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Jean P Sasson - Princess

International Acclaim For P R I N C E S S 'The startling truth behind the veiled lives of Saudi Arabia's women . . . frank and vivid revelations' Sunday Express 'Princess is a mind-boggling look at the everyday life of a contemporary woman in the 21,000 member-strong royal family . . . absolutely riveting' People Magazine 'Gripping . . . a fast-paced, enthralling drama rich in detail . . . ' Publishers Weekly 'Anyone with the slightest interest in human rights will find this book heart-wrenching. It is a well-written, personal story . . . It had to come from a native woman to be believable' Betty Mahmoody, bestselling author of Not Without My Daughter P R I N C E S S Jean P. sasson 4 Ad. BANTAM BOOKS LONDON NEW YORK ù M)RONTO ù SYDNEY ù AUCKLANn PRINCESS A BANTAM BOOK 0553405705 Originally published in Great Britain by Doubleday, a divisor of Transworld Publishers Ltd PRINTING HISTORY Doubleday edition published 1992 Bantam Books edition published 1993 Bantam Books edition reprinted 1993 (five times) Bantam Books edition reprinted 1994 (twice) Copyright O Jean E! Sasson The right of Jean E? Sasson to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Conditions Flak 1. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other the'` that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. 2. This book is sold subject to the Standard Conditions of Sale Page 1

Jean P Sasson - Princess of Net Books and may not be re-sold in the UK below the net price fixed by the publishers for the book This book is set in 11/13pt Bembo by Chippendale Type Ltd. Otley, WestYorkshire Bantam Books are published by Transworld Publishers Ltd. 61-63 Uxbridge Road, Baling, London W5 5SA, in Australia by Transworld Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd. 15-25 Helles Avenue, Moorebank, NSW 2170, and in New Zealand by Transworld Publishers (NZ) Ltd. 3 William Pickenug Drive, Albany, Auckland. Printed and bound in Great Britain by Cox & Wyman Ltd. Reading, Berks. This book is dedicated to JACK W. CREECH From the first moment, he believed in the importance of telling Sultana's story. He alone knows the anguish I endured in reliving my long friendship with Sultana in the writing of this book; and he, more than any other person, generously gave his friendship and emotional support during diff~cult times as this book slowly became a reality. ~F7~ Contents Acknowledgements 9 Introduction 15 Chapter One: Childhood 25 Chapter Two: Family 37 Chapter Three: My Sister Sara 47 Chapter Four: Divorce 59 Chapter Five: All 68 Chapter Six: The Trip 80 Chapter Seven: Journey's End 93 Chapter Eight: Girlfriends 101 Chapter Nine: Foreign Women 119 Chapter Ten: Huda 142 ~ - ~ Chapter Eleven: Kareem 151 Chapter Twelve: The Wedding 164 Chapter Thirteen: Married Life 175 Chapter Fourteen: Birth 192 Chapter Fifteen: Dark Secrets 204 Chapter Sixteen: Death of a King 218 Chapter Seventeen: The Woman's Room 232 Chapter Eighteen: Second Wife 246 Chapter Nineteen: Escape 256 Page 2

Jean P Sasson - Princess Chapter Twenty: The Great White Hope 274 Epilogue 288 Afterword 290 Appendix A: The Laws of Saudi Arabia 301 Appendix B.: Glossary 307 Appendix C: Chronology 313 Acknowledgements Once I was convinced that I should write this book, I read and reread Sultana's notes and diaries that she had entrusted to me. As I selected the adventures of her amazing life to portray in this book, I felt the excitement of a detective. Yet I was burdened with a solemn responsibility carefully to discard the events that would surely lead trouble to her door. The words are mine, but the story is hers. Thank you, Sultana, for bravely sharing your life-story with the world. By taking this bold step, you have helped to humanize the Arabs, a people misunderstood by the West. My hope is that by revealing the intimate details of your life as an Arab woman, in all its pain and glory, your story will help to dispel the many negative stereotypes held of your people throughout the world. Readers of your story cannot help but understand that, as in any country of the world, there is good along with the bad. We of the West have heard only the bad of Saudi Arabia. I know, and you know, that, in spite of the primitive customs that cruelly bind females in your land, there are many Arabs, like you, who deserve our respect and admiration for their struggles against centuries of oppression. Closer to home, I sincerely thank Liza Dawson, my editor at William Morrow, who fell in love with Sultana's story at her first reading of the manuscript. Her comments and suggestions further enhanced it. Also, I want to thank Peter Miller, my literary agent. His energetic enthusiasm for this book never lagged and is appreciated. Very special thanks are reserved for Pat L. Creech, PhD, who from the beginning assisted me with comments and editorial revisions. Her brilliance helped to shape this book. I would have found writing Sultana's story much more difficult without the love and support of my family. I owe a special debt of gratitude to my parents, Neatwood and Mary Parks. Their everpresent love and support was even more deeply felt during the writing of this very personal book. The story of Princess Sultana is true. While the words are those of the author, the story is that Page 3

Jean P Sasson - Princess of the Princess. The shocking human tragedies described here are factual. Names have been changed and various events slightly altered to protect the wellbeing of recognizable individuals. In telling this true story it is not the intention of the author nor of the Princess to demean the Islamic faith. ~7~ÄnÄ7-Ä ~ tc ~ ~ SAUDI A - BIA ~ ~ ,~ ~. vr ~ . ~ ~ ,~),~ 3. ~ ~a~lh K.~ ùN .~ Dame~n~f