Weekend Games

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Weekend Games Chris Tanglen Copyright © 2003

WEEKEND GAMES By Chris Tanglen

Published 2003 ISBN 1-931761-60-4 Published by Liquid Silver Books, imprint of Atlantic Bridge Publishing, 6280 Crittenden Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana. Copyright © 2003, Chris Tanglen. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author. Manufactured in the United States of America Liquid Silver Books http://www.liquidsilverbooks.com Email: [email protected] Editor: Rachel Fox Cover Art Darrell King http://www.pixelmonkey.net

This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues in this book are of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.

- PROLOGUE The hitchhiker looked dangerous, but Trisha picked him up anyway. In her current state, she desperately needed company. "You're not some psycho killer, are you?" she asked with a forced grin as he slipped into the passenger seat. "Not tonight." The hitchhiker's smile looked genuine as Trisha pulled back onto the desolate moonlit road. God, he was gorgeous. His muscular build was obvious even under his leather jacket, and he had two of her big turn-ons: shoulder-length black hair and a day's worth of stubble. But what she really noticed were his eyes. Though his demeanor was casual and friendly, his brown eyes had an intensity that she'd never seen before. Not a creepy, leering, I'm-mentallyundressing-you sort of intensity, but something predatory. Something a little scary. But something more than a little exciting. Hmmmmm, maybe that was what she needed. She could take this gorgeous-but-a-littlescary stranger to a hotel and fuck him within an inch of his life. Get that day's worth of stubble between her legs where it belonged. She needed to clear her mind, start thinking straight again before she made any more stupid mistakes, and a few explosive orgasms might do the trick. Though she should probably introduce herself first. "I'm Trisha," she said, extending her hand. "Pleased to meet you." The hitchhiker's large hand practically engulfed her own, and his grip was firm. "And you are...?" "Huh?" "Your name?" "Oh, that," he said, releasing her hand. "I've always liked...Bob." Crap. He was a weirdo. Just her luck. "So where are you headed, Bob?" she asked. "Oh, anywhere. Hey, Trisha, can I ask you a question?" "Sure." "Remember that one time you asked me if I was a psycho killer, and I said something like 'Not tonight' when I got into your car?" "What about it?" "That was a lie. I've killed eight people. You get to be number nine." Trisha managed a chuckle. "Yeah, right." He grinned, though the intensity in his eyes didn't vanish. "Okay, you got me. My name's Howard. I sell construction supplies, I've got a wife and three kids, and I can't even see fake blood on TV without puking." "Well, that's a relief." "I have a warped sense of humor. Sorry." "I noticed." Trisha kept her voice calm. If this lunatic tried anything, she was ready. "Any special reason you don't have a wedding ring?" Howard scratched at his ring finger. "They itch." "What, you're allergic to gold?" "Maybe. Actually, my wife and I have an understanding, if you know what I mean." "I don't."

"We don't wear wedding rings, and we don't behave like we're married when we're apart." "So you're saying that you cheat on her." "It's not cheating if you have permission. Are you married?" "No." "Boyfriend?" "Not anymore." "That's too bad." They drove in silence for about a minute before Howard spoke again. "Hey, Trisha, can I ask you another question?" "Yeah." "Remember what I said before? You know, the part about selling construction supplies and having a family and puking and all that? Well, my name isn't Howard. And I'm going to take the knife in my inside jacket pocket and slit your throat from ear to ear. Then I'm going to dump your body alongside the road and leave it for the bugs. How does that sound?" Trisha slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to a quick stop. "Okay, get out," she demanded. "Why?" The hitchhiker seemed genuinely confused. "I mean it, get out!" The hitchhiker slowly began to raise his hand toward his jacket. "I'm reaching for my knife now," he said. "Goddamnit, get out of my car!" The hitchhiker's hand made it inside the jacket. He didn't take his eyes off Trisha. "My hand is touching the blade...or is it? I could be lying. I could just be reaching for a pen. But what if I'm not?" Trisha desperately tugged on the door handle, but it wouldn't open. It's locked, you idiot. Just pull the lock up and get the hell out of here. Oh, Christ, it's happening, you're panicking again... The hitchhiker very slowly pulled something out. A pen. "Will you look at that?" he asked, voice filled with amazement. "I must've left my killing knife in the other jacket. Oh well. You can drive now." "Get the hell out of my car!" Trisha was almost screaming. "I mean it!" "Aw, c'mon, I was just messing around! How am I gonna hurt you with a stupid pen?" Without warning he lurched forward, plunging the pen deep into her throat. Trisha clutched at it, gurgling, as the hitchhiker calmly exited the car and walked around the front. He opened the door, pulled Trisha's dying body out, and dragged her into the ditch. He stood there for a few moments, watching her die. It was beautiful. But then, it always was. He got back inside the car, floored the gas pedal, and drove off. *** Not even ten miles later, Trisha's piece of shit car got a flat tire. Roderick Garren cursed, slowed the vehicle, and pulled over to the side of the road.

He exited, taking the keys with him, and walked around to the back. The right rear tire had a huge gash in it--probably ran over a bottle or something. Hopefully Trisha kept a spare in her trunk. He found the key for the trunk, inserted it, and then hesitated. Had he heard something? Nah. He listened carefully. Footsteps? He waited. Nothing. He threw open the trunk. Inside was a girl, college-age, tied up, gagged, and badly beaten.

- CHAPTER ONE "There's a rest area two miles ahead. We could stop there for a Coke and a quickie." "Nope." "Just the quickie, then." Genevieve Fain smiled at her dear, horny husband of six years and shook her head. "You know the rules." "The rules are evil," said Eric. "We shouldn't be advocating evil. In fact, we should strike a blow against all that is evil in the world by pulling over at that rest stop for a quick fuck." "It's not gonna happen." "Oh, all right. Support evil if you must. I suppose I'll settle for a blow job." "No blow jobs." "Then take off your pants and let me go down on you. Eight licks...no, nine licks and I'll be able to make it through the rest of the drive." Genevieve patted his thigh. "You're so cute when you're desperate." "You know darn well that Dave and Missy aren't following the rules. They're probably in a rest area right now, sixty-nining in the back of their car." "You're right," Genevieve agreed. "She's probably running her moist sensuous tongue over his hard cock at this very moment, filling his entire body with pure ecstasy. Too bad we follow the rules." The rule being debated was "no sex for three days before their weekends at the cabin." Though it hadn't been her idea, Genevieve thought it was a good rule, because the anticipation was almost as enjoyable as the act, and the games were so much more fun when everybody was dying for release. On the first Friday of every month, she and Eric made the two-hour drive to their cabin to meet their friends Melissa and David Masters for a weekend of sex games. They'd been doing it for the past seven months, and even though she and Eric shared a more than satisfactory sex life, she had to admit that she started looking forward to these weekends approximately forty-seven seconds after the previous one ended. She and Eric were not what she would call active swingers...well, at least not before the weekend games began. In their first year of marriage, Genevieve's old college roommate Julie had stayed with them for a couple of days. Julie's blatant attraction to Eric, combined with a large quantity of alcohol, combined with their fond memory of sharing Julie's incredibly hot one night stand during their junior year (neither of them even remembered his name), led to a very special birthday present for Eric, even though his birthday had been three months away. He'd reciprocated two years later, bringing home a buddy from work who was transferring from the Florida office to California. Genevieve had given her delighted permission the night before but hadn't really expected Eric to follow through, so she was quite pleased when the men dragged the mattress out of the bedroom into the center of the living room floor and proceeded to fuck her senseless. She and Eric had behaved themselves until seven months ago, when they'd invited Melissa and David to their cabin for what was meant to be a perfectly standard weekend visit. Some fishing. Some marshmallow roasting. Maybe a game or two of cards. But they'd caught

no fish, Eric had nearly incinerated himself due to his non-traditional marshmallow-roasting technique, and nobody had remembered to bring the cards. So they'd had a nice long conversation by the campfire, which gradually got more and more filthy as the night progressed. They'd retired to their separate bedrooms around one in the morning, and before long Genevieve and Eric found themselves lying in each other's arms listening to Melissa and David having animalistic sex through the thin cabin walls. Melissa was clearly making no attempt to stifle her loud moans, so Genevieve had taken that as a challenge. She'd gotten onto her hands and knees and howled as Eric took her from behind. The sexual noise competition got louder and louder until finally Eric came and they collapsed on the bed, laughing hysterically. The next evening the two couples had sex in the same room, and then in the same bed. While there was no official "everybody switch partners" call, it wasn't long before touching progressed to licking and/or sucking and then to actual intercourse. Eric and David had tried to get a girl-girl sex show out of it, but when she and Melissa had demanded that the men reciprocate, the idea was quickly dropped, never to be spoken of again. Nevertheless, everybody involved considered it a weekend well spent, and it became a monthly event. Rather than just meeting for a standard-issue orgy, each weekend one of the four was responsible for planning out a series of sex games. This time it was Genevieve's turn, and she was convinced that this would be the most elaborate, most enjoyable weekend yet. She'd even taken a day off work and driven over yesterday to set everything up. David had been responsible for the prior month, and though it was certainly a memorable weekend, he'd been somewhat lacking in creativity. Basically, the "game" had been that each of them would sit out of a bedroom session, giving each man the chance to have both women to himself, and each woman the chance to have both men. She had a feeling that the "random" drawing had been fixed, since Eric was the first to sit out, giving David his two-woman adventure when everybody had their full energy reserves, but it was still a pleasurable experience. "So you aren't going to give me any hints to what you've planned?" Eric asked. "Nope." "But if you did, we could cheat. You know that David cheated last time. I think that we should cheat together and beat them." "What makes you think we're playing as a team?" "We're not?" "I'm not telling." "Please?" "No." "I'll let you have sex with me," Eric offered. "No." "You realize that I'm being annoying on purpose, right?" "Whatever you say, darling." Eric always got ridiculously giddy before one of the weekends, like a teenage virgin about to score for the first time. Of course, he was anything but a virgin. Though he had goofy-guy-next-door looks (he was more of a Tom Hanks than a Tom Cruise) and was perfectly average in terms of height and build, he simply radiated confidence and inner security, even

when he was acting like a doofus. He had no problem talking to anybody, least of all women, and had racked up many, many notches on his college dorm and bachelor pad bedposts. It helped that he had a big cock...and knew how to use it. Simply put, the man could fuck. And though she had a couple of surefire techniques for making him come almost immediately (he simply couldn't withstand Genevieve putting her tongue in his ear while he was thrusting into her), he had more control than any of her previous lovers. So even though he was being immature and purposely annoying, she would have loved to pull over in the rest area for some quick but vigorous sex. But she didn't want to spoil the weekend, and rules were rules. *** Forty-five minutes later, just after eight o'clock, they pulled off the paved road onto the unmarked two-mile-long dirt road that led to the cabin. They had to take it slow; the road was so bumpy that going more than ten miles per hour was a sure way to cause serious damage to the shocks. Finally they parked in front of the cabin. Eric's parents had given the cabin and the land surrounding it to them as a wedding present, and Genevieve's first reaction upon seeing it had been "That's not a cabin, that's a house!" She still felt that way. The cabin had two bedrooms, each with a queen-size bed. It had air conditioning. It had a kitchen with a refrigerator, electric oven, and microwave. It had a spacious loft. In fact, she'd barely been able to talk Eric out of adding a computer and Internet connection. "So what's the difference between this and a small house?" she'd asked. "If it were a house, it would be painted," Eric had explained. They carried their suitcases inside. Michele and David weren't here yet, since they had further to drive and Genevieve had ordered them not to arrive until nine o'clock to ensure that they wouldn't poke around and prematurely discover any of her secrets. Though it was not a waterside cabin, there was a trail through the woods that led to a small pond just half a mile away. Occasionally the pond would be occupied by somebody doing some fishing, since you could reach it from another miserably bumpy dirt road, but it was usually vacant, as was the cabin on the other side of the pond. They had plenty of privacy. "I'll put the stuff away," said Genevieve, setting her suitcase on the bed. "You're not allowed to look in the dresser." "What am I allowed to do?" "You're allowed to sit on the comfy recliner and read anything you want," Genevieve told him, knowing deep within her soul that the true definition of a "cabin" excluded the presence of comfy recliners. "Sounds good to me." Eric opened his suitcase and removed his Palm Pilot, which he was using to read some bizarre horror novel about incompetent graverobbers, and then walked happily into the living room. Actually, there was nothing in the dresser drawers except for a note reading "I told you not to look in the dresser, asshole," but she didn't want him to guess what was in store. He wouldn't be disappointed. It was a game of riddles, hidden clues, puzzles, and most importantly, exquisite rewards. They were all going to have an absolute blast.

- CHAPTER TWO Roderick was not a man who was easily surprised. Once he'd been strangling a pretty young thing only to have her suddenly pull a gun on him. He'd taken the weapon away from her without even flinching and had been cool enough to say "Gee, I thought women could never find anything in their purses when they needed it." Well, he'd thought it, anyway. And, oh, she'd paid dearly for that little trick. Being strangled certainly wasn't a pleasant way to go, but at least it was reasonably quick. Roderick had a large collection of tools that were not designed for speed, and he'd gotten full use out of them that evening...and the next morning. He didn't usually let himself indulge like that, but the poor girl had brought it on herself. Naturally, a hobby like this presented challenges. He had to keep moving, preferably never killing twice in the same state. He also had to alter his methods, not give the police any kind of pattern to follow. Oh, sure, they'd find him sooner or later, but that was fine. He was ready. He also had to be reactive and in control at all times. He didn't have to do that obsessive planning crap (no weeks of stalking potential victims for this killer), but he did have to be ready for unexpected developments like the gun, or the unfortunate fiancé who came home at the wrong moment and never got the opportunity to shove wedding cake into his bride's face. So there was very little that could completely shock him. The unconscious girl in the trunk did. Sure, the lady driving had seemed a bit freaked, but she didn't look like the psychokidnapper type. Roderick just stood there for a long moment, staring at the girl. When her eyes opened, he jumped. Okay, knock that shit off, he told himself. For God's sake, he'd killed plenty of people, and yet a tied-up girl in a trunk was making him nervous. Her eyes widened as she saw him standing above her, and her expression became pleading. He reached out and tried to remove the gag, but it had been tied so tightly that he had to cut it off with the knife he kept in his inside jacket pocket next to the pen. "Thank you," she said, her voice barely a whisper. "Oh, thank you so much..." "You don't need to worry," said Roderick, resisting the urge to laugh at his own phony gentle tone. "She won't hurt you again. Not ever." "Where is she?" "She's gone. I promise you. You're safe now." The girl closed her eyes and began to weep with relief. She looked about twenty. Brunette. Thin. Pretty, except for the bruises. Roderick wished that she would shut up. He enjoyed watching women cry, but not when they were happy tears. "There, there," he said, softly. "No need to cry. I won't let anything happen to you, ever again. The police are on their way." "Could you..." she trailed off and coughed a few times. "Could you untie me?" "Oh, of course. Look at me, just standing here jabbering away when you must be so uncomfortable." He reached over to where her arms were tied behind her back and pretended to mess with the knots. She had some very cute rope burns. They'd probably leave scars. "So what's your name?"

"Karen." "Karen. That's a lovely name. I'm Thomas. So, Karen, how did this happen?" "It wasn't my fault," Karen insisted. "Well, nobody deserves something like this, no matter what they did." "I didn't do anything. She only thought I did." "What did she think you did?" "She thought I slept with her boyfriend." "Did you?" "No!" "Wow, this knot is really on here tight. This might take a while." "Can't you just cut it?" "I'm worried that I might accidentally cut you. I can be kind of a klutz sometimes, I'm ashamed to admit." "It's okay, I trust you." "Do you?" "Yes." "Why?" She looked at him quizzically. "What do you mean?" "Nothing. I'm just talking silly. I do that sometimes. I'll be standing around talking and somebody will come out and say 'Hey, Michael, you're talking silly.' So if I start that, you just let me know, okay?" "I thought you said your name was Thomas." "No, I didn't. I said my name was Robert." She stared at him as if unsure what to think. "Hey, Karen, do you like irony?" "What?" "Irony. It's a word meaning...well, it's kind of hard to define, actually. But, for example, let's say that you'd just gotten beat up by some lady named Trisha who thought you were getting boinked by her boyfriend. She tied you up and threw you in her trunk, and then some guy named Herbert came along and stabbed her with a pen, and when he found you in the trunk he pretended like he was a nice guy who was going to save you. Following this? Anyway, the twist was that he actually intended to shut the trunk, take you someplace isolated, and slowly torture you to death in a manner much worse than whatever Trisha had planned for you. Would you enjoy that irony?" "I don't...I'm not..." "Welcome to the world of irony. I'll see you later, when we're someplace isolated." Roderick slammed the trunk closed. Her expression had been absolutely priceless. He'd definitely be recalling that perplexed-yet-terrified look on a regular basis. Then he remembered that the whole reason for opening the damn trunk in the first place was to get the spare tire. He sheepishly unlocked the trunk and opened the lid again. "Sorry," he said. "You know, I'd forget my head if it weren't stapled on." There were a couple of dirty rags in the trunk, so he used one to gag Karen again. Then he picked her up in his arms and lifted her out of the trunk, gently placing her on the ground. She started to squirm away, as if she thought she was somehow going to escape from him by rolling down the road.

Fortunately, there was a spare tire tucked away under a hidden panel. Automobile manufacturers were so efficient these days. He got it out, listening carefully for the sound of approaching cars. He was in a pretty dangerous situation right now, but hell, that was part of the fun. He took out the tire iron and jack, then gently placed Karen back into the trunk and shut the lid again. He knocked on the trunk a few times for no particular reason before he put the jack in place and began to raise the automobile. What a wonderful present. It wasn't often that somebody interested in the art of murder was presented with a gift-wrapped victim like this. If he wasted this opportunity, he'd be the stupidest serial killer in history...and history had seen more than a few dullards in that area. Before long he'd changed the tire and dumped the shredded one about a hundred feet into the woods. Yeah, yeah, he knew that he should hide the tire better and probably should have buried Trisha in a shallow grave instead of leaving her back there to be found by the cops, but that was a lot of boring work. Killers got caught when they stuck around the same place for too long. Drifters didn't get busted unless they were featured on America's Most Wanted. He got back in the car and started the engine. He was going to find himself and his new friend a nice secluded area, get out his tools, and have one hell of a fun party.

- CHAPTER THREE As they heard the truck pull into the driveway, Genevieve and Eric stepped out of the cabin to greet their guests. "Hey, could either of you direct me to the nearest orgy?" asked David, getting out of the driver's side. "Three cabins down," said Eric, pointing toward the woods. "Just follow the squishy sounds." Melissa got out of the truck, and the four of them exchanged handshakes and hugs. Genevieve always thought this part was a little bit weird. She'd fucked David on several occasions and would definitely be fucking him tonight, but their first greeting was always a casual, almost formal, and even slightly uncomfortable hug. Their whole reason for showing up was for everybody to get laid, so in theory, he should at least be grabbing her ass. She gave Melissa a tight hug. As usual, she reflected upon the fact that she and Melissa complemented each other nicely, at least from the point of view of a lucky guy looking to score with two women at once. Genevieve was tall, thin, and had straight blonde hair, while Melissa was short, voluptuous, and a striking brunette with curls that hung down to her shoulders. The men also got two varieties of asses to select from: her own petite one, and Melissa's booty. And their pussies were...well, she couldn't re-confirm that little detail quite yet. Eric and David were not quite as diverse. They both had short brown hair and were both tall, though David at six-one was an inch taller. David had apparently won the facial hair argument that had been in its infancy last month and now wore a mustache and goatee. Genevieve had taken Melissa's side in the argument as a show of female solidarity, but now she had to admit that it suited him extremely well. Actually, with his wire-framed glasses, he now looked like a college professor. David had a leaner physique than Eric, although both men were in wonderful shape. Genevieve was a bit surprised to see David in black jeans and a t-shirt, since he usually wore slacks and a dress shirt, at least until he got naked. Maybe Melissa had convinced him to go the casual route like everybody else. "So, what do you have planned for us this weekend?" asked Melissa in her usual bubbly tone while David went to retrieve their suitcase from the back of the truck. "Strip chess." "Really?" "No." "She's not revealing any secrets," Eric said. "She's also not violating the three-day rule." "What three-day rule?" asked Melissa. "No sex for three days before these weekends." "Is that a rule?" "It was your rule." Melissa considered that for a moment. "Oh, yeah, I guess you're right. Well, we more or less stuck to it." Eric shot Genevieve a grim "I told you so" look while the four of them walked into the cabin. David dumped the suitcase off in their bedroom, and then everybody gathered in the

living room. Melissa snuggled next to David on the love seat while Genevieve joined Eric on the couch. They sipped drinks (beer for the men and wine coolers for the women, though Genevieve knew that Eric secretly wanted one of the wine coolers instead) and chatted about various nonsexual topics. David had received a promotion at the insurance agency where he worked, which was great from a financial standpoint but lousy from the standpoint that he now had to work directly with an individual whose body odor was "foul, foul, foul in ways that I can't even begin to describe." Melissa was a second grade teacher and enthusiastically shared the further adventures of her students. The moral of this episode was that despite the non-toxic status of paste, consuming it is generally a poor idea. David checked his watch, which caused everybody else to check their own watch. "Three after ten," he announced, stroking his goatee with the non-watch-wearing hand. "Is it time to begin?" "You look like a supervillain when you stroke your goatee that way," Melissa noted. David stroked it some more. "I do not." Melissa turned to Genevieve and gave her a questioning look. "Doesn't he? Doesn't he look like he's hatching some dastardly scheme?" "Oh, well, of course I'm hatching a dastardly scheme," said David. "I do that all the time. I just don't think I look like a supervillain." "You do. You look like you're about to send a hero to his overly elaborate doom." Melissa winked at Genevieve. David shrugged. "Eric, you like the goatee, right?" "Yeah, it looks good on you. Very stately." "Gigi, what do you think?" Genevieve smiled. "I think it sprouts from your face very well." "See?" David asked, looking at Melissa. "Three votes in favor of the goatee." "I'm not entirely certain that 'I think it sprouts from your face very well' counts as a favorable vote." "It's better than 'What the fuck is that thing on your face?'" "That doesn't mean it's favorable." "Okay, it is definitely time to start the festivities," Genevieve announced. Everybody else sat up and gave her their full attention. "The games this weekend are a competition, the men versus the women, except that the men are facing most of the challenges. It's also the men against each other. Sort of." She stood up and walked to the center of the room. "The first part of the game is divided into rounds. Each round, these lovely men will be asked to solve an individual riddle, and they only have two minutes to do so. If one answer is correct, whoever got it right will be rewarded by both women in a method of the women's choosing. If both answers are correct, the men will be allowed to reward the women in a method of the women's choosing. If both answers are incorrect, the men will report to the loft for ten minutes." "What's in the loft?" asked Eric. "It's a secret. You won't like it." "If I'd known these were mental challenges, I would've skipped the beer," said David. "Are the rules clear?" asked Genevieve. "Perfectly," said Eric. David nodded in agreement. "Do you need to do some brain push-ups before we begin?"

"I think I'm okay," said Eric. David shook his head in disagreement. "Missy, grab the egg timer from the kitchen," said Genevieve. "I'll get the riddles." Genevieve went into her bedroom, lifted the corner of the mattress, and took out a small stack of index cards that she'd hidden there yesterday. She returned to the living room as Melissa sat down with the egg timer in her hand. "The first riddle is for you, Eric. 'Though you can't swim in this pool, watch out for sharks.' Two minutes. Go." Melissa started the egg timer, as Eric furrowed his brow. "Can you read that again?" Genevieve read it again. "Oh, I think I know," said David. "Then tell me!" "Sharing answers is cause for an immediate detour to the loft," Genevieve explained. "Shit," said Eric. "Can't swim in the pool, watch out for sharks...can't swim in the pool, watch out for sharks..." he repeated under his breath. "Thirty seconds left," Melissa announced. "Swim...pool...sharks...pool sharks! It's a pool table, a billiard table!" "Correct!" said Genevieve. "Congratulations!" "I rule," Eric said. "David, this one is yours. 'Scoop the goop, cut the eyes, mouth and nose, give a prize.'" "Say the hell what?" asked Eric. "Shhhh. It's not your riddle." "It's a jack-o-lantern," said David. "Correct!" said Melissa. She'd thought that one would be more difficult. "I don't get it," said Eric. "What's not to get?" asked David. "You scoop out the orange gook, cut out the face, and give out trick-or-treats." "Yeah, but I've never heard of it being called a prize." "Well, it's a riddle. It can be obscure." "I don't see how you got jack-o-lantern out of that without some help. Maybe if she'd said 'Scoop the orange goop' I could understand it, but--" "No arguing or you're off to the loft," said Melissa. "You know," said Eric to David, "the loft is probably the best part of the whole weekend and they're just trying to fake us out." "Dearest husband, believe me when I say that you are very wrong," said Genevieve. "So...it looks like it's reward time."

- CHAPTER FOUR Genevieve gestured for Melissa to stand up. "Okay, it's the men rewarding the women since you were both correct. So each of you gentlemen must now rise, approach your spouse, and give her a nice, sweet kiss." Eric and David stood up. As David approached Melissa, Eric walked over to Genevieve and put his arms around her. "Did you write the 'Scoop the goop' one yourself?" he asked. "I wrote it all myself." "I didn't know you were so creative." "Just wait." He grinned, then leaned in and gave her a tender kiss on the lips. She responded, running her tongue lightly over his upper lip, and after a few seconds gently pushed him away. Melissa broke her kiss with David, and he removed his hands from her ass. "All right, gentlemen and lady, have a seat and we'll begin round two." Eric very nearly ran out of time on the next riddle, but guessed the correct answer ("a push-pin") with seven seconds remaining. David looked flabbergasted when she read his riddle and began to shout out United States capitals as quickly as he could, running out of time after an impressive but incorrect display of state capital knowledge. "You were on the wrong track," Genevieve explained. "The answer is 'a capital W.'" David stared at her for a long moment. "I don't get it." "A capital W most resembles vampire fangs." "Huh?" Genevieve drew a capital W in the air with her index finger. "See? Vampire fangs." "Yeah...but...huh?" "Wouldn't a vampire's fangs be on opposite sides of his mouth?" asked Eric. "And what about people who do capital W's with rounded bottoms? I think I need to protest this one," said David. "No protests are allowed." "Yeah, but, no offense, Gigi, but that was one stupid riddle." "Tough titties." David threw up his hands in mock surrender. "All right, I'll defer to the game's cruel and heartless creator. I guess I'm off to the loft." Genevieve shook her head. "The loft is only if both of you get it wrong. Eric got his right, so he gets a reward." "Ooh! Ooh! What do I win? What do I win?" asked Eric. "You win a through-the-pants crotch kiss from Missy and I." "Bitchin'!" Eric shook his head sadly at David. "Sorry, dude. I feel for you." "Bullshit." "Hell yeah, bullshit," said Eric, standing up. "C'mon, bring on the through-the-pants crotch kisses!" Genevieve and Melissa slowly approached him and then simultaneously got down on their knees. Genevieve nodded for Melissa to go first, so the shorter woman pushed her hair out of her eyes and began to kiss a path up the rapidly expanding bulge in Eric's pants.

"You bastard," said David. "Me bastard," Eric agreed. Melissa moved out of the way, and Genevieve scooted in to kiss her own path up his crotch, pressing her lips tightly against the denim. After she reached the top of the bulge (he was wearing his penis "up" this evening), she pulled away, gave him a quick squeeze as a bonus as she stood up, and returned to her authoritative spot on the floor. The men both correctly answered their next riddles and so were given the privilege of rewarding the women. It was another kiss, this time with the partners switched. As David's lips closed over hers, Genevieve felt that usual rush...90% excitement, 10% guilt. Maybe closer to 11% guilt. Oddly enough, she didn't feel it when they were having sex, but whenever they kissed she felt somewhat uncomfortable. It was worth it, though. David was one hell of a kisser. And Melissa and Eric certainly enjoyed kissing (her tongue was slipping into his mouth at this very moment), so it was no big deal...just a weird little feeling in her stomach. Both women had their asses grabbed. The next round began. "Knock-knock," said Genevieve. "Uh, who's there?" asked Eric. "Lizard." "Lizard who?" "Finish the joke. You have thirty seconds." Eric only had to think for ten. "Liz 'eard that Dave was pissed about the vampire riddle." "I think that works," said Genevieve. She looked over at Melissa. "Judge?" "Yep." "Dave: Knock-knock." "Who's there?" "Cattle." "Cattle who?" "Finish it." "That cat'll be three hundred pounds by next year if it keeps eating so many mice." "I'm afraid I'm going to have to give that one thumbs-down," said Genevieve. "You aren't allowed to start it with 'That'." "Why not?" "You just aren't." "Who says?" "That's the way knock-knock jokes work! Missy, what do you think?" "Actually, I'd probably give him the point," Melissa admitted. "Ooooooh, disagreement amongst the judges!" said Eric. "Catfight!" David shouted. "There'll be no catfight unless you earn it," Genevieve announced. "I'll give Dave the point since he got screwed over on the W question, which gives us ladies another reward." This time the reward was sixty seconds' worth of gentle stroking of the breasts, which the men did not seem to mind doing. Eric ran his thumbs over Genevieve's nipples through her tshirt and traced a circle around them, making her quiver just a bit. She considered amending the reward to include some mouth action on the nipples, but didn't want the others to think she was just changing the rules as she went along.

David had much more to work with and focused most of his attention on the undersides of Melissa's large breasts. Melissa had forgotten to set the egg timer, so the breast play went on for nearly two minutes before Genevieve reluctantly pointed out the error. David then embarked upon a three-round winning streak that got him a through-the-pants crotch kiss to match Eric's, followed by a pair of tongues moving around his hairy chest. He liked having his nipples licked almost as much as a woman did, so Genevieve focused her attention there while Melissa licked around his belly button, causing him to twitch with ticklish laughter. This gave him a semi-erection that didn't disappear during the next riddle and his third personal reward. Genevieve unzipped his pants, lowered them slightly, and took out his penis. It was a beautiful cock, longer than Eric's but slightly thinner. Genevieve kissed the head, and then she and Melissa slowly ran their tongues along the shaft, one tongue on each side. David let out a loud, extended moan, mostly for Eric's benefit. With the reward over, David tucked himself back into his pants as well as he could manage and returned to his seat. "Eric, this one is yours. What is Dave's middle name?" "Say what?" "You heard me." Eric shrugged. "You can skip the two minutes, 'cause I don't have the slightest idea." "Okay," said Genevieve. "Dave, what is Eric's middle name?" "Why would I know that?" "Because knowledge is power." "Okay, how about Edward? James. John. Jeremy. Alan. Alexander. David. Hugo. Hank. Henry. Ah...Tybalt." David continued rapidly saying names until the egg timer dinged. "It's Matthew," said Eric. "That was going to be one of my next eighty guesses." "My, my, my," said Genevieve, putting her hands on her hips. "We seem to have a bit of a problem here." "Well, fudge," David said. "I hate to say this, gentlemen, but you've just bought yourselves a date with the loft."

- CHAPTER FIVE All was right in the world. Roderick stared at the large pond and smiled. He'd been driving around looking for a nice private spot, had pulled off onto a crappy dirt road, and had come upon this glorious pond. Now he had a girl tied up in his trunk and a beautiful view to enjoy while he tortured her to death, not to mention a handy place to dispose of the car after he was done. The car had certainly been convenient, but he obviously couldn't keep it around for much longer. And besides, he was a hitchhiker at heart. Just his thumb, the open road, and whatever excitement happened to come along. He stared at the pond for a while longer. Nature at its finest. The perfect spot to get down to business...except for that old fucker fishing. Roderick walked down to the shore. The old man, he had to be at least 150, was kneehigh in the water, wearing waders. He reeled in the line, checked to see if his bait was still there, and then cast it back out. "Any luck?" asked Roderick. The old man shook his head and laughed. "None at all. You'd think I'd be smart enough to give it up by now." "How long've you been out here?" "Since dusk. The fish bite better after dark. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself." "It could happen. So, are you all alone out here?" "Yeah. My wife passed away about fifteen years ago, and she was the one with all of the hobbies. Me, I just liked to fish. Sheila could never understand how I could enjoy fishing so much when I don't particularly care for fish dinners, but that's women for you." "You know it," said Roderick, nodding. "What I actually meant is, are you the only one around this area? Are there other campers?" "Nah. This pond is sort of a hidden treasure around here. There are a couple of cabins around the area, but I don't think they're used very often." "That's a shame." "Yeah, well, these days, people don't exactly feel like living in a cabin out in the woods." "You'd think they'd enjoy the privacy," said Roderick. "So how long are you planning to fish?" "Oh, I don't know. I'd like to say that I was gonna fish until I caught something, but that might never happen. I figure I've got a couple more hours in me. If you'd like to join me, I'd be more than happy to have some company." "Definitely a tempting offer, but I left my fishing pole at home," Roderick said, reaching into his inside jacket pocket. "Well, to be completely honest, standing out here without a fishing pole is about as worthwhile as standing out here with one. If you were looking for a way to pass some time, I do know how to carry on a conversation, or so I'm told." "Maybe I will join you out there," said Roderick. "It looks pretty peaceful. What're you using for bait?" "Nightcrawlers." "Is that so?" asked Roderick, taking a step into the water. "I know a better bait."

"What's that?" Suddenly the old man gasped and began to tug on his fishing pole. "I've got one! And it's a big son of a bitch!" Roderick watched for a couple of minutes as the old man fought the fish. Finally he lifted it out of the water, revealing a twelve-inch...well, some kind of fish. Roderick didn't know one fish from another and didn't particularly care to learn. "I'll be damned," said the old man, proudly, as he fumbled to get the fish into his small net. "You must be my good luck charm." "Yeah, I bring good luck for a lot of people." The old man managed to get the fish into the net, and then he waded for shore. Once there, he set down the pole, balanced the net on his knees, and removed the hook from the fish's mouth. Then he tossed it back into the pond. "Nice catch," said Roderick, feigning admiration. So he caught a fish. Big fucking deal. Try catching a human. "Maybe you should quit while you're ahead, huh?" "You've got that right," said the old man. "Of course, I could try to catch that same fish again, but, nah. Might as well go out in victory, don't you think?" "Yep." The old man gathered up his stuff, then extended his slimy hand for Roderick to shake. "Nice meeting you. The water's all yours." "Thanks. I think I'll just sit out here and relax." The old man shambled off. Time to start the party.

- CHAPTER SIX Genevieve Fain, you are one cruel bitch. She smiled as she climbed the ladder to the loft, followed closely by Eric. David would be coming right behind him, with Melissa taking up the rear to ensure that neither of the men made a break for it. She knew that she shouldn't enjoy what was going to happen next, especially since Eric and David were no doubt convinced that this was going to be a pleasurable type of punishment. It wasn't. She wasn't going to hurt them, obviously, but they definitely weren't going to want a repeat session. Which was part of the fun. Yes, the unanswered question of "will I get a sexual favor this round?" added to the tension and enjoyment, but for the game to reach its maximum potential the men couldn't just want to win; they had to really not want to lose. Or maybe she was just one cruel bitch. She reached the floor of the loft and stepped away from the ladder. Though at the moment she could only see what was illuminated by the light coming from below, there was a wicked little surprise waiting for the men when she was ready to turn on the light. When she and Eric got the cabin, the loft contained some very nice exercise equipment: a whole bench press set, a chin-up bar, and an exercise bike. The people who'd sold it to Eric's parents were no doubt more than willing to eat the cost of their equipment to avoid the hassle of getting it back downstairs. Although to be honest, Genevieve couldn't figure out how they'd ever gotten this stuff up here in the first place. Either they'd assembled the exercise bicycle piece-bypiece, or they'd suspended the exercise equipment from the ceiling and built the floor underneath it. She and Eric had never bothered to use it, since she felt that if you were on vacation out in the woods, you should get your exercise by hiking or fucking, not by doing pull-ups. They'd tried to have sex on the bench press set once, but it was extremely uncomfortable and Eric had whacked his head on one of the metal bars hard enough to knock him onto the floor. This weekend, however, she'd added some enhancements. The floor creaked as Eric reached the loft. After David and Melissa were up, Genevieve tugged the cord and turned on the light. Well, tugged on the cord, anyway. Nothing happened. "Aw, crap," she muttered. "Missy, keep these guys honest while I go downstairs and find another light bulb." "Is such a thing possible?" Melissa asked. Genevieve climbed back downstairs and walked over to the pantry. "Knock it off!" she shouted, as the giveaway sounds of the floor creaking indicated that the men were on the move. "Sorry," Eric called back. Genevieve opened the pantry door, hunted around for a moment, and found a two-pack of light bulbs. She removed one of them and headed back for the ladder. Then she spun around toward the living room window. Nothing outside. She wasn't even sure if she'd heard something.

She walked over to the window and peered outside. Though she couldn't see much in the dark, there certainly didn't seem to be anything out of place. No leering faces were pressed against the glass, anyway. Weird. She didn't usually get spooked like that. There was more creaking from upstairs, so she hurried back up the ladder to put a stop to it. It took her a moment to find the light socket again, but she unscrewed the old bulb, replaced it with the new, and pulled on the cord. The loft lit up, revealing the exercise equipment. But with the addition of handcuffs, leather straps, and good old-fashioned rope, it had been upgraded to bondage equipment. "Aren't those our handcuffs?" asked Eric. "They are," Genevieve confirmed. "Dave, pick a number between one and ten." "Five." "Eric, now you." "Five." "You can't pick the same number, dipshit," David informed him. "Just testing the rules. Six." "Okay," said Genevieve. "Missy, you lock Dave to the bench press set, and I'll lock Eric to the chin-up bar." Though Melissa was mostly unaware of this weekend's planned festivities, Genevieve had called her beforehand to discuss the bondage loft. The women worked efficiently, and it was only a matter of minutes before Eric's hands were over his head and cuffed to the chin-up bar, while his feet were cuffed to the posts supporting it. They were fur-lined handcuffs, so he wouldn't be too uncomfortable. A minute later, David was firmly locked onto the bench press set, lying on his back. "So, are you two gentlemen ready to be punished for not knowing each other's middle names?" asked Genevieve. "Ohhhhh, yeah," said Eric. "Good. We'll see you in ten minutes. An extra two minutes goes on the clock for every noise we hear. C'mon, Missy, let's go get something to drink." And with that, she and Melissa left. *** They sat in the living room, sipping their wine coolers. The loft was soundproof enough that they couldn't hear if the men were carrying on a conversation, but if Eric and David got too loud, they'd know it and take appropriate action. "This really is mean," said Melissa, not sounding one bit sorry. "Hey, a little sadism is good for the soul." "What about their souls?" "Well, a little torment is good for the male soul." Melissa smiled. "Agreed." "Anyway, we'll help them get over it." ***

Fourteen minutes later, Genevieve and Melissa climbed back up into the loft and released them. "You know," said Eric, rubbing his arm, "when I plan these games, we do fun stuff like play Monopoly and have dance contests." "But mine are more interesting, don't you think?" "Yes...but at what cost? At what cost?" "I for one am having a great time," said David, as Melissa tried to unfasten his straps but managed to get them completely tangled. Once the men were free, they all returned downstairs to the living room. "Believe it or not, that concludes the first phase of this month's weekend games," Genevieve announced. "As a reward for your participation, both men are welcome to lower their pants and receive some welldeserved mouth action." It was not difficult to convince Eric and David that they should lower their pants to receive the well-deserved mouth action. Genevieve knelt down in front of David and caressed his soft penis between her hands. Melissa knelt in front of Eric and did the same. David's cock began to warm and stiffen in her hands. Nipples hardened and vaginas moistened, but God, it had to be weird having a body part that made such a dramatic transformation on a regular basis. She kissed the head of it, then made sure to look over into Eric's eyes as Melissa took him into her mouth. His natural reaction when receiving oral sex was to close his eyes, but she'd explained how much it turned her on to see the look of ecstasy in his eyes when another woman pleasured him. She ran her tongue over David's rapidly increasing shaft, then down to his balls, licking the underside as she gently stroked his cock her with fingers. His knees buckled just a bit. This was one man who enjoyed having his balls licked. Genevieve smiled to herself as she ran her tongue over his scrotum. From a purely aesthetic point of view, a man's balls were one of the ugliest parts of his body. They were hairy and wrinkly and dangly, and yet she absolutely loved looking at them and tasting them. Why something so visually unappealing was such a turn-on was a complete mystery to her. She supposed that a pussy was a fairly hideous beast as well. Eric had now closed his eyes as Melissa slowly sucked on his penis. Genevieve knew a lot of women who felt that blowjobs were an obligation, not a delight, but she and Melissa had discussed the situation at length and agreed that a firm cock in their mouths was something to be treasured. She swirled her tongue over David's balls one last time and proceeded to suck on the head of his penis. David began to clench and unclench his fists as he sighed with pleasure. He wasn't completely erect yet, but he was getting mighty close, and Genevieve slid her mouth over his shaft. Eric let out a whimper, and she looked over to see that Melissa had taken his entire cock into her mouth. Melissa had tried to teach Genevieve the technique of deep throating, using Eric and David as extremely willing guinea pigs, but she'd never been able to manage it without gagging and spoiling the mood. Oh well. David certainly wasn't complaining about the attention he was receiving. Genevieve realized that, as much as she was loving this, and as much as the men were tolerating it, it was time to quit and move on to the next game. She slid her head back, gave David's penis a quick kiss, and then stood up. Melissa continued to suck on Eric for another few seconds and then stood up as well.

"In the second phase, the challenges are a bit more tricky," Genevieve warned. "However, the rewards are much more substantial." To demonstrate this, she pulled off her t-shirt and tossed it across the room. Melissa did the same. Then Genevieve reached behind her back, unfastened her bra straps, and let her accursed brassiere drop to the floor. Eric had seen her breasts many, many, many times, and David had viewed them on several occasions, but both men still stared as if seeing them for the very first time. Melissa removed her own bra, revealing large, firm, naturally perfect breasts. Genevieve's own B-cup breasts were more than adequate for her needs, but she always felt that tinge of jealousy when she saw Melissa's. They were simply sensational. If she were a man, and were what Eric called a "tit man" (Eric considered himself an "ass man"), she was sure that she'd be able to stare at Melissa's tits for hours on end. Eric, intelligent human being that he was, continued to look at Genevieve's breasts. There was a reason she'd married him. Genevieve went into the bedroom and retrieved the small cardboard box that was under the bed. "These aren't original puzzles," she admitted, returning to the living room. "But I think we'll have fun anyway. You'll be happy to know that we're not using the loft during this segment." "And joyous applause thundered throughout the cabin," said David, clapping his hands. Genevieve smiled. "Oh, I'm sorry. My mistake. We are using the loft. We wouldn't want to lose that healthy tension, now would we?" "Your wife is a cruel woman," David told Eric. "Your ass must be loaded with welts." Eric pretended to shift uncomfortably on his ass welts. "Here's how this part works," Genevieve explained. "The three of you will be given a series of identical puzzles. Whoever completes it first gets to draw from..." she gestured to an opaque blue-and-white flowerpot that was resting on the mantel, "...the Happy Jar, where he or she wins a sexual favor provided by the two members of the opposite sex." "Woo-hoo!" said Eric. "If all of you fail to complete the puzzle in the time limit, I get to draw from the jar." "So, what, is every time limit going to be .00001 of a second?" asked David. "That's an idea," Genevieve admitted. "Rest assured, these time limits are more than fair. Everybody got it?" "Where does the loft come into this?" Eric asked. "If anybody annoys me, they get sent to the loft," Genevieve explained. She took three Rubik's Cubes out of the box and handed one to each of them. "First person to complete one side of any color wins. You have three minutes. Go!" Eric, David, and Melissa began to frantically turn their cubes. Genevieve had originally wanted to only give them two minutes, but she didn't want to be accused of unfair play this early in the second phase. In one minute, twenty-seven seconds, Melissa proudly held up her cube, the yellow side completed. "Hers was easier," said David. "That's kind of an annoying comment," Genevieve warned, playfully waggling her finger at him. "Hers was easier due to her astounding skill at Rubik's Cubes," David amended.

Melissa stood up and thrust her hand into the flowerpot. She emerged with a folded index card, which she opened and read aloud. "For one minute, the bearer of this card is entitled to two mouths on whichever part or parts of the bearer's body that he or she desires." She tossed the card in the air. "Fuckin' A! One guy on each tit. Let's go, let's go, let's go!" Eric and David wasted no time in getting to their feet and joining Melissa and her breasts. Eric took the left nipple in his mouth while David focused on the right. The two men licked with grand enthusiasm as Genevieve watched, wishing that she'd set the time limit at one minute and twenty-six seconds and drawn that card. "Oh, fuck yeah," said Melissa, growling the words as well as they could be growled. Genevieve grinned. When Melissa really started to get into this stuff, she was not in the least bit shy about expressing it, and it was always fun and arousing to hear. "Fuck yeah!" Spurred on by her use of the phrase "fuck yeah," Eric and David began to lick more vigorously. David lapped at her breast as if it were a rapidly melting ice cream cone. Genevieve moved her hand involuntarily over her own breast as Eric began to suck Melissa's nipple. She let out a delighted squeal. Then the timer went off, and the men reluctantly pulled themselves away. Everybody returned to their seats. "Let's do the Rubik's Cube again," Melissa suggested. "Okay, fine," said Genevieve, quickly. "You have one minute and twenty-six seconds to finish a side. Go!" Melissa finished her blue side in fifty-three seconds, the wench. She pulled her index card out of the flowerpot and read it aloud. "For two minutes, the bearer of this card is entitled to view and lick the genitalia of two parties of his or her choice." She dropped the card on the floor with the first one. "Hmmmm...so many rock stars to choose from, but I'll go with proximity on this one. Dave and Eric, get your dicks over here." David and Eric stood up as Melissa sat back down on the love seat. "Forget that kneeling crap. I'm gonna be comfortable when I suck you guys. When does the timer start?" "When your tongue first touches cock," said Genevieve. "Gotcha. C'mon over here. Dick to the left and dick to the right." Eric and David positioned themselves on each side of Melissa and lowered their pants. Melissa took Eric's cock in her hand and David's cock in her mouth, sucking and stroking in a luxuriously slow manner, trading back and forth with each stroke. "Mmmmmmmmmm," she said happily in the middle of a trade. "I like these games, don't you?" "They sure work for me," said David. Melissa had just smacked her lips and slowly began sucking on Eric when the timer went off. "I vote for another round of Rubik's cube," she said. "The guys don't even have to move. They can stay right here." "Hell no," said Genevieve. "Everyone back in your places." She reached into the cardboard box and took out three small plastic squares. "Remember these games?" she asked, handing them out. "You have to get the four metal balls into the four holes in the corners. First person to do so wins. You've got three minutes. Go!"

- CHAPTER SEVEN "Victory!" David proclaimed, carefully holding up his puzzle. Genevieve walked over and confirmed that the four balls were indeed in the right spot. "Yep. You get to pick from the Happy Jar." "Of course he won," said Eric. "He's had plenty of practice putting his balls into holes." Genevieve, David, and Melissa turned to stare at him. "Say what?" asked David. "You know...balls in holes..." "That doesn't make any sense," said David. "Are you saying that I fuck with my testicles?" "No, I just...actually, you're right. It doesn't make any sense, now that I think about it," Eric admitted. "I just thought I'd throw something out there. Forget I said anything." "Maybe he meant that you have four balls," said Melissa. "Or that they're metal," Genevieve added. "What I really meant was that they're really, really tiny," said Eric, rattling his puzzle. "That's it. Of course Dave won, he has plenty of experience playing with tiny balls. That's what I said the first time; you all just misheard me." David walked over to the flowerpot, closed his eyes, and began to breath deeply. "Become one with the Happy Jar," he said. "Become one with the Happy Jar. Become one with the Happy Jar." He slowly reached inside, pulled out his index card, and opened it with exaggerated drama. "Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding me!" "What's it say?" asked Melissa. "It says that I have to give my reward to the other person of the same gender! What the hell?" "Ooooh, you got the bad card," said Genevieve. "So Eric completely botches the balls joke, and he gets the reward? I'm registering a formal protest, here and now." David began to look around the room. "Where are the comment cards?" "Ah, quit yer bitchin'," said Eric, heading for the jar. "I guess the Happy Jar got pissed off that you were trying to become one with it." "I hope you draw the castration card." Eric pulled out his card. "The bearer of this card is entitled to six solid hours of frantic intercourse with the gorgeous women in this room." He closed the card. "Gigi, that was so generous of you. Let's go!" "Read the right reward, sweetie." "It's the same card that Missy got. The genitalia one." "Sounds good to me," said Melissa, removing her shoes and socks, then standing up and unbuttoning her jeans. She slid them off, revealing her smooth, tanned legs and black lace panties. They were sexy panties, no question about it, although Genevieve had gone her one better. After getting rid of her shoes and socks, she took off her own jeans and exposed her silk, hot-pink, crotchless panties. "Damn," said David.

Genevieve moved her feet apart to give him an even better view of her smooth vagina. Completely smooth. Shaving had always been a pain in the ass (well, technically not the ass, but someplace in that vicinity), but it was a major turn-on to Eric. So, she'd gone the laser hairremoval route. She licked her index finger and slid it over the surface, loving the gleeful expressions this got from the men. After Genevieve had been given sufficient time to model her panties, Melissa removed her panties as well, exposing her thick but neatly trimmed patch of black pubic hair. The men had the best of both worlds in the pussy department. Completely naked, Melissa raised her arms in the air and turned around in a circle, showing off what she had to offer. Eric got down on his knees and beckoned for the women to join him. "This could have been yours, buddy," he said to David. "Fuuuuuuuuuck you, you lucky bastard," David responded. Genevieve joined Melissa next to Eric, one on each side of him, although their height difference meant that Melissa's crotch was about a foot lower. Eric reached around with both hands and cupped each of their buttocks, then looked back and forth between their pussies. "What a glorious world we live in," he said. He gazed at Melissa for a few seconds, then turned his head and ran the tip of his tongue between Genevieve's legs. She sighed happily. He darted his tongue around, lightly, then with more pressure began to lick, while Melissa ran her hand through his hair. Genevieve loved a wide variety of sexual acts, but she wasn't sure that anything could compare to some good oral sex from an enthusiastic partner. And both Eric and David were wonderfully enthusiastic in that area. Eric quickly alternated between licking and kissing her vagina as he kneaded her buttocks, gently probing his thumb between the cheeks just a little. She looked over at David, expecting him to raise a protest, but he was too engaged by what he was watching to be a smartass. Eric pulled away from her and turned to face Melissa. He knelt down and put his face between her legs. Genevieve could only see the back of his head, but Melissa's pleasured gasp made it plenty clear that he wasn't just there to enjoy the view. Melissa's nipples were stiff, and as Eric's head began to bob back and forth she placed her other hand on his head as well, running all ten of her fingers through his hair. Before too long, Eric returned his attention to Genevieve, licking her with additional vigor. His tongue slid up and down the entire length of her pussy, avoiding the clitoris, and his hand continued to work her ass. She exchanged a smile with Melissa as Eric licked once, twice, three more times, then went back to the other woman. "Time?" Genevieve asked David. "Fifty-eight seconds left." The remaining fifty-eight seconds were well spent. Eric went back and forth between Genevieve and Melissa three more times, licking with more energy each time he switched women. Melissa let out a disappointed whimper as the timer went off a mere two seconds after he'd gone back to her. Leaving her clothes off her body where they belonged, Genevieve took the next set of puzzles out of the box. This was a simple puzzle involving a hollow black box with no apparent way to open it. When she'd tried it in the store, she'd spent fifteen minutes messing around with it, trying ridiculous combinations like pushing on opposite sides while trying to slide off various panels, running her finger along the edges searching for hidden buttons, and anything else she

could think of, but the box wouldn't open. When she'd finally begged the shopkeeper for assistance, he'd demonstrated that all you had to do was hold it in the right spot and pull it apart into two halves. The box simply consisted of identical sets of three panels that slid together. She'd decided to give them five minutes to be fair, but David pulled his apart as soon as she said "Go." "You've done this before, haven't you?" she asked, a bit disappointed. "Indeed I have." He got up and thrust his hand into the flowerpot. "If I have to give this one to Eric, I'm gonna kick his ass." "Maybe that's the reward," Melissa suggested. "Oh, cool, I get a three-minute, four-handed foot rub," said David, holding up his card. He sat back down and removed his shoes and socks, while Genevieve reached into the box. "What kind of lotion do you want?" she asked. "Mint-scented or vanilla-scented?" "Mint." She took out the small tube and joined Melissa down by David's feet. They each squirted some lotion onto their hands and went to work, rubbing both hands against his feet while David expressed his gratitude with loud moans. Melissa won the next challenge by separating two metal spirals from each other. Her reward, a backrub. She also went with the mint lotion and stretched out facedown on the sofa while David and Eric gave her a massage. Melissa was obviously enjoying it so much that Genevieve secretly added another minute to the timer. A small violation of the rules wouldn't hurt anything. Eric won the next one, earning himself a thirty-second view of both women however he wanted it. Not surprisingly, Genevieve found herself and Melissa bending over the sofa, legs apart, their asses raised. She knew that for Eric, there was no sight more arousing than a woman's pussy seen from behind, and she wiggled her butt for his benefit. The final challenge involved rearranging the letters TOELAINJUICA into an actual word. Both Melissa and Eric came up with "EJACULATION" at the exact same time. "So now what?" asked Eric. "There's only one card left," Genevieve explained. "I guess you both get the reward." And so Eric lay, gasping for two minutes as Genevieve sucked his cock and Melissa licked his balls. Then Melissa lay on the floor, legs spread wide, while Eric went down on her and David sucked on her breasts. It looked so pleasurable that Genevieve was almost ready to throw out the whole game idea and just dive into the orgy, but there would be time for rampant sex very soon. The men would have to work for it, but the reward would be well worth the effort.

- CHAPTER EIGHT As the cabin door swung open, Roderick reflected upon his continued good fortune. There were two paths leading away from the pond, and he'd taken both of them to see what kind of neighbors he had. Privacy-loving ones, considering how damn many "No Trespassing!" signs were posted by each path, but Roderick was not a man who paid attention to signs. When the first cabin came into view, the first thing he saw was an awesome blonde in jeans and a t-shirt through the window. There were two vehicles in the driveway, so he'd decided to hang out and see who she was with. A few minutes later she came back into view with an equally awesome brunette whose t-shirt struggled to contain her tits. He'd watched them sit on the couch and drink wine coolers, hoping that they were lesbians and he'd get a great show, but they'd just sat there talking and after about five minutes he'd gotten bored and left. The second path led to a much smaller cabin, but this one was unoccupied, and the idiot who owned it had left the key hidden in some phony dog shit (although Roderick had poked at it with his toe to ensure that it was, in fact, phony). Inside, the cabin was dusty and uninteresting, but it would certainly provide a nice spot for him to get maximum enjoyment out of Karen. He'd returned to the car and opened the trunk. "You can't get away from me," he informed her, "so your best bet is to relax and not struggle. If you struggle, I'll drop you. I'll probably even kick you a few times. Then I'll pick you right back up, and you won't be any better off than you were before. Got it?" She nodded. "Good girl." He lifted her out of the trunk, closed the lid with his elbow, and began to walk toward the second path, holding her as if he was a newlywed husband carrying his bride across the threshold. This was actually one of the best parts. Though he'd taken precautions, somebody could come out of the woods and see them at any time. Maybe even one of the hopefully lesbian chicks. It was like making out with his girlfriend in her parents' home as a teenager...desperately praying that they wouldn't get caught, but getting off on the whole experience that much more because of the danger. As he reached the trail, Karen began to frantically move her chin in circles, her attempts to speak muffled through her thick gag. "What is it?" Roderick asked, glancing around. Nobody there. She continued to try to communicate. "Do you want me to take the gag off?" Roderick asked. Karen began to nod vigorously. "Tough shit." She continued to nod, giving him a pleading look. "What's the problem? You want to scream for help or something?" She shook her head. "Having trouble breathing?" She shook her head again, then tilted her head forward and made a weird noise. "You gonna puke?" Roderick asked. Karen quickly nodded.

Crap. Taking off her gag was a bad idea, no question about it, but he also didn't want her to choke on her own vomit. "If you scream, I'll kill you right here. Do you understand?" She nodded. "Promise?" She nodded once more. "Okay. I'll take the gag off." He set her down on the ground and untied the gag. As he pulled it away from her mouth, she turned her head and coughed a few times. Then she screamed. "Help me! Somebody please--" Roderick slammed his hand over her mouth. She tried to bite down on his palm, but a blow to the stomach took care of that urge really quick. "Why'd you do that?" he asked, his voice an angry whisper. "Are you stupid? Are you a fucking idiot, is that it? What, you think that helped you out? You think somebody's gonna come to your fucking rescue?" He yanked her head up by the hair, looped the gag around her, and let her head fall as he hurriedly retied the gag. Stupid bitch. He was going to make her pay for that one, no doubt about it. He punched her in the stomach again to ensure that she didn't feel the need to struggle, then picked her up and began to hurry down the path. Actually, she probably wasn't so stupid after all. She must've figured that it was better to have him break her neck or something than wait for whatever ghastly fate he had in store for her. Or maybe she'd figured that he'd just take off running, hoping not to get caught. Not very damn likely. She was quiet and didn't move during the jog to the cabin. Roderick carried her inside, went into the bedroom, and dropped her on the bed. "Don't worry. I'm gonna make sure you're secured nice and tight," he informed her. "But first, we have to discuss that little screaming trick. I warned you not to do it, but maybe just hearing the words wasn't enough to get it through your dumb brain. So maybe you need to see them." He took out his knife and showed her the blade. "I suspect that if the words are on your arm, you'll remember them. It's certainly worth a try."

- CHAPTER NINE David swirled his tongue around Missy's sensational breast, loving the feel and taste of her hard nipple. He looked down at Eric, his head between her legs, vigorously going down on her, and loved seeing that just as much. It was strange. By all standards of decency, the sight of one of his male friends licking his wife's pussy should have sent him hunting for the nearest shotgun. But instead, it made him horny. Really horny. Horny beyond belief. While they were dating, seven years ago, Missy had explained that monogamy was not in her genetic structure and that while she could pledge her heart to one person for the rest of her life, her body was a different story. If he wanted to continue dating, David would have to be willing to accept an open relationship. David had very nearly choked on his meatloaf. She might just as well have asked him if he'd be willing to accept front row center Super Bowl tickets until the end of time. Visions of endless sex danced before his eyes. This was the Holy Grail of relationships. Not that he'd needed another woman in the fourteen months before they got married. Missy had been such a sex maniac that he could barely keep up with her, although he had a great time giving it his best shot. They'd fucked in every conceivable position and in several locations that David had never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would find himself fucking. The opportunity to sleep with other women hadn't really come up, and David had pretty much forgotten about their agreement. Then, one night in their sixth month of marriage, Missy had called him to say that she and a guest speaker at school had hit it off really well and that she'd be joining him at his hotel. She'd be home by midnight. There were burritos in the freezer. David had pretended to sound perfectly okay with it on the phone, but after he hung up he found himself pacing angrily around the house in a jealous rage. How dare she cheat on him? Wasn't he good enough for her? Maybe he'd head out and find his own guest speaker to fuck, how would she feel about that? She'd come home just before midnight, her face lit up with the glow of a woman who had been extremely well laid. She'd given him a big kiss, but then she'd frowned. "This bugs you, doesn't it?" "No, no," he insisted, knowing that his lie was obvious. "I'm sorry, I would have given you more warning if I could, but it just sort of happened." "That's okay." She kissed him again. "Would you like to hear about it?" He didn't, not really, but it was clear from her expression that she was ready to burst with excitement. "Yeah, I would," he'd said, and she'd broken into a wide grin as she sat down on his lap. David had felt a bit queasy as she described meeting the guy, a cop who was there to lecture the children about not talking to strangers. They'd spoken for a while afterward in the teacher's lounge, then had lunch together. After she got off work, they had coffee. When she'd reached over and stroked his cock through his pants, he'd invited her to join him at his hotel. As she excitedly described the details of the evening, David found himself becoming aroused. After she and the cop had shared a long, hot shower, they'd turned on some pay-per-

view porn and she'd sat on his face. Missy squirmed on David's lap as she talked about this. By the time she'd reached the part of the story that involved being fucked doggy-style, David was asking questions. Was she watching the porn while she was getting fucked? Was she moaning loud? What was he doing with his hands during this time? The discussion was raw, nasty, and gave David a raging hard-on. Missy somehow lost her shirt as the tale of that evening's adventure continued, and David lost his pants. She stroked him while describing bucking and thrashing against the cop's seven-inch cock, and let David rub his penis between her breasts while she described the cop licking her pussy on the hotel room floor. "You know what would be fun?" David had asked after she finished the story. "What?" "A total re-enactment." "I'm pretty tired," Missy had admitted. "How about I fuck you right here and now, and we totally re-enact it tomorrow night?" David had agreed. He'd come so hard as she rode him on the couch that he was surprised it didn't catapult her onto the floor. The next evening they'd re-enacted her experience with the cop...in the same hotel room. They'd even watched the same porno. David had to admit that there was something very weird and very unnatural about having sex with one's wife in the same place and same way that she'd had sex with a stranger the night before, but what was even weirder and more unnatural was that it didn't bother him. Maybe it was the complete lack of traditional decency that made it so exciting, but David wasn't sure if he'd ever had a more fun sexual encounter. While they lay in each other's arms talking about it, he'd told her that the next time she wanted to fuck another guy, that she should consider making it a threesome. Several months later she'd taken him up on that offer...but she'd brought home a woman. They'd done a two-guy threesome shortly after that and had an animated discussion about the benefits and disadvantages of each variety. David preferred two women. Missy preferred two men. These revelations surprised neither party. They'd continued to have sex with other people. Sometimes they did it apart from each other, with the unwritten rule being that explicit disclosure was required afterward, but just as often they all shared a bed. Doing it with another couple was equally fantastic, and after a particularly enjoyable weekend experience with Eric and Gigi, they'd been more than happy to make it a regular occasion. They'd even remained monogamous with the other couple and exchanged their clean STD test paperwork so they could skip the condoms. The games hadn't been his idea. As far as David was concerned, they should step inside the cabin, discard their clothing, and get right down to it. But Missy loved the whole games idea, and David had to admit that it did make the actual sex more rewarding when he had to work to get to it. The timer went off, and Eric removed his mouth from Missy's pussy. "I can't wait to find out what's next," said Missy, rubbing her breast where David's mouth had been. "Oh, you'll like what's next," Gigi assured her. "That is, if the men earn it." "What do we have to do, solve the New York Times crossword puzzle in five minutes?" David asked. "Actually, no. You have a treasure hunt ahead of you. Get dressed. Shoes, too."

The women remained completely naked while the men got dressed, complaining goodnaturedly the entire time. Once they were fully clothed, Gigi handed each of them a flashlight and gave Eric a red card. "This card contains a clue to the location of the next card," she explained. "When you find that card, it will have a clue taking you to the next card, and so on. Each card is also accompanied by something you will find useful in later activities. When you find all ten cards and toys, you get to play with them and us for the rest of the evening. Sound good?" "What happens if we can't find one of them?" Eric asked. "Then I'll give you the answer. But I'm sure you can guess what the penalty for requiring this help is." David nodded. "That damn loft." "'That damn loft' is absolutely correct. Ten minutes in the loft each time you're forced to wuss out." "So, in theory," David began, thoughtfully, "we could just hang out in the loft for an hour and forty minutes and save ourselves some trouble." "If you wanted to be complete and total losers, yes, you certainly could." "Shhhh! Did you hear that?" asked Missy. Everybody remained silent for several moments, listening. "Hear what?" Gigi asked. "It kind of sounded like a scream. I could barely hear it." David walked over to the window and peered outside. "I don't see anything." They waited in silence for a while longer. "Are you sure you heard a scream?" Gigi asked. Missy shook her head. "No. I thought it sounded like somebody saying 'Help me,' but it probably wasn't. I'm just imagining things." "Do you want us to go out and check?" David asked. "Nah. I'm sure it was nothing." "So what's our first clue?" asked David, walking over to look at the card in Eric's hand. "'Find Dumbo's Luggage.' A trunk." "The first one is just a giveaway," Gigi said. "Okay, well, we're off to find a trunk," David announced. "Make sure that you ladies stay perfectly naked while we're gone." They left the cabin, closing the door behind them. "Since my truck doesn't have a trunk, and your wife would've had no way of putting anything in there anyway, it's pretty safe to assume that we can start with your trunk," David said. "Unless both wives planned this out together." "Yes, that's a definite possibility. But the lack of a trunk on my truck still narrows down the playing field." Eric took out his keys and unlocked the trunk. As he lifted the lid, David tore off the envelope that was taped to the underside. Inside the envelope was another red card and a small tube of lubricant. "Excellent," said Eric. "You can never have too much of that stuff." "Two down, eight to go." David looked at the card and handed it to Eric. "'Find the blue by the pond.' I can't believe she's making us walk all the way down to the pond. Your wife is not a nice woman. You realize that, right?" "But it'll sure as hell be worth it once we're done."

"Oh, yeah. Definitely."

- CHAPTER TEN Well, shit. His good luck had run out. He hadn't even finished carving the reminder before Karen had passed out from pain or fear or both. He'd tried to wake her, but no, she was out cold. This wouldn't be nearly as much fun if she were unconscious, so he'd set the knife aside and decided to just wait for her to wake up again. But that got boring pretty quickly. She didn't seem like she was going to recover anytime soon, and she certainly wouldn't be going anywhere if she did. So, perhaps it was time to check in on his hopefully-lesbian friends. *** He was a little uncomfortable walking through the dark, but the moonlight was sufficient to keep him on the path, and soon he could see the pond again. And a pair of flashlight beams on the other side. He crouched down and remained motionless. He couldn't see who was holding the beams, but they were shining them all over, as if looking for something. Shit. They'd probably heard the girl scream. He needed to get back to Karen. Or maybe not. Maybe he'd keep an eye on them and see what was going on. "I don't believe this!" a male voice cried out with an incredulous laugh. "I'm telling you, your wife is insane!" They were both shining their flashlight beams on something that Roderick couldn't quite see, although it appeared to be a small blue flag. Then the figures walked partway around the pond and up the path that led to the other cabin. So the women weren't alone. What did a blue flag, or blue anything have to do with Karen? It sure wasn't any kind of clue to her location. Maybe they hadn't heard the scream. But maybe he'd follow them, just to find out what they were up to. He followed them along the trail, keeping a safe distance behind, stopping whenever their flashlight beams came into view and letting them move further ahead. As he approached the cabin, he saw brighter lights. Headlights. And then an engine started. A truck pulled out of the driveway and down a dirt road. Probably doing a beer run. But as Roderick crept closer to the cabin, he saw motion inside. Women inside. Naked women inside. Holy shit...they were lesbians. They were sitting on the couch, having another drink. Completely naked. Dear God. The brunette had the best tits Roderick had ever seen. Porn star tits. He moved closer to the cabin to get a better look.

The women were laughing about something, and it made the brunette's tits bounce. They had to be real. What kind of dumbfuck would leave two naked women alone in a cabin like this? Roderick knew that he should just turn around and go back to the other cabin, but, hell, this just wasn't shit you saw every day. He had to find out what was going on. Maybe even get himself a piece of the action...or a good show. He crept around the cabin to the front door and knocked.

- CHAPTER ELEVEN "I can't believe they need help already," said Melissa, setting down her drink. "Nah, one of 'em probably just stayed behind to mess with us." The third clue was ridiculously easy, but it also required them to drive to a rest area five miles away. It would not have surprised her if Eric or David stayed behind for purposes of vengeance. "You know that when I open this door there'll be nobody out there, then they'll jump out to scare us." She set down her own drink, got up, and walked over to the door. "Who is it?" she asked in a singsong voice. "Avon," one of the guys replied, lowering his voice about an octave. "I'm sorry, we're not buying anything today," Genevieve said, opening the door. "You'll have to come back in--" Shit! It wasn't Eric or David at the door, but some strange guy. She quickly shut the door and put an instinctive arm over her breasts, even though it was too late to hide her nakedness. "Who was it?" Melissa asked, standing up. "Some guy! Put on your clothes; he can probably see you through the window!" Melissa quickly grabbed Genevieve's jeans and t-shirt and tossed them to her, then gathered her own clothes and retreated into the bedroom. "What do you want?" Genevieve asked through the door. "I just wanted to borrow your phone. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude." "Hold on just a minute," said Genevieve, pulling on her t-shirt. "We weren't expecting company. This is private property." "I really am sorry. I had no idea." After putting on her jeans, Genevieve opened the door just a crack. The stranger, an exceedingly handsome man about her age, smiled sheepishly at her. "I swear, I didn't know you were--" "No, no, it's my fault," Genevieve insisted. "I'm not in the habit of answering the door without any clothes." The stranger chuckled. "I have to admit, you scared the hell out of me, and I don't scare easily. But, look, I'm not here to bother anybody, and I know it's probably too late to be knocking on people's doors, but my car broke down about four miles away and I just wanted to see if you had a cell phone or something." "How did you know anybody would be here?" Genevieve asked. "I didn't. I got completely lost. I don't have a flashlight or anything." Melissa joined her at the door. "You really walked four miles?" "About that, I think." "That's horrible. What's wrong with your car?" "Some kind of engine trouble. I'm not exactly an automobile expert. I just need to give my friend a call and have him pick me up. We'll take care of it in the morning." "Are you thirsty?" Melissa asked. "You could probably use some water after walking that far."

Genevieve smiled. Of course it was only polite to offer some water to a guy who'd been walking four miles, but he was also damn good-looking, and they were both damn horny. Genevieve wasn't exactly into the long-haired, unshaven look, but it suited this guy really well. The stranger rubbed his throat. "Water would be great, to tell the truth. I'd really appreciate it." He gave them a friendly look, but it was also an intense look, one that seemed to indicate that he knew exactly how horny they were. But it wasn't the sort of look that made her feel dirty or uncomfortable...it was actually kind of exciting. Melissa got a bottled water from the refrigerator and handed it to the stranger. He thanked her graciously, unscrewed the cap, and took a long swig. "Oh, yeah, that's just what I needed," he said, wiping his mouth. "Thank you so much." "It's no problem at all," said Genevieve. "So, by any chance do you have a cell phone or something I could borrow for a minute? I'll be more than happy to pay you a couple of bucks to cover the charges." "Oh, you're more than welcome to use it," Genevieve told him. "I've got plenty of night and weekend minutes left, so don't worry about it. Hold on, I'll go get the phone." "Would you like to come in?" asked Melissa. "Oh, no, ma'am. Like I said, I'm not here to bother anybody. I'll just make the call and leave you two alone. I didn't mean to interrupt." Genevieve smiled from the bedroom as she retrieved her cell phone. He obviously had his own theory about why two naked women might be in a cabin together. "Oh, no, you didn't...I mean, we're not...I mean, our husbands just went out to do something," Melissa explained. "They'll be back in a few minutes." Genevieve handed him the cell phone. The stranger thanked her and dialed. "Jack?" he said, after a moment. "Jack, pick up if you're there. All right, look, I hate to bother you, but my car broke down again and I need you to pick me up. I'm on Torren Road, about...oh, ten miles north of Grand Way. Any chance you could pick me up? If you get this message, come and get me, okay? Thanks." He hung up the phone, handed it back to Genevieve, and sighed. "When do you think he'll get the message?" Melissa asked. The stranger shrugged. "He's kind of a party animal. He must've already gone out, so he won't be home until tomorrow morning. Oh well, it's my own fault for my shoddy car-buying abilities. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the water and the phone." "So, what are you going to do?" "Just head back to my car," he said. "You're going to walk all the way back?" He patted his legs. "Hey, I may be incompetent with cars, but I'm in good shape. And it's a nice night for a brisk walk. I've got a couple of blankets in the back seat and something to read, so I'll be fine." "Oh, that's silly," said Melissa. "When our husbands get back, they can drive you to your car." "That's very sweet, but it's really not necessary. I'll be fine. I don't want to interrupt." Melissa winked at Genevieve and gave her a wicked grin. Genevieve had seen this wicked grin many times before, and it always meant trouble. "So, what exactly do you think you were interrupting?" she asked the stranger. He lowered his eyes and smiled nervously. "Nothing, I just...you know, your conversation."

"Our conversation?" "Yeah." "Did you like seeing my friend naked?" "Jesus Christ, Melissa!" Genevieve said, absolutely shocked. She knew that Melissa and David had an agreement where they were each allowed to sleep with whomever they wanted, but this was some stranger who she'd first laid eyes on only five minutes ago. And they had other men that they were planning to ravish. "What?" "You know what!" "Oh, come on, don't be such a spoilsport." "Could you excuse us?" Genevieve asked the stranger. "Certainly." She shut the door. "What the hell are you doing?" "Having a little fun." "Well, knock it off. The men will be back pretty soon. Can you imagine how pissed Dave would be if this guy got his reward without having to solve any clues?" Melissa laughed. "I'm not gonna fuck him. I'm just playing around." "Well, it's mean." "You're the mean one who sent our hubbies off to the rest area." "That was part of the game. And they're our husbands...they deserve some occasional torturing. This guy didn't do anything." "He's hot, isn't he?" "Well, yeah." "I mean, really hot. And did you see his eyes? He's got this look, like he could just eat both of us up." "Yeah, that's the kind of stranger I want to let into my house." She had definitely noticed those eyes, though. And if there was such a thing as animal magnetism, this guy had it. "I've told you this before, Gigi. I can look at a man and know right away if he can fuck or not. And let me tell you, the man standing in front of our cabin door can fuck." "You can't possibly know that." "I think I can." "Maybe he has a really tiny dick." "He has pretty big fingers." "That doesn't mean anything." "It's a good sign. And he could always just use his fingers." "You are crazy, do you know that?" Genevieve asked. "Yep. That's what Dave loves about me. Come on, what can it hurt to invite him in? I'm not saying that we should tear off his clothes and immediately go at it like wild women, but there's no reason we can't be polite." "You're quite the little slut." "No, I'm just a girl with a healthy zest for life who believes that there's nothing wrong with the males outnumbering the females in an orgy situation." "I'm going to have to agree with you on that one." "We could make him strip for us." "How do you know he'd even be interested?"

"I don't," Melissa admitted. "That's one good reason to invite him in. We'd merely be acquiring knowledge. You don't have a problem with acquiring knowledge, do you?" "Okay, look, we'll let him hang out until the men get back, then we'll convince him to let them give him a ride back to his car." "That's a start." Genevieve opened the door. "I'm so sorry," she told the stranger. "Would you like to come in and sit down for a few minutes?" "Oh, no, I don't want to impose." "You won't be imposing. Our husbands will be back pretty soon. You really should let them drive you back to your car. It's dangerous to be walking out there without a flashlight." "All right, I suppose that it would be nice to sit down for a little bit. Thanks. I appreciate it." The stranger extended his hand. "By the way, I'm Roderick." Genevieve and Melissa introduced themselves as Roderick stepped into the cabin.

- CHAPTER TWELVE Roderick mentally cursed. How could he have given them his real name? Granted, it didn't matter all that much. If the cops busted him, it wasn't like they'd say "Oh, nope, wait, we've got the wrong guy...the guy we're looking for said his name was Henry." It wasn't them knowing his real name that bothered him, but rather that he'd given it out without thinking. That was careless. Roderick was a big believer in taking risks and the whole "Live fast, die young, and leave a bullet-ridden corpse" thing, but simply being careless was not cool. Oh well. Everybody made mistakes. He'd just have to deal with it, move on, and enjoy the company of these two lovely ladies. *** "Here we go," said Eric, removing the envelope that was securely taped underneath the bench in the rest area. "Let's see what we've got." He tore open the envelope and removed a pair of nipple clamps. "I have this strange feeling that it's going to get kinky tonight," said David. "For some reason, I'm getting that feeling, too. Okay, the next one says 'Where first four made two, beyond the sunset you'll find the clue.'" "Now that's good poetry." "Well, we all had sex together for the first time in your bedroom, and there's a picture of a sunset hanging over the bed, so I think we've got this one figured out," Eric said. "These seem kind of easy," David noted. "Yeah, well, knowing Gigi, she's probably trying to make us feel all confident, and then the next one will be deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics." "We could make that into an Olympic sport. Naked Egyptian Hieroglyphic Deciphering. I'd pay to watch that." "Me too, depending on the participants." *** "So what are you doing out here?" asked Roderick. Genevieve felt herself blush. Roderick was seated on the couch with Melissa next to him, while Genevieve sat on the recliner. "What do you mean?" "Is it just a weekend of relaxation, or fishing, or what?" "It's a weekend of play," said Melissa. Roderick grinned. "Is that so?" "Yep." "What kind of play?" "Just play." "Just play, huh? "Fun play." "I see."

*** This was getting very, very interesting. The brunette Melissa was flirting with him in a big way. This in itself was nothing unusual, but why would she be doing it if their husbands were on the way back? Maybe they'd had a fight, and this was revenge flirting. Nah. These women were anything but scorned. More likely, the men weren't returning any time soon, and they only said they were to keep him from trying anything funny. Regardless, there was definitely something naughty going on in this cabin, and the ladies weren't hiding it from each other. Roderick had a feeling that they'd just been fucked, hadn't bothered to get dressed afterward, and were comfortable enough with each other to walk around naked. Or, was there a group thing going on here? "So why did your husbands leave?" he asked. "Part of the game," said Melissa. Roderick could clearly see her erect nipples through her t-shirt. "And just how does this game work?" "Do you want to tell him?" asked Melissa, looking over at her friend. "No, and I think maybe you've had enough to drink." "I'm only on my second wine cooler." "Yeah, well, they must've accidentally tripled the alcohol content." Through the window, Roderick saw some headlights appear. "They're back," Genevieve announced. "That was quick...Eric must've been driving." "I'm going to go greet them," said Melissa, patting Roderick's knee as she got up. "Gigi, keep our guest company, okay?" "Uh, sure, okay." Melissa hurried out the front door. Yes, this was definitely getting interesting. *** "Didja find it?" Melissa asked, walking up to the truck. David held up the nipple clamps and jingled them on their chain. "Ready to model these?" "But of course. First thing, though, how open would the two of you be to a change in the rules?" "You mean we skip the scavenger hunt and go straight to the sex?" asked David. "I'm all for it." "No, I mean, what if we added a special guest?" "I beg your pardon?" Eric asked. "There's this guy. His car broke down and he needed to use our phone. We were thinking that you guys could give him a ride back to his car, but I was also thinking that it would be hot as hell if you did us with a spectator in the room." "He's in there right now?" asked David. Melissa nodded. "You two can discuss this. I'm going to head inside," said Eric, sounding a bit concerned.

"Oh, it's okay. He's a perfect gentleman. I was hoping we could change that." Eric entered the cabin, closing the door behind him. "So, he just showed up after we left?" asked David. "Uh-huh." "And you want him to watch?" "Uh-huh." "And participate?" "Possibly." "I hope you realize that this is pretty damn extreme, even for us." "I realize that. But extreme can be soooooo much fun." "I think you just want three guys at once." "And what's wrong with that? Would you turn down three women at once?" "Hell no." "Maybe we could arrange it sometime." "Yeah, right. You're just saying that because you're horny." "I am a tad wet. I admit it. So what do you say?" "I...I don't know yet. To be honest, it's not a decision I was expecting to make this evening. Could you go inside and send Eric out here?" "Sure thing." She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and returned to the cabin. A moment later Eric came out. "So is he some kind of freak?" David asked. Eric shook his head. "Seems like a perfectly nice guy. Speaking strictly from a heterosexual perspective, I can see why the ladies are so anxious to let him join us." "What do you think?" Eric shrugged. "It seems extremely kinky and perverted." "Of course, that's what this weekend is all about." "Very true. But we don't know a thing about this guy except that our wives want to jump him." "Well, mine does, anyway. Did you talk to Gigi?" "I didn't specifically ask her, but she has the look of lust in her eyes. She wants a threeguy-two-girl session in a big way." "If you want to know what I think," said David, "I think they know this guy, and they planned it from the start." "Gigi wouldn't do that," Eric insisted. "No, you're right. But Missy would. Knowing her, she gave the guy Global Positioning System coordinates to make sure he could find us. I have to say, it's a good thing there are so many fringe benefits to being married to a nymphomaniac, or else I'd be getting worried." "So what do we do?" "I don't know. What do you want to do?" "I'm not sure." "Me either." The men stood there for a long moment in silence. David sighed. "You know, the whole problem here is that neither one of us wants to be the one who says it's okay to let this third guy fuck our wives." "That's probably true." "It might be fun. Those women wouldn't know what hit them."

"True again." "And it certainly opens up the possibility for adding extra females to next month's weekend games." "That's definitely a good point." "Do you have any major objections to the whole idea?" Eric shrugged. "How major are we talking about?" "I guess major enough for you to veto the guy's participation." "Probably not." "That's where I am. Maybe we should talk to him." "Good idea."

- CHAPTER THIRTEEN Yet again, Roderick couldn't believe his good fortune. He was getting laid tonight. Well-laid. He'd not only stumbled upon a captive in a trunk, but he'd stumbled upon some wonderfully kinky group sex party and he was almost positive they would invite him to participate. How could life get better? Well, he could do without the other guys being around, but that was a small concern, and perhaps something that could be remedied. Quite honestly, the way Melissa looked at him, he was a little surprised that she didn't have her head in his lap already. He really needed to make an instructional video on How To Harvest Your Natural Charisma. He'd make a fortune. The door opened, and the two bozos peeked in. "Uh, Roderick, was it?" asked the one with the goatee. "Yes." "Mind if we have a word with you outside?" "Oh, of course," said Roderick, getting up and heading for the door. "Excuse me, ladies." "Hurry back," said Melissa. He exited the cabin, and David closed the door. "Listen, guys, I apologize for this," Roderick said. "I really just needed to borrow a phone. I'm not trying to interrupt anything or cause any problems." "No, no. No problem," David insisted. "Did the ladies tell you anything?" "Their names." "I mean, about what we're doing here." Roderick gave his best nervous-sounding chuckle. "Uh, not in so many words, but I get the general idea." "And what idea is that?" "Oh, you know...sorry, I'm a bit uncomfortable...basically, you're all here to share and share alike." "Yeah, that about covers it," Eric said. "I don't mean to be forward, but I kind of got the impression that the ladies sort of wanted me to stick around, if you can believe it." "Right," said David. "We sort of...ah, got that same impression. So what's your opinion about...you know...?" "About what?" "Eric, you want to take it from here? I did my half of the talking." "Do you want to join the orgy?" Eric asked. David blinked. "Okay, that was a bit more sudden than I thought we were going with this, but it works." "You want me to make love to these women with you?" Roderick asked. "Yes," said Eric. "I mean, not for our benefit. For theirs." "I have to admit, I've never been asked anything like that before," said Roderick. "Are both of you sure you're okay with this?" David nodded. "It's a weird lifestyle choice, but we like it."

"I don't have any, ah, protection on me," said Roderick. "No problem," said David. "We've got a box of condoms in the truck. I'll go grab it." "Then I guess I'm in," said Roderick. "Literally and figuratively speaking." "Okay," said Eric. "Well, uh, thanks, I suppose." "Congratulations," David called out as he headed for the truck. "Let's go break the news to the women," said Roderick with a smile. *** "You think they'll say yes?" asked Melissa. "I don't know," Genevieve replied. Actually, that wasn't the truth. She had a strong feeling that before too long she would be seeing Roderick naked. And though a thousand reasons why this was going too far flashed through her mind, she just couldn't keep herself from being absolutely thrilled about the prospect. "I wonder what it's like to suck three cocks at once?" asked Melissa. "Probably quite a mouthful." "You're right. I'll probably have to go round robin. That'll be fun, too. This doesn't make me a slut, does it?" "Actually, I'm going to have to say that it does," Genevieve said. "Oh well. I can live with that. I'll give it all up tomorrow, as long as there are no men around." The door opened (they were really abusing the hinges on that thing) and Roderick entered, followed by Eric and David, who was holding a box of condoms. As far as "promising signs" went, that was a pretty damn good one. Roderick nodded politely at each of the women. "Melissa, Genevieve, I just wanted to let you know that there's been a change in the rules." "Fuck yeah!" Melissa exclaimed, rushing over and giving David a big hug. Genevieve felt a delighted tingle, but couldn't help think of all the preparation she'd put into this weekend. "What about the rest of the clues?" she asked. Roderick frowned. "What clues?" "We were looking for clues that Gigi set up," Eric explained. "Each one led to another one, and they were in envelopes that also had stuff like lubricant and nipple clamps that we were going to use later. She put a lot of work into it." Roderick looked over at her. "Well, then, since the lovely Gigi is the one who put so much effort into this, she should be the one to decide how we proceed, don't you think?" Genevieve sat there uncomfortably while everybody stared at her. "Oh, it's no big deal," she insisted. Though thinking up some of those clues had been a real pain, particularly the one with the pseudo-hieroglyphics, she was more concerned that sending the guys back out into the woods might give them a chance to change their minds. "We'll need to make sure we pick up a couple of them that are left outside before we go home, but aside from that, no, I'm fine with this." "Are you sure?" Eric asked. "Absolutely." Genevieve pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to her husband. "I think it's time for a party." The rest of their clothes disappeared in short order. Melissa was the first one naked, but the others followed quickly.

It did not surprise Genevieve in the least to discover that Roderick's penis was huge. Even hanging limp it was long and thick, with severely trimmed-back pubic hair. He also had a powerful but nearly hairless chest, muscular arms with thick veins, and legs that any professional athlete would be proud of (well, except perhaps a ballerina). Since they needed a large play area, the men went into Genevieve and Eric's bedroom to pull the mattress off the bed. This gave Genevieve her first view of Roderick's ass, and it was truly a wonderful thing to see. Tight. Firm. Tasty. Once the first mattress was in place, the men went off to get the one out of Melissa and David's bedroom. They slid it on the floor right up next to the other one, and their play area was officially ready. "Would you guys like a show?" asked Melissa, crawling onto the mattress. For a split second Genevieve thought that she was meant to be a participant in this show as well. Though exploring her potential bisexual side was not something she had completely ruled out of her life, she certainly wasn't going to start it under these circumstances. But before she could open her mouth to protest, she realized that Melissa's attention was focused entirely on the men, and their attention was focused entirely on her slowly parting legs. "You haven't answered my question," she told them. "Hell yeah," said Roderick. "Let's see a show." Melissa licked her index finger and began to trace circles around her left nipple. Genevieve decided to focus on a show of her own. After all, she had three very nice penises in sight, and they were getting nicer by the second. David was almost completely erect, although he'd been that way since everybody started getting undressed. Eric was at half-mast but growing quickly, and there was a definite twitching coming from the area of Roderick's penis. The three variations in cock excitement were almost funny to look at--and Genevieve realized too late that she'd hadn't stifled her giggle. "Is there something amusing, Mrs. Fain?" asked David in a mock strict-disciplinarian tone. Genevieve decided that she'd better confess. She pointed to their cocks. "I'm sorry. I was distracted by Happy, Sleepy, and Bashful." The men looked down at their personal penises, then at each other's, and then laughed as well. "I'm not Sleepy, am I?" asked Eric. "No, you're Bashful." Roderick reached down and stroked his cock a couple of times. "At least I'm not Dopey." The show resumed. Melissa began to run her finger through her pubic hair. Within minutes, all three of the men were nice and firm. Fully erect, Roderick's thick cock was an object of beauty and awe. The damn thing had to be nine inches. No wonder he had this aura of confidence. A big dick did that to a guy. Yeah, yeah, the generic rule was that it wasn't the size that mattered, and that was certainly true much of the time. A small cock wielded by a skilled and enthusiastic bed partner could still bring huge amounts of ecstasy, and a large cock wielded by an overexcited klutz wasn't worth the effort of handcuffing the guy to your bedpost. That said, there was just something about a really big, but not freakishly so, penis that brought out the "RRRRrrrrrr" in her soul. To their credit, Eric and David did not seem distracted or consumed with inferiority complexes. Of course, they were also perfectly aware that they had more than adequate equipment.

Melissa did one last circle around her clitoris, then changed her position to a crouch and beckoned naughtily. "Everybody join me on the mattress. Now." Genevieve went with the three men as they all stepped onto the mattress, but then got down on her knees and hurriedly scooted over next to her friend, turning around just in time to see three erect penises coming straight at her. As the men stood side-by-side, Eric in the center, Melissa licked her palm and began to gently stroke Eric's cock while she kissed David's. How selfless of her, Genevieve thought. Leaving the guest for me. She kissed the head of Roderick's penis, then ran a trail of kisses down the underside, all the way to his balls, and then kissed her way back up to the head. Melissa took David into her mouth and sucked him while she continued to stroke Eric. Genevieve reached over and cradled her husband's scrotum while she kissed and licked the head of Roderick's penis, getting a soft groan out of both men. Genevieve opened her mouth and took Roderick's cock inside, licking as she did so. She only took him in a couple of inches, then began sucking on those two inches with a flourish, rapidly sliding her tongue everywhere she could as she moved him in and out of her mouth. "Time to switch," Melissa announced. Technically, since Genevieve had been the one in charge of this weekend, she felt that she should be giving out the instructions, but Melissa was obviously so excited about this task that Genevieve didn't want to ruin it for her. She pulled away from Roderick's cock, leaving it glistening. "Everyone move one space to the right. Person on the end swings around to the other side." "Whose right, yours or ours?" Eric asked. Melissa licked her lips. "Mine." Roderick politely saluted to Genevieve and proceeded over to his spot in front of Melissa. Genevieve didn't hesitate to engulf Eric's hard cock in her mouth after he moved into position, then she began stroking duties on David. Roderick's cock had truly been worth savoring, but she had to admit that Eric's just plain tasted better and was more fun to suck. Maybe it was the comfort thing. He also reacted better, moaning the instant her lips met his skin. She glanced over at Melissa, who stared hungrily at Roderick's penis, as if she were a woman just off a six-month diet who was confronted with a giant slice of chocolate cake and wanted to savor the anticipation of its chocolatey goodness for as long as possible. But the urge must have been too strong, because she started to suck on him with almost frightening enthusiasm, moaning as she did so. Had Genevieve possessed telepathy, she would have tried to send Melissa a mental message to tone it down a bit. Group sex was a hell of a lot of fun, but it was essential that your true partner feel just as or more appreciated than the other people involved and Roderick was clearly getting a more passionate blow job than David had. But David didn't seem to mind or even notice, focusing on the hand job that Genevieve was giving him. She sucked on Eric some more, being sure to make eye contact as well as she could without straining her neck. He put his hands on her shoulders as he bit his lower lip. Melissa's moaning was so loud that it overpowered the moaning from the three men. It was, in fact, getting a little out of control. Genevieve had never seen a blow job performed with such unrestrained gusto, and Roderick's eyes looked like they were going to bug out of their sockets. Melissa's hands were cupping his ass, one hand clenched on each cheek.

After about a minute of sucking on Eric's cock, Genevieve knew it was time to switch again, but she wasn't sure she wanted to be the one to suggest it. It might be like stealing meat from a lion.

- CHAPTER FOURTEEN To her credit, Melissa did not roar or maul anybody when Genevieve finally gave the command to switch, although she was clearly reluctant to stop. She did tightly wrap her fingers around Roderick's cock and started stroking him before he even moved into his position as the middle guy. She took Eric's cock into her mouth and began to suck it with enthusiasm but not nearly the gusto she'd bestowed upon Roderick. Genevieve curled her index finger and thumb in a ring around David's penis and gently stroked him while she sucked him. If he noticed how his wife was responding to Roderick, it certainly wasn't affecting his erection or enjoyment of mouth action. Genevieve had to admit, as open-minded as she was sexually, she'd never anticipated a situation where she'd be sucking three guys in a row. She liked being a bad girl and always had, but this...well, it was a bit surprising. But fun. Lots of fun. However, it was time for something even more fun. She gave David's cock a good-bye kiss, scooted back on the mattress and lay down, arms stretched out over her head. Melissa seemed to think that was a perfectly fine idea and did the same thing. The men got the hint right away and quickly joined them, Eric on Genevieve's right, David on Melissa's left, and Roderick between the two women. Eric abandoned any pretense that this was a tender, romantic moment and went straight for her right breast, licking the nipple for only a few seconds before he began to suck on it. Roderick slid his hand over Genevieve's breast as he licked Melissa's nipple, and David took care of his wife's other breast. Genevieve arched her back as Roderick's hand and Eric's mouth continued to stimulate her. When Roderick replaced his hand with his lips and tongue, she let out a loud gasp. This was absolute heaven. She could have stayed like that for hours, having her nipples pleasured and listening to the sexy sounds of Melissa receiving the same treatment, but Roderick began to kiss a gentlebut-firm path down her belly. Eric moved his hand over to her abandoned breast, thoughtful soul that he was, and she leaned her head forward to nibble on his arm. As Roderick reached her waist, he moved his head over and kissed a similar path down Melissa's belly. She looked over at Genevieve, smiled, and winked. When Roderick made it down to her navel, Melissa spread her legs wide. Not exactly subtle, is she? Genevieve thought with amusement. Roderick kissed the inside of Melissa's thighs as he ran his index finger through her pubic hair. He then gazed at her pussy for a moment and slid his finger over the surface. "My God," he said. "What?" Melissa asked. "I have never seen a woman get this wet before." Melissa giggled. "It's a gift." "It certainly is. My God." Roderick slowly began to lower his face between Melissa's legs, but then raised back up and looked over at Eric. "Any objections to my licking your wife?" Eric moved his mouth from Genevieve's nipple and patted her on the shoulder. "I belong to this one."

"Oh, my mistake." Roderick grinned and looked over at David. "So, do you have any objections?" "None at all, my friend." "Then I believe I'll lick some pussy." Roderick gave Melissa one more kiss on her inner thigh, then buried his face between her legs, head moving frantically. Melissa cried out in delight. "Oh! Oh my God!" Roderick kneaded her inner thighs with both hands while he licked away. Eric started to move down to Genevieve's pussy, but she shook her head and sat up. "Lick me from behind," she said, getting on her hands and knees. "I want to watch them." Genevieve moved her knees apart to give Eric easy access as she watched Roderick go down on Melissa. From this angle, she could see his tongue swishing all over her friend's vagina, top to bottom, moving rapidly back-and-forth. Melissa's body twitched as she let out continual sharp cries. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around Roderick's shoulders. David moved from Melissa's breast to her mouth, and she kissed him with so much passion that Genevieve wondered if David might be in danger of losing a lip or two. Genevieve let out a cry of her own as she felt Eric's hands clamp over her ass and his tongue slide over her pussy. She knew he couldn't handle licking her in that position for very long, since it strained his neck, but thanks to an embarrassing visit to the chiropractor during their honeymoon he knew when to quit. Melissa grabbed for David's cock, but couldn't quite reach it, so he adjusted his crouching position to give her access. She stroked it lovingly while she kissed him. Roderick took a brief moment to catch his breath and then returned to the licking. Genevieve hoped he wasn't going to tire his tongue out. She had every intention of feeling it on her own pussy before much longer. Eric kneaded her buttocks as he licked, sliding his tongue almost up to her anus and back down again. It felt incredible. There was just nothing like getting her pussy licked while watching another woman receive the same attention. She was a passionate voyeur and proud of it. David broke the kiss and went back to sucking Melissa's breasts until she noticed Genevieve's position. "I want it like that," she gasped. "I want it like she's getting it." Melissa removed her legs from Roderick's shoulder and rolled over on her stomach, nearly kicking him in the face in the process. Then she twisted her body around so she was facing Genevieve and got onto her hands and knees. Roderick quickly moved behind her and resumed licking. "Oh, fuck...that's good...it's good..." said Melissa. "David, get your dick over here between us...hurry..." The two women's faces were about a foot apart, but as David knelt between them Melissa scooted forward so that both of them could enjoy his cock. She licked one side as Genevieve licked the other. Then Genevieve extended her tongue and licked the underside while Melissa licked the top of his shaft, her tongue nearly touching Genevieve's upper lip. Genevieve thought her knees were going to give way just from the force of Eric's tongue. He was making it remarkably difficult to concentrate on David's cock, which was not typically something she'd have trouble concentrating on. Focus...focus...she told herself. Lick the cock. Don't be a rude host.

Both women continued licking David, their tongues connecting for an electrifying split second. Melissa turned her attention to the head of his cock while Genevieve moved to his balls. This was exciting, but she really wished she could see what Roderick was doing. She put that out of her mind and just lost herself in the current sensations of Eric's tongue against her pussy and her tongue against David's balls. Eric was licking her so vigorously that she could hear his tongue even over the sound of Melissa's moans. Two, three, four, maybe five minutes later Melissa stopped what she was doing and switched to a kneeling position. She twisted around and patted the mattress as she looked at Roderick. "Lie on your back," she told him. Roderick, whose erection was miraculously even larger than before, lay down on his back. Melissa swung her leg over and straddled him, facing his feet. She backed up until her pussy was even with his face and lowered herself onto him. She pressed her breasts against his belly and took his penis into her mouth. Before long, David was lying on his back with Genevieve squatting on his face. Eric stood in front of her, receiving a generous blow job while she watched Melissa and Roderick writhe in their sixty-nine. Roderick's hips thrust up and down as he fucked her mouth. Genevieve ground her crotch against David's face, though not so hard as to smother the poor guy. Her breasts swayed as she moved her mouth back and forth over Eric's cock, adoring its heat and taste. If this kept up too much longer, she was going to... Oh, Christ, she was almost there. She pulled her mouth away from Eric's penis. "I'm gonna come," she announced. "Oh, God, I'm gonna come." She ground even harder against David's face, figuring that a few moments without oxygen wouldn't hurt him. "Don't stop licking...I'm gonna come!" David pressed his entire mouth tightly against her, and as the wave began Genevieve knew that it was going to be a big one. She closed her eyes and bit down on her palm as the orgasm hit, nearly making her lose her balance. She moved away from David's face and dropped onto his legs, moaning with ecstasy as the unimaginably pleasurable sensations rushed through her body. For several seconds she forgot where she was. Then she just lay there, momentarily spent. Melissa, who had stopped sucking on Roderick long enough to watch, applauded. "First orgasm goes to Gigi!" "Congratulations," said Roderick, muffled by Melissa's pussy. "Are you okay?" asked Eric with amusement, helping her back up to a sitting position. "Yeah, I'm fine. That one hit me really hard." She smiled. "Not that I'm complaining." "I should hope not," said Melissa. "In fact," Genevieve remarked, "I think I'm ready to trade partners. Roderick, come on over here, willya?"

- CHAPTER FIFTEEN Karen Trimbler was not going to die like this. She'd had a hard life, but certainly no worse than a lot of people. Her mother died when she was three, sending her father into a nearly suicidal depression that forced her to live in a dozen different foster homes until she was sixteen. Her grades in high school were only average, but she'd vowed to turn her life around. She'd enrolled in a community college to study to become a veterinarian and worked full-time waitressing for the Boss-From-Hell while attending classes. After a shaky first term, she'd devoted virtually every non-waitressing waking moment to her studies and had now made straight A's three semesters in a row. She had very little time for a social life, and so she'd treasured her friendship with Seth Moore. He was one of the few genuinely nice guys she knew--kind-hearted, fun to talk to, and completely devoted to his girlfriend. Trisha had seemed pleasant enough, but severely protective of her man and jealous of the time Karen spent with him, even though the two were nothing more than friends. Seth had never hit on her. She'd never hit on him. And they didn't even engage in harmless flirting. As far as Karen could tell, there was no impetus for Trisha's behavior this morning except that the girl was completely crazy. She'd received a call at four in the morning. Trisha, sobbing, begged her to come over. So Karen had gotten in her barely working car and driven over to the small house Trisha shared with three roommates. Trisha had met her in the driveway, struck her over the head with a broom handle, then beat her repeatedly while tearfully accusing her of sleeping with Seth. When Karen tried to fight back, Trisha shoved a chloroform-soaked rag against her mouth. Where the hell did a college student get chloroform, anyway? She'd awakened in the trunk of Trisha's car and spent several hours collecting bruises as she was bounced around. And when she finally thought she was going to have the chance to explain that it was all a huge misunderstanding, it turned out that she was now in the hands of a completely different maniac. Her arm stung and bled where the son of a bitch had cut her. She wasn't about to let him torture her to death. No way. Maybe this was going to be the final night of her life, but if so, Karen was going to die on her own terms. No way in hell was that sick fucker going to be given the chance to enjoy her screams of agony. But Karen didn't want to die. And if he didn't come back for a while, she might just get out of this. Yes, she was tied tightly to the bedposts. But she was strong. And determined. And as much as the letters that he'd cut into her arm hurt, Karen knew that she'd have more luck getting her wrist free when it was slick with blood.

- CHAPTER SIXTEEN After some quick rearranging of the bodies on the mattress, Genevieve found herself lying on her back with her legs spread wide and Roderick going down on her. He was good. Real good. His tongue expertly danced over her entire crotch, giving quick flicks across her swollen clitoris in between voyages elsewhere. It felt so amazingly marvelous that she knew another intense orgasm was in her very near future. Melissa lay on the mattress, one leg bent at the knee, while Eric licked her. David braced himself in a push-up position over her head, fucking her mouth with slow, deep thrusts. Melissa pinched her own nipples and squirmed with excitement. "You like that?" Roderick asked Genevieve, briefly pulling his mouth away. Genevieve nodded. "Mmmm-hmmm." "You sure?" "I'm sure." "I could stop, you know." He grinned. "I don't want to inconvenience anybody." "Shut up and lick my pussy." "Yes, ma'am." Genevieve came a couple of minutes later, legs thrashing. "She's on a roll!" David announced. Yes, she certainly was. And she was more than ready to move to the next step. She eyed Roderick's huge cock and really, really wanted him to just mount her and fuck her into a frenzy, but that would be a bad idea. Spouses first, then strangers. "Eric!" she called out, much louder than she'd intended. "Fuck me!" Eric wasted no time in responding to the call for action. As Roderick politely moved out of the way, Eric climbed on top of her, used his hand to guide himself in (though she was so wet and slippery that it was barely necessary), and began vigorously thrusting. Nothing felt better than being fucked hard after good oral sex. Genevieve wrapped her legs around him and squealed as he pounded away. Melissa made some position adjustments of her own, crouching on her hands and knees with David's cock in her mouth and her ass in the air, inviting somebody to take her from behind. After glancing around and finally locating the box of unlubricated Trojans next to the mattress, Roderick quickly put on a condom and moved behind her, put his strong, large hands on her waist, and slid that awesome cock deeply and easily into her with one long stroke. Genevieve felt a trickle of sweat move down the side of her face as she watched Roderick's tight butt gyrate back and forth while he fucked Melissa. She could hear his pelvis slap against her friend's ass with each stroke. Melissa stopped sucking David's cock and gasped for breath as she rapidly licked it. Eric began to slow his movements, then bit his lip. "Oh, crap, I think I'm about there." Genevieve thrust up to meet him, not giving him a break. "No, I'm serious." "Too bad." He kissed her on the lips and gave her five extremely powerful thrusts. Then he pulled out. "David, take my spot."

Eric climbed off and lay on his back next to her. David got on top of her and entered her immediately, fucking her in the same position Eric had. If it weren't for the difference in cock size and angle, Genevieve would barely have noticed the interruption in service. Roderick gave Melissa a few more doggy-style thrusts, then pulled out and lay on his side. She quickly lay on her side in front of him in a spooning position. Roderick lifted her left leg as he slid into her again, giving Genevieve a fantastic view of his covered cock going in. David turned his head and watched this as well, picking up his pace as they both had an unobstructed view of Roderick fucking Melissa while she cried out with joy. The two went at it like this for a few minutes, with Melissa's cries getting even louder when Roderick reached around and stroked her clitoris with his thumb. Good thing there weren't any neighbors, or there'd be a noise complaint to the cops for sure. David rolled off of Genevieve, and Eric got ready to resume his original position, but before he could she crawled over to the action between Roderick and Melissa. She crouched there, inches away from that hard cock fucking that fortunate pussy, and just watched. The wet sounds, the heat radiating from them, the sight...it was all incredibly arousing. She leaned in closer and licked Roderick's balls, making him groan. After she'd covered their entire surface, she slid the tip of her tongue over the bottom of his cock, right next to the condom, flicking her tongue quickly against him as he continued thrusting into Melissa. It was a little harder to keep her tongue on a moving cock once Eric started fucking her from behind, but she managed as well as she could. She could hear David scooting over and crouching down next to Melissa's head. She peeked up to see exactly what was happening, but Melissa's large breasts were blocking her line of sight. Oh well. David moaned. It was amazing. All five of them were connected. She licked Roderick's balls some more. But when Eric started ramming into her more frantically, it became too difficult to concentrate, and she abandoned her mouth activities and continued to enjoy the view. Melissa came. Loudly. Genevieve followed her. The guys were holding out remarkably well. Eric and David were usually very reliable, but it was good to know that their guest was equally skilled. "All right, everyone, it's time for another switch in positions," Genevieve announced. "Roderick, David, lie on your backs. Eric, stand in between them." The men did as they were told. Roderick's still-extremely-firm cock wobbled just a bit with each heavy breath. It looked absolutely huge. The biggest she'd ever seen in real life, and she couldn't specifically recall a bigger one in her limited porno movie watching experience. This was going to be sensational. Melissa hopped on top of her husband, slid down his shaft, and began rocking back and forth while she sucked on Eric. Genevieve got down on her knees and scooted up, lifting her pussy over Roderick's erection. She moved in gentle circles against the tip of his cock, savoring the anticipation, and then slowly pushed down against him, gradually impaling herself as her toes curled and her fingers clenched. Yes, he was the biggest she'd ever had, but she was so wet and ready for him that there was no pain, just unbelievable ecstasy.

"Oh..." she gasped. She wanted to say more, perhaps "God," but her breath was taken away. She slid all the way down, taking in his entire length until she was comfortably seated on his thighs. Roderick moaned and tightly cupped her ass. Genevieve fucked him slowly, keeping most of his cock inside of her. As much as she loved watching others, she was only minimally aware of Melissa riding David and fellating Eric. He wasn't just big, he was hot. Feverishly hot, even through the condom. It seemed to warm her entire body. Hot cocoa had nothing on Roderick's penis. Roderick took her left nipple into his mouth and tightly squeezed it between his lips. Typically any kind of pain, even something as minor as this, was completely off-limits to her, but this felt absolutely great even as his lips pinched her. "Oh..." she repeated, still not completing the sentence. She slid further up his length, preparing to slam herself down, but Roderick suddenly thrust up to meet her, eliciting a squeal out of her. She slid back up and slammed herself down as planned, then started to fuck him with more vigor. Roderick teased her nipples with his teeth. Genevieve worked his cock with longer, faster strokes, thrusting down with increasing force. She turned her head and nearly smacked into Eric's erection. Melissa had her fingers around it, offering it to Genevieve. Yes. Absolutely. She wanted to taste it. She took a deep breath and wrapped her mouth around Eric's cock, sucking it as desperately as she was fucking Roderick. Roderick took one of her nipples between his teeth. Genevieve slid her mouth all the way over Eric's cock, gag reflexes be damned, until her lips touched his pubic hair. Roderick bit down gently. It felt fantastic. Then he bit with a little more pressure, and Genevieve pulled her mouth away from Eric's penis. "No," she whispered. Roderick removed his teeth and swirled his tongue around her nipple. Genevieve continued fucking him, wondering if that was a flash of anger she'd seen in his eyes.

- CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Before Genevieve could worry too much about that, Melissa began to giggle. Genevieve looked over to see what the joke was, but Melissa just sat there, breasts quivering and butt gyrating as she giggled uncontrollably. "What's so funny?" Genevieve asked, amused. Eric shrugged. "No idea. I must've missed something." Melissa kept giggling, bouncing on David as she did so. Finally, she got off of him and lay on the mattress, her giggles transforming into all-out laughter. The other four stared at her, then exchanged questioning looks. "I'm sorry," said Melissa, wiping a tear from her eye as she started to get herself under control. "I just...I just..." The laughter resumed. "Well, now we've done it," Eric told David. "The orgy broke your wife's brain." It was a full minute before Melissa could talk again. "Wow, I haven't got the giggles like that since high school," she said. "So what was so funny?" asked David. "Nothing...you won't think it's funny." "Tell us anyway." "No. There's been too much build up." "Tell us, or we'll put you in the loft." Melissa started to respond, but then helplessly broke down into another series of giggles. "At least she didn't do that when I first took off my pants," said Roderick. Melissa recovered more quickly this time. "All of a sudden I just thought 'Holy shit, I'm a slut!' and it set me off." "That's what you were laughing about?" David asked, incredulously. "I told you it was nothing." "I was wrong to doubt you." "Haven't you ever got the giggles over something stupid?" Melissa looked over at Roderick. "You have, right?" "Actually, I'm not much of a giggler," Roderick admitted. "I'm more of a maniacal laughter kind of guy." "Well, anyway, I apologize to all of you for interrupting the fucking. Shall we resume?" "It's my turn to organize the next one," said Roderick, standing up. "Everybody on your feet and form a line. Guy, girl, guy, girl, guy. I get the middle, since it's my idea." Soon Genevieve found herself fucked from behind by David while she ground her pussy against Roderick's ass as he fucked Melissa and she reached around Eric's waist to stroke his cock. The height differences and the various motions made it kind of awkward, but everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. David's hand began to twitch on Genevieve's waist. She looked over her shoulder at him, smiling as she recognized his expression. "You want to come, don't you?" He shook his head. "Nooooooo. Furthest thing from my mind." She moved her hips forward so that his cock popped out of her and then turned and dropped to her knees. "I'm pretty sure you want to come."

She took him into her mouth, sucking vigorously as he moaned and made it perfectly clear that he was ready for release. A few seconds later, his moan changed its pitch, and Genevieve switched from a blow job to a hand job. He spurted onto her breasts and belly, covering her with his warm sticky fluid. He shot another stream, then a trickle, and she kept stroking him until she'd squeezed out the last drop. David ran a hand through his hair. "Jeez, I'm almost dizzy," he said, sitting down on the mattress. "Thank you." They'd placed some towels by the mattress. Genevieve wiped herself off with a light green one before crawling over to Eric. Melissa was still stroking him and continued to do so as Genevieve sucked on the head of his penis. Within thirty seconds he shot into her mouth, covering her tongue and hitting the back of her throat. Though she didn't particularly care for the taste, she did love the sensation of a man ejaculating in her mouth, particularly if that man was Eric. Once, in an effort to be erotic, she'd let his come trickle out of her mouth, but Eric had confessed that he found it kind of gross, so she'd never done it again. She swallowed, sucked some more to make sure Eric got the same complete treatment as David, then pulled away and licked her lips. Roderick withdrew from Melissa, who rolled onto her back and pressed her large breasts together. "Between my tits," she said. Roderick quickly removed his condom, straddled her, and slid his penis between her breasts, pumping back and forth, the head of his cock touching Melissa's protruding tongue with each thrust. Genevieve wanted to taste some of that herself, but didn't see any way to politely get her tongue in on the action. Roderick thrust over and over, his fingers pinching Melissa's nipples as she squirmed, until he put his head back and let out an animalistic howl. His first spurt of come shot right over Melissa's head onto the floor three feet away and the next spurt struck her chin. He kept coming for several seconds, covering her neck, until finally he got off of her and collapsed onto the mattress, spent. "I'm a bit untidy," Melissa remarked. "Could somebody throw me a towel?" David tossed her a bright red towel. She rubbed it all over her face and neck, then tilted her head at various angles. "Did I get it all?" "There's a bit on your shoulder," Eric said, helpfully. Melissa wiped it off and threw the towel aside. "Thanks." "That was fucking awesome," said Roderick. "Pardon my language. You ladies are to be commended." "You did pretty fucking well yourself," said Melissa. "Pardon my own language." Roderick grinned. "I need one of those towels myself. I'm sweating like a...well, like somebody who just had incredible sex." David tossed him a towel. Roderick caught it and rubbed it over his arms and chest. "Who's ready for round two?" asked Eric. "Or, do we need to rest another fifteen seconds or so?" "If you ask me," said Genevieve, "I think we need to see if all five of us can fit in the shower."

Research confirmed that, yes, all five of them could fit in the shower. But it was a tight fit, and the men seemed uncomfortable being in such close proximity to each other. It was decided by unanimous vote that the shower sessions be taken in shifts, so Melissa and David went first, followed by Genevieve and Eric. "You know, real cabins don't have showers," Genevieve pointed out, lathering up her breasts. "You say that every time." "I think last time I phrased it differently. Kiss me." They emerged from the shower a few minutes later. "It's all yours," said Eric, as Roderick stepped into the bathroom. "I think we left a couple drops of hot water." "Very generous of you." *** Decisions, decisions... On one hand, Roderick still had Karen tied up in the other cabin. She might even be awake by now. What could be better than following an evening of kinky sex with a night of causing excruciating agony? Then again, there were definite possibilities here, too. More sex, yeah, but maybe something even better. He couldn't do anything if all five of them were fucking in the same room, but perhaps he could separate them. Get the big-titted brunette alone. Make her scream with pleasure. And then just make her scream. He shut off the water, thought about that terrific ass, and knew that the correct decision was pretty obvious.

- CHAPTER EIGHTEEN "So, you do this regularly?" asked Roderick. Melissa nodded. "Yep. The first weekend of every month." Roderick chuckled, took another swig of beer, and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. "Jeez. The only thing I do the first weekend of every month is pay my rent. I've been wasting my life." "Well, we don't usually invite strangers to join in," Eric explained. "I mean, we've never invited a stranger to join in. You're the first." "Congratulations!" said David. "You're now eligible for our door prize." Genevieve smiled and snuggled closer against Eric in the love seat. He patted her knee. They'd all gotten dressed again, which, like their chaste greetings, was always something that Genevieve found a bit strange. They could pile on a mattress and have sex together, but they always got dressed before sitting around and talking in between sessions. She noticed that Roderick kept eyeing Melissa, who sat next to David on the couch while Roderick relaxed in the recliner. That stud was still horny. She felt a little disappointed that his attraction was so clearly directed at Melissa over her, but she could deal with it. Melissa was a beautiful, sexy woman. No shame in having a guy lust more strongly for her. "I have to say, this was the most worthwhile car trouble I've ever experienced," said Roderick. "Hard to believe that I actually considered selling it." Their conversation soon drifted toward more trivial matters. Roderick cheerfully answered questions about himself, revealing that he was a former high school gym teacher and currently made his living as a real estate agent, but quickly shifted the discussion toward current movies. "I can't believe you liked that piece of crap," said David, after Genevieve explained how much she'd enjoyed a romantic comedy released last week. "There wasn't a single funny moment in the entire movie." "There were lots of them," Genevieve insisted. "And it wasn't meant to be laugh-outloud funny, it was just meant to be cute." "It sucked." "Don't make me send your ass back up to the loft." "Okay, so what's in the loft?" asked Roderick. "You've mentioned it twice now." "It's where bad people are punished," said Melissa, speaking in a ghostly monotone. "All fear the loft." "It's the bondage area," Eric explained. "When we were playing the games before, we had to stay up there as punishment for getting questions wrong." "Brutal game," said Roderick. "Tell me about it." "Any chance I could get a tour of this loft?" "Why?" asked Melissa. "Have you been bad?" Roderick shook his head. "I'm remarkably well-behaved." "Is that so?" "But I have a feeling that you aren't." "Oh, really?"

David looked over at Genevieve and Eric. "Am I the only one who thinks he shouldn't be eavesdropping on this conversation?" "I was thinking the same thing," said Eric. "Should we leave the room?" "What do you say?" Roderick asked Melissa. "Can I see the loft?" "That depends." Melissa turned to Genevieve. "Do you think you can handle being down here with these two sex maniacs?" Yes. Definitely. Absolutely. Positively. Unquestionably. Without a doubt. Fuck yeah. "Sure." Melissa raised an eyebrow at her husband. "David?" "Fine by me. Try not to break anything up there." Melissa grinned that wicked grin of hers, gave David a kiss, then climbed up into the loft with Roderick. Eric and David exchanged a look, simultaneously turned their attention to Genevieve, and pounced. *** Everything was red. Karen tiptoed through the cabin, looking curiously all around her. The walls, the floor, even the furniture had turned a dark red color. She held her hand in front of her face. It was red, too, as was her clothing. She tried to look in a mirror, but it cast no reflection. All she could see was a red, shimmering surface. She was so tired. She'd sit down for a moment and rest. Then she'd get out of the cabin and run far, far away from the monster. There was a red wooden chair in the living room. It looked comfortable. She walked over to it and sat down, letting out a yelp as cold, red liquid sprayed up over her legs. It was freezing. She was going to freeze to death. Her eyes turned red, and so did the world... ...as Karen opened her eyes and screamed. She was on the floor. Almost unbearable pain tore through her hand, which was now a swollen, grotesque part of her body that she barely recognized. She'd broken at least three of her fingers, heard the bones snap, but now she was free. She got to her feet. She was weak, dizzy, and sick to her stomach, but she was alive, and she had to be strong. He could come back at any moment, and she wanted to be out of there before it happened. She slowly, shakily made her way out of the bedroom and toward the cabin door. *** Roderick nodded with approval at the set-up. Melissa hurried forward, the floorboards creaking with each step, and gestured grandly to the exercise equipment as if she were a showing off prizes on a game show. Roderick whistled. "Very impressive."

"You think so?" "Yeah. Take off your clothes." "Must I?" "You must. Take them off now. I want to see everything." Melissa pulled her shirt over her head. She hadn't put her bra back on after the shower. She dropped the shirt onto the floor, put her hands on her hips, and faced him, bare-breasted. "Still like what you see?" Roderick nodded. "Get rid of the rest." "My, my. I think somebody's a wee bit impatient." "I think somebody needs to learn to obey." "So that's the game we're playing, is it?" "What makes you so sure it's a game?" "Dangerous guy. I like that." Melissa unfastened her jeans, turned around, and wiggled out of them, moving her butt in small circles. She discarded the jeans and faced him again. "Panties, too," Roderick ordered. "Make me." "You don't want that." "Don't be so sure." "Take off your panties." "Show me your cock and I might." Roderick fixed her with a steely gaze. "There's only one rule to this game, so I want to make sure you understand it completely. You will do whatever I say. Got it?" "Oooooh...so serious!" "Got it?" "You've got a nice boner going on under those jeans." "Got it?" Melissa closed her eyes and lowered her head in mock penitence. "I've got it, master." "Repeat it." "I will do whatever you say, except windows." She giggled. "I can see that you're going to take some work," said Roderick, cracking his knuckles. "You're probably right." "That's okay. I'm not a man who's afraid of a little hard work. Take off the panties." "Wait a second, we should probably have a safe word first." "What?" "You know, the word to let you know that I really want you to stop something, that we're not playing anymore." "Of course. How about...blood?" "You're a sick one, Mr. Grinch." "I'm just a victim of society." Melissa grinned. "Okay, blood it is," she said, sliding down her panties. *** Genevieve stood with her arms in the air as Eric pulled off her shirt and David lowered her jeans. Her panties followed, and she stood there, gloriously naked.

Then it was her turn to undress the men. She switched back and forth, pulling off Eric's shirt, David's shirt, Eric's pants, and David's pants. She gave them each a generous kiss through the fabric before sliding off their underwear. Fantastic. Everybody was naked again. The two men sandwiched her: David pressed against her back and Eric pressed against her front, her nipples hard against his chest. She kissed her husband deeply, passionately, their tongues sliding over each other. David kissed her shoulders and the back of her neck, his already hard cock pressing against her ass. She felt so warm and protected. After about a minute, she twisted herself around so that she was now facing David. She kissed him the same way, as Eric ran his hands over her shoulders and arms. Eric's penis also pressed against her ass, and she leaned forward just a bit to let him ease it between the cheeks. Though she never allowed penetration, she certainly enjoyed anal play. His hands slid down to cup her buttocks as he slowly worked his cock between them. David's hands caressed her sides. Two hot, sexy guys all to herself. Whatever Melissa was doing upstairs, it couldn't be better than this. Not a chance. David kissed her lips for a moment longer, then kissed a lingering path down her chest, between her breasts, and down her belly. She was particularly ticklish by her navel, but David knew this and to his credit did not take advantage of the situation. Eric kept kissing her shoulders as he gently worked the head of his cock around her anus. He knew not to go too far, although someday (not today) she was going to give the whole anal sex thing another shot. The stimulation did feel good. David, now on his knees, ran his hands over her thighs as he planted kisses just over her bald pussy. She sighed happily and closed her eyes. David's lips moved downward, kissing tenderly. Eric wrapped his arms around her and cupped her breasts in his hands, softly kneading them. And then David used his tongue. *** Roderick stared at Melissa's beautiful pussy as he walked across the room. He didn't think he'd ever seen one quite that aesthetically pleasing. She wasn't the tightest he'd ever been with, but it did feel damn good on the inside. Too bad he'd left his knife downstairs in his jacket pocket. He could shave her. "Move your feet apart," he said. She did so without protest. Her pussy looked even better like this. He was half-tempted to drag her down to the floor and fuck her like she'd never been fucked in her life (as a good submissive, she'd have to deal with the splinters in her ass), but no, he'd be patient. No need to rush things. He'd make a game out of it. That's what this weekend was all about, right? He tugged on the chin-up bar, which had a pair of fur-lined handcuffs dangling from it. "There are some screws near the bottom. If you loosen those you can lower the bar," Melissa said. "Did I ask for your help?"

"No." "That's 'no, master.'" Melissa frowned just a bit, so he grinned to reassure her that it was all just play. "No, master," she said. "When I want an answer from you, I will ask the question. Understand?" "Yes, master." "Do I need to spank your ass so you won't forget next time?" She shook her head. "I'm not into the spanking thing," she said. "We can have fun, but no S&M-type stuff, okay?" "Okay. Then turn around and give your own ass a slap for your master." Melissa turned around, bent over so that one hand was almost touching her toes, and used the other hand to give one of her buttocks a nice smack. God, Roderick wanted to just grab her waist and thrust into her. No. Chill out. You've had that pussy before, and you'll get it again before too long. With a nice bonus. Melissa straightened back up. "Did I spank myself in a way that was acceptable to your perverted eyes, Master?" "You did." "Cool." "I'm going to lower this bar. Your job is to stand there and get horny like a good girl." *** It was a good thing that Eric was standing behind her, or Genevieve would have lost her balance. Oral sex always made her weak in the knees. David licked her with long, light strokes. Genevieve placed her own hands over Eric's, encouraging him to squeeze her breasts harder. David's tongue stiffened and licked her more intimately. She parted her legs even further to give him better access. "I love you," Eric whispered into her ear. "Mmmmmm, I love you, too," she replied. He was so hard. He continued rubbing against her ass, and she wondered how David would react if Eric's cock suddenly slipped and popped out between her legs where he was licking. Probably not well. She ran her hand through David's hair. "Let's go to the couch," she said. Genevieve sat down and the men joined her, Eric on her left, David on her right. She licked both of her palms in turn, took a cock in each hand, and stroked them. They felt so warm and stiff in her hands. It was almost unfair that she should get two hard cocks while so many women around the world didn't even have one to enjoy, but she wasn't about to donate them to charity. "You like that?" she asked Eric. "Oh yeah." "What about you, David?" "It's wonderful."

"I'm glad you like it." Eric leaned over and took the breast closest to him in his mouth. David immediately did the same thing. Genevieve shivered as pleasure shot through her body. "Oh...this is nice..." she gasped. The men kept sucking her breasts as she kept stroking their cocks. David was sucking harder, and she realized that she was unintentionally stroking him harder as well. Eric gently pulled her left leg toward him and caressed her inner thigh as his mouth worked her nipple. After a moment, David saw what was going on and pulled her other leg toward him to give it the same treatment. She could feel herself getting wetter. David's tongue rapidly moved across her nipple as he sucked it between his lips. Eric lapped at her other nipple. It felt so, so good. Every woman needed to experience having both of her breasts sucked at the same time at least once in her life. They needed to set up some sort of federal legislation about that. What was happening to Melissa right now? Was she having her own breasts attended to? Was she fastened to the exercise equipment, helpless to resist Roderick's tongue as it swirled through her pubic hair? Maybe she was lying on her stomach on the bench press, Roderick standing behind her, his cock fully erect and moments away from sliding deep into her. So many nice possibilities up there.

- CHAPTER NINETEEN "Comfortable?" Melissa tugged on the cuffs that held her hands over her head. "Am I supposed to be?" "Sure." "Then yes." "Good." Roderick stepped back and stared at her body again. Those were some perky fucking nipples. A trickle of moisture running down her inner leg showed just how aroused this whole bondage scenario was making her. "What do you want me to do to you?" he asked. "You mean I get a choice?" "I didn't say that." "I want you to expose that great cock of yours. Then I want you to masturbate in front of me." "Technically, that's not something I'm doing to you." "No, but it's something you're doing for me. So do it." Roderick shook his head. "No." "Please?" "Not a chance." "You're not shy all of a sudden, are you?" "Nope. It's just that the naked woman handcuffed to the bar doesn't get to decide what we're going to do." "So why'd you ask?" Roderick smiled. "To show you that you have no decision-making abilities at this moment." "Gosh, I feel so vulnerable." "And you are." He stepped right in front of her, so close that he could feel her warm breath on his chest. "I really think you should get nekkid," said Melissa. "Sorry." "Aw." "It won't matter anyway, because you don't get to see what's happening." He stood silently in front of her for another few seconds, then moved away and picked up her shirt. He returned to his spot in front of her and held it up to her face. "Close your eyes." "I think we may have a real blindfold downstairs. I'd go get it but I'm sort of in bondage right now." "This will be fine. Close your eyes." She closed them. Roderick stood motionless just long enough to hopefully make her uncomfortable, then folded the t-shirt into a thick strip and pressed it over her eyes. He tied it tightly around the back of her head. "Too tight?" Melissa shook her head. "It's fine." "Can you see?" "Yeah. There's a hot guy with a really big dick standing in front of me."

"You will learn respect for your master. I promise." "Okay, okay. No, I can't see. You did a good job tying it, Master." "That's better." He stood in place for another long moment, then walked around behind her. *** "I think this is the wettest I've ever felt your wife," said David, using his index finger to massage Genevieve's pussy from the inside. "Really? Let me check." David slid his finger out and Eric replaced it with his own. "Holy shit." "I can't help being horny," said Genevieve. "Your erections seem to be particularly perky tonight, I might add." Eric pushed his finger in deeper, then effortlessly slid his middle finger inside of her as well. He began to work his fingers back and forth as he rubbed his thumb against her clitoris. David ran his fingers across her breast, leaving a trail of her wetness. She spread her legs wider. She wondered if both men would be willing to put their fingers inside her at the same time. She couldn't imagine that there was anything latently homosexual about such an act, but she'd never asked and they'd never offered. Eric continued to stimulate her while David attended to her breasts. But she was already dripping wet and ready to move out of the foreplay stage of this particular encounter. "Let's fuck," she suggested. Eric pulled out his fingers and moved aside as she stood up and turned toward the couch so he could take her from behind. David, staying on the couch, got on his knees, putting his penis in a strategic location for the next activity. Genevieve bent over and placed one hand on each of David's legs, bracing herself as she leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth. Eric grabbed her by the waist and immediately slid into her, fucking her at a rapid, steady pace. He was thrusting in deep. It was actually kind of hard to maintain concentration on other tasks at hand when it felt that good, but she simply couldn't neglect David's cock. She sucked it and licked it all over as Eric continued pumping. It was a pretty messy blowjob. Saliva dangled from his cock and balls as she licked it, and she could feel a trickle running down her chin. Oh well. Kinky sex was no time to be tidy. Eric leaned closer to her, his chest pressed against her back, and placed tender kisses on the back of her neck. At this new angle, his cock rubbed her differently, and she nearly shrieked with pleasure. He reached his hands around and tightly squeezed her breasts. "I love you," Eric said. "Fuck me," Genevieve replied. They hadn't set the egg timer, but she figured that they went at it like this for about five minutes before her legs started to cramp up. She gave David's cock one last lick, then extricated herself from the two men. She flopped down onto her back on the mattress and spread her legs as wide as she possibly could. David climbed on top of her and entered her. Sucking Eric while she was being fucked in the missionary position would be a little awkward, but this position did leave both of her hands free. "Hand jobs!" she announced, waving her right hand. "Get your hand jobs here!"

Eric knelt down next to her. She took his slippery cock in her hand, stroking it slowly. David's cock was ramming into her with sledgehammer strokes. Under other circumstances it might have even been painful, but with her incredible wetness it felt nothing but good. She wrapped her legs around him, using them to pull him into her with even more force. *** Melissa could feel Roderick's presence behind her, but he wasn't doing anything. Bondage games were a hell of a lot of fun. Not that she could ever completely get into them and take them seriously. She'd fucked this guy about two years ago who was totally into the whole slave/master thing, and he'd gotten pissed when she couldn't entirely lose herself in the role. He'd finally ripped off his executioner's mask, thrown it to the floor, and given her an angry fucking that felt great but was over in seconds. She felt bad for ruining his domination fantasy, but she wasn't going to apologize for being playful and goofy. "Helloooooooo," she said. "Is anybody out there?" Silence. "I'm searching for a great big dick. I hear there's one hanging around this place...well, hopefully not hanging any more. Can anybody help me? Anybody?" More silence. Then he blew gently on the back of her neck. Melissa shivered. She felt Roderick lean in closer, then he blew into her left ear, followed by the right. "You're mine tonight," he whispered. "Mmm-hmmm." She felt his finger touch her back, directly between her shoulder blades, and then move in a slow, winding trail down her spine. He stopped as he reached the top of her buttocks, held his finger there for a long moment, and then took it away. Melissa stood there. Waiting. She flinched a bit in surprise as his hands touched her ass cheeks. "Nervous?" he asked. "Maybe. You're a pretty scary guy." She thought she heard him chuckle. He moved his hands against her ass some more, then moved them apart, spreading her buttocks. "You naughty boy," she said. "You like that?" "Yeah." "You want my tongue there?" "Yeah." "Does your husband lick you there?" "Occasionally." "Only occasionally?" "It's not really his thing." "It's my thing." "Then we'll get along fine," said Melissa.

Roderick kissed his way down her spine, and she sighed as the tip of his tongue probed between her spread cheeks. Ah, the bliss of a man who wasn't afraid to put his tongue down there. Roderick was certainly not afraid. His tongue moved gracefully and thoroughly, and before long he was using far more than the tip. "Oh, yeah," said Melissa, really getting into it. "Lick my ass. Put your tongue all over it. Show me what you can do." He reached around with his left hand and ran his fingers through her pubic hair. "Yeah, baby," she said. "Touch me." *** "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Guys loved a woman who could sound like a porn star, and Genevieve had the dialogue down pat. David was fucking her hard and fast, grunting with each thrust. "Hold on a second," said Genevieve. "Lift up." She unwrapped her legs from around his ass and David raised himself over her body. Genevieve lifted her right leg in the air, grabbed her ankle, and pulled it down to her chest as far as she could. She'd quit doing yoga years ago, but she was still nice and limber. "Okay, as you were." David started fucking her again, penetrating her even more deeply. She wasn't doing a very good job tending to Eric's penis, but he seemed engrossed by the show in front of him and not particularly bothered by the lack of attention. She let David do her for about another minute, then requested a trade. As David pulled out and moved out of the way, she put her other leg in the air and wrapped her arms around them. Eric squatted in front of her, slid into her pussy, and fucked her with both of her legs balanced on his left shoulder. This was awkward and tiring, so after a few moments Genevieve let go of her legs and placed one on each of his shoulders. Eric fucked her hard while David watched. Then they traded back. *** "Oh, Christ! You can't fucking believe how good that feels," Melissa said, straining against her handcuffs. Roderick continued licking her while he expertly stroked her clitoris. She was going to come. "Oh, God, just like that..." she moaned. "Don't stop...I'm almost there...please don't stop...oh my God...oooohhhh..." Roderick stopped. She whimpered. "Not yet," he said, standing up behind her. "You are so cruel," she told him. "It wouldn't be any fun if I let you come already," Roderick explained. "Anyway, if you screamed, you'd disturb the people downstairs." "What do you think they're doing?" "Want me to peek downstairs and check?"

"No way. You might not come back." "Oh, I'm sure I would." Roderick walked around in front of her. She couldn't quite tell how close he was. "Want me to fuck you while you stand there?" "I could probably go for that." "Or, do you want me to lick your pussy?" "Another fine option." "I think I'll lick your pussy, and then fuck you." She heard him crouch down, then his mouth was on her, tongue moving vigorously over her vagina, lips pressed tightly over her as if making a seal. He gobbled away hungrily, and she thought she was going to die from the ecstasy.

- CHAPTER TWENTY Genevieve was on her hands and knees, sucking Eric's cock while David fucked her from behind. It was a good, reliable, fun position, ensuring that everybody got plenty of attention. Of course, the woman received more than her share, but some things just couldn't be helped. *** Melissa was sure that she was going to break the chin-up bar if she kept tugging so hard on the handcuffs, but she couldn't help herself. Roderick's pussy-licking abilities were beyond compare. The best she'd ever experienced, not that she would ever tell David, or even Eric, this. She wanted to take this guy home, store him under the bed, and take him out to perform sex toy duties on a regular basis. She came again. The third time since he'd started licking. "I can't take this any more," she gasped. "Undo the handcuffs. I want to suck your cock while you lick me." Roderick pulled his tongue away. "No way." "Then fuck me." "How about I nibble you?" He began to nibble her inner thigh. "That kind of tickles." He nibbled harder. "How about that?" "That's fine." He nibbled a path up her left leg, paused to lick her pussy a few more times, and then nibbled up her tummy and to her breasts. "I could just eat you all up," he said. "Well, you were sure doing a good job before." He nibbled her shoulder. "Your skin tastes good." "Ow!" She flinched as he bit a little too hard. "That hurt?" "A little, yeah." "Sorry." He nibbled her shoulder in the same place, just as hard. "Ow! I wasn't kidding, that hurt." "I apologize," said Roderick. "I just get carried away with your beautiful, delicious skin." "Now you're being creepy." "You don't like creepy?" "Not particularly, no." "That's too bad." Roderick reached around her head, and the blindfold fell away. She blinked a few times as her vision came back into focus. Roderick was grinning. "Why are your clothes still on?" she demanded. "I like being the one with the power." "Well, lose 'em. I came up here to see a cock, and it's very unfair of you to keep it locked away like that." "Would you like me to fuck you with it?"

"Hell yeah." "Would you moan with pleasure?" "Probably." "Would you scream?" "If you did it right." "Well, we can't have that." Roderick pressed the shirt over her mouth as a gag and tied it behind her head. Way too tight. She shook her head. "You don't like that?" She kept shaking her head and tried to speak, but her words were muffled. "But I like it. And I'm the one in charge." Melissa shook her head more vigorously. This wasn't fun anymore. The game was getting out of hand. *** Now David was fucking her again, and Genevieve felt the oncoming orgasm rushing toward her. "Harder," she whispered, after having a bit of trouble getting Eric's cock out of her mouth. David fucked harder. "I'm gonna come," she whispered. "Please make me come." David picked up the pace even more, smacking against her ass with such force that it was almost like getting a spanking. She sucked on Eric's cock hungrily, frantically, wanting him to come in her mouth at the same time she came herself. But he'd better do it quick... She let out a cry, mostly muffled by Eric's penis, as her entire body stiffened and the orgasm hit. Genevieve could recall her top five orgasms of all time. Three of them had been with Eric. Though this particular one did not unseat number five (when Eric had rubbed her pussy underneath the table of a hugely expensive restaurant while she enjoyed the most delicious roasted duck imaginable), she was pretty sure that this one earned a spot on the top ten. So great was her reaction that she had to pull away from Eric's cock to make sure that she didn't make any involuntary movements that might cause problems. As her head thrashed, David pulled out of her, and seconds later she felt his hot, thick semen covering her ass, a sensation that made her come even harder. She clenched Eric's penis in her right hand and stroked it, desperately wanting him to come. She moved her hand away as he began to masturbate. A few strokes was all it took, and as the orgasm overtook him he ejaculated with amazing force, completely covering her willing tongue and spraying onto her breasts. She knew that many women found this kind of thing demeaning, but she loved it. She really would've made a good porn star. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she just lay on the mattress, surrounded by two of her favorite men in the whole world. ***

Roderick was nibbling on her shoulder again. Hard. She tried to tell him to knock it the hell off, but her words were incoherent even if the message should have been perfectly clear. He looked her in the eyes and smiled. It was not a friendly smile. "You can scream all you want, but they'll think they're good sounds, like the ones you've been making since we got up here." He crackled his knuckles. "I sure wish I had my knife." Oh dear God. He was going to kill her. No. That wasn't possible. He was just taking the game too far, that was all. "How exactly does one bring delightful pain to a tied-up woman without a knife?" Roderick wondered aloud, stroking his chin thoughtfully. "I could beat you to death, but that would lack grace. But you know, that nibbling thing worked pretty well." He bit down on her shoulder, so hard that she cried out beneath the gag. "What if I just bit you to death? I'm not talking about cannibalism or anything sick like that...just lots of tiny bites. Bloody bites. I'll bite. You'll bleed. You'll hurt. You'll die." He couldn't be doing this. Not with Dave, Eric, and Gigi downstairs. He just couldn't be that insane. How could he get away with this? Roderick seemed to know what she was thinking. "There's something you should know about me, Melissa. I don't care if I live or die. I might die in fifty years. I might die five minutes from now...it doesn't matter to me either way. All I care about is how I go. And, I've gotta admit, it's pretty appealing to think that I might go after ripping a gorgeous little thing like yourself apart with my bare teeth." She wanted to try to reason with him, beg for mercy, plead for her life, but there was nothing she could do. She was naked, terrified, and helpless. Help was so close. Tears trickled down her cheeks. Roderick wiped one away with his index finger. "Now, now, there's no need to cry." He pretended to consider that. "Oh, wait, I guess there is. Cry all you want. It'll let me know I'm doing things right." He tenderly kissed her forehead, and kissed a trail across her right arm as she writhed and tried to pull away from him. He kissed each of her fingers in turn, then gently took her pinky into his mouth and pressed his teeth against it.

- CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to get some fresh air," said Eric, pulling on his shirt. "Maybe I should check on the happy couple upstairs," said David. Genevieve grinned. "Oh, the sights you'll see!" David finished getting dressed. "I dunno, they've been kind of quiet up there. Maybe they fell asleep." "Maybe they could use another couple of hands," Genevieve suggested. "Maybe." David walked over to the ladder and called up into the loft. "Hey, how's it going up there?" There was no response. "This is the police!" David announced. "We understand that there are acts of debauchery and sexual misconduct taking place up there! Allow us to join in or you'll all be arrested!" "Come and get me, coppers!" shouted Roderick from upstairs. "I'll murderize the lot of youse!" Genevieve and Eric put on their shoes as David peeked up at the entrance to the loft. "Mind if I come up?" "It's pretty scary up here," Roderick replied. "I'd only come up if you're strong of heart." David waved goodbye to Genevieve and Eric as they headed for the door. "Hey, Missy, you in the mood for a spectator?" "She can't talk right now," said Roderick. "Her mouth is occupied." "Stay out of trouble," Genevieve told David, as she and Eric stepped outside into the cool night air. They closed the door behind them as David began to climb the ladder. *** "Having fun?" Eric asked, taking Genevieve's hand. "Always." "I'm glad. Me too. Hopefully Missy's having just as much fun." "I'm sure she is," said Genevieve. "We could join 'em." "Nah." "I dunno," said Eric. "The group sex thing is a blast, but I don't think I could handle you going up into an attic to screw a stranger." "They're definitely open-minded." "Well, so are we, but...I guess the limits to my open-mindedness are when you've got sex going on without the spouse present." Eric considered that. "That sounds warped, doesn't it?" "Yeah, but we like warped." "Warped is good." ***

David climbed into the loft. Roderick, fully clothed, was standing in front of Melissa. His large body covered most of her, except for her extended arms and legs. He'd handcuffed her to the chin-up bar. Kinky. Roderick spun around to face him. "Sir, there is a naked woman present! Avert your eyes immediately! Her honor is at stake!" "I will do no such thing," said David, walking forward. "I will gaze upon those breasts and partake of that pussy!" Roderick chuckled. "I'm gonna use that line next time I'm in a bar. 'Hey, babe, I'd like to partake of your pussy.'" "I'll expect royalties." "You can have the first six thrusts." "Sounds good." David cocked his head to try to get a glimpse of Melissa. "Hey, honey, I'm not interrupting, am I?" Roderick stepped out of the way. Melissa stood there, completely naked, a gag over her mouth. That was weird. She always hated anything that kept her from making noise during sex. It was hard to see in this dim light, but her face looked tear-stained. Worse. She looked terrified. What the hell was going on up here? David continued walking forward. "Hey, sweetie, is everything okay?" She violently shook her head. The blow came so quickly that David struck the floor almost before he registered that he'd been hit. A white-hot flash of pain shot through the side of his head as he landed on his side, twisting his right arm. Just as quickly, Roderick grabbed him by the shirt, yanked him to his feet, and flung him against the wall. He smashed against his already-injured arm, numbing it instantly, then fell to the floor. David's vision was blurred. He sensed rather than saw Roderick standing above him. He tensed his body, preparing himself for a brutal kick. He got it. The force of the kick sent him rolling onto his stomach. Sharp pain tore into his side, as if he'd broken a rib, and the taste of blood filled his mouth. "What's the matter?" asked Roderick. "Does it hurt? Did you get an ouchie?" David lifted his head and blinked. Melissa was desperately trying to break free of her restraints. If David didn't do something, didn't stop that madman, Roderick would hurt her. Maybe he already had. That son of a bitch was not going to touch his wife again. *** Genevieve screamed as a girl burst out of the forest in front of them. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry!" said the girl, her voice filled with panic. "I was hiding...I thought you were him!" The girl dropped to her knees. Her arm was covered with blood and one of her hands was...ruined. "What happened to you?" Genevieve asked. The girl, who seemed on the verge of hyperventilating, burst into tears. "This...this..." Genevieve bent down next to her. "It's okay. You'll be okay."

"...this guy..." "What guy?" "He...he tied me up..." Her chest heaved with each sob, and her words were difficult to understand. "Who?" "...he...he cut me..." "I'll go grab the cell phone from inside," said Eric. "Let's get her back to the cabin." "I don't know where he is," the girl said, her entire body trembling. "Who? Tell us who?" "A man. Big. Long hair. He tied me up in the cabin." "A big guy? What was he wearing?" "A leather jacket." Fuck! She and Eric exchanged a horrified glance, then Eric began to ran for the cabin. *** "Why even bother?" asked Roderick, prodding David with his toe. "You think you're gonna kick my ass? You think you're gonna give me a whuppin' I'll never forget?" David put all of his energy into trying to push himself up to a sitting position. His arm crumpled beneath him and his chin struck the floor. "Ooooooh, that looked painful. You know what I was gonna do to your wife? I was going to bite off all of her fingers. Then maybe her nose. And then...oh, I can think of lots more fun places to bite." "I'll kill you," said David, his lungs burning. "No, I'm thinking that's unlikely. I might die tonight, but it's not gonna be because of you." He walked over to David and held his foot high above David's left hand. "What do you think, naked bondage chick? How many bones can I break in his hand with one stomp? I'm guessing fifteen." Roderick slammed his foot down. David yanked his hand out of the way. "Good reflexes," said Roderick, nodding appreciatively. "I guess you'd have to have them to handle a little hellcat like this, huh? Let's try that again." David pressed his arms against his chest, so Roderick walked over and held his foot above David's leg. "Not as many bones here, but let's see what we can do, okay?" Melissa wailed beneath the gag. *** "Eric! Wait!" Genevieve cried out. "Be careful!" Eric rushed over to the front door of the cabin, but then stopped and forced himself to calm down. Roderick didn't know they were on to him. He needed to handle this casually and carefully. He opened the front door as quietly as possible. There was a loud thump, followed by a piercing shriek. David.

Oh, Christ. He quickly tiptoed across the main room, toward the bedroom. The shrieking continued. Eric entered the bedroom, hurried over to the dresser, and opened the top drawer. He pulled out a heavy plastic box and spun the combination dial. 13 left. 24 right. 6 left. He tugged on the lid, but it wouldn't move. Shit! No, no...it was 24 left, 13 right. He redid the combination. The lid popped open, and he removed the loaded revolver. Genevieve stepped into the cabin as he walked out of the bedroom. He put a finger to his lips as he moved over to the ladder. "Don't go up there!" Genevieve whispered, terrified. "I have to!" he whispered back. "Call the cops!" Eric cocked the revolver, then stood there, silently, listening as David's agonized screams faded. The floorboards squeaked. The fucker was on the other side of the room. Eric climbed up the ladder as quickly as possible. *** Roderick almost burst into laughter at the idiot's comical expression of horror as he climbed into the loft. But the idiot also had a gun, so that didn't seem like a good idea. "Get your fucking hands in the air!" Eric screamed. Roderick put his hands in the air without protest. Eric looked all over the room, taking it in. David lay against the wall, body contorted, moaning in pain, but still making some feeble effort to move. "We've called the police," said Eric. "Shouldn't you have called an ambulance? Your friend here looks like he could use a Band-Aid." "Shut the fuck up!" "Good thing you used the word 'fuck.' I wouldn't have known you were serious otherwise." "I said shut up!" "See, I'm not as convinced this time." Eric's hands were quivering. He was scared shitless, and clearly wasn't the kind of guy who could shoot somebody in cold blood. Getting the gun away from him would be relatively easy. *** "Eric!" Genevieve cried out. "What's happening?" "It's okay!" Eric assured her from the loft. "I've got him covered. We're not going anywhere until the police get here!"

Genevieve was still on the line with 911, and they'd already dispatched help, but it wasn't like there was a friendly neighborhood police station nearby. "Be careful!" she shouted. Her head was throbbing and her stomach was clenched so tightly that she thought it might rupture. *** "Be careful. That's good advice. You might not have thought of that otherwise." "I told you to shut up!" said Eric, waving the gun. "You're right, you did. My bad." "I mean it." "Did you hear your friend scream? It was kind of girly, if you ask me." He gestured toward Melissa. "I really have to question whether a man with a girly scream like that deserves to fuck a fine woman like this on a regular basis. I mean, look at those tits. Those are tits for a manly man to handle. You agree with me, right?" Eric didn't respond. He kept the gun fixed on Roderick's chest. But his hands were still shaking. "You only heard his girly scream from downstairs. Up here, it was even worse. It was a lot like--" Roderick let loose with a scream so loud that it hurt the back of his throat and rushed forward. Eric fired. The shot sliced across Roderick's upper arm. Roderick used that same arm to punch Eric in the face so hard that he was literally lifted off the ground. As he landed on his back, Roderick wondered if he might have even snapped the poor bastard's neck. That would be cool. He'd never done that before. Eric lay there, stunned. Roderick casually reached down and picked up the revolver. Eric turned his head, so his neck wasn't broken. Too bad. He cocked the gun and pointed it at Eric's face. Nah, bad idea. He might need the bullets later. Maybe he'd even get to take out some cops. "You've been most gracious hosts," he said, stepping on Eric's arm as he walked toward the ladder. "I don't think I'll be seeing you again, but I do look forward to doing horrible things to your wife later tonight." *** Genevieve stood, frozen, listening for some sign of what was happening upstairs. Had Eric shot Roderick? Was it the other way around? Oh, God, don't let Eric be hurt. Please. A leg appeared on the ladder. Definitely not Eric's. As Genevieve rushed for the cabin door, she heard Roderick leap down from the ladder.

She ran out of the cabin, colliding with the girl. They both fell to the ground. Genevieve rolled over to see Roderick standing in the doorway, pointing Eric's revolver at both of them. *** Holy shit! She'd gotten free. Roderick could see that it hadn't been easy. What she'd done to her hand made even him cringe. What sweet irony to go through all of that to escape only to get caught again. He loved irony. But he loved feisty victims even more. He couldn't take both of them, and Genevieve would be a hell of a lot more fun. By this point, Karen looked half-dead. "Get up," he told Genevieve. "Now." She got to her feet. "What did you do to Eric?" "Shot him in the face. It was gross." She immediately burst into tears. Roderick wished he had a camera handy. "Throw that phone into the woods before I shoot it out of your hand," he said. Genevieve did as she was told. "Good girl. Now c'mere." "No." "Don't tell me no, bitch," he said, pointing the barrel of the revolver at her mouth. "Come here." She hesitantly took a step forward. Roderick walked through the doorway, grabbed her by the hair, and yanked her back inside the cabin, keeping the gun pointed at her. He threw her to the floor. "Eric!" she screamed. "Are you okay?" No response. Roderick quickly surveyed the room until he found was he was looking for on the table. He picked up the key ring, pulled Genevieve to her feet again, put his arm around her chest, and dragged her back towards the doorway. *** Genevieve struggled and tried to scratch at him, but Roderick was just too big of a guy. She clawed at the wound on his arm, making him wince, but then he began to squeeze, crushing her, and she stopped struggling. He dragged her out to David's truck, opened the driver's side door, and pushed her inside. "Scoot the fuck over," he ordered, keeping the gun pointed at her. She slid across the seat to the passenger side. "Good. Following instructions will keep you alive for a while." He started the engine, turned on the headlights, and drove away from the cabin.

- CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO "Why so glum?" asked Roderick, after they'd driven in silence for about five minutes. "Fuck you." Though she pretended to be staring ahead in shock, she was keeping a close watch on him out of the corner of her eye. He was too damn sure of himself. He'd relax a bit too much, and then she'd fuck him up for life. She was getting back to Eric. No matter what. Eric had to be alive. Roderick claimed to have shot him in the face, but Roderick himself had been shot in the arm. She'd only heard the gun go off once. Roderick could have killed him some other way, but then why lie about shooting him? No, Eric had to still be alive. She prayed the same was true about Melissa and David. "I don't see any need to be rude," said Roderick. "It was a simple question." "And I gave you a simple answer." "You did. You've got me there." They drove in silence for another minute. "What are you going to do to me?" she finally asked. "Hurt you. Then kill you." "Why?" Roderick shrugged. "It's what I do. We're just going to find a nice, secluded place. Then I'm going to make sure that you're only fit for a closed casket funeral." He tapped her on the leg with the revolver. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did that bum you out?" "Fuck you." "Gotta love those simple answers." "Why would you want to kill me? Why not make me your goddamn sex slave or something?" "Not my style." "Oh, you only fuck willing women?" "That's right." "That seems kind of strange." "I'm a strange guy." "So you wouldn't fuck me right now?" Roderick chuckled. "Oh, is this a seduction attempt? Gosh, I'd better pull over and jump your bones right now to give you a chance to escape." "You were a great fuck." "Thank you very much." "I'd fuck you anytime, psycho asshole or not." "Gigi, sweetie, I'm not falling for it. Save it." "I liked sucking your cock. I'd blow you right now if you wanted me to. Do you think you could drive the truck and come in my mouth at the same time?" "I could do more than that." "Could you rub my wet pussy at the same time?" "Oh, I'm sure I could."

"Could you fuck me?" "I'm sorry, what exactly were you trying to accomplish with this discussion again?" "I'm trying to get laid." "You got plenty laid this evening." "So I'm a nympho. Wanna fuck me?" "Maybe later." "I'll let you take me in the ass." "Is that so?" "I don't even let Eric fuck me in the ass, but I'd let you, if you used enough lube." "I think I've got some WD-40 in the glove compartment." "Why not pull over, bend me over the hood of the truck, and fuck me up the ass? You'll like it. I promise to be nice and tight for you." Roderick shook his head with amusement. "Are you having fun with this little game?" "It's not a game." "Bullshit it's not a game." "We played games earlier tonight. I'm done with that. I wanna fuck. I want you to suck my tits. I want to press my pussy so tight against your mouth that it nearly suffocates you." "Wouldn't be a bad way to go." "Fuck me." "I don't think so." "Fuck me." Roderick's expression turned serious. "You're starting to piss me off." "Why? Because I'm talking about having your big hard cock in my tight ass? Because I want you to ram that thing right through my--" She grabbed his wrist with both hands and dug her fingernails into the skin as hard as she possibly could. The gun went off. The front windshield exploded in a spray of safety glass. Genevieve grabbed the gun by the barrel, wincing as it burned her hand. They struggled for a couple of seconds until the truck went off the side of the road, swiping against one tree and colliding head-on with another. A branch came through the broken windshield, ripping across Roderick's cheek. She twisted her hands, opening his wrist with her fingernails and making him drop the gun. But he got in a punch with his other hand. It was a glancing blow that struck the side of her face, but it knocked her against the door. Genevieve threw open the door as he reached down for the gun, crying out in rage. He tried to grab her with his injured hand, but she kicked it, striking his palm and making something crack. She dove out of the truck as he fired the gun. He missed. Keeping her head down, she ran to the back of the truck as she heard Roderick scooting over to the passenger side of the vehicle. Eric kept the gun fully loaded. That meant Roderick still had three bullets. She could run off into the woods, but he was definitely faster than her. He'd have no trouble hunting her down or shooting her in the back as she ran. Shit!

She heard footsteps as Roderick got out of the truck and ran toward the back. Genevieve hurried around to the driver's side, keeping her head low enough that he couldn't see her. He got off another shot as she ran behind the tree they'd crashed into. She swore that she could feel the bullet as it flew past her head. Roderick only had two shots left. If she could get him to miss twice more...well, he'd just catch her and beat her to death against a tree. She could hear him running. He was right behind her. She was going to die and never see Eric again. Genevieve ran forward, striking a thin branch that painfully jabbed her in the stomach. She lost her balance and nearly tumbled to the ground. She grabbed at the branch and snapped it off as she struggled to keep from falling. Roderick came around the tree. She spun toward him, lunging at him with the branch. He fired. She didn't feel the bullet, just her own blood hitting her face. Roderick howled and clutched at his left eye, the branch protruding between his hands. He dropped the gun. Roderick stumbled backwards, striking the tree. Genevieve barely even registered that she couldn't move her left arm as she picked up the gun with her right hand. She took careful aim at Roderick and shot him in the upper leg. He went down. Genevieve's ears rang so badly that she barely even heard his screams as she returned to the truck.

- EPILOGUE No. It wasn't supposed to be like this! Roderick lay in the back of the ambulance, strapped down to the stretcher. This wasn't fair! He was supposed to go out in glory, not get taken away like some common criminal. He'd been too weak to even resist the cops. He couldn't spend the rest of his life in prison. That wasn't his fate. That wasn't how things were supposed to end for him. He struggled against the straps. The searing pain in his eye, or what had been his eye, was unbearable. Why hadn't she shot him in the heart? "Kill me," he whispered to the medic. "Please." A half-blind prison inmate. No. It couldn't be. It wasn't fair. Roderick wept. *** "Go fish." "Shit." David picked up a card. "Does anybody have any threes?" asked Genevieve. The games this month were slightly less elaborate. David was still in a wheelchair, and Genevieve still wore a sling, so they were keeping things simple. She'd kept in touch with Karen, who was doing pretty well, all things considered. She was going to have nasty scars on her arm for the rest of her life, but her hand was healing even faster than the doctors anticipated. Genevieve and Eric had discussed putting a stop to the weekend games, but ultimately decided against it. They were still fun. Yeah, she had bad dreams every other night, but she hadn't lost her sex drive, even if acrobatic stuff was out of the question for a while. But strangers were definitely not invited. Genevieve won the round of cards and leaned back to enjoy some enthusiastic, if extremely gentle, oral sex. Life was still good. - The End -

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