoid and reject those who are actively seeking to exploit them. An example of their "support" when traveling on their behalf occurred in August 2006. I was on a ten-day lecture tour with a small entourage that consisted of two field investigators who were members of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network). They graciously taxied me around, driv ing me first to a UFO conference in Hooper, Colorado, several hours south of Denver. On the night that the conference started, one of the attendees saw a white Sasquatch walk past a corral on the ranch at about 5:30 in the morning. The coord inator of the conference said that, in all the years she had lived there on the ranch, no Sasquatch sightings had ever been reported- until I showed up! Also, on the second day there, three fresh Sasquatch tracks were found immediately outside the guest cabin in which I stayed. After the conference, there was a fOllr-day hiatus until my next speaki ng engagements in Pueblo, so we went camping. Three Sasquatch told me that the three of us were welcome in the San Juan Mountains in a rugged wilderness that was a part of the Con tinental Divide. There, 10,000 to 14,000 foot peaks loomed in the distance. A male and female Sasquatch "i nvited" us (litera lly) to camp in their area. My two companions said to ask the Sasquatch not to scare them. To this the Sasquatch couple agreed. We were Iheir guests and the forest where we camped was a section of their home. This is how it's been with me for over three decades now. I have been living the X-Files- and I don't want it to be any different! I do this to document thi s new area of sc ience that is bei ng ignored-it's even threatening to many. My job is to educate the public with the least amount of grandiloq uence possible, because thi s is not about me- it's about contri buting to society and the planet and about these remarkable human bei ngs I call the Sasquatch people. Thei r sagac ity is needed if we are to heal Mother Earth. It seems to be an almost impossible task, yet each person has a certain responsibility to contribute if we and other living things are to surv ive. When we arrived at the trail head, there were moose and elk signs everywhere . We fou nd an idyllic camping spot beside a mountain stream

Chapter 2: The Sasquatch Whisperers - 35

and made three trips to the car to fetc h our gear. On the second tri p, I received a whiff o f a not-unpleasant, mi ld, skunk-like odor that was all too fam il iar to me, letting us know that the g iants were indeed there. All three of us stopped on the trai l because the "vibrational energy" emanating from o ur forest fri ends was so overwhelming- li ke stepping into a zone of high-level electrici ty. The male was stand ing in an invisib le shield about 12 to 15 feet from me. Once a person knows them, th is is easy to determine. We began interspec ies communi cation. One of the guys said, " I hope they don ' t try to spook us!" The man-creature to ld me, "No, we won't. We are happy you are here and will enjoy yo ur presence as someone we can trust. " This conve rsation started to bring teafS to my eyes. I told h im that I loved him and hi s people. He replied, "And we love you and wi ll protect you during your stay." This type of conversati on happens freq uently whether I am in the woods in Pennsy lvani a, Tennessee, Florida, Ok lahoma, Arkansas, Idaho, Arizona , New Mexico, or many other places throughout the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Thi s is how the be ings genuine ly treat me and act. There are no monste rs out there, except for mi sbehavi ng people who lack spiritual awareness. The tents were set up and a fi re pit w ith large rocks arou nd it was constructed. J craw led into my tent to blow up the air mattress, as it was near dark. A loud growl- like clearing of a throat was heard by all of us. It was ten feet in back o f my tent. The Sasq uatch man was letting us know he was in our camp. I have heard this a cou ple of doze n times throughout the years. I went to sleep at sundown w hile my two MUFON companions sat around a fire in light-we ight fo lding cha irs quiet ly chatti ng. The next morning one of my friend s told me that a fema le Sasquatch had te lepathed to him the night before, us ing hi s ni ckname. Thi s had startled him since only hi s fa mi ly members call him that and he had introduced himself to me by his fo rmal name. Somehow s he had psychically gotten into his deepest thoughts. They are incred ib le beings of great power and intellect. Ten minutes after say ing his name, she snuck up beh ind him whi le remain ing invisible and placed both of her hands against the back of hi s chair to let him know in a gentle way that she was reall y there. He said he finally unde rstood why it was so d ifficult for field researchers to encounter them. The guys were glad they had a Sasquatch

36 - The S a s quatch People

whisperer there to help them connect and have a rare experience with the hairy folks. However, there have been a few times when the beings would not respond to my request to interact with the person accompanyi ng me. They have the ir own way of thi nking that is very different from American society. I have learned to respect that and not challenge the way they deal with life. Canad ian Sasquatc h researcher Thomas Steenburg wrote the book In Search of Giants (2000), in which he has a short chapter he titled " Hoaxes and the Lunatic Fringe," which I fou nd most entertai ning. Though I have met Thom and found hi m to be a fin e fe llow, he is of the hunting variety of researcher who is aggressive ly looking for the ultimate physical proof. His research is based strictly on "belief' and historic data, and not personal interaction with the creatures. So he is looking for an animal. Thom writes: Witnesses who claim lunatic-fringe encounters ca ll me all the time. During the mid-1980s a fe llow. whose name I will not ment ion because I know he would want me to. would phone a couple times a week cla iming to communicate through ESP with a family of Sasq uatch in the mountains around Banff, Alberta. He also claimed to have spent many days liv ing with the creatures. When I asked for the photos he must have taken of the creatures. he replied the Sasq uatch had mind powers that would destroy the film in the camera. so photographi ng them was imposs ible. When I suggested he take me to see for myse lf, he told me that they had the ab ili ty to make themselves invisible and they only trusted him, due to his peacefu l nature. It has been several years now since this fellow last called me and I hope he fi nally lost interest in wasting my time. I One would think that, after unsuccessfully searching for the last 32 years usi ng guns, gadgets, and call blasti ng, he would have fi gured out that the Sasquatc h are an interdimensional people and not j ust a clever animal. But consciously ignori ng the real ev idence has not made the psychic Sasquatc h go away! My best wishes to Thom and his partner, Rick Noll, and others who continue to enjoy their monster quest. The person from Banff was genuinely sharing his persona l encounters and friends hip with the psychic Sasquatch, accurate ly te lli ng it as it is! Many percipients need moral and spiri tual support when experi encing these mind-boggling events, because psychic phenomena

Chapter 2: The Sasquatch Whisperers - 37

are so unfamiliar to them. This Sasquatch whi sperer was innocently reaching out and sharing his encounters, but was rebuffed. Hopefully, in the funlre, conservat ive researchers can be more open to anomalous experiences. Over the years, I have been spending more and more time on phone and in-person counse ling for people who have had psychic encounters. Keep in mind that the Sasquatc h are borh physical and nonphysica l beings, not one or the other. Many paranormalists believe Sasquatch is strictly nonphysical, but that is untrue. Once a person has had numerous encounters with them, ex periencing the creatures on different leve ls, then a better understanding of them slowly eme rges. Teaching peop le the proper Sasquatch protocol makes for a successful contact most of the time. With kindness and compassion is the proper way to interact with the hairy folks, not with violence or trickery. One whisperer in Colorado shared her encou nters with a lady coworker who wanted to visit to experience the creatures for herse lf. There was a cabin on the whisperer 's property at the edge of the woods Ihat was completely furnished. Kim , the lady fri end, began staying there overnight on her days off. The whisperer laughl Kim how 10 te lepath and what to say, just as I had done for her a few months before. Soon there was comm unication, but not before she encountered heavy, thumping footfalls, growli ng, and rocks being banged together, whic h startled her at first. When asked if they wanted food or anything, one answered, "A sa lt block." The cabi n guest was surprised and said, " I didn 't know you liked salt." The be ing cheerfully retorted, "No, silly, the salt is for the deer! " Here is a case where the Sasquatch had picked up one of our idioms by telepathically listening in on people's conversations. In the winter at 9,000 feet there are elk and deer wanderi ng through peop le's backyards at the edge of the forest. It was unclear if the Sasquatch wanted to help the deer with a " treat" or lure them closer for a kill. The Sasquatch's funny quip was a more human rep ly than the lady expected. I interviewed her over the phone, prompting her to ask more questions and giving her ideas about what to say. She was delighted and spoke very animatedly about her newfound friends. Previously, the property owner had comp lained to the giants about their making so many abrupt noises at ni ght, which scared her because it was nonn ally a qu iet house. The Sasquatch promised that from then

38 - The Sasquatch People

on they would be qui eter, as they did not want to upset her anymore. She thought this was a "sweet gestu re" and very considerate of them. They were showing the ir respect by honoring her request just like any other friendly "neighbor." John, a very close friend of mine, called me in December of 2007 to tell me that hi s wife was gravely ill and in the hospital. She had had three surgeri es, which did not correct the situation and , a couple of times, he thought she was dying! Just when John believed his wife was improving, she would take a turn for the worse. This conti nued for three or fo ur months and was very stressful for my fr iend. I prayed for his wife da il y, yet she seemed to linger. John vis ited her every day, bringing her things to make her more comfortable. He be li eved in the psychic Sasquatch, but hi s wife did not believe in the creatures and preferred not to discuss the subject. One day John asked me if a Sasquatch shaman could possibly heal her. because I had successfu lly sent one to a hospital twice, but onl y after the patient gave permission. I-Ie said her perm ission was un li kely. Sti ll , in desperation, John asked his wi fe for permission, then called me to say she had agreed. That night in the hospi tal room a series o f strange lights floated around his wife, whi ch amazed her! The orbs stayed about a minute. In the morning she had improved dramatically and within a few days was released to convalesce at home. John is adamantly convinced that the Sasquatch were the primary people who healed his wife at a time when she was sl ippi ng away toward death. When I ask the beings for their he lp, they comply about ninety percent of the time. Why they do not in that ten percent has neve r been explained. I always reach out to help others whenever I can, and in di re cases I have asked the Sasquatch for help. The first time that I was aware that both Sasquatch and ETs would come to a person and dramatically heal Ihem was when I myself had a spina l injury and could not walk. The pain was a "ten," excruciating beyond anythi ng I had ever experi enced. When I te lepalhed 10 the Starpeople, they came and healed me, and I was up walking without pain the velY next day! Another heal ing experience happened when a lady friend visited me for three days over Fourth of Ju ly 2009. From the time Tara arrived, two to three Sasquatch had come into my cab in interdimensionally to feel her energy wh il e listening in on our conve rsations. Thi s has been a normal occurrence since January 1986, when the beings said I would be

Chapter 2: Th e Sasquatch Whisperers - 39

monitored more closely. All this was strange to me at first, as I did not know the extent of their powers. The second night of her visit, Tara became vio lently ill and began vomiti ng and crampi ng. I assisted her wi th a warm blanket and hot herbal tea as she lay in agony on the couch. I sat up wi th her into the ni ght with litt le reprieve. Then Tara asked if I would summon a Sasquatch shaman to heal her. I had been tending to her needs during some in tense moments, and I had not taken the time to conside r asking for their help. When I looked up, there were two Sasquatch appari tions waiti ng for Tara's permission to assist her! She gave consent! I asked them to send a shaman or ET doctor du ring the night to hea l her. Then I went to bed. It was 1 a. l11. The fo ll owi ng morning I tiptoed down the steps so as not to wake Tara. Eight hours had passed. She instantly sat up on the couch with an alert smile and sa id, "Kewaunee, your friends came and hea led me last night! " I said, "Yes, the Sasquatch." "No, it was an ET!" Then she related the foll owi ng: As soon as I, Kewaunee, was out of the room, she felt an intense electrical energy around her body. Th is caused her to open her eyes. Standi ng over her was an a lien bei ng, in a white robe, who looked somewhat like a human. He was waving hi s hands over her in a Reiki-type movement. She was go ing to ask hi m a question, but he instantly put her in a peacefu l slumber, givi ng her a restfu l ni ght's sleep. Tara reported that she was one hund red percent cured. We ate a hearty breakfast of an asparagus ome let with chunks of avocado on top, multigrain toast, and coffee! So their altru ism is apparent when I request help from lime to ti me. Yet they say I am helping them and the planet by presenting the truth to those who are ready to listen. All this contact is not about "proof" or money, fame, etc., but about genuine con tact to enable these nature people to share their incredib le wisdom and insight by raising our awareness of what life on the planet is really about. The Sasquatch and the fr iendly ETs are here as a "support group" to those who are spiritually evolving away from a way of life that is severe ly detrimenta l to all li fe on planet Earth. This is what many of the whi sperers have been told. It is the message behind the phenomenon, whe reas researchers and science mistakenly focus on the material aspects of the phenomenon itself, which is prec isely why they

4 0 - The Sasquatch Peo ple

have fa il ed to progress over the years. The environmental sc iences and spi ritual growth are the central core of the Sasquatch as a peop le, which includes the Starpeop le with whom they work. On numerous occasions the giants have helped me in othe r ways. In July 2003 I was looking fo r a country home so I cou ld move away from the city, but couldn ' t fi nd a sui table place. After six weeks of looking, three Sasq uatch interdimensiona lly appeared in my rOOIn. "Why you have not asked us to help you fi nd a new home?" they asked. I told them I fe lt bothersome asking for something so trite. They responded, " It's im ponant to find a place with peace and security, so it is not trite. " So I said, " All right, I' m asking your he lp. I want a cabi n in the forest. on a dirt road that is a dead end; good well water; with a washerl dryer; plus, I don' t want to pay more than ' x' amount pe r mon th rent." With in two days I had my place. On the evening of the very day I fo und the cabin, as I was preparing a sa lad at the sink at my Seattle house, I gazed out the kitchen window and was shocked to see in my mi nd a scene of me sitting in my car with the cabi n in the background, and a ten-foot Sasq uatch standing, smiling, beside my car. This is visual telepathy. Then I heard a kindly voice say, "Now that you have fo und a place, be at peace." When I turned around the Sasq uatch was standi ng seven feet away, slowly demateriali zing. This is who they are and what they do fo r peop le they love. In July 20 10, I had a prob lem with the front end of my car. New tie-rods were installed. but then it steered a bit too easi ly and somewhat oddly. I visited the mechani c and he assured me that all it needed was for the front tires to be rea ligned, in spite of my insistence that something seemed loose! After maki ng an appointment with a shop that does thi s kind of work, I drove the 40 miles toward Seattle usi ng the freeway. The steeri ng got worse so I drove at 50 mph all the way. When I arrived at my destination I was told to come back in an hour and it wou ld be fi nished. But when I returned, the master mechanic had a very sober look on hi s face. The car was still on the lift. He sa id after taking ofT the left fron t wheel that the tie-rod looked weird. When he reached over and touched it, the rod fell ofT in hi s hand. Then he went on to say that he didn't know how I eve n made it all the way without bei ng killed. If the tie-rod comes off, one no longer has contro l of the steeri ng and one either heads into traffic or ofT the freeway into a tree or post! The mechani c kept shak ing hi s head, repeating that he was amazed that

Chapter 2: The Sasquatch Whisperers - 41

I made it to the shop. Later, when I arrived back at my cabin with the front end correct ly fixed, a Sasquatch appariti on interdimensionally came direct ly through the door in front of me, say ing, "We were the ones who held the rod together using psycho-kinetic energy until you arri ved at a safe place." Then he turned and shot out through the closed door. I sat there stunned, then telepathed words of thanks. They saved my life. Once in the mid-1980s I went off a 60-foot clifT in a car while dri ving slowly on a snaky wilderness road. A spaceship suspended my vehicle in mid-air, turned it 90 degrees, and set it back on the dirt road again unscathed. If these Star be ings have such abil ities, which I can vouch fo r, then we are not as modern and advanced as we think we are. I am convinced that the "skept ic" magazines di splayed on store shelves are government-funded, and the articles are skewed to deliberate ly mi sinform the publi c as to what is real and what is not. They don ' t want us to be empowered. If the public knew that psi was authent ic (and it is), it woul d empower them and change the way they percei ve this work. For exampl e, ETs are not on ly here, but have been here for millions of years. They have pennanent bases under the oceans and in deep-water lakes, as well as inside of hollow, dormant volcanoes. This I know because both ETs and Sasquatch have to ld me this as fact. Many of the whisperers have discovered thi s along with the interdimensional aspects of the Sasquatch phenomenon. The differe nce between the interdimensional theory proposed by a couple of researchers years ago and my work is that this information was told to me directly by ETs and Sasquatc h, and has been verified by other contactees based on what they have been told, as well as personal experiences of see ing spacesh ips, ETs, Sasquatch, and the Ancient Ones materialize and dematerialize! Such events have changed my li fe and how I perceive the world. In the summer of2004, I began interviewing a man named Dave in northeast Pennsy lvania. He seemed very uncomfortable talking to me on the phone and was hesitant to share his encounters by mail. In October 2005, I fi nally met him in person in Pennsylvania. Dave appeared to be clean-cut, courteous, and reserved, and had been work ing at the same job for over twenty years, which showed stability. Overall , he was a very pleasant ind ividual to socialize with. He told me that over the years he had encollntered the Sasq uatch people a total of 17 times. He was a Sasq uatch whisperer.

4 2 - Th e S asqu a tc h P eople

A slick pile where Dave in Pennsylvania had repealed en Counlers wilh Ihe p5)1chic Sasqualch

Nfore slick jorlllalions in a key Sasquatch area Ihal experiencer Dave believes were lIIade by the man-creatures

Chapter 2: The Sasq u atch Whisperers - 4 3

The first encounter frightened him, as the creature followed him in the brush parallel to the trail as he headed for hi s truck. As he was start ing to panic, the being telepathed to Dave say ing, " Don ' t be afraid; we would never hurt you! " He drove me to four places in the forest where he had encountered them. In three of the areas, the Sasquatch immediate ly telepathed to me, stating that I was welcome and that their group was there. When trekking through the autumn woods with Dave, I could "feel" them c1airsentientl y fo llowing us. This feeli ng quality becomes a part of a whi sperer and there is no guess-work involved. It is pure psychic energy projecting from their minds. Thi s is the best way I can describe it, my entire body becomes a human vibrator of energy. Dave to ld me that one evening before sunset he had taken his horse out fo r a run and its leg had fa llen in a hole. He had walked the limpi ng horse back to the stable. He dec ided to ca ll the veterinary cli nic, so that in the morning someone coul d come over to examine the horse. When he glanced out the kitchen window at dawn the next morning, he was alarmed to see two Sasquatch walk out of the horse barn. Dave was concerned for the safety of hi s horse. Upon investigating the matter, he immediately noticed two things about the horse: its leg was compl ete ly healed and normal; and its mane had been braided! On another occasion, while on his small farm, Dave was astonished to see half a Sasquatch body walk by him. It was the queerest thing he had ever seen! The hairy hi ps and legs were visible in the physical plane while the upper torso, hands and head were completely hidden from view. Dave explained that, based on what he observed, it appeared to be aj uvenile creature roughl y five-and-a-halffeet tall. He surmised it was a youngster just learning to dematerial ize-and he was probably ri ght. From what I understand , some of their defensive quantum powers are natural, but must be developed to be used efficac iously. At a later date, Dave was again perplexed to see a sing le giant hairy arm wrapped around a tree at a height that would make the creature seven to seven-and-a-half feet tall. Then the white-hai red arm disappeared . The Sasquatch itselfremained invisible behind the tree. Experiencers need to share their wei rd encounters with someone they can trust. These ty pes of reports continue to come in. I would be dishonest not to state it from the records. Obj ect ive reporting is crucial, in order to get closer to solving the mystery, no matter how far out the enco unter was.

44 - The Sasquatch People

Author wilh COlllanche, his Black Labrador who enjoyed Ihe friendly pJ.ychic SaJ.Y/lialch

Alithor holds a hair-like It/bric frO Ill Ihe MO/f11/ Adam Wilderness where he observed spaceships landing. Resulls 0/ analysis by a lOp sciel1list said that there is no match/or Ihis/c/bric on Plal1et Earlh!

Chapter 2: The Sasquatch Whisperers - 45

Physical anthropo log ist Dr. Grover Krantz (deceased) often stated that a majority of the reports are unreli able and thus false information. That is nothing more than specul at ion and is simply not true. I always liked Grover and got a long with him, but I adaman tly disagree with hi s statement. Out of 187 witnesses I have interviewed over the years cl aiming psychic Sasquatch ex periences, I consider two to have been fraudulent. Just because a researc her does not fully understand subj ects like UFOlogy, Native Amerindian folk lore, and quantum physics-all areas that relate directly to Sasquatch reports---Q ne shou ld not sweep the " messenger" under the rug. If a researcher doesn' t believe what a person encountered , why shou ld thei r lack of field ex perience cause them to discard what the witness is te ll ing him? I understand the difficulty mainstream researchers have grasp ing thi s rea li ty. More and more anomalies are be ing reported as witnesses fina ll y come out of the closet. Maki ng fun of perc ipie nt s is a sign of an unprofess ional researcher. We must keep an open mind when dealing with Sasquatch anomalies. When I moved from the Sonora Desert to a ranch at the edge of the Mount Adams Wilderness in Washington State, I co ntinued to be contacted by the Sasquatch people on four occas ions over a two-and-ahalfmo nth period. My Black Lab Comanche and I lived in a full teepee and there were many frigid ni ghts. One encounter was around three in the morning, when I got up to relieve myself. It was a full moon with clear vis ibility so I could see wit hout a fl ashli ght. I was wal ki ng back to the teepee when a voice sai d, " Kewaunee, I was li sten ing to your prayers earli er this evening when you were asking for guidance. Keep wo rking on yourse lf, Kewaunee, keeping work ing on yourself." The Sasquatch was about 50 or 60 feet in back of the teepee. He said he was around 18 years old (our age) and was very interested in our world . He was around six-and-a-hal f feet ta ll or more. The young man to ld me he was sorry he couldn ' t stay to ta lk with me because he had been given the responsibility of esco rting four juvenil es fro m one part of the forest to another. When I asked where they were, he immediate ly projected "visual telepathy" showing me (li ke " live shot" broadcasting on television) the four Sasquatch standing by a barb-wi re fence in back, where I often picked herbs. They ranged between five feet and six feet in height. I said, "God bless yo u," and he left. The way he stood during hi s visit was interest ing. One shoulder was positioned high whil e the other was low so that one of hi s long arJll S ca me closer to the

46 - The Sasqua t c h Peop le

ground like a football player might do. ) enjoyed hi s personality. He said hi s people knew about me and were unafraid to approach me. Also, he was comfortable because he listened to my thoughts at bedtime: ) was praying for world peace. spiritual guidance, fa mily, and fr iends. The fact that I am nonv iolent was the magnetic attraction fo r him. Two nights later, just as I was fall ing as leep, Comanche, my 90-pound Lab, nudged me finn ly with hi s nose. I turned on one of the two flashlights lying beside me to see what he wanted. With his nose he kept pointi ng to the entrance of the teepee. He was a super-intelli gent canine-al most human, as many friends have said. Each time ) asked him different questions of what he wanted, Comanche did not respond. I told him to go back to his bed and go to sleep. Thi s he did, but as soon as I got comfortable in my sleeping bag, there was Comanche's co ld nose in my face! This scenario repeated itself three ti mes and he was getting more persistent in havi ng my attention. Then it happened. The " rap, rap, rap" of two heavy sticks being struck together some ten feet from the teepee. Comanche, though very composed and pat ient, quickly lay down in front of the entrance, wagging his tail in an exc ited manner. Comanche had met ETs and Sasquatch before and loved them. He was very courteous with a mellow te mperament. The three raps continued. It was my curious young Sasquatch friend from two nights before. " It is you, my friend. Thank you fo r visiting me. I am honored," I said in my mind, fo r I was getting excited as we ll . I was still reclining in my sleeping bag and put the flas hlight back on the floor beside me. The second flash light had dead batteries and it was also by the crude bed in which I was lyi ng. Then, just as I closed my eyes, I heard the giant wa lking up to the teepee behi nd me. My back was very close to the canvas. Slowly I reached fo r my flashl ight. Holding it in my right hand, I lay there and listened. Though I was in no way afraid, I was surpri sed when a large hand reached directly through the "solid" canvas and gently rested on my right shoulder. An electrical ti ngling energy encompassed my body, which I felt run down the length of my right ann. It may sound corny, but all I felt was love energy from the Sasquatch. It was his way of showi ng trust. Then he withdrew hi s arm and walked back into the fo rest. These bei ngs have the abili ty to move through anythi ng solid on the physical plane. Another fasc inating thi ng was that my second

Cha pter 2 : The Sasquatc h Whisp e r ers - 47

flashli ght with the dead batteries now shone brightly when I turned it on. The Sasq uatch's energy reki ndled the dead battery. Thi s ill ustrates some of the Sasquatch 's unusual abili ties and shou ld be noted as such. I fee l so fortu nate that they like me enough to approach me so often. It is they who are in control, not some researcher. Inciden tally, that was the fifth time a Sasquatch had touched me that way ! I was new to the area and did nOI know very many people. A woman named Barbara approached me and asked if I would take her inlo the wilderness on a hi ke to possibly interact with a Sasquatch. She was peace-lovi ng and kind, and I felt she had the qualities to connect. We took daypacks with water and a lunch. We drove to the trailhead of the Indian Heaven Wilderness and we were the onl y vehicle there that day. We entered a gorgeous Douglas fir forest. I stopped to gather some pipsissewa, an herb that is exce llent for arthritis and stiffness of the joints. After hiking a ways, we stopped a couple of hundred feet off the trail at a hill in a pristine conifer grove. We sat and meditated to quiel the mind and get grounded. Meditation lasted about 30 minutes; then we telepathed individually, asking the Sasquatch to visit us. After that we had a picnic. We didn ' t hear or see any sign of a Sasquatch, so we decided to leave 10 hi ke back to the pickup truck. As we approached the trailhead where we had parked the vehi cle, we walked into a "force fi eld" of heavy energy. It was overwhelming. People have described thi s powerful experience to me several ti mes, but Barbara said she cou ld not feel them. Two Sasquatch, a male and a fe male, were approximately 50 feet to the side of the pathway, blendi ng into the trees. In fact, I am convinced they projected that we would only see trees and not them. I asked if they would go to Barbara's tent that evening and visit her. To thi s they agreed. We cl imbed into the vehicle and Barbara said, " I' m nOI sure I believe you! Did they reall y say all that?" I assured her it was all for real. Apparently she wanted proof, or a sign that these forest beings were really there. It was IS miles back to my teepee. As we drove down the wind ing road, each bend had a peculi ar sign she had wished for. There were three large rocks piled obtrusively on top of one another bes ide the road, yet there had been none there when we drove up. I told her they had just placed them there. Barbara pooh -poohed it. In the next bend in the road a large tree was nearly blocking the road, causing her to slow down. It also had not been there before. At the thi rd bend, there was a

• 48 - The Sasquatch People

large raven in the midd le of the road. At fi rst the raven would not move; it re luctantly strutted to the side staring at us. h wasn' t injured. Very unusual be hav ior for a raven. Barbara kept sayi ng how strange it was that a ll these eve nts happened one after another, a ll withi n a quarter of a mi le of read. Again , I in sisted it was Sasquatch using their abi li ties to get her attention. They are tricksters and thi s is how the giant s operate. The last bend had bunches o f flowers among a cluster of ferns on the right side of the road. There was no wind. Yet a lone isolated fern, a fOOl or so from a ll the others, was swi nging wildly back and forth. The oddness o f this unnatural swayi ng got her attention. Barbara was flabbergasted! It was as if an in visible force or person was playi ng a trick on us. And, of course, they were! Barbara stopped the car to watch the fern move back and fort h. She fi nally said she believed! The fun-loving beings

Two orbs appeared where Sasquatch are ji'eqllently seen from the porch ofauthor .\" cabin ill the Cascade foo thills. Washington State.

C ha pte r 2: Th e Sasquatc h Whisperers - 4 9

had made their point by creating a strange sequence of events along the road, whi ch was a way of communicating their reality. That eveni ng a Sasquatch approached Barbara's tent, moving the top of it to let her know they were there. She admitted that she was too scared to come out, yet pleased that it happened at my request. Incidentally, even adul t Sasquatch enjoy teasing us with thei r powers. Why not? I know a lot of witty people who like to joke around as well. A month later, I moved into a suburb of Seattl e and started a regular job. A short time later, Barbara told me her elderly father was dying and he had only a few days to li ve. While talki ng to her in the house, an interdimensional Sasquatch spoke to me, sayi ng, "1 will give him a healing if her father gives us permission." So I told her what the being said. She commented that her fat her didn' t bel ieve in the giants and when she had shown him a copy of my book, The Psychic Sasquatch, he had said, "That guy's a nut!" My response was to ask him anyway since he was dy ing. Barbara called me later that day, saying that her dad had said cantankerously, "Yes, they can come. I don't care if! get abducted by little green men as long as someone helps me!" That ni ght Barbara's sister arrived from out of town to say "goodbye" to her dying father. At the hospital, she decided to sleep in a soft chair beside her dad that eveni ng. During the night she heard her father 's voice speaking and it woke her up. All she remembers is that he was sitting up looking at the corner of the room saying, "So that's what a Sasquatch looks like." The next morni ng, when the doctor checked in on him, his physical cond ition had changed. He wasn't dying after all! The fa mily and medical staff were baffl ed by his recovery ! To my reco ll ect ion. the elderly gent li ved about a year before passing away in his mid-eighties. There is a woman named Mary Rau who contacted me in November 2005 after reading my book. The Sasquatch peopl e had spoken to her telepathically and she was seeking a greater understanding of the phenomenon from a spiritua l standpoint. Mary 's fi rst experiences are documented in Chapter 3. Her story is an interesting one that illustrates Sasquatch behavior and how they approach humans. The complexity of the giants' psychic abili ty is staggering as well as profound. I don't know what they do or how they do it, but they can communi cate with the planet and all li ving things on it. They can also go inside your head when you are sleeping and convey messages to you.

50 - The Sasquatch People Many, including myself, have experienced thi s. With Mary, a Sasquatc h first "visited" her in a dream so he would not start le her in person. From May 7,2006, she documents in her own words: The Sasquatch from my dream came to my new friend. Linda, as we were talking on the phone this afternoon and [ was relating my dream to her. Suddenly she interrupted me and said, " Oh my God! There 's a Sasq uatc h here! [ can just make out his outline from the wa ist up. He says you are one of them. [s this true? Oh! He says to sto p quest ion ing and j ust tell you what he says." Linda continued the message for Mary. "She is one of us. We know her qu ite wel l. We love her. We are soft peop le. We look fri gh tening to some, but we are soft. We do our work here and in the other dimensions. [t will all work out when th e timing is right. All is unfolding as it shou ld.


-to '1'." ~"\-~ , _,.::,_

Experience,- MellY Rem who had a Sasquatch speak to he,. telepalhically fOllr times, and has witnessed spaceships in a majo,. Bigfoot area.

Chapter 2: The Sasquatch Wh isperers - 51

When she is ready. we wi ll have a beautiful experience togethe r. No harm will corne to her. Tell her we love her." Linda was cry ing as she finished. She said the intense love from the Sasquatch overwhelmed her. I have heard of similar experiences fro m people many times over the last three decades. All oflh is really has nothing to do with "belief," but is what peop le are expe rienc ing over and over again. As a persona l clearing house for those who wanl to ta lk to about anomalous encounters, I help alleviate their anxiety and place the ir ex periences in a more practical perspective- we deal with the "why me?" a lot. I counsel contactees by giving them a broader perspective of the phenomenon and ideas about how best to move forward without the in itial anx iety. There are Sasquatch whi sperers everywhere-not very many, but there are probably a few in every state. Most of them keep the ex perience to themselves. In October 2004 J was in eastern Tennessee investigating, and I met three whisperers there . They were very private people and would neve r go public or have their names in a book. I will refer to the one with whom I was most assoc iated as Pam. I was invited to Pam's coun try home where she said 17 Sasquatch in a clan were being fed three times weekly. She knew most of the clan members by name. No matter where I go or whom I talk to, contactees with ongoing encounters say that the Sasquatches all have names. Si nce the creatures are a peop le, it makes sense that they have names like anyone else. When I arri ved at Pam's house, I laid out my sleeping bag in the upper tier of their barn. The next morning the fam il y showed me the braided manes of two of their six llamas- the " braiding" havi ng been done by a Sasquatch. Over the years, four different witnesses have said that the Sasquatch have braided the manes of their horses. Thi s has also been documented in Russia regarding a sim ilar creature known mostly as Almas. On the second night we sat out on the back deck to see if a creature could be spotted by the " feedi ng station," where food conditions the giants to feel comfortab le when near people. This is often called " hab ituat ion." Since I was tired from the long trip to Tennessee, I retired early- around eleven o' clock. I walked the 50- 60 yards to the barn to bed down for the ni ght. Beside Illy sleeping bag I had a large flashl ight thai projected a huge beam of li ght. Since I was on the seco nd tier and

52 - The Sasquatch People

the large bam door was open, I had an excellent view of the house and the peop le sitting on the deck. Soon I fell fast asleep. The next morning over breakfast, Pam asked why I didn't go to sleep right away. I told her I climbed into my sleeping bag and did fall asleep ri ght away. She asked what was I doi ng shi ning my flashlight over to the deck for a half hour when I said that I needed to get to bed. My response was that it had to be someone else- but who? There were a lot of puzzled looks on people's faces with that reply.

One of Pam s llamas. whose mane was braided by a S(fsquQrch

Chapter 2: The Sasquatch Whisperers - 53

Two hours later, when Pam was stand ing on the back deck overlook ing the field, she received telepathic comm unication from one of the Sasquatch. He told her that he snuck into the barn the night before and was fascinated with the big flashli ght, so he dec ided to try it out. He sa id that it was fun! The Sasquatch had never seen a flas hl ight before, and was curious. So now the puzzle of the flashli ght caper was solved. I had slept through the en tire incident even though the giant was about two feet from me! One evening Pam told me a story about something that had happened a few years before. She said she knew an elderly couple who lived in the forest on a dead end road. Their house was a shack and had several cracks in the wa ll s through which she could see outside. One day while Pam was visiting the couple, the old woman saw "something" large walk around the side of the house. She became noticeably nervous. When Pam asked what disturbed her, the woman broke down and said that her husband had befriended a fami ly of Sasquatch. The woman also sai d that she was uncomfortable every time they came around. She went on to say that at times they had been very helpful. For example, a friend had given them an old heavy couch because they were poor. Thei r house was situated at the top of a very steep hill away from the dirt driveway. When two fellows came to deli ver the couch, it was left at the bottom of the hill at the insistence of the old man. The guys couldn't figure out how he was ever going to get the heavy item up to the house. The elderly man kept say ing some " fri ends" would be by later to move it. The woman told Pam that after they left, the Sasquatch brought the couc h up to the house. Such amicable re lationshi ps are happeni ng around us in rural areas, but such rare friendshi ps are usua lly kept a secret. My recommendation is to be kind to everyo ne; be a Sasquatch whisperer by opening up your heart, not your ammo box ! This nex t episode was told to me with great so lemnity. The head of the Sasq uatch clan had told Pam that he took a ga ll on of antifreeze from her carport because of a major problem that had developed. One of thei r large males had killed a female who had two young children. Thi s, Pam was to ld, was an extremely rare event wi th a member of their people. A council of elders discussed among themselves what "crime" had occurred and he was sentenced to death! They made the killer dri nk the bottl e of antifreeze. For a long while the pe rpetrato r had been hiding out in a cave, so after consum ing the po ison he returned to his hideaway.

54 - The Sasq u atch People

Part of the way there, he had become violent ly ill and weak. Finally, he lay down in the cave and with remorse telepathed to Pam hi s last thoughts and words. She swears the followi ng is abso lutely the truth. The dying Sasquatc h said that contact had been made to his people by the United States mil itary because our gove rnment knew the truth and importance of the BigfootlUFO connect ion. Some Sasquatch are " recruited" by a certain race of Starpeople. The Sasquatch are the ETs' "ground crew" to mi ne certa in minerals, do the heavy work , act as sentries, spy for them , and so on. The Sasq uatch man told Pam that military personne l had lured hi m and two other Sasquatch into a build ing under the pretense of being their friend. The mi litary llsed some form of electromagnetic device to block hi s use of te lepathy and to stop him from dematerializing. Then they gave the creature food with a powerful sedat ive in it. Once unconscious, they injected an impl ant to the back of hi s sk ull in order to monitor and foll ow his every move. He was enraged by this deceit. Friendly ETs tried to help by using surgical means to remove the imp lant, but on two othe r occasions, a Sasquatch had died because of complications with the delicate operation. Th is disheartened forest giant had become angry with his clan for accepti ng food fro m Pam and had pl anned to ki ll her husband . When he argued with a fe male of his grou p about the food, he cou ld not contain his rage and killed her. As he was dyi ng, lying in a cave, the creature told Pam that he realized he was wrong and was sorry fo r his actions and deeply regretted it. The Sasq uatch said he needed to tell Pam the reason for his mistake and that he now knew there we re good people like them in the outer world. He said his life energy was fading, and this was hi s last statement to her and he wanted to repeat: "The military helicopter is here to retrieve my body." The implant had given away his position. During the com municat ion with him, Pam tried to phone a frie nd who knew the mountai n so they could fi nd the cave and possibly help the remorseful being. The telephone was mysteriously dead. She started to use e-mai l to get help, but all the electrici ty suddenly went out in the house. Pam believes she was be ing monitored by the National Security Agency, which has the technology and abili ty to do that. She made me prom ise that I would not divulge her name and where she lives. I have been criticized by my peers for not listing prec ise names, places, and

C h a pte r 2: The S a squatc h Whi s p e re rs - 55

addresses of witnesses, so they can fo ll ow up to verify that I am telling the truth. I did not do this in my fi rst book and wi ll not in thi s one, because researchers and the media are known to harass percipients by invad ing their privacy. Also, experiencers have to dea l with backlash in their community. With thi s kind of extraord inary ci rcumstances, rules of sc ience have to be modified to respect both the Sasquatch and their new human fr iends. Contactees in interspecies commun ication are the same as "in fo rmants" that anthropo logists use to validate thei r fie ld work when interacting with primitive cultures. I cannot fi nd a reason why Pam would lie to me about the above story. Apparent ly, these unusual encounters occur when there is government intervention. Every day that I was at Pam's country home, she kept tell ing me she wanted to take me to a special place in the mountains where both Sasquatch and the feared chupacabra were often seen. Chupacabra means «goat-sucker" in Spani sh, because of the way it drains blood fro m ani mals. It 's a phenomenon that people have begun to experience in Puerto Rico and the sOllthern part of the Uni ted States. I had never heard of such a thi ng in Tennessee. Pam's cl ose friend said that her family and frie nds spoke of the bizarre creatures when she was a chil d thi rty years ago, and this particular area was prime territory fo r an encounter with them. She added that her uncle and a friend who camped up there several years ago were confronted by a chupacabra when its sharp claws litera lly slashed a large hole in the side of their tent when they were inside. It scared them so bad ly that they never went back up there. Pam sa id that the Sasquatch were repulsed by the weird creature and always drove them off. My belief is that there must be a major "portal" or vortex lead ing to another dimension where the chu pacabras enter and exit our world. I will elaborate on this in Chapter 5. However, Pam related to me that she had been asked by the head of the Sasquatch cl an not to go up in the mountains for a few days. He woul d te ll her when it was okay to visit that area. This request was honored. The next day a Sasquatch told her that they were having a large important gathering of tri bes, and the council of elders would be there. Some were comi ng from western Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Caro lina- seventy Sasquatch in all. He did not reveal all the subjects that wou ld be under discussion, simply staling that it was an important secret event. On the very last day of my week-long visit, Pam escorted me to

56 - The Sasquatch People

this "spec ial" place in the mountains. Four of us hiked down a trail in a slow, relaxed manner, soon approachi ng about two acres of open fie ld. A large garbage bag full of food was dumped under a tree. I could feel the Sasquatch close by. They have a very distinct vibration that signa ls me that they are there. As I turned around to scan the area, I saw a six-footta ll Sasquatch run, then leap bchind a trec. Just as he was within three feet of the tree, hc dematerialized! The other peop le in our tiny group had their backs to the tree and missed seeing the creature, who was 70 to 80 feet away. No one seemed concerned, because they all had seen a Sasq uatch before. Apparently most of the seventy giants had left but there were probably six or eight watching us at that time. Slowly we puttered along the trail back to ou r veh icles. I stopped to show ofT my Sasquatch hoot in the direction in which I had see n the Sasquatch. "Whooo, whooo, whooo." I sounded off. Everyone listened. hoping to hear a reply. Suddenly Pam burst out laughing. She looked at me and sa id, "The Sasquatch sa id to tell you. 'Kewaunee, you can do better than that!' " Then we a ll laughed. They have a sense of humor, no matter how sobe r they look. They are a people and want the world to know the truth of who they rea lly are . I estimate that i r seventy members of the Sasquatch tri be from Tennessee, Kentllcky, and North Carolina attended this important meeting. another seventy or one hundred or two hundred women, children, elderly and young ad uils may easily have been left at "home." That would potentially place the population on the North American continent at approximately 5,000 to 7,000 individuals; poss ibly 10,000; maybe 15,000 maximum. In Oklahoma and northern Texas. I am aware of 34 Anc ien t Ones as of 2006, based on what they told an informant. I don ' t know if there are more or fewer of the Ancient Ones, which are usua ll y mistaken for Sasquatch. Also, I don ' t know whether the Anc ient Ones live in some states and not others. But their territories overlap those of the Sasquatch and they inhab it the same forests, socia lly interacting with each other in a congenial way. I know nothing about the rare "baboon-face" variety. Dr. Grover Krantz estimated that there are 2,000 Sasq uatch in the Pacific Northwest , and researcher Danny Perez specu lates that 100,000 Sasq uatch ex ist in all of North America. 1 don ' t know what these researchers ' sources are. to come up with their demographic appraisal, but my statistical estimate is based on commun icat ion. Keep in mind , most researchers sit in front or a computer to search Ollt

Chapter 2: The Sasquatch Whisperers - 57

other people's work from journalists, ranchers, hunters, and so on. What little field work is conducted is usually an interview of local people who have had an encounter or found Sasquatch tracks on their farms. Some investigators do "call blasting" of a recording made of a howli ng Sasquatch, in an effort to draw one near. But just what is the message that the researcher is sending? In nearly 55 years, tons of data have been collected and documented, yet more friendly contact with the giants is needed to rece ive salient information from them. That is not an easy task, because the giants don ' t trust 99% of the researchers, so thi s is the role o f the Sasquatch whisperers. Trad itionall y, natural healers, shamans, and medicine men and women are more likely to be contacted by the psychic Sasquatch because they are compassionate care-givers who do their healing with an open heart. Also, some healers have the ab ili ty to induce an altered sta te of consciousness in themselves. In so doing, they reach a higher vibrational frequency that is closer to the realm of the giant forest peop le. All medicine people are prime candidates to be a Sasquatch whi spe rer if they pursue it. Some people are ve ry natural. kind, and altruistic, and no matter what vocation they choose, domest ic and wild an imals are attracted to them. But even natural Sasquatch whisperers can have mixed reactions to their encounters. A physician in Flagstaff told me that he was hiking in a remote canyon in northern Arizona when he noticed a pathway leadi ng up to a cave. He cautiously entered the large den only to notice an eno rmous man-like being hiding in the shadows. This startled him. Then a vo ice said in his head, " Do you have a gun? You ' re not going to shoot me are you?" The hiker immediately turned around and left! An atto rney in Maryland began having Sasq uatch encounters on the east coast. He's not a researcher, nor did he ever pursue the su bject in any way. Wi th a lack of fear and a genuine des ire to help the giants, he began to put up seve ral "feed ing stat ions" in areas where he found signs of them. He checks the stations two to three times weekly and brings more food. I know the details because I interviewed him all ength in my home in 2007 du ri ng his three-day stay. I-Ie lold me thaI he had experienced several paranormal events that left him confused. He observed lhe " lev itation" of feedin g sacks, a rock noating between a Sasq uatch 's

58 - The Sasqu a tc h Peopl e

hands, and objects moving aro und him in the woods that indicated that Sasquatch can become invisib le at will. They had followed hi m home interdi mensionally, which was diffic ult fo r him to understand, but they would leave thi ngs for him (as they did several times in my house); and he said they read his mind. A relatively new researcher in this fiel d named Joy ca lled me fro m California. Actuall y, we fi rst met when I was being interviewed on a rad io talk show. Joy had been ex pl oring the Sierra Nevada Mountains without any meaningful experiences. In May 2009, I invited her to visit me at my cabin in the Washington Cascades foot hill s, where she could camp out. The morning after she arrived, we had breakfast and then I had to make some busi ness calls, so she we nt outside to brush her hair on my deck, which overl ooked the fo rest. When she turned around, she saw, at the bollom of the steps, a four-fOOl-ta il j uvenile Sasquatch. She was amazed when it demateriali zed. Then, immediately, a strange fuzzy -l ooking orange-colored sphere about a foot in diameter aported on top of the railing! Moments later it was gone. Twice I have seen the beings dematerialize from a physical sta t e~ once a Sasquatch and the other time an Ancient One. This was my visitor 's first encounter, and she said she wi ll never forget it. I have learned from decades of experiences that, when a percipient has a paranormal encoun ter, it is so astonishi ng that it's etc hed into that person's mind forever. It was suc h an unimaginable event that most remember every detail and cannot be talked out of it by a skeptic. In May 20 10, I invited Joy back fur a vis it. Upon arriving, she reported to me that approx imately 8 to 10 miles from my cabin, while driving in the country, she was overjoyed to observe a choco lateco lored Sasq uatch peer ing at her fro m a side road. The Sasq uatch was in a small clearing by a fa ll en log beside a dirt road . The sighting was so unexpected that she kept driving in somewhat of a daze. This time Joy spent two days at my place. The morni ng she left, I stepped out to escort her to the car and to guide her out of the driveway. To my surpri se Joy didn ' t seem to pay attention to my directions while backing up and wildly went straight into the heavy branches of a coni fe r tree! She later explained that the same chocolate-co lored ten-foot-tall Sasquatch she had seen earlier was standi ng behi nd me at the edge of the forest looking at her as she backed up. This instantly discombobulated Joy and into the tree she went!

Chapter 2: The Sasquatch Whisperers - 59

Perci pi ents who have the "right slu ff' often have repeated encounters. In the summer of2004 an old friend named Linda call ed me from England. We had met years ago when I was li vi ng in Great Britain. Eventually I made arrangements for her to visit me in Wash ington State. Over the telephone I to ld Linda that the Sasquatch wou ld be de lighted to meet her when she arrived. She sa id that would be nice, but thought I was only joking. I wasn't! The fi rst two days, whil e sitting on the porch, she could n' t fi gure out what the heavy "thumpin g" of footsteps were and twice ran inside think ing it must be a bear. Thi s was on a sunny fall day. On the third ni ght of her visit, Lind a woke up with what she described as a "horribl e si nus headache." Stuffy and feel ing miserabl e, she sat on the couch with her head in her hands. Even tually she walked toward the kitchen door. She was shocked to see a Sasquatch standingjust outside the door looki ng at her. Moments later, she realized that she no longer had a headache and inflamed sinuses. Linda was convinced that hc healed her. Two days later I had to fl y from Seattle to the Los Ange les area for a speaki ng engagement. Linda stayed and rested at the cabi n. The day after I left, at 4 p.m. on a sun-filled afternoon, the Sasquatch appeared on my lawn. The man-creature telepathed to Linda, se ndi ng her a tong message to give to me when I returned. All of thi s changed her reality. In fact , when she returned to Eng land, the Sasq uatch appeared to her th ere once and spoke with her. When her so n, who was just completing hi s PhD at Oxford University, came home to vis it, she decided to tell him about the psychic Sasq uatch. Later, she tol d me that he had listened with a look of wonderment and said, " But Mom , I thought it was a myth !" She replied, " I know, so did I." There was a Sasq uatch whisperer in Missouri who was asked by the gian ts to bring them certa in herbs that they needed for a specific medical problem. They deve loped a friendship. An elderly man in Arkansas, who lives in the back country, was having contact and com municat ion with a female Bigfoot. Fi ve separate people in Texas were interact ing with both the Ancient Ones and Sasquatch people. One witness to ld me that hi s interaction with them started at age 16 in Texas. He said he was swi mming in a lake with an island in it and sudden ly a Sasquatch swam right past him so fast that a go ld medal Olympic swi mm er could never have caught him . Another Texas man goes in to the forest weekly to communicate wi th them. A high schoo l

60 - The Sasquatch People

student from Ohio meets with a Sasquatch and it has become hi s mentor. Fear, confusion, secrecy, exhilaration, love, and respect are a range of fee lings that most all whisperers go through. Nearl y all were not looking for these beings and usually didn 't even believe in them . They were taken by surprise when psychically approached. It wasn't easy for several of them. Their li ves have changed because the ir consc iousness was raised, changi ng the way they perceive the world around them.

A Zen Monk once said: All li fe in nature has a spi ritual dimension and is sacred. When we honor other creatures as we do ourselves, we all evolve another step.



stronaut Gordon Cooper testified before the United Nations that UFOs/al iens are visiting the Earth. As reported in the August 15, 1976, ed itio n of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, he stated: Inte lli gent be ings from other planets regularl y visit our world in an effort to enter into contact with us. I have encountered vari ous ships during my space voyage rs. NASA and the American govemment know this and possess a great dea l of evidence. Neverthe less, they rema in silen t in o rder to not alarm the people.

Actually, I am more alarmed that the government is treating the population like children by hid ing these facts. Persona lly. I have had several visits from ETs that were of a positive nature. I have been 61

62 - The Sasquatch People

fortu nate to have seen seven different races of Starpeop le, who were kind and help ful , and healed me on seve ral occasions. With tongue in cheek, I add that the beings relieved my suffe ri ng wi lhout even asking me if I had medical insurance! There are so Illany test imoni als of encounters of the "fourth kind" (wh ich is fac e-to-face contact) that they are literally exhausti ng to read . Gordon Cooper is just one of 14 astronauts who witnessed UFOs in space. Hundreds o f radar traffi c-control techn icians, retired mi li tary intelligence people, air fo rce and commercial pilots, armed serv ice staff, governors, and a US president have also testifi ed, on top of mounds of other evidence Ihat such aerial phenomena really ex ists. Plus, thousands of photogra phs and videos have been taken by citizens all over the world. A few admitted ly were fo und to be faked, but there are many authentic ones that We just can 't explain away. In addition, these craft have been cl ocked at up to 17.000 mph! Check out the DVD The Disclosure Projec/ hosted by Steven Greer, MD, direc tor of the Center fo r the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelli gence. If you are a skeptic, you won't be after viewing dozens of very credibl e witnesses out of 400 who have given in-depth testimoni als about military projects they once worked on. Or, go to www.u!oevidence.OIg- it'soverwhelm ing! There are more Bigfoot creatu res associated wi th UFOs than most researchers know or understand. In 1975, when I first read about the possibility of a BigfootlUFO connection, I became very annoyed. With my academic back ground in social science, it seemed unrealistic, ifnot absurd. When I first encountered the psychic Sasquatch and the ETI UFO connection four years late r, it took another two years going in and out of den ial to fi nall y accept it as fact. It was not easy. Now I freq uentl y counse l others, when they are grappli ng with thi s rea li ty. Pl us, Sasquatch people themselves have made references to their to freq uent work wi th Starpeo pl e during co nversations with me and numerous other experiencers. The BigfootlUFO connection shows no sign of going away. In fa ct, reports are increasing. A primary part of their agenda in connecting with humans is sav ing the environment and the pl anet. They really want us to wake up and save ourselves. They understand invi sible energies and cosmic occurrences that we as an Earth cu lture know nothi ng abo ut. The forest bei ngs are hi ghly evo lved, but we onl y see (or want to see) a hairy monster. Because I have gotten to know some aspects of them , J see the Sasq uatch

C h a p te r 3: The ET/ U FO C onn ectio n - 63

wit h warm affec ti on. Because of people's fea r, the Sasquatch are superselective about who they trust and will interact with. Most people are missi ng out on a great opportun ity to grow and evolve. I have come to understand that when people change their thoughts, fee li ngs, and att itude, they change thei r vibrat ional frequency. Too much intellectual "static" hi nders a person from bei ng more heartfelt, thus the person ho lds a lower vibrat ion in which the Sasq uatch and ETs are not particularly interested. One must be in one's hea rt space to auract them into one's life. Our government knows all about the Bigfoot/U FO co nnection. They don't want to lose contro l of the masses, as they might if ETs to ld tiS about our true orig ins and how the Sasq uatch are really a race of ETs that migrated here via friendly Starpeopie eons ago. Many call these ideas conspi racy theories, but one has to co ll ect all the facts. For example, in the fa ll of 2003, a man wrote me fro m Nort h Carolina. He to ld me that he was li vi ng at the edge of the Great Smokey Mou ntains where there is sti ll vast wilderness in the east. I ca ll ed him on the telephone and he was very congeni al. Once he had read my book, he inv ited me out to research with him, since he sees UFOs hovering over the mounta ins qu ite regul arly. Also, he sa id , he woul d feed the Sasquatch behi nd his house. If he missed some days and didn ' t leave food, they would come to his house at nigh t and create a tremendous racket! T hen suddenly, he di d not return my ca ll when I left hi m a message. He had two te lephone numbers and one was abruptly disconnected. The guy wrote me one final letter and I never heard from hi m again . The lette r sa id that his phones were tapped, black unmarked cars fo ll owed him without tryi ng to hide from view, and it seemed he was be ing harassed by one of our clandesti ne agenc ies. Finally they confro nted him and to ld hi m to stop hi s invo lvement with the Sasq uatch. It scared hi m so bad ly that he did. Apparently the government is not the least bi t concerned about the persistent Bigfoot hunters and those with cameras who are tryi ng to bamboozle the Sasquatch to obtain proor, because these agencies know th is type of researc h will never succeed. It seems to be those cl osest to the truth that the governme nt agents are worried about. So the re may be something more sin ister here than one can imagi ne. In 1980- 1981 in Rome, Ohio, there were spaceships, ETs, and Sasquatch being repo rted by far mers in the countryside. One farme r, an ex- Vietnam veteran, cl imbed up on his roofat night, fir ing box after box

6 4 - The S a s qua tc h P eople

of ammuni ti on at them, but to no avail. An inexperi enced researcher from the area invest igated the case and got the attention of the press. Soon he too was threatened by one of our ill ustrious secret agencies. If Bigfoot were just a normal animal, why would the FB I andlor CIA andl or NSA be wasting so much time and money try ing to squelch people who might be find ing the truth? Another man called me from New Jersey about see ing Sasquatch several times in a remote wooded area where reports invo lved UFOs. One evening in the winter, he and two friends cl aim to have observed a spaceship crash. They hiked out to the area and when they stopped to rest, one of the group members ran ahead only to return minutes later. He said there were numerous tiny ETs outside the ship and he told hi s frie nds he was go ing home because he was scared. All three immediately left the area. Later, he said government troops arri ved and cordoned off the road until a huge truck arrived and hauled the domed UFO away. He cl aims he saw a canvas over the craft to conceal it. In Thorn Powell's book The Locals, he shares an account by a researcher and assoc iate named Henry Franzoni : Franzon i te ll s that he befriended a man named Ed, who ins isted that, fo r security reasons, his name was never to be associated with what he was about to share. In 1967, Ed was attached to a mil itary intell igence unit that invest igated UFOs in sOllt hern California. (I nc iden tally, the Disclosure Project interviewed a retired military person who was a member of a UFO crash retrieval group; Ed may have been one of the members stat ioned in Califo rn ia.] His grou p was ordered to a remote desert location where a spacesh ip had crashed and broken in two. Ed said there were four dead bod ies lying around outside the craft, all were about nine feet tall and resemb led what others have described as Bigfoot creatures. Th is witness said that each bei ng wore a copper-co lored belt with a very large buck le dev ice with buttons on it. The Bigfoot-ty pe occupants wore thick -soled foo twear resembling a sandal. Most li kely, the bod ies were placed in a huge storage freezer, and one of them was thorough ly dissected from top to bottom by a team of governme nt medical scientists. Whether these were actua lly Sasquatch or "drones" ge net ically mod ified by an al ien race, we can only spec ulate. The Sasquatch and Ancient Ones I have seen we re pleasant looking. Ed relates that the faces were "hideous" with pig-li ke noses and Mongo loid appearance. 1

Chapt er 3: The ET/ U FO Connec tion - 65

The author [elepa[hed [ 0 [he S[Q/people while on a [rip into the Washington Cascade Mountains asking them to show themselves. This was Ihe second spaceship he observed that day.

This is a blow-up of the photograph of/he UFO /aken

0 11

July 3, 2003.

66 - The Sasquatch People

I include such a repo l1 to ill ustrate the complexity of the Bigfoot en igma. Just when one feels one has a portion of it figured out, then another mystery emerges. Ed also said the corpses had a row of teeth with "stubby fa ngs." I interpret this statement to mean all the teeth were fang~like . wh ich is not the norm for the Sasquatch people. One witness I inte rviewed intimated that the Anc ient Ones had "beauti fu l, straight white teeth j ust li ke us." It rea ll y bothers me that many "weird" reports are never fo llowed up to obtain concise details fro m the witness; th us, real data like this anomaly rarely get reported. Further, it is my opin ion that people who are burying, destroy ing, and outri ght ignori ng anomaly reports are clearly in denial and are deceiv ing themselves and the publ ic by not fo llowi ng up on such reports. The real " missing link" in mainstream research is the psychic Sasq uatch reports, at times with a UFO cormection, that have been kept secret There was a contaclee named Thomas from the Pacific Northwest who shared his personal encounters concerni ng a psychic Sasquatch with a researcher in 1969. It 's a unique case that revea ls the behav ior and thinking of these giant forest peop le. This man was uneducated, but very sp iritual and kind. From a book he had purchased, he decided to practice mental te lepathy. He had heard of Bigfoot encounters in his area, which was the vast Kalmiopsis Wil derness. I se nt off the wave of energy and thought that I wou ld li ke to com municate with the Bigfoot. It took about three and a hal f days of se nding before I reac hed any of them. I was working and all of a sudden, very strong, very beau tiful thoughts were comi ng to me and from whom , I did not know for the time being- beautiful thoughts of li ght, of understanding, of wish ing to share with me the ab ili ty to comm unicate telepathica lly. The man was equally de li ghted in fi nding someone he could communicate with in the outer world. Th is gentleman went on to relate what he saw when the Sasquatch approached him for the first time. He was a pleasant sort of a " man," but I became frig htened because he looked li ke an ape and here he was comi ng closer to me. I informed hi m not to come any closer, telling hi m I was frightened. He said he had to come closer because he wanted a better look at me. He came within 15 feet of me. I to ld him to

Chapter 3: The ET/UFO Connection - 67

stop or I would be too frightened to stay. He sa id , fine, that he was close enough. We ta lked over the fence fo r a period of what seemed to be over an hour. He told me he was the last remnant of an Ice Age civi li zati on that was so long ago he did not even know how far back. He didn ' t understand time as we do. Thomas was not a researcher and had innocently experimented with telepathy. Sharing his encounter and his thoughts is vital to understanding just who these forest giants really are. He told me that they were more of the peaceful type of the Bigfoot people and that there were others who were more fierce and gruesome-angry! They did not like our peop le taking over the ir land and coming into thei r forest community. They did not wish to be bothered by the "W hite man," as they called us. They wish to live their li ves in peace and harmony without being bothered by other people. They seem to have an intelligence and are closer to nature than we are. I have also been told by the Bigfoot that even space beings come and visit them, where they are afra id of us . I find it very becoming that they are peaceful, lov ing peop le who are not as advanced as us in some areas, but are advanced beyond us in others- such as menta l telepathy, for exampl e. The Bigfoot said that it is not easy for us to find them because of their ab ili ty to read our minds. If you we re to go out looking for a Sasq uatch, you wou ld not be likely to find one. Because, if you wa lked along wit h the idea of fi ndi ng one, you woul d not be ab le to find them because it wou ld have been forewarned by your thoughts. When he asked the Sasquatch about our human origins, this is what Thomas said was shared with him. Ou r peop le, our race of people came much later than the Bigfoot. I asked him if some of them had branched off and started a race of thei r own. He sai d that some did and some didn't.. .some were brought here. Apparently, he meant that space people brought their people here to live.2 So we are hearing the same theme over and over again about a UFO connection, even back in the 1960s when no one considered such an assoc iation.

68 - The Sasquatch People

In the early 1970s in Pennsylvania, Bigfoot and UFOs were in the news. Three witJlesses saw two Sasquatches approach a landed spaceshi p. T his incident has been highly publicized in many books pertain ing to this phenomenon. UFO researcher Stan Go rdon has written an excellent deta iled account from his fi les- a complete book on the strangeness of that period called, Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook (20 I 0). This superbly documented monograph is what conservative skeptics need to read, because the state police were invo lved. On page 145. Gordon quotes from hi s fi les a case about three women in a car: [T}hey were traveling on a country road near Penn when they observed a large UFO which was on the ground. The object was described as metallic and rectangular in shape. The witnesses slowed down to observe the object. Wh ile they looked on, a doorlike struct ure suddenly appeared. along with steps that led from the doorway. Then the Ill OSt unusual aspect of the encounter reportedl y occurred. The women said that exiting the doorway were two very tall. hairy, Bigfoot-like creat ures that ran down the steps and contin ued into the nearby woods. That was the last they saw of the creatu res and UFO. as the women sped away from the area. A lot o f the data in the book is be ing released for the very first time, and gives the reade r tremendous insight into Sasquatch behavior. It is a very val uabl e piece o f work. Another we ll documented case in Gordon's book took place on the night of October 25, 1973, in Uniontown , Pennsy lvania. Numerous farl11folk observed a spaceshi p that eventually landed in a field. Three inquisitive witnesses went to the area to investigate the craft. Upon arriva l the peop le observed, in disbelief. the glowing dome-shaped craft illuminating the en ti re area of the farm. The object was sa id to be approximately 100 feet in diameter. Then, as ifsuch an awesome sight was not enough, the three percipients were stunned 10 see two very tall , hairy bipeds walking along the fence about 75 feet away. The creatures had glowing green eyes. One of the obse rvers had a rifle, and in a panic, fired two tracer bullets over the heads of the Sasquatch. Instantly, the spaceship dematerialized, leav ing a strange glow of soft light where it had been . Also, the two giants tu rned and walked back into the woods. The trio returned to the farmhouse and called the Pen nsylvani a Slate Police.

Chapter 3: The ET/UFO Connection - 69

When the officer was brought to the field of the encounter, the spherical glow from the UFO was st ill there. It was noted that the remaining light was strong enough to read a newspaper by it. After a brief investigat ion by the state trooper, they we re walking near the fence-line to leave when heavy footfa ll s were heard comi ng toward them. When the officer shined a flash light in that direct ion , an eight-fooHall Sasquatch was standi ng ten feet from the witnesses on the other side of the fence. Thi s scared the farmer, so he fired hi s rifle directly into the creature! It mere ly reached out toward them, whacki ng the fence, and then proceeded to walk back into the forest. Thi s case is perfectly documented by credibl e peop le, leaving no doubt of a BigfbotlUFO connection. ) Great Fa ll s, Montana, was also a good place to conduct fie ld work in August of 1976. Local folks were reporting numerous sightings of UFOs. When I arrived, I went immediately to the Cascade County Sheri ff's Department, where the national press cluttered the front of the building, making it more of a media ci rcus. I asked at the Sheriff's Department for a copy of their files on all the Bigfoot reports their department had written up. The sheriff to ld me to come back in one hou r and the informat ion would be available. On the reports, names of witnesses had been crossed out to maintain their pri vacy. One report written up by a deputy said that a husband and wife had been driving in the country when they spotted two large hairy primates walking in a field near the road. The man had stopped the car to get a better look, when he obse rved a round, silver object hovering 52 feet off the gro und at the far end of the fie ld. The two creatures were walking directly towards the ship. In his exc itement, the witness climbed the barbwired fe nce and started running after the Sasq uatch to get a better look. The largest Sasquatch turned around and started walking toward the man. Thi s frightened him and he immediately ran back to the safe ty of the car. The two beings continued on their way as the couple drove off. My quest ions: How did the witness estimate that the UFO was exactly 52 feet off the ground un less he previously had air force or army artille ry training? Why not 50 or 60 fcct? Also, why didn't the coupl e stay to see the giants board the saucer? Perhaps they were so shocked by the sighting and int imidated by the Sasquatch that they decided it best to leave the area. But the importance of all this is that it happened and was documented by the local author ity as hav ing two rel iable witnesses. This report is sti ll in my fi les.

70 - The Sasq u atch People

In addition, that very week, a book about the events that happened that year was released by a local author-none other than Captain Keith Wo lverton of the Cascade County Sheriff's Department. The tit le was MysfelY Stalks the Prairie (1976).4 In Snohomish, Washington,just before Easter in 1977, Steve Bismarck reported that while clearing brush in the forest in back of his home, he observed a Sasquatch being depos ited there by a spaceship. Later he saw ETs at close range. 5 The entire story is described in great detail by investigat ive j ournal ist and Emmy Award wi nner Linda Moulton Howe in her book Glimpses of Olher Realities. Volume If (1998). She is not a Bigfoot researcher, but has conducted extensive investigations into cattle mutil ations and the ETfUFO phenomenon. During her inquiries, she discovered- independently of any Sasquatch researchers- an undeniab le Bigfoot/ET/UFO connect ion. There were more cases privately published by Dr. Paul G. Johnson and anthropologist Joan Jeffers in a 94-page booklet titled The Penmylvania Bigfool (I980). T heir data also has several accounts mentioni ng red glowing eyes, one Sasquatch holding a luminous sphere , and a few reports by farmers see ing UFOs o n their property and then a giant hairy primate a day o r two later.6 UFO researcher Peter Guttill a published The Bigfoot Files (2005) and has cases that leave no question of a Bigfoot/UFO connection. Guttilla has documented an October 1993 account: Near Atascadero. California, Western Bigfoot Society, Alien Report Vo lume 2. #5, an unidentified witness, Nick M. was watch ing TV when he saw a flash of light in the wi ndow through the curtains. Jumping up to get a bette r look, he saw a glowing red li ght on the hillside in the trees. From his back door he could see a UFO on the ground in the trees. A door of the craft opened and two Bigfoot-li ke creatures came out and apparently took some so il samples. T he creatures went back into the object, which then shot up into the sky and vanished. The witness checked the area but found no th ing. 7 A lso, UFO researcher Tom Dongo and rancher Linda Bradshaw teamed up to wri te a book called Merging Dimensions ( 1995). It's about Bigfoot, ETs, and UFOs with multiple encounters of the twi light zone kind, includ ing those on the Bradshaw ranch j ust outside of Sedona, Arizona, with a female Sasquatch who repeated ly visited them and was

Chapter 3: The ET/UFO Connection - 71

always a welcome guest. Bigfoot researchers would benefit from reading thi s book, because it mirrors many encounters I have documented in my book and shows how Linda Bradshaw and her family dealt with these fasc inati ng anoma li es. s Teluke: A Bigfoot Account (2008) is a wonderful series of profound events that were experienced by the author White Song Eagle of Indiana. She befriended Tel uke, the white Sasquatch, interacting with him on a farm for over a year. I first met White Song in 1988, and she was kind enough to share her psychic encounters with me. Many of her experiences parall el my own and those of more than 100 other contactees I have documented, so I know White Song's spiritual saga is true. It al so includes pe rsonal meetings with Teluke. 9 More and more witnesses are reporting these encounters. There are geographic areas a ll over the world where paranormal events occur on a fairly regular basis. One such place is a remote ranch in Utah, which is the subject of Coli n Kelleher and George Knapp's book Hunt Jor the Skinwalkel' (2005). It is a place where UFOs, mysterious giant black wolves, and Sasquatch were often encountered. 1O I was appalled that researchers at the ranch went gunning for any living anomaly that they could fi nd. And , as usua l, with their vio lent approach, they never solved the mystery. They didn 't know what they were doi ng and the bas is for their actions was/eQ/: All those old veteran researchers who have now passed on, left this world without even geni ng a neeti ng gli mpse of a Sasquatch and with no idea that they were dealing with an evo lved people. I sincerely like John Green and he deserves kudos for his years of pat ient and hard work . During the times we have talked, we have never argued. But a few years ago over the telephone, when I said to John that the psychic Sasquatch with a UFO connection is authentic, that I and now cl ose to 200 witnesses had experienced a genuine sc ientifi c anomaly, he replied, "Maybe the ones down there are, but those up here are normal ani mals." One ni ght in 1989, wh il e I was living in a wilderness cabin in the Oregon Cascades, ETs came to me. We spoke briefl y. White Song was on my mind. So I asked the Starbeing ifhe would go and visit her. He said he wou ld. At the time, I wasn't sure ifhe was placating me or would really go the 2,500 mi les to Indiana where she lived. The very next day, I received a phone ca ll from White Song, saying she had been visited by the Starpeop le. She related that she had been taken aboard their ship and

72 - Th e Sasq u atch Peop le

shown a hybrid child who looked like an 8- or 10-year-old in size. The bei ng told White Song that it was hers from when they had artifi cially inse mi nated her years before. The spaceshi p was in a fanner 's field. That night the farmer hadn't been able to sleep, so he had gotten up and walked around. From his vantage point he witnessed the landed craft. The incident and witness's account have been documented by the Mutua l UFO Netwo rk. White Song is an excellent writer, who really understands the underlying intricac ies of the Bigfoot/UFO connection. Her book is a must-read for any serious researcher in these two fie lds of study. Sadly, she passed away on December 13, 20 10. Without initiall y realizing it, I am being used in a positive way as a faci litator and go-between, to introd uce nonviolent people to this phenomenon. The Sasquatc h want to connect wi th people who have the "ri ght stuff"- at least, gifted individ ual s, however they are defi ning them. I continue to educate the publ ic about the psychic Sasquatch and their UFO connection. In June 2005, I was off to Hawai i to lecture, as we ll as to interact with the Sasquatch peop le on two of the is land s. Elin, the Sasquatch who visits me at my cabin in Washington State, has made introductions for me when I trave l, and messages the bei ngs give to a friend in Oregon are passed along to me. One does not "interrogate" a Sasquatch or inundate them with demand ing questions. They are the ones in control , and answer the quest ions as they choose. There are twelve Sasquatch on Kauai and six on Maui-but it is safe to share this information pub li cly, because in those rugged canyons and jungles, a Bigfoot hunter would only auract mosquitoes. At a Kauai hotel, two Sasquatch astral- projected into my room on two consecutive morni ngs to greet me. This may sound strange, but I am used to their interdi mens ional entry. They were wai ti ng to gui de me to a specific pl ace in the jungle where they would approach me in physical form. EvennJally I found a spot in the j ungle to camp. They indicated that they would come to me. I put out smoked fish and a large choco late bar, wh ich I left for one week , but they never took them. On the first night of camping, one o f the Sasquatch reached into my companion 's tent and gently rocked the person's shoulder three times, which was unnerving. There was no doubt after that, that I had fou nd the right place. The second night I heard someone wa lking up to my tent with an occasional branch cracki ng. " If it's you, dear friends, please come over and touch my tent," I said telepathi call y. I listened intently fo r about a minute or

Chapte r 3 : Th e ET/U F O Co nnectio n - 73

more. Nothing. Finally, I thought I had just been heari ng things and closed my eyes in preparat ion fo r sleep. Whack, whack, wh ack~t he Sasquatch quickly struck the top of my tent di rectly over my head where I was ly ing. I nearly j umped out of my sleeping bag! He or she startled me. But I had asked fo r it, so I ended up chuckli ng to myself and pleased that contact was made at long last, even if it was a simple whack. They often behave thi s way. They are always very coy and reserved. Their presence is very intimidating, of w,hich they are aware. I f they were to simply walk up to a person during day li ght hours, that person could easily have a heart attack or go into hysteria! Their immense size, bulk, and facial features would shock the body/mind ! During my stay on Kauai, I had horri ble lower back pain fro m an old inj ury that had turned into a ruptured disk. This confined me to a small stretch of beach. I didn ' t swim to avoid exacerbating my condition. As the days passed, I became frustrated because of my phys ical li mitations at that time. So one night, I decided to te lepath to the Starpeople for a healing, as I had done several times before. Because of the severity of my medical condition, I thought that the ETs might have more advanced technology to deal with the crippling pai n! After telepathing, the last thing I remember was starti ng to make the request to them a second ti me while lying on my back in a sleepi ng bag. When I awoke, it was sti ll night and I found myself outside my sleeping bag with my face against the side of the tent. I never toss in my sleep or gel out of my bag. Then I realized that I had no more intense back pai n! I had specifically asked to be beamed up and for them not to erase my mind of the experience, but I don' t remember a thing. Checking my travel clock, I discovered I had been gone exactly one hour. Neat! The next day was a whole different situation. I immediately went fo r a hike because my back was fi nally normal. I clim bed the rock steps up to 3,000 fee t at the Napal i Coast, managing to hike three and a half mil es round trip. It was exhi larating and the view was spectacular. After returni ng to the beach to cool down, I swam fo r nearly an hour. I never take my relationship with the Sasquatch and Starpeople for granted, but thank them over and over agai n fo r their love and fri endship. The healing was near miraculous, and I was ab le to better enjoy the rest of my month-long stay in the Hawai ian Islands. The Sasquatch on Kauai were shy and were not used to being so close to people, as they li ve in the rugged interior. There are portals

74 - The Sasquatch People

on both Kaua i and Maui that they use from time to time, leading to another world. I don't know what's on the other side (more on the vortex phenomenon in Chapter 5). It is impo rtant to thorough ly understand that, though the beings are benevolent, they are fiercel y protective of the private areas where they live and have family. intruders with the wrong intentions, beware! In May of 2004, I met a medical studen t named Sarah who was interested in herbology and who asked me to share my knowledge in that field with her. We interacted socially and academi cally about twice a week. After one month, Sarah ca ll ed me to say that she j ust had an EKG and the finding was a serious heart proble m. Though she had conveyed to me that she wasn 't feeli ng we ll , Sarah still planned to fly to Phoenix, Arizona to assist two physicians who were goi ng to conduct a three-day seminar. I was worried. Now, Sarah knew about my research and that I had published a book on Sasquatch. She had a cursory interest in the subj ect, but we

Three differenl herbs indigenous 10 Tex(ls Ihalm edicine woman Haloli, an Ancienl One, gave 10 Ihe alilhor 10 lise/or his ruplltred disk. Because II/(lny g{/is had been left /01' he!: Halo(i w(ll1led 10 help heal Ihe author ~·'roub/esoll1e back problem.

C h apte r 3: T he E T /U F O Con n ectio n - 75

had mostly discussed natural heal ing modalities fro m a professional standpoint. I had enough experience in the health care field to know that Sarah was in trouble and could easily have a heart attack. I wanted to help her, but I wasn' t sure how. Then I though t of the Sasquatch and ETs who had hea led me in the past at my req uest. Usually, when I contact the Sasquatc h peop le to ask them to go to someone, I need to get a person's permission first. I te lepathed to them asking fo r one of their shamans to go to Sarah, emphasizing that it was urgen t! I explai ned the situation, hopi ng they understood my feelings in the matter. They did. Before she left, Sarah had said that when she got back, she would ca ll me Tuesday morning to confirm am meeti ng for that even ing. I was to de liver an impromptu talk on certai n medici nal herbs that she needed to know about. On Monday afternoon, I drove into town, picked up my ma il, and headed home. Upon arri ving, Sarah was wa iting for me in the driveway. She had a sober look on her face, ushered me into the ho use, and this is what she told me. On the last day of the seminar, her job was finis hed at 10 p. m. Sarah and one of the doctors fro m Seattle dec ided to go for a ride in the desert afte r three days of intense work. They took a back road, parked, then wen t for a stroll among the giant saguaro cactus. Eventually the two found a spot to sit on the ground and talk. In Arizona's Sonora Desert the stars are so clear that they seem to leap out at you at ni ght. As they were sitti ng, the doctor not iced "two peop le" wa lking through the desert at a distance. Accord ing to Sarah, he com mented: " What would two people be doi ng walki ng around out here at th is hour of the nigh t?" A few minutes later he said, "Gee, they ' re walki ng this way." The next words the doctor said were, " Oh my God, they're Sasquatches! " Apparently his fears ove rtook him and he ke pt repeating, " Don't look at them," covering his eyes. But by then the two gian t figures were standing in fro nt of them. Sarah blurted, " It's okay; I bet Kewaunee sent them." The tallest bei ng was twe lve fee t tall. She said there was a 20- 25 foot tall saguaro behi nd him that helped to estimate its height. The smaller one was approx imate ly eight feet in size. She bel ieved the big guy was a shaman and the other was a guard. The shaman knelt down and said te lepathically, " Kewaunee sen t me to heal you . Do you give me permiss ion?" Sarah agreed and stretched out on the ground. To her amazement he look his hand, wenl right through the solid wall o f her

76 - Th e Sasquatch People

chest and gently wrapped hi s fingers around her heart. She told me she could feel hi m moving his finge rs around inside her torso. There was no pain, just a vibrating sensation. The procedure was similar to " psychic surgery," except there was no blood coming out. Personally, I have had psychic surgery five times from an authent ic healer weari ng a short-sleeved frock. My eyes, at times, were one foot away from the healer's hands when she opened me up and the blood came oozing out, not from her hands or anywhere else. And the healing effects on my body were profound! Apparently this giant being was doing somethi ng similar but more complex. To complicate matters, as the physician-friend sat freaking out, an evil-looking ET suddenly appeared about 30-40 feet from them, she reported. The Sasquatch told Sarah that he must qui ckly fi nish and return to the spaceship hovering above them because he was in danger from thi s malevol ent ET. He withdrew his hand, stood up beside the sentry who was constan lly scanning the surroundings, and both of them demateria lized in fro nt of Sarah and the doctor- just like on Star Trek! Finall y, the two of them became aware that they were just sitting there bewildered and speechless in the quietude of the desert ni ght. They had lost all sense of time. The physician became aware that too much time had passed, and he wondered why. To this Sarah concurred. She was aware of "something" in her abdomen and immed iately became upset! An ET voice said, "Do not be concerned or di sturb the implant we just put in you ; it is the same kind that is in Kewaunee. You have been aboard our ship all thi s time, which is hovering way above you. Now we can respond qu icker to you if a medical crisis occurs. Now go in peace." I could see how cathartic it was for Sarah to tell me the details of her encounter. Her facial expressions were strained, as she was still in awe of what happened to her. Later I interviewed the doctor and he independent ly concurred with the narrative given to me by Sarah. While visiting the scenic northeast corner of Pennsylvania in October 2005, I had the pri vilege of meeting Priscilla, a facto ry worker who lived in the ro lli ng hi ll s deep in the country. She worked the night shi ft and drove both to and from work in the dark during the winter months. The day we met, I interviewed her for three and a half hours. Priscilla was susp icious of me, so it took over an hour before she opened up. She thought she was the only person to have these "weird" ex periences. I conduct "soft" in formal intervi ewing, where I social ize, am witty

C h apter 3: The ET/UFO Connection - 77

at times, and let the interviewee si mply share at his or he r leve l of comfort as I ask questio ns without formally interrogating the person. Being respectful is important. Pri sci lla said she kept a journal of her encounters and te lepathic conversat ions with both Sasquatch and ETs. She seemed surprised that I had written a book combining the two anomalies. On her way to work early one morn ing, she had discovered just how real the psychic Sasquatch and ET/UFO connection is. The following is taken directly from my notes of that day. It was Ju ly 2004, at 5:55 a.m., as Prisc illa remembers looki ng at her watch. The weather was dry and warm. Her Ford pickup truck suddenly went airborne at 30 mph while round ing a curve at the top of a hi ll. Just seconds before, she had observed a spaceship hovering 5 to 6 feet above the road. Also on the road she was shocked to see 5 or 6 Sasquatch and approximately 14 ETs! At that moment the truck spun out of control and hi t a tree (I later found and exami ned the damaged bark on the tree to help substanti ate her claim). Pri sci ll a said she was stunned and felt both pain and blood on her foreh ead! Im mediate ly her door was opened by a kindly 6Y2-foot-tall Sasquatch with a human face (an Ancient One?) As she moved about and was ass isted out of the truck, the pain on her face intensified . The man-creature gent ly placed its hand on her forehead and the discomfort and bleeding abrupt ly stopped. She reported ly had no fear, but was more amazed at what was taki ng place. T he contactee continued by te lling me that she was " lev itated " to the sh ip, then laid down inside on a " table" in a dark room, where a li ght shone down on her. That was the last th ing Pri sci lla remembered . Her next memory was of knocking at the door of a country home for he lp, not knowi ng how she had gotten there. When she arri ved at her house, her truck mysteriously was in the d riveway. She wondered how if had gotten there. Whi le taking a shower, she exam ined her body and discovered severa l puncture marks on each side of her abdomen as we ll as 011 the inner side of both thighs. Plus, her chronic blood di sease (excess iron) was inexplicably gone after the encounter, as noted by her phys ician ! After thi s first encounter, she cl aims to have had ongoing telepat hic communicat io n two to three times a week from the Starpeople and , at times, from the Sasquatch as well. The ETs told Priscilla her life 's purpose and what wou ld happen in the near future. She decl ined my req uest to read her journal.

78 - The Sasquatch People Priscill a was still havi ng psycho logical repercllssions fro l11 the experience that had happened a year and a half before. She spoke of her BigfootiETfUFO encounter, say ing, "At the time, this was a ll so new to me and I was literally go ing through a breakdown and believed I was go ing crazy." Priscill a had struggled wi th aIllhi s and tried talking with her partner to whom she was close, but he consequently left her, not be liev ing what had happened to her. Even her chi ldren became afraid of her. This hurl her deeply, she said. She just didn' t know who to trust. She managed to get coun seli ng and, later, was helped by an Indian shaman who helped her put the encounter in a healthi er perspective. She kept visiting the shaman. who knew all about the "sky-peopl e" and the hairy ones. Now she is begi nning to hea l. In a letter to me, Priscilla wrote that she fi nds peace of mind walking into the woods by her house to med itate. One day wh il e using her Native American drum with her eyes closed, she ... felt th is strong tingling li ke I do when they are present, and a sme ll. I slowly opened Ill y eyes and about 20-30 feet away on a big roc k were three Sasquatch and they seemed very soothed by the drummin g, almost like it put them in a trance. I watc hed them until the music of the drum stopped and then they put thei r hands up. pa lms out. arms extended straight in front of them and turned and di sappeared. I was not afraid . I was slightly e namored by them and happy to experience that moment. Back in January 1997, when I was li vi ng in Tucson, I met a couple who had recently moved to the area and were liv ing on the outskirts of town . My first book had not been published yet, but during our meeting I shared the fac t that I was busy writing a monograph. The woman said she had never heard of a BigfootlUFO connection and knew nothi ng about the subject. We mel a second time and I was slowly gelli ng to know Chery l and her husband. Then one day Chery l called me excited ly saying she had an incredib le encounter. She told me she had gone outside one evening to get some fresh ai r. Looki ng up, she had seen a UFO go ing back and forth in the night sky. She was thrilled. After it was gone she began to fee l a strange "e nergy" around her. I quote her here from a diary she shared:

C ha pte r 3: The ET/ U FO Co nnectio n - 79




Yowie expert Tony Healy ji-om Alitralia visiting the author at his cabin in Washinglon Slale

A male andjemale, 2-fool (all nalllre beings with small/ails encountered by Dick Robinson of Ulah

80 - The Sasquatch P eople

I began to feel so me fear and the next thing I heard was, " We hear you are a fr iend of Kewaunee 's. Don't be afraid; j ust let your fear fade away. Fee l the peace that is pouri ng over you ." I was rea ll y struggling with the fear, because I saw before me three very large masc uline Bigfoot creatures. One was larger than the other two. The largest one was eigh t fee t tall, and the other two were around seven feet tall. It took a ll my power to concentrate on the ir simple words, and then I thought to myse lf, "this must be what they conside r telepathi c communi cation to be." To say I was stunned is putting it mildl y, but I also began to fee l my fear fade away. It fe lt as if I had stuck my finger into a light soc ket. My whole body was vibrati ng with their energy, but J felt safe. Cheryl told me that they spoke to her briefl y and were gone as fast as they had come. Internationally, it's interesting that Russian homi nologists (those researching northern Asia's Bigfoot types) arc divided about the connection of ETs and the Almas. I have not heard of that in China, but possibly the data is bei ng repressed; we shall see in time. Austra lia has Yowiel UFO accounts, but these are very rarely documented. In June of 1988 in Magical Blend Magazine, there waS an intriguing write- up by author Eugenia Macer-Story. It was an interview with an Australi an Abori ginal med icine woman, Lorra ine Maffi Willia ms, in Woodstock, New York. The indigenous people "down under" have an ethno-history that goes back several millenn ia, farther back than most anthropo logists dare admit. Besides Williams ' sharing abollt the imp0i1ance of the Dreamt ime, the spirit realm, cultural be li efs, and their responsibi lities withi n the social structure of her tribes, she talked about the tri bal origi ns and plane/m y he/pel'S, especially when the Earth becomes out o f balance fro m the abusive behavior of dominant technocrac ies. She rel ated: In anc ien t times not on ly the seven spirit brothers came to Eal1h, but two other different races there were, like refugees, a lso from a disaster pl anet. In thi s country I bel ieve they ca ll these be ings Bigfoot. In Europe, the Yeti. In my country the White people ca ll them the Yow ie. But we ca ll 1hem th e Dull igan. They were like liai son peop le from the planetary helpers (Starpeop le] to us human be ings . In my country in the hill s the young men and o lder men lIsed to go and rece ive teachings from the Dulligan

Chapter 3: The ET/UFO Connection - 81

peop le. The Du ll igan were also hosts for other pl anetary helpers. When other planetary helpers come down to Earth, they did the job in secret and sile nce. Nobody knew. Only the Du lligan peop le would conve rse with them. In now times, they ' re not actuall y extinct, but they hide quite a bit. When they ' re on Ea rth they hide . .. but they go lip back and forth to whicheve r planet they go to. And they are the teachers, actua lly, and they pass down to us human beings the know ledge and they he lp US. II T hi s shared information is not prim itive fo lk lore, but actually advanced knowledge passed down over generatio ns that reveals a lot abollt the Sasquatch-type Yowie in Austral ia. Many people think the Bigfoot/UFO connection is merely a passing phenomenon. In the Solomon Islands and Guadalcana l, investigator Mari us Boirayon tell s of differen t races of giants, with UFO activity side by side-being observed and go ing on for several cenlllries according to the natives. Hi s book Solomon Island~' Mysteries (2009) te ll s the ethnohistory o f the island peop le and what they have endured ove r the years. Stories gathered fro m the elders about their vill ages bei ng terrorized by the Sasquatch-like giants were classified by Boirayon as "folklore" even though the vi ll agers accepted them as authentic hi story, which it most likely is. Also UFOs were a common sighllhere and , from what Boirayon gleaned from the islanders, there is indeed a hairy giant/UFO connection. I recommend that interested parties visit Marius Boirayon's websi te at lI'Ww. so!omonislandsmysleries. COlli. 12 The book is a worthwhile read. The Steen Mountai ns of southeast Oregon look like the last place for Sasquatc h to live. Yet the giants are incred ibly adaptable. Thi s region has very li ttle vegetation exce pt for a few mini-oases made up of springs, small streams, and clusters of aspen. There is no thick fores t for cover. However, there are ex treme ly rugged, rounded peaks- massive rock formations that suggest numerous caves. The higher one goes, the more it becomes a vast, barren mass of geography for mi les around. And there are desert hot springs beyond the last eastern precipice of the Steens that are closer to Idaho. Thi s is a unique landscape of Oregon thaI most peop le never see. My associate Jeremy Lynes, from At lanta, Georgia, and I ex plored that region in Ju ly 1987. As we were approachi ng the base of the mountain range in a van , I was impressed by the fac t that a Starperson was te lepathi ng to me, commenti ng on the conversatio n that Jeremy and I were having at the time. It was late in the afternoon and, by the time

82 - The Sasquatch People

we had driven halfway up to the nearly 10,000 foot summit, it was dark and we were ready to camp for the night. We were fortu nate to locate a small, leve l shelf with lots of trees and greenery. Just as we stopped the veh icle, a Sasquatch began "talking" to me. He sa id he li ved in a cave on the other side o f the ridge and was busy helping the Starpeople. He indicated that we had chosen a safe place to stay for the ni ght. "I' ll see you tomorrow at the top." was how he ended our conversation. We had started taking our equipment out of the van when an entirely differe nt voice of an ET said , "Turn around, my fri end. " When I did, I saw a huge, orange globe ri ght on the horizon- a glowing spaceship! Jeremy also watc hed it for a few minutes as it began to slowly move, then completely blipped out. It was gone! The following morning we packed up our gear and headed up the steep gravel road toward the summit. It was II :30 a.m. when we arri ved at the top. The vista was spectacular! We had only been there less than a minute when that all too familiar Sasquatch "aroma" could be smelled. If we had had guns or ill intent , no doubt he cou ld have released a powe rful stink-bomb. I don ' t know if the creatures can release it deliberately or if it's merely an inst incti ve response to danger. Then a voice in my head sa id, "I told you I would be here." Here was another example of a psychic Sasquatch with a UFO connection. If the reader is curious as to why I seem to have so many interesting encounters with communication, the answers are: I) they chose me, I didn ' t choose th em; 2) I am a world trave ler and enjoy experiencing new horizons with an open mind; 3) I camp out frequently during summer and winter in iso lated areas where there is UFO and Bigfoot activity; and 4) my profess ional speaki ng and writing sk ills are valuabl e to them in educating th e public at a time in the Earth 's history of man when our planet is literally dying! Each one of us shou ld look beyond the Mc Donald's arches, sports bars, and Nintendo games to figure out what we are rea lly here for. I believe that we all have a purpose-we all are valuable human beings with gifted skill s and specific jobs to do. But, it's up to us to find them! As Edgar Cayce sa id, " We are all corpuscles in the blood of God," and we are in physical bodies to act out and express a part of God on this plane of ex istence.

Chapter 3: The ET/UFO Connection - 83

When I was on a three-week expedition to southeast Oklahoma and western Arkansas in March of 2006, I was personall y d irected by an Ancient O ne to a specific place to have a meani ngful experience. I was alone as usual. It was co ld and snowy, so I hunkered down in my tent read ing and writing most of the time. In spite of inclement weather and roughing it, everything was hunky-dory. The encounters and data I collected made it worthwhile. Nothing happened the fi rst few nights except cold damp rain. Then just as I was fa lling as leep on the fifth ni ght, I was alerted by the sound of a lo ng, low growl! My heart started to pound since it was no more than seven or eight feet from my tent. My first thought was of a bear. It growled again. I became nervous, because once a cougar had come to within twenty feet of my tent early one mo rning, and another time, a bear kept pushing its nose against my tent whil e making sniffing sounds. When if growl ed a th ird time, whatever-it-was had not moved. I was baffled. " Dream man," a fema le vo ice telepathed and went into a slight gigg le. It was Ha loti. She and her male partner had traveled over one hundred miles in two days to be in that region. I tried to find out why, but she did not answer me. Haloti's cl an affectionately refers to me as " Dream man" because they say I am a visio nary who is ahead of my time. They were deliberately play ing with my headj ust to have fun. Usuall y we interact in the Ki am ichi Wilderness, but she was checking up on me to see if I had fo und the area that she suggested. They d idn 't stay, but moved offwithin a minute. I still don ' t know how they spend their time. The beings are always busy go ing somewhere, and they seem to be wo rking with Earth energy areas that we can't fee l or see as humans. So I sti ll have a lot to learn and discover. My last ni ght there, I was waiting fo r Pushoma 10 visi t me. He was the chi ef of a ll the clans of the Ancient Ones. Through Haloti, J had asked him to take me into anolher d imension. Her answer was vague, yet directed me to a very unfamiliar place in the forest. She knew some of the names that White peop le gave these areas on a map. Then she would add her own observation of nature by saying that the area I was seeking is on a hill , overlook ing a river, toward the sett ing sun- in an almost Nat ive Amerindian way. a nature person stating a ll the indigeno us signs as a reference poi nt when communi cat ing. That last night it was 28 degrees. and I had wrapped myself in my

84 - The Sasquatch P eopl e

sleeping bag. I sat looking at the clear ni ght sky wondering what might happen next. Sometimes, when frigid weather hits or the rai n won't let up, I start question ing j ust what I am doing "oul here" instead of being in a warm, comfortabl e bed. But the freedo m to explore one of life 's my steries and to get " pulled" into another world makes hard times more rewarding. It was always that risk I look! It would all be wo rth it to meet Pushoma when he came, and to hopefully experi ence another quantum realm. Then I not iced an airline jet fl y over. I was daydreaming and came to realize that there were two round "lit" fly ing objects that were barely movi ng between the hills, very low. As I pe rked up and looked around, there was another glowing sphere right at tree-top level, approximate ly 60 yards behi nd me. Then another commercial jet was cruising at least a mile out. It didn ' t resemb le the behavior or shape of the UFOs. After three and a half hours I was too co ld to look any longer. During that time I had counted 12 spaceships! I used to keep track , but I have seen about 175 shi ps or more in my life. The reason? I have spent most of my life in the forest and wilderness areas all over the world. I always go out to look at the ni gh t sky. Even when I drive duri ng the day, I see UFOs and fee l blessed to have experienced so much in my lifetime. I look up at the sky all the time. Even though I had the pri vil ege of viewi ng spaceships, I was disappo inted that I had not met Pushoma. The next morning I was to meet my associate Peter, who was tax ii ng me between wilderness areas once a week. There were more places to in vestigate. I was anx ious to tell him about the spaceships that I had seen. But when he arrived, Peter was elated about an encounter that he j ust heard abo ut at a convenience store at a vi llage several miles west of my camp. When he stopped for cigarettes at Ta li hi na. he heard a group of town fol ks c hatti ng up a storm . Seve ral people had seen a UFO go over the village at 4: 30 a. m. Even the clerk in the store had stepped out to watch it. To make th ings more interesting, two men arrived (whom apparently most folks knew), who had been oul laying oul corn feeders one week before turkey hunting season began. They said the ir camper was parked up in the forest where they had slept overn igh t. The two woodsmen wo ke up at 4: 30 a.m. and built a fire to make co ffee. At 4:45 a. m. the guys we re dumbfounded to see a large rOllnd spaceship at tree-top level, barely mov ing, but coming stra ight towards them. They continued to

Chapter 3: The ET/U F O Connection - 85

observe the object until it stopped direct ly above them, turning a huge beam of light down on the two men. At this point (as the two had men said), they were pan ic stricken! All their equi pment was quickly thrown in the back of the camper, the coffee was dumped on the fire, and they got in the cab as quickly as they could. The vehicle went speed ing down a winding, muddy road. As the men rounded a curve, there in the mjddle of the road was a ten-foot-tall Sasquatch, with a shorter one standing at the edge of the woods. Before the driver cou ld stop to avoid hi tting the creature, it turned and looked direct ly at them as they braced for impact. But the Sasquatch immed iately faded, so the vehicle drove through empty air! It had dematerialized, and they started going crazy at that po int. Apparent ly the being had had enough time to "blip out." Ifhe had been walking across the road and not seen the truck in time, he might have gotten cl ipped or killed, having been "caught" in this dimension. I asked Peter if he had asked the men for their names and phone numbers, but in the excitement he had forgotten. Peter did remember the name of the road and place where all this occurred. Strangely, it had happened less than one hundred yards from my campsite. After breaking camp, we drove over to where the wou ld-be hunters claimed to have had the encounter. We parked Peter's truck and walked on each side of the road looking for tracks. There, on the soft mud, were several 14 inch and 16 inch tracks with five and six foot strides. Plus, skid marks could be seen where the camper tried to stop. No one else was up there at that time of the year, so it was easy to read the signs exactly as the two men described. They were telling the truth! It had happened five hours before we arrived on the scene. We took photographs of the clear, perfect tracks. From there, that same day, Peter drove me to the Black Fork Mountain Wilderness in Arkansas. I studied the map, looking for the area that Haloti said has a busy vortex. Soon we parked the truck at a trailhead and began hiking into the forest. As soon as we entered that stretch of timber, Peter's eyes became wide. He looked at me and said, "They ' re here!" A powerful wave of energy came over us, along with a feeling of love and a sense of security. Our entire bodies were vibrat ing at a high rate with goose bumps all over. Th is is normal when the mancreatures are present. At a remote spot I located the vortex, then set up camp about one hundred feel or more away. The reason for the distance was to show

86 - The Sasq ua tch People

Author examining tracks in the spot where the trllck drove through the dematerializing Sasquatch in soulheast Oklahoma neal' the Arkansas border

Chapter 3 : The ET/UFO Conn ectio n - 87

respect and not to disturb the Sasquatch's normal act ivi ty. This was their sacred space. We honored that space when I laid tobacco and asked perm ission to camp there . The beings sai d they knew me and felt comfortab le with me in thei r area. Peter left me to camp alone and would retu rn in one week. The fi rst fi ve ni ghts were " norma l. " An occasional strong wind blew through the pi nes wi th creaki ng branches that disturbed my sleep from time to tim e. The sixth ni ght was di ffe rent. At 9:50 p.m. the porta l became busy. I could hear a low gravelly "voice" talking an uninte lli gibl e language. It was a sound I had freq uen tly heard in other places where the giants dwe lled. There were two separate tones, making it obv ious to the li stener that there were two separate creatures. At a distance, in another direction there was a powerful bellowing hool. Later the same hoot was heard com ing from yet another direct ion. Then there we re more low mumblings from the vortex. This went on fo r about an hOllr and a half. I te lepathed asking them to take me with them through the invisible " door," but they were st icki ng to thei r secret agenda . There was no reply. The next day Peter picked me lip. The area had not bee n as fu lfilling as I had hoped. We drove 160 miles to the place where I spent the third week in a rough cabin in the Kiamich i Wilderness in Okla homa. During that time, I heard twig-snapping and someone walking around outside at nigh t, but nothing significant happened. Over the years, I have dowsed differe nt loca les where Sasquatch were worki ng with fri end ly ETs. Sometimes the sites are two or three thousand miles away, but the investigator experiences them nevertheless. In January 2006 1 did this for Mary Rau, whom I had not met when I did it, but I fe lt she could be trusted. Mary was a skeptic, but not fo r long. She bravely follo wed my instruct ions and went campi ng in southern Ca lifornia 's hi gh desert alone. Mary chronicled the event as occurring on Saturday Jan uary 21 sl: Ma ny co mm ercial jets were seen fly ing over, and at 6; 15 p. m. I spotted a UFO fl ying right over my head. My j aw hit the ground and I thought I was ha lluci nating. I swear I had had noth ing stronger to drink than green tea. It was circular with a strange pattern of pinki sh-red and li me-gree n neon-li ke lights underneath. I continued to watch in disbe lief as it gl ided soundlessly to a nearby ridge where it hovered fo r nearly an

88 - The Sasquatch People

hour. At 8:30 I was huddled close to my small campfire when I heard bipeda l footsteps crunching towards me. Mary qu ick ly turned on a flashlight instead of waiting for the Sasquatch to connect with her. Her fear factor made the creature withdraw, as not to heighten her apprehension. He was being courteous and trying to sensitize her to himself and the ships. Then, in July of the same year, l had the pleasure of meeti ng Mary when I invited her to Washington State to meet my neighbors- more friendly hairy folks! She camped in the forest in back of my place and made herse lf at home. On the second day of Mary 's visit she documented: On Ju ly 24, 2006. at I: I 0 p.m., I was sitting on the deck of Kewaunee's cabin reading a book when I heard a loud snap of a tree branch. I looked up and about 60-75 feet fro m me in the woods stood a Sasq uatch. Around my place, one must be carefu l what they wish for. The creature then became invisible, so Mary wa lked down my driveway to the dirt road and stood looking into a th icket of trees and bushes. She continued: I te lepathed, " My name is Mary. Are you a Sasquatc h? What is your name?'" Before I could comp lete my thoughts, he responded and I asked him to repeat. He said, "Elin" [pronounced el-een]. I asked if I would see him at the lake the next day where Kewaunee and I planned to hike to, and he sa id "yes." I thanked him and went back to the deck of the cabin. A mi nute later I heard a branch snap again and felt that Elin had more to say to me, so I walked back to the same spot. I sa id " Do you have more to say to me?" He responded, " You are welcome." I burst into laughte r that he had made me suffer the hot wa lk just so he could respond to my thank you. Back to the deck and glorious shade, aga in another branch snapped. At this point, I decided to just respond from where I was and asked, " Do you have more to say to me?" I suddenly felt a rushing sound in my left ear, as ifit was filling with water. I touched my ear and it stopped. I asked, " Did yo u do that?" Elin responded, "Yes." I then asked, " Are you playing a game wi th me?" He replied, ·'Yes." I laughed and sa id, "Enough already. I' ll see you at the lake tomorrow."

Chapter 3: The ET/UFO Connectio n - 89

Mary did see Eli n across the lake observing her, and heard loud " beeping" noises at 4:45 a.m., and later a "tremendous whoosh from the lake," and an oily film after that, that had not been there before, plus a noticeab le drop in the water leve l of the lake by two inches! It gave her a lot to think about. In August of 20 10, I received a letter from a man named Andrew Robson from Oregon. He was interested in the Sasquatch people because he could hear them walking around hi m when hiki ng in the forest. Andrew had read my book and wanted to correspond with me. I soon rea li zed that he was an exce ll ent subject for telepathic communication, so I taught him. A coup le of weeks later he encountered a Sasq uatch that ran on all fours. Another couple of weeks after that, he saw a large light-grey Sasquatch walk into the woods at fai rly close range. Then a week later a fe male Sasquatch briefl y spoke to him . And rew was thrilled ! Even tually a dia logue began between him and a male named Oea [pronounced Oh-aah in the Sasquatch language]. Though contact began in the forest, soon Oea would appea r in hi s apartment, interdimensionall y, often wi th three sma ll ETs! Oea to ld Andrew the following message on September 21 , 2010, and gave permi ss ion fo r it to be included in my book:

Conl(lClee AndreII' Robson

90 - The Sasquatch People


I am (he Grey One- Oea. My home is the hills and mountain s. My Tribe has been here for many hundred years. My Mother was of the Anc ient Ones My Father is of the Bukw's My ancestors were the C iatqo [pronounced Sea-at-co] And the ArnoritesMany Tribes have come from Ma ny Land s. The Star People brought my ancestors here long ago from many lands. Many Races are connected. I have come to give you Deep MeaningI have heard your thoughtsI have come to tell you of the sign s yo u have witnessed. A Great Spiritual Shift is coming to the Earth MotherThis is the "The Harvest of Earth"- The Sacred Pu rificationYou are be ing led out of the Darkness: Into the Light. The Star People have bases under the seas to balance the Ea rth Mother as the Ce lestia l Conjunction Dawns. Many whi te soul ent ities are corn ing into th is Dimension to Guide the way. In the forest and wi thin the Earth Mother wi ll God's Chosen find So lace. Many mysteries will be revealed. Many soul s will be awakened. YOli must Act with the HI G HEST LOVE. The Purest heart mll st beat within You. My People offer to you the Love Stone Amorite ... These stones have the power to connect to the laws of Love. These are very sac red Stones that my Ancestors have known of fo r man y years. Kewaunee knows of th is stone . We have given yOll both thi s message. It is of GREAT IMPORTANCE that you begin to experience and man ifest the New Energies that are now coming onto the Earth Mother. Fear NOT, For we are wit h you! We send you with Hope, And Blessings from D'sonoqua

Chapt er 3: The ET / UFO Connection - 91

And rew was thoroughly elated that thi s profound message was given to him and the author pertai ning to Earth changes and 2012. These ongo ing visitations have dramatically changed And rew's life. He says it has given him new meaning, and he views the world around him in an entirely different way. The materialism and soc ial status in our soc iety have become insignificant to hjm since having these spiritual encounters. One time when Oea appeared, Andrew was read ing a book on his bed. Oea stood at the foot of the bed, asking Andrew to take notes because it was important informat ion that he was going to share. The notebook was on the bureau next to Oea. The bei ng turned and looked at the notebook. Andrew was astonj shed to see the notebook levitate and float across the bed to land gently in fro nt of him. (He is the thi rd person I have documented who claims levitation is assoc iated with the Sasquatch peop le.) Another time Oea told Andrew that he could not talk for very long because he was on a mission and two more of hi s peop le were on a spaceship above them. Once, Andrew te lepathcd to the Sasquatch and three spaceships showed up, because the hairy-folks were inside the craft. Still other times, unusual-look ing ETs would appear and talk with him in a loving way. One be ing said Oea had scnt him , then asked to see

.CeQ •~

Cny ~""i.,Iay. We call "Bigfoot'· our " Elder Brother," we know Creator created them for a purpose, they come and go as they please, so just as we cannot see the air we breathe, that doesn't mean it doesn' t exist. In the 70s there were reports and sightings of bigfoot in the Littl e Eagle, South Dakota area. Our Medicine men we re contacted and requested to look into the malter. They he ld a ceremony for 4 days in the area. In the dark orthe moon. al l of

Chapter 7: A N a tive Amerindi an Perspective - 171

a sudden he came, without a sound, and communicated to them with certa in sounds, but mostly with menta l telepathy. "They" have always been here and are spread out all over the world . They watc h over fo rest areas; they have helped us many times in the past. They are movi ng here and there now, because thei r habitat is be ing in vaded by those who cut the trees and dig into the mounta ins. "They" give warni ng to those who try to find and track them. There is nothing to fear (fa person does not try to interrupt them or prevent them from mov ing about. They stay hidden because it is the ir nature and do not want to be seen by peop le unless they decide to let themse lves be seen and there is a pu rpose in letting themse lves be seen. 6 I respect the Nati ve Amerindian perspective as they themselves hi storically we re a nature people who knew all the an imals, trees. waters, and forest beings in their environment. Who are the Whites- as outsiders- to crit icize thei r ancient knowledge? As Nat ive Ameri can attorney and professor, Vine Deloria, Jr., relates in hi s 1997 boo k Red Earth, While Lies: Regardless of what Indi ans have sa id conce rning thei r orig ins, their migrations, thei r experiences wit h birds, anima ls, lands, waters, mounta ins, and other peop le, the sc ientists have maintained a stranglehold on the de finiti ons of what respectable and reliabl e human experiences are. The Indian explanation is always cast aside as a superstition, precludi ng Indians from hav ing an acceptable status as human be ings, and reduci ng them in the eyes of educated people to a pre-human leve l of ignorance. Indi ans must si mply take whatever status they have been granted by scientists at the po int at which they have become acceptab le to sc ience. There was a terr ible reaction in 1969 when I accused anthropo logists of treat ing Indi ans like scient ific spec imens. 7 Not onl y is this vi tal educat ional cultural information a great insight about First Nation peoples, but when we include the Sasq uatch peop les in the overall scenario, it becomes clear that the dominant Western culture in North America is st ill perpetuating racial prejudices. Indians view the giants as a people, but White society does not. It appears that much of mainstream America (and Canada) makes the same cultu ral mi stakes over again, while think ing of themselves as superior and "civilized"! Deloria co ntinues hi s poi nt by sayi ng:

172 - Th e Sasquatch People

The stereotypical image of American Indians as child like, superstitious creatures st ill remains in the popu lar American mind-a subh uman species that rea lly has not feelings, values, or inherent worth. Thi s att itude permeates American society because Americans have been taught that "scientists"" are always right, that they have no personal biases, and that they do not lie, three fict ions that are impossible to defeat. Scienti sts may not have intended to portray Indians as an im als rathe r than humans, but thei r insistence that Indians are outside the main stream of human experience produces prec isely these reactions in the public mind. s The Sasquatch people have repeatedly told many different sources, including myself, that White soc iety is a most disrespectful and destructi ve group of people, whose negative energy toward living nature

The author 0 11 a 1980 expedition in the Columbia River Gorge with all O~pound backpack. He saw Mt. SI. Helens erupf from his wilderness campsite.

Chapter 7: A Native Amerindia n Perspective - 173

may cause them to self-destruct. They say that our Mother Earth is in peril, yet we are like a racing locomotive that is blindly com ing to the end of its track! Other interdimensional forest be ings also exist in nature and are an integral part oflndian culture. The "little people" are not small ETs; they are entirely different. When I asked I-Ialoti about the littl e peop le, she said that every autumn the Ancient Ones have a corn fest ival during which they pick the last of the corn from a farme r's fie ld. Then the Sasquatch and little people gather to join the Anc ient Ones to eat and trade. Haloti said the little people mine gemstones and there is an exchange of items amongst them. It is remi ni scent of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in whi ch the dwarfs work in a mine digging up gemstones. So maybe there is an element of truth to these children's stories. Many tribes speak of the li tt le people, who have most ly a positive image. However, some tribes avoid them and view these beings as a bad omen. Wh ile in Oklahoma in 2004, I map-dowsed the entire so utheastern part of the state for a friend to see if there were any litt le peop le. I located one region, pinpoi nting the spot where he should to go. He made several visits to the place and had the privilege of encountering the little people twice! All he had with him was a kind and lovi ng heart. There are many books written about the littl e people, and apparently, there are seve ral races of them as wel l. I suspect they also use " portals," but don't know enough about them to comment further. There seem to be severa l worlds para ll eling ours, si nce many "now you see them , now you don' t" creatures were reported from the time of the earl y settlers. One should not confuse the little people who wear clothes and look li ke miniature humans (Leprechauns, et a\.) with the fo ur-foot-tall hairy Sasquatch-types. Theonly scientific prooffor little people was found in Septembe r2003 on Flores Island in Southern Indonesia, when a team of anthropologists fou nd the remainsofa three-fool-tail humano id bei ng! The bone structure indicated that it was female who would have weighed about 30 pounds. Radiocarbon dating of charcoal pieces lying next to the skeleton showed that the " hobbit ," as it was coined, was about 18,000 years old. T hese litt le people fashioned stone too ls, were hunters/gatherers, and had the ability to make fire and cook their food. Scientifica ll y, they were given the label Homo j1oresiensis, although another possible name orig inates from island fo lklore-Ebu Gogo. They were supposed ly like miniature

174 - The S asqua t c h P eo p le

Sasquatch of sorts with hairy bodies and long anns. The ind ige nous people of Flores Island say the Ebu Gogo were a mischi evous group that was extenn inated a few hund red years ago. However, they could still be extant in hid ing or on some of the ot her Lesser Sunda Islands. 9 Are they one of the seven races that the Ancient Ones told me are distributed around the globe? Are the Menehunes also of the "'race" of Ebu Gogo, but with a Hawaiian name? It 's critical to keep an open mi nd when connect ing theoretica l dots. The Filipinos have their " Dwende," and there are small hairy bi peds bei ng reported fro m Mozambique as well as West Africa and Australi a. Throughout North America today, tri bal Indian elders insist that hairy giants, water monsters, and litt le people sti ll exist; they don ' t consider them mythi cal. Perhaps the seve n different races of humanoids have wised up worldwide and remain hidden to avoid perishing at the hand s of encroac hi ng mode rn man. John Boatman, an Ojibway Indian professor at the University of Wisconsin-Mi lwaukee, wrote a chapter on extraterrestrial visitations in hi s book My Elders Toughl Me. With hi s permiss ion, I am includ ing the chapter in its ent irety, because he mentions "original man" (Bugwayj inini ) in re lation to the Starpeople. His writing offers additi onal insights into these important phenomena. because the storyte lli ng IS based on rea l events in Oj ibway cultura l li fe. T he Star People

The Elders somet imes ta lked about imm ense flyi ng objects seen very hi gh in the sky which resembled enormous birds and made a sound whic h sounded like, but was not, thunder. On those rare occasions when they were observed from a cl oser vantage point, it seemed as if these objects had eyes which flashed like lightn ing. The Western Great Lakes American Indi an trad ition has quite a few stories about these ··great birds'· whose home on Earth was thought to be far to the \",'est. The Elders sa id that long ago, according to thei r Elders. a party of hunters, upon ente ring a large fores t cleari ng. saw an enormous sh iny object that appeared to have fog rising from it. The hunters could see flashes like lightn ing comi ng fro m the center of the " fog. " As much as they wa nted to know what the object was, none of them dared approach it. fea rful of what would happen if lhey di d. The next day. however, some of the hunters returned to the clearing to try to detenn ine what it was that they had seen. But aga in fear

C h a pte r 7: A N ative Amerin di a n Pe rsp ective - 175

overcame them as soon as they saw the object and once more they left without fi ndi ng out what it was. When they went back the th ird day- the object was gone! Where it had been, there was now a large scorched area. What the hunters had seen, the Elders sa id , was someth ing they ca lled a "Th underb ird" and is in actuality a relatively small fly ing vehicle of the Starpeople. In the summer of 1988, while doi ng historica l researc h in the Upper Pen insula of Michigan, I had the o pportunity to investigate a unique circle or stones on the largest is la nd of a group located between the Uppe r and Lower Peni nsu las. Th is recently discovered c ircle, referred to by media sources in Mic higan as "Michigan 's Stonehenge," has a diameter of approximate ly 397 feet. The extraordinary c ircle was discove red about fo ur years ago by a woman who was a rorme r sc hoolteacher on the island. I spent some time invest igating the circle with her, returning to the site severa l times before returni ng to Wisconsi n. For the past two years a group of sc holars representing several academ ic disci plines has been investigating this same site. The structure of the stone circle is remarkable. Unusua lly sym metrical, there are four immense rocks located prec isely at each card ina l poi nt. The colossal center rock has an eight inch hole bored into the top. Anothe r large marker-rock denotes the location of the North Star at the time of the sunrise during the summer so lstice. Certai n other roc k formations and/or locations appear to chart various conste llations. Hierog lyphicli ke markings and pictographs on severa l rocks seem to denote astronomica l symbo ls and locations. Test boring throughout the ci rcumference of the circle area demonstrates that there is a large charred circular area that does not exceed the perimeter of the stone circle. When I entered the c ircle area for the first time, and each time thereafter, I found myse lf thi nking that th is circle is the same one that was described in 1856 by Henry R. Schoo lcraft in the story, "The Star Fami ly, or Ce lest ial Sisters." Wh ile Schoo lcraft (probably incorrectly) attributed the source of th is story to Shawnee legend, the same or similar story was told by many triba l groups. The Elders from whom I learned said the story was based on a true event that took place a very long time

176 - Th e Sasquatch People ago on a group of islands located northeast of Wisconsin in the Western G real Lakes. The fo ll owi ng story was told by my Elders and is similar to the one Sc hoolcraft recorded. Both make reference to a circle like the o ne o n the island in M ichigan: One day a young man who lived w ith his family in a remote area of the forest wandered into unfami li ar te rritory and fou nd himself at the edge of an unusual cleari ng. In the middle of the clearing was a large charred area in the shape of a c ircle. Outside of the c ircu lar area was another c ircle whic h appeared to be made by footsteps following the same tracks over a lo ng pe riod of time. The young man knew hi s discovery was specia l because he could see no path in the clearing leading to or from the circle. He wou ld return to this place periodically and concea l him self in the brush at the edge of the clearing wh ile he watc hed and wa ited, hoping to discover how this strange c ircl e came to be. One day wh il e he was hiding, he noticed what appeared to be a fla sh-like that o f a twinkling star- in the bl ue of the afternoon sky. The flash soon became a sma ll , descend ing o bj ect. As it came close r. he heard the fa int sOll nd of music. It sounded as if the music were coming from the skies. Looking up once more he saw that the object was coming closer and he q uickly realized it was larger than he thought it to be. Soon he understood that he was looki ng at some ki nd of sky-craft and that this was the source of the ethereal music that fi lled h is ears. The craft landed in the charred center of the well-worn circle. The you ng man watched in amazement as twe lve beautiful , human-like women descended from the craft, entered the area of the circle, and began to dance to the marvelously enchanting mus ic. When the dancers realized there was someone watchi ng them, they ran back into the craft which started slowly to rise and the n suddenly d isappeared into the sky. The outline of the charred c ircle had been freshly scorched by the departing craft. The young man returned home and told his pare nts what he had witnessed. The story awakened in his mother a memory of somet hing her grandmothe r had told her when she was a gi rl. She turned to her son and explained that he had seen some of the Star People who have very specia l ab ili ties . When the young man told his mother that he felt as if he could easi ly fa ll in love

C hapte r 7 : A Native A m e rindian P e r spective - 177

wi th one o f these wondrous females, she felt a twi nge of alarm se ize her body. She cauti oned him that a Star Woman would not be conten t to stay on Ea rth. In addition she sa id that the Star People were not affected by the same time and spat ial constraints that humans were, consequentl y, she would not age at the same rate that he did. She exp lained that he would grow o ld and qui te immobile, while the Star Woman remained relati ve ly young. Finally she asked him if he fe lt that such di ffe rences cou ld result in last ing happiness. The young man li stened and thought for a long time about what hi s mother to ld him , bu t that still cou ld not keep him from fee ling drawn back to the spec ia l clearing he had fou nd. Over time the you ng man observed the phenomenon of the first day regu larly. Eventua lly he won the fri end ship and fin a lly the love of one of the beauti fu l fe male bein gs who danced to the exqui site music in the c leari ng. He fathe red a ch il d by her and later left with her and the child, bound for her fathe r's home on a planet in the system of a distan t star. The Elders said that no one is sure what happened to him. However, some say he, and later his descendants, wou ld period ica lly retu rn to Earth to observe what is happeni ng here. The stone circle in Mich igan also appears to be related to another story that the Elders tol d and that Sc hoo lcraft a lso reco rded, under the title "The Son of the Even ing Star. " The story is about a famil y in a tribal group li ving in the Western Great Lakes area. Livi ng in a village near the lake, there was a family with ten beaut ifu l daughters. The youngest daughte r was the most beautiful of a ll. But she, un li ke her sisters, was not interested in the many men who came courting. She instead loved the beaut iful , special, and secl uded natural places near her home. Eve n after a ll of her sisters had married, the youngest and most beautiful daughte r continued to ignore her su itors, preferring to spend her time in the spec ial pl aces she loved so much. Her fa mily often critic ized her and warned he r that some day she wou ld end up being alone with no chance left of ever gett ing married. Then one day an old man , who was scarcely ab le to wa lk and obv ious ly ve l)' poor, came to ca ll on her. Soon he was visiti ng evel)' day a nd it became ev ident that the you ngest daughter very

178 - The Sasquatch People

much enjoyed spe nding her time wi th the strange and enfeebled o ld man. Her fam ily simply cou ld not understand her bizarre behav ior and , needless to say, they were complete ly shocked when the daughter announced that she had agreed to marry him! She insisted that thi s was her choice and soon after, she marri ed him despite the family 's efforts to dissuade her. Many in the vill age laughed at her and taunted her for having made such a terrible choice for a husband, especially when she had been seriously courted by so many hand some. young, and prom ising ly prospero us men. Neverthe less the daughter seemed to be very happy, telling those who laughed at her and taunted her, " It was my choice. You will see in the end who has acted the most wise ly:' Short ly thereafter the entire family, includi ng the bizarre couple, was invited to a spec ial feast some distance from their village. As they a ll walked along the trai I toward the place of the feast, many family members could not he lp pity ing the youngest of the sisters for having made such a terrible choice for her life 's mate. Thi s was espec ially apparent to the fam ily when the old husband kept stopping and look ing into the skies wh il e muttering something that was, to the rest of the family, uninte lli gible. When they looked into the sky to see what he kept looking at, all they could see was a fa int nicker that they thought was the Evening Star. Finally the grou p came to the place of the feast. They saw that the feasti ng lodge appeared to be made of some kind of strange meta l and was unlike any that they had eve r seen before, yet, they entered th is strange lodge so as not to offend the ir host, whom they reall y didn 't know, bu t about whom they had heard wondrous things. As soon as they entered the strange lodge, it began to sh udder and then seemed to lift away from the ground. The family soon reali zed that the lodge had indeed lifted off the ground and-not on ly that- it was movi ng up and away from the Earth! The youngest daughter's husband then uttered a j oyous sound. When the ent ire family turned to look at him. they were aston ished to see that his appearance had almost completely transfonned. Rather than the old, crippled man he had been, he now appeared to be one of tile most handsome you ng men any of

Chapter 7: A Native Amerindian Perspective - 179

them had ever see n. He expl ained to them that he was not from the Earth and that while on the Earth hi s physio logical processes had bee n affected by the planet's co mposition and gravi ty, wh ich in turn had drastically altered his original appearance. Fina ll y they came to another world, somewhat li ke the Eart h, but fa r from the Earth in another so lar syste m. There they learned from the husband's peop le that some other beings who tend ed to serve evil had left him stranded on Earth causing his predicament. They also were told that, obv iously, their kind needed some additiona l guidance since, by fa ili ng to accept thei r in-law in the form of the o ld man, they had demonstrated that they were not sensiti ve enough to perce ive the lack of ba lance in the ir own lives. Hi s people explained that a group of be ings from their world would be sent with the family back to the Earth to try to prov ide the necessary guidance needed there. When it came tim e to meet those who had been chosen to accompany them back to the Earth, the family saw that thei r companions were very small. The humans were to ld that these be ings were called the Paueeseegug or " Litt le Peop le," T hey were then directed to follow the Paueeseegug in to a craft sim ilar to the one that brought them to the far-away planet. Shortl y thereafter, the craft began to rise and the fam ily knew they were on the ir way back to the Earth. When the craft was over the uppe r Lake Mich igan area, it began to slow ly descend. Finally it hovered over a group of islands located between the present day Upper and Lower Pe ninsulas of Mich igan. The craft came to a stop on the hi ghest of the group of islands. It is sa id that to th is day the Paueeseegug still li ve in that island group and that sometimes they may even be seen dancing and singing on the moon lit beaches-if they are not d isturbed by the humans who are observing them [n the Western Great Lakes American Indian tradition there are many ot her references in the ancient stori es and legends to the Star People who vis ited and interacted with people on Earth. The Elders to ld of other beings who looked somewhat like the American Ind ians except that they had much fai rer ski n and were definite ly not hum an. The Elders said that these "people" had the respons ibility of guard ing the heave ns in the area of Earth. They were ca ll ed the " Heaven People" and dressed in scarlet tunics with a hood.

180 - The Sasquatch People

The Elders sa id that one day an old man of about ninety told the peopl e o f his village that he was going to "die" the next day. When asked how he knew, he said that one o f the " Heaven Peop le" had to ld him so in a dream. He to ld the villagers that they were not to bury his body. Instead they were to take it to a certai n island in the big lake. There they were to lay hi s body on the beac h and wait. He sa id that the Heaven People wou ld come and take it away. The nex t mo rni ng, just as he predicted, the elder was dead. The vill agers did as he had requested , al though some of them thought it a ll seemed quite bizarre. As they wai ted on the beach of the sma ll island that the old man had speci fied before hi s death, they suddenly heard what sounded like thunder. Yet there were no clouds in the sky. Then. the sound of a great wi nd roared above them. Soon a strange. shiny craft appeared directly over the beach. From the craft four human-like beings appeared. eac h dressed in scarlet clot hing with hoods drawn over thei r heads. They approached the elde r's body where it lay on the beach. One of them took the hand of the dead body and the old man suddenly rose , looked at the villagers. then sm iled and ascended into the craft with the four Heaven Peop le. The craft then slowly rose and, with a loud thu nderous sound. van ished from sight. The Star People also figure prominently in the stories about Nokomi s who was the grandmother of the first humans. In these stories and legends it is c lear that Nokomis is nol from the Earth ! She and her daugh ter. the mother of the first human. are sa id to be from the East, beyond the Earth. from a place referred to as the "Mo rning Star." The Morning Star nowadays is identified as the planet Venus; however, in the ancient time refe rred to here, the Morni ng Star was ide ntified as the planet between Mars and Jupi ter, whe re an asteroid be lt is now. Accordi ng to several ancien t traditions, the be lt was created as a result of a massive co ll ision between the ancient Morning Star planet, called Tiamat. and an " intrude r" astronom ical body. Thi s collision took place duri ng a time referred to in many legends as the time of "The War in the Heave ns:" The Elders told of how some of the beings from the Morni ng Star, who begot the first humans, were offended whe n later

C h apter 7: A Native A m e r in d ia n Pe rspective - 181

the humans did not remember to honor them appropr iate ly. In their anger they emerged from their base in the west w ith a no ise which reverberated across the heavens. Obscured by clouds, they crossed directly over the homes and villages of the forgetful humans and in the ir fury they shot what looked like bolts oflightning at the Earth be low. Fi nally, the humans learned to appropriately honor thei r ancestors from another planet. Although this happened in the distant past, humans cont inued to sy mbo lically honor the memory of the peop le from the Morn ing Star by reverently offering kinnikinnick each time that a th under storm rumb led th rough. The stonn sounded like the crafts of those ancient ancestral beings. The Elders stated that these legends and stories are all that remai n ofa reco ll ection of the time when the Star People in their sky-c rafts regu larly came out of the weste rn skies, espec ially duri ng the "The War in the Heavens," and di rected li ght beam weaponry (which resembled lightni ng) at colonies of the ir enemies. The great rumbling heard on Earth was the sound of their sky-craft as it approached and then passed overhead. Another legend tells of a time when a serious quarre l arose between the beings ca lled "U nderwater Panthers" and some other be ings called "Thunderbirds." The Underwater Panthers have a "den" in the depths of what is now called Dev il s Lake, in Sauk County, Wisconsin. The legend states that the Thunderbirds hurled " th underbolt arrows" into the waters and onto the blu ffs surrounding the lake. The Underwater Panthers " threw" great "rocks" upward from beneath the waters of the lake in an attempt to hit the Th underb irds . A terrib le battle continued for days. The tumbled-down and cracked roc ky surfaces of the bluffs surroundi ng the lake are ev idence of the great struggle. Finally the Th underbirds were victorious and soon afterward they flew away to their "nests" in the northwest. No American Indians would approach that lake for a long time. It is said that the Underwater Panthers were not a ll ki ll ed during the war and that some still live in Devi ls Lake to th is day. Later, America n Indian peoples living in the area not too fa r from the lake, as well as trave lers from afar, had a custom of making Kinn ikinnic k offerings to the "spirits" of the lake. They wou ld deposit their offerings on bou lders a long the shore or place them on the surface of the water.

182 - The Sasquatch People

T he Elders sa id that stories such as the one told here were the memory remnants of actual accounts of the fiery sky battles between two very different forms of Star Peop le. It was believed, according to the Elders, that at one time in the ancient past the Thunderbirds had a huge "nest" in the thenmountainous area around Lake N ipigon. northeast of Duluth, Minnesota, in Mich igan's Upper Pen insu la. They said that, accordi ng to legend, large blankets of clouds always covered the " nest." The native peopl e in the reg ion co nsidered this "nest" area to be a sacred place and did not go there. Consequently, they did not rea lly know what the Star Peop le were doing in that area. Accord ing to the Elders, some years before the Europeans arrived , the blanket of clouds began to lift a nd move away. At that time the Thunderbirds destroyed every trace of the place, pretty nearly leve ling a large portion of the mountains in the process. The Elders also said that, in anc ient times, there were humano id-appearing " Water Beings" in the Great Lakes area. They a lso were re lated to the Sta r Peop le. These Water Beings so metimes approached humans, and instructed them by communicating through te lepathy. Their craft were very different from the water craft of the humans. Long ago, human ancestors erected offering rocks for the Water Beings at various areas a long the shorel ines. One such offering rock lies at the northwest point of Med ic ine Island. The Elders said that, since the coming of the Europeans, the Water Beings almost never appear, however, it is believed that these be ings are sti ll around. Once in a wh ile if someone is caught in a storm and reverently makes an offeri ng to them, the Water Beings may help ca lm the wate rs. The Elders sa id that the origi nal humanoid was lowered to Earth from a starship. They said that the initia l Earth home for " Orig inal Man" was a large land mass that was located east of Central and South America in the mid-Atlant ic-a land mass that obv iously is not there now. They explained that the area was destroyed when the great flood com plete ly covered the land mass. It is st ill under the wate rs of the mid-Atlantic. (This area, incidentally, is parI of the area destroyed due to the mi suse of power.) The Elde rs sa id that the word " Ani shinabe" originally referred to " the people who came fro m beyond where the sun rises,"

Chapte r 7: A Native Amerindian Perspective - 183

Ori gina l Ma n, hum anoid but not human, is a hybrid who embodies some o f the most negati ve qua li ties o f his human ancestors and some of the most positi ve qua liti es o f his Star People re latives. Ofte n considered a nefarious character, he is in actua li ty ne ither a ll bad nor all good, but s imply a reflection of both . Because of thi s, he is what so me sc holars refer to as the culture hero or tri ckster. Ori ginal Man spent quite a good deal of time visiti ng and learni ng from Nokomi s whi le she was still li ving on the Ea rth . Later Nokomis, like her da ughter, le ft the Earth, to li ve e lsewhe re in the uni verse. Whenever the moon is visib le in the skies at night, and espec ia ll y when it is full , hum ans are to remember Nokomi s and her spec ia l ro le as "grandmother" to a ll human be ings.

Starpeople: From a Scientific Perspective In the branc h of metaphys ics called ontology, the natu re of " be ing" in the uni verse is approac hed by asking questions about the types of be ings that exist. or the nature of these beings, or whether any poss ible relati onship could ex ist between such be ings. Ame rican Ind ians of the Great Lakes region answered these ontologica l questions in their anc ient legends and stori es. It is clear that, li ke nati ve peop les throughout the world, they be li eved in the existence of other~wo r ld beings. The ir stories a lso suggest that comm unicat ion and in teraction between human s and those other-world be ings occurred. There must be so me reason beyond mere co incidence that expl ain s why the commonly held metaphys ica l belief occurs in so ma ny ancient human soc ieties. Contemporary theo retical sc ienti sts, espec ially those invo lved in planning the exploration of space, ask the sa me onto logical questions as the anc ient tri bal people. but from another perspecti ve. In July of 1989 the National Aeronautics and Space Adm ini strati on (NASA) awa rded a three-year grant to the Sc hool of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Wi sco nsin- Mi lwa ukee to support research related to des igning work-space and living quarters for planned colonies on the Moon and Mars . Other United States uni ve rsities are also

184 - The Sasquatch Peop le

involved in research concerning the exp lorat ion of space and proposed expeditions to Mars. If we possess the technology on Earth to make other planets su itabl e for habitation by humans, then is it not possible that other beings may have done the same on Earth? Cou ld it be that the existence of the Star Peop le is theoretica lly poss ible from the perspective of modern scientific know ledge? Why e lse wou ld the space probe Voyager. wh ich will eventua lly leave our solar system, contain pictu res of what we look li ke, a map of our solar system, Earth 's position in it, and technologica l information in formulae, if those people worki ng on the project did not be lieve that the ex istence of other li fe -forms were poss ible? In 198 1, Professor Francis Crick, who won the Nobel Prize for Physiology in 1962 fo r hi s work on DNA, wrote Life ftseff: lis Origin and Nalllre , in whic h he describes our vast universe containing at least ten billion galax ies, each of which has stars that resemb le our star, the Sun . In ou r galaxy a lone, the Milky Way galaxy, there a re somewhere near one hundred billion stars. Based on these observations, Cr ick asserts that it is logical to assume that many stars in the universe have pl anets orbiting them and that a significan t number of those planets have the conditions necessary fo r sustaining some form of li fe. Crick postulates that "thinking life" must have evolved on a percentage of the planets. He states that it is logical to assume that scientific and tech nological developments may a lso have take n place on some of these planets. It also fo llows that some of these deve lo pments may be far beyond anyth ing humans have accomp li shed to date, and may incl ude the ab il ity to travel to neighboring plane ts, or to nearby star systems, and possibly into other ga laxies. C ri ck speculates that peoples fro m one or more of these worlds may have known that thei r own c ivilizations were, for whate ve r reason, doomed. Perhaps they had fo und that a neighbori ng star was set on a collision course with theirs or that thei r own su n was go ing to become a red giant that wou ld eventually engulf their planet. He states that it is possible, perhaps even likely, that interspace flight did occur wherei n highly advanced beings trave led and colon ized other planets in other star syste ms, and that

Chapter 7 : A Native Amerindian Perspective - 185

upon arriving at these new planets, they may have had to carry out extens ive genetic engineering in order to ex ist, given the env iron mental peculiarities of the planet. He states that we cannot ru le out the poss ibility that large spacecraft (mother-craft) maintained, and perhaps st ill maintain, orbits in places where they wou ld be difficult to detect- near Ne ptune, for instance, or in the aste roid belt between Jupiter and Mars. These beings have probab ly made, perhaps st ill make, forays in sma ller crafts to planets in our so lar system. including Earth, to obta in needed mineral s and other raw materia ls, as well as to observe. C rick concluded that it may be " dangerous" for us to assume that we are "alone" in the uni verse and that we should be cautious about our actions on this planet lest we run the risk of be ing perceived as about to "contam inate the ga laxy'- through environmental and techno logical abuse. It is interest ing to note that, just as the Elders pointed Ollt, Professor Cr ick also stresses the need for balance in our daily actions within the context of the other beings who share our universe. Events on our planet have repe rcussions in the universe that 20th centu ry sc ientists are only beg inn ing to unde rstand. If there were nothing e lse than thi s to learn from the stor ies told here, they woul d still be inval uab le. Let us hope that the Star Peop le will not have to ho ld us accou ntable when one day our planet ends in destruct ion because we refused to believe peo ple like Crick and because we ignored the ancient stories of the Elders. 'o


In this chapte r I will com pare a positive, effective approach to Sasquatch research, which was actually given to me by the Sasquatch themselves, with the current dysfunctional methods.! Those who insist on having a dead body have missed the essence of the Sasquatch phenomenon: the fact that they are a more evolved humanoid species than we are, and that their psychic abi lities, which they currentl y use to elude us, could be used to help us evo lve! With a ll the he licopters and techno logy and searching, where is the evidence? There is none and won' t be any! Why? Because the psychic Sasquatch is in control- not misinformed man. Furthermore, if a person kills a Sasquatch, then it can no longer show us who and what it is. When dead, it merely becomes a biologic mass of flesh. Its "creatureness" is 187

188 - T h e Sasquatch People

stol en and it cannot share its wisdom and liv ing mastery of quantum physics, that is, psyc hic phenomena. Further, if Sasquatch researchers would study the UFO phenomenon they would immediately notice a perfect parallel between ETs and the Sasq uatch people-appearance/disappearance. menta l telepathy, psychic healing powers, ad vanced inte ll ige nce, and spiri tual awareness. Why? Because the giants (Ire ETs. Of what use are trail-cam s, heat-sensi ng devices, and all the other overrated tec hnologies when the only link the Sasquatch wiJl all ow is with the heart instead of the head? Thei r sincere camaraderie with me and others who approach them with unconditiona l love, not fear, is proof enough fo r witnesses who experience them. Capturi ng their friend shi p is the real success! Those ma instream researchers have au tomatically assigned a subhuman status to the Sasquatch , similar to what Native Amerind ians, Blacks, and Asians endured when Europeans/Americans encountered them. That prej udi ce has now been lran.~fe,.,.ed to the Sasquatch people, who are still being hunted and harassed by researchers who think they are anima ls. Researc hers are also mot ivated by money, status, egoti sm, and a wish to be accepted by the larger group-ult imately, mainstream sc ience itsel f.- rather than to objective ly follow the clues to where this phenomenon leads. All the anomalolls data be ing discarded is the pot of gold wherein the real truth lies! And the so-call ed we ird psychic stuff being repeatedly reported is really a part of mainstream science disguised as quantum physics! The ongoing problem wit h Sasquatch researchers is that they be lieve that their subjective acti ons, when co ll ecting data, are reaJl y hard-core sc ience. But how can cry ptoanthropology progress if they are tainting the research by not following sc ientifi c protocol? Object ive data co llecting means docume nting exactly what witnesses are reportingnot ignori ng it. Archeo logy researcher Michae l Cremo calls it "knowledge filtering," where in new data thai do nOl subjectively please pet theories are deliberately hidden or conveni ently ignored. ' They make hi storic reference to the Sasquatch and previollsly-described events during their quest, but have neve r spent any time talk ing wi th a Sasquatch to fi nd out how he/she th inks as a unique type orh uman! This is a seriolls problem, since the sc ientific establish ment as a who le, the public, and the

C h apter 8 : Resea rchers and a New Approach to Science - 189

world start to be lieve in a fa lse view of Universal Reali ty. Thi s data is then used to concoct a theory that fu rther perverts the real truth, which ultimately is accepted as the norm . As a result, none of them have made any progress over the last half century of searching. The necessity of a change in Sasquatch researc h is succi nctl y stated in Ida Kannen berg and Lee Trippett 's 2009 book My Bra/her Is a HailY Man. An ET told Ida: The reason all those researchers have not been ab le to fi nd patterns in Bigfoot's activities is because they have been co llecting and studying data based on him being a curious an imal with a big bra in on ly, and carefull y li st ing all the characteristi cs that would make him so. Un til they cons ider hi s human traits, and study hi s higher mind and sou l, they will never prove him anyth ing. They are afraid to discover hi s hum anness. It raises too many questions about their own. That is why your and Mr. Tr ippett's book is imp0l1ant. If Bigfoot is to be saved from extinction these facts must be brought out. His extinction would on ly presage your own. 2

Veteran researchers Lee and Marlys Trippett followed Ihe evidence Ihell led 10 a psychic Sasquatch.

190 - The Sasquatch People

In Sasquatch research, most researchers, starting at the top with the veterans, have subjectively thrown away or ignored or not fo ll owed up on vital data over the last fifty years because they didn 't believe the subj ect ive data, i.e., what actual witnesses were te ll ing them. Roughly 99% ofresearchers now follow suit! In other words, in an effort to look scientific, they ignore and/or alter data because it's important for them to be accepted by thei r pee rs who, li ke themselves, have never had a one~ on-one encounter with the Sasquatch people. Science teacher Thom Powell wrote an excell ent book called The Locals using research data that had been subjectively discarded by Ca l i~ fo rn ia-based Bigfoot Field Research Organizat ion (BFRO) for which he was a curator. In the book, he states that it "is the world 's largest organ i~ zation that objectively investigates the Bigfoot Phenomenon."] He said the data was excluded because it incl uded mental telepathy and UFO infonnation fro m interviewees! Though he has never encountered a Sas~ quatch nor experienced mental telepathy, he writes a very compelling story. My question is: Why was valuable knowledge being thrown away? In fact, the anomalous data is the "missing link " to the entire phenomenon . It is the most important data because it includes direct commun ication with research subj ects. To repeat an old adage by Willi am

Researcher Tholll Powell with allthor debating the Sasquatch iss lies

Chapter 8 : R esearchers a nd a N ew A p proach to Science - 191

James, " It takes only one whi le crow to prove all crows are not black ." I have documented 187 "white crows"- people from a ll wa lks of lire who make extraordinary and ba fflin g cla ims about the ir expe riences with the psychic Sasq uatch. Instead of doi ng fie ld research trying to contact the Sasquatch people directly, those who do a majority of their research surfing the Internet typica lly bash contactees. For examp le, cryptozoologist Loren Co leman wrote a blog on his webs ite in July 20 I 0 target ing "contactees" in a negat ive way. No one has a ri ght to tell contactees that they are wrong in what they experienced. As the Sasquatch have said, "Stand in your truth, that is all we ask."4 Those researchers who are on the right track, according to the Sasquatch themselves, are a lso subject to attack and misrepresentat ion. One scholarl y person who should be commended for hi s fi ne academic work in the fie ld of Sasquatchery is Professor Jeffrey Meldrum, PhD at Idaho State Uni vers ity- Pocatello. Numerous newspapers carried a story about Meldrum being harshl y criticized by fe ll ow scientists at the uni versity for dabbl ing in "pseudosc ience." Actuall y the thirty professo rs who pet itioned the dean or arts and science agai nst Meldrum are violating their own scienti fic phil osophy by not ex ploring new areas of science. Kudos to Dr. Meldrum for hi s courage against sllch odds. I myse lfhave had the mi xed blessing of being mentioned and feat ured in some twenty-three books over the last decade. One of those who got it wrong was author/paranormali st Rupert Matthews in hi s 2008 book, Sasquatch: True-Life Encounters With Legend{IIY Ape-Men. Matthews incorrectly states, "Lapseritis suggested that these were not encounters with a real ani mal at a ll , but with the paranormal."5 I wo uld not have said that. While lecturing at the 1998 International Sasquatch Sy mposium at the University of British Columbi a, an audience member asked me, " Are they paranormal or physica l?They can't be both !" My reply was, "That's the big contradiction with this phenomenonthey are both !" At times, I have seen just an outli ne of their body wi th no definabl e fea tures. 1 have also observed them as living apparitions with all features clearly visible. And, I have encountered them in the physical state seven ti mes. They are interd imensional , yet physica l, with the abili ty to be paraphysical- that's the rea lity. Scienti fica lly, quantum physics offe rs some understanding of this. And then, Matthews stated, "Jack ('Kewaunee') Lapseritis has since

192 - Th e Sasquatch P eop le

dropped out of the Sasquatch scene, but his ideas have continued to circu late.'>6 Noth ing co ul d be further fro m the truth, and there is no valid excuse fo r misi nfo rm ing the publ ic aboul my status. In fact, I am one of the most act ive field researchers ever. Not only do I exp lore new areas where Sasquatch abou nd, but, at times, interact with Sasquatch weekly at my iso lated cabi n in the forest. My address and telephone number are all over the Internet and I welcome anyone to call or write me with their questions. Peop le contact me all the time. After a half century in the fi eld, I cont inue to enjoy search ing new hori zo ns to have more new experiences with the psychic Sasquatch. Another poi nt of vul nerabili ty, when ni n ety~n i ne percent of researc hers lack direct personal experience. is the rea l risk of fraud. This is not easy research to co ll ect or to write about. Researcher Autumn Willi ams wrote a book called Enoch: A Bigfoot Story (20 I 0) abo ut a Florida man named Mi ke who clai med to have had a cl ose association with a Sasquatch person there. It appears that Autumn Will iams did her best to convey the truth as she understood it, and co nducted a thorough ana lys is of Mike's clai ms---except to visit him in Florida to get a fee l for his verac ity. But from the begi nning, I fou nd numerous contradictions, based on my personal ex perience and on my many interviews with other contactees. For example, Mike clai med to have followed the giant, witnessing the killing of several raccoons during the dayt ime, which doesn'l make sense because raccoons are nocturnal. And how could a Sasquatch consume catfi sh as descri bed without their sharp spi nes stabbing him in the throat. " Horn pout" is another name fo r catfish, because they have three sharp spines on thei r fi ns that punctured me more than once as a boy. Also, Mike carried a .44 magnum and shotgun, but Sasq uatch would never get near a person carry ing a gun, because they know guns can kill ! There are more inconsistencies. Fo r example, he described the Sasquatch as "dog~ paddli n g" when swimming, when on every other occasion, Sasq uatch have been observed to do the breast stroke. And laughably, Mi ke says that the Sasquatc h's powerfu l odor is due rotten meat gett ing caught in the hair on their chests- the exact same expl anation give n by known hoaxer Ray Wallace over the years. My understanding is that they have a ll111 s k~ like gland that is activated when angry or startled- similar to a skunk's. Then, in December 20 I 0, a few months after the book was re leased,

Chapter 8: Researchers and a New Approach to Science - 193

the Mike character made a pub lic statement that the entire material for the book was fi ct itiou s~h e made it up! Great discernment is necessary, but sometimes that 's not even enough! In 1986, after sixteen months of weekly interviews and collecting of data in the forest, I discovered that I myself was being conned by an old man in Oregon who wasted my time fabricating tales of Sasquatch and ETs. I am conv inced he had initial encounters. but I suspect that when the contact stopped, his need for attention drove him to concoct wild stories. After I noticed a series of inconsistencies from what he ini tially told me, I po litely thanked him and left. Then I discovered he had sto len some of my research data~four sketches I had paid an artist to produce. Then he sto le my identity, cleverly reversing the situation by saying I had stolen from him. In trying to resolve this horror, I visited his hometown, talked with hi s wi fe and adult children~ and I discovered that this man had victimized many others, too! The giants and ETs do not get involved with deceitful peop le. Unfortunately, because hi s fraudulent information was posted on the Internet, it's still out there, continui ng to hoax the public. Frauds often hurt the researchers as we ll as the field of cryptoanthropo logy and cryptozoology. Science is already skeptical of anomalous data, and any deception puts a tremendous strain on the credibi li ty factor in this fie ld of study. Even I, as a researcher with academic credentials and as a Sasquatch! ET contactee, cannot produce proof of what I am stating, though I am not tryi ng to prove anything. The psychic behavioral patterns and telepathy of the creatures~that I and the other 187 witnesses I have observed~ are considered subj ective because not everyone experiences them, even though those who do are consistent in their experiences. Two physicians, a college professor, an attorney. and people from all walks of life have objectified my reali ty when making these anomalous claims. So there is significant substantiat ion in my work. Plus, a majority of contactees do not want their names to go public, which means they are not seeking notoriety. The beauty and privi lege of experiencing communication in a Sasquatch 's presence far exceeds any need to obtain physical proof, as I personally discovered in 1979 when first contacted by the Sasquatc h and ETs. The quantum-skilled Sasquatch have proven to me and others that they ex ist. In 1981 I abandoned my efforts to acquire physica l proof, knowi ng

194 - Th e Sasq u atc h Peop le

it was fruitless. My personal interactions with these beings became more meaningful and profound. The encounters are still ongoing. Science and researchers have never been up against such a cl ever be ing before in all of human history. The American Indians knew of the elusiveness and unusual ab il it ies of the giants. I feel it is vital that researchers serious ly ret hi nk their present field methodo logy, which harasses the Sasquatch and often drives it away or puts it on the defensive. My field approach has been successful for over three decades now. Most years I conduct two to four field expeditions in order to contact and interact wi th different tribes. Ninety-nine percent of the time I camp alone with no fea r, no gun, and no camera- j ust "free- fl ow" and a feeli ng of love for every living thing in the forest. "Ta lking" to bi rds, deer, trees, and flowers helps one to become attuned. Being a healer, I carry a huge amount of compassion and faith in our Creator. Successful research is litera lly the way of the shaman! Meditation is groundi ng and helps one push aside the cumbersome inte llect whi le transcending the ego. Henry David Thoreau said, "Our truest life is when we are in our dream awake," and that is what I seek:

A lflhor s shoe beside a lrack ofan Ancien! One in sOlflheasf Oklahoma. March 2006

Chapt er 8: Resea rchers and a New Approach to Science - 195

oneness with the giants- a yearning to live with them on their terms and learn a tota ll y differe nt cul tu re and life. It 's like steppi ng into a science fiction mov ie, except it is all real. At times, I admit, I feel apprehensive while hearing the weight of the giants walk ing toward me in the darkness of the fo rest as I sit on a fa llen log. But I merely remind mysel f that God and love are sy nonymous and that in my heart I am their friend . It takes practice to control one's think ing and emotions, yet J li ke the chall enge of a new way of being. The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu (c. 604-53 1 BC) said, "There is no greater ill usion than fear ... Whoever can see through al l fea r wi ll always be safe." And I have weekly encounters where J live, in the forest in the foot hill s of the Cascades several mi les from Seattle, Washi ngton. Occasionally, they knoc k on my door when I'm up at two or three o' clock in the morning reading or writing, to let me know they are there. They bang on the side of the cabi n when I have a vis itor. The Sasq uatch interdi mensiona lly come inside and deli berately wake me lip at night with a deep, loud heavy breathing to let me know they are watchi ng over me. The beings give me sage advice when I' m sick. In the daytime, they

A Clysfalleji for fhe aU/hoI' when food was lefl./or the gial7/s

196 - The Sasquatch People

have stood at the edge of the fo rest to talk telepathicall y to several of my house guests. This has been go ing on for the eight years that I have been li ving here . It's wonderful! Th is is real and va luable research. Frequently, guests who spend a few days at my cab in have friendly ET encounters as we ll, even powerful hea ling if they are ill , as I have detai led elsewhere in thi s book. In July 2006, here at my cab in, Mary Rau visited me. We had communicated but had not yet met. She set up her tent at the edge of the forest and I asked the giants to visit her. The first night they walked up to the tent to let her know they were there. The foHowing day at 2:10 p.m. while Mary was alone reading a book on the porch, a ten-foottall Sasquatch named Elin appeared some 60 to 70 feet in front of her standing in the forest. She reported that it was not scary, but pleasant looking. Mary initiated telepathic communication and he spoke to her for a few minutes in a most inte lli gent manner. Since then, she has had more in-depth psychic encounters in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Cal ifornia. There was a gatheri ng of several researchers at my cabi n on June 30,2010. When one of the people walked out to get something in her car at 7 p.m. on a sunny evening, she was shocked to observe a sixfoot-tall Sasquatch run from the "inside" of my cabin (where the rest of us were socializing) straight through the so lid door, through the solid railing, leap onto the tiny patch of lawn, and run into the thick forest! I had told the other researchers earlier that we were being monitored by a Sasquatch in my cabin. It was true. The incredi ble thing the person noticed that caught her immediate attention was that she could see right through the creature! It was only partially so lid. (I have seen this, li terally, a few hundred times over the years. Their eyes moved and their skin wrinkled when they changed their facia l expressions; yet they were living "apparitions.") Later, two 17-inch Sasq uatch tracks, which would have been fro m an 8- 10-foot adult, were found in loose dirt at the edge of the woods. The creatures were attrac ted to our fr iendly gettogether and enjoyed listen ing in. Once, I had the privi lege of meeting a very kind gentleman named Mack who lives in Arizona. He knew littl e about the Sasq uatch people, yet had an attraction for them. He asked for my help, so I marked on a map where he shou ld go and told him about a group of Sasquatch working with fr iendly Starpeople. Mack was cautious, but proceeded

Chapter 8: Researchers and a New Approach to Scie nce - 197

on his own to this wilderness place. He observed real spaceships, and a female Sasquatch reached into his tent and held hi s hand . He overcame hi s fear in exchange for love and trust. Mack also encountered a ten-foot, white-haired giant staring at him fr0111 a di stance. They knew he had no guns or cameras, as he had followed my instructions. One ni ght, Mack saw two UFOs land behind a large mesa, pursued by two black, unmarked he licopters shinning spotlights around the gigantic rock formation. Another time, he acc identally backed his truck into a ditch with the back wheels suspended in mid-ai r. In front of him on the opposite side of the road was a dangerous cliffi Thi s occurred just before sundown. He decided to te lepath to any Sasquatch who might be in the area for help, just as I had taught him. In less than fifteen minutes a Sasquatch picked up the back end of the truck and placed the wheels onto the gravel road. Mack was late for supper, but at least he arrived home safely, thanks to a caring, helpfu l giant. Thi s happened in the spring of2010. When the gent le and kind Mack visited me at my forest cabin in Washington State for a week, he was happy to pitch hi s tent just outside my door. One night a Sasquatch reached into hi s open tent and carefully moved each of hi s legs to one side. He simpl y thanked the giant for trusting him in that way. It was Mack 's child like (not child ish) affection and

Mack visiting the Guthor al his cabin in Washington Slate. where he had a Sasquatch experience

198 - The Sasq uatc h People

innocent demeanor that attracted the Sasquatch. Mack merely wanted communion and noth ing more. Suzanne Scurl ock- Durana states, "The latest brain research shows that when love and compassion are present, the brain li ghts up and operates to its fullest capacity."7 I know that the Sasq uatch would we lcome more social interaction with other people like Mack who vis it their forest domai n. When veteran researchers learn to take on Mack's attitude, then there would be no need to look for Sasquatch, because the giants wou ld go out of their way to find them! This research is of the heart- not of the mind and intellect.

Author exploring Drunken Charlie Lake in the Washington Cascades where occasional sightings have occurred

Chapter 8: Researchers and a New Approach to Science - 199

Contactee Kathleen Jones was told the importance of this many times. There is a whole new world of excitement and knowledge waiting for those who can let go of fear and thoughts of violence. This is the vital message that will resolve the ongoing problem. Helping other experiencers make meaningful contact has been most rewarding. In 2009 I began training spec ific people and do so free! I warn people to beware of those who charge a fee to tour the forest looki ng for Sasq uatch. Some have put my name on their websites as if I were promoting their business, but I would never endorse anyone who makes such claims. I have spent a great deal of time on the phone these last ten years counseling and being supporti ve of other contactees. They need to know that encountering a psychic Sasquatch is a special experience to be embraced. Contactees need not be concerned what those who are ignorant say about them. Most of the nay-sayers would be less sardonic if a Sasquatch telepathically spoke to them, and I wish the giants would! In some way contactees are special people who have the ri ght stuff and are less ego-invo lved than the others. Once one knows that mental telepathy is real and valid when communicating with a sentient nature being, then the contactee has no doubt that there is a psychic Sasquatch. Although I am also an experiencer, I only tell interviewees about my own anomalous encounters after the questioning is complete. That way. percipients are assured that their psi experiences were indeed real, which has a cathartic effect on each of them. And their experiences also objectify my own reali ty, since they parallel my own. We must go back to examine the fact that the forest giants are incred ible mind readers- the ultimate spies, if you will, trained to be clandestine by a secret forest society protecting themselves from the dangers of superficial man. There is nothing unusual about radar in bats; sonar (echo locat ion) in whales and dolphins; a form of electromagnetism in birds; vibrational receptors in the jawbone of crocodi lians; or a shark's abi li ty to smell blood in water almost a mile away. We accept without question these fascinating attributes in these anima ls, so why is it so difficult to accept a psychic Sasquatch who uses anomalous powers to survive? Often contactees will make the best researchers, especially when the Sasquatch li ve in the ir backyards. This all ows the giants to "listen in," and in so doing, get to know the experiencer better. The following

200 - T h e Sasq u atch People

contact fro m my fi les illustrates a fairly typical situation that a llows behavioral patte rns to be eas ily documented. In March 2010 I rece ived a telephone call from a woman in Colorado. She was experiencing a young Sasquatch that was try ing to enter her house at ni ght through the back door. He had broken part of the storm door and made nightly noi ses for nearl y two weeks, whi ch frightene d the woman immensely. She had con tacted researchers who advised her to erect outdoor cameras and another group arri ved givi ng sim ilar instructions. The advice I gave her over a two-hour phone call was to put food items OU I, not cameras; plus I taught her mental te lepathy. During our conversation two Sasquatch apparitions appeared next to my desk, as they were monitoring the fearfu l woman's plea for help. I asked the be ings if they would go to Colorado from Washin gton State to ask the inquisitive Sasquatch to please stop scaring this woman. They agreed! Within one minute she could feel "someone" watching her in her house. As we talked she eventually became calm. releasing a lot of anxiety. Three weeks later, she called me again to report that peace had come over her residence starti ng the night I se nt the two Sasquatch to assist in resolving the matter. From time to time a sma ll rock would hit the side of the house, sometimes hitt ing the window. She would te lepath, asking them not to hit the glass anymore and her request was always gran ted. Then one late afternoon after snow had falle n. she noticed two neighbo r kids runni ng across her back lawn, which was adjacent to the national forest. But a second look startled the witness when she realized they were two young Sasquatch! Their " fluid" movement when running was unlike anyt hing she had ever seen. They were both dark brown from head to toe. The next morni ng there were creature tracks aJl over her backyard in the snow. I continued to encourage the woman to telepath love and kind thoughts. She told the adults they are welcome to come into her home and to help themselves to any food they wanted . It was explained to the experiencer that the forest beings are interdimensional and could enter a house eas ily, as they freq uent ly do at my cabi n. One night she heard a noise in the li ving room. As she stepped into the room an 8- 10-foot, shadowy Sasquatch was jusl walking through a wall! This is normal for them; paranorma l for us. The giants enj oy hanging around peop le who inv ite them in and leave food wit hout deception . Thi s is the theme for

Cha pter 8: Researchers a nd a New Approach to Scie n ce - 201

success. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "When we change the way we look at things, the th ings we look at change." It took nine months for the woman to completely exchange her fea r for love and trust, at which poi nt the creatu res would te lepath back to her. It takes longe r for some peopl e than others. She commented that the telepathy is like being in a dream-at first it didn 't seem real. The more a perso n lets go of the layers of anxiety, the cleare r the communication wi ll be. Pat ience is necessary. Now she mi sses them when they are out of the area . The ex perience has profound ly changed her life! There is much to learn from the Sasquatch peop le, i fonly investigators would sh ift their thinking and trust in a more gentle, congenial field approach. In every fie ld of endeavor there is com pet ition, professional jealousy, harsh critici sm, heavy debate, and even character assassination. The Sasquatch people would feel good if resea rc hers would gel out of their head s and into their hearts and act respectfully to other researchers. to everyone, and every li ving thing . This is simple and basic.

Mother Theresa sum s it up best: Peop le are often unreasonable, illogica l, and self-centered, forg ive them anyway; If yo u are kind, people may accuse you of se lfish ulterior motives, be kind anyway; If yo u are successfu l YO ll will wi n some fa lse friends and som e true enem ies. succeed anyway; Ify ou are honest and frank. people may cheat you, be honest and frank anyway; What yo u spend years bui lding, someone may destroy overnight. bui ld anyway; If YO ll find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous, be happy anyway; The good you do today people will often forget tomorrow, do good anyway: Give the world the best you have, and it may just neve r be enough, give the wo rld the best you ha ve anyway; You see .. . in the final ana lys is, it 's a ll between you and God .. . it was neve r between you and them anyway.



eter Miele and hi s w ife were visiting the Kingdom of Nepal in the Himalayan Mounta ins, where the 29,028 foot high Mount Everest touches the sky. It was 1974. The two adventurers were trekking olltside

of Kathmandu to explore the countryside-particularly a place call ed the Monkey Templ e. Previ ollsly, in June 1968, I had spent two and a half weeks there in vestigat ing Yeti sightings and, coincidentally, also visi ted the Monkey Temple. When the pair arrived at the temple, they began climbi ng up very long, steep stone steps leading high into the monastery. Part way up, a bi g monkey jumped down from a stone wall and grabbed the w ife 's handbag, grippi ng it tightly_ She was terrified! Peter, in the lead, was several steps higher. He quickly walked back down to hi s w ife's defense. Peter is an animal lo ver, but was afraid the monkey mi ght bite, so in a 203

204 - The Sasquatch People

panic. he did the only thing he could think of, which was to kick it. He kicked it harder than he had anticipated and it twirled in the air, landing on one of the lower stone tiers. Immediatel y it became vicious. snarling at the frightened coup le. Peter stood his ground by taking a large knife from its sheath in the even t the monkey decided to attack. They slowly backed away to safety, then continued to climb upward toward the temple. Once inside they spent an hour and a half talking to the monks. Then Peter and his wife decided to browse around the templ e complex. They noticed a sunny meadow, half the size ofa football fi eld, with an idyllic forest set agai nst the mountainside. The couple wanted to rest amidst the greenery. They found a stairwell leading down to the field, then they casua ll y wa lked to the edge of the forest. No sooner had Peter and hi s wife reached the trees when several large bushes began sha king violent ly, which was enough for them 10 have an immediate concern. Th is intense shaki ng act ivity conti nued along the row of trees inside the forest and Peter began to think it was a tiger. They were scared! They stood wai ting with trepidation. wondering what animal might emerge from the dense forest. Suddenly a large hairy primate leaped out onto the open meadow! They we re stunned. The creatu re stood erect wi th a threatening posture, stari ng menacingly at them. To add to their ten sion and fear, four more bipeda l hairy beings stepped out from behind the first one. Now there were five! What in stantly caught Peter's attention was how vastly different the latter four man-creatures were from the first. The ominous-looking one had short. black hair with a human stance, arms in proportion to its body exactly like a human, plus a human-type nose and eyes. Yet his overall features resembled a huge monkey on two legs. It was a monkey-man, not ape- li ke in any way. The other four had longish, light red-black ha ir, arms ex tending down to thei r knees, were slightly hu nched, facia l features somewhat ape-like, and their bipedal gait was totally different than the monkey. man 's. None of the five males had a sagittal crest or peakedness to thei r heads. All had round heads sim ilar to Homo sapiens sapiens. Plus they were all the same size-five feet tal!. Then, to trigger a higher anxiety, Peter said, the fi ve of them sprinted toward him with super-human speed unlike any li ving thing he had ever seen before! Their speed was unnatural.

Chapter 9: Th e Future of Sasq uatchery - 205

Pe/er Miele exploring isola/ed temples in the jungles o/Cambodia, where he discovered a stone mural 0/ a giant hailY being holding a sword, fighting a group o/warriors

206 - The Sasquatch People

Monkey-man, the apparent leader, stuc k his face in Peter's face some two inches away_ The creature was so close that Peter could feel its hot breath aga inst his face . The being stared omi nously with human eyes into his. Then it sniffed his body all over without eve r touchi ng him. To add to Peter's horror at such a confrontati on, the sim ian figure had "fangs"-two protruding three- inch long cani ne teeth! Loo king around, he became aware that the other four figures had formed a tight circle surrounding them. These four were a mere two feet from Peter, as his fearfu l wife hudd led close behind his back. There was more intimidation from the black fe ll ow who was growling in Peter's face, display ing a powerful looking arm and hand, which had three inch long pointed fingernails resemb ling a claw! Hi s thoughts were that this creature could rip him to pieces if it so wanted . As the threatening behavior contin ued, Peter realized that the reason for the creatures cond uct had been instigated two hours before when he ki cked the monkey. He sa id he cou ld read the intim idator's body language, and psychica lly he was say ing, " Pick on someone your own size. You want to try that with me and you will lose!" Peter noticed that the mancreature's forearms were as big around as his thi ghs. Finall y, there was a bit of relief when the being turned and wal ked away_ The other anthropoids instantly fo ll owed. But, when they were so me 15 to 20 feet away. the five creatures turned around and charged him again, and the confrontation started all over agai n with the monkeyman growling and showing Peter his lethal looking hands. Once again they walked away. After some 30 to 35 feel , the leader turned around and with tremendolls speed ran lip to him , starting the gri m ritual all over agai n. Fina lly. when the group reached the far end of the fie ld they ran back one last time- apparentl y to reiterate that it 's wrong to harm an animal, especially if it's smaller and defenseless. Perhaps, like the Sasquatch and Ancient Ones, these beings we re protectors of Mother Earth and her "children." This amazi ng account, I am convinced, is authentic. Peter told me during our interview that he went to the departmen t of anthropology at a nearby university after he returned home, and was dismayed by the indifference of the professors. Because it was anecdotal , the personal experience he had was considered invalid information to sc ienti sts. Indirectly he felt they were labeling him a liar. Even though Peter Miele

Chapter 9: The Futu re of Sasquatchery - 207

has two uni vers ity degrees, has traveled to 87 countries duri ng hi s life, is articul ate and very observant, he told me he was discouraged when trying to share th is ex tremely rare encounter. From his anatomica l description, none of the creatures appeared to be Yetis in the classical sense. A Yeti is class icall y described as seven to ten feet ta ll , with blonde-grey hair, arms down to the knees, and a bu lletshaped head. Because of thei r ben ign actions, and because they did not harm the couple in any way, I feel Peter was characterizing humanoid beings, nol animals. The leader was very ca lcul ating in its threatening behavior; but if they had been five gorillas or chimpanzees in such close proximity, the two people would have been torn apart. Why didn ' t the bipeds simply ki ll them? The Sasquatch and Starpeopl e have spoken to me abo lit the ir belief in karma- that is. that we all are spiritually responsible for our actions. To ki ll a person is heavy karma. They were not baneful. The Sasquatch and Ancient Ones said there are many races of thei r people worldwide, and these are an example of them. It also means there are " at least" three separate races of humano id beings in the Him alayas, not just the Yeti. Granted, the Yeti have displayed aggression and fury during many close encounters . My response is that humankind , like locust, is presently invading the last hi nterlands on the globe. With our exp loi tations, we are pushing wild life and indigenous peoples to the very brink of extinction. The Yeti, Sasquatch, Ancient Ones, et aI. , are acutely aware of this fac t. In Brazil 's Mato Grosso, intruders di sappear a ll the ti me, never to be seen aga in. A hidden Indian tribe may be responsible , knowi ng that it's at risk of vanish ing, dec imated by greedy outsiders. I fee l the Yeti and other humano ids are merely defend ing thei r rurfin their struggle for se lf-prese rvation. In our increasingly overcrowded wo rld, their very survival is at stake! The future of Sasquatch-types extends to Latin America, where the largest uncharted region of the world exists. The fo llowing account gives one an idea of what might be living there, ifon ly we humans will survive long enough to discover it. Archeologist Pino Turoll a, in his fascinating book Beyond the Andes ( 1970), tells of a personal encounter with "el mono grande" (big monkey) in the j ungle of Venezuela. This greatly interested me because I have visited Venezuela twice, the second time camping near Angel Falls for five days, which is at the beginning o f the remote Guyana

208 - The Sasquatch People

Hi ghlands. Angel Falls is 3,2 12 feet high, over twice the height of the Empire State Building! Turolla was exp loring a section of the rainforest with ajungle guide plus two Indian helpers. The area was extremely remote, and undefined on a map. He relates that the undergrowth was so thick that it reduced his ability to see to only a few feet. Eventuall y the dense fo liage opened to some degree into a canyon where his gu ide Antonio had previously had a lethal encounter with a troop of sixMfoot ta ll " monkeys." A few years before, Antonio and hi s two sons had entered the canyon and were attacked by three bipedal primates wielding clubs. He and his sons ran from them, but his youngest son fell and was clubbed to death by the creatures. Turolla said that Antonio swore to the truth of the story, expressing a lot of fear and emotions as he related the experience. The party of four became very apprehensive. It was getti ng toward late afternoon when sudden ly we

heard a how l, very loud, com ing from somewhere in the thi ck vegetation. The Indian froze. The howl was as loud as the roar of a jaguar, but it was hi gher and more shrill in pitch. It reverberated through the forest, encircli ng us as if it came from all directi ons. Something was moving, crashing powerfu lly through the underbrush. I This occurrence bothered Turolla for a long time. He said he had heard about Bigfoot, but was unsure of its reality because of a lack of proof. Now, here he was. a witness to the hairy fo lks' reali ty, but without any evidence of its existence. Incredibly, two years later in the jungles of Ecuador he had anothe r hairM raising encounter. Turo ll a and Oswaldo, his guide, were seeking a certain cave by the Rio Paute to look for art ifacts. He uses the Spanish word "cueva" for cave in the book. Though I have spent time in Ecuador, I am not fami li ar with the eastern region he exp lored. My time there was spent visiting the coastal area, as we ll as a one-month stay wh ile island M hopping in the Galapagos Islands in 1970. Turolla and Oswaldo were forg ing their way through the jungle on horseback in a heavy downpour. They looked forward to find ing the entrance to the cueva to get out of the rain and to poss ibly make camp inside it. Eventually they fo und the cave. Both men cleared the entrance with their machetes. They climbed in, took out their flash li ghts and found

Chapter 9: The Future of Sasquatchery - 209 themse lves in a dark passageway that led further into the mounta in. As the pair crawled over rocks, boulders and debri s they not iced "a stinking smel l." The sme ll grew more pungent as they cauti ously worked the ir way down a large tunnel some five meters hi gh and managed to walk 50 to 60 meters further in. Then, sudden ly, the tun ne l opened up in to what we sensed to be a huge c ha mbe r. We hesitated, hand s on our guns, wonderi ng whether to enter, ou r backs pressed agai nst the sa fety of the wa ll. We stood there beaming our li ghts in a ll directions, unable to perceive the dimensions of this eno nnous bl ac k hole. There was no sound. A fter a few moments, we relaxed our nerves by li ghting cigarettes. Thi s curious hiatus of darkness and s ilence must have lasted less than fi ve minutes when it happened: an incred ible, blood-cu rdling, howling roar. loude r than the sound any man could make, coming from the depth of the cave. Then a crescendo o f howls and para lyzing screams, hi gher in pitch and more intense. We stood there rooted with fear. our hearts hamme ring, stari ng in horror at the barrier of blackness, our li ghts making errat ic patterns on the floor. Oswaldo gra bbed my arm and I fe lt a penetrating pa in in my musc le. I tri ed to react, but then, am id the terrify ing screams, a boulder smashed against the wa ll close to where we were standing. It crashed and splintered, jolting me out of my trance. In control of myse lf aga in, instinct ive ly I dropped one of the flashligh ts to the ground, knowing it woul d continue to attract the attent ion of whateve r was there, and leaped to the left. Oswaldo, still stu nned, did not follow me. I shouted to him . but he didn't move. Then he suddenl y reacted; he pulled his gun out of his be lt and with a yell started shooting into the darkness. The so unds of screami ng and gunshots echoed through the cave as more boulders spun through the air and smashed against the wa ll. All the whil e Oswaldo kept sho uting and stopped firin g on ly when his g un was empty. The how ls cont in ued as we fled , retracing our steps to the sharp bend in the passageway. But before we rounded it, I looked back toward the light left behind on the grou nd wh ile tryi ng to control my breathi ng and my heart's furi ous pounding. A mil , lumbering sil houette flashed across the shaft of li ght.

210 - The S a s quatch Peo ple

The how ls now became more inte nse, reverberat ing through the cave. and Oswa ldo and I began to run toward the fa int li gh t o f the entrance. Splashing th rough the pools of water, los ing our footi ng, stumbli ng over the roc ks and rubble strewn in our path. At last- Oswaldo first, with me close beh ind- we reac hed the opening, grabbed our packs, and scramb led over the debris to the aLit side. There I stopped and looked back. The roars and earspl itti ng how ls continued from with in, then suddenly, si lence. 2 Th is ch illing account mayor may not have been a Sou th American Sasquatch-type. Based on my personal experience with a pl ethora of encounters over the years, I have found the hairy folks to be friendly-even hel pful at times, never aggress ive. Because they can communicate, at times. wit h so phistication, I cannot he lp catego rizing Turolla 's creatures as an imal-primates and not human-primates as the Sasquatch have proved to be. Of course, anyone might beco me aggress ive, even violent, ifsomeone simp ly walked into the privacy of hi s or her home, uninvited, carry ing a gun! They had walked into the creature's lair and were driven out as one might ex pect. There could have been a mother bear or mother jaguar with cu bs in the cave, so it cou ld have been a lot worse. Li ke the Peter Miele and Pino Turolla stories. more and more people are encounteri ng global anthropoids as modem man continues to invade isolated regions of our planet. Not only are indigenous peoples los ing access to thei r fo rma l territories, but also wildlife-includ ing Sasquatch-types everywhere- are presently being challenged by those from the outer world. The fac t is that the creatures on thi s planet are running out of the liv ing space needed to adequately survive. Additiona ll y, toxic pollut ion is devastating every part of the food chain in prev iously pristi ne areas as well. It 's a globa l natural disaster. Worl d traveler and biolog ist Steve Backshall says, Ove r the course of prehistory, there have been at least five great mass extinctions of wild life on Earth. Eac h was due to a cataclysmic event. such as a meteor strike, volcanic eruption or dramatic cl imate change, wip ing out anyth ing up to 96% of the spec ies then extant on the planet. Anyone who spends any time worki ng with wild anima ls can be in no dou bt that we are

C h a pte r 9: Th e Future o f Sasquatc he ry - 21 1

now on the verge of a sixth mass extinction, and that th is time it is we who are to blame. 3 To add to this ecological chaos, most of the popul ace of thi rd world countries is severely impoverished. In Asia, Africa, and Amazonia many people survive by poaching rare and exotic ani mals for body parts and for pets or pri vate zoo logical gardens. Thi s is a serious problem that is literally Forcing some species to the edge of extinction. In the world 's oceans alone, 75·80% of the fi sh popul at ions have disappeared. The extraction of oil, water, and minerals has destabilized the Earth 's geophysical structure as well. In humans, an increase in cancer and other diseases is a cl ear barometer of j ust how toxic our biosphere has become. If the future of our planet is at stake with all the living things on it, then where is the future of Sasquatchery? What will happen to the Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, Orang·pendek, Aluxes, Mapi nguary, Mono Grande, and other hairy fo lks around the globe as environmental carnage continues to impact the food chain on every leve l? We are not meant to save the Sasquatch by stea ling away the wilderness where they live and plac ing them on a "protected" reservati on of land . The giants need to be where they are free· roam ing and unmolested. The future looks equally grim for the many remaini ng tribal peoples of the world- fro m the Amazon Basin, Africa's rainforests, Melanesia, and Asia. It is an anthropo logical fact that whenever a more dominant, techno logically advanced society encounters a less technological people- the less technologica l suffer indigni ties-even genocide. The Peruvian government estimates they have 15 uncontacted tri bes that are slowly be ing invaded by oil companies and illega l logg ing, according to Survival International. So this should give the reader an idea of the remoteness in Amazonia's 2,230,000 square miles of tropical rainforest that includes parts of Boli via, Venezuela, Guyana, Co lombia, Brazil, and Ecuador. It is esti mated that in Brazil 's interior there are up to 60 uncontacted tribes. The previously unknown Mety ki re tribe of 87 men, women, and children in western Brazil was attacked by White men with guns who kill ed 15 members. The Indians fl ed their village with the murderers in pursuit. They are now refugees, be ing exposed to contagious diseases. As an iso lated people li vi ng in aj ungle wi lderness, where is their future-where are their lives headed? One might have hoped such invas ive act ions ended at Wounded Knee!

212 - The Sasq u atch Peo ple

The Sasquatc h and Ancient Ones want us to stop our moronic behavior and grow emotionally and spiritually mature, so genuine contact can be made. Te lepath ic com mun ication is the key! They have told me and others that our societal va lues and actions are like those of chi ldren, and they feel li ke paren ts, watchi ng the carnage and di srespect toward each other and the enviro nment. Fo r them, this is greatly d isconcerting. The bei ngs say we have a lot of inte ll igence and technology, but litt le wisdom in our soc iety to apply it in a healthy way. Let 's hope we are wise enough to avoid a possib le all -o ut World War III! The Sasquatch peop le say th at since 2000 they are coming out more and allowing themse lves to be seen worldwide. It's no co inc idence, because these beings have a psychic network that can comm uni cate to other races of their people anywhere on the globe. They want to sensitize the publi c and va lidate that they do indeed ex ist and are a part of om phys ical world . They have a lso repeatedly said that if man co ntinues at the rate of destruction of the biosphere, with our dysfunct ional soc io-po li tica l be havior and blase att itude toward ecologica l issues, then all races- including humanityare doomed. To save the planet is to save ourselves as well as om Sasquatch neighbors. Tibet's Fourteenth Dalai Lama says about our living planet and its occu pants, " If you see yourself in others, then who can you harm?" The Sasquatch will help show us the way, if we would only seek out their wisdom from our hearts, not with a gun o r j ust the inte llect. Thi s whole book is born of the Sasquatch 's intention to help liS. They are the ultimate environmenta li sts. These giants (Ire the real wisdomkeepers of Mother Earth. They seem to have the abi lity to " read" or " tap into" the li ving Earth and its flora and fau na. They can process and synthesize the informat ion on a sophisticated level of intellect way beyond the limits of modern science. The Sasquatch possess great wisdom that they are willing to share in order to avoid a trag ic human-precipitated cataclysm. But are we ready? Pushoma, the chief of the Ancient Ones in Oklahoma, indicates in thi s note that he asked Haloti to wri te that humani ty has been at this j uncture before:

C h a pte r 9: Th e Future of Sasqu a t c h ery - 213

~"'ltlt~ /1'(