Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television: A Biographical Guide Featuring Performers, Directors, Writers, Producers, Designers, Managers, Choreogra, Volume 1 (Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television)

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Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television: A Biographical Guide Featuring Performers, Directors, Writers, Producers, Designers, Managers, Choreogra, Volume 1 (Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television)

HH Theatre, Film, and Television A Note About Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television and Who's Who in the Theatre

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HH Theatre, Film, and Television

A Note About Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television and Who's Who in the Theatre Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television is a continuation of Who's Who in the Theatre, expanded to include film and television personalities. The editors believe this change in coverage of the series makes for a more representative and useful reference tool. To provide continuity with the last edition of Who's Who in the Theatre, the cumulative index at the back of this volume interfiles references to Who's Who in the Theatre, 17th Edition, with references to this first volume of Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television.

ISSN 0749-064X

Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television A Biographical Guide Featuring Performers, Directors, Writers, Producers, Designers, Managers, Choreographers, Technicians, Composers, Executives, Dancers, and Critics in the United States and Great Britain A Continuation of

Who's Who in theTheatne Monica M. O'Donnell, Editor

Volume 1 Includes Cumulative Index Containing References to Who's Who in the Theatre, 17th Edition



Monica M. O'Donnell, Editor J. Peter Bergman, Mel Cobb, James R. Kirkland, Sketchwriters Diane Aronson, Vincent Henry, Linda L. Herr, Edith M. Jaenike, Mia Perkin-Jensen, Edward R. Sala, Gary Trahan, Gail Weiss, Editorial Assistants Linda S. Hubbard, Peter Ruffner, Consulting Editors Norman MacAfee, Copy Editor

Carol Blanchard, External Production Supervisor Vivian Tannenbaum, Text Layout Arthur Chartow, Art Director

Special acknowledgment is due to the Contemporary Authors staff members who assisted in the preparation of this volume.

Frederick G. Ruffner, Publisher James M. Ethridge, Executive Vice-President I Editorial Dedria Bryfonski, Editorial Director Christine Nasso, Director, Literature Division

Copyright © 1984 by GALE RESEARCH COMPANY ISBN 0-8103-2064-9 ISSN 0749-064X No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who wishes to quote brief passages or entries in connection with a review written for inclusion in a magazine or newspaper. Manufactured in the United States of America.

Contents Preface






Cumulative Index (Including references to Who's Who in the Theatre, 17th Edition)



Preface The worlds of theatre, film, and television hold an undeniable appeal, and the individuals whose careers are devoted to these fields are subjects of great interest. The people both behind the scenes and in front of the lights and cameras—writers, directors, producers, performers, and others—all have a significant impact on our lives, for they enlighten us as they entertain. Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television Continues and Improves Who's Who in the Theatre Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television (CTFT), a comprehensive new biographical guide, is designed to meet the need for information on theatre, film, and television personalities. Existing biographical sources covering entertainment figures are generally limited in scope, focusing only on theatre, for example, as was the case with Who's Who in the Theatre (WWT). For more than seventy years WWT provided reliable information on theatre people. However, when the editors began reviewing names for inclusion in a proposed supplement to the seventeenth edition of WWT, they recognized that they were eliminating large numbers of people who, though not active in the theatre, make significant contributions to other entertainment media. Thus, the editors believe that expanding the scope of WWTio encompass not only theatre notables but film and/or television figures as well provides a more useful reference tool. In addition to its expanded scope, CTFT improves upon WWT in other important ways. WWT was published in editions, with the majority of the biographies in every edition being updated and included in subsequent editions. Since entries were dropped from one edition to the next only when listees had been inactive for a sustained period or when active listees died, the number of new entries it was possible to include in each WWT edition was governed in part by how many old ones were dropped. CTFT, however, will be published annually in volumes, and each volume will cover primarily new, entirely different personalities. Thus CTFTs coverage will not be limited by the number of entries that can be listed in a single volume, and cumulative indexes will make the entries in all CTFT volumes easily accessible. Entry format, discussed in greater detail later in this preface, has also been improved in CTFT. Instead of presenting information with minimal paragraphing, as was the case in WWT, the editors have divided CTFT entries into numerous clearly labeled sections to make it easier to locate specific facts quickly. And the inclusion of hundreds of photographs of the personalities listed in C77wi, 1982; others. 257



Service School, Endicott, NY, 1928; American Theatre Wing, New York, 1946. MILITARY: U.S. Army, Special Services, 1944-46, (P.T.O. Sergeant). CAREER: DEBUT—Justin Stock, Oliver, Oliver, Brattleboro Theatre, VT, 1935. NEW YORK DEBUT—Captain Tim, Tobacco Road, Forrest Theatre, 1936 until closing, 1941. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Assistant Director to Elia Kazan, Death of a Salesman, Phoenix Theatre, 1949. TELEVISION DEBUT—Directed, A Face in the Crowd, 1957. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Actor, Larry Knox, The Brighter Day, 1953; Director, The Brighter Day, 1954-59; All My Children, 1969-78. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, Member of Council; AFTRA; SAG; Directors Guild, 1954, Member of Council; Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers; Lambs Club; Players Club. ADDRESS. 30 Norman Avenue, Amityville, New York, 11701.

HUGHES, Laura, actress PERSONAL: Born January 28, 1959, in New York City; daughter of Barnard (an actor) and Helen (an actress; maiden name Stenborg) Hughes. EDUCATION: Neighborhood Playhouse.


CAREER: DEBUT—Mary Tate, Da, National Tour, 1979-80. NEW YORK DEBUT—Darlene, The Diviners, Circle Repertory Company, 1980. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Avalaine, A Tale Told, Circle Repertory Company, 1981; Laura, The Glass Menagerie, Hartford Stage Company, CT, 1983; Phoebe, As You Like It, Hartford Stage Company, 1983.

MD, 1960; Life with Father, 1960; The Alchemist, San Francisco, 1961; Misalliance, San Francisco, 1961; Kent, King Lear, San Francisco, 1961; There's a Girl in My Soup, New York, 1969; The Price, Halifax, NS, 1972; The Enclave, Theatre-Four, New York, 197'6; Prisoner ofSecond Avenue, Palm Beach Playhouse, 1917'The Seagull, Winnipeg, 1979; Old World, Syracuse, NY, 1980; The Vinegar Tree, Seattle Repertory Company, 1983. MAJOR TOURS—Claudius/Ghost, Hamlet, 1970-7 \\ Morning's at Seven, 1981-82. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Mike Karr, Edge of Night, 1961—69; City of Angels; Rossetti and Ryan; Trial of General George Armstrong Custer.

HUGO, Laurence (ne Laurence Victor Hugo), actor and director PERSONAL: Born December 22, 1927, in Berkeley, CA; son of Mathias (an accountant) and Margaret (a teacher and housewife; maiden name, O'Toole) Hugo; married Ludi Bailhe (an actress), March 13, 1975; children: Victoria; Laurence, Jr. EDUCATION: University of California, A.B., 1939; studied theatre at the Neighborhood Playhouse and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. MILITARY: U.S. Army, European theatre, World War II.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—The Players. ADDRESS: 244 E. 23rd St., New York, NY 10010.

HUNKINS, Lee (nee Leecynth Hunkins), playwright CAREER: DEBUT—The Distant City, 1941. NEW YORK DEBUT—Skin of Our Teeth, 1943. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Decision, New York, 1944; Paul Verrall, Born Yesterday, New York, 1944-49; The Bird Cage, New York, 1950; Stalag 17, New York, 1950-51; Double in Hearts, 1955; Tiger at the Gates, 1956; Larry Larkin, King of Hearts, Olney, MD, 1959; U.S.A., Martinique Theatre, New York, 1960; Polixenes, Winter's Tale, Stratford Shakespeare Theatre, CT, 1960; Antony and Cleopatra, Olney,

PERSONAL: Born January 8, 1930; daughter of Joseph K. (a porter) and lona (Wyatt) Hunkins; divorced. RELIGION. Religious Science. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Federal employee, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, claims authorizer, 1948-82. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Revival, Sea Urchin Press, 1981. PLAYS, PRODUCED— The Square Peg, American Com258



1977; TELEVISION DEBUT—Producer/director, Adams Rib, 1973. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Director: Life on the Mississippi, 1979; A Private History of a Campaign that Failed, 1980; Skeezer, 1981; Sherlock Holmes, 1982; Bus Stop, 1982; The Parade, 1983; It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, 1984.

munity Theatre; Another Side of Tomorrow, American Community Theatre; The Cage, American Community Theatre; 26501, American Community Theatre; Fading Hours, American Community Theatre; The Dolls, Old Reliable Theatre; Revival, Old Reliable Theatre; Maggie, Negro Ensemble Company (summer festival). TELEVISION PLAYS—Hollow Image.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Associate director, Williamstown Theatre Festival, MA, 1964-84.

AWARDS: One of sixteen teleplays chosen by the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, Playwrights Conference, 1978, and winner of ABC Theatre Award for Hollow I mage, 1978; Best Play, 1964, American Community Theatre Award, Another Side of Tomorrow; Countee Cullen Award (short stories), "A Testimonial to Henry Bannister," 1958.

AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Best Director, 1972: 7776; New York Drama Critics Award; Christopher Award; Ace Award; Peabody Award (two); Edgar Allen Poe Award. SIDELIGHTS: Actor, 1947-67, lighting designer, 1957-67, director 1967-. HOBBIES: Flying his own plane.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild of America— East, Dramatists Guild, Authors League of America.

''Divide time between LA/NY and will do anything to keep 'Bio' separate from the English Peter Hunt.''

"As a Black woman writer, I think it's important for me to write plays in which my characters can be used as role models for the black children of today. We have no heroes, no Wonder Woman . . . no Superman . . . no presidents or kings. Well, our heroes exist, and it is my hope to help bring the heroes out of the shadows and into the light.''

ADDRESS: Home—1799 Westridge Road, Los Angeles, CA 90049. Agent—Robert Lantz, 888 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10106.

HURLEY, Kathy, actress and writer HUNT, Peter, director PERSONAL: Born April 1, 1947, in Plainfield, NJ; daughter of James Francis (an actor) and Gertrude Marie (an actress/ director/producer, Fawcette) Hurley. EDUCATION: Arizona State University, B.A., 1969; Illinois State University, B.A., 1971; trained for the stage with Lee Strasburg. POLITICS: Democrat. RELIGION: Christian Mystic.

PERSONAL: Born December 16, 1938, in Pasadena, CA; son of George S. (an industrial designer) and Gertrude (an opera singer; maiden name, Ophiils) Hunt; married Virginia Osborn, January 19, 1965 (divorced, 1971); Barbette Tweed (an actress) February 6, 1972; children: Max, Daisy, Amy. EDUCATION: Yale University, B.A., School of Drama, M.F.A. POLITICS: "Varied." RELIGION: "Any and all."

CAREER: DEBUT—The Letter H, The Christmas Pagaent, St. Francis P.T. A., Phoenix, AZ, 1952. NEW YORK DEBUT— Mrs. Chestnut, Malcolm X, Double Image Theatre, 1974. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Jocasta, Oedipus Rex, Illinois State Repertory Company, 1969; Hermia, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Illinois State University Repertory Company, Normal, IL, 1970; Emilia, Othello, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Boulder, 1970; Sarah, Trail of Tears, TSA-La-Gi Theater, Tahlequah, OK, 1973; Alison, Canterbury Tales, Theatre Three, Dallas, TX, 1973.

CAREER: DEBUT—Child actor, Chicken Every Sunday, Pasadena Playhouse, 1947. FIRST STAGE WORK—Lighting designer, Merry Mount, Hotchkiss. NEW YORK DEBUT— Lighting designer, The Sap of Life, One Sheridan Square Theatre, 1961. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Lighting design: Cracks, 1963; Tambourines to Glory, Color of Darkness, 1964; Dynamite Tonight, The Wayward Stork, 1966; Have I Got One for You, Noel Coward's Sweet Potato, The Firebugs, 1968; for Richard Rodgers at Lincoln Center, and at the New York State Theatre, Kismet, Carousel, Annie Get Your Gun, West Side Story and tours of Oliver, Sound of Music, Camelot, 1964-68. DEBUT—Director, The Fantasticks, Williamstown Theatre Festival, MA. NEW YORK DEBUT—Director, Booth, Lincoln Center, 1968. LONDON DEBUT—Director, 7776, New Theatre, 1970. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Director: 7776, 46th Street, NY, 1969; Threepenny Opera, Williamstown, MA, 1969; Gregory, Winter Garden, 1970; Scratch, St. James, NY, \912\Arturo Ui, Williamstown, 1972; Goodtime Charley, Winter Garden, NY, 1914;Savages, Williamstown, 1975.

MAJOR TOURS—Mollie, Take Her She's Mine, Southern cities, Anne, 40 Carats, Southern cities, Marie Louise, My Three Angels, Southern cities, 1971-72. FILM DEBUT—extra, People Trap, 1968. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—For an Eggshell, Scottsdale Stagebrush Theatre, Glendale Colle, Stone Soup Players; The Alchemist's Book, Henry Street Settlement; The Black Princess, Lincoln Center Library, Double Image Theatre, New York Ethical Culture Society, American Theatre of Actors, Pierre's Playhouse; The Forgotten Treasure, New York Cultural Council on the Arts' Free Programs in the Park, West Side YMCA, New York Ethical Culture Society, Chappaquah Camp Theatre, American Theatre of Actors, Double Image Theatre; Beauty Like the Night, Octagon/Burt Wheeler Theatre, Actors' Alliance; Duet at a Bus Stop, Double Image Theatre, Actors' Alliance, Pierre's Playhouse,

MAJOR TOURS—Give ' em Hell Harry, 1975; The Magnificent Yankee, Washington, DC, 1977; Bully, NY, 1911', S Miles Is Me, San Francisco, CA, 1978. FILM DEBUT—Director, 7776, 1972. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK— Director: Gold, 1974; Give 'em Hell Harry, 1975; Bully, 259



Glendale Little Theatre; The Fading of Miss Dm, Double Image Theatre, Actors' Alliance; Yes, But What Do You Do for a Living?, Actors' Alliance, Kathryn Engles Center; From Our Point of View, Double Image Theatre, Long Island Community Center; A Poet Against the World, Actor's Alliance. PLAYS, PUBLISHED— The Alchemist's Book.

1981; Night Crossing, 1982; Partners, 1982; The Oestermann Weekend, 1983. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Mourtzanos, 1961; The Waste Places, 1967;Quentin Crisp, The Naked Civil Servant, 1975; The Playboy of the Western World, 1976; Caligula, /, Claudius, 1977-78; Raskolnikov, Crime and Punishment, 1980; also: The Hard Case, Acquit and Hang, Watch Me, I'm a Bird, Menace, The Stone Dance, The Spectre.

AWARDS: National Society of Arts and Letters Playwriting Award. Grants—National Endowment for the Arts Playwright in Residency, New York; Heckshire Grant for Children's Theatre.

AWARDS: British Academy Award, Emmy Award, The Naked Civil Servant; Academy Award Nominations, 1978: Midnight Express, 1980: The Elephant Man.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; AFTRA; Dramatists' Guild, B.M.I. Musical Theatre Workshop; ASCAP Libretto Workshop; Authors' League of America.

SIDELIGHTS: "I consider Chekhov the greatest playwright who ever lived, including Shakespeare."

ADDRESS. Office—597 Fifth Aveue, New York NY 10017. Agent—c/o Gloria Safier, 667 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Leading Artists, 60 St. James Street, London W l , England.*

HURT, Mary Beth (nee Supinger), actress HURT, John, actor PERSONAL: Born September 26, in Marshalltown, I A; daughter of Forrest Clayton and Delores Lenore (Andre) Supinger; married William Hurt (divorced 1982); married Paul Schrader (director, screenwriter) August 6, 1983; children: (second marriage) Molly. EDUCATION: University of Iowa; studied for the theater at New York University's School of the Arts.

PERSONAL: Born January 22, 1940, in Chesterfield, Derby's, England; son of Reverend Arnould Herbert (an Anglican minister) and Phyllis (an engineer; maiden name, Massey) Hurt; married Annette Robertson (an actress; divorced); Marie-Lise Volpe Here-Pierrot (a composer), died January 26, 1983. EDUCATION. The Lincoln School, Lincoln; studied for the theatre with a full scholarship at RAD A. NONTHEATRICAL CAREER—painter.

CAREER: DEBUT—Lily, New Girl in Town, Equity Library Theatre, NY, 1963. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Lucy Schmieler, On the Town, lead, The Drunkard, Gatlinburg, TN; Tirsa, Three Wishes for Jamie, Off-Broadway Concert; Celia, As You Like It, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte, 1973; Nurse and Uncle Remus, More Than You Deserve, Public, NY, 1974; Marina, Pericles, Delacorte, NY, 1974; Miss Prue, Love for Love, New Phoenix, Helen Hayes, NY, 1974; Frankie Addams, The Member of the Wedding, New Phoenix, Helen Hayes, NY, 1975; Rose Trelawney, Trelawney of the Wells, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1976; Caroline Mitford, Secret Service, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1977; Susie, Boy Meets Girl, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1977; Any a, The Cherry Orchard, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1977; Vi, Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1978; All-Shakespeare Concert, Alice Tully Hall, NY, 1978; Estelle, Father s Day, American Place, NY, 1979; Meg McGrath, Crimes of the Heart, Manhattan Theatre Club, then Golden, NY, 1981; Cymbeline, The Misanthrope, Circle in the Square, NY, 1982; Lizzie, The Rainmaker, Berkshire Theatre Festival, MA, 1981; Crimes of the Heart, Los Angeles, 1983; The Nest of the Woodgrouse, Public, NY, 1984. MAJOR TOURS—Mazeppa, Gypsy.

CAREER: DEBUT—Mytyl, The Blue Bird, 1953. LONDON DEBUT—Knocker White, Infanticide in the House of Fred Ginger Arts, 1962. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Lady Bracknell, The Importance of Being Earnest, 1954; Chips with Everything, Vaudeville, 1962; Len, The Dwarfs, Arts, 1963; title role, Hamp, Edinburgh Festival, 1964; Jones, Inadmissable Evidence, Wyndham's, 1965; Malcolm Scrawdyke, Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs, Garrick, 1966; Victor, Belcher s Luck, Royal Shakespeare Company, Aldwych, 1966; Malcolm, Macbeth, 1967; Octavious, Man and Superman, Gaiety, Dublin, 1969; Peter, Ride a Cocked Horse, Hampstead, 1972; Mick, The Caretaker, Mermaid, 1972; Martin, The Only Street, Eblana, Edinburgh Festival, then King's Head, Islington, 1973; Ruffian, The Ruffian on the Stair, SoHo Poly, 1973; Ben, The Dumb Waiter, SoHo Poly, 1973; Tristan Tzara, Travesties, RSC, Aldwych, 1974; Young Man, The Arrest, Bristol Old Vic, 1974; Romeo, Romeo and Juliet, Coventry, 1913-Donal Shadow of a Gunman, 1978. FILM DEBUT—Phil, The Wild and the Willing, 1962. FILM APPEARANCES—Richard Rich, A Man for All Seasons, 1966; Sinful Davey, 1969; Before Winter Comes, 1969; In Search of Gregory, 1970; Timothy Evans, 10 Rillington Place, 1970; Mr. Forbush and the Penguins, 1971; The Ghoul, 1975; East ofElephant Rock, 1977; Kane, Alien, 1977; Max, Midnight Express, 1978; The Shout, 1978; Hazel, Water ship Down, 1918; Stride*, Lord of the Rings, 1978; John Merrick, The Elephant Man, 1980; Heaven's Gate, 1980; The Disappearance, 1981; Jesus, A History of the World, Part I,

FILM DEBUT—Interiors, 1978. FILM APPEARANCES—Head Over Heels, 1979 (re-released in 1982 as Chilly Scenes of Winter)', Change of Seasons, 1980; Helen Garp, The World According to Garp, 1982. TELEVISION DEBUT— The Bette Lee Show, Birmingham, Alabama. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Five Forty Eight, NET.




Night's Dream, 1982; Hurlyburly, Promenade, then Barrymore, NY, 1984. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—AItered States, 1980; Eyewitness, 1981; Body Heat, 1981; The Big Chill, 1983; Gorky Park, 1983. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Verna: USO Girl. AWARDS: Theatre World, 1978. ADDRESS: Agent—DHKPR, 7319 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036.*

HUSTON, John, director, actor, writer PERSONAL: Born August 5, 1909, in Nevada, MO; son of Walter (an actor) and Rhea (Gore) Huston; married Evelyn Keyes, 1946; Enrica Soma, 1949 (died 1969); Celeste Shane, 1972 (divorced 1975); children: Walter Anthony, Anjelica, Daniel, Allegra. EDUCATION: Attended art school. MILITARY: U.S. Army, Signal Corps, 1942^5 (Legion of Merit). NON-RELATED CAREER: Reporter, editor, painter. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK: Director—The Maltese Falcon, 1941; In This Our Life, 1942; Across the Pacific, 1942; Key Largo, 1948; The Treasure of Sierra Madre, 1949; We Were Strangers; The Asphalt Jungle, 1950; The Red Badge of Courage; The African Queen; Moulin Rouge; Beat the Devil; Moby Dick, 1956; Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, 1957; Roots of Heaven, 1958; The Barbarian and the Geisha, 1958; The Unforgiven, I960', The Misfits, 1961; Freud, 1962; The List of Adrian Messenger, \963\Nightof the Iguana, 1964; The Bible, 1966; Reflections in a Golden Eye, 1967;CasinoRoyale, 1961;SinfulDavey, \969\AWalk with Love and Death, 1969; The Kremlin Letter, 1970; Fat City, \912;The Life andTimes of Judge Roy Bean, \912\The MckintoshMan, 1973; The Man Who Would Be King, 1975; Wise Blood, 1980; Escape to Victory, 1981; Annie, 1982; directed World War Two Documentaries—Report from the Aleutians; Let There Be Light; The Battle of San Peitro.


AWARDS: Clarence Derwent Award, 1974-75; Obie, 1981: Crimes of the Heart; Antoinette Perry Award Nominations, 1975: Trelawney of the Wells, 1981: Crimes of the Heart; Drama Desk Nomination, 1981: Crimes of the Heart. SIDELIGHTS: FAVORITE PARTS—Susie, Boy Meets Girl, Lizzie, The Rainmaker.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—The Cardinal Man in the Wilderness; The Bible, 1966; Battle for the Planet of the Apes, 1973; Chinatown, 197'4; The Wind and the Lion, 1975; Hollywood on Trial, 1977; Winter Kills, 1979; Lovesick, 1983.

ADDRESS: Agent—Paul Martino, ICM, 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Director—A Passenger to Bali, 1939; In Time to Come; No Exit, 1945; The Mines ofSulpher (opera), LaScala, 1966.

HURT, William, actor

WRITINGS: SCREENPLAYS—Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, 1938; Juarez, 1939; Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet, 1940; High Sierra, 1941; Sergeant York, 1941; The Maltese Falcon, 1941; Three Strangers, 1945; The African Queen; Moulin Rouge; Moby Dick, 1956; Freud, 1962; Night of the Iguana, \964\Reflecting in a Golden Eye, 1967; Fat City, \912\The Man Who Would Be King, 1975; Wise Blood, 1980; Annie, 1982; Under the Volcano, 1984. PLAYS—In Time to Come (collaborator). BOOKS—John Huston: An Open Book (autobiography).

PERSONAL: Born March 20, 1950, in Washington, DC; married Mary Beth Hurt (divorced). EDUCATION: Tufts University; trained at the Julliard School. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Henry V, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1976; Long Day's Journey into Night, Oregon Shakespeare Festival; My Life; Ulysses in Traction; Lulu; The Fifth of July; The Runner Stumbles; Hamlet; Childe Byron; The Diviners; Richard II; The Great Grandson of Jedediah Kohler; Mary Stuart; A Midsummer 261



A WARDS: Motion Pictures Exhibitor's International Laurel, 1968: Reflections in a Golden Eye; Martin Buber, David di Donatello, 1966: The Bible; Silver Directors Guild, 1964: Night of the Iguana; Screen Writers Guild, Silver Laurel, 1963; National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, 1956; New York Film Critics, Best Director, 1956: Moby Dick; Screen Directors Guild, 1950: The Asphalt Jungle; One World, 1949; Academy Award, New York Film Critics, Best Director, Best Screenplay, 1949: The Treasure of Sierre Madre; New York Drama Critics Circle: In Time to Come;

honorary degrees from Trinity College, Dublin and Monmouth College, NJ. SIDELIGHTS: Guild, SAG.

MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild, Directors

ADDRESS: Office—c/o Jess Morgan, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. Agent—Paul Kohner, 9169 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.


I 1974-76. Actor—Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL; Arlington Park Theatre, Chicago, IL; Lincolnshire Theatre, Chicago, IL; Williamstown Theatre Festival, Williamstown, MA; Dallas Shakespeare Festival, Dallas, TX.

IMMERMAN, William J., executive producer and business affairs manager PERSONAL: Born December 29, 1937, in New York City; son of Nathan (an attorney) and Sadye (a teacher) Immerman; children: Scott, Eric, Lara. EDUCATION: University of Wisconsin, 1959; Stanford Law School. MILITARY: U.S. Army Reserve, 1959-68.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Professor of play writing, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1981-present; assistant professor of acting and directing, University of Montana, Missoula, 1970-73; assistant professor, acting and directing, Grinnell College, IA, 1967-70.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM ASSOCIATIONS—Associate counsel, American International Pictures, 1965 (also director of business affairs, executive assistant to the chairman of the board, vice-president in charge of business affairs, production committee), production executive, Wild in the Streets, Three in the Attic; vice-president in charge of business affairs, Twentieth Century Fox, 1972 (also chief negotiator for talent, production and distribution; board of directors, Motion Picture Association of America, Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers); senior vice-president of feature film division, Twentieth Century Fox, 1975-77; founder, Scoric Productions, Inc., 1977 (executiveproducer), Highpoint; founder, Cinama Group, 1979; executive producer, Take This Job and Shove it, 1981; Southern Comfort, \9%l', Hysterical, 1981 president, Salem Productions, 1982.

WRITINGS: PLAYS—A Simple Life, produced at the Yale School of Drama, 1964; No Better, produced at Grinnell College, IA, 1968; Custer, produced at Milwaukee Repertory Theatre 1976 and 1978, O'Neill Theatre Center, 1977, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 1979, Hartman Theatre, Stamford, CT, 1980, Cleveland Playhouse, A Contemporary Theatre, Seattle, WA, Arizona Repertory Theatre, Stage One, Dallas, TX, all 1980, McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ, 1981, Heritage Theatre, Charlottesville, VA, 1981. TELEVISION—The High-Priced Men of Homestead. AWARDS: Best Play Done Outside New York City, Custer, American Theatre Critics Association, 1979-80 season; Kazan Prize for Playscripts, A Simple Life, 1964.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION ASSOCIATIONS—Production executive, An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe; financing and distribution arranger, That's Entertainment; financial arranger, Likely Stories.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHiPS-Dramatists Guild, AEA, SAG. ADDRESS: Home—143 Mimosa Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22903. Office—Drama Department, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22903. Agent—Helen Harvey, 410 W. 24th Street, New York, NY 10011.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—The Thalians (executive vicepresident). ADDRESS: Office—Salem Productions, Inc., 2029 Century Park East, #2050, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

IRELAND, John (ne John Benjamin Ireland), actor, director, writer INGHAM, Robert E., writer, actor PERSONAL: Born January 30, 1916 in Victoria, B.C. Canada; son of John (a rancher) and Katherine (an educator; maiden name, Ferguson) Ireland; married Elaine Gudman in 1940 (divorced 1949); married Joanne Dru (an actress) in 1949 (divorced 1956); married Daphne Myrick in 1962; children: (first marriage) two sons. EDUCATION: Attended public schools in New York City; studied theatre at the Davenport Free Theatre. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Professional swimmer.

PERSONAL: Born January 27, 1934, in Bedford County, VA; son of Gordon Carlyle (a farmer and post office employee) and Pattie Virginia (Dickerson) Ingham; married Rosemary Gleason (a writer and costume designer) on September 14, 1958; children: Richard, James, Robert Jr., Stephen. EDUCATION: University of Virginia, B.S. (History), 1960 (graduate study for one year in History); Yale University, School of Drama, M.F.A. (Playwriting), 1965. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1945^6 (corporal).

CAREER: DEBUT—apprenticed at Robin Hood, Arden, DE, 1939. NEW YORK DEBUT—Sergeant/First Murderer, Macbeth,

CAREER: Resident actor—Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, 263


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION. Volume 1 ADDRESS: Agent—c/o The Characters Talent Agency Ltd. 107 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M5C IS 1.

National, 1941. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Reporter, Native Son, Majestic, 1942; Krafft, Counterattack, Windsor, 1943; First Murderer, Richard HI, Forrest, 1943; Gustave Jensen, A New Life, Roy ale, 1943; Mr. Deane, Doctors Disagree, Bijou, 1943; Sir Archibald Mackenzie, A Highland Fling, Plymouth, 1944; Buck Carpenter, Deadfall, Holiday, 1955; Brutos, Infidel Caesar, Music Box, 1962; Macbeth, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, CA, 1975; An Evening of Samuel Beckett, Dublin Theatre Festival. MAJOR TOURS— Shakespearean Repertory Company: Horatio, Hamlet, Lorenzo, The Merchant of Venice, Macduff, Macbeth, lago, Othello, 1940; Peter Pan, national tour, 1940; the Miner, The Moon Is Down, national tour, 1942; Dr. John Buchanan, Summer and Smoke, national tour, 1950; Murray Burns, A Thousand Clowns, national tour, 1963-64; Outward Bound, national tour, 1983.

IRVING, Amy, actress PERSONAL: Born September 10, 1953, in Palo Alto, CA; daughter of Jules (a director and cofounder of Actors Workshop, San Francisco) and Priscilla Pointer (an actress) Irving. EDUCATION: American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco, 1971-72; London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, 1972-75. CAREER: DEBUT—nine-month-old baby, Rumpelstiltskin, Actor's Workshop, San Francisco, 1954. NEW YORK DEBUT— Constanza Weber, Amadeus, Broadhurst Theatre, 1981, 8 months of performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 1982, and Los Angeles Free Shakespeare Theatre, 1975; Elvira, Ely the Spirit, Santa Fe Festival Theatre, 1983; Ellie Dunn, Heartbreak House, Circle in the Square, New York, 1983.

FILM DEBUT—A Walk in the Sun, 1945. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Wake up and Dream, 1946; My Darling Clementine, 1946; The Gangster, 1947; Red River, 1948; Roughshod, 1949; All the King s Men, 1949; The Return of Jesse James, 1950; The Scarf, 1951; Vengeance Valley, 1951; Red Mountain, 1951; The Basketball Fix, 1951; The Bushwackers, 1952; Hurricane Smith, 1952; The 49th Man, 1953; Combat Squad, 1953; Outlaw Territory, 1953; The Fast and the Furious, 1954; Southwest Passage, 1954; Security Risk, 1954; Steel Cage, 1954; Queen Bee, 1955; Hell's Horizon, 1955; The Good Die Young, 1955; Gunfight at OK Corral, 1957; Spartacus, 1960; 55 Days at Peking, 1963; Ceremony, 1963; The Fall of the Roman Empire, 1964; Faces in the Dark, 1964; / Saw What You Did, 1965; Fort Utah, 1967; Once Upon a Time in the West, 1969; The Adventurers, 1970; Escape to the Sun, 1972; Farewell My Lovely, 19SQ; Martin's Day, 1983.

FILM DEBUT—Sue Snell, Carrie, 1976. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Gillian, The Fury, 1977; Rosemary, Voices, 1978; Lily Ramsey, Honeysuckle Rose, 1979; Heidi, The Competition, 1980; Hadass, Yentl, 1983. TELEVISION DEBUT— The Rookies. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—I'm a Fool; Once an Eagle; Panache; Anjuli, The Far Pavilions, 1984. SIDELIGHTS: Miss Irving keeps a quarter horse called Buddy in Santa Fe, NM, where she lives.

TELEVISION DEBUT—"Confession,'' Philco Playhouse, 1951. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES— "Time Bomb," Philco Playhouse, 1954; Schlitz Playhouse of the Stars, 195256; Prologue to Glory, 1956; This Land Is Mine, 1956; "Without Incident," Playhouse 90, 1957; "A Sound of Different Drummers," Playhouse 90, 1957; "Obituary for Mr. 'X'," Dick Powell Theatre, 1962; "The Matched Pearl," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, 1962; Asphalt Jungle, 1961'Rawhide, 1962; Burke's Law, 1963; Branded, 196566; Gunsmoke, 1966-67; Bonanza, 1967; Daniel Boone, 1967; Name of the Game, 1969; Men from Shiloh, 1970; Mission Impossible, 1972; Marilyn: The Real Story; Crossbar; The Cheaters (BBC); The Last Tycoon (BBC).

ADDRESS: Agent—DHKPR, 165 W. 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

IVEY, Judith, actress PERSONAL: Born September 4, 1951, in El Paso, TX; daughter of Nathan Aldean (a college president) and Dorothy Lee (a teacher; maiden name Lewis) Ivey. EDUCATION: Illinois State University, B.S., 1973. RELIGION: Catholic.

WRITINGS: LYRICS-4 'No Head on My Pillow.''

CAREER: DEBUT—Jilly, The Sea, Goodman, Chicago, 1974. NEW YORK DEBUT—Kate, Bedroom Farce, Brooks Atkinson, 1979, 140 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Shirley, The Goodbye People, Jean, The Moundbuilders, various, Oh, Coward!, Evanston Theatre Company, 1977-78; Gilda, Design for Living, Arena Stage, Washington, D.C., 1979; Fish, Dusa, Fish, Stas, and VI, Manhattan Theatre Club, NY, 1980; Piaf/Madeleine, Piaf, Broadway, 1980-81; The Dumping Ground, Ensemble Studio, 1981; Evelyn, The Rimers of Eldritch, La Mama, NY, 1981; Melanie, Pastorale, Second Stage, NY, 1982; Eileen, Two Small Bodies, Production Company, 1982, Matrix Theatre, Los Angeles, 1982; Josie, Steaming, Broadway, 1982-83; Kathy, Second Lady, Production Company, NY, 1983. MAJOR TOURS—Margaret, Much Ado About Nothing, American Shakespeare Festival, Philadelphia, PA, 1978.

AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination, All the King's Men, 1950. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SAG; AEA; SDG; Writers Guild of America. "Mr. Ireland has enjoyed an enduring and distinguished career in film, T. V. and theatre. He achieved renown for his performance in the film All the King s Men. Beginning in the sixties, Ireland alternated between film, television and the stage and has worked all over the globe. Aside from his home in Santa Barbara, CA, Ireland's time is devoted to his daughter Daphne, to tennis and to the pursuit of his culinary tastes. His plans include a more active role in the theatre as well asT.V. and films." 264



ADDRESS: Agent—c/o D.H.K.P.R., 165 W. 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

FILM DEBUT—Sally, Harry and Son, 1984. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Iris, The Lonely Guy, 1984; Didi, The Woman in Red, 1984. TELEVISION DEBUT—Louise, The Shady Hill Kidnapping. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Sister Margaret, Dixie: Changing Habits. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, 1983: Steaming; Drama Critics Award, 1983: Steaming; Dramalogue Award, 1983: Steaming; Dramalogue Award, 1982: Two Small Bodies; Joseph Jefferson Award nomination, 1978: The Goodbye People.

IVORY, James, producer, director PERSONAL: Born 1928, in Berkeley, CA. EDUCATION. University of Oregon; University of Southern California, MA. MILITARY: U.S. Army.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA, National Organization of Women, A.S.P.C.A.

CAREER: FIRST FILM WORK— Venice: Theme and Variations, USC. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Director/photographer/editor, The Sword and the Flute; formed Merchant Ivory Productions, 1961, produced: The Householder, 1962; The Delhi Way, 1963; Shakespeare Wallah, 1965; The Guru, 1969; Bombay Talkie, 1970; Savages, 1972; Autobiography of a Princess, 1975; The Wild Party, 1975; Roseland, 1977; Hullabaloo Over Georgie and Bonnie's Pictures, 1975; The Europeans, \919\JaneAusteninManhattan, \9%&, Quartet, 1981; Heat and Dust, \9%2\TheBostonians, 1984.

"I am involved with the Actors' Equity Alien Committee. I feel that far too many American actors go unemployed or have the growth of their careers delayed or retarded because of the 'open door' policy extended to British actors. Steaming is an example of an American actress capable of performing a British role with credibility and style. Had the British actress been allowed to come, my career possibly would not have blossomed as it did. Therefore, I am very involved in helping the American audience understand that they need to encourage and support their artists first, as England supports theirs.''

ADDRESS: Office—Merchant Ivory Productions, Ltd., 250 W. 57th Street, Suite 1913A, New York, NY 10107.


J JACKSON, Anne, actress PERSONAL: Born September 3, 1926, in Allegheney, PA; daughter of John Ivan and Stella Germaine (Murray) Jackson; married Eli Wallach (an actor), March 5, 1948; children: Peter, Roberta, Katherine. EDUCATION: Attended public schools in Brooklyn, NY; studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse with Sanford Meisner, also with Herbert Berghof and Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio in New York City. CAREER: DEBUT—Anya, The Cherry Orchard, Wilmington, DE, 1944. NEW YORK DEBUT—a guest, The Cherry Orchard, City Center, 1945. LONDON DEBUT— The Tiger and The Typists, Globe, 1964. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Alice Stewart, Signature, Forrest, NY, 1945; with the American Repertory Company at the International Theatre: minor roles in What Every Woman Knows, Henry VIII, Androcles and the Lion, Frida Foldal, John Gabriel Borkman, Miss Blake, Yellow Jack, 1947; Judith, The Last Dance, Belasco, NY, 1948; Nellie Ewell, Summer and Smoke, Music Box, NY, 1948; Nita, Magnolia Alley, Mansfield, NY, 1949; Margaret Anderson, Love Me Long, 48th Street, NY, 1949; Hilda, The Lady from the Sea, Fulton, NY, 1950; Louka, Arms and the Man, Hotel Edison, NY, 1950; Coralie Jones, Never Say Never, Booth, NY, 1951; Mildred Turner, Oh, Men! Oh, Women!, Henry Miller's, NY, 1953; Daughter, The Middle of the Night, ANTA, NY, 1956; title role, Major Barbara, Martin Beck, NY, 1957; Daisy, Rhinoceros, Longacre, NY, 1961; reading of Brecht on Brecht, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1962; appeared with her husband in The Tiger and The Typists (double bill), Orpheum, NY, 1963; Ellen Manville, Luv, 1964; the actress, The Exercise, Golden, NY, 1968; Ethel Rosenberg, The Inquest, Music Box, NY, 1970; Mother H, Doris, Joan J, Promenade All!, Alvin, NY, 1972; Madame St. Pe, Waltz of the Toreadors, Eisenhower, Washington, DC, Circle in the Square, NY, 1973; Madame Ranevskaya, The Cherry Orchard, Hartford Stage Company, CT, 1974; Mrs. McBride, Marco Polo Sings a Solo, Public, NY, 1977; Diana, Absent Friends, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1977; Mrs. Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank, Theatre Four, NY, 1978; Twice Around the Park, Cort, NY, 1982-83; Natalya, The Nest of the Woodgrouse, Public, NY, 1984; Twice Around the Park, Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, 1984.


FILM DEBUT—So Young, So Bad, 1950. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—The Secret Life of an American Wife, 1968; Zig Zag, 1970; Lovers and Other Strangers, 1970; Dirty Dingus Magee, 1970. SIDELIGHTS: FAVORITE ROLES—Hilde, The Master Builder, Anya, The Cherry Orchard. RECREATION—Dancing. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Creative Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park E., Los Angeles, CA 90067.

MAJOR TOURS—Zelda Rainier, Dunnigans Daughter, 1945; Bella, The Barretts ofWimpole Street, 1947; The Tiger and The Typists, 1966; Promenade All!, 1971; Diana, Absent Friends, 1977; also has played stock seasons at Bucks County, in Clinton, NJ, and with Equity Library Theatre and Actors Studio in New York City.

JACKSON, Nagle, director, writer PERSONAL: Born April 28, 1936 in Seattle, WA; son of 266


Hay Fever, National Theatre Company, Old Vic, 1964; Don John, Much Ado About Nothing, Chichester, 1965;Brindsley Miller, Black Comedy, Chichester, 1965 and Old Vic then Queen's, London, 1966; Tusenbach, The Three Sisters, Touchstone, As You Like It, NTC, Old Vic, 1967; King of Navarre, Love's Labours Lost, Old Vic, 1968; Edward Hotel, Macrune's Guevara, Adam, Back to Methuselah, Old Vic, 1969; Myshkin, The Idiot, Lodovico, The White Devil, Old Vic, 1970; Sir Charles Mountford, A Woman Killed with Kindness, Old Vic, 1971; Orestes, Electra, Greenwich, 1971; title role, Oedipus Rex, Mr. Puff, The Critic, Birmingham Repertory Company, 1972; title role, Ivanov, Prospect, 1972; Buckingham, Richard III, 1972; Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Twelfth Night, Pericles, Prospect Theatre Company, 1973; The Grand Tour, Goldsmith's Hall, 1973; Pericles, Her Majesty's, London, 1974; Rakitin, A Month in the Country, Chichester Festival, 1974; Will Mossop,Hobson's Choice, Guildford, 1975; Rakitin, A Month in the Country, Cecil Vyse, A Room with a View, Prospect, Albert, London, 1975; Hamlet, Octavius Casear, Antony and Cleopatra, Prospect, Old Vic, London, 1977; Thomas Mendip, The Lady1 s Not for Burning, Ivanov, Prospect, 1978; The Lunatic, the Lover and the Poet, The Grand Tour, Old Vic, 1978; Hamlet, Prospect, Old Vic, 1979.

Paul J. (professor, English Literature, Whitman College) and Gertrude J. (Dunn) Jackson; married Sandra S. Suter (former actress and singer) on September 15, 1963; children: Rebecca, Hillary. EDUCATION: Portsmouth Priory School, Diploma Cum Laude, 1954; Whitman College, A.B. 1958; studied mime with Etienne Decroux in Paris, France. CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK, Actor—Speed, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, 1957.



Plaza 9 Revue, Plaza Hotel for three years, 1963. NEW YORK DEBUT, DIRECTOR—The Utter Glory ofMorrissey Hall, Mark Hellinger, for 18 performances, 1971. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, DIRECTOR—American Conservatory, San Francisco, CA: The National Health, 1977, Travesties, 1978, Hay Fever, 1979, Cat Among Pigeons, 1982; other directing at Old Globe, San Diego, CA, Seattle Repertory, WA, Intiman, Seattle, WA, Hartford Stage Company, CT, LorettoHilton Repertory Company (now the Repertory Company of St. Louis), MO. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Resident Director, American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 1967-70; Artistic Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre Company, Milwaukee, WI, 1971-77; Artistic Director, McCarter Theatre Company, Princeton, NJ, 1979-present.

MAJOR TOURS—Twelfth Night, Pericles, Europe and Middle East tour, 1973; The Hollow Crown, Pleasure and Repentance, tour, 1975; The Grand Tour, Hamlet, Scandinavia, (including Elsinore), Australia, Japan and China (first Western tour of China).

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—adaptation, A Christmas Carol, Milwaukee Repertory Company, since 1977 (annual production); Chamber Piece, Court Steel, Milwaukee, WI, 1976; with Clark Gesner, The Utter Glory ofMorrissey Hall, 1979; At This Evening's Performance, McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ, 1983.

FILM DEBUT—Cassio, Othello, 1965. FILM APPEARANCES— Blue Blood, 1973; The Day of Jackall, 1973; The Odessa File, 1974; The Three Sisters, 1974; Townley, The Medusa Touch, 1978; Davis, The Human Factor, 1979; The Man Who Went Up in Smoke, 1980; Charlotte, 1980; The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1981.

AWARDS: Fulbright Fellowship, Paris, France, 1958. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild; Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers.

TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Man of Straw, 1971-72; Budgie, 1972; The Strauss Family, \913\Markheim, 1913; Affairs of the Heart, \913-ThePallisers, 1975-76; Claudius, /, Claudius, 1977; Paths of the Future, 1978; Skin, 1979; Richard II, 1979; Burgess, Philby, Burgess and Maclean, 1979-80; Tales of the Unexpected (Angela's Skin), 1980; Hamlet, 1980; A Stranger in Town, 1982; Hitler, Inside the Third Reich, 1982.

ADDRESS: Home—206 Hendrickson Drive, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550. Office—c/o McCarter Theatre Company, 91 University Place, Princeton, NJ 08540.

AWARDS: British AFTA Award, 1977: /, Claudius, 1977; Antoinette Perry Nomination, 1980: The Suicide.

JACOBI, Derek, actor PERSONAL: Born October 22, 1938, in London, England; son of Alfred George (a store manager) and Daisy Gertrude (a secretary; maiden name Masters) Jacobi. EDUCATION: Leyton County High School; St. John's College, Cambridge.

SIDELIGHTS: RECREATION—Music and reading. ADDRESS: Agent—ICM Ltd, 22 Graf ton Street, London, W I , England.*

CAREER: DEBUT—(at age six) Both title roles, The Prince and the Swineherd, local library drama group, 1944. LONDON DEBUT—Laertes, Hamlet, Old Vic, 1963. NEW YORK DEBUT—The Suicide, ANTA, 1980. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Hamlet, English National Youth Theatre, Ediburgh Festival, 1955; Edward II, Marlowe Society, Cambridge, 1959; Stanley Honey bone, One Way Pendulum, Birmingham Repertory, 1960; Henry VIII, Birmingham, 1960; Brother Martin, St Joan and P.C. Liversedge, The Workinghouse Donkey, Chichester Festival, 1963; Fellipillo, The Royal Hunt of the Sun, Cassio, Othello, Simon Bliss,

JACOBS, Jim, actor, composer, writer PERSONAL: Born December 7, 1942, in Chicago, IL; son of Harold James (a factory foreman) and Norma Virginia (Mathisen) Jacobs; married Denise Nettleton (a singer/actress); children: Kristine. EDUCATION: Attended Chicago City Col267



lege. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER—advertising copywriter, Chicago Tribune, 1964—71.

CAREER: DEBUT— The Clod, Washington Square Players, Bandbox, NY, 1915. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—The Minister in Youth, Comedy, NY, 1918; Rev. Samuel Gardner, Mrs. Warren s Profession, Comedy, NY, 1918; Kristensen, Samson and Delilah, Greenwich Village, NY, 1920; Liebush, The Idle Inn, Plymouth, NY, 1921; Reb Ali, The God of Vengeance, Provincetown, NY, 1922; Izzy Goldstein, The Main Line, Klaw, 1924; Eli Iskovitch, Izzy, Broadhurst, NY, 1924; Lum Crowder, Ruint, Provincetown, NY, 1925; Yudelson, The Jazz Singer, Fulton, NY, 1925; Kringelein, Grand Hotel, National, NY, 1930; Herchkowitz, The Bride of Torozko, Henry Miller's, NY, 1934; Adversary, The Eternal Road, Manhattan Opera House, NY, 1937; Nils Krogstad, A Doll's House, Morosco, NY, 1937; Shylock, The Merchant of Venice, Penn State University, 1938; Jonah Goodman, The Gentle People, for the Group Theatre, Belasco, NY, 1939;

CAREER: DEBUT—actor, Don't Drink the Water, Candlelight Playhouse, Chicago, IL, 1969. NEW YORK DEBUT— Shanty, No Place to Be Somebody, Morosco, 1971, 30 performances. LONDON DEBUT—playwright/lyricist/composer, Grease, New London Theatre, 1973, 150 performances. MAJOR TOURS—Shanty, No Place to Be Somebody, U.S. cities, 1971. FILM DEBUT—actor, Medium Cool, 1968. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Sam, Love in a Taxi, 1977-78. TELEVISION DEBUT— Open All Night. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Grease (musical, with Warren Casey), 1972. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award Nominations (7): Grease; ASCAP Award, Cue Magazine Award, Longest-Running Broadway Show, Grammy Nomination, Best Cast Album: Grease.

King Lear, New School, NY, 1941; Hymie, Cafe Crown, Cort, NY, 1942; Svoboda, Thank You Svoboda, Mansfield, NY, 1944; The Greatest of These, Chicago, 1946-47; Wouterson, This Time Tomorrow, Barrymore, NY, 1947; title-role, Tartuffe, Brattle, VT, 1950, Ivor, Hollywood, CA, 1952; Paul Vimg, Blue Danube, summer theatres, 1952; Gourette, Mademoiselle Colombe, Longacre, NY, 1954; Peter Sorin, The Sea Gull, Phoenix, NY, 1954; title-role, Tartuffe, Kauffman Auditorium, 1956; Zero, The Adding Machine, Phoenix, NY, 1956; Dr. Waldersee, Idiot's Delight, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, 1970; Shylock, The Merchant of Venice, Dickinson State College, ND, 1971; Shaddick, Storm in Summer, Off-Broadway Theatre, San Diego, CA, 1972; Tarun Maharaj, A Meeting by the River, Palace, NY, 1979.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA; ASCAP; Authors' League of America; Dramatists Guild. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Bridget Aschenberg, ICM, 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

JACOBS, Rusty (ne Marc), actor

MAJOR TOURS—in repertory with Kearn's-Sommes Shakespeare Company, 1915-16; Rosenbaum, The Kings Maid, 1941; the Inquistor, Saint Joan, 1954; Cauchon, The Lark, 1956.

PERSONAL: Born July 10, 1967, in New York City; son of Alan P. (a stockbroker) and Lori (an editor; maiden name, Schwartz) Jacobs. EDUCATION. Attended McBurney School. CAREER: DEBUT—Tim, Wanting, Wonderhorse, 1979. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Twin, Peter Pan, LuntFontanne, 1979-80, 418 performances; Boy, Memory of Whiteness, American Place, NY, 1981; Clayton, Glory Hallelujah, Spectrum, NY, 1981; Henry Aldrich, What a Life, Manhattan Punchline, NY, 1982.

FILM DEBUT— The Scarlet Empress, 1934. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Lost Horizon; Gunga Din; The Day the Earth Stood Still; Asphalt Jungle, 1954; Under the Gun; I Can Get It for You Wholesale; Gentleman s Agreement, 1947; 13 Rue Madeleine, 1950; The Barbarian and the Geisha, 1958; Ben Hur, 1959; Les Espions; Rope of Sand; Guns for San Sebastian, 1968; The Great Bank Robbery; Dunwich Horror, 1971; Bedknobs and Broomsticks, 1971; Foul Play, 1980; Battle Beyond the Stars, 1980; Jayne Mansfield, an American Tragedy, 1981.

FILM DEBUT—Rusty Snyder, Taps, 1982. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Young Max/David Bailey, Once Upon a Time in America, 1984. ADDRESS: Home—28 Irene Lane East, Plainview, NY 11803; Agent—c/o Cuzzins Management, 250 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Dr. Zorba, Ben Casey, 1961-65; Bonanza; Daniel Boone; Play of the Week; The Lovers; Quarantine; Night Gallery; The Old Man Who Cried Wolf; Enemies; Ghost Story; Love, American Style; Owen Marshall; QB VII; Streets of San Francisco; S.W.A.T.; Harry O; Medical Story; Bionic Woman; Naked City; Alias Smith and Jones; The Snoop Sisters; The Oath; Kojak; Flying High; Buck Rogers, 1980; Hour Magazine, 1980; Good Morning America, 1981; Love Boat.

JAFFE, Sam, actor

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: with George Freedley founded the Equity Library Theatre, 1944.

PERSONAL: Born March 8, 1893, in New York City; died March 24, 1984; son of Bernard and Ada (Steinberg) Jaffe; married Lillian Taiz 1926 (deceased 1941); Bettye Lousie Ackerman, June 7, 1956. EDUCATION: New York City College, B.S.; Columbia University. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1919.

AWARDS: Paul Robeson Award, 1978; Special Honor, Equity Library Theatre, 1977; 125th Anniversary medal City College of New York, 1973; James K. Hacket award, 1971; 268



JAR VIS, Graham, actor

Townsend Harris Award, 1962; Emmy Award Nomination, 1961-62; Academy Award Nomiantion, 1950; Edgar Allan Poe Award, 1950; Venice International Award, Best Performance, 1950.

PERSONAL: Born August 25, 1930 in Toronto, Canada; son of William Henry Reginald (a stocks and bonds salesman) and Margaret Biddulph (Scatcherd) Jarvis; married Jo Anna Rader (a ballet teacher) on October 24, 1970; children: Matthew Graham, Alexander Charles. EDUCATION: Bishop Ridley College, St. Catherine's, ON, Canada, 1942-47; Williams College, 1947-50; studied at the American Theatre Wing with Will Lee, Graham Bernard, and others, 1955-57.

SIDELIGHTS: Mr. Jaffe was a curator in the theatre section of the New York Public Library.*

CAREER: DEBUT—Alonzo, The Tempest, Barter, Abingdon, VA, 1956. NEW YORK DEBUT—Townsman/understudy, Orpheus Descending, Martin Beck, 1957; PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Sheldon Marcus, The Best Man, Morosco, NY, 1960-61; Member of Lincoln Center Repertory Company at Washington Square: After the Fall, Incident at Vichy, Tartuffe, Marco Millions, The Changeling, 1964-65; Witness #5, The Investigation, Ambassador, NY, 1966; Vicar, Halfway Up The Tree, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1967; Gamesmaster, Adaptation—Next. Greenwich Mews, NY, 1969, Stockbridge, MA, 1968; Narrator, TheRocky Horror Show, Roxy, Los Angeles, 1974, Belasco, NY, 1975.

JAGLOM, Henry, actor, director, writer PERSONAL: Born January 26, 1943; son of Simon M. and Marie (Stadthagen) Jaglom; married Patrice Townsend, May, 1977 (divorced 1982). EDUCATION: Attended University of Pennsylvania; trained for the stage at the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Editor, Easy Rider, 1969; writer/director, A Safe Place, 1971; producer, Hearts and Minds, 1974; writer/director, Tracks, 1976; writer/director, Sitting Ducks, 1980; writer/director, Can She Bake a Cherry Pie, 1983; writer/director, A Lovely Ride, 1984.

ADDRESS: Office: Office—International Rainbow Pictures, 933 N. Labrea, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

FILM DEBUT—Man on the bus, Bye Bye Braverman, 1967. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Hold-up man, The Out of Towners, 1969; Beau, A New Leaf, 1970; Amos Bush, Cold Turkey, 1970; Doc, The Travelling Executioner, 1970; J. D., Middle Age Crazy, 1980. President of Schooner Tuna, Mr. Mom, 1983; Nuclear Medical Doctor, Silkwood, 1983; Guard Prescott, The Big House, 1984.

JAMES, Clifton, actor

TELEVISION DEBUT— The Sergeant Bilko Show. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Charlie Haggers, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, 1976-77, and Forever Fernwood, 1977-78; John Ehrlichman, Blind Ambition, 1980; Jack Feldspar, Vice Principal, Making the Grade, 1983.

PERSONAL: Born May 29, 1923; married Laurie (a writer); children: five. EDUCATION: University of Oregon; studied with the Actors Studio in New York.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Co-Chairman, Southern California Coalition for Handgun Control, 1981 and ''continue to be involved in that case.''

AWARDS: Academy Award, Best Documentary, 1974: Hearts and Minds.

"I got into acting by lucky accident. I had performed in school plays etc., but had never given the theatre serious consideration as a career. In the early 50's, I was working at different jobs in New York and got employed as night-time penny arcade attendant working on the 2 a.m. to 10 a.m. shift. There I met another employee named John Darley, who spent his evenings directing an off off-Broadway group before coming up to the arcade to earn his living. He was the son of Otis Skinner's stage manager, had spent all his life in the theatre and was very knowledgeable about it. I asked if he needed an actor. He said yes, and as soon as I attended my first rehearsal I made the fatal judgement; 'I can do that.' . . . But I am aware of how lucky I've been. I try to respect my craft, and the people who care about it, and the people who hopefully and patiently watch us and celebrate with us if we get it right.''

CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—The Cave Dwellers, 1956. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—J.B., NY; All the Way Home, NY; The Time of Your Life, NY; Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, NY; The Shadow Box, NY; Total Abandon, Booth, NY; American Buffalo, Circle in the Square, NY; Willie Stark, All the Kings Men, NY; Casca, Julius Caesar, Toby Belch, Twelfth Night, Stephano, The Tempest, Bottom, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Ajax, Troilus and Cressida, Enobarbus, Anthony and Cleopatra, New York Shakespeare Festival. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—David and Lisa, 1963; Cool Hand Luke, 1961; The Chase, 1966; Will Penny, 1968; TTie New Centurions, 1972; Rancho Deluxe, 1975; The Last Detail, 1974; Juggernaut, 197'4; The Reivers, 1969; Superman II, 1981; The Iceman Cometh, 1975; Silver Streak, 1976; played J. W. Pepper, the sheriff in James Bond films.

ADDRESS: Agent—McCartt, Greek, Barrett-Lionel Larner, 9200 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Striker Bellman, Texas, for two years.

JASON, David (ne White), actor, director, writer PERSONAL: Born February 2, 1940, in London, England;




JEAKINS, Dorothy, costume designer PERSONAL: Born January 11, 1914, in San Diego, CA; children: Stephen Sydney Dane, Peter Jeakins Dane. EDUCATION: Attended Otis Art Institute, 1931-34. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Art Students League, Los Angeles, 1935; WPA Federal Art Project, 1935-36; assistant to Ernst Dry den, 1938; Photo Research, Voyage to America, documentary for U.S. Pavilion, New York World's Fair, 1964; Curator of costume and textiles, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1968. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—New York: King Lear; Affairs of State; Winesburg, Ohio; World ofSuzy Wong; Too Late the Phalarope; My Father, My Mother and Me; Major Barbara; A Taste of Honey. UCLA Theatre Group, Los Angeles: Murder in the Cathedral, 1960; Three Sisters, 1960; Comedies of Despair, 1960; The Prodigal, 1960; Six Characters in Search of an Author, 1961; The Iceman Cometh, 1961; Burlesque, 1963; The Seagull, 1964; King Lear, 1964; Yeats and Company, 1965. Los Angeles Civic Light Opera: Carousel, 1953; Peter Pan, 1954; Kiss Me, Kate, 1955; Rosalinda, 1956; South Pacific, 1957; Annie Get Your Gun, 1957; Oklahoma, 1959; Show Boat, 1960; The Sound of Music, 1961; Oliver!, 1962; Carousel, 1963. Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles: Who's Happy Now?, 1967; Crystal and Fox, 1970; Othello, 1971; Juno and the Paycock, 1974; Duchess ofMalfi, 1975. American Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford, CT: Taming of the Shrew, 1956; Winter's Tale, 1958; Romeo and Juliet, 1959; All's Well That Ends Well, 1959. FIRST FILM WORK—Dr. Rhythm, 1938. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK— Joan of Arc, 1948; Samson and Delilah, 1949; Cyrano de Bergerac, 1950; Belles on Their Toes, 1952; The Big Sky, 1952; The Greatest Show on Earth, 1952; Les Miserables, 1952; My Cousin Rachel, 1952; The Outcasts of Poker Flat, 1952; Stars and Stripes Forever, 1952; High Noon, 1952; Treasure of the Golden Condor, 1953; Titanic, 1953; Niagara, 1953; White Witch Doctor, 1953; Beneath the 12Mile Reef, 1953; Three Coins in the Fountain, 1954; Prince Valient, 1954; Friendly Persuasion, 1956; The Ten Commandments, 1957; The Young Stranger, 1957; South Pacific, 1958; Desire Under the Elms, 1959; Green Mansions, 1959; Elmer Gantry, 1960; Let's Make Love, 1960; The Unforgiven, 1960; The Children's Hour, 1961; The Music Man, 1961; All Fall Down, 1962; The Best Man, 1964; Ensign Pulver, 1964; The Night of the Iguana, 1964; The Fool Killer, 1965; The Sound of Music, 1965; Any Wednesday, 1966; Hawaii, 1966; The Flim-Flam Man, 1967; Reflections in a Golden Eye, 1967; Finiahs Rainbow, 1968; The Fixer, \9(&\ The Stalking Moon, 1968; True Grit, 1969', The Molly Maguires, 1969; Little Big Man, 1970; Fat City, 1972; Fuzz, 1972; When the Legends Die, 1972; The Way We Were, 1973; Young Frankenstein, 1974; The Iceman Cometh, 1974; The Savage Is Loose, 1974; The Hindenberg, 1975; Audrey Rose, 1977; The Betsy, 1978; Love and Bullets, 1979; North Dallas Forty, 1979; The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1980; On Golden Pond, 1981.


son of Arthur (a fishmonger) and Olwen (a charlady; maiden name, Jones) White. CAREER: DEBUT—Sanymo, Bubble, South Sea, England, 1965. LONDON DEBUT—No Sex Please, We're British, 1972. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—The Relapse, The Norman Conquests; Look No Hands; The Mating Game; The Rivals. MAJOR TOURS—3 world tours with Derek Himmo's Company. FILM DEBUT—Royal Flash. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—

Title-role, Odd Job. TELEVISION DEBUT—Do Not Adjust Your Set. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Porridge; A Sharp Intake of Breath; Open All Hours; Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs; Onlv Fools and Horses.

AWARDS: Academy Award—1948: Joan of Arc, 1950: Samson and Delilah, 1964: Night of the Iguana; Academy Award Nominations, 1952: My Cousin Rachel, 1956: The Ten Commandments, 1961: The Children s Hour, 1962: The Music Man, 1965: The Sound of Music, 1966: Hawaii, 1973: The Way We Were.

AWARDS: Mitsubishi Award, Best Situation Comedy, 1984. ADDRESS: Home—20 Lancaster Court, 36 Newman St. London, WT England. Agent—Richard Stone, 18-20 York Buildings, Aldwych, London, England. 270


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 ADDRESS: 2926 Torito Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108.

JENNINGS, Ken, actor PERSONAL: Son of Thomas Joseph (a quality control inspector) and Grace Louise (a librarian; maiden name Bowe) Jennings; married Christine Orzepowski (an actress), November 7, 1975. EDUCATION: St. Peter's College, B.A., 1971. RELIGION: Roman Catholic. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Tobias, Sweeney Todd, New York, 1979; Roland Maule, Present Laughter, Circle in the Square, New York; Shorty, All God's Chillun Got Wings, Circle in the Square, New York; Toad, Wind in the Willows, Folger Theatre; Arpad, She Loves Me, Goodspeed Opera House; Charlie, Tintypes, South Coast Repertory Theater; Planchet, Three Musketeers, Hartman Theatre; Artful Dodger, Oliver!, Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, Papermill Playhouse, and Chateau de Ville; Chimp, Ho! Ho! Ho!, Berkshire Theatre Festival; Nicely Nicely Johnson, Guys and Dolls, Coachlight Dinner Theatre, and Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre. Appeared in numerous productions at the Halfpenny Playhouse. MAJOR TOURS—Tobias, Sweeney Todd.


1974; King Lear, Guthrie, 1974; Love's Labour Lost, Guthrie, 1974; Street Scene, American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 1975; The Ruling Class, American Conservatory Theatre, 1975; Mourning Becomes Electra, Goodman, Chicago, 1976; This Is . . . An Entertainment, American Conservatory Theatre, 1976; Uncle Vanya, Pittsburgh Public Theatre, 1977; Richard III, Goodman, Chicago, 1977; Travesties, American Conservatory Theatre, 1977; The Sea Plays, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1978; The Philadelphia Story, Long Wharf, 1978; Romeo and Juliet, Acting Company, New York, \91%; Antigone, Acting Company, New York, 1978; Of Mice and Men, Pittsburgh Public, 1978; Vanities and Ashes, Pittsburgh Public, 1979; Rosmersholm, Long Wharf, 1979; Hillbilly Women, Long Wharf, 1979; Of Mice and Men, American Stage Festival, 1979; The Visions of Smone Machard, All the Way Home, The Miser, Jumpers, and 7959 Pink Thunderbird, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1979-80; Watch on the Rhine, Long Wharf, 1979, and Golden Theatre, New York, 1980; Damn Yankees, Hartford State Company, 1979; He and She, Brooklyn Academy of Music Theatre Company, 1980; Cassatt, Playhouse 46, 1980; The Lion in Winter and Private Lives, Long Wharf, 1980-8\\Zapata, Goodspeed Opera House, 1980; Black River, Minnesota Opera House, 1980; The Play's the Thing, McCarter, 1981; In the Jungle of Cities, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 1981; Arms and the Man, Williamstown Theatre Festival, 1981; Just Between Ourselves, McCarter, 1981; Constance and the Musician, Geva, 1982; Tartujfe, Pittsburgh Public, 1982; The Front Page, Long Wharf, 1982; Talley's Folly and Inherit the Wind, Cincinnati Playhouse, OH, 1982; The Man Who Had Three Arms, Goodman, Chicago, 1982.

TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Tobias, Sweeney Todd. AWARDS: Theatre World Award, Outstanding Newcomer of 1979; Drama Desk Award, Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical, 1979: Sweeney Todd. SIDELIGHTS: Appeared as Earl in The Astuter Computer Review, a one-man musical featured at Epcot Computer Central, Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL. ADDRESS: Agent c/o Dulcina Eisen, 154 E. 61st Street, New York, NY 10021.

JENSEN, John, stage designer PERSONAL: Born December 20, 1933, in Weiser, ID; son of John Theodore (an educator) and Dorothy Ellen (Curtis) Jensen. EDUCATION: University of Oregon, B.S., 1955; served as assistant to Jo Mielziner, 1966-68. RELIGION: Episcopalian. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1956-58. CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—set designer, Ardele, Anouilh, Guthrie Theatre Company at Croford Livingston Theatre, St. Paul, MN, 1969. FIRST NEW YORK STAGE WORK—scenic designer, Cyrano (the musical), Palace Theatre, 1973. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—set designer for Ceremonies in Dark Old Men, Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, 1970; The Thurber Carnival and The Lion in Winter, Actors Theatre of Louisville, KY, 1970; Cyrano de Bergerac and Taming of the Shrew, Guthrie, 1971; A Touch of the Poet, Guthrie, 1971; The Diary of a Scoundrel, Guthrie, 1971; The White House Murder Case, Milwaukee Repertory, 1971; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Guthrie, 1972; The Government Inspector, Guthrie, \913\LaTurista, Milwaukee Repertory,

Sets and costumes for The Tempest, and A Play by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Guthrie, 1970; Guys and Dolls, Dartmouth College, 1972; Of Mice and Men, Guthrie, 1972; The Crucible, Guthrie, 1974; Loot, Guthrie, 1975; The Cherry Orchard, Center Stage, Baltimore, 1976; The Rise and Fall of 271



the City of Mahagonny, Minnesota Opera, St. Paul, 1977. Sets and lighting for An Italian Straw Hat, Guthrie, 1972; La Traviata, Music Associates of Aspen, 1975; The Millionairess, Shaw Festival, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada; Uncle Vanya, and Present Laughter, Royal Alexandra Theatre Company, Toronto, 1978. With Desmond Heeley and Robert Scales, designed the stage for the international tour of the Stratford Festival Theatre of Canada, 1972. Created an 4 'environment for children" based on Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, part of the Christmas festivities at Dayton's Department Store, Minneapolis, 1976. For the American Ballet Theatre's 1981 production of Carmen, Mr. Jensen reconstructed the scenery and costumes from the original 1949 designs by Antonio Clave.

JEWISON, Norman, film and television producer, director PERSONAL: Born July 21, 1926, in Toronto, ON, Canada; son of Percy Joseph (ran the general store and post office) and Dorothy Irene Jewison; married Margaret (Dixie) Dixon (a former model); children: Kevin, Michael, Jenny. EDUCATION: Studied piano and music theory at the Royal Conservatory; attended Malvern Collegiate Institute; University of Toronto, B.A., 1949. MILITARY: Royal Canadian Navy, WWII. CAREER: FILM DEBUT—Director, Forty Pounds of Trouble, 1962. PRINCIPLE FILM WORK—Director: The Thrill of It All, 1963, Send Me No Flowers, 1964, The Art of Love, 1964, The Cincinnati Kid, 1965; co-producer/director, The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming, 1966, In The Heat of the Night, 1967; producer/director, The Thomas Crown Affair, 1968; director, Gaily, Gaily; producer, The Landlord, 1970; producer/director, Fiddler on the Roof, 1971; producer/director, Jesus Christ Superstar, 1973, Rollerball, 1975, F./.ST., 1978,. . .And Justice for All, 1979; executive producer, The Dogs of War, 1980; director, Best Friends, 1982.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Teacher of design, CarnegieMellon University; head of design department, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—United Scenic Artists L.U. 829 (board of trustees, 1981-83); Theatre Communications Group (Board of Directors, 1983-87); League of Professional Training Programs (Steering Committee). "I am among a group of fortunate people who have had a career thanks to the regional theatre movement in America. The regional theatres, particularly the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre, gave me an extraordinary place to work at my craft in an atmosphere and amongst other craftsmen where one could not help but learn and grow. I started in the theatre as a performer—even had my equity card—before making a decision, rather late, to put all my energy into design— something I hadn't done since high school. Working with Jo Mielziner, an extraordinary two years, mostly because of the man as a person, gave me my first look at Broadway close up. It was not what I was looking for in the theatre. Odd circumstances brought me to the Guthrie to work in the property department. Here I found rich soil for my growth. With the help of generous people—Tanya Moiseiwitch, Peter Zisler, Michael Langham—I discovered the sort of theatre where serious exploration is built on respect, trust, honesty, and great good humor. . . . Our work was, of course, flawed at times, but it never lacked for serious pursuit of fine, honest theatre. That read through it all. Here I learned what my goal in all the work should be: an authentic visual extension of the playwright. There is no question in my mind that art is craft practiced with perception. Most of us who work as commissioned, commercial artists are first and foremost craftsmen. On occasion, when we are allowed to look beyond the horizon for a glimpse of what is there, our well-oiled craft lets us share it with others. . . . I'm no athlete at all, but love to swim. Traveling is a great pleasure. I've spent a lot of time in Europe, particularly Italy—lived in Florence for four months. Favorite city there: Naples. Theatre is a way of life. Birth certificates are written on the backs of Equity cards, I believe. I love mountains. Would have been a sculptor. Shape is the most telling visual thing in the theatre. I came into design through the theatre, not through art or architecture. Because of this, I constantly wage an inner battle over my painting and drawing skills—always wanting to improve my communication ability. As a result, some of my happiest hours away from the theatre are in life drawing sessions."

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Director: Your Hit Parade, 1958; The Andy Williams Show; Tonight With Harry Belafonte; General Electric's 50th Anniversary; The Broadway of Lerner and Lowe; specials with Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Jackie Gleason. AWARDS: 9 Academy Awards for his films, 29 Academy Award Nominations; Emmy Award for Tonight With Harry Belafonte, and General Electric's 50th Anniversary and for specials with Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland; officer of the Order of Canada, by the Governor General the Queen's representative in Ottawa. SIDELIGHTS: "Mr. Jewison's films have covered a wide range of subjects and styles, from the angry irony o f . . . And Justice for All and the satire of The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming to the gamesmanship of The Thomas Crown Affair and the mystery of In the Heat of the Night, the one common denominator—in each of them the main characters in conflict predominated. 'I'm more concerned with people than with action for its own sake . . . Whatever happens in any of my films grows out of who and what its characters are and what motivates them.''' ADDRESS: Home—18 Glouster Street, 4th Floor, Toronto, ON, Canada M4YILS.

JHABVALA, Ruth Prawer, writer PERSONAL: Born 1927, in Cologne, Germany; married C. S. H. Jhabvala, 1951; children: three daughters. EDUCATION: Queen Mary College, London, England. WRITINGS: BOOKS—(novels) Am ita, The Nature of Passion, Esmond in India, The Householder, 1955-60; Get Ready for Battle, A Backward Place, Travelers, In Search of Love and Beauty. SHORT STORIES—An Experience of India; A Stronger

ADDRESS: Home and office—51 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10003. 272




Climate; Like Birds, Like Fishes; How I Became a Holy Mother. PLAYS, PRODUCED—A Call from the East, Manhattan Theatre club, NY. SCREENPLAY—The Householder, 1962; Shakespeare Wallah, 1965; The Gum, 1969; Bombay Talkie, 1970; Autobiography of a Princess, 1975; Roseland, 1977; Hullabaloo over Georgie and Bonnie s Pictures, 1978; The Europeans, 1979; Jane Austen in Manhattan, 1980', The Wild Party, 1981; Quartet, \9%\ \Heat and Dust, 1982; The Bostonians, 1984.

Miss Jillian co-hosts the United Cerebral Palsy Telethon yearly. 4 T am most proud of my three films, my Broadway debut in Sugar Babies, my television movies Mae West and Death Rides to Osaka, and my television situation comedies It's a Living and Jennifer Slept Here.'' ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Eddie Bondy/Jerry Katzman, William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

ADDRESS: Office—Merchant Ivory Productions, Ltd., 250 W. 57th Street, Suite 1913A, New York, NY 10107.

JOHNS, Stratford, actor JILLIAN, Ann (Ann Jura Nauseda Murcia), singer, dancer, and actress

PERSONAL: Born February 22, 1925 in P.M.B, South Africa; son of Sidney Alan (an engine driver) and Dorothy Ada (Stratford) Johns; married Nanette Parsons (an actress) on March 21, 1955; children: Frith, Peta, Alan, Lissa. EDUCATION: St. Charles College; Oxford, Cambridge entrance. RELIGION: Roman Catholic. MILITARY: S.A. Navy.

PERSONAL: Born January 29, 1951; daughter of Joseph (a pilot) and Margaret Nauseda; married Andrew L. Murcia (a police sergeant and personal manager). EDUCATION: Pierce Junior College, A A degree; trained for the musical theatre with the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera and studied with Len Bledso and Paul Gleason. RELIGION: Catholic. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Before and between acting jobs, worked as a saleslady, answering-service employee, and cocktail waitress.

CAREER: DEBUT—Langford, White Cargo, Southend Hippodrome. LONDON DEBUT—Mayer, Sgt. Musgrave's Dance, Royal Court, 1957. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Pratt, Who Saw Him Die, Haymarket, London; Daddy Warbucks, Annie, Victoria Palace, London, 1978; Porterhouse, Run for Your Wife, Criterion, London, 1984. MAJOR TOURS—Pratt, Who Saw Him Die, six-week tour.

CAREER: DEBUT—Dainty June, Gypsy, Melodyland, Anaheim, CA, 1963. NEW YORK DEBUT—Soubrette, Sugar Babies, Mark Hellinger, 1979-80. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Daughter, Anniversary Waltz, Pasadena Playhouse, CA 1964; Tintinabula, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, 1970; Torch Singer, Sammy Cahris Words and Music, 1976; Madam Labouche, Goodnight, Ladies, Drury Lane, Chicago, 1977. MAJOR TOURS: Sugar Babies, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, 1979; / Love My Wife, Chicago, 1979.

FILM DEBUT—Fireman, Burnt Evidence, 1954. TELEVISION DEBUT— You Were There, BBC. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Barlow, Police Chief, 14 years, BBC; Peachum, Beggars Opera. AWARDS: BBC Variety Club Personality of the Year Award, 1974. SIDELIGHTS: Mr. Johns has appeared in over 40 films and 240 television shows; he writes in his spare time.

FILM DEBUT—Little Bo Peep, Babes in Toy land, 1961. PRINCIPAL FILMS—Dainty June, Gypsy, 1962; Joan, Mr. Mom, 1983.

ADDRESS: Agent—Leading Artists, 60 St. James Street, London SW1, England.

TELEVISION DEBUT—Art Linklettef s House Party. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Sammy the Way-Out Seal, 1963; Millie, Hazel; Cassie, If s a Living (later, Making a Living); Joan, Malibu; three Bob Hope specials; Perry Como Special; Night of 100 Stars, 1982; Battle of the Network Stars, 1980, 1981, 1982; Mae West, 1982; Jennifer Slept Here, 1983; Parade of Stars, 1983; Magic Skates, 1983; Black Achievement Awards Special, 1983; Tonight Show; Merv Griffin Show; Mike Douglas Show; Good Morning, America; Today Show; Nightline; Love Boat; Fantasy Island; Ben Casey, Twilight Zone; Wagon Train; Partridge Family.

JOHNSON, Linda Lee, actress PERSONAL: Born June 20, in Chicago, IL; daughter of Edward Harold Sr. (a naval aviator) and Willena Kathryn (a model before marriage; maiden name, Smith) Johnson; married Douglas A. Johnson on June 24, 1972 (divorced 1984). EDUCATION: University of California, Berkeley, CA, A.B. (English); studied acting with Henrietta Harris, John Argue, and Paul E. Richards. POLITICS: Democrat. RELIGION: Methodist. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Jewelry Designer.

WRITINGS: Song—"Most Beautiful Ghost," theme song for television series Jennifer Slept Here. AWARDS: Dramalogue Award, 1979: Sugar Babies; Emmy Nomination, Best Actress in a Limited Series or Special, 1982: Mae West; Golden Globe Nomination, Best Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture made for television, 1982: Mae West; Bronze Halo Award, 1982: Mae West.

CAREER: DEBUT—Psyche, Eros & Psyche, Acting Openhand, Berkeley, CA, 1970. NEW YORK DEBUT—Bunny, Afternoon in Vegas, St. Malachys, for 20 performances, 1979. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Maggie, After the Fall, 273



Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1979; Skye, Geniuses, Playwrights Horizons, NY, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1982-83; Sarah, A Different Moon, W.P.A., NY, 1983.

JOHNSTON, Justine, actress, singer PERSONAL: Born June 13, in Evanston, IL; daughter of Joseph E. (a salesman) and Alice Justine (a pianist and clerical worker; maiden name, Schleicher) Johnston. EDUCATION: Emerson High School, Gary, IN; trained for the theatre with the Gary Civic Repertory Company and at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. MILITARY. USO Campshows (overseas unit #860—mid-Pacific).

TELEVISION DEBUT—Changing Marriage, PBS, California. AWARDS: San Francisco Bay Area Critics Award, Cast member of Best Production, 1978: Private Lives. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA: SAG.

CAREER: DEBUT—Stephen Foster, Cape, Cape May, NJ, 1943. NEW YORK DEBUT—Mabel, The Pajama Game, St. James, 1956. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Miss Jones, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, NY City Center, 1966; Heidi Schiller, Follies, Winter Garden, NY \91\-12\Sondheim: A Musical Tribute, Shubert, NY, 1973; Mrs. O'Dare (standby), Irene, Minskoff, NY, 1973; Mrs. Frazini, Molly, Alvin, NY, 1973; James Joyce's Dubliners, Roundabout, NY, 1975; Mrs. Philip Phillmore, The New York Idea, BAM Theatre Company, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY, 1977; Mrs. Clatt, Angel, Minskoff, NY, 1978; Martine, Sganarelle, Main Street, 1980; Big Mama, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Caldwell Playhouse, NJ, 1983; stock/dinner theatre/rep. MAJOR TOURS—Mrs. Weinstein, Milk and Honey, first national company, (also final three weeks on Broadway), 1963; Domina, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, first national company, 1964.

ADDRESS: Home—Greenwich Village, New York; Agent— J. Michael Bloom, 400 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

JOHNSON, Mary Lea, producer PERSONAL: Born August 20, 1926 in New Jersey; daughter of John Seward (an industrialist) and Ruth R. (Dill) Johnson; married (2nd marriage) Martin Richards (a producer) on August 11, 1978; children: (first marriage) Quentin, Eric, Seward, Roderick, Hillary, Alice. EDUCATION: The Masters School, Dobbs Ferry, NY; American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NY; studied costume design at La Sorbonne, Paris, France. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Owner, Merriwold Art Gallery, Far Hills, NJ, 1971-76.

FILM DEBUT—Bakery Clerk, Sisters, 1972. FILM APPEARANCES—Aunt Pearl, Arthur, 1980. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Mrs. Sampson, Love, Sidney.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, Produced—The Norman Conquests, Morosco, NY, 1976; On the Twentieth Century, St. James, NY, 1978; Sweeney Todd, Uris, NY, 1979; Goodbye Fidel, Ambassador, NY, 1980; Crimes of the Heart, Golden, NY, \9%\\ March of the Falsettos, Westside Arts, 1981; A Doll's Life, Mark Hellinger, 1982; Foxfire, Barrymore, NY, 1982.

AWARDS: Clio, Fotomat Commercial, "Grandmothers." SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA (councilor, 1969-84, three consecutive five-year terms); AFTRA; SAG; Ziegfeld Club; National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

PRINCIPAL FILM WORK, Produced—The Boys from Brazil, 1978; The Shining, 1980; Fort Apache, The Bronx, 1981.

ADDRESS: Home—35^8 75th Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372.

THEATER-RELATED CAREER: Mary Lea joined her husband Martin Richards in 1976 to form The Producer Circle Company to produce theatre and major feature films. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Best Musical, 1979: Sweeney Todd; Citizen of the Year Honoree, Mental Health Association of New Jersey; as of 1982, her productions have won thirteen other Antoinette Perry Awards, as well as New York Drama Critics Awards.

JOHNSTONE, Anna Hill, costume designer PERSONAL: Born April 7, 1913, in Greenville, SC; daughter of Albert Sidney (a banker) and Anna Hill (Watkins) Johnstone; married Curville J. Robinson (an engineer), May 8, 1937. EDUCATION: Barnard College, B.A., 1934.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERHIPS—Past Board of Directors, Somerset Hospital, Somerset, New Jersey; Board of Directors, Easton Hospital, Easton, MD; League of New York Theatres and Producers; Past Board of Directors, Second Stage, NY, Phoenix, NY.

CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Costume designs for the Columbia University Laboratory Players, 1935-36. FIRST NEW YORK STAGE WORK—Costume designs for Temper the Wind, Playhouse Theatre, 1946. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK— Costume designs for For Love or Money, Henry Miller, New York, 1947; Lost in the Stars, Music Box, New York, 1949; The Curious Savage, Martin Beck, New York, 1950; The Country Girl, Lyceum, New York, 1950; Bell, Book and Candle, Ethel Barrymore, New York, 1950; The Autumn Garden, Coronet, New York, 1951; Flight into Egypt, Music Box, New York, 1952; The Children's Hour, Coronet, New York, 1952; Tea and Sympathy, Ethel Barrymore, New York, 1953; All Summer Long, Coronet, New York, 1954; The Tender Trap, Longacre, New York, 1954; supervised

ADDRESS: Office—c/o The Producer Circle Company, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019.

JOHNSON, Mike, playwright See SHARKEY, Jack 274


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 the costuming for The Chalk Garden, Ethel Barrymore, New York, 1955; designed costumes for A Quiet Place, Shubert, New Haven, CT, 1955; The Hidden River, Playhouse, New York, \951-TheSinofPatMuldoon, Cort, New York, 1957; The Egghead, Ethel Barrymore, New York, 1957; This Is Goggle, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1958; The Man in the Dog Suit, Coronet, New York, 1958; Whoop-Up, Shubert, New York, 1958; Sweet Bird of Youth, Martin Beck, New York, 1959; Triple Play, Playhouse, New York, 1959; One More River, Ambassador, New York, 1960; After the Fall, ANTA Washington Square, New York, 1964; The Investigation, Ambassador, New York, 1966. FIRST FILM WORK—Designed costumes for Portrait of Jenny, 1948. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Designed costumes for On the Waterfront, 1954; East of Eden, 1955; Baby Doll, 1956; Edge of the City, 1957; A Face in the Crowd, 1957; Odds Against Tomorrow, 1959; Wild River, 1960; Splendor in the Grass, 1961; David and Lisa, 1963; America, America, 1963; Ladybug, Ladybug, 1964; The Pawnbroker, 1964; Fail Safe, 1964; The Group, 1966; Bye Bye Braverman, 1968; The Night They Raided Minsky's, 1968; Alice's Restaurant, 1969; The Subject Was Roses, 1969; Me, Natalie, 1969; There Was a Crooked Man, 1970; Cotton Comes to Harlem, 1970; Who Is Harry Kellerman?, 1971; The Godfather, 1972; Play It Again, Sam, 1972; Come Back, Charleston Blue, 1972; The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, 1973; Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams, 1973; The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three, 1974; Gordon's War, 1973; The Stepford Wives, 1975; Dog Day Afternoon, 1975; The Last Tycoon, 1975; The Next Man, 197'6; King of the Gypsies, 1978; Going in Style, 1979; Prince of the City, 1980; Ragtime, 1981; Daniel, 1983; Heaven, 1983.


AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination, 1972: The Godfather; Academy Award Nomination, 1981: Ragtime.

Antonio, Twelfth Night, Folger Theatre Group, Washington, DC; Larry Toms, Boy Meets Girl, Hartford Stage Company, CT; First Officer, Twelfth Night, Yale Repertory; Harold Parmalee, Merton of the Movies, Milwaukee Repertory; Invisible Man/Tarzan/Television Announcer, The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild, Totem Pole Playhouse; Henry Lodge, Move Over, Mrs. Markham, Totem Pole Playhouse; John Buchanan, Jr., Summer and Smoke, Otterbein Theatre; Jean, Miss Julie, Trotwood Circle Theatre. As a participant in the Dawn Project at the No Smoking Playhouse, a group "dedicated to the development and nurturance of new work by American playwrights," Mr. Jolly played Mac in Mothers and Daughters, Tom Howard in Reflected Glory, Henry David Thoreau in Walden Pond, and the Centurion in Androcles and the Lion.

ADDRESS: Home—2501 Palisade Ave., Riverdale, NY 10463.

JOLLY, Peter, actor PERSONAL: Born October 25, 1951; son of Richard Hayes (a manufacturer's representative) and Hope Carolyn (a retail buyer; maiden name Cassell) Jolly. EDUCATION: Marietta College, B.A.; studied Shakespeare with Bob Smith. CAREER: DEBUT—Unknown Man, The Bat, Worthington High School, 1967. NEW YORK DEBUT—Harry, The Sea Horse, Direct Theater's Actors Festival, 1975. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Max Dupree, Knuckle, Hudson Guild, New York; Mr. Gill, The Show-Off, Playwrights Horizons, New York; Man in Black, Goose and Tom-Tom, Public Theatre, New York; Bucky, Earthworms, Playwrights Horizons, New York; Woodcutter/Count, Miss Julie, Hudson Guild, New York; Mark, Bhutan, William Redfield, New York; Seth Edward, Man in the House, William Redfield, New York; Frank Marrant, Street Scene, Moonlight Conspiracy, New York; Nojd, The Father, Gene Frankel MCPA, New York; Sampson, Romeo and Juliet, York Players, New York; Ivan, Long Voyage Home, Washington Market Players, New York; Jean, LAtelier, Trinity Square Theatre;

PRINCIPAL FILMS—Jackson, Four Friends; Joe, Gellerman. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Joey, Another World; Flint, Search for Tomorrow. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AFTRA, AEA, SAG. FAVORITE ROLES—Seth Edward in Man in the House; Larry Toms in Boy Meets Girl; Jean in Miss Julie; Ivan in Long Voyage Home. HOBBIES: Golf, photography, reading, swimming. Six years in the Broadway Show League. "I have traveled extensively throughout Europe with the People to People Student Ambassador Program." AIMS: ' The continued development of new American works for an audience willing to accept and want the spontaneity of the 275



theatrical experience. Respect for the stage actor as a member of the artistic community.''

married Neta Sue Lewis October 8, 1950 (divorced 1979); children: Marlin, Marily, Stephen. EDUCATION: Lamar Junior College (Beaumont, TX), 1944; Lon Morris Junior College (Jacksonville, TX), 1946; University of Texas, 1947-50. POLITICS: Republican. RELIGION: Methodist. MILITARY: U.S. Navy, Lt. Commander, 1945.

ADDRESS: 35 Bedford Street, #13, New York, NY 10014.

CAREER: FILM DEBUT—L.Q. Jones, Battle Cry, 1954. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Love Me Tender, 1956; Between Heaven and Hell, 1956; The Naked and the Dead, 1958; The Young Lions, 1958; The Wild Bunch; Warlock, 1959; Ride the High Country, 1962; Ballad of Cable Hogue, 1970; White Line Fever, 1975; Time Rider; Lone WolfMcQuade, 1983; has appeared in over 75 other films.

JONES, Brooks, director and producer PERSONAL: Born October 23, 1934; son of Edwin A. (an industrialist) and Katherine (McKee) Jones. EDUCATION: Princeton University, B.A., 1956. CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Director, Dark of the Moon, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1960. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK— Associate producer and producer of Princeton's McCarter Theatre, 1958-60; producer and artistic director of Cincinnati's Playhouse in the Park; directed 35 productions, 196270; artistic director, Center for the Arts at Purchase, NY, 1979^date.

TELEVISION DEBUT— Cheyenne, PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Playhouse 90; Charlie's Angels; Cannon; Voyagers; Yellow Roses; Chips; Standing Tall; and over 500 other TV shows. WRITINGS: NOVELS—Brotherhood of Satan. SCRIPT—A Boy and His Dog.

DIRECTED: (Plays)—The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, Enrico IV, Trinity Square Repertory; LHistoire du Soldat, Long Wharf, The Balcony and The Birthday Party, Center Stage, Baltimore; Knight of the Burning Pestle, Long Wharf. (Regional Theatre) The Good Woman ofSetzuan; Endgame; He Who Gets Slapped; Man Is Man; The Zoo Story; Escurial; The Fantastics; The Threepenny Opera; Oh Dad, Poor Dad . . . ; Anatol; Benito Cereno, et al. (Television) Irish Triple Bill, Calvary Act, Act without Words, How She Lied to Her Husband, Esso Theatre U.S.A., 1963.

AWARDS: Hugo Award, 34th World Science Fiction Convention—Mid American, 1976: A Boy and His Dog; three Emmy Nominations; Cowboy Hall. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SAG, Directors Guild, Writers Guild of America, West. "I love the business. 'Nough said." ADDRESS: Office—2144 N. Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA 90068. Agent—Mike Greenfield, Charter Management, 9000 Sunset Blvd., Suite 1112, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

PRODUCED: Center for the Arts, Purchase, NY—The Queen and the Rebels (moved to New York); Man Is Man; Dario Fo Plays (moved to New York); The Ruling Class; Sally and Marsha (moved to New York); Booth Is Back in Town; Mrs. Farmer s Daughter; Shakespeare and the Indians. Regional Theatre—Over 200 plays, including The Cavern, Sodome et Gomorrhe, Eh?, said Honor and Offer.

JONES, Tommy Lee, actor PERSONAL: Born September 15, 1946 in San Saba, TX; son of Clyde L. and Lucille Marie (Scott) Jones; married Kimberlea Gayle Cloughley (a photojournalist), May 30, 1981; children: Austin Leonard. EDUCATION: Harvard University, B.A. (English), 1969.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Knight of the Burning Pestle, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Adjunct professor, Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, 1965-71; president, ViceVersaVision (television production), 1978-83.

CAREER: DEBUT—Harvard Drama Club, 1965-1969. NEW YORK DEBUT—Chorus, A Patriot for Me, 1970. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Four on a Garden; Ulysses in Nighttown; Fortune and Men's Eyes.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—ANT A (board, 1964), Third World Board, ITI, ASCAP, TCG board, American Federation of Musicians, National Theatre Conference, AEA. ADDRESS: Home—142 Goodwives Road, Noroton, CT 06820. Office—ViceVersaVision, Box 3239, Noroton, CT 06820.

FILM DEBUT—Love Story, 1970. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Jackson County Jail; Rolling Thunder, 1977; The Betsy, 1978; Eyes of Laura Mars, 1978; Coalminers Daughter, 1980; Black Roads, 1981. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Amazing Howard Hughes, 1982.

JONES, L. Q. (ne Justice Ellis McQueen), actor, writer, director, producer

AWARDS: Emmy Award, Prime Time Outstanding Lead Actor in a Special, 1983: The Amazing Howard Hughes.

PERSONAL: Born August 19, 1927; son of Justice Ellis (a railroad worker) and Jessie Paralee (Stephens) McQueen;

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SAG, AEA, AFTRA, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.




APPEARANCES—Johanna, Sweeney Todd, Uris, NY, 1980; Nora, A Doll's Life, Mark Hellinger, NY, 1982; Maria, West Side Story, Zurich Opernhaus, Zurich, Switzerland, 1983. MAJOR TOURS—Johanna, Sweeney Todd, U.S. cities, 198081.

JOSELOVITZ, Ernest A. playwright PERSONAL: Born June 18, 1942 in Danbury, CT; son of Sydney and Minnie (Kayser) Joselovitz; married Elaine Sharon Zvonkin (works in film) on September 26, 1967. EDUCATION: UCLA, B.A. (English); University of Minnesota, M.F.A..


WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Parable, (one-act) Greyfriars' Society Theatre, Pasadena, CA, 1971; The Inheritance, University of Minnesota, 1973; Hagafs Children, American Conservatory, San Francisco, CA, 1975, Changing Scene, Denver, CO, 1975, New Playwrights, Washington, DC, 1976, New York Shakespeare Festival, Public, NY, for 80 performances, 1977; The Bubble, (one-act) One-Act Theatre of San Francisco, 1977-78; Sammi & Triptych, (one-acts) Jewish Repertory, NY, 1978; Splendid Rebels, New Playwrights, Washington, DC, 1978-79, Corner, Baltimore, MD, 1980, Theatre Three, Dallas, TX, 1982; Holding On, New Playwrights, Washington, DC, 1980; There Is No John Garfield (one-act), Dubuque Fine Arts Society, IA, 1982; Jesse s Land, New Playwrights, Washington, 1982; Flesh Eaters, New Playwrights, Washington, 1983.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Baldwin-Scully, 501 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

JULIA, Raul, actor PERSONAL: Born March 9, 1940, in San Juan, PR; son of Raul (a restaurateur) and Olga (Arcelay) Julia; married Merel Polo way (a dancer), June 28, 1976. EDUCATION: University of Puerto Rico; studied for theatre with Wynn Handman. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Member of Puerto Rican singing group, "The Lamplighters," in Puerto Rico.

PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Sammi, 1975; The Inheritance, 1975; Hagar's Children, 1911; Righting, 1977.

CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—Astolfo, La Vida Es Sueno, acting in Spanish, Astor Play Playhouse, 1964. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Birdie, Bye, Bye Birdie, The Four Poster, Alfred, The Happy Time, title role, Macbeth, Rodrigo, Othello, Tapia, San Juan, PR, 1963; the suitor, The Marriage Proposal, 1966; Macduff, Macbeth, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte, 1966; Luis, The Ox Cart, Greenwich Mews, NY, 1966; Demetrius, Titus Andronicus, Delacorte, NY, 1967; Cradeau, No Exit, Bouwerie Lane, NY, 1967; Birdie, Bye Bye Birdie, Dallas, 1967; A Clerk in the Memorandum, Anspacher, 1968; The Hide and Seek Odyssey ofMadelain Gimple, O'Neill Theatre Center, CT, 1968; Orson (took over) Your Own Thing, Orpheum, NY, 1968; Chan, The Cuban Thing, Henry Miller's, NY, 1968; Workman, Paradise Gardens East and Jesus, Conrico Was Here to Stay, (double bill, Frank Gagliano's City Scene), Fortune, 1969; Grand Duke Alexis, Uncas, Indians, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1969 and then Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1969;

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Playwright in Residence, New Playwrights, Washington DC, 1978-81; Dramaturg/Literary Advisor, New Playwrights, Washington, DC, 1981-present; Playwrighting Instructor, New Playwrights, George Mason University 1979-81. AWARD: Larry Neal Writer's Award, Drama, Washington, DC, 1983; Artist-in-Education Grant, D.C. Commission for the Arts and Humanities, 1982-83; Playwright Project Grants, D.C. Commission for the Arts and Humanities, 1980-83; Guest Artist, Millay Colony for the Arts, NY, and Dorset Colony, VT, 1981-83; Individual Writer's Grant, National Endowment for the Arts/Literature, 1980; Theatre Communications Group Travel/Residency Grants; Rockefeller Foundation Grant, Office of Advanced Drama Research; Starr Playwrighting Prize, University of California, Santa Barbara; Dubuque National One-Act Competition Prize; Shubert Play writing Fellowship, University of Minnesota; John Golden Travelling Fellowship; Phi Beta Kappa.

Persian Elder, The Persians, St. George's Church, NY, 1970; Paco Montoya, The Castro Complex, Stairway, NY, 1970; Consequently Joy, Pinkville, St. Clement's Church, NY, 1971; Proteus, Two Gentemen of Verona (musical), New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte, later St. James, NY, 1971; Osric, Hamlet, Delacorte, 1972; Gabriel Finn, Via Galactica, Uris, NY, 1972; Orlando, As You Like It, Edmund, King Lear, Delacorte, 1973; Commissioner, The Emperor of Late Night Radio, Other Stage, NY, 1974; Jaimie Lockhart, The Robber Bridegroom, St. Clement's Church, NY, 1974; Charles Wykeham, Where's Charley?, Circle in the Square, NY, 1974; Mack the Knife, The Threepenny Opera, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1976; Lopatkin, The Cherry Orchard, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1977; title role, Dracula, Baltimore, 1978, then took over at Martin Beck, NY, 1979; Petruchio, The Taming of the Shrew, Delacorte, NY, 1978; title role, Othello, Delacorte, 1979; Betrayal, Trafalgar, NY, 1980; Guido Contini, Nine, 46th Street Theatre, NY, 1982; Design for Living, Circle in the Square, NY, 1984. MAJOR TOURS—Illya, Darling, 1968.

ADDRESS: Home—1717 Riggs Place N. W. #2, Washington, DC 20009. Office—1742 Church Street, c/o New Playwrights Theatre, Washington, DC 20036. Agent—Freedman, Brandt & Brandt, 1501 Broadway, Suite 3201, New York, NY 10036.

JOSLYN, Betsy, actress PERSONAL: Born April 19, 1954; daughter of Frederic M. (a sales manager) and Marielouise (a teacher; maiden name, Sidnam) Joslyn. EDUCATION: Wagner College, M. A., 1975. CAREER: DEBUT—Kitty, Where's Charley?, Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh, PA, 1975. NEW YORK DEBUT—Luisa, The Fantasticks, Sullivan Street Playhouse, 1975. PRINCIPAL STAGE 277



FILM APPEARANCES—Panic in Needle Park, 1971; The OrganizationMan, 1971; Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me, 1971; Gumball Rally, 1976; The Eyes of Laura Mars, 1978; Kalibanos, Tempest, 1980; The Escape Artist, 1982; One from the Heart, 1982.

King Lear; The National Health; McCloud (TV film); Love of Life; Aces Up, 1974; Death Scream, 1975. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award Nominations, 1982: Nine, 1976: The Threepenny Opera, 1974: Where's Charley?, 1971: Two Gentlemen of Verona*

TELEVISION APPEARANCES—(Running role), Sesame Street;


K KAIKKONEN, Gus, actor, director, writer

New York, 1982; Second Prize: Two Months in Leningrad, Perry Street, New York, 1983

PERSONAL: Born May 7, 1951; son of Gus Alexander (a millwright) and Eva Mary (a demonstrator; maiden name Caradonna) Kaikkonen. EDUCATION: Georgetown University, 1969-73. POLITICS: Democrat.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, ADAPTATIONS—Christopher Marlowe's Massacre at Paris. PLAYS, ONE-ACT— What Are Friends For?, Potholes, Eulogy. PLAYS, FULL-LENGTH—Ramblings, Brontosaurus Tales, Time Steps, Fool of Hearts, The Chinese Viewing Pavilion. SCREENPLAYS—Present Losses.

CAREER: DEBUT—Chorus, Babes in Toy land, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, 1964. NEW YORK DEBUT—Horse, Equus, Plymouth, 1976. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Griffith, Henry VIII, Captain, King Lear, Lysimachus, Pericles, Horatio, Hamlet, Colorado Shakespeare Festival; Hobhouse, Natural and Unnatural Acts, Antonio, Twelfth Night, Benvolio, Romeo and Juliet, Folger Theatre, Washington, DC; Fast Eddie, Senior Prom, Washington Theatre Club; ensemble, Scenes from American Life, Richard, Chinese Viewing Pavilion, Frederick Treaves, The Elephant Man, Boarshead Theatre; Amos, The Runner Stumbles, Damis, Tartuffe, Jimmy Porter, Look Back in Anger, Cohoes Music Hall; Mark, The Shadow Box, Richie, Streamers, Cassio, Othello, Players State; Don Carlos, Don Juan, Benito, Benito Cereno, Goodman Theatre, Chicago; Brissailles, Cyrano de Bergerac, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, chorus, Dionysus Wants You!, James Lee, Private Hicks, New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theatre; Lysander, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Gene Frankel Theatre, New York; Estragon, Waiting for Godot, Westend, New York; Surgeon, Female Transport, Performing Garage, New York; Prince, Breakfast at Schlanken\vald, St. Luke's—YMHA, New York; Mark, Casualties, St. Clement's, New York; Joshua/Kathy, Cloud9, Lucille Lortel, New York, 1983.

AWARDS: leCompte du Novy Award for Playwrighting, 1981; CAPS Award for Playwrighting, 1977; Theatre Critics Association award for Time Steps as one of the ten best plays to open outside New York City, 1979. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA. ADDRESS: Home—124 MacDougal Street, New York, NY 10012. Office—c/o Dale Davis, 1650 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. Agent—Esther Sherman, William Morris, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019.

KALCHEIM, Lee, playwright PERSONAL: Born June 27, 1938, in Philadelphia, PA; son of Norman (a lawyer) and Beatrice (Berger) Kalcheim. EDUCATION: Trinity College, Hartford, CT, B.A., 1960; Yale Drama School, 1961-62. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—A Party for Divorce; Match Play, 1967; The Boy Who Came to Leave, 1973; The Prague Spring, 1977; Win with Wheeler, 1976-78; Breakfast with Les and Bess, 1983; "Friends", 1983.

PRINCIPAL FILMS—Pogo, Next Stop Greenwich Village; Young Bear, Touch the Earth. TELEVISION DEBUT—Charlie Edwards, Paul's Case, 1980. TELEVISION APPEARANCES— Carlo, Big Blue Marble; Johnny, Death Be Not Proud; Sebastian, Twelfth Night.

AWARDS: Emmy Award, Best Comedy Writing, All in the Family, 1973; Writers Guild Award, Best Children's Program, ABC After School Special 1978 Christopher Award.

DIRECTED—Assistant to director, The Rise and Fall of the City Mahagonny, The Rake1 s Progress, Cosi Fan Tutte, Poppea, Washington Opera Society, 1972-73; directed and adapted, The Massacre at Paris, Folger Theatre Group, Washington, DC, 1972; directed, Love's Labour's Lost, Greenwich Mews, New York, 1974; Ivanov, City Play works at ETC, New York, 1975; Brontosaurus Tales, Cohoes Music Hall, Cohoes, New York, 1980; Holy Mary, The Palace of Amateurs, Playwrights Horizons, 1980; The Chinese Viewing Pavilion, Playwrights Horizons, 1980; Letters from Bernice, Boarshead, Lansing, MI, 1981; Fridays, Boarshead, 1981; The Promise, Northlight Repertory, Evanston, IL, 1982', Eulogy, Off-Off Television on Manhattan Cable, New York, \9%2;MassAppeal, Geva, Rochester,

ADDRESS: Office—38 W. Ninth Street, New York, NY 10012; Agent—Jeannine Edwards, J. Michael Bloom, Inc., 400 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

KANIN, Michael, writer and producer PERSONAL: Born February 1, 1910, in Rochester, NY; 279



married Fay Kanin (a writer); children: Josh. EDUCATION: Art Students League; New York School of Design. EARLY CAREER: Worked as a commercial and scenic artist, musician, and entertainer before becoming a writer.

KASS, Jerome, writer PERSONAL: Born April 21, 1937, in Chicago, IL; son of Sidney J. and Celia (Gorman) Kass; married Artha F. Schwartz, August 6, 1961; married Delia Ephron, May 21, 1982; children: Julie, Adam. EDUCATION: New York University, A.B., A.M., 1954-59; Brandeis University, postgraduate work, 1959-61; studied play writing with Herbert Berghof.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED—///*? and Hers (with Fay Kanin); Rashomon (with Fay Kanin); The Gay Life (with Fay Kanin). FILMS—They Made Her a Spy; Panama Lady; Anne of Windy Poplars; Woman of the Year (with Ring Lardner, Jr.); The Cross of Lorraine (with Ring Lardner, Jr.); Centennial Summer; Honeymoon; When I Grow Up; Sunday Punch (with Fay Kanin); My Pal Gus (with Fay Kanin); The Right Approach (with Fay Kanin); Rhapsody (with Fay Kanin); The Swordsman of Sienna (with Fay Kanin); The Opposite Sex (with Fay Kanin); Teacher's Pet (with Fay Kanin); The Outrage; How to Commit Marriage (with Benn Starr).

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Monopoly (four short plays), 1965; Saturday Night, 1967; Ballroom, 1978. FILMS—The Black Stallion Returns, 1983. TELEVISION FILMS—A Brand New Life, 1973; Queen of the Stardust Ballroom, 1975; My Old Man, 197'8; The Fighter, 1983. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Formerly an instructor of English at Queens College, New York (1962-64) and Brandeis University, New York (1959-61). Has taught screenwriting at the American Film Institute since 1983.

CAREER: PRODUCED: PLAYS—Goodbye My Fancy, New York (with Aldrich and Myers); Seidman and Son, New York (with the Theatre Guild). FILMS—A Double Life.

AWARD: Writers Guild of America, Best Original Teleplay, 1975: Queen of the Stardust Ballroom; Emmy Nomination, 1975: Queen of the Stardust Ballroom; Antoinette Perry Nomination, Best Book for a Musical, Ballroom: 1978.

DIRECTED: FILMS—When I Grow Up. AWARDS: Academy Award, Best Original Screenplay, 1942: Woman of the Year; Academy Award Nomination, 1958: Teacher's Pet; Writers Guild Award Nomination, 1958: Teachers Pet. Play writing Awards Plaque, Amoco Silver Medallion, Los Angeles Film Critics Award, and citation from the city of Los Angeles for originating national Play writing Awards program.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild of America, Dramatists Guild, Authors League, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Phi Beta Kappa. 4

KARRAS, Alex, actor

Trom 1962 to 1965,1 was a student in a play writing seminar presided over by Herbert Berghof at the HB Studio in New York. Each student was required each week to write a two-character one-act play of about ten pages. The plays would be read at each of our weekly meetings by actors from scene-study classes at the Studio. Each play was then criticized by anyone who had something to say. We'd then take the plays home and rework them. The plays were then made available to acting students at the Studio. The playwright was notified when a play of his (or hers) was to be performed. He'd see the play done and he'd have another opportunity to rework it. I saw some of my plays done dozens of times by different actors. In some cases, I'd rework a play every time I saw it done. This was how I learned the craft of play writing. It was the most valuable education of my professional life."

PERSONAL: Born July 13, 1935, in Gary, IN; married Susan Clark. EDUCATION: Attended Iowa University.

ADDRESS: c/o Robinson-Luttrell and Associates, 141 El Camino Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild (Board Member, 1943-44; Treasurer, 1944-45), Dramatists Guild, American National Theatre and Academy, American Theater Association, American College Theatre Festival, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, International Sculpture Center. RECREATION—Painting, sculpture, music.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Nobody s Perfect, 1968; Blazing Saddles, 1974; Another Day at the Races; Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang; Win, Place or Steal, 1977; FM, 1978; Victor/Victoria, 1982. KASSIN, Michael B., actor, director, writer

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—(movies) Mulligan Stew, 1911 \ When Time Ran Out, 1980; Hardcase; The 500-Pound Jerk; Babe; Mad Bull; Centennial. Special— host, NFL Preview.

PERSONAL: Born September 10, 1947, in Chicago, IL; son of Irving O. (an accountant) and Shirley R. (an opera singer) Kassin. EDUCATION: University of Minnesota, B.A., 1969, M.A., 1978. MILITARY: U.S. Army Reserve, SSG. RELIGION. Jewish. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER—Taught high school in Illinois and Minnesota for six years befor returning, in 1974, to work for his M. A.

SIDELIGHTS: Mr. Karras is a former professional football player with the National Football League's Detroit Lions. ADDRESS: Office—c/o Press Relations, Warner Brothers, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91522.*

CAREER: As an actor, he has appeared at the Guthrie, 280


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Minneapolis, the Guthrie Two, the Mixed Blood Theatre and the Richard Allen Center, NY. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—No Mourning After Dark, Centre Stage, Minneapolis, 1975; Brother Champ, Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis, 1976, Shirtsleeve, NY, 1978; Sophie and Willa, Center Stage, Baltimore, 1980; Today a Little Extra, Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1980. TELEVISION SCRIPTS—Great Stone Balloon, PBS. REVIEWS—for Minneapolis Star, Minnesota Daily. ARTICLES—Draratff/ste Guild Quarterly. PLAYS, PUBLISHED— Today a Little Extra in Best Short Plays of '82. AWARDS: Guthrie Theatre Award; Minnesota Playwrights Lab, Grant; Oscar Firkins Scholarship; commissions from Actors Theatre of Louisville and Cricket Theatre, Minneapolis. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild. "I write for people who don't go to the theatre and I believe in the triumph over the impossible. I believe that if I reach out to them, with all my heart, they'll reach back." ADDRESS: Home—776 Bronx River Road, Bronxville, NY 10708. Agent—Robert Freedman, Brandt and Brandt, Suite 2310, 1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. JUDY KAYE

KAYE, Judy, actress

KAYDEN, William, producer and writer

PERSONAL: Born December 11, 1948; daughter of Jerome Joseph (a physician) and Shirley Edith (Silverman) Kaye. EDUCATION: Attended University of California at Los Angeles. POLITICS: Independent. RELIGION: Jewish.

PERSONAL: Born December 31, 1929, in New York City; son of Philip and Anna (Nadler) Kay den; children: Philip, John, Matthew. EDUCATION: University of Southern California, B.A. MILITARY: U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.

CAREER: DEBUT—chorus, season, Melodyland, Anaheim, CA, 1967. NEW YORK DEBUT—Rizzo, Grease, Royale, 1977, 72 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— (Broadway) Lily Garland, On the Twentieth Century, St. James, 1978; principal, Moony Shapiro Songbook, Morosco, 1980; Saroyana, Oh Brother!, Majestic, 1980; (Regional) Dorothy, Wizard of Oz, Arizona State University; Barbara, Apple Tree, Los Angeles; Henny, Awake and Sing, Los Angeles; Flor, Half a Sixpence, Martha, 7776, Civic Light Opera; Sheila, Hair, Sacramento Music Circus; Agnes, I Do, I Do, Dallas Civic Opera; Leah, The Dybbuk, Arizona Civic Theatre; Kate, Kiss Me Kate, Cleveland Opera; Maria, Sound of Music, Cincinnati Opera; Julie Jordan, Carousel, Candlelight Dinner Theatre; Pistache, Can-Can, St. Louis MUNY Opera.

CAREER: PRODUCED: TELEVISION SCREENPLAYS—Missing Children: A Mother's Story; Crazy Times; To Race the Wind; Lady of the House; Cops and Robin; Computercide; Yesterday's Child; The Family Nobody Wanted; I Heard the Owl Call My Name; Dead Men Tell No Tales; Daughter of the Mind. TELEVISION DRAMATIC SERIES—Matt Lincoln; Felony Squad; Boy and the Bear. TELEVISION DAYTIME SERIES— Here's Hollywood; On the Go. TELEVISION SPECIALS—Bicentennial Minutes; Hawaii-Ho; Turn On; numerous Annual Emmy Awards presentations; numerous Annual Academy Awards presentations; Operation Entertainment; World Championship Rodeo. WRITINGS: TELEVISION DRAMATIC SERIES—Matt Lincoln; Felony Squad; Boy and the Bear. TELEVISION DAYTIME SERIES—Here's Hollywood; On the Go.

MAJOR TOURS—Hodel, Fiddler on the Roof, Los Angeles Civic Light Opera; Judy, Godspell, U.S. cities; Lucy, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, U.S. cities, 1968; Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ Superstar, U.S. cities, 1972; Betty Rizzo, Grease, U.S. cities, 1973; Lilly Garland, On the Twentieth Century, U.S. cities, 1979.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild of America West, Producers Guild of America. ADDRESS: Office—W K Productions, Inc., 999 N. Doheny Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

FILM DEBUT—Baby, Just Tell Me What You Want, 1980. 281



TELEVISION DEBUT—running role, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, 1969. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Doctors; Today Show; Merv Griffin Show; Gift of the Magi; Insight; Donald O'Connor Show; Matt Lincoln; Arte Johnson Special; Fol-De-Rol; This Week in Nemtin; The Songwriters. AWARDS: Theater World Award, Los Angeles Drama Critic's Circle Award, Drama Desk Nomination: On the Twentieth Century; Natalie Wood Award (U.C.L.A.), 1969; Frank Sinatra Award (U.C.L. A.), 1968. SIDELIGHTS: RECREATION—golf, tennis. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Bret Adams, Ltd., 448 W. 48th Street, New York, NY 10036.

KEAGY, Grace, actress, singer PERSONAL: Surname pronounced "KAY-ghee, hard 'g';" born December 16 in Youngstown, OH; daughter of David Henry (a salesman) and Clarice (a singer and pianist; maiden name, Sparrow) Stambaugh; married Hector Bethart on December 18, 1943 (divorced 1949); married Robert B. Keagy (an electrical engineer) on June 23, 1950; children: Katherine, Michael, Elizabeth, Claudia, David. EDUCATION: New England Conservatory of Music, five years; associate fellow, Morse College, Yale University, ten years; studied opera acting with Boris Goldovsky at the Minnesota Opera Company. POLITICS: "Democrat—(mostly)." RELIGION: Protestant.


SIDELIGHTS: "After a full life of opera, concert work, marriage, five children, travels all over the world with a career Army husband, at the age of forty-plus, I fell into the theatre, a dream nurtured since early childhood. A few years to learn my craft in Minnesota and then an all-or-nothing try in New York. I owe it all to the Equity Library Theatre, which gave me my big break as Sally Adams in Call Me Madam. To my everlasting joy, it has been constant work and many rewards. Many TV commercials afford me the chance to sometimes take a role for "art's sake" like the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet. Where else but in New York can one fulfill all of her dreams? I look forward to many more roles and shall always be grateful for the opportunities accorded me to pursue my acting career with such positive and rewarding stimulation."

CAREER: DEBUT—Dame Margery, Shoemakers Holiday, Guthrie, Minneapolis, MN, 1967. NEW YORK DEBUT—Queen Isabella, Goodtime Charley, Palace, for 120 performances, 1975. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES: (Broadway)—Madame Bouffier, The Grand Tour, Palace, 1979; Rosa, Carmelina, St. James, 1979; Aunt Jenny, I Remember Mama, Majestic, 1979; Roberta, Musical Chairs, Rialto, 1980; Helga, Woman of the Year, Palace, 1983. (Regional)—Frau Schill, The Visit, Guthrie, Minneapolis, MN, 1967; Mrs. Huffmaster, Harper s Ferry, Guthrie, 1967; Leocadia Begbick, The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, Yale Repertory, New Haven, CT, 1974; Meme, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Arena Stage Washington, DC, 1976; Mrs. Peachum, The Threepenny Opera, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, 1977; Grand Duchess, The Student Prince, Papermill Playhouse, NJ, 1979; Makina, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Denver Center Theatre Company, CO, 1979-80; Philaminthe, The Learned Ladies, Denver Center Theatre Company, 1979-80; Lady Bountiful, The Beaux Stratagem, Hartford Stage Company, CT, 1980; Mrs. Hill, Booth Is Back in Town, SUNY, Purchase, NY, 1983. MAJOR TOURS— Aunt Eller, Oklahoma, national tour, 1979.

ADDRESS: Home—70 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10024. Agent—Hesseltine, Baker Associates Ltd., 165 W. 46th Street, Suite 409, New York, NY 10036.

KEAN, Jane, actress and singer

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—As the World Turns; One Life to Live; The Doctors; Ryan s Hope; Search for Tomorrow.

PERSONAL: Born April 10, 1928, in New York, NY; daughter of Robert (an insurance executive) and Helen (Hansen) Kean; married Richard Linkroum, 1962 (divorced 1970); married Joe Hecht (a personal manager and actor), March 21, 1970. EDUCATION: Attended New York City public schools; trained for the stage with Sandy Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER—Taught piano and voice, Minneapolis, MN, 1964-68. AWARDS: Drama Desk Award Nomination: Rosa, Carmelina, 1979. 282


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 CAREER: DEBUT—/// Ya, Gentlemen, Colonial Theater, Boston. NEW YORK DEBUT—Early to Bed, Broadhurst, 1943. LONDON DEBUT—Betty and Jane Kean (vaudeville act), Palladium, 1956. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Pajama Game, New York; Call Me Mister, New York; Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, New York; Ankles Aweigh, New York; Mind with the Dirty Man, Las Vegas; Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Las Vegas. MAJOR TOURS—Mind with the Dirty Man, Australia; Follies; Light Up the Sky. FILM DEBUT—Pete's Dragon, 1976. TELEVISION DEBUT— The Ed Sullivan Show, 1948. TELEVISION APPEARANCES— Days of Our Lives; Trixie, The Jackie Gleason Show; The Dean Martin Show; Cannon; Love, American Style. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AFTRA, SAG, AEA. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Diane Davis, 13273 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604.

KEATON, Diane, actress PERSONAL:

Born, in Santa Ana, CA. E DUCATION.

Attended Santa Ana College; trained for the stage at the Neighborhood Playhouse.


CAREER: NEW YORK STAGE DEBUT—Hair, 1968 PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Play It Again Sam, 1971; The Primary English Class, 1976. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— Lovers and Other Strangers, 1970; Play It Again Sam, 1972; The Godfather, 1972; Sleeper, 1973; The Godfather, PartII, 1974; Love and Death, 1975; / Will I Will, For Now, 1975; Harry and Walter Go to New York, 1976; Annie Hall, 1977; Looking for Mr. Goodbar, 1977; Interiors, 1978; Manhattan, 1979; Reds, 19SI'Shoot the Moon, 1982.

CAREER: DEBUT—Santa Claus, Santa Wants New Boots, Ardmore Playground, Los Angeles, CA. NEW YORK DEBUT—Standby, Unfair to Goliath, Cherry Lane, 1972. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Standby, Look Me Up, Cherry Lane, NY, 1971; Detective Christopher, Private Ear and Public Eye, Warwick Playhouse, NY, 1971; Buzz, Applause, Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, 1972; Bottom, Midsummer Night's Dream, Caesar, Julius Caesar, Northshore Theater, MA, 1973; gangster, Kiss Me Kate, Marcellus, Music Man, Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, 1973; Uncle Jimmy, No No Nanette, Northshore, MA, 1973; lead, Look Me Up, Plaza, NY, 1973; Harry Berlin, Luv, Arena Stage, WV, 1974; Wilson, Harvey, Meadowbrook Dinner Theater, NJ, 1974; Jemmy, Beggar's Opera, McAlpin Rooftop, NY, 1974; Hysterium, Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Westbury Music Fair, NY, 1974; lead, Mixed Nuts, Coronet, Los Angeles, CA, 1980; Frank, Showboat, Gershwin, NY, 1983.

WRITINGS: BOOKS—Reservations (photographs), 1980. AWARDS: Golden Globe Award, 1978; Academy Award, Best Actress, British Academy Award, Best Actress, New York Film Critics Circle Award, National Society of Film Critics Award, 1977: Annie Hall. SIDELIGHTS: Ms. Keaton is an accomplished artist and singer. ADDRESS: Office—c/o Arlyne Rothberg, Inc., 145 Central Park W., New York, NY 10023.*

MAJOR TOURS—Feldman, Magic Show, U.S. cities, 1975; Cornellius, Hello, Dolly!, East Coast cities, 1976; Ali Hakim, Oklahoma, West Coast cities, 1978; Frank, Showboat, U.S. cities, 1983. FILM DEBUT—Paul, Funny Girl, 1966. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Joe, Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood, 1978; photographer, Frances, 1981; Hal, Last American Virgin, 1981.

KEITH, Paul, actor, singer, and dancer PERSONAL: Born June 1, 1944, in Chicago, IL; son of Aron (a tailor) and Ruth (Levin) Keith. EDUCATION: University of California at Los Angeles, B.A.; trained for the stage with Uta Hagen, Maria Gobett, and Amelia Haas. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Drama teacher, Fairfax High School, Los Angeles, CA, 1966-67.

TELEVISION DEBUT—1st Lieutenant, The Loner, 1967. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Fourth Network; Alice; Foul Play; Alan King Special; Prince Edward, The Perfect Woman; Mr. Gompers, Chips; Headwaiter, Steve 283



Martin Special; Paul Lasky, Strata's Court; Mr. Elkins, Side by Side; Bill Morison, General Hospital; Jacob, Gift of the Magi; Jerry Financio, Maude.

Tony Nominating Committee, 1979-83; Pulitzer Prize Committee (Drama), 1983-84. ADDRESS: Office—Boston Globe, Boston, MA 02107.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA. RECREATION—Reading, collecting musical comedy albums. "Striving is at the heart of an actor's craft. Constant study of acting, voice, speech, dance, and watching people are the essential tools of an artist. Also, one must constantly participate in the process of living.''

KELLY, Tim, playwright

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o I.C.M., 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

PERSONAL: Born October 2, 1937 in Saugus, MA; son of Francis and Mary (Fury) Kelly. EDUCATION: Emerson College, Boston, MA, B.A., 1956, M.A., 1957. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Toga! Toga! Toga!; Krazy Kamp; Airline; Sherlock Holmes; Pecos Bill and Slue-Foot Sue Meet the Dirty Dan Gang; The Brothers O'Toole; Lizzie B orden of Fall River; Cry of the Banshee; The Time Machine; Lady Dracula; Not Far from the Gioconda Tree; Marsha; Reunion on Gallows Hill; Happily Never After; Mark Twain in the Garden of Eden; Memorial; If s a Bird! It's a Plane! If s Chickenman!; A Marriage Proposal; The Keeping Place; The Natives Are Restless; The Eskimos Have Landed; The Shame of Tombstone; Hawkshaw the Detective; Alias Smedley Pewtree; Seven Wives for Dracula; The Gift and The Giving; Raggedy Dick and Puss; Beau Johnny; Jack the Ripper; Yankee Clipper; Under JekylVs Hyde; Terror By Gaslight; The Adventure of the Clouded Crystal; Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Speckled Band; Ten Weeks with the Circus; Dark Deeds at Swan's Place; The Lalapalooza Bird; Nicholas Nickleby; Nicholas Nickleby, Schoolmaster; The Green Archer; Mystery of the Black Abbot; First on the Rope; Little Miss Christie.

KELLY, Brian, actor and dancer PERSONAL: Born November 2, 1956, in Chicago, IL; son of John T. (an accountant) and Reta C. (a travel agent, maiden name, Streeff) Kelly; married Terri Lees, December 7, 1981. EDUCATION: Attended University of Illinois and the National Academy of Arts; trained for the stage with Ruth Page and Larry Long. CAREER: DEBUT—chorus, Funny Girl, Starlight, Indianapolis, IN, 1974. NEW YORK DEBUT—chorus, The American Dance Machine, Paramount, 1980, 100 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Prince Chulolonghorn, The King and /, Candlelight, Chicago, 1981; Mike Costa, A Chorus Line, Shubert, NY, 1982; Francis, La Cage Aux Folles, Palace, NY, 1983. MAJOR TOURS—Mike Costa, A Chorus Line, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco.

AWARDS: Theatre Americana Best Play Award, 1983: The Man With a Buffalo Robe, Theatre American Best Play Award, 1982: The Tattooed Sailor; Southern Illinois University Play writing Award, 1982: Charming Sally; Playwriting Commission, Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1981: Adventure of the Clouded Crystal; Weisbroad Play writing Award, 1981: The Lalapalooza Bird; San Diego Old Opera House Best Play Award, 1980: Dark Deeds at Swan s Place; Nederlander Play writing Award, 1980: Bloody Jack; Forest A. Roberts Play writing Award, Northern Michigan University, 1980: The Ripper; Aspen Playwrights Conference Award, 1980: Raggedy Dick and Puss; Playwrights Award, Colonial Players, MD, 1980: Whitchapel Horrors; Texas Community Theatre Stage Center Award, 1979: Lantern in the Wind; Play writing Award, Santa Fe Theatre Corporation, 1978: Pecos Bill and Slue-Foot Sue Meet The Dirty Dan Gang; Bicentennial Play writing Award, University of Utah, 1976: Beau Johnny; International Thespian Society Award, 1976: The Tale That Wagged the Dog; Sergei Drama Prize, University of Chicago, 1973: Yankee Clipper; California Festival of Religious Arts Award, 1973: The Gift and the Giving; New England Theatre Conference Award, 1969: The Natives Are Restless; Pioneer Drama Service Playwriting Award, 1964: Not Far from the Giaconda Tree. GRANTS— Office of Advanced Drama Research, 1978; Creative Writing Award, National Endowment for the Arts, 1977; American Broadcasting Company Fellowship, Yale University, 1967.

TELEVISION DEBUT—"Chicagoland New Performers," 1972. SIDELIGHTS: "I am very interested and concerned with all ecological problems that face America today." ADDRESS: Home—171 E. 89th Street, New York, NY 10028.

KELLY, Kevin, critic PERSONAL: Born August 5, 1934; son of St. Clair and Joan (Sinnott) Kelly. EDUCATION: Boston University, College of Liberal Arts, B.A., 1952, M.A., 1953. CAREER: Drama critic, interviewer, Boston Globe, 1958present; same, Channel 7, Boston, 1982-present. AWARDS: Herbert Bayard Swope Award for Excellence in Journalism, 1979; Boston University, Honorary Phi Beta Kappa, 1973. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—American Theatre Critics Association; National Society of Film Critics, 1973-present;

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Journalist and drama critic, 284



CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Jolly Pink Jungle; Little Shepard of the Kingdom Come, 1961; Lonely Are the Brave, 1962; The Man from the Diners Club, 1963; StraitJacket, 1964; The Silent Witness; Island of the Blue Dolphins, 1964; McHales Navy, 1964; Charade, 1964; See How They Run; In Harm's Way, 1965; The Sons of Katie Elder, 1965; Shenandoah, 1965; Hush . . . Hush Sweet Charlotte, 1965; The Dirty Dozen, 1967; Hurry Sundown, 1967; The Ballad of Josie, 1968; Cool Hand Luke, 1967; Bandolero, 1968; Boston Strangler, 1968; Guns of the Magnificent Seven, 1969; Gaily Gaily, 1969; The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, 1969; Airport, \969\Tick. . .Tick. . .Tick, 1970; Zigzag, 1970; Dirty Dingus Magee, 1970; False Witness; Fools Parade, 1971; Lost Horizon, 1973; Cahill, 1973; Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, 1974; Earthquake, 1974; Airport 1975, 1974; 77ie £7ger Sanction, 1975; TTie //wraarc Factor, 1975; Airport' 77, 1977; Mearc D0g Z?/wes; Deaf/z on £/*£ M/£, 1978; Brass Target, 1979; TTze Concorde: Airport '79, 1919', Death Ship. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—(movies) The Priest Killer, 1971; Deliver Us from Evil, 1973; A Cry in the Wilderness, 1974; TTze Blue Knight; (series) Sarge; The Blue Knight, 1975-76; (episodic) Sugarfoot; Cheyenne. AWARDS: Academy Award, Best Supporting Actor, 1967: Cool Hand Luke; Bronze Star (2, military). ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Chasin-Park-Citron Agency, 9255 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.* TIM KELLY

Phoenix, Arizona, 1957-67; screen and television writer, 1968-78. KENNEDY, Laurie, actress SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild; Writers Guild of America, West.

PERSONAL: Daughter of John Arthur (an actor) and Mary Elizabeth (Cheffey) Kennedy; married D. Keith Mano (a novelist), July 18, 1980. EDUCATION: Attended the Solebury School and Sarah Lawrence College; trained for the stage with Michael Howard.

"My plays fall into three catagories: adaptation; works I do under commission; and wholly personal, creative efforts, which are always the toughest to promote. Where do I get my ideas? Nowhere. Everywhere. What we need are not so many young playwrights—they're all over the place—but some young producers. Old ones, too. Essentially, I'm a storyteller. To a certain extent, I suppose, I do favor plot over character. What advice would I give to the aspiring playwright? Don't let anyone put you or your play down. If you don't believe in your play, no one else will. And remember— there are no creative absolutes. Don't let anyone tell you differently."

CAREER: DEBUT—Irina, Three Sisters, Williamstown Summer Theatre, Williamstown, MA. 1970. NEW YORK DEBUT— Violet, Man and Superman, Circle-in-the-Square, 1979. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Grusha, Caucasian Chalk Circle, Roxanne, Cyrano, Sony a, Uncle Vanya, Williamstown Theatre, Williamstown, MA, 1973; Essie, You Cant Take It with You, Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, 1973; Joan, St. Joan, Arena Stage, Washington DC, 1976; Major Barbara, Major Barbara, Circle-in-the-Square, NY, 1982; Ann, He and She, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY, 1980; Sylvia, Recruiting Officer, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY, 1981; Hilda, Master Builder, Roundabout, NY, 1983; (Off-Broadway) Helen, Ladyhouse Blues; Harriet, Isn't It Romantic; Sheila, Joe Egg; Paula, End of Summer; Esther/ Anna, Rememberances; (Regional) Marianne, Tartujfe, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT; Sophie, Autumn Garden, Arena Stage, Washington, DC; Irina, Three Sisters, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles; Nancy, The Knack, Buffalo Studio Arena, Buffalo, NY; Mrs. Malloy, The Matchmaker, Iphigenia, Iphigenia in Aulis, Elaine, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Avonia, Trelawny of the Wells, Williamstown Theatre Festival.

ADDRESS: Home—8730 Lookout Mountain Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90046. Agent—Bill Talbot, c/o Samuel French Inc., 25 W. 45th Street, New York, NY 10036.

KENNEDY, George, actor PERSONAL: Born February 18, 1926, in New York City. MILITARY: U.S. Army, W. W. II. 285



TELEVISION DEBUT—Phoebe, Edge of Night. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Pat Kennedy Lawford, President Kennedy; Alice Faulkner, Sherlock Holmes.

Aaron Burr, The Trial of Aaron Burr, 1976; the Employer, Bartleby, the Scrivener, 1977. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER—Make-up artist in Juilliard Opera department, 1960-64; taught voice and movement, Rutgers University, 1968; taught acting, University of Minnesota, 1974; taught at the Juilliard School, 1981-82.

AWARDS: Theatre World Award: Man and Superman; Clarence Derwent Award: Man and Superman. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA. MAJOR INTERESTS—animals, travel, foreign languages.

WRITINGS: Co-translator with Frangoise Kourilsky of Far from Harrisburg, produced at La Mama in 1980; published as Far from Hagondange in 1983. Article: "Understanding Make-up," The Theatre Crafts Book of Make-up, Masks, and Wigs, 1974.


'I am concerned about the influx of British actors, directors, and playwrights into America without a complementary reciprocity in England.'' ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Lionel Larner, Ltd., 850 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

AWARDS: Golden Globe Award, San Diego Shakespeare Festival, 1964; Best Director Award, RAD A, London, 1958; Award for Verse Speaking, RADA, London, 1958. SIDELIGHTS: Mr. Kepros speaks fluent Greek, French, and Italian. "I believe in musical training (especially learning an instrument) as a prerequisite to verse speaking."

KEPROS, Nicholas, actor, director, producer, and writer

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Monty Silver, 200 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

PERSONAL: Born November 8, 1932, in Salt Lake City, UT; son of George Nicholas (a food importer) and Maria Panagiotis (Deliezas) Kepros. EDUCATION: University of Utah, B.A., 1953, M.A., 1955; RADA, London, 1956-58; studied French Classical Theatre in Paris with Cours Jean Perimony. KERCHEVAL, Ken, actor, singer CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—Slave, The Golden Six, York, 1958. LONDON DEBUT—Lorenzo, The Merchant of Venice, Southwark Festival, 1958. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Julius Apocalypse, TheRedemptor, Cricket, NY, 1959; John of Lancaster, Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2, Phoenix, NY, 1960; Osric, Hamlet, Phoenix, NY, 1961; Richard II, Richard II, Cleveland, 1962; Starveling, A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1963, Octavius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, 1963, Malcolm, Macbeth, 1964, Angelo, Measure for Measure, 1964, Old Globe, San Diego; Arnolphe, School for Wives, 1965, Macbeth, Macbeth, 1965, McCarter, Princeton, NJ; Henry VI, Henry VI, NY Shakespeare Festival, 1970; Basho, Narrow Road to the Deep North, Charles, Boston, 1971; Hadrian, Hadrian VII, American Conservatory Theatre, Seattle, 1971; Schlink, In the Jungle of Cities, Charles, Boston, 1972; Prospero, The Tempest, McCarter, Princeton, 1974; Guthrie, Minneapolis: Don Armado, Love's Labours Lost, 1975, the Fool, King Lear, 1975, Joseph Surface, The School for Scandal, 1975, the Chaplain, Mother Courage, 1976, Angelo, Measure for Measure, 1976, Guthrie, Minneapolis; Mobius, The Physicists, McCarter, Princeton, 1977; lago, Othello, Roundabout, NY, 1979; Basho, The Bundle, Yale Repertory, New Haven, 1979; Old Jew, The Irish Hebrew Lesson, NY, 1980; Emperor Joseph II and stand-by for Salieri,Amadeus, NY, 1980-83. MAJOR TOURS— Hamlet, Hamlet, New York State Arts Council Tour by the Phoenix Theatre, 1961.

PERSONAL: Born July 15, 1935 in Woolcottville, IN; son of John Marine (an M.D.) and Christine Reiber (a nurse) Kercheval; divorced; children: Aaron, Liza, Caleb. EDUCATION: Attended University of Indiana, College of the Pacific and the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Dead End, 41 st Street Theatre, NY, 1959; Young Abe Lincoln, O'Neill, York, NY, 1959; 23 Pat O'Brien Movies, American Place Theatre, NY, 1962-A Man's a Man, Masque, NY, 1962-63; Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Billy Rose, NY, 1962-63; Fiddler on the Roof, Imperial, NY; Happily Never After, O'Neill, NY, 1966; The Apple Tree, Shubert, NY, 1966; Father Uxbridge Wants to Marry, American Place, NY, 1967; Here's Where I Belong, Billy Rose, NY, 1968; Cabaret, Broadhurst, NY, 1966; Broadway Theatre, 1968; Horseman, Pass By, Fortune, NY, 1969; Who's Happy Now, Village South, NY, 1969; Father's Day, Golden, NY, 1971; Berlin to Broadway, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1972. FILM DEBUT—Pretty Poison, 1966. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— The Seven Ups, 1973; Network, 1977. TELEVISION DEBUT—The Defenders, 1959. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys; The Coming Asunder of Jimmy Bright; Gypsy House; The Patricia Neal Story; Cliff Barnes, Dallas. AWARDS: Fanny Kemble Award for Best Supporting Actor, Philadelphia, 1963: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woo If.

FILM DEBUT—Archbishop Coloredo, Amadeus, 1984. PRINCIPAL FILMS—Funeral director, The Ultimate Solution of Grace Quigley, 1984.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA; Masons. TELEVISION DEBUT— The Russians: Self Impressions, 1963. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Betrand Russell, Lamp unto My Feet, 1970; Joseph Surface, School for Scandal, 1974;

ADDRESS: Agent—8899 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. 286




"I am a searcher and will continue to be, because I'm discovering so much 'gold' in the world."


ADDRESS: Telephone Service—(212) 757-6300. KERR, E(laine) Katherine, actress and writer PERSONAL: Born April 20, 1937, in Indianapolis, IN; daughter of John Francis (a doctor) and Beatrice Mae (Westfall) Kerr; married James Joseph Mapes (a hypnotist, producer, and actor), May 31, 1980. EDUCATION: Indiana University, B.A., 1960; trained for the stage at the Neighborhood Playhouse and the actors' Institute with Sanford Meisner and Michael Howard.

KERR, Jean (nee Collins), playwright, humorist PERSONAL: Born July 10, 1923, in Scranton, PA; daughter of Thomas J. (a contractor) and Kitty (O'Neill) Collins; married Walter Kerr (author and critic), August 16, 1943; children: Christopher, (twins) John, Colin, Gilbert, Gregory, Kitty. EDUCATION: Marywood College, Scranton, PA; Catholic University, Washington, DC.

CAREER: DEBUT— Chorus, Trojan Women, Circle-in-theSquare, NY, 1963. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Ellen/ Mrs. Saunders/Betty, Cloud 9, Lucille Lortel, 1981-82; \, Passion, NY, 1983.

CAREER: PLAYS, PRODUCED—(with Walter Kerr) The Song ofBernadette, Booth, NY, 1946; Jenny Touched Me, Hudson, NY, 1948; (with Walter Kerr) Thank You, Just Looking, Catholic University, 1949; (with Walter Kerr) Touch and Go (substantially the same as previous entry), NY, 1949; two sketches, John Murray Anderson s Almanac, 1953; (with Eleanor Brooke) King of Hearts, 1954; (with Walter Kerr) Goldilocks, 1958; Mary, Mary, Helen Hayes, NY, 1961; Poor Richard, 1964; Finishing Touches, 1973; Lunch Hour, NY, 1980.

FILM DEBUT— Wife, Tattoo, 1980. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— Gilda Schultz, Silkwood, 1983; Lucille Haxby, Reuben, Reuben, 1983.

TELEVISION DEBUT— Loretta Simpson, Another World, 1978. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Juno's Swans, PAF Playhouse, Long Island, NY. PLAYS, UNPRODUCED— The God Play.

BOOKS—non-fiction: Please Don't East the Daisies, The Snake has All the Lines; adapted for film and TV series, Please Dont Eat the Daisies, 1965; Penny Candy, 1970; How I Got to Be Perfect, 1978; novels: Angels on a Pin, 1982; adapted The Good Fairy, for a television production, 1955.

AWARDS: Obie Award, Drama Desk Nomination, Villager Citation, 1982: Cloud 9. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS— Ensemble Studio Theater; Artist's Workshop of Westport (board of directors). 287


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Playwright-in-Residence, WPA Theatre, New York, 1979-82; Peer Review Panelist, New York Creative Artists Public Service Program, 1981-82; Guest Artist, Aspen Playwrights Conference, Aspen, CO, 1982.

AWARDS: LHD degree, honoris causa, from Northwestern University, 1960. ADDRESS. Home—One Beach Avenue, Larchmont, NY.*

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Gilbert Parker, William Morris Agency, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019.

KERRY, Anne, actress PERSONAL: Born June 8, 1958, in Fort Wayne, TX; daughter of Henry Eugene (a lawyer) and Elizabeth (a real estate agent; maiden name, Ladon) Kerry. EDUCATION: Juilliard Theatre Center, B.F.A., 1979. RELIGION. Buddhist.

KEYLOUN, Mark Anthony, actor

CAREER: DEBUT—Miranda, The Tempest, American Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford, CT, 1979. NEW YORK DEBUT— Grace Farrell, Annie, 1981. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Use, Spring Awakening, NY Public Theatre; Judith, Gemini, Charles Playhouse, Boston, MA, 1980; Desdemona, Othello, StageWest, Springfield, MA, 1981; Roxanne, Cyrano de Bergerac, Milwaukee Repertory, 1981; Sophie Western, Tom Jones, 1982, Stella, A Streetcar Named Desire, 1982, Jodie, Quilters, 1983, Pittsburgh Public; ensemble, Harry Chapin, Lies and Legends, Milwaukee Repertory, 1984.

PERSONAL: Born December 20, 1960; son of Elias (a manufacturer) and Joan (Fuentevilla) Keyloun; married Jennifer Dixon, September 5, 1982. EDUCATION: Attended Georgetown University. CAREER: DEBUT—Buzz Gunderson, Rebel without a Cause, New York Theatre Ensemble, NY, 1979-80. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Nicky, Monsieur Amilcar, Chelsea Westside, NY, 1979; Sloan (understudy), Entertaining Mr. Sloan, Cherry Lane, NY, 1980; Blow, Forty-Deuce, Perry Street, 1981.

FILM DEBUT—Katie Benjamin, Lovesick, 1982. TELEVISION DEBUT—Joanna Kelly, Nurse. TELEVISION APPEARANCES— Janet Singleton, Another World.

FILM DEBUT—Blow, Forty Deuce, 1981. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Mike, Mike's Murder, 1984; Officer Bennett, Sudden Impact, 1983.

ADDRESS: Agent—Hesseltine-Baker Associates, Ltd., 165 W. 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o The Lantz Office, nue, New York, NY 10106.

Seventh Ave-

KETRON, Larry, actor and writer PERSONAL: Born July 27, 1947, in Kingsport, TN. EDUCATION: Attended University of Tennessee and East Tennessee State University. MILITARY: U.S. Army.

KIDDER, Margot, actress PERSONAL: Born October 17, 1948, in Yellow Knife, Canada; married Tom McGuane (divorced); married John Heard (divorced); children: (first marriage) Maggie. EDUCATION: Attended University of British Columbia.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Cowboy Pictures, Playwrights Horizons, NY, 1974; Augusta, Playwrights Horizons, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1975; Stormbound, Playwrights Horizons, NY, 1975; Patrick Henry Lake Liquors, Manhattan Theatre Club, NY, 1976; Quail Southwest, Manhattan Theatre Club, NY, 1977; Rib Cage, Stage West, W. Springfield, MA, 1978; The Frequency, American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 1978; The Frequency, WPA, NY, 1979; Character Lines, WPA, NY, 1979, St. Nicholas, Chicago, 1980, The Show Room, Los Angeles, CA, 1982; The Trading Post, WPA, NY, 1981, Odyssey, Los Angeles, CA, 1983; A Tinker's Damn, Hershel Zohn, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, 1981; Ghosts of the Loyal Oaks, WPA, NY, 1981; Asian Shade, WPA Theatre, NY, 1983. PLAYS, PUBLISHEI>—Patrick Henry Lake Liquors, 1977; Quail Southwest, 1977; Rib Cage, 1978; Character Lines, 1980; The Trading Post, 1981; Ghosts of the Loyal Oaks, 1982-Asian Shade, 1983.

CAREER: FILM DEBUT—Gaily Gaily, 1969. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx, 1970; Sisters, 1972; Gravy Train, 1974; The Great Waldo Pepper, 1975; The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, 1975; 92 in the Shade, 1977; Superman, 1978; The Amity ville Horror, 1979; Superman II, 1981; Some Kind of Hero, 1981; Mr. Mike's Hondo Video; Willy and Phil. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—(series) Nichols, 1972; (movies) Honky Tonk, 1974; (episodic) Switch; Baretta; Barnaby Jones; Hawaii Five-0, Mod Squad.*

KILEY, Richard, actor, singer

AWARDS: The Villager Award, Excellence in Play writing, 1979: The Frequency; Show Business Newspaper Award, Best New Play, 1977: Patrick Henry Lake Liquors.

PERSONAL: Born March 31, 1922, in Chicago, IL; son of 288



KINDLEY, Jeffrey, writer

Leo Joseph and Leonore (McKenna) Kiley; married Mary Bell Wood (divorced); Patricia Ferrier; EDUCATION: Studied for the stage at the Barnum Dramatic School, Chicago.

PERSONAL: Born June 2, 1945, in Portland, OR; son of Robert Clarkson and Blanche Hayes (Bowman) Kindley; married Louise Ellen Sinnard, May 15, 1971; children: Evan Sinnard, Colin Bowman. EDUCATION: Columbia University, B.A., 1967, M.A., 1968, Ph.D. 1971.

CAREER: DEBUT—title role, Mikado, Mt. Carmel High School, Chicago, 1938. NEW YORK DEBUT—Poseidon, The Trojan Women, Equity Library, 1947. LONDON DEBUT— Cervantes/Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha, Piccadilly, 1969. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Jacob, The Sun and I, New Stages, 1949; Joe Rose, A Month of Sundays, Shubert, Boston, 1951; Percival, Misalliance, NY City Center, Barrymore, NY, 1953; the Caliph, Kismet, Ziegfeld, NY, 1953; Ben Collinger, Sing Me No Lullaby, Phoenix, NY, 1954; Major Harry Cargill, Time Limit!, Booth, NY, 1956; James Tyrone, A Moon for the Misbegotten, Spoleto Festival, Italy, 1958; Tom Baxter, Redhead, 46th Street, NY, 1959; Brig Andeson, Advise and Consent, Cort, NY, 1960; David Jordan, No Strings, 54th Street, NY, 1962; leading role, Here's Love, Shubert, NY, 1964; Stan the Shpieler, / Had a Baft, Martin Beck, NY, 1964; musical version of Purple Dust and Cervantes/Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha, Goodspeed Opera House, East Haddam, CT, 1965; Cervantes/Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha, ANT A, Washington Square, NY, 1965; Caesar, Her First Roman, Lunt-Fontanne, NY, 1968; Man of La Mancha, Concert Theatre, Honolulu, HI, 1970; Enoch Somes, A. V. Laider, The Incomparable Max, Royale, NY, 1971; Robert, Voices, Barrymore, NY, 1972; revival, Man of La Mancha, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1972; title role, Tartuffe, Walnut, Philadelphia, 1972; Cervantes/Don Quixote, play version, Man of La Mancha, American Theatre, Washington, DC, 1973; Ronald, Absurd Person Singular, Music Box, NY, 1974; Mr. Sloper, The Heiress, Kennedy Center, Broadhurst, NY, 1976; The Master Builder, Kennedy Center, 1977; revival, Man of La Mancha, Palace, NY, 1977; poetry recital, with HSH Princess Grace of Monaco, Edinburgh Festival, 1979.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Among Adults, Manhattan Theatre Club, NY, 1973, Galaxy Theatre Company, NY, 1974; The Counterpart Cure, New Dramatists, NY, 1977; St. Hugo of Central Park, University of Texas, 1976, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1977, BBC Third Programme, London, 1979, University of Wisconsin, 1980; 7s There Life After High School?, Ethel Barrymore, NY, 1982. FILMS—No Big Deal, 1983; Dear Lola, 1983. TELEVISION— Make-Believe Marriage, 1979; Rocking-Chair Rebellion, 1980; Family of Strangers (with Len Jenkin), 1981; The Electric Grandmother (with Ray Bradbury), 1982. AWARDS: George Foster Peabody Award, 1982: The Electric Grandmother; Emmy Nomination, 1981-82: The Electric Grandmother; Christopher Award, 1981: Family of Strangers; Emmy Nomination, 1980-81: Family of Strangers; Emmy Nomination, 1979-80: Rocking-Chair Rebellion; Emmy Nomination, 1978-79: Make-Believe Marriage; E.P. Conkle Theatre Award (University of Texas), 1976. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild; Writers Guild of America, East; New Dramatists. ADDRESS: Home—27 W. 96th Street, #2C, New York, NY 10025. Agent—c/o Gilbert Parker, William Morris Agency, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019.

MAJOR TOURS—Stanley Kowalski, A Streetcar Named Desire, U.S. tour, 1950; Cervantes/Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha, California tour, 1967-68, U.S. tour, 1978-79; Ah! Wilderness, U.S. tour, 1975; Mass Appeal, national tour, 1983; Absurd Person Singular, national tour, 1984.

KINGSLEY, Ben, actor PERSONAL: Born December 31, 1943, in Snaiton, Yorkshire, England; son of Rahimtulla Harji and Anna Lyna Mary Bhanji; married Gillian Alison Macauley Sutcliffe (a theatre director); children: a son. EDUCATION: Manchester Grammar School.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—The Blackboard Jungle, 1955; Pickup on South Street; The Mob; The Little Prince, 197'4; Looking for Mr. Goodbar, \919\EndlessLove, 1982. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Patterns; Arrowsmith; POW; Medical Center; The Andros Targets; George Washington, A.D.; The Thornbirds, 1983.

CAREER: DEBUT—On a schools-tour for Theatre Centre, 1964. LONDON DEBUT—The Wigmaker, The Relapse, Royal Shakespeare Company, Aldwych, 1967. NEW YORK DEBUT— Title role, Edmund Kean, 1983. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Doolittle, Pygmalion, Rep, Stoke-on-Trent, 1965; Narrator, A Smashing Day, Arts, 1966; First Murderer, Macbeth, Party Guest, The Cherry Orchard, Chichester, 1966; Amiens, As You Like It, Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), Stratford, 1967; Oswald, King Lear, Aeneas, Troilus andCressida, Comrade, Much Ado About Nothing, Stratford, 1968, also the last two at the Aldwych, 1969; the Croucher, The Silver Tassie, Winwife, Bartholomew Fair, Aldwych, 1969; Ratcliff, Richard HI, Claudio, Measure for Measure, Demetrius, Peter Brook's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Ariel, The Tempest, Stratford, 1970; Demetrius, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Aldwych, 1971; Sinsov, The Enemies, Aldwych, 7977; Gramsci, Occupations, Ippolit, Subject to Fits, Place, 1971; Puck, The Faery Queen, Newcastle, 1972;

AWARDS: Emmy Award, 1984; Antoinette Perry Award, 1965: Cervantes/Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha; Antoinette Perry Award, 1959: Tom Baxter, Redhead. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—The Players Club. FAVORITE ROLE—Man of La Mancha. RECREATIONS—Writing and carpentry. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Stephen Draper, 37 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. 289


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 of James R. (career military service) and Dolores Helen (department store manager; maiden name, Welch) Kirkland, Jr.; married Sally Sommer, 1966 (divorced 1970); married Kathleen Krizner (business manager), September 10, 1980; children: Michael James. EDUCATION: University of Texas at El Paso, 1964—66; studied directing with Dr. Keith Fowler at the Virginia Museum Theatre, Richmond, VA. POLITICS: Humanitarian. RELIGION: Seeker. MILITARY: 62nd U.S. Army Band (trumpet), 1966-69.

Johnnie, Hello and Goodbye, Kings Head, then Place, 1973; Fritz, A Lesson in Blood and Roses, Place, 1973; Errol Philander, Statements, Royal Court, 1974; Slender, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Bonze Wang, Man Is Man, Hamlet, Buzz Goodbodys Other Place Production of Hamlet, RSC, Stratford, 1975; played the last two later at the Round House, 1976; Danilo, Dimetos, Nottingham Playhouse, then Comedy, London, 1976; Mosca, Volpone, Vukhov, Judgement, Trofimov, The Cherry Orchard, RSC, Stratford, 1979; Frank Ford, The Merry Wives of Windsor, lachimo, Cymbeline, Brutus, Julius Caesar, title role, Baal, (this last also at Other Place), RSC, Stratford, 1979; Baal, Warehouse, 1980; Squeers, Nicholas Nickleby, Aldwych, 1980; title role, Dr. Faustus, Manchester Royal Exchange; title role, EdmundKean, Harrogate, 1981, Lyric, Hammersmith, Haymarket, London, 1983, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1984.

CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK, ACTOR—Sakini, Teahouse of the August Moon, Festival Theatre, El Paso, TX, 1964. NEW YORK DEBUT—Sasha, Our Father, Manhattan Theatre Club, 1974. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Malcolm, Macbeth, Festival, El Paso, TX; Laertes, Hamlet, Festival, El Paso; Flavius/Titinius, Julius Caesar, Claudio, Much Ado About Nothing, Sebastian, Twelfth Night, Lenny, The Homecoming, Young Man, Summertree, Charlie, Purlie, Ben Franklin, The Common Glory, Williamsburg, VA.

FILM DEBUT—Fear is the Key, 1972. PRINCIPAL FILMS—title role, Gandhi, 1981; Robert, Betrayal, 1982. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Rossetti, The Love School; Barbara of Grebe House; Thank You, Comrades; Every Good Boy Deserves Favour; Feel Free; Edmund Kean; The Merry Wives of Windsor; title role, Silas Marner, 1984.

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, DIRECTOR—Saint Joan, Virginia Museum Theatre; Hamlet, Virginia Museum Theatre; Riverwind, Barter, Abingdon, VA; A Christmas Carol, Arizona Theatre Company, Virginia Museum Theatre, Wayside Theatre, Lakewood, Theatre; Merton of the Movies, Arkansas Repertory; Tobacco Road, Virginia Museum Theatre; The Caretaker, Virginia Museum Theatre; Side by Side by Sondheim, Wayside Theatre, Middletown, VA; Harvey, Wayside Theatre; Talley s Folly, Lakewood Theatre Company; The Winslow Boy, Asolo State Theatre, FL; The Elephant Man, Lakewood Theatre Company; The Crucible, Virginia Museum Theatre; Hamlet, Wayside Theatre; The Brigadier, Actors Alliance (reading), NY; The Miracle Worker, Opera House, Charleston, WV; Bye Bye Broadway, Worcester Foothills Theatre, MA; Charley's Aunt, Wayside Theatre; South Pacific, Lakewood Theatre Company; The Mousetrap, Virginia Museum Theatre.

MAJOR TOURS—Demetrius, A Midsummer Night's Dream, U.S., 1911; Errol Philander, Statements, Europe, 1974. AWARDS: London Standard Award, Best Actor, 1983: Betrayal; Academy Award, Best Actor, BAFTA, Best Actor, Best Newcomer, Golden Globe Award-Best Actor, Variety Club, Best Newcomer and Best Screenactor, 1982: Gandhi; Honorary M.A., Safford University; Padma Shree, Government of India. SIDELIGHTS: FAVORITE PARTS: Ariel, Hamlet, Ford, Mosca, Gandi. ADDRESS: New Pebworth House, Pebworth, Stratford-UponAvon, Warwickshire, England.

PERSONAL: Born January 24, 1960, in Berlin, Germany; daughter of Klaus Kinski (an actor); children: Aljosha Nakzynski.

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, PRODUCER—Round and Round the Garden, Vanities, Ring Round the Moon, Volpone, Bells Are Ringing, Side by Side by Sondheim, Angel Street, A Streetcar Named Desire, Harvey, Hamlet, Ghost Stories of the Civil War, Shakes & Company, Wayside Theatre, Middletown, VA; The Old One Two, Scenes from Shakespeare, Cornmedia del 'Arte, Virginia Museum Theatre; T alley s Folly, Chapter Two, Of Mice and Men, The Gin Game, Deathtrap, Tintypes, Chicago, The Elephant Man, Lakewood Theatre Company.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—To the Devil a Daughter; Passion Flower Hotel; Stay As You Are, 1979; Tess, 1981; Cat People, 1982; Exposed, 1983; The Moon in the Gutter; Unfaithfully Yours, 1983; Hotel New Hampshire, 1984.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Associate artistic director, Virginia Museum Theatre, 1970-77; producing/artistic director, Wayside Theatre, Middletown, VA, 1978-80; producing director, Lakewood Theatre Company (State Theatre of Maine), 1981-83.

ADDRESS. Agent—c/o G. Beaume, Three Quai Malaquais, Paris 75006, France.*

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Bye Bye Broadway, Worcester Foothills Theatre, 1979. PLAYS, UNPRODUCED—Interviewers, The Nearness of You.

KINSKI, Natassia, actress

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SSD&C; served on the Theatre Advisory Panels for the Virginia Commission on the Arts and the Maine State Commission for the Arts and Humanities.

KIRKLAND, James R. Ill, director, producer, actor, writer


'As the electronics technology becomes more and more sophisticated, I am troubled by a recurring dream of taking

PERSONAL: Born February 8, 1947, in Burlington, IA; son 290



writer, Summer Lovers, 1982; director, Grandview U.S.A., 1983.

my son to a 'specialized museum' to view a live theatre performance. Trying to explain to him just what I did all my life as he watches the robots perform a scene from some famous play written back in the eighties. How do we keep the theatre from slipping away into oblivion?"

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Director: Marcus Welby, M.D. episodes: "Fear of Silence," 1973, "Designs," "A Fevered Angel," "To Father a Child," 1974, "The Strange Behavior of Paul Kelland," 1975; Foot Fetish, (short), 1974; Lucas Tanner series, episode: "Bonus Baby," 1974; All Together Now, 1975; The Rookies series, episode:' 'From Out of the Darkness," 1976; Starsky & Hutch series, episodes: "Nightmare," "Terror on the Docks," \916;Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway, 1976; The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, 1976; Family, series, episodes: "A Special Kind of Love," "A Right and Proper Goodbye," 1977; Portrait of Grandpa Doc, 1977; The Gathering, 1977.

ADDRESS: Home—Ten Old Road, South Amboy, NJ 08879.

KLAR, Gary (ne Klahr), actor PERSONAL: Born March 24, 1947, in Bridgeport, CT; son of Benjamin (a glazier) and Marjorie Marion (Brenner) Klahr; married Carolyn Blackburn, December 20, 1980; children: Benjamin Zachary, Rachel Sara. EDUCATION: University of Arizona, B. S., 1971.

AWARDS: Emmy Award Nomination, Best Direction, 1977: The Gathering, 1977. ADDRESS: Agent—Creative Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park E., Suite 1400, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—Big Henry Black, Chainsaws, St. Clements, 1981. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Hugo Broonzy, The Guys in the Truck, New Apollo, NY, 1983; Earl MacMillan, Brothers, Music Box, NY, 1983. FILM DEBUT—Chuck, Hero at Large, 1979. TELEVISION DEBUT—Buddy Fuquar, Ryan's Hope, 1983.

KLIBAN, Ken, actor

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA; Theatre Artists Workshop of Westport.

PERSONAL: Born July 26, 1943; son of Louis (a manufacturer) and Sophia (Tove) Kliban. EDUCATION: Oberlin College, University of Miami, B.A.; New York University, M. A.; trained for the stage with Uta Hagen, Herbert Berghof, and Lee Strasberg.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Robert Kass, 156 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010.

CAREER: DEBUT—Elizabeth the Queen, City Center, NY, 1966. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, 1966; War and Peace, APAPhoenix production, Lyceum, NY, 1967; Phillip, The Lion in Winter, Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1970; Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet and Horatio in Hamlet, North Shore Music Theatre, 1972; Paris, TroilusandCressida, Washington, DC Shakespeare Festival, 1972; Demetrius, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Paper Mill Playhouse, NJ, 1973; Ralph, Butterflies Are Free, Chateau de Ville, 1974; In the Boom Boom Room, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1974; Milt, Luv, Provincetown Playhouse, Cape Cod, MA, 1976; Passion, Longacre, NY, 1983; Steve, Ulysses inTraction, 1977, Lord Burleigh, Mary Stuart, 1979, Guildenstern, Hamlet, 1979, Julius, Beaver Coat, 1980, Leon, Jedediah Kohler, 1982, Circle Repertory Company, NY.

KLARIS, Harvey J. (ne Klaristenfeld), producer PERSONAL: Born June 21, 1939, in New York City; son of William (a manufacturer) and Viola (Zeidman) Klaristenfeld; married Alice Amster, September 10, 1960 (marriage ended 1972); children: Lorin, Edward, Joshua. EDUCATION: Emory University, 1956-58; Brooklyn College, 1958-61, B.A.; Brooklyn Law School, 1961-63, L.L.B. CAREER: Produced—Nine, 1982. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Best Musical, Nine, 1982; Drama Desk Award, Nine, 1982.

SIDELIGHTS: Mr. Kliban has been a recording artist at Talking Book Studio for seven years, requiring knowledge of French, Russian, German, Greek, and Hebrew.

ADDRESS: Home—One University Place, New York, NY 10003; Office—99 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016; Agent—Sam Cohn, I.C.M., 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

ADDRESS: Home —170 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023.

KLEISER, Randal, director

KLIEWER, Warren, writer, actor, director

CAREER: FILM DEBUT—Director, Grease, 1978. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Director, The Blue Lagoon, 1980, director,

PERSONAL: Surname pronounced Klee-ver, born September 20, 1931, in Mountain Lake, MN; son of John G. (a 291



businessman) and Elizabeth (a nurse; maiden name, Kroeker) Kliewer; married Darleen Alseike, June 4, 1960 (divorced 1969); married Michele LaRue (an actress and artist), May 23, 1971. EDUCATION: University of Minnesota, B.A. (magna cum laude), 1953, M.F.A., 1967; University of Kansas, M.A., 1959. MILITARY. Conscientious objector.

midwestern cities, 1973; Half Horse, Half Cockeyed Alligator, Fulton Opera House American Heritage Festival, 1974, East Lynne Company, Jersey City, 1981; Heroes and Failures, Hamden Hall Theatre, 1976, Gettysburg College, 1977; The Berserkers, New Dramatists, NY, 1977; The Booth Brothers, New Dramatists, 1978; Hypocrites, Frauds and Cheats, Brown University, Providence, RI, 1981.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(New York) Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr; Legendre/General Dillon, Dantoris Death; Cutbeard, Epicoene, 1975; Witness #1, The Investigation, 1980; (Regional) Bishopof Lax, See How They Run and Pool's Paradise; First Guard/Chorus, Antigone; Henry Peabody, Tobacco Road, Fulton Opera House, 1975; Reverend John Hale, The Crucible, Fulton Opera House, 1975; Dr. Bonfant, The Waltz of the Toreadors, New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, 1980; (Stock) Queeg, Caine Mutiny Court Martial; Gordon Lowther, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie; Keller, The Miracle Worker; Gordon Miller, Room Service. MAJOR TOURS—Dr. May berry, / Never Sang for My Father; Judge/Major, Inherit the Wind; Faustus (one-man show); The Seven Ages of an American (one-man show); Dissenters (one-man show).

PLAYS PUBLISHED— The Summoning of Everyman, 1961; A Bird in the Bush, 1962; The Harrowing of Hell, 1962; The Prodical Son, 1962; The Devil Comes to Claim His Own, 1963; Seventy Times Seven, 1965; The Wrestling, 1967; A Trial Can Be Fun, If You're the Judge, 1969; What Are We Going to Do with All These Rotting Fish?, 1970; A Lean and Hungry Priest, 1975; How Can You Tell the Good Guys from the Bad Guys, 1975; The Doubting Saint, 1975. BOOKS—Red Rose and Gray Cowl, 1960; Kansas Renaissance: An Anthology of Contemporary Kansas Writing, 1961; Moralities and Miracles, 1962; The Violators, 1964; Liturgies, Games, Farewells, 1974. FICTION IN PERIODICALS— "With Fear and Trembling," Mennonite Life, 1958; "The Hermitage," Descant, 1959; 'The Sibyl," Kansas Magazine, 1959; 'The Homecoming," Mennonite Life, 1960; "UHF," Descant, 1960; "The Barn-Climber," Kansas Magazine, 1961; "War and Rumors of War," Mennonite Life, 1962; "The Voices," Descant, 1962; "Of Mercy and Judgment," Kansas Magazine, 1962; "Madeleine d'Evereaux, the Whole Earth Must Know I Love You So," Kansas Magazine, 1968; " The Prince of Egypt," Kansas Magazine.

DIRECTED: PLAYS—Bell, Book and Candle, Wichita Summer Theater; Our Town, Eagles Mere Playhouse; Antigone, Woman, Mark the Humor in Twain, Carolina Readers' Theatre, 1974; Under Milkwood, The Skin of Our Teeth, Actors' Company of Pennsylvania; Ah, Wilderness!, Little Theatre of Winston-Salem; Halfway up the Tree, Playhouse on the Hill; Ever So Humble, Stage Directors and Choreographers Workshop Foundation, Lincoln Center, John Drew, Old Sturbridge Village, Smithsonian Institution, 1975; Charles the Second, Classic, 1977; The Divided Bed, Equity Library, 1978; A New England Legend, La Ronde, Equity Library, 1979; Paterson, Equity Library, 1980; The Yellow Wallpaper, Stage Directors and Choreographers Workshop, Lincoln Center, Jersey City, New Rochelle, Chicago, Philadelphia, 1980; Hypocrites, Frauds, and Cheats, college tour, 1981.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER—Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS, instructor in English and drama, 1959-61; Earlham College, Richmond, IN, assistant professor English, 196165; Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, associate professor of English and Theatre, 1966-69; National Humanities Series, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Princeton, NJ, production director, 1970-73; Artistic director of Carolina Readers' Theatre, 1974; director of productions, Wichita State University Experimental Theatre, Wichita Summer Theatre, 1968, Eagles Mere Playhouse, PA, 1969, Kaleidoscope Players, Raton, NM, American Heritage Festival, Fulton Opera House; artistic director, East Lynne Company, 1980-present.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Hair; Ragtime; Svengali. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Adams Chronicles. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—The Summoning of Everyman, Bethany College, KS, 1961; In the Suburbs of'Nineveh, Earlham College, 1962; A Bird in the Bush, University of Southern California, 1962; The Harrowing of Hell, Professional Institute, Richmond, VA, 1962; Philip Melanchthon, Religious Arts Festival Theater, Rochester, NY, 1963; The Wounded, Taylor University, 1964; A Trial Can Be Fun, If You're the Judge, Firehouse Theater, Minneapolis, MN, 1965; Seventy Times Seven, Eagles Mere Playhouse, PA, 1965; The Wrestler, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, 1964; The Offering, Hamline University, 1964; In the Beginning Was Eve, United Theological Seminary, Minneapolis, MN, 1966;

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers. Mr. Kliewer is also a widely published writer of poetry. "For me everything has a history. When I write a piece for the theater and it is performed, it takes place in the present: a performance takes place right now, this very moment. But I'm always conscious that any event is originated in a previous time to which it is still related. I'm sure this is why I'm drawn to historical or traditional subjects, which on stage can convey presentness and pastness simultaneously." ADDRESS: Home—281 Lincoln Avenue, Secaucus, NJ 07094.

What Do You Care? It's Beyond Repair, University Theatre, Wichita, KS; Madame Cleo Here, At Your Service, Wichita State University, 1970, Washington Theatre Club, 1971, Princeton Inn College, 1979; The Great Debate, Kaleidoscope Players, midwestern cities, 1971-74; From Ten to Twenty, Kaleidoscope Players, midwestern cities, 1974—75; A Lean and Hungry Priest, Scorpio Rising Theatre, Los Angeles, 1973; Meet Ben Franklin, Kaleidoscope Players,

KLINE, Kevin, actor PERSONAL: Born October 24, 1947, in St. Louis, MO; son 292



A Very Special Baby, Playhouse, NY, 1956; Herbie, Gypsy, Broadway, NY, 1959; CaesarioGrimaldi, Tchin-Tchin, Plymouth, NY, 1963; Oscar Madison, The Odd Couple, Plymouth, NY, 1977; Horse Johnson, The Sudden and Accidental Re-education of Horse Johnson, Belasco, NY, 1968; Oscar Madison, The Odd Couple, Maddox Hall, Atlanta, GA, 1972, Miami, FL, Houston, TX, 1973.

of Robert Joseph (toy and record store owner and singer) and Peggy (Kirk) Kline. EDUCATION: St. Louis Priory; Indiana University; studied the theater at Juilliard School Drama Center and with Harold Guskin. CAREER: DEBUT—The Living Newspaper, Indiana University, late '60s. NEW YORK DEBUT—Minor role, Henry VI, Parts I and II, Richard HI, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte, 1970. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Charles Surface, The School for Scandal, Vaskal Pepel, The Lower Depths, IRA officer, The Hostage, Guardiano, Women Beware Women, Acting Company, Good Shepherd-Faith Church, NY, 1972; Vershinin, The Three Sisters, MacHeath, The Beggars Opera, Friar Peter, Measure for Measure, Leandre, Scapin, Acting Company, Billy Rose, NY, 1973; Jaime Lockhart, The Robber Bridegroom, McCarthy, The Time of Your Life, Harkness, Los Angeles, 1975; Clym Yeobright, Dance on a Country Grave, Hudson Guild, NY, 1977; The Promise, Bucks County, 1977; Bruce Granit, On the Twentieth Century, St. James, NY, 1978; Paul, Loose Ends, Circle in the Square, NY, 1979; Pirate King, The Pirates ofPenzance, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte, then Uris, NY, 1980; Richard III, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte, NY, 1983; Henry V, Delacorte, 1984; also accepted understudy/standby duties for MacHeath, The Three Penny Opera, New York Shakespeare Festival, Vivian Beaumont, New York, 1978. MAJOR TOURS—Tony Lumpkin, She Stoops to Conquer, Tom, The Knack, Acting Company, 1974.

MAJOR TOURS—Dowdy, Mister Roberts, U.S. cities, 195051; Oscar Madison, The Odd Couple, U.S. cities, 1974, U.S. and Canadian cities, 1975; one man show about Lyndon B. Johnson, 1983-present. FILM DEBUT— Time Table, 1956. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— Twelve Angry Men, 1957; Cry Terror, 1958; Days of Wine and Roses, 1962; Act One, 1963; Yellow Canary, 1963; Hail, Mafia, 1964; The Detective, 1968; The Split, 1968; Goodbye Columbus, 1969; Who Says I Can't Ride a Rainbow, 1971; Two Minute Warning, 1976. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Suspicion; Studio One; Kiss Me, Kate; The Time of Your Life; (series) Harris Against the World, 1964-65; The Odd Couple, 1970-75; Quincy, 1976-present; (movies) Fame Is the Name of the Game, 1966; The Underground Man, 1974; One of My Wives Is Missing, 1976. AWARDS: Emmy Award, 1973, 1971: The Odd Couple; Emmy Award, 1964: The Defenders, "Blacklist."

FILM DEBUT—Nathan Landau, Sophie's Choice, 1982. FILM APPEARANCES—Pirate King, The Pirate ofPenzance, 1983; The Big Chill, 1983.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AFTRA, AEA, SAG. ADDRESS: Office—c/o NBC Press Department, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020.*

TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Search for Tomorrow, 1976-77; The Time of Your Life, PBS. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Best Actor in a Musical, 1980: The Pirates of Penzance; Best Supporting Actor in a Musical, 1978: On the Twentieth Century. KLUNIS, Tom (ne Thomas W.), actor SIDELIGHTS: RECREATION—Musical composition, travel, sports. "Playing piano is my therapy."

PERSONAL: Surname rhymes with "Loonis"; born April 29, 1930; son of William (a master welder) and Despena (Chapralis) Klunis. EDUCATION: Attended San Francisco State College; studied at the San Francisco Actors Workshop; trained for the stage with C. A. Miller. RELIGION: Greek Orthodox. MILITARY. U.S. Navy, four years.

As a graduate of the first class of the Juilliard Drama Center in 1972, Mr. Kline was invited to be one of the founding members of the Acting Company.*

CAREER: DEBUT—Recruiting Sergeant, Mother Courage, San Francisco Actors Workshop. NEW YORK DEBUT—Greek/ Judge, The Man Who Never Died, Jan Hus Theatre. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Soldier, Gideon, Plymouth, New York; Richelieu, The Devils, Broadway Theatre, New York; Gentleman, Ivanov, Shubert, New York; Montague, Romeo and Juliet, Circle-in-the-Square, New York; Tremouille, Saint Joan, Circle-in-the-Square, New York; John Bart, Hide and Seek, New York; Tiresias, The Bacchae, Circle-inthe-Square, New York; Sam Craig, Our Town, Circle-in-theSquare, New York; Robert/Michel, The Immoralist, Bowery Lane, New York; Trigorin, The Seagull, Roundabout, New York; Guard/Deaf Man/Man with Transistor, Museum, Public Theatre, New York; Pontius Pilate, The Master and Margarita, Public Theatre, New York; Dukes Frederick, As You Like It, LaMama, New York; Arnold Rubek, When We Dead Awaken, Open Space, New York; Nightingale, Vieux

KLUGMAN, Jack, actor PERSONAL: Born April 27, 1922, in Philadelphia, PA; son of Max and Rose Klugman; married Brett Somers, 1966 (separated); children: David, Adam. EDUCATION: Attended Carnegie Institute of Technology; trained for the stage at the American Theatre Wing. CAREER: NEW YORK STAGE DEBUT—Stevedore, Equity Library Theatre, 1949. LONDON DEBUT—Oscar Madison, The Odd Couple, Queen's, 1966. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Saint Joan, NY, 1949'; Bury the Dead, NY, 1950; Frank Bonaparte, Golden Boy, ANT A, NY, 1952; Citizen/ Volscian Servant, Coriolanus, Phoenix, NY, 1954; Carmen, 293


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 KNAPP, Eleanore, actress and singer PERSONAL: Born March 9; daughter of Lester (a railroad executive) and Verna (Steinman) Knapp; married Lloyd Harris (an actor/singer), May 30, 1941. EDUCATION: Case Western Reserve University, B.A., 1937. CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—chorus, Everywhere I Roam, National, 1938. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Housekeeper, Man of La Mancha, ANTA, Martin Beck, Mark Hellinger, NY, 1965-70; Housekeeper, Man of La Mancha, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1971; (Off-Broadway) Grand Duchess Anastasia, Student Prince, Dame Hannah, Ruddigore, Lady Blanche, Princess Ida, Light Opera of Manhattan, E. 74th Street Theater, NY, 1981-82; (Off-Off Broadway) Miss Mackay, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Manhattan Theatre Club, NY, 1975; Mary, Angels, Theatre for the New City, New York, 1982; Gertrude Stein, Sunsets, Isabel, doPenn Station, Troupe Theater, 1982-83; (Regional) Romeo and Juliet, San Francisco Opera, CA, \946\Norma, Philadelphia La Scala, PA, 1948; Amahl and the Night Visitors, Cincinnati Opera Company, Central City Opera Company, CO. MAJOR TOURS—Marie, The Most Happy Fella, U.S. cities, 1949: Footlight Favorites, East coast cities. 1983. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA; American Guild of Musical Artists; Twelfth Night Club. FAVORITE ROLES—Carmen. TOM KLUNIS

ADDRESS: Home—80 Lincoln Avenue, Rutherford, NJ 07070. Office—c/o Green Room, 330 W. 45th Street, New York, NY 10036.

Carre, WPA, New York; Dr. Herdal, The Master Builder, Roundabout, New York. With the New York Shakespeare Festival: Norfolk/Grey/York, Richard HI; Montague, Romeo and Juliet; Montjoy, Henry V; Horatio, Hamlet; Provost, Measure for Measure. With the Yale Repertory Company: Ferryman, The Bundle; Provost, Measure for Measure. Old Man, The Leper, Spoleto Festival, Charleston, SC; Agamemnon, Iphigenia in Aulis, McCarter, Princeton, NJ; Gonzalo, The Tempest, Shakespeare and Company, Lenox, MA; Creon, Antigone, Advent Theatre, Nashville, TN; Jaques, As You Like It, Northshore Playhouse, Beverly, MA; Juan, Not in the Book, Palm Beach; Reuter's Man, Inherit the Wind, Arena Stage, Washington, DC; Lieutenant Harris, Pueblo, Washington Arena Stage; Player King, Hamlet, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT; Angelo, Crime on Goat Island, Cincinnati Playhouse; Prospector, Madwoman ofChaillot, Cincinnati Playhouse. As artist-inresidence, Gettysburg College, PA: Thomas More, A Man for All Seasons; Joe, The Time of Your Life; Caesar, Caesar and Cleopatra. MAJOR TOURS—Reuter's Man, Inherit the Wind, U.S.S.R.; Narrator, The Play of Daniel. PRINCIPAL FILMS—The Day the Fish Came Out; The Next Man; Taps. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Walter Pace, Search for Tomorrow; The Guiding Light; As the World Turns; Ryan s Hope; Our Story. SIDELIGHTS—MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Monty Silver, 200 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.




CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 KNIGHT, Ted (ne Tadeus Wladyslaw Konopka), actor PERSONAL: Born December 7, 1923, in Terry ville, CT; son of Charles Walter and Sophia (Kovaleski) Konopka; married Dorothy May Clarke, September 14, 1948; children: Ted, Elyse, Eric. EDUCATION: Trained for the stage at Randall School of Dramatic Arts, Hartford, CT. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1942-44. CAREER: PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Ted Baxter, Mary Tyler Moore Show, 1970-77; Ted Knight Show, 1977; Too Close for Comfort, 1980-present; Ted Knight Musical-Comedy Special Special. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Caddy Shack, 1980. NEW YORK STAGE DEBUT—My Best Friends, 1977. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Player's Ring Theatre; Omnibus Theater; Pasadena Playhouse. PRODUCED—Television Specials—Ted Knight Musical-Comedy Special Special. RELATED CAREERS—Formed Kono Productions, Inc., 1976. AWARDS: Emmy Award, Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, 1972-73, 1975-76: Mary Tyler Moore Show; TV Father of the Year, National Fathers Day Committee, 1975. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SAG, AFTRA, AEA. ADDRESS: Office -P.O. Box 642, Pacific Palisades, CA 900272.*


KNOTT, Frederick, playwright, screenwriter, television writer PERSONAL: Born August 28, 1916, in China; son of Cyril Wakefield and Margaret Caroline (both missionaries to China; mother's maiden name, Paull) Knott; married Ann Margaret Francis (an actress; stage name, Ann Hillary); children: Anthony Frederick. EDUCATION: Oundle School, England; Cambridge University, B.A., 1938, M.A. 1942. MILITARY: Royal Artillery, 1939-46 (Major).

KNOBELOCH, Jim, actor PERSONAL: Born March 18, 1950, in Belleville, IL; son of Lester I. (a farmer) and Ruth M. (Fields) Knobeloch; married Eileen Sams (an exercise instructor), June 4, 1983. EDUCATION: Southern Illinois University, B.A. 1973; Ohio State University, M.F.A., 1976. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Audio Consultant, American Audiophile, New York, NY, 198183.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Dial M for Murder, 1952; Write Me a Murder, \96\\WaitUntilDark, 1966. PLAYS, PRODUCED—Mr. Fox of Venice (adaptation, The Evil of the Day by Thomas Sterling).

CAREER: DEBUT—Captain Keller, Miracle Worker, Mascoutah High School, Mascoutah, IL, 1967. NEW YORK DEBUT—Albert, Count of Monte Cristo, Meat and Potatoes/ Alvina Krauss, 1981, 30 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Schnabel, Paradise Lost, Mirror, NY, 1983; Tremoile, Joan of Lorraine, Mirror, NY, 1983. MAJOR TOURS—Jesus Christ Superstar, U.S. cities, 1971; Yam, Fam and Yam, Musician, Sandbox, Priest, Box-Mao-Box, Albee Directs Albee Repertory Tour, International cities, 1978-79.

SCREENPLAYS, PRODUCED—Last Page, 1950; Dial M for Murder, 1953. TELEVISION PLAYS, PRODUCED—Dial Mfor Murder, (BBC) 1952, (Hallmark) 1958, (BBC) 1961, (Talent Associates) 1967. AWARDS: Mystery Writers of America, Special Edgar Allan Poe Award, Dial Mfor Murder, 1953, Write Me a Murder, 1962.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; Mirror Theatre. RECREATION—motorcycling, pool, audio, equestrian, fencing.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—The Dramatists Guild; The Writer's Guild of America; Mystery Writers of America; The British Screenwriters' Association (Chairman, 1950); The Dramatists Club; The Players.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o American Audiophile, 716 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

ADDRESS: Agent—Bridget Aschenberg, I.C.M., 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

FILM DEBUT—George Kopestonsky, Heaven s Gate, 1980.




KOCH, Howard W., film and television producer

KOCH, Howard W., Jr., producer

PERSONAL:Eorn April 11, 1916, in New York City; married Ruth; children: Melinda, Howard Jr. EDUCATION: Attended public schools in New York City and the Peddie Preparatory School in Hightstown, NJ.

PERSONAL: Born December 14, 1945; son of Howard W. (a producer) and Ruth Koch; children: Billy, Emily, Robby. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK: Associate producer, Once Is Not Enough, 1975; associate producer, The Drowning Pool, 1975; executive producer, The Other Side of Midnight, 1977; Heaven Can Wait, 1978; The Frisco Kid, 1979; co-producer (with Dan Boyd), Honky Tonk Freeway, 1981; co-producer (with Gene Kirkwood), The Idolmaker, 1980, Gorky Park, 1983, Heaven, 1983.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK, executive producer—X15, 1961, Sergeants Three, 1962, Manchurian Candidate, 1962, Come Blow Your Horn, 1963, Robin and the Seven Hoods, 1964, None but the Brave, 1965, For Those Who Think Young, 1964, The President's Analyst, 1967, Dragonslayer, 1981; producer—Warpaint, Beachead, Yellow Tomahawk, Desert Sands, 1955, Fort Yuma, 1955, Quincannon: Frontier Scout, 1956, Ghost Town, 1956, Broken Star, 1956, Crimes Against Joe, 1956, Three Bad Sisters, 1956, Emergency Hospital, 1956, Rebel in Town, 1956, The Black Sleep, 1956, Pharaoh's Curse, 1957, Tomahawk Train, 1957, Revolt at Fort Laramie, 1957, War Drums, 1957, VooDoo Island, 1957, Hellhound, 1957, The Dalton Girls, 1957, The Odd Couple, 1968, On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever, 1970, Plaza Suite, 1971, Star Spangled Girl, 1971, The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, 1972, Jacqueline Susann s Once Is Not Enough, 1975, Some Kind of Hero, 1982, Airplane II: The Sequel, 1982.

RELATED CAREER—President, Rastar. ADDRESS: Office—Columbia Plaza West-19, Burbank, CA 91505.

KOPYC, Frank, actor PERSONAL: Surname pronounced A0-peck; born August 6, 1948, in Troy, NY; son of Frank William (a restaurateur) and Mary Veronica (Marshall) Kopyc. EDUCATION: Yankton College, B.A., 1971; studied advanced acting with Alvina Krause, voice with Douglas Decatur.

Howard W. Koch Productions—A New Leaf, 1971; Airplane, 1980; Airplane II: The Sequel; producer/director— Badge 373, 1973; director—Big House USA, 1955, Shield for Murder, Jungle Heat, 1957, Fort Bowie, 1958, Violent Road, 1958, Untamed Youth, 1957, Frankenstein 1970, 1958, Andy Hardy Comes Home, 1958, Girl in Black Stockings, 1957, The Last Mile, 1959, Born Reckless, 1959. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Directed segments—Miami Undercover, Hawaiian Eye, Cheyenne, Maverick, Lawman, The Untouchables; produced specials—The Academv Awards, 1972, 73, 75, 76, 78, 80, 82, 83, OV Blue Eyes is Back, 1973, Oscar's Best Actors, Oscar s Best Movies, Who Loves Ya Baby, 1976, On the Road with Bing, 1977, The Pirate, (movies for television), 1978. RELATED-CAREER: Second assistant director, The Keys of the Kingdom, Universal Pictures, followed by first assistant directorships with Joseph Mankiewicz, Mervyn Leroy, William Wellman, Tay Garnett and Clarence Brown; assistant director at United Artists, with Aubrey Schenck formed Bel Air Productions; vice-president production for Frank Sinatra, 1961-64; head of production, Paramount Studios, 1964—66. AWARDS: Nominated for Best Director of the Year, Directors Guild of America, The Untouchables; Producer of the Year, National Association of Theatre Owners, 1980. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Director, Southern California Theatre Association; director, Security Pacific Bank; chairman, Directors Guild of America Educational & Benevolent Foundation; council, Directors Guild of America; director, KCET; board of governors, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; trustee, executive board and case committee, Motion Picture and Television Fund; vice-president, executive committee, Hollywood Park, Inc., director, Hamburger Hamlet; Producers Guild of America. ADDRESS: Office—Howard Koch Productions, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90048.




CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume I CAREER: DEBUT—Artie, House of Blue Leaves, Nebraska Repertory, Lincoln, 1970. NEW YORK DEBUT—Pop, Pop, Players, 1974 for one performance. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Louis, Pal Joey, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT; Paul Whiteman, Hoagy Bix, Indiana Repertory; Horatio Alger, Son of Myself, Pennsylvania Stage; Banquo, Macbeth, Golfer, We Bombed in New Haven, Major Petkoff, Arms and the Man, Nicely-Nicely, Guys and Dolls, M.C., Cabaret, Nebraska Repertory; Fiorello La Guardia, Fiorello, Equity Library, NY, 1976; H. Jackson, Happy End, Martin Beck, NY, 1977; Chorus/Pirelli, Sweeney Todd, Uris, NY, 1979; Magruder, Anyone Can Whistle, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Stockbridge, MA, 1981; Father Tucker, El Bravo, Entermedia, New York, 1982; Sancho, Man of La Mancha, Lake George Opera; General Understudy, Chaplin (PreBroadway), 1983. TELEVISION DEBUT—Steve Martin's Best Special Ever. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—One Life to Live. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA. Mr. Kopyc also plays piano and clarinet. ADDRESS: Agent—Don Buchwald & Associates, 10 E. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.

KORTY, John Van Cleave, director PERSONAL: Born June 22, 1936, in Lafayette, IN; son of Richard Marshall and Mary Elizabeth (Van Cleave) Korty; married Beulah Chang, January 16, 1966; children: Jonathan, David. EDUCATION: Antioch College, B.A., 1959. JERZY KOSINSKI

CAREER: DIRECTED: FILMS—The Crazy Quilt, 1966; Funnyman, 1967; Riverrun, 1969; Alex and the Gypsy, 1976; Oliver's Story, 191r8; Twice Upon a Time, 1983.

KOSINSKI, Jerzy, writer PERSONAL: Born June 14, 1933, in Lodz, Poland; son of Mieczyslaw and Elzbieta (Liniecka) Kosinski; married Mary H. Weir January 11, 1962 (died 1968). EDUCATION: University of Poland, M.A. (Political Science), 1953, M.A. (History) 1955; Ph.D. canidate, Columbia University, NY, 1958-65. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Assistant professor and research fellow, Institute of Sociology and Cultrual History, Political Sciences Academy, Warsaw, Poland, 1955-57; fellow, Center for Advanced Studies, Wesleyan University, CT, 1968-69; Council of Humanities, fellow, visiting lecturer, English, Princeton University, NJ, 1969-70; visiting professor, English Prose and Davenport College Fellow, Yale University School of Drama, 1970-73.

TELEVISION FILMS—The People, \912; Go Ask Alice, 1973; Class of '63, 1974; Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, 1974; Farewell to Manzanar, 1976; Forever, 1977; A Christmas without Snow, 1980; Who Are the DeBolts?, 1978; The Haunting Passion, 1983; Second Sight, a Love Story, 1984. AWARDS: Academy Award, Best Feature-Length Documentary, Emmy Award, Outstanding Achievement, DGA Award, 1978: Who Are theDebolts?; Humanitas Award, Christopher Award, 1976: Farewell to Manzanar; Emmy Award, Best Director of a Dramatic Special, Directors Guild Award, Best Television Director, 1974: Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.

WRITINGS: BOOKS—The Future Is Ours, Comrade, 1960; No Third Path, 1962; The Painted Bird, \965\Steps, 1968; Being There, 1971; The Devil Tree, 1973; Cockpit, 1975; Blind Date, 1977; Passion Play, 1979; Pinball, 1982. SCREENPLAYS—Being There, 1978; Passion Play, 1980.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Directors Guild of America, Writers Guild of America. ADDRESS: Office—200 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941. Agent—c/o Sam Adams, Adams, Ray and Roseberg, 9200 Sunset Blvd., Penthouse 25, Los Angeles, CA 90069.





night Show, The Merv Griffin Show, Today Show, A.M. America, CBS Nightly News, Signature, 60 Minutes, The David Frost Show, The Dick Cavett Show, Entertainment Tonight; presenter, Academy Award Show, 1982; Panorama, Washington, DC.

Best Director, 1958: The Defiant Ones; Academy Award (4), 1952: High Noon; Look Achievement Award, Best Director, 1950. ADDRESS: Office—c/o Stanley Kramer Productions, P.O. Box 158, Bellevue, WA 90889.*

AWARDS: Spertus College International Award, 1982; Ph.D. Hon. C. Hebrew Letters, Spertus College of Judaica, 1982; British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award, Screenplay, 1981: Being There; ACLU First Amendment Award, 1980; Best Screenplay Award, Writers Guild of America, 1979: Being There; Brith Sholom Humanitarian Freedom Award, 1974; American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature, 1970; National Book Award, 1969: Steps; Guggenheim Lit. Fellow, 1967.

KRAUSS, Marvin A., producer, manager PERSONAL: Born October 11, 1928, in New York City; son of Ernest (a dress manufacturer) and Anna (Daniels) Krauss; married Elaine Tanenbaum (an interior designer), January 25, 1953; children: Anne, Robin, Nina, Seth. EDUCATION: City College of New York, B.S. and one-year fellowship (speech department). MILITARY: Sergeant, U.S. Signal Corps.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Executive board and president, 1973-75, P.E.N.; executive board, National Writers Club; director, International League for Human Rights; ACLU chairman of Artists and Writers Committee and member of the National Advisory Committee; the Century Association, NYC, Authors Guild, AFTRA, SAG, Writers Guild.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Producer: Moon and Sixpence, 1942; So This Is New York, 1948; Home of 'the Brave, 1949; Champion, 1949; The Men, 1950; Cyrano de Bergerac, 1950; Death of a Salesman, 1951; High Noon, 1952; The Happy Time, 1952; The Sniper, 1952; My Six Convicts, 1952; Eight Iron Men, 1952; The Four Poster, 1952; The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T., 1952; The Wild One, \953;Member of the Wedding, 1953; The Juggler, 1953; The Cain Mutiny, 1954.

CAREER: FIRST NEW YORK STAGE PRODUCTION— The Poison Tree. PRINCIPAL STAGE PRODUCTIONS—Ain't Misbehavin ; American Buffalo; An Unpleasant Evening with H. L. Mencken; Beatlemania; Broadway Follies; Butterflies Are Free; Can-Can; Carnival; Catch Me If You Can; Children of a Lesser God (national company); Children! Children!; Comedy a Musical Commedia; Dancin ; Dreamgirls; Find Your Way Home; Frankenstein; Gabrielle; Godspell; Gypsy; Happiest Girl in the World; Jockeys; King of Hearts; L'il Abner; La Cage Aux Folles; Little Johnny Jones; Master Harold . . . and the Boys (national company); Mayflower; Merlin; Minnie's Boys; No Hard Feelings; Parade; Platinum; Richard HI; Ride the Winds; Rock and Roll; Saturday, Sunday, Monday; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers; Seventy Girls Seventy; Sherry; Snoopy; Something s Afoot; Summer Brave; Sunset; Teibele and Her Demon; The Andersonville Trial; The Eccentricities of a Nightingale; The Gingerbread Lady; The Madwoman of Central Park West; The Magic Show; The Merchant; The National Lampoon Show; The Neighborhood Playhouse at 50; The Night That Made America Famous; The Pleasure of His Company; The Poison Tree; The Rocky Horror Show; The Sudden and Accidental Re-education of Horse Johnson; The Watering Place; The Women; Thoughts; Thurber Carnival; Tommy; Watty's Cafe; What's a Nice Country Like You Doing in a State Like This?; Woman of the Year; You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Not As a Stranger, 1955; The Pride and the Passion, 1957; The Defiant Ones, 1958; On the Beach, 1959; Inherit the Wind, 1960; Judgement at Nuremberg, \96\\Ifs a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, 1963; Ship of Fools, 1965; Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, 1967; The Secret of Santa Vittoria, 1969; R.P.M., 1970; Bless the Beasts and the Children, 1971; Oklahoma Crude, 1973; The Domino Principle/The Domino Killings, 1977; The Runner Stumbles, 1979.

BROADWAY CONCERTS—At Jarreau with David Sanborn; Bette Midler—Clams on the Half-Shell; Bette Midler— Divine Madness; Bing Crosby—On Broadway; Charles Aznavour; Cleo Laine; Count Basic, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra; Diana Ross; Englebert Humperdinck; George Benson; Gilda Radner; LaBelle; Lily Tomlin; Liza; Los Muchachos; Lou Rawls; Mr. Words—A Tribute to Ira Gershwin; Natalie Cole; Neil Diamond; Paul Anka; Peter Allen—Up in One; Shirley Bassey; Shirley MacLaine.

RELATED CAREERS: Researcher, MGM Films; film cutter; film editor; writer, radio and film; formed Stanley Kramer Productions, 1949; formed Stanley Kramer Company, 1950 (merged with Columbia Pictures, 1951).

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—League of New York Theatres and Producers (Board of Governors); Association of Theatrical Press Agents and Managers. President of Marvin A. Krauss Associates, Inc., a theatrical producing/management concern.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o Scientia-Factum, Inc., Suite 18-k, 60 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

KRAMER, Stanley E., producer and director PERSONAL: Born September 29, 1913, in New York City; married Ann Pearce, 1950 (divorced); married Karen Sharpe, 1966; children: (first marriage), Casey, Larry; (second marriage), Katharine, Jennifer. EDUCATION: New York University, B.S., 1933. MILITARY: U.S. Army.

AWARDS: Irving Thalberg Award, 1962; Gallatin Medal, New York University, 1968; New York Film Critics Award,

ADDRESS: Home—25 Central Park West, New York, NY 298



KURTZ, Swoosie, actress PERSONAL: Born September 6, in Omaha, NE; daughter of Frank (an Air Force colonel and three-time Olympic diver) and Margo (a writer) Kurtz. EDUCATION: Attended the University of Southern California; trained for the stage at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts. CAREER: DEBUT—Charley s Aunt and Skin of Our Teeth, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Cinncinati, OH, 1966. NEW YORK DEBUT— The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-inthe-Moon Marigolds, Mercer Arts and New Theatre, 1970. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Muriel, Ah, Wilderness!, Circle in the Square, NY, 1975; Mariane, Tartuffe, Circle in the Square, NY, 1977; Rita, Uncommon Women and Others, Phoenix, NY, 1977; Bette, A History of American Film, ANTA, NY, 1978; Gwen, Fifth of July, New Apollo, NY, 1980-81. FILM DEBUT—Slapshot, 1977. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— Hooker, The World According to Garp, 1981; Edie, Against All Odds, 1983. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Love, Sidney, 1982; A Caribbean Mystery, 1983. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Outer Critics Circle Award, Drama Desk Award, 1981: Fifth of July; Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, 1978: Tartuffe; Obie Award, 1978: Uncommon Woman and Others; Drama Desk Award, 1978: A History of American Film; Emmy Award Nominations, 1982, 1983: Love, Sidney. MARVIN A. KRAUSS

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Creative Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park East, Suite 1400, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

10023; Office—250 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019.

KUBRICK, Stanley, producer, director and writer PERSONAL: Born July 26, 1928, in New York City. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Writer/producer/director, Day of the Fight; writer/producer/director, Flying Padre; producer/director, Fear and Desire, 1953; producer/director, Killer s Kiss, 1955; director, The Killing, 1956; writer/ director, Paths of Glory, 1958; director, Spartacus, 1960; director, Lolita, 1962; writer/producer/director, Dr. Strangelove, 1964; writer/producer/director, 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968; writer/producer/director, A Clockwork Orange, 1971; writer/producer/director, Barry Lyndon, 1975; writer/ producer/director, The Shining, 1980. AWARDS: Academy Award, Best Special Visual Effects, 1968: 2007: A Space Odyssey; New York Critics Award, 1964: Dr. Strangelove. ADDRESS: Office—c/oLouis C. Blau, LoebandLoeb, 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 2200, Los Angeles, CA 90067.*



L LACHMAN, Morton, director, producer, writer PERSONAL: Born March 20, 1918, Seattle, WA; son of Sol and Rose (Bloom) Lachman; married Elaine, June 23, 1984; children: (former marriage) Joanne, Diane, Robert. EDUCATION: University of Washington, B.A., 1939. MILITARY: U.S. Army Signal Corp. CAREER: PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Director/producer/ writer, Bob Hope Specials: Morocco, Moscow, Near East, Europe, Vietnam, Korea and Thailand; director/producer, Chrysler Theater; producer, Kraft Music Hall (Des O'Connor from London); director, ABC Play break; director, That's My Mama; director, The Girl Who Couldn't Lose; executive producer: All in the Family, Sanford and Son, One Day at a Time, Gimme a Break (also co-creator), No Soap Radio, Book of Lists (also co-creator), Kate & Allie. AWARDS: Emmy Award, directing, The Girl Who Couldn't Lose. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Directors Guild of America, Writers Guild of America, AFTRA. ADDRESS: Office^ll5 B. Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505. Agent—Bernie Weintraub, Robinson-Weintraub, 8428 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA 90069.


LADD, Diane, actress PERSONAL: Born November 29, 1939, in Meridian, MS; daughter of Preston P. (a poulterer) and Mary Bernadette (Anderson) Ladner; married Bruce Dern (an actor, divorced); children: Laura Elizabeth. EDUCATION: Graduated from St. Aloysius Academy; trained for the stage with Frank Corsaro in New York.

White Lightning, 1973; Flo, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, 1974; Chinatown, 1974, Embryo, 1976; All Night Long, \9%\; Something Wicked This Way Comes, 1983. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION CREDITS—Belle, Alice; Thaddeus, Rose and Eddie; Addie and the King of Hearts; Willa; Black Beauty; Kitty Styles, The Secret Storm; Love Boat.

CAREER: DEBUT—The Verdict, Meridian, MS. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(Broadway) Lu Ann, Texas Trilogy; Carry Me Back to Morningside Heights; (Off-Broadway) One Night Stands of a Noisy Passenger; Orpheus Descending; (Regional and Stock) Women Speak; The Medium Rare Review; The Fantasticks; The Wall; The Goddess; Toys in the Attic; The Deadly Game; Hamlet. MAJOR TOURS—A Hatful of Rain, U.S. cities.

WRITINGS: God Give Me One More Minute (autobiography), 1982. AWARDS: Golden Globe Award, Best Supporting Actress: Alice; Academy Award nomination, Golden Globe Award nomination, British Academy Award, Best Supporting Actress, 1974: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore; Broadway Tour Award: Texas Trilogy; UCLA Favorite Actress Award: Texas Trilogy; Eleanore Duse Mask Award.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— Wild Angels, 1966; The Reivers, 1969; Macho Calahan, 1970; W.U.S.A., 1970; 300



Las Palmas, Hollywood, CA, 1952. MAJOR TOURS—Made in Heaven, National Company, 1947-^1-8.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Sherry Carlin, Key Enterprises, P.O. Box 1616, Suite 138, Studio City, CA 91604.

FILM DEBUT—child, The Circus Clown, 1934. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Dr. Phillips, Mr. Belvedere Goes to College, 1949; Sgt. McGuire, Francis, 1950; Digges, Sword in the Desert, 1950; Worms, Jouney into Light, 1951.

LAHTI, Christine, actress

TELEVISION DEBUT—Rebound, 1950. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Colgate Comedy Hour; Fireside Theatre; Ed Wynn Show; Ben Casey; Armchair Detective; Ironside; Hauser's Memory; Hollywood Playhouse; The Protectors; Night Gallery; Destiny of a Spy.

PERSONAL: Born April 4, 1950, in Detroit, MI; daughter of Paul Theodore (a surgeon) and Elizabeth Margaret (an artist; maiden name, Tabar) Lahti; married Thomas Schlamme (a director), September 4, 1983. EDUCATION: University of Michigan, M.F.A.; trained for the stage at the Herbert Berghof Studios with William Esper and Uta Hagen.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK, PRODUCER—Ben Casey; Channing; See How They Run; Chrysler Theatre; The Jane Wyman Show; The Dark Intruder; Perilous Voyage; The Protectors; Night Gallery; Kojak; How I Spent My Summer Vacation; Destiny of a Spy; Trial Run; The Movie Murderer; Charlie Chan: Happiness Is a Warm Clue; Testimony of Two Men; Harvest Home; Switch; Beggarman, Thief; One of Our Own; Doctors Hospital; Shadow over Elveron; Hauser's Memory; The Crime Club; The Ganster Chronicles. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK, DIRECTOR—Night Gallery; Kojak.

CAREER: DEBUT— The Zinger. NEW YORK DEBUT—Ruth, The Woods, Public Theatre, 1978. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Division Street, Ambassador, NY, \9%Q\ Loose Ends, Circle in the Square, NY, 1981; Present Laughter, Circle in the Square, NY, 1983. FILM DEBUT—And Justice for All, 1980. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Dr. Scott, Whose Life Is It Anyway?', 1982;APPEARANCES—Dr. Scott, Whose Life Is It Anyway?', 1982; Swing Shift, 1984. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—

The Last Tenant; The Executioner's Song.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Monsieur Jules, Stage Society, 1952; The Game, Stage Society, 1953. TELEVISION SHOWS—Fireside Theatre; The Trouble with Father; Private Secretary; My Three Sons; The Millionaire; Highway Patrol; Have Gun—Will Travel; Code Three; M Squad; Ford Theatre; Man With a Camera; Dragnet; The Lineup; China Smith; The Brothers Brannigan; The Fugitive; The Wild Wild West; Bronco; The Martian Files; The Hanged Man; Bus Riley's Back in Town; Perilous Voyage; Night Gallery; Kojak; One of Our Own; Doctors Hospital.

AWARDS: Theatre World Award, 1978: The Woods. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Ensemble Studio Theater. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Jeff Hunter, D.H.K.P.R., 165 W. 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

AWARDS: Writers Guild of America Nomination for Outstanding Script in the Category of Anthological Drama written Originally for TV, 1976: "One of Our Own," U.S. Treasury Department Award for Patriotic Public Service, 1976; Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, 1975: Kojak; 40th Annual Fame Award, 1971: Night Gallery; Grand Prize, Golden Asteroid, 9th International Festival of Science Fiction Films, 1971: Hauser's Memory; Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Nomination for Outstanding Single Program, Comedy or Drama, 1971: "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar," Night Gallery; Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Nomination for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama, 1962: "I Remember a Lemon Tree," Ben Casey; Writers Guild of America Award Nomination for Outstanding Writing Achievement, TV Episodic Drama, 1962: "I Remember a Lemon Tree," Ben Casey; Purple Heart Medal and Bronze Star Medal, U.S. Army.

LAIRD, Jack, actor, director, writer, producer, orchestra leader PERSONAL: Born May 8, 1923 in Bombay, India; son of Leonard (a journalist) and Thelma (an actress; maiden name, Laird) von Schultheis; married Cicely Browne (an actress) on January 1, 1948 (divorced 1954); children: Sean, Persephone. EDUCATION: Studied at the Dramatic Workshop of New School for Social Research with Irwin Piscator, 1946-47; also studied at the Actor's Lab, in Hollywood CA, 1958^9. POLITICS: Democrat. MILITARY: U.S. Army Air Force, 1st Lieutenant, Eastern Theatre of Operations, World War II, 1943^45. CAREER: DEBUT—Willie, East Lynne, Foothill Playhouse, Monrovia, CA, 1934. NEW YORK DEBUT—Chris Miller, The Barker, Abbe Playhouse, 1946. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Ficsur, Liliom, Abbe Playhouse, NY, 1946; Heavy, Here Come the Clowns, Abbe Playhouse, NY, 1946; Let Us Be Gay, Chicken Every Night, Worcester Playhouse, MA, 1946; Joan of Lorraine, Dark of the Moon, Hilltop Playhouse, Baltimore, MD, 1947; Room Service, The Milky Way, Tiverton Playhouse, Tiverton, RI, 1948; Androcles and the Lion, Street Scene, Once in a Lifetime, Player's Ring, Hollywood, CA, 1949-50; Phaedra, Shadow of a Gunman, Actor's Lab, Hollywood, CA, 1950; Detective Story, Sombrero Playhouse, Phoenix, AZ, 1951; Stalag 17,

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild of America; Dramatists Guild; Common Cause; ACLU; Southern Poverty Law Center Klanwatch Project; Oxfam America; Nuclear Control Institute; National Lawyers Guild Fund Capp Street Foundation; NOW; Environmental Defense Fund; Center for Law in the Public Interest. "Motivation: I am compulsively driven . . . there is nothing in this world which cannot be improved upon . . . Broadway is a disaster area . . . the motion picture industry is in the 301


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 TION: High School of Music and Art, New York; University of Chicago; studied for the theatre with Mira Ristova ("Still, I continue studying with her").

grips of corporate giants and their Wall Street equivalents and their art will be sacrificed in the name of fiscal responsibility, and audiences will be doomed to an unending succession of xeroxed entertainment . . . television languishes in the grip of statisticians and research consultants. . . network programming executives with an axe poised perpetually above their heads are afraid to be bold, daring and innovative . . . and so it goes. I am a true film buff, a self-educated scholar in the 'history of the cinema' as both art and entertainment. I collect films, both sound and silent, as well as lobby cards, window cards, inserts and one-sheets and books on this eternally fascinating subject. I am an amateur photographer and a gourmet cook and am well travelled, but not nearly so well as I'd like to be. I have recently completed a mini-series for a major network which deals with the relationship between Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg and the history of MGM. It was a labor of love.''

CAREER: DEBUT—Conchita, Dancing in the Chequered Shade, McCarter, Princeton, NY, 1955. NEW YORK DEBUT— Venice Preserved, Phoenix, "Side Show," Phoenix, 195556. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Mashenka, Diary of a Scoundrel, Phoenix, NY, 1956; Maid to Lady Britomart, Major Barbara, Martin Beck, NY, 1956, later Rummy Michens in the same production; Adele, Maybe Tuesday, Playhouse, NY, 1958; Jennifer Lewison, Look: We've Come Through, Hudson, NY, 1961; Illyona, First Love, Morosco, NY, 1961; Member, Second City, Square East, NY, 196263; Kattrin, Mother Courage and Her Children, Martin Beck, NY, 1963; Felice, After the Fall, Lincoln Center Repertory, ANTA Washington Square, NY, 1964; Princess Kukachin, Marco Millions, Lincoln Center Repertory, ANTA Washington Square, NY, 1964; Rachel, Nathan Weinstein, Mystic, Connecticut, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1966; Jane, The Natural Look, Longacre, NY, 1967; Brenda, Lovers and Other Strangers, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1968; Iris, The Sign in Sidney Brustein s Window (musical), Longacre, 1972; others.

ADDRESS: Office—Universal Studios, Universal City, CA 91608. Agent—Marvin Moss, Marvin Moss, Inc., 9200 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.

FILM DEBUT—Pay or Die, 1960. FILM APPEARANCES—Angelina, Splendor in the Grass, 1961; A Fine Madness, 1966; Bye Bye Braverman, 1968; Jessica, Let's Scare Jessica to Death, 1971.

LAMOS, Mark, actor and director PERSONAL: Born March 10, 1946, in Melrose Park, IL; son of Gustav (a horticulturalist) and Ruth (an office manager; maiden name, Oechslin) Lamos; married Sharon Anderson, 1970 (divorced, 1977). EDUCATION: Northwestern University, B.S., 1969.

TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Doctor Kildare, The Defenders, Sam Benedict, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Leonard Bernstein's "Carmen" on Omnibus; The Reporter, 1964; Jenny, Better Luck Next Time, \964\TheF.B.L, 1970;Ellie, Where the Heart Is, 1970-71; Love, American Style, 1972-73; Hannah, The Connection, 1972; Janine, The Bob Newhart Show, 1973; Anne, The Girl with Something Extra, 197374; Dr. Norah Purcell, Doctors' Hospital, 1975-76; Woman, The Cafeteria, 1984.

CAREER: DEBUT—Joe, Lovers, Academy Festival Theater, Lake Forest, IL, 1969. NEW YORK DEBUT—Private Bowers, Love-Suicide at Schofield Barracks, ANTA, 1971, 12 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Hamlet, Hamlet, Old Globe, San Diego, CA, 1977; leading roles, Guthrie, Minneapolis, MN, 1974—77; Feste, Twelfth Night, Stratford, CT, 1978; Octavius, Man and Superman, Circle in the Square, NY, 1978.

AWARDS: Variety NY Drama Critics Poll, Kattrin, Mother Courage and Her Children, 1963; Antoinette Perry Award nominations, Look, We've Come Through, 1961, Mother Courage and Her Children, 1963; Andy Awards, Banker's Trust Radio Commercials, Enkasheer Television Commercial—Girl in Lobby, 1970.

DIRECTED: Plays—Don Giovanni, St. Louis Opera, MO, 1983; Arabella, Santa Fe Opera, NM, 1983; Merchant of Venice, Stratford, Canada, 1984.


THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Artistic Director, Arizona Theater Company, Tucson, AZ, 1978; Artistic Director, California Shakespearean Festival, Visalia, CA, 1978-80; Artistic Director, Hartford Stage Company, Hartford, CT, 1980present.

Ms. Lampert's early stage name was Zohra Alton. She began using the name Lampert in 1956 in the production of Major Barbara at the Phoenix. Her uncle, Samuel Iris, is an actor.

ADDRESS: Office—Hartford Stage Company, 50 Church Street, Hartford, CT 06103. Agent—c/o Milton Goldman, ICM, 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

ADDRESS: Agent—Sheila Robinson, I.C.M. 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

LAMPERT, Zohra, actress

LANCASTER, Burt (Stephen), actor

PERSONAL: Born May 13, 1937, in New York City; daughter of Morris (an ironworker and architect) and Rachil (a hatmaker and draper; maiden name, Eriss) Lampert. EDUCA-

PERSONAL: Born November 2, 1913, in New York, NY; son of James Lancaster; married Norma Anderson, December 26, 1946 (divorced 1969); children: James Stephen, 302



FILM APPEARANCES—Rufio, Cleopatra, 1961-62; Caiaphus, Greatest Story Ever Told, 1963; Jesse Coe, Nevada Smith, 1964; Chief Walks-Stooped-Over, The Hallelujah Trail, 1964; Logan Sharp, They Call Me Mr. Tibbs, 1969. TELEVISION DEBUT—Crime Syndicated, 1951. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Rollin Hand, Mission: Impossible; Commander John Koenig, Space: 1999; Playhouse 90; Studio One; Kraft; Goodyear Playhouse.

William Henry, Susan Elizabeth, Joanne Mari. EDUCATION: Attended New York University. MILITARY: U.S. Army. NON-FILM CAREER: Circus acrobat, 1932-39; floor walker, Marshall Field, Chicago, 1939. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Desert Fury, 1946; The Killers, 1947; / Walk Alone, 1947; Brute Force, 194%', All My Sons, 1948; Sorry, Wrong Number, 1948; AJSS the Blood Off My Hands, 1948; Criss-Cross, 1949; Rope of Sand, 1949; Vengeance Valley, 1951; Jim Thorpe—All American, 1951; Ten Tall Men, 1951; The Crimson Pirate, 1952; Come Back Little Sheba, 1953; South Sea Woman, 1953; From Here to Eternity, 1953; The Big Top: His Majesty O'Keefe, 1954; The Kentuckian, (also directed), 1954; The Rose Tatoo, 1955; Trapeze, 1956; The Rainmaker, 1957; Gunfight at the OK Corral, 1957; Sweet Smell of Success, 1957; Run Silent, Run Deep, 1958; Separate Tables, 1958; Mister 880, 1959'.Flame and the Arrow, 1959; The Devil's Disciple, 1959; The Unforgiven, 1960; Elmer Gantry, 1960; The Young Savages, 1961; Judgement at Nuremberg, 1961; Birdman ofAlcatrai, 1962; The Leopard, 1963; A Child Is Waiting, 1963; Seven Days in May, 1964; The Halleujah Trail, 1965; The Professionals, 1966; The Swimmer, 1968; The Scalphunters, 1968; Castle Keep, 1969; The Gypsy Moths, 1969; Airport, 1970; Lawman, 1911', Valdez Is Coming, \91\\UlzanasRaid, \912\Executive Action, 1973; Scorpio, 1973; The Midnight Man (also produced and directed), 1974; Buffalo Bill and the Indians, 1976; The Midnight Crossing, 1911-1900, 1977; The Island of Dr. Moreau, 1977; Twilight1 s Last Gleaming, 1911 \ Go Tell the Spartans, 1978; Atlantic City, 1980; Cattle Annie and Little Britches, 1981; Local Hero, 1982; Apache; Vera Cruz; Conversation Piece.

AWARDS: Emmy Award Nominations, Best Television Actor, 1966, 1967, 1968; Golden Globe Award, Best Television Actor, 1967; Bravo Award (Germany); Belgian Viewers Award; SACI Award (Brazil). SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA; Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; Academy of Television Arts and Sciences; Actors' Studio West (executive director); Actors' Studio (board of directors). RECREATION—painting, photography, writing. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Stanley Bushell, 415 N. Crescent Drive, #320, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

LANDIS, John Davis, film director, writer PERSONAL: Born August 30, 1950, Chicago, IL; married Deborah Nadoolman (a costume designer). CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Director/writer/actor,

AWARDS: Venice Film Award, Best Actor, 1962: Bird Man of Alcatraz; Academy Award, Best Actor, 1960: Elmer Gantry. ADDRESS: Office —c/o AVCO Embassy Pictures Company, 956 Seward Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038.*

LANDAU, Martin, actor, director, producer, writer, and teacher PERSONAL: Born June 20, in New York, NY; son of Morris (a machinist) and Selma (Buchman) Landau; married Barbara Bain (an actress), January 31, 1957; children: Susan Meredith, Juliet Rose. EDUCATION: Attended James Madison High School, Brooklyn, NY; trained for the stage at the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg. CAREER: DEBUT—Charley Gennini, Detective Story, Peaks Island Playhouse, Peaks Island, ME, 1951. NEW YORK DEBUT—Nick, First Love, Provincetown Playhouse, 1951, 18 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Lally, The Penguin, Current Stages, NY, 1952; Juvan, Goat Song, Equity Library Theatre, NY, 1953; Husband, Middle of the Night, ANTA, NY, 1957. MAJOR TOURS—Stalag 17, Eastern U.S. cities, 1952; Husband, Middle of the Night, U.S. and Canadian cities, 1957-58. FILM DEBUT—Leonard, North by Northwest, 1958. PRINCIPAL




Schlock, 1971; director/writer, Kentucky Fried Movie, 1977; director/writer, National Lampoon's Animal House, 1977; director/co-writer, The Blues Brothers, 1980; director/writer, An American Werewolf in London, 1981; director/co-writer/ co-producer, Twilight Zone—The Movie, 1983; director, Trading Places, 1983; director/co-writer/producer, Michael Jackson's Thriller, 1983; director/co-writer/actor, Into the Night, 1984.

DEBUT—costar, Footsteps (series). PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Ohms, 1979; Kent State, \9^\ The Gentleman Bandit, 1981; First Affair, 1983. WRITINGS: SCREENPLAYS—The Growing Season (with Todd Robinson). SIDELIGHTS: "Look for light and freedom and do not ponder too deeply over the evil in life.''

ADDRESS: Agent—Mike Marcus, Contemporary Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park E., Los Angeles, CA 90069.

ADDRESS. Agent—c/o D.H.K.P.R., 165 W. 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

LANG, Charley, actor PERSONAL: Born December 24, 1955, in Passaic, NJ; son of Charles Edward (an accountant) and Joan Teresa (Blanc) Lang. EDUCATION: Catholic University, B.F.A. (Acting).

LANG, Pearl, dancer, choreographer, actress PERSONAL: Born May, 1922 in Chicago, IL; daughter of Jacob and Frieda (Feder) Lack; married Joseph Wiseman, November 22, 1963. EDUCATION: Attended Wright Junior College and the University of Chicago.

CAREER: DEBUT—James Keller, The Miracle Worker, Olney Theatre, Olney, MD, 1978. NEW YORK DEBUT—Young Charlie, Da, Morosco, 1978, 300 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Cuthbert, Once a Catholic, Helen Hayes, NY, 1979; Skylight, Class Enemy, Players Theatre, NY, 1980; Mark Dolson, Mass Appeal, Booth, NY, 1982. MAJOR TOURS—Richard Miller, Ah, Wilderness, international cities, 1976; Mark Dolson, Mass Appeal, U.S. cities, 1982.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Soloist, Martha Graham Dance Company, 1944-54; featured roles in Broadway productions—Carousel, 1945^7; Finians Rainbow, Solveig, PeerGynt, ANTA. PRINCIPAL CHOREOGRAPHY, DANCE WORKS—Song of Deborah, Moonsung and Windsung, 1952; Legend, Rites, 1953; And Joy Is My Witness, Nightflight, 1954; Sky Chant, 1957; Persephone, 1958; Black Marigolds, 1959; Shirah, 1960; Apasionada, 1961; Broken Dialogues, 1962; Shore Bourne, 1964; Dismembered Fable, 1965; Pray for Dark Birds, 1966; Tongues of Fire, 1967; Piece for Brass, 1969; Moonways and Dark Tides, 1970; Sharjuhm, 1971; At That Point in Place and Time, 1973; The Possessed, 1974; Prairie Steps, 1975; Bach Rondelays, I Never Saw Another Butterfly, A Seder Night, Kaddish, 1977; Icarus, Cantigas Ladino, 1978; Notturno, 1980; Gypsy Ballad, Hanele the Orphan, The Tailor's Megilleh, 1981; (staged chorus), Oedipus Rex, Tangle wood Festival ,1981; Paslm and Song of Songs, 1983.

FILM DEBUT—Dave, The Late Great Me, 1979. TELEVISION

PRINCIPAL CHOREOGRAPHY, TELEVISION—Omnibus; Frontiers of Faith; Look Up and Live; ABC Directions; CBC Folio; TheDybbukforCBC. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Three Mary's, El Penitente; Emily Dickinson, Letter to the World, 1970; Clytemnestra, 1973; Jocasta, Night Journey for Martha Graham Dance Company. ADDITIONAL STAGE WORK—codirected, Murder in the Cathedral, Stratford, CT; numerous Israel Bond programs. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Founder, Pearl Lang Dance Company, 1953, and Pearl Lang Dance Foundation; teacher and lecturer on Dance, Yale University Faculty, 1954—68, Juilliard School of Music, NY, 1953-69, Jacob's Pillow, Connecticut College, Neighborhood Playhouse, 1963-68, also aboard in Israel, Sweden, and the Netherlands. AWARDS: Two Guggenheim Fellowships.




Plain and Fancy, 1955; Bells Are Ringing, 1956; My Fair Lady, \956\Shangri-La, 1956; Jamaica, 1957; New Girl in Town, 1957; Goldilocks, 1958; Portofino, 1958; Destry Rides Again, 1959; Saratoga, 1959; Take Me Along, 1959; Christine, I960; Came lot, I960', Subways Are for Sleeping, 1961; Carnival, 1961; Kean, 1961; Mr. President, 1962; Jennie, 1963; Tovarich, 1963; Ben Franklin in Paris, 1964; / Had a Ball, 1964; Hello, Dolly!, 1964; Hot September, 1965; Pleasures and Palaces, 1966; The Roar of the Greasepaint, etc., \966\1 Do! I Do!, \966\Mame, \966\HowNow, Dow Jones, 1967; Sherry, 1967; George M., 1968; Maggie Flynn, 1968; Dear World, 1969; Applause, 1970; An, 1971; Sugar, \912\Lorelei, 1973; Mack and Mabel, 1974; Cyrano, 1975; One Night Stand, 1976; Annie, 1977; A Musical Jubilee, 1978; / Remember Mama, 1979; The Grand Tour, 1979; 42nd Street, 1980; Charlie and Algernon, 1981.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—American Guild of Musicians and Artists. ADDRESS: Home—382 Central Park West, New York, NY 10025. Studio—c/o American Dance Center, 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

LANG, Philip J., orchestrator PERSONAL: Born April 17, 1911; son of Philip H. (an executive) and Irene V. (Coleman) Lang; married Ruth E. Foote, August 4, 1942; children: Roger, Marcia, Bruce. EDUCATION: Ithaca College, B.S. (Music); Juilliard Institute (advanced study, no degree). RELIGION: Catholic. MILITARY: U.S. Maritime Service (ensign). NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Associate Professor, Orchestration, University of Michigan, Summer Sessions, 1949-51; Associate Professor of Orchestration, University of Colorado, Summer Sessions, 1955-56; Guest Conductor, Adjudicator, and lecturer for clinics and festivals; former partner and editor Lawson-Gould Music, Inc.

FILMS—Li'l Abner, 1959; The Night They Raided Minsky's, 1968; Hello, Dolly!, 1969; The Molly McGuires, 1970. TELEVISION SHOWS—Hallmark Productions, David Susskind Productions, Omnibus Productions, Ballet de Marseille, Tonight Show. WRITINGS: BOOKS, PUBLISHED—Scoring for the Band, Mills Music. AWARDS: Grammy Award, My Fair Lady, Original Cast Album, 1956; Commander, U.S. Maritime Service (honorary), 1981; Doctor of Music, Ithaca College (honorary), 1983.

CAREER: ORCHESTRATOR—THEATER: Billion Dollar Baby, 1945; Annie Get Your Gun, 1946; Barefoot Boy with Cheek, 1947; Bonanza Bound, 1947; High Button Shoes, 1947; Arms and the Girl, 1950; Make a Wish, 1951; Two on the Aisle, 1951', Can-Can, 1953; Maggie, 1953; Fanny, 1954;

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—ASCAP; Kappa Gamma Psi; Oracle (Ithaca College Honor Society). RECREATION—Golf, fishing, Egyptology. ADDRESS: Home—23IB Agawam Drive, Stratford, CT 06497. Agent—Deborah Coleman, 667 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10021.

LANGELLA, Frank, actor PERSONAL: Born January 1, 1940, in Bayonne, NJ; son of Frank (president, barrel & drum company) and his wife; married Ruth Weil (a magazine editor), June 14, 1977. EDUCATION: Syracuse University, 1959; trained for the stage with Sawyer Falk; studied acting with Wynn Handman, dance with Anna Sokolow, voice at Kersting Studios. CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—Michel, The Immoralist, Bouwerie Lane, 1963. PRINCIPAL STGE APPEARANCES—Apprentice, Pocono Playhouse, 1954; in summer stock (pre1964): First Man, A Thurber Carnival, Paul Verrall, Born Yesterday, New Playhouse, Syracuse; Caesar, Caesar and Cleopatra, title role, George Dandin, Mr. Martin, The Bald Soprano, Choubert, Victims of Duty, Syracuse Repertory; Professor, The Lesson, ]ack,Jack, or the Submission, Tuft's Arena, Medford, MA; Joe Pond, Charm, Milkman, Under the Yum Yum Tree, Cape Playhouse, Dennis, MA; Eugene, Look Homeward, Angel, Malcolm, Macbeth, Hines, The Pajama Game, Erie Playhouse, Erie, PA; Tom, The Glass Menagerie, Rudolpho, A View from the Bridge, Donald




Gresham, The Moon Is Blue, Charles Playhouse, Boston, MA; Richard Rich, A Man for All Seasons, Rudolpho, A View from the Bridge, Old Actor, The Fantasticks, Williamstown, MA; Son (flier), The Good Woman ofSetzuan, Caesar, Caesar and Cleopatra, lago, Othello, Directors Workshop, Sheridan Square Playhouse, NY; title role, Telemachus, New Dramatists, NY; Valentine, Love for Love, Maidman, NY; Cliff, Look Back in Anger, Key Playhouse, NY; Satan/ Cain, Man, Key; Benito Cereno, The Old Glory, American Place, NY, 1964; Young man, GoodDay, Cherry Lane, NY, 1965; Flamineo, The White Devil, Circle in the Square, NY, 1965; Jamie, Long Day's Journey Into Night, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1966; Juan, Yerma, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1966; title role, Dracula, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Stockbridge, MA, 1967; Urbain Grandier, The Devils, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1967; with Long Island Festival Repertory Theatre, April-June, 1968; Will, A Cry of Players, Berkshire Theatre Festival, 1968, then Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1968; title role, Cyrano de Bergerac, Williamstown, MA, 1971; appeared with Yale Repertory, 1971-72; lead, The Tooth of Crime, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1972; Oberon, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Loveless, The Relapse, Guthrie Theatre Company, Minneapolis, MN, 1972; Petruchio, The Taming of the Shrew, Studio Arena, Buffalo, NY, 1973; The Seagull, Williamstown, MA, 1974; Leslie, Seascape, Shubert, NY, 1975, later, Shubert, Los Angeles; Ring Around the Moon, Williamstown, MA, 1975; title role, The Prince of Hamburg, Chelsea Theater Center, 1976; title role, Dracula, Martin Beck, NY, 1977; title role, Cyrano de Bergerac, Williamstown, MA, 1980; Salieri, Amadeus, Broadhurst,NY, 1982; Passion, Morrosco, 1983; Design for Living, Circle in the Square, NY, 1984.

ADDRESS: Agent—William Morris Agency, 1350 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10019.*

LANSBURY, Angela, actress PERSONAL: Born October 16, 1925, in London, England; naturalized U.S. citizen, 1951; daughter of Edgar Isaac (a lumber merchant) and Moyna (an actress; maiden name, Macgill) Lansbury; married Richard Cromwell (an actor) 1945 (divorced 1946); married Peter Pullen Shaw (an agent) August 1949; children: Anthony Peter, Deirdre Angela; stepson, David. EDUCATION: South Hampstead High School for Girls, 1934-39; Webber-Douglas School for Dramatic Arts, 1940; studied for the stage at the Feagin School of Drama, NY, 1942. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER—Clerk, then saleswoman, Bullocks, Wilshire. CAREER: DEBUT—Singer, Samovar Club, Montreal, Canada, 1942. NEW YORK DEBUT—Marcelle, Hotel Paradiso, Henry Miller's, 1957. LONDON DEBUT—Mistress, All Over, Royal Shakespeare Company, Aldwych, 1972. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Helen, A Taste of Honey, Lyceum, NY, 1960; Cora Hoover Hooper, Anyone Can Whistle, Majestic, NY, 1964; Mame Dennis Burnside, Mame, Winter Garden, NY, 1966; Countess Aurelia, Dear World, Mark Hellinger, NY, 1969; Prettybelle Sweet, Prettybelle, Shubert, Boston, 1971; Mame Dennis, Mame, Westbury Music Fair, Long Island, NY, 1972; Sondheim: A Musical Tribute, Shubert, NY, 1973; Rose, Gypsy, Piccadilly, London, 1973, also Shubert, Los Angeles, Winter Garden, NY, 1974; Gertrude, Hamlet, Old Vic, National, London, 1975, also for the opening of the Lyttelton, 1976; Anna, The King and I, Uris, NY, 1978; Mrs. Lovett, Sweeny Todd, Uris, NY, 1979; Counting the Ways, Listening, Hartford Stage, CT; Lillian, A Little Family Business, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, Martin Beck, NY, l"982; Mame, Mame, Uris, NY, 1983.

DIRECTED—Plays: John and Abigail, Berkshire Theatre Festival, MA, 1979; Passion, Morosco, NY, 1980. PRINCIPAL FILMS—George Prager, Diary of a Mad Housewife, 1970; Ostap Bender, The Twelve Chairs, 1970; House Under the Trees, 1971; The Deadly Trap, 1971; Wrath of God, 1972; Dracula, 1979; Harry Crystal, ThoseLips, Those Eyes, 1980; Sphinx, 1981.

FILM DEBUT—Maid, Gaslight, 1944. FILM APPEARANCES— National Velvet, 1944; Sybil, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1945; The Harvey Girls, 1946; The Hoodlum Saint, 1946; The Private Affairs of Bel Ami, 1946; Till the Clouds Roll By, 1946; Tenth Avenue Angel, 1946; If Winter Comes, 1947; State of the Union, 1948; M'Lady, The Three Musketeers, 1948; The Red Danube, 1948; Samson and Delilah, 1949; Kind Lady, \95l; Mutiny, 1952; Remains to be Seen, 1952; Key Man, 1954; The Purple Mask, 1955; The Court Jester, 1955; A Lawless Street, 1955; Please Murder Me, \956'The Long, Hot Summer, 1958; The Reluctant Debutante, 1958; The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, 1959; Season of Passion, 1959; The Dark at the Top ofthe Stairs, \96Q;ABreath of Scandal, I960', Hawaii, 1961; All Fall Down, \96\\The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, (voice only) 1962; The Manchurian Candidate, 1962; In the Cool of the Day, 1963; The World of Henry Orient, 1964; Dear Heart, 1964; The Greatest Story Ever Told, 1965; Harlow, 1965; The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders, 1965; Mister Buddwing, 1966; Woman without a Face, 1966; Something for Everyone, 1970; Bedknobs and Broomsticks, 1971; Death on the Nile, 1978; The Lady Vanishes, 1980; The Mirror Crackd, 1980; The Pirates of Penzance, 1982.

TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Jesus, CBS Easter Sunday Special, 1965; Trials of Brian, 1965; Good Day, 1966; an episode of Ben Franklin; Don Diego, Mark ofZorro, 1974; Konstantine, The Sea Gull, 1975; John, Eccentricities of a Nightingale, 1976; title role, The Prince of Homburg, 1977. RECORDINGS—Narration for performance by Daniel Nagrin Company, The Peloponnesian War. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER—Toured Europe with a Folksinging Group, 1959-60. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, 1975: Seascape; 3 Obies, The Old Glory, The White Devil, GoodDay; Syracuse Critics Award, Best Actor, 1959; National Society of Film Critics Award, 1970: Diary of a Mad Housewife; Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, 1978: Dracula, 1978; Drama League Award, 1978: Dracula; Cosmopolitan s Bachelor of the Month Award, January 1975. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Board of the Berkshire Theatre Festival since 1970.

TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Kraft Theatre; Studio One; Play306



house 90; Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, Little Gloria, Happy at Last, 1982; Lace, 1983; The Gift of Love, 1983; Jessica Fletcher, The Death of Sherlock Holmes, 1984.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED (in Vienna, Austria)—Llnconnue de la Seine, Das Geliebte Leben, Voegelchen, 193335.

RECORDINGS—In addition to the Original Cast recordings of Mame, Dear World, Sweeney Todd and Anyone Can Whistle, Miss Lansbury played a role on the new The Beggars Opera, recorded 1982.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Mr. Lantz was head of the New York office of Berg-Allenberg, artists representatives, 194849; head of the stage and movie departments of the Gale Agency, Inc., New York City, 1949-50; since 1950, head of his own agency, the Lantz Agency, representing literary artists and others in the performing arts. He served as story editor in London for 20th Century Fox, 1936-41 and for Columbia Pictures, 1941-46; as literary and talent representative in London for Universal International Pictures, 1946-47; executive vice-president of Figaro, Inc., New York City, 1955-58.

AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Best Actress in a Musical, 1979: Sweeney Todd, 1974: Gypsy, 1969: Dear World, 1966: Mame; Academy Award nominations, Best Supporting Actress, 1945: The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1944: Gaslight; Hollywood Foreign Correspondent's Gold Globe, Dorian Gray, 1945; Chicago's Sarah Siddons Award, Gypsy, 1974; After Dark's Ruby Award, Performer of the Year, Sweeney Todd, 1979.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—International P.E.N., London.

SIDELIGHTS: Ms. Lansbury once considered a political career, before she began in show business.

ADDRESS: Office—Lantz Office,: York, NY 10106.

; Seventh Avenue, New

ADDRESS: c/o Edgar Lansbury, 1650 Broadway, Suite 501, New York, NY 10019.* LASSICK, Sydney, actor PERSONAL: Born July 23, 1922, in Chicago, IL; son of Alex (operator fruit and vegetable produce store) and Anna (Gershfield) Lassick. EDUCATION: Attended public schools in Chicago and 2 years at De Paul University as a Drama major; received a certificate of drama from the Pasadena Playhouse, 1954. RELIGION. Jewish. MILITARY: U.S. Navy.

LANSING, Sherry Lee, film executive PERSONAL: Born July 31, 1944, in Chicago, IL; daughter of Norton and Margo Lansing. EDUCATION: Northwestern University, B.S, 1966. NON-FILM CAREER: Teacher, Los Angeles Public Schools, 1966-69; model, Max Factor Company, 1969-70, Alberto-Culver Company, 1969-70.

CAREER: FILM DEBUT—Cheswick, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, 1975. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Mr. Fromm, Carrie, 1976;HymieStiglitz,#ofSm# 1978; apple core vendor, The History of the World, Parti, 1981.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Actress, Loving, 1970; Rio Lobo, 1970; executive story editor, Wagner International, 1970-73; vice-president of production, Heyday Productions, Universal City, CA, 1973-75; executive story editor, vice-president, creative affairs, MGM Studios, Culver City, CA, 1975-77; senior vice-president production, Columbia Pictures, Burbank, CA, 1977-80; president of production, 20th Century Fox Productions, Beverly Hills, CA 1980-83; president, Jaffe-Lansing Productions, 1983present.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Baretta; Barney Miller; Heroes of the Bible. ADDRESS: Agent—Kaplan/Witkin Agency, 3518 W. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90068.

ADDRESS: Office—Jaffe-Lansing Productions, Paramount Studios, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038.*

LASZLO, Andrew, cinematographer PERSONAL: Born January 12, 1926, in Hungary; son of Laszlo and Elizabeth Laszlo; married Ann Granger, 1952; children: Andrew, Jr., Jeffrey, James, Elizabeth. MILITARY: U.S. Army, Signal Corps, Sergeant, 1950-52.

LANTZ, Robert, literary and talent representative, playwright, producer

CAREER: FIRST FILM WORK—Apprentice at the Motion Picture Studios, Budapest. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK, cinematographer/director of photography—One Potato, 1964; You re a Big Boy Now, 1967; The Night They Raided Minsky's, 1968; Popi, 1969; The Out ofTowners, 1970; Lovers and Other Strangers, 1970; The Owl and the Pussycat, 1970; Jennifer on My Mind, 1971; To Find a Man, 1972; Class of '44, 1973; Countdown at Kusini, 1976; Thieves, 1977; Somebody Killed Her Husband, 1978; The Warriors, 1979; Southern Comfort, 1981; Angela; Funhouse;

PERSONAL: Born July 20, 1914, in Berlin, Germany; son of Adolf (a screenwriter) and Ella (Schloessinger) Lantz; married Sherlee Weingarten (a writer) February 24, 1950; children: Anthony R. EDUCATION: University of Berlin, 193233. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, Producer—The Nervous Set, Henry Miller's, NY, 1959; Kean, Broadway, NY, 1961. 307



I, The Jury; First Blood, 1982; Comeback; Streets of Fire, 1984; Thief of Hearts, 1984.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Arthur Shafman International, Ltd. 723 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK (mini-series)—Shogun; Top of the Hill; The Dain Curse; Washington, Behind Closed Doors; (features/pilots) Thin Ice; Spanner s Key; Give Me Your Poor; The Man without a Country; Blue Water Gold; Teacher, Teacher; Daphne; The Cliffdwellers; The Happeners; (specials) Bell Telephone Hour Special, Easter Sunrise Services, Denver Symphony, Mormon Tabernacle Choir; Ed Sullivan, Vietnam Veterans Easter Special, 1970; Ed Sullivan in Cuba; Ed Sullivan in Ireland; Ed Sullivan in Alaska; Ed Sullivan in Portugal; The Beatles at Shea Stadium; New York, New York; (series) Coronet Blue; Doctors and Nurses; The Nurses; Naked City; Brenner; Mama; Joe and Mabel; Phil Silvers Show; (documentaries) The Twentieth Century; High Adventure.

LAURO, Shirley (nee Shapiro Mezvinsky), writer PERSONAL: Born November 18, 1933, in Des Moines, IA; daughter of Phillip (a businessman) and Helen (a legal secretary; maiden name, Davidson) Shapiro; married Dr. N. Mezvinshky, July 22, 1956 (divorced, 1966); married Dr. Louis Lauro (a psychoanalyst), August 18, 1973; children: Andrea Lynn (first marriage). EDUCATION: Northwestern University, B.S. (cum laude), 1955; University of Wisconsin, M.S., 1957. POLITICS: Democrat. RELIGION: Jewish.

A WARDS: Emmy Award Nominations: 1980: Shogun, 1973: The Man without a Country.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED— The Contest, Alley, Houston, TX, 1975, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NY, 1976, Philadelphia Drama Guild, PA, 1982; Nothing Immediate, Actors Theater of Louisville, 1980; The Coal Diamond, Circle Repertory, NY, 1980, Actors Theatre of Louisville, KY, 1980; Open Admissions, Ensemble Studio, NY, 1981, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1982, Broadway, NY, 1984. PLAYS, PUBLISHED—The Coal Diamond, 1979; Nothing Immediate, 1980; Open Admissions, 1980; / Don't Know Where You're Coming from at All!, 1982; In the Garden of Eden, 1982. PLAYS, UNPRODUCED—Margaret and Kit. BOOKS— The Edge, 1965 and 1967. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER:

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—American Society of Cinematographers, Directors Guild of America, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; served two terms as Governor of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. HOBBIES—Photography, writing, flying, wood and metal working. Mr. Laszlo lectures extensively at such institutions as Brown University, Dartmouth Collee, Ithaca College, New York University, and the American Film Institute. ADDRESS: Home—Three Locust Lane, Glen Head, NY 11545. Agent—Kendall Giler, Creative Technicians Agency, 1923% Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025.

LAUGHLIN, Sharon, actress PERSONAL: Born March 12, 1949, in OR; daughter of Dale (a clothing store owner) and Virginia (Morehouse) Laughlin. EDUCATION: University of Washington, B. A.; trained for the stage with Nick Miller. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(Broadway) Cathy, One by One; Maria/understudy lead, The Heiress; (Off-Broadway) lead, Subject to Fits, Public Theatre; lead, Huui-Huui, Public Theatre; lead, Mod Donna, Public Theatre; Lady Mortimer, Henry IV, Parts I and II, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte; (Off-Off Broadway) Isabel, Ring Round the Moon, Olivia, Twelfth Night, lead, Declassee, Charlotte, For the Use of the Hall, Lion Theatre Company; (Regional) Portia, Julius Caesar, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT; Kate, Old Times, Goodman, Chicago, IL; Rosalind, As You Like It, Center Stage, Baltimore, MD; Marion, Father s Day, Pittsburgh Playhouse, PA; lead, Derelict, Studio Arena, Buffalo, NY; Joanna, Present Laughter, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, MO. MAJOR TOURS—Hedda, Hedda Gabler, East Coast cities. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Three Hundred Year Weekend; The Happy Hooker.




Teacher—City College of New York, Yeshiva University, Mary mount Manhattan College, Manhattan Community College, NY.

Chevrolet Show; Garry Moore Show; Soupy Sales Show; The Today Show; The Eddie Lawrence Show (daily); Robert Montgomery Presents; Mr. Peepers.

AWARDS: New York Dramatists Guild Hull-Warriner Award, Best Play on a Controversial Theme, 1981: Open Admissions; National Foundation for Jewish Culture Award, Best Play on a Jewish Theme, 1981: The Contest; Actors' Theatre of Louisville, Best One-Act Play, 1980: The Coal Diamond; Samuel French Award, Best Short Play, 1979: Nothing Immediate and Open Admissions.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—The Beautiful Mariposa, NY, 1952, 1971, 1981; Sort of an Adventure, NY, 1952, 1971, 1981', Louie and the Elephant, NY, 1971, 1981; to/fy (book and lyrics), 1965; PLAYS, UNPRODUCED—Jonas; The Expressionist (musical). BOOKS—Actors Auditions, 1955; 67 Original Auditions for Actors, 1983. RECORDINGS—25 Years of Comedy; 1 albums and 40 singles featuring his original 'The Old Philosopher."

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—American Place Theater Women's Project; Ensemble Studio Theater; Actor's Studio; League of Professional Theater Women.

SIDELIGHTS: "Eddie Lawrence has enjoyed a colorful and adventurous career; after returning from directing and writing a series of shows for the American Expeditionary Stations in World War II, he teamed up with Marley to form the Lawrence and Marley comedy radio show. He has also written comedy material for Bert Lahr, Jack E. Leonard, and Sid Caesar. Lawrence did a nightly newscast during the Second World War from a hut near Caserta, Italy. In 1945, it was the only English news that came in loud and clear in Yalta. One night, Mr. Churchill lit up his after-dinner cigar and beckoned to Mr. Roosevelt, mumbling, 'Well, let's see what Sergeant Lawrence has to say to us tonight.' There were witnesses."

Plays have been produced also at People's Light and Theater Company, PA, The Company of Angels, CA, and throughout U.S., Canada, and Europe. "I began as a fiction writer and actress, but as part of a mainstream of American women who came to maturity during the women's revolution, I began to feel that I could communicate better in a more direct, dynamic and assertive way—[writing for] the stage!" ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Gilbert Parker, William Morris Agency, 1350 Avenue of Americas, New York, NY 10022.

ADDRESS: Home—435 E. 57th Street, New York, NY 10022.

LAWRENCE, Eddie (ne Lawrence Eisler), actor, director, writer, lyricist


PERSONAL: Born March 2, 1921 in New York, NY; son of Benjamin Daniel (a banker) and Bess (a designer; maiden name, Garbow) Eisler; married Eunice Norma Davidson in 1948 (divorced 1967); married Marilyn Bligh-White (a designer), November 26, 1968; children: Garrett Bligh. EDUCATION: Brooklyn College, B.A.; studied at the Atelier Leger and the Academic de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris France. POLITICS: Independent. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 194145, WWII.

PERSONAL: Born March 26, 1949, in Los Angeles, CA; daughter of Howard Axelrad (a C.P.A.) and Ann Alene (Loyd) Lawrence; married Al Schultz (a businessman), November 16, 1974; children: Courtney Allison, Garrett Lawrence. EDUCATION: Attended U.C.L.A. for two years. POLITICS: Republican. RELIGION: Lutheran. CAREER: DEBUT—Carrie Pipperidge, Carousel, Dallas Music Hall, Dallas, TX, 1968. TELEVISION DEBUT—The Carol Burnett Show, 1967. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Carol Burnett Show, 1967-78; Mama, Mama s Family, 1983-84.

CAREER: DEBUT—Crookfinger Jake, Threepenny Opera, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1955. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Sandor, Bells Are Ringing, Shubert, NY, 1956-59; Banjo, Sherry, Alvin, NY; Baldwin, Oh Kay!, Royal Alexandria, Toronto, Canada, Opera House, Washington, DC; One Man Show, Paris, France.

AWARDS: Emmy Award, Outstanding Supporting Actress, Music-Comedy-Variety Show, 1976: The Carol Burnett Show; Gold Record, 1972: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.

MAJOR TOURS—Sandor, Bells Are Ringing, national tour. FILM DEBUT—Wisecracking GI, Act of Love, 1953. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Scratch Wallace, The Night They Raided Minsky's; The Wild Party; Blade; Who Killed Mary Whatsername; Abner the Baseball; Somebody Killed My Husband; 25 other "shorts" for Paramount.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SAG, AFTRA, AEA. ACTIVITIES—sailing, needlepoint. "I love spending lots of time with my family. I work with a lot of charities—haven't zeroed in on one that's my favorite . . . possibly children's hospitals."

TELEVISION DEBUT—Comedian, Kay Kyser Kollege of Musical Knowledge. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Johnny Carson Show (over 40 appearances); Mike Douglas Show (25 appearances); Steve Allen Show; Jack Paar Show; Merv Griffin Show; David Frost Show; Victor Borge Specials;

ADDRESS: Office—Emerald Leasing, 3350 Barham Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90068. Agent—Tony Fantozzi, William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. 309



LEACHMAN, Cloris, actress

preservation of First Amendment rights and the First Amendment Lectureship Award in memory of Justice William O. Douglas from the Ford Hall Foundation, 1981; George Foster Peabody Award for "establishing (with All in the Family} the right to express social comment in a social comedy, for devising the technique of humor as a bridge to better understanding of national issues, for providing excellent production in every way and for providing the public with the greatest of all healers—humor", 1977; Mark Twain Award, International Platform Association, selected as "Mark Twain's successor as America's most delightful humorist, gentle depictor of the virtues and weaknesses of humanity with humor's paintbrush", 1977; Valentine Davies Award, Writers Guild of America, 1977; Humanitarian Award, National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1976; Man of the Year Award, Hollywood Chapter, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 1973; Broadcaster of the Year Award, International Radio and Television Society, 1973; Showman of the Year Awards, Publicists Guild, 1971 and 1977; Academy Award Nomination, Best Screenplay, Divorce: American Style; 3 Emmy Awards, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, for All in the Family.

PERSONAL: Born June 30, 1930, in Des Moines, IA; married George England, 1953 (divorced 1979); children: 5 children. EDUCATION: Attended Northwestern University. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Kiss Me Deadly, 1955; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1969; W. U.S.A., 1970; The Last Picture Show, 1971; The Steagle, 1971; Dillinger, 1973; Daisy Miller, 1974; Young Frankestein, 1974; Crazy Mama, 1975; High Anxiety, 1977; The North Avenue Irregulars, 1979; Scavenger Hunt, 1979; Herbie Goes Bananas; History of the World, Part I, 1981. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Lassie, 1957; Twilight Zone; Route 66, Laramie; Trials of O'Brien; Mary Tyler Moore Show; Phyllis, 1975-77; (movies) Brand New Life; The Migrants; Death Scream, 1975; A Girl Named Sooner, 1975; The New Original Wonder Woman, 1975; The Love Boat, 1976; (plays) Ladies of the Corridor, 1975. AWARDS: Academy Award, Best Supporting Actress, 1971: The Last Picture Show; Emmy Award (4): Mary Tyler Moore Show.*

SIDELIGHTS: Board of Directors: Constitutional Rights Foundation, Helsinki Watch, Los Angeles Urban League, Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, National Women's Political Caucus, Co-Founder of People for the American Way. In answering if he thought shows like All in the Family have had any effect on bigotry, Mr. Lear says: "If the Judeo-Christian ethic has had no effect on prejudice over the last 2,000 years, I'd be an awful fool to think we could do it in a half-hour of comedy. I do what I do, not because I expect to change the world, but because I love it. The entertainment business is a tough business and it can be incredibly frustrating, but there's nothing in the world I'd rather be doing. If there's anybody anywhere having a better time, you'll have to point him out to me."

LEAR, Norman (ne Norman Milton Lear), television and film producer, writer, director PERSONAL: Born July 22, 1922 in New Haven, CT; son of Herman (a salesman) and Jeanette Lear; married (second marriage) Frances (a consultant for women's employment with Women's Place); children: (first marriage) Ellen; (second marriage) Kate, Maggie. EDUCATION: Attended Emerson College, Boston, MA. MILITARY: U.S. Army Air Force, Technical Sergeant, WW II, 1942^5. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Worked in publicity firm of George and Dorothy Ross; furniture salesman; sidewalk photographer (specializing in baby pictures); free-lance comedy writer.

ADDRESS: c/o of Embassy Communications Company, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Writing (with Ed Simmons), The Ford Star Review, Colgate Comedy Hour; Writing/Directing—The Martha Raye Show, Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, The George Gobel Show; Writing/Producing—All in the Family, 1971, Sanford and Son, 1972, Maude, 1972, GoodTimes, \914,TheJeffersons, 1975, Hot LBaltimore, \915, One Day at a Time, \915,MaryHartman, Mary Hartman, 1976, Forever Fernwood, 1977, All That Glitters, 1977, America 2Night. 1978, Fernwood 2Night, 1978, The Baxters, l98Q,Palmerstown, 1980, a.k.a. Pablo, 1984. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Producer/Writer—Come Blow Your Horn, 1963, Never Too Late, 1965, Divorce: American Style, 1967, The Night They Raided Minsky's, 1968, Start the Revolution without Me, Cold Turkey, 1971.

LEARNED, Michael, actress PERSONAL: Born April 9, 1939, in Washington, DC; married Peter Donat (divorced); married William Parker, December 18, 1979; children: (first marriage) Caleb, Christopher, Lucas. EDUCATION: Attended schools in Austria and England. CAREER: PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Gunsmoke; Police Story; (movies) Hurricane, 1974; It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy, 1974; Widow, 197'6; Little Mo, 1978; Off the Minnesota Strip, 1980; (series) The Waltons, 1972-79; Nurse, 1980-81; (special) Christmas without Snow, 1980.

RELATED CAREER: Co-founder, Tandem Productions, 1959; Co-Founder, T.A.T. Communications Company, now Embassy Communications Company, 1974.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Apocalypse Now, 1977; Touched by Love, 1980.

AWARDS: The Gold Medal, International Radio and Television Society, for 4 'his profound effect on a medium which has itself profoundly affected this nation," 1982; William O. Douglas Award, Public Counsel, for his efforts toward the

PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—The Three Sisters, Fourth Street, NY, A God Slept Here; Cleopatra, Antony and Cleopatra; Under Milkwood; Tartuffe; Rose Tattoo, Adap-



CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 tionlNext, Deedle Dumpling, My Son, God, American Conservatory Theatre (ACT), San Francisco; The Merchant of Venice, ACT, then Old Globe, San Diego; Amanda, Private Lives; Importance of Being Earnest; Miss Margarida s Way; Dear Liar; Queen Elizabeth, Mary Stuart, Ahmanson, Los Angeles; Actors and Actresses, Hartman, Stanford, CT; Natalya, A Month in the Country, Mark Taper, Los Angeles. AWARDS: Emmy Award, 1981: Nurse, 1973, 1974, 1976: The Waltons; Photoplay Award, 1974. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Henderson/Hogan Agency, Inc., 247 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

LEDERER, Francis (ne Franz), actor, dancer, director, producer, writer, teacher PERSONAL: Born November 6, 1899, Prague, Czechoslovakia; son of Josef (a leather merchant) and Rose (a business woman; maiden nane, Ornstein) Lederer; married Ada Nejedly (divorced); Margarita Bolando (divorced); Marion Irvine (Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles, CA), July 10, 1941. EDUCATION: Attended the Gymnasium, Prague; Handelsacademie, Prague; graduate, Academie Fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Prague; studied with Leopold Kramer at the New German Theatre, Prague; studied with Elia Kazan at the Actors Studio in New York City, 1951. RELIGION: Jewish. MILITARY: Served in WWI with the Czechoslovakian artillery, corporal. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Apprentice and salesman; shop window decorator in Prague. FRANCIS LEDERER

CAREER: DEBUT—a walk on in Burning Heart, while apprenticing at the New German Theatre, Prague, 1919-22. NEW YORK DEBUT—Andreas Steiner, Autumn Crocus, Morosco, 1932. LONDON DEBUT—Fleuriot, My Sister and I, Streatham Hill, 1931. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Joined a touring repertory company as an actor, stage manager, property man and prompter, performing throughout Moravia, Silesia and Hungary, 1922; various German theatres in Brno, Olmutz and Marienbad in Czechoslovakia, played Romeo in the Mex Reinhardt production of Romeo and Juliet, Prince Henry, Henry IV, Part I , and Wonder Bar, 1928-30; Mosca, Volpone, Garrick, London, 1932; Andreas Steiner, Autumn Crocus, Lyric, London, 1931; Victor Florescu, The Cat and the Fiddle, Palace, NY, \9S2\Autwnn Crocus, El Capitan, Los Angeles, 1934; Joe Bonaparte, Golden Boy, Curran, San Francisco, 1937; Chico, Seventh Heaven, Civic, Chicago, IL, 1939; succeeded Laurence Oliver as Gaylord Esterbrook, No Time for Comedy, Barrymore, NY, 1939; appeared at the Wilmington Playhouse, DE: General Bonaparte, The Man of Destiny, Kenneth Dovey, The Old Lady Shows Her Medals, Old Master, Playgoers, 1942; Lafont, Parisienne, Fulton, NY, 1950; Captain Bluntschli, Arms and the Man, Edison, NY, 1950; Adrian Van Dyck, Collector's Item, Palace, Manchester, England, 1951; Relative Values and Nina, Berlin, Germany, 1951; Jacques Devallee, Wedding in Paris, Hippodrome, London, 1954; Paul Delville, TheMarriage-Go-Round; The Pleasure of His Company; Three Curtains; Watch on the Rhine.

MAJOR TOURS—Max Christman, The Pursuit of Happiness, \94\-The Play's the Thing, 1942; A Doll's House, 1944; The Silver Whistle, summer theatres, 1950; Prince Regent, The Sleeping Prince, opened Huntington Hartford, 1956; Mr. Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank, 1958. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Refuge, 1929; Pandora s Box, 1929; Wonderful Lies of Nina Petrova, 1930; Man of Two Worlds, 1934; The Pursuit of Happiness, 1934; Romance in Manhattan, 1934; The Gay Deception, 1935; One Rainv Afternoon, 1936; Mv American Wife, 1936; It's All Yours, 1938; Confessions of a Nazi Spy, 1939; The Man I Married, 1940; Voice of the Wind, 1944; The Madonna s Secret, 1946; The Diary of a Chambermaid, 1946; Million Dollar Weekend, 1948; Captain Carey, U.S.A., 195Q;Stolen Identity, 1953; The Ambassador's Daughter, 1956; Lisbon, \956-/Maracaibo, 1958. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES— Turn the Key Deftly, Breck Showcase, CBS, 1959. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Founder, American National Academy of Performing Arts, Los Angeles, CA 1973; founder, International Academy of Performing Arts, Washington, DC, 1975. AWARDS: Honorary Mayor of Canoga Park, many civic awards. 311


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 dery, music, reading, collecting antiques and British Commonwealth Coins.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SAG, Directors Guild, AEA, AFTRA, Recreation and Parks Commissioner, City of Los Angeles, founding member, Hollywood Museum and has served on various committees to beautify Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Miss Lee's favorite charity is the Royal Oak Foundation of California, which is dedicated to the preservation of places of historical interest and beauty throughout the United Kingdom. She is very proud of her Scottish heritage and is a member of the MacFarlane Clan.

ADDRESS: Home—Box 32, Canoga Park, CA 91305.

ADDRESS: Home—1240 N. Doheny Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Agent—Henderson-Hogan, 247 S. Bevery Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

LEE, Anna (nee Joan Boniface Winnifrith), actress PERSONAL: Born January 2, 1913, in Ightham, Kent, England; daughter of Bertram Thomas (rector of Ightham) and Edith Maude (Digby) Winnifrith; married Robert Stevenson (a director), June 1936 (d. 1940); married Robert Nathan (author, poet) April 5, 1970; children: Venetia Stevenson, Caroline Stevenson, John Stafford, Stephen Stafford, Jeffrey Byron. EDUCATION: Granville House, Eastbourne; trained for the stage by Elsie Fogerty and at the Central School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art. POLITICS: Republican. RELIGION: Catholic.

LEE, Jack, musical director and conductor PERSONAL: Born July 30, 1929, in Lakewood, OH; son of David Joseph (a train dispatcher) and Mary Ellen Lee; married Charlotte Fairchilde, February 17, 1962 (divorced 1964). EDUCATION: Baldwin Wallace College, B.A., 1952; B.M., 1952; trained for the stage at Cleveland Playhouse with Dr. Benno Frank. RELIGION: Catholic.

CAREER: DEBUT—Various parts, London Repertory Company, England. MAJOR TOURS—Tessa, The Constant Nymph; also: The Last Hour, Jane Eyre, London Repertory Company, 1933', Miranda, Summer Tour, 1950.

CAREER: DEBUT—Newsboy, The Old Homestead, Cain Park, Cleveland Heights, OH, 1944-45. NEW YORK DEBUT— conductor, Best Foot Forward, Equity Library, 1956. LONDON DEBUT—conductor, My One and Only, Drury Lane, November 7, 1983, 1 performance. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK— conductor, Sweet Charity, Palace, NY, 1966; conductor, Irene, Minskoff, NY, 1973; conductor, Peter Pan, LuntFontaine, NY, 1978. REGIONAL: Conductor, Kansas City Starlite Theatre, Kansas City, MO, 1956-58, Kenley Players, Warren, OH, 1961-65, Dallas Summer Musical Theatre, Dallas, TX, 1974-78; conductor, My One and Only, St. James, NY, 1983. MAJOR TOURS—Conductor, Sweet Charity, Irene, Annie Get Your Gun, George M, Applause, Funny Girl, No Strings, Peter Pan, U.S. cities.

FILM DEBUT—The Camels Are Coming, 1934. PRINCIPAL FILMS—Passing oj'the Third Floor Back, 1935; Young Man s Fancy, 1936; Non-Stop New York, 1937; Kathy, King Solomon's Mines, 1938; The Four Just Men, 1939; Return to Yesterday, 1940; Seven Sinners, 1940; My Life with Caroline, 1941; Bronwen, How Green Was My Valley, 1941; Flying Tigers, 1942; Commandoes Strike at Dawn, 1942; Flesh and Fantasy, 1943 '.Hangmen Also Die, 1943; Summer Storm, 1944; Bedlam, 1946; The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, 1947; High Conquest, 1947; G.I. War Brides, 1948; Fort Apache, 1948; Prison Warden, 1949; Gideon of Scotland Yard (Gideon's Day), 1958; The Last Hurrah, 1958; The Crimson Kimono, 1959; This Earth Is Mine, 1959; The Horse Soldiers, 1959; Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, 1962; The Prize, 1963; The Sound of Music, 1965; Seven Women, 1965; In Like Flint, 1967.

FILM WORK—Vocal coach, Sweet Charity, 1968. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Conductor, Ed Sullivan Show, Mike Wallace, Calamity Jane, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin, Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, Antoinette Perry Awards Show. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Kappa Gamma.

TELEVISION DEBUT—Dora Foster, A Date with Judy (Saturday daytime version) June 2, 1951-July, 1952. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Panelist, It's News to Me, 1951-54; Maverick, Dr. Kildare, The Loretta Young Show, The F.B.I., Mr. Novak, Mission Impossible, Perry Mason, Mannix, Family Affair, Baretta, Gunsmoke, Knight Rider, Eleanor and Franklin; The Beasts are Loose, Scruples, Lila Quartermaine, General Hospital, 1978-present.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o Gigi Hilge, 25 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023. Agent—c/o Bret Adams, 448 W. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.

WRITINGS: Television script, produced—episode for The Loretta Young Show, 1955. LEE, Lance, writer AWARDS: Two "Soapy" Awards, 1982, 1983: General Hospital; Daw son Milward Award, Central School, Royal Albert Hall, London; awarded M.B.E. by Queen Elizabeth, July, 1983.

PERSONAL: Born August 25, 1942 in New York, NY; son of David (a television producer) and Lucile (Wilds) Levy; married Jeanne Barbara Hotchings (a medical technologist) on August 30, 1962; children: Heather, Alyssa. EDUCATION: Boston University, 1960-62; Brandeis University, B.A., 1964; Yale University School of Drama, M.F.A., 1967.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Royal Oak Foundation of California, Inc. (chairman). ACTIVITIES—Gardening, embroi312

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED— Time's Up, Goodman, Chicago, IL, New Playwrights Project, 1976, Theatre Upstairs, Los Angeles, 1977, Mercury Theatre Cafe, Denver, CO, 198 \\Gambits, O'Neill Playwrights Conference, 1975, ANT A-West Playwrights Unit (reading), 1975, Victory Gardens, Chicago, IL, 1979; Fox, Hound & Huntress, Odyssey, Los Angeles, 197'1; Rasputin, Yale School of Drama, 1967, O'Neill Playwrights Conference, 1969, Impossible Ragtime Theatre, NY (reading), 1977. PLAYS PUBLISHED—Time's Up, Fox, Hound & Huntress. PLAYS, UNPRODUCED— Life Scenes, Hearts. NOVEL UNPUBLISHED—Falling for Eden. POETRY published in Glass Onion, The Journal, England: Voices International, POEM, Lake Superior Review, Midwest Poetry Review, Cottonwood Review, San Fernando Poetry Journal, Poetry Project One, Whiskey Island Quarterly. SHORT STORIES published in Riverside Quarterly, Literary Quarterly. ARTICLES published in Coast Magazine, Chicago Review, Los Angeles Times. SCREENPLAYS—Two of a Kind.


ANCES—Miranda, Bravo Giovanni, NY, 1962; Rosemary, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, 46th Street, 1963; Gittle Mosca, Seesaw, Uris, NY, 1973, St. Louis, MO, 1974; The Big Knife, Chicago, 1976; Nellie, South Pacific, Atlanta, GA, 1977; Lola, Damn Yankees, Kansas, St. Louis, MO, 1978. DIRECTED— Oliver, San Jose Civic Light Opera, 1978. FILM DEBUT—Rosemary Pilkington, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, 1967. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Carole Bennett, The Love Bug, 1969; The Comic, 1969; Nutcracker Fantasy, 1979. TELEVISION DEBUT— The Danny Kaye Show, 1963. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Romp, 1968; The World of Pizzazz, 1969; John Dos Passos, U.S.A., 1970; The First Nine Months Are the Hardest, 1970; Of Thee I Sing, 1972; Laugh-In, 1972; Make Mine Red, White, and Blue, 1972; Norman Rockwell Special, 1973; The Glen Campbell Special, 1974; The Antoinette Perry Award Show, 1974; The Michele Lee Show (pilot), 1974; The Perry Como Special, 1974; Only with Married Men, 1974; The Don Rickles Special, 1975; Lights, Camera, Monty Special, 1975; Dark Victory, 1976; Host, Antoinette Perry Award Show, 1976; Holly wood Diamond Jubilee, 1977; Bud and Lou, \918;The Love Boat, 1978-80; Karen Fairgate Mackenzie, Knot's Landing, 1979-; NBC Mothers Day Special, \9%\\ Bonnie and the Franklins, 1982; Night of 100 Stars, 1982; Kraft Salutes Walt Disney World's IOth Anniversary Special, 1982; Perry Como Christmas Special, 1983; David Copperfield Special, 1983; Parade of the Stars, 1983; Antoinette Perry Award Show, 1983.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Lecturer, Speech, Bridgeport University, CT, 1967-68; instructor, Creative Writing, Southern Connecticut State College, New Haven, CT, 1968; assistant professor, Play writing, University of Southern California, senior lecturer in Playwriting, 1968-71; lecturer, Play writing, UCLA, 1971-73; lecturer, Screenwriting, California State University at Northridge, 1981. AWARDS: F. T. Wells Scholarship to Squaw Valley Community of Writers, 1982-83; National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, 1976; Theatre Development Fund Fellowship, 1976; Fellowship, Rockefeller Foundation, Office for Advanced Drama Research, 1971; Arts of Theatre Foundation Fellowship, 1967; Theron Bamberger Award in Playwriting, Brandeis University, 1964.

AWARDS: Emmy Award Nomination, Lead Actress in a Dramatic Series, 1981-82: Knot's Landing; Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, 1974: Seesaw; Drama Desk Award, Outer Circle Critics Award, 1973: Seesaw; Motion Picture Herald Fame Award, 1967; Motion Picture Exhibitors Top Star of Tomorrow Award, 1967.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild; Authors League; member, Citizens Advisory Committee for Topanga State Park; chairman, ad hoc coalition for the establishment of State Parks in Topanga and Pacific Palisades and Malibu; founding chairman and general consultant to the Steering Committee, Pacific Palisades Comminity Council Center Committee; member, Delegate Assembly, Community Relations Conference of Southern California; environmental delegate, Pacific Palisades Community Council; founding president, Temescal Canyon Association and Board Chairman.

SIDELIGHTS: RECREATIONS—Painting, sculpture, piano, writing, riding, swimming. ADDRESS: Office—8447 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Agent—William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

ADDRESS: Agent—Alleen Hussung, c/o Samuel French, Inc. 25 W. 45th Street, New York, NY 10036. LeFEVRE, Adam, actor, writer PERSONAL: Surname sounds like "fever;" born August 11, 1950 in Albany, NY; son of Ira Deyo (a physician) and Helen Tate (an administrator; maiden name, Rhodes) LeFevre; married Cora Ann Bennett (a business administrator) on November 3, 1979; children: Tate Augusta. EDUCATION: Williams College, B. A., 1972; University of Iowa, M.F. A., 1976; studied at the National Theatre Institute. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Instructor in English, Northeastern University, 1979-80; instructor in English, Bernard Baruch College, City University of New York, 1981.

LEE, Michele (nee Michele Lee Dusick), actress PERSONAL: Born June 24, 1942 in Los Angeles, CA; daughter of Jack (a make-up artist) and Sylvia Helen (Silverstein) Dusick; married James Farentino (an actor) on February 20, 1966 (divorced 1983); children: David Michael. EDUCATION: Studied acting with Jeff Corey. CAREER: DEBUT—Vintage '60, Review, Ivar Theatre, Hollywood, CA, 1960. NEW YORK DEBUT— Vintage '60, Brooks Atkinson for eight days, 1960. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEAR-

CAREER: DEBUT—Tilden, Buried Child, Victory, Dayton, OH. NEW YORK DEBUT—Sam, Turnbuckle, Manhattan Punch313



line Theatre. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Balthazar, Romeo and Juliet, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1981; Willie Wayne, The Wake of Jamey Foster, Hartford Stage Company, CT, 1982; Bingo, Goose & Tom Tom, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1982.

LE GALLIENNE, Eva, actress, director, manager, producer, writer PERSONAL: Born January 11, 1899, in London, England; daughter of Richard (a poet and editor) and Julie (a journalist; maiden name, Norregaard) Le Gallienne. EDUCATION: Privately educated in Paris, College de Sevigny. RELIGION: Protestant.

FILM DEBUT—J.T., Return of the Secaucus 7, 1978. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Haskell, Reckless, 1983. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED— Yucca Flats, Manhattan Theatre Club, NY, 1973; The Crashing of Moses FlyingBy, Theatre Three, Dallas, TX, 1983. POETRY, PUBLISHED— Everything All at Once, 1978.

CAREER: DEBUT—Small role, Monna Vanna, Queen's, London, 1914. NEW YORK DEBUT—Maid, Mrs. Boltays Daughter, Comedy, 1915. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— The Laughter of Fools, Prince of Wales, London, 1915; Peter Ibbetson, His Majesty's, London, 1915; Bunny, Hudson, NY, 1916; The Melody of Youth, Fulton, NY, 1916;Mr. Lazarus, Shubert, NY, 1916; Saturday to Monday, Bijou, NY, 1917; Lord and Lady Algy, Broadhurst, NY, 1917; The Off-Chance, Empire, NY, 1918; Belinda, Empire, NY, 1918; Lusmore, Henry Miller's, NY, 1919; Elsie Janis and Her Gang, George M. Cohan, NY, 1919; Not So Long Ago, Booth, NY, 1920; Julie, Liliom, Garrick, NY \92\\Sandro Botticelli, Provincetown, NY, 1923; The Rivals, 48th Street, NY, 1923; Princess Alexandra, The Swan, Cort, NY, 1923; The Child, Hannele (matinees only), Cort, NY, 1924; La Vierge Folle, Gaiety, NY, 1924; The Call of Life, Comedy, NY, 1925; Hilda, The Master Builder, Maxine Elliott's NY, 1925; Ella, John GabrielBorkman, Booth, NY, 1926.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild. ADDRESS: Home—Two Hummel Road, New Paltz, NY 12561. Agent—Don Buchwald & Associates, Ten E. 44th Street, New York, NY 10017.

LeFRAK, Francine, producer PERSONAL: Born October 18, 1950; daughter of Samuel I. (a real estate developer) and Ethel (Stone) LeFrak. EDUCATION: Finch College, B.A., 1970. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Vice president, Sotheby Parke Bernet Auction Galleries, 1970-74; guest lecturer, New School for Social Research, 1970-74; art appraiser/advisor, 1974-77; guest instructor, Hunter College: "The Art of the Creative Process," 1978.

In 1926 Miss Le Gallienne founded the Civic Repertory Theatre; there she staged and directed productions as well as acting in them. They include Imperia, Saturday Night, Masha, The Three Sisters, Hilda, The Master Builder, Ella, John Gabriel Borkman, Mirandolina, LaLocandiera, Viola, Twelfth Night, Sister Joanna, The Cradle Song, Aunt Isabel, Inheritors, Jo, The Good Hope, Peri, The First Stone, Princell Orloff, Improvisations in June, Hedda, Hedda Gabler, Marie Louise, LInvitation au Voyage, Varya, The Cherry Orchard, Peter, Peter Pan, Masha, The Sea Gull, Anna Karenina, The Living Corpse, Juanita, The Woman Have Their Way, Lady Torminster, The Open Door, Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, Genevieve, Siegfried, Elsa, Alison's House, Marguerite, Camille, Julie, Liliom, Cassandra Austen, Dear Jane, White Queen, Alice in Wonderland,

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, Producer/co-producer— They're Playing Our Song, London, 1980; March of the Falsettos, NY, 1981; Crimes of the Heart, NY, 1981; Nine, NY, 1982; My One and Only, NY, 1983. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK, Production associate—The Eyes of Laura Mars, 1977. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK, Producer—This Year in Jerusalem: "Americans Living in Israel," Eyewitness News; If There's a Cure for This?, Midday Live; co-ordinator, segments— Bob Hopes 80th Birthday, 1983; Royal Variety Show, London, 1983; consultant, projects—WNET Channel 13.

Directed and starred in L'Aiglon, Hedda Gabler, The Cradle Song, Broadhurst, NY, 1934; Rebecca West, Rosmersholm, Shubert, NY, 1935; Donna Laura, A Sunny Morning, Broadway Theatre, NY, 1935; Angelica, Love for Love, Westport Country Playhouse, Westport, CT, 1936; Mathilda Wesendonk, Guild, NY, 1935; Mirandolina, The Mistress of the Inn, Mt. Kiscoe, NY, 1937; Hamlet, Hamlet, Cape Playhouse, Dennis, MA, 1937; Marie Antoinette, Madame Capet, Cort, NY, 1938; Juliet, Frank Fay's Music Hall, 44th Street Theatre, NY, 1939; directed and played Mrs. Malaprop, The Rivals, Guild, NY, 1942; Lettie, Uncle Harry, Broadhurst, NY, 1942; directed and played Andreyevna, The Cherry Orchard, National, NY, 1944; Therese, Therese Raquin, Biltmore, NY, 1945.

AWARDS: Outer Critics Circle Award, 1982: March of the Falsettos; Outer Critics Circle Award, Best New Broadway Musical, 1982: Nine; Drama Desk Award, Best Musical, 1982: Nine; Antoinette Perry Award, Best Musical, 1982: Nine. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—League of New York Theatres and Producers; board of advisors, Healthy America, National Coalition on Health in America; Art Appraisers Association of America; president, The Whole Picture Company Ltd.; president, LeFrak Productions, Inc. Ms. Lefrak was instrumental in bringing a number of productions to the Broadway stage, including Airit Misbehavin and Children of a Lesser God. She teaches a private aerobics class and is currently developing new projects.

In 1946, with Margaret Webster and Cheryl Crawford, Miss Le Gallienne founded the American Repertory Theatre; at the International Theatre she appeared in the following: Katherine, Henry VIII, Comtesse de La Biere, What Every Woman Knows, directed and played Ella, John Gabriel Borkman, directed and played White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

ADDRESS: Office—LeFrak Productions Inc., 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. 314

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Other roles—Mrs. Alving, Ghosts, Cort, NY, 1948; Signora Amaranta, Fortunate, Woodstock, NY, 1950; Lady Starcross, TheStarcrossStory, Royale, NY, 1954; MarciaElder, The Southwest Corner, Holiday, NY, 1955; solo reading, An Afternoon with Oscar Wilde, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1957; Queen Elizabeth, Mary Stuart, Phoenix, NY, 1957.


for Speech: American Academy of Arts & Letters, 1934; Women's National Press Club: Outstanding Woman of the Year, 1947; Norwegian Grand Cross of the Royal Order of St. Olaf, 1961; ANTA Award, Special Antoinette Perry Award, 1964; Brandeis University Award, 1966; Handel Medallion from New York City, Drama League Award, Episcopal Actors' League Award, 1976; Special ANTA Award, Theatre World Award, 1977; Emmy, The Royal Family, Woman of Achievement Award: National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1978; Achievement in Arts Awards, Connecticut Commission on the Arts, 1980.

With the National Repertory Theatre, Miss Le Gallienne appeared as: Queen Elizabeth, Mary Stuart, 1959-60, Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth the Queen, 1959-60; Madame Arkadina, The Sea Gull, 1963-64, Mme. Desmermortes, Ring Around the Moon, 1963-64. Other roles—Queen Marguerite, Exit the King, APA, Lyceum, NY, 1968; Countess, All's Well That Ends Well, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, 1970; Mrs. Woodfin, The Dream Watcher, White Barn, Westport, CT, 1975, Seattle Repertory, 1977; Fanny Cavendish, The Royal Family, Helen Hayes, NY, 1975-76; Grandmother, To Grandmother s House We Go, Alley Theatre, Houston, TX, 1980, Biltmore, NY, 1980-81; White Queen, Alice in Wonderland, Virginia, NY, 1982-83.

HONORARY DEGREES—M.A., Tufts, 1927; D.H.L., Smith, Litt. D, Russell Sage College, 1930; Litt. D., Brown, 1933; Litt.D.,Mt.Holyoke, 1937 ;D.H.L., Ohio Wesley an, 1953; Litt. D., Goucher College, 1961; D.H.L., University of North Carolina, 1964; D.H.L., Bard, 1965; D.H.L., Fairfield University, 1966. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA, Dramatists Guild, SSD&C. RECREATION—Gardening.

MAJOR TOURS—Rio Grande, 1916-17; Alice in Wonderland, The Master Builder, Romeo and Juliet, HeddaGabler, 1933; Amanda, Private Lives, summer theatres, 1939; Miss Moffatt, The Corn Is Green, national, 1949-50; Lavinia, Listen to the Mockingbird, national, 1958; Fanny Cavendish, The Royal Family, national, 1977.

Miss LeGallienne became a star in 1921 when she played the lead in the first American production of Ferenc Molnar's Liliom. She was a prime mover in establishing repertory theatre in the United States. She speaks fluent French, Danish, and Russian; she loves birds and animals of all kinds.

DIRECTED—(in addition to those already noted above), Ah, Wilderness, Guild, NY, 1941; Liliom, Hedda Gabler, National Repertory Theatre tour, 1964-65; and translated, The Cherry Orchard, A.P.A., Lyceum, 1968; A Doll's House, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle, WA 1975.

ADDRESS: Home—Weston, CT 06883. Agent—Mitch Douglas, I.C.M., 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

PRODUCED—(in addition to those already noted above) coproduced with Lucille Lortel at the White Barn Theatre, Westport, CT: Come Slowly, Eden, Seven Ages of Bernard Shaw, Israeli Mime Theatre, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, 1966.

LEIDER, Jerry, producer PERSONAL: Born May 28, 1931, in Camden, NJ; son of Myer and Minnie L. Leider; married Susan Trustman; children: Matthew, Kenneth. EDUCATION: Syracuse University, B.A., 1953; University of Bristol (England) M. A., 1954.

FILM DEBUT—Prince of Players, 1955. PRINCIPAL FILMS— Grandmother, Resurrection, 1979. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Fanny Cavendish, The Royal Family, 1978.

CAREER: THEATER DEBUT—Producer, Ages of Man, NY and London, 1956-59. TELEVISION DEBUT—Executive producer, And I Alone Survived, 1978. FILM DEBUT—Producer, The Jazz Singer, 1980. PRODUCED: Plays—The Visit, NY; Shinbone Alley, NY. TELEVISION FILMS—Willa; Hostage Tower; Skeezer; Jane Doe; The Scarlet and the Black; The Haunting Passion; Sunset Limousine. FILMS—Sophie's Choice, 1982; Dark Crystal, 1982; The Last Unicorn, 1982; The Evil That Men Do, 1983; Trenchcoat, 1983; Where the Boys Are, 1984. RELATED CAREERS: Director of special programs, CBS Television, 1960-61; director of program sales, CBS Television, 1961-62; vice-president of television operations, Ashley Famous Agency, Inc., 1962-69; president, Warner Brothers Television, 1969-74; vice-president of foreign production, Warner Brothers Films, 1975-76; president, GJL Productions, 1977-82; president, ITC Productions, 1982-present.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED—A lice in Wonderland (with Florida Friebus), Samuel French, 1932; The Strong Are Lonely, Samuel French, 1953; Six Plays of Henrik Ibsen; translations and critical preface, Modern Library, 1957; The Wild Duck and Other Plays; translations and critical preface, Modern Library, 1961; Preface to Hedda Gabler, Faber, 1953; The Master Builder, with a prefatory study, Faber, 1955. BOOKS, PUBLISHED—At 33, a memoir, Longman's, 1934; Flossie andBossie Harper, 1949, Faber, 1950; With a Quiet Heart, a memoir, Viking, 1957; Seven Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, translations, Harper, 1959; The Nightingale, translation, Harper, 1959; The Nightingale, translation, Harper, 1965, Collins, 1966; The Mystic in the Theatre, a study of Eleonora Duse, Farrar Straus & Giroux, 1966; The Little Mermaid, translation, Harper, 1971; The Spider & Other Stories, translations, Harper, 1980. Also numerous articles and book reviews including "Ibsen, the Shy Giant," Saturday Review, August 14, 1971; "Sarah Bernhardt," Forum, Winter, 1974.

AWARDS: Arents Alumni Medal, Syracuse University, 1979. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—American Film Institute, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Hollywood Radio

AWARDS: Pictorial Review Award, 1926; Town Hall Club Award, Society of Arts & Sciences Gold Medal, Gold Medal 315


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 ADDRESS: Office—200 Central Park S., Room 8B, New York, NY 10019.

LEMAY, Harding, playwright, scriptwriter PERSONAL: Born March 16, 1922, in North Bangor, NY; son of Henry James (a farmer) and Eva Mary (a schoolteacher; maiden name, Gorrow) Lemay; married Priscilla Amidon, October 1947 (marriage ended 1953); married Dorothy Shaw (a librarian), September 19, 1953; children: Stephen, Susan. EDUCATION: Chateaugay High School, Chateaugay, NY, 1935-39; trained for the stage with Sanford Meisner, Martha Graham, Herbert Berghof and at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. POLITICS: Liberal. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1943^6 (Corporal). NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: New York Public Library, special assignments, 1952-56; television liaison, American Book Publishers Council, 1956-58; publicity manager, Alfred A. Knopf, 1958-61; assistant to chairman and to president, 1961-63; vice-president, 1963-67; lecturer, Hunter College, C.U.N.Y, 1968-72; lecturer, New School for Social Research, 198384.

and Television Society (board of directors, president 197576), Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Look at Any Man, 1963; The Little Birds Fly, 1965; From a Dark Land, 1967; Return Upriver, 1968; The Death of Eagles, 1970; The Joslyn Circle, 1971 (all originally produced at the New Dramatists, NY); The Off Season, 1973; Escape Route, 1981. TELEVISION SCRIPTS—They (with Marya Mannes), NBC, 1970; Whose Life?, NBC, 1970; head writer, Another World, NBC, 1971-79. BOOKS—Inside, Looking Out, 1971; introduction, Introduction to an Assassin's Diary, 1973; Eight Years in Another World, 1981.

ADDRESS: Office—ITC Productions, Inc., 12711 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604. Agent—c/o Tony Fantozzi, William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

AWARDS: Emmy, Best Writing, Daytime Serial, 1975: Another World, 1980: The Guilding Light; National Book Award Nomination in Biography, 1972: Inside, Looking Out.


SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild; New Dramatists; PEN; Writers Guild of America East; Author's League; Players. RECREATION—Reading, tennis, music. 44

LEIGH, Mitch, composer, producer

You write for what's in your head, to get it out of your head."

PERSONAL: Born January 30, 1928. EDUCATION: High School of Music and Art; Yale University, B.A./M.A.

ADDRESS: c/o The Players, 16 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY 10003.

CAREER: COMPOSER, SCORES—Man of La Mancha, 1964; Cry for Us All, 1969; Sarava, 1978; Once in Paris, 1978. COMPOSER, INCIDENTAL MUSIC—Too True to Be Good; Never Live over a Pretzel Factory. PRODUCER/DIRECTOR—The King and I, 1980 (Yul Brynner Package), still touring.

LENTHALL, Franklyn (ne S. Franklyn Leinthall), actor, director, producer, curator

AWARDS: Antoinette Perry; Drama Critics Circle; Variety Poll; Yale School of Music Certificate of Merit; Spanish Pavillion Award; song, "The Impossible Dream" awarded the Contemporary Classic Award by the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

PERSONAL: Born July 14, 1919 in Nanticoke, PA; son of Samuel Franklyn (an electrician) and Lena (a welfare worker; maiden name, Fraunfelter) Leinthall. EDUCATION: Graduate, Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, PA, 1938; studied at Cornell University, 1942^4; graduate, American Academy of Dra316



curator of and consultant to the Theatre and Music Collection at the Museum of the City of New York for one year.

matic Arts, NY, 1946; studied theatre in New York City with Frances Robinson Duff, two years, Katherine Tyndal Dryer, one year, Fanny Bradshaw, one year and Dr. Stein at Hunter College for one year. POLITICS: Republican. RELIGION: Methodist, licensed lay preacher in the United Methodist Church. MILITARY: U.S. Army, Technical Sergeant, 194245.

"The preservation of American Theatre memorabilia, in comparison with other countries, is a new venture. It should be on our list of priorities!'' ADDRESS: c/o Boothbay Theatre Museum, Corey Lane, Boothbay, ME 04537.

CAREER: DEBUT—Vane, Easy Virtue, Harvey's Lake Theatre, Alderson, PA, 1937. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Owen Turner, Light up the Sky, Weston Playhouse, VT, 1950; Dr. Paul Stronberg, Flow to the Meadow, and Sheriff Weeks, Sun-Up, Gateway Summer Theatre, Gatlinburg, TN, 1951; Elyot Chase, Private Lives, Boothbay Playhouse, ME, 1970.

LEONARD, Lu, actress PERSONAL: Born June 5, 1932, in Long Beach, CA; daughter of Hal F. (an actor) and Amy F. (an actress; maiden name, Goodrich) Price. EDUCATION: Attended Los Angeles City College; trained for the stage with Mary Tarcai in New York. RELIGION: Protestant.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Carnegie Hall, 1947; Kiss of Death, 1947; Portrait of Jenny, 1948; Naked City, 1948; The West Point Story, 1950; The Marrying Kind, 1952. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Producer/Director—(three oneacts) Finders Keepers, The Happy Journey, A Pair of Lunatics, Pilgrim, NY, 1951; Personal Appearance, Gray Gables, Kitchman, NY, 1953; founded and produced for Lenthall Players in NY: Trespass, Daphne Laureola, The Mousetrap, The Holly and the Ivy, Castle in the Air, Down Came a Blackbird, Papa Is All, Don't Listen Ladies, High Ground, Black Chiffon, The Sign of Jonah, Hay Fever, Sun-Up, Monique, St. Paul and St. Andrew Methodist Church, NY, 1956-58; in 1957, he purchased the Boothbay Playhouse in Boothbay, ME and produced and directed plays, 1957-74, including: The Reluctant Debutante, 1957; Holiday for Lovers, \95%\ Dear Delinquent, 1959; Fashion, I960', Sound of Murder, 1961; The Man in the Dog Suit, 1962; Come Blow Your Horn, 1963; Under the Yum Yum Tree, 1964; Light up the Sky, 1965; Ready When You Are C.B., 1966; Barefoot in the Park, 1967; Black Comedy, 1968; Blithe Spirit, 1969; Another Language, 1970; Plaza Suite, 1971; The Royal Family, 1972; Norman Is That You?, 1973; End of Summer, 1974. Maine State Touring Theatre, with Hedda Gabler and Don't Listen Ladies, toured 7,000 miles through state of Maine.

CAREER: DEBUT—Rachel, Plain and Fancy, National Tour, U.S. cities, 1955. NEW YORK DEBUT—Mae, The Pajama Game, St. James, 1951. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— (Broadway) The Happiest Girl in the World; The Gay Life; Bravo Giovanni; Drat the Cat; (Off-Broadway) Mrs. Peachum, Threepenny Opera; (Regional and Stock) Luce, Boys from Syracuse, Goodman Theatre, Chicago; Miss Tweed, Something s Afoot, A.C.T., San Francisco; Home, Company of Angels Theater, Los Angeles, CA; Matron, Women Behind Bars, Roxy, Los Angeles, CA; Thumbelina, Faerie Tale Theater, Los Angeles, CA. FILM DEBUT—Ma and Pa Kettle, 1950's. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Silent Movie; Pete's Dragon; Leo and Loree; Mrs. Pugh, Annie; Johnny Dangerously. TELEVISION DEBUT—/toy Milland Show. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES— Studio One; Omnibus; The Red Skelton Show; Police Woman; Laverne and Shirley; Mork andMindy. AWARDS: Dramalogue Award, 1980: Home; Sarah Siddons Award nomination: Boys from Syracuse.

WRITINGS: Contributor to book Autographs and Manuscripts; Collector's Manual, section on American Theatre, 1978; contributor to Maine: A Guide Downeast, 1970. ARTICLES IN The Boothbay Theatre Museum, Down East Magazine, Hobbies Magazine, Spinning Wheel Magazine, The Maine Teacher Magazine, Playbill Magazine.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Company of Angels. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Honey Sanders, 229 W. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Teacher/faculty member, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, five years; teacher/faculty member, American Theatre Wing, two years; faculty member, Katherine Long School at the Metropolitan Opera, NY; theatre consultant to Governor of Maine, six months; founder, Boothbay Theatre Museum.

LESLIE, Don, actor, producer, teacher PERSONAL: Born November 23, 1948; son of John (a seaman) and Sylvia (Duker) Leslie. EDUCATION: University of California at Berkeley, B.A.; University of Oregon, M.F.A.

AWARDS: Wyoming (PA) Seminary Distinguished Service Award in recognition of unselfish and dedicated service in his chosen career, 1979.

CAREER: DEBUT—Governor, Convention, Drama Ensemble, NY, 1976. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Mr. Stokes, Rose, Cort, NY, 1980; Oxenby, The Dresser, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1980-81.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Maine State Commission on the Arts and Humanities, six months; advisory board of the Drama League of New York; executive board of the Theatre Library Association, three years; Mr. Lenthall was acting



CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 estate) and Jane Lewine; married (first marriage) Mary Haas; (second marriage) Elizabeth Rivers, November 27, 1971; children: Peter, Cornelia. EDUCATION: Attended Franklin School in New York; studied Music at Columbia University. MILITARY: U.S. Army, Signal Corps, Captain.


THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Teaches acting in own studio in New York City. Producing on off-Broadway Losing It scheduled for 1984 production.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, COMPOSER—Make Mine Manhattan, NY, 1947^8; The Girls Against the Boys, NY, 1959; Naughty-Naughty; The Fireman's Flame; The Girl from Wyoming, 1936-38; songs for reviews—The Ziegfeld Follies; Fools Rush In; Tis of Thee and others.

ADDRESS: Home—609 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024.

FILM SCORE—The Days of Wilfred Owen. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK, PRODUCER— Wonderful Town; The Fabulous Fifties; New York Philharmonic Young People's Concerts (three seasons); Hootenanny (two seasons); Blithe Spirit; Aladdin; Noel Coward-Mary Martin Special; Cinderella; My Name Is Barbra.

LESTER, Mark L. film director, producer, writer PERSONAL: Born November 26, 1946, in Cleveland, OH. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Writer/producer, Tricias Wedding, 1972; producer, Twilight of the Mayas, 1972; writer/producer/director, Steelarena, 1973, writer/producer/ director, Truck Stop Women, 1974; producer/director, The Way He Was, 1975; producer/director, Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw, 1976; director, Stunts, 1977; producer/director, Roller Boogie, 1979; executive producer, The Funhouse, 1981; director/writer/executive producer, The Class of 1984, 1982; director/writer; Firestarter, 1984. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Director, Gold of the Amazon Women, 1978.

WRITINGS: BOOKS—Encyclopedia of Theater Music, with Alfred Simon; Songs of the American Theatre, with Alfred Simon. AWARDS: Emmy Award and Screen Producer's Award, Best Produced Program, 1965: My Name Is Barbra. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Council member, Dramatists Guild; AGAC; ASCAP; secretary, Dramatists Guild Fund; Author's League; Coffee House Club, NY.

ADDRESS: Agent- c/o ICM, 8899 Beverly, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

ADDRESS: Home—352 E. 69th Street, New York, NY 10021.

Le VIEN, Jack, director, producer LEWIS, Marcia, actress

PERSONAL: Surname has accent on second word "Vienne;" born July 18, 1918; son of Christopher Luke (a journalist) Le Vien; married Countess of Shaftesbury in 1956 (divorced 1960). MILITARY: U.S. Army, Colonel, World War II.

PERSONAL: Born August 8, 1938 in Boston, MA; daughter of Edwin Parker (an engineer) and Bernice Phyllis (Lamb) Lewis; married Richard Alan Woody (a theatrical agent) November 19, 1966. EDUCATION: Jewish Hospital School of Nursing, R.N., 1959; attended University of Cincinnati; trained for the stage with Kenneth MacMillan at Herbert Berghof Studios.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK, DIRECTED—Black Fox; The Finest Hours; A King s Story. WRITINGS: BOOKS — The Valiant Years; The Finest Hours.

CAREER: DEBUT—General Cartwright, Guys and Dolls, University of Cincinnati Theatre, Cincinnati, 1961. NEW YORK DEBUT—Ernestina Money, Hello Dolly, St. James, New York, 1969, 416 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Miss Hannigan, Annie, Alvin, New York, 1981-82; The Time of Your Life, Lincoln Center Repertory Company, New York. STOCK—Miss Hannigan, Annie; Mrs. Schinn, Music Man; Dolly Tate, Annie Get Your Gun; Aunt Eller, Oklahoma; Ernestina Money, Hello Dolly; Ellie, Showboat; Rose, Gypsy.

AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination, Best Feature-Length Documentary, 1965: A King's Story; Academy Award Nomination, Best Feature-Length Documentary, 1964: The Finest Hours; Academy Award, Best Feature-Length Documentary , 1963: Black Fox. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—British Academy of Film and Television Arts; Overseas Press Club. ADDRESS: Home—15 Chesterfield Hill, London W l , England.

LEWINE, Richard, composer, producer, writer

FILM DEBUT—Margie, Night Warning, 1981. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— "Froglady," Ice Pirates, 1983. TELEVISION DEBUT—Bob Newhart Show, 1974. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—All My Children; Legs; The Good Time Girls; Who's Watching the Kids; The Bionic Woman; Happy Days; Mr. Moon s Magic Circus; The Good Book.

PERSONAL: Born July 28, 1910; son of Irving (in real

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Women in Film Society. 318


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 ADDRESS: Home—2048 Lewis Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Agent—c/o The Gage Group, 1650 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 and 9229 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.

LIM, Paul Stephen, writer, director, and critic PERSONAL: Born January 5, 1944, in Manila; son of Ignacio (a businessman) and Patricia (Na) Lim. EDUCATION: University of Kansas, B.A., 1970, M.A., 1974. RELIGION: Roman Catholic. CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—playwright, Conpersonas, William Inge Memorial Theater, Lawrence, KS, 1975. NEW YORK DEBUT—playwright, Woeman, Marquee, New York, 1982, 21 performances. BRITISH DEBUT—playwright/director/ actor, Homerica, Attenborough Theater, Leicester, England, 1983, 2 performances. PRINCIPAL ENGAGEMENTS—playwright, Conpersonas, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, 1976; playwright, Points of Departure, East West Players Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 1980. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Conpersonas: A Recreation in Two Acts, 1977. PLAYS, UNPUBLISHED—Homerica: A Trilogy On Sexual Liberation, 1977; Points of Departure, 1977; Woeman, 1978; Chambers, 1979; Flesh, Flash and Frank Harris, 1980; Hatchet Club, 1983. BOOKS—Some Arrivals, but Mostly Departures (collection of stories), 1982. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Lecturer on Theater, University of Kansas, presently.


4, 1954 (divorced 1972); children: (first marriage) Lena; (second marriage) Kristoffer; (third marriage) John. EDUCATION: High school; Royal Dramatic Theatre School, 193740, Stockholm.

AWARDS: Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature (Philippines), 1978: Hatchet Club; 1977: "Victor and Other Issues"; 1977: Points of Departure; 1976: "Taking Flight"; 1975: Password; Kenneth Rockwell Award, General Excellence, University of Kansas, 1976; Shubert Fellowship in Play writing, 1976; American College Theater Festival Award, Best Original Script, 1976: Conpersonas; James B. Kennedy Award, General Excellence, University of Kansas, 1973.

CAREER: DEBUT—Ann Sophie Hedvig, Lyceum School for Girls, Stockholm, 1937. NEW YORK DEBUT—Inez Cabral, I've Got Sixpence, Ethel Barrymore, 1952. LONDON DEBUT—Sophia, The White Countess, Saville, 1954. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—French without Tears, Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, 1940; the Bride, Blood Wedding, Royal Dramatic Theatre, 1943; Olivia, Twelfth Night, Royal Dramatic, 1945; Anna, Anastasia, Lyceum, NY, 1954; Cordelia, King Lear, City Center, NY, 1956; title role, Miss Julie, Missy, The Stronger, Phoenix, NY, 1956; Anna, The Rose Tatoo, stock, 1956; Livia, The Golden Six, Playhouse, NY, 1958; Frieda, / Rise in Flames, Cried the Phoenix, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1959; Sultana of Ilyuwatyat, Brouhaha, East Broadway Playhouse, NY, 1960; Brecht on Brecht, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1962; Vera Simpson, Pal Joey, City Center, NY, 1963; Brecht on Brecht, Stockholm, Sweden, 1963; various roles, Postmark Zero, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1965; Brecht on Brecht, Gateway, St. Louis, MO, 1966; Portia, The Merchant of Venice, Theatre Festival, Berkshire, MA, 1966; Angela, The Demonstration, The Dog, Man and Dog, double bill called The Nigger-Lovers, Orpheum, NY, 1967; Cuba, Cuba Si, Teresa Carrar, The Guns ofCarrar, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1968; title role, Mother Courage and Her Children, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1970; Alice, Dance of Death, Arena Stage, 1970; Alice, Dance of Death, Ritz, NY, 1971; in her own play I Am a Woman, Theatre in

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIP: Phi Beta Kappa, Dramatists Guild, American Association of University Professors. "I want to write plays which do more than just entertain." ADDRESS: Home—934 Pamela Lane, Lawrence, KS 66044. Office—English Department, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045.

LINDFORS, Viveca (nee Elsa Viveka Torsten), actress, writer PERSONAL: Born December 29, 1920, in Upsala, Sweden; daughter of Torsten (a Major and publisher) Karin (a painter; maiden name, Dymling) Lindfors; married Folke Rogard, 1941 (divorced 1949); married Donald Siegal (a director), 1949 (divorced 1953); married George Tabori (a writer), July 319


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Children's School, NY, professional training with Vera Nemchinova, Edward Caton, Nimura, Mikhael Mordkin, Hanya Holm, Charles Weidman, Madame Anderson, Luigi, Agnes DeMille; studied acting with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse, also with Bobby Lewis and Uta Hagen.

Space, 1974; Scream, Alley, Houston, 1918',!Am a Woman, Paf Playhouse, NY, 1979; Are You Now or Have You Ever Been. . . ?, Promenade, NY; with her son Kristoffer, My Mother . . . My Son. MAJOR TOURS—An Evening with Will Shakespeare, 195253; Gillian, Bell, Book, and Candle, 1953; Anastasia, national tour, 1955; Catherine, Suddenly, Last Summer, Princess del Lago, Sweet Bird of Youth, Natalia, I Am a Camera, Miss Julie, U.S and South Ameica, 1961; Elizabeth von Ritter, A Far Country, national, 1962-63; I Am a Woman, 1972-74.

CAREER: DEBUT—Hell on Wheels, Agnes DeMille Ballet Co., Jacob's Pillow, MA, 1942. NEW YORK DEBUT—Aggie, Oklahoma!, St. James, 1943. LONDON DEBUT—Louise, Carousel, Drury Lane, London, 1950. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Carmen, San Carlo Opera, 1942; soloist, Charles Weidman Modern Dance Co., 1945; Louise, Carousel, Majestic, NY, 1945; Alice, Alice in Wonderland, American Repertory Theatre International/Majestic, NY, 1947; Sally, Sally, Martin Beck, NY, 1948; soloist, Ballet Theatre: Petrushka; Les Patineurs, Peter and the Wolf, Jardin awe Lilas, 1949; lead dancer, choreographer, Green Mansion Summer Theatre, 1950; Bonnie, It's Great to Be Alive, Broadway, NY, 1950; ballerina, Song of Norway, Louisville, KY, 1951; Louise, Carousel, City Center, NY, 1954; lead act, Danny Kaye Show, Philadelphia, 1955; soloist, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, 1958; Eve, In the Beginning, Metropolitan Opera Ballet Company, Opera House, NY, 1959; Laurie, Oklahoma!, Dayton, OH, 1959; Blanch, I Can Get It for You Wholesale, Shubert, NY, 1962; guest artist, Benefit, Shakespeare Festival Theatre, Stratford, CT, 1963; Women of I re land, Brick Church, NY, 1979; Mary Magdalene, Family Portrait, Brick Church, 1981; One-Woman Show, Hattie, Westport Playhouse, CT (was also co-author), 1981.

FILM DEBUT—Naked girl (Swedish film), 1936. PRINCIPAL FILMS—Think If I Marry the Minister, (Sweden) 1940; The Crazy Family, (Sweden) \94\\AnnaLens, (Sweden) 1941; The Two Brothers, (Sweden) 1941; In Death's Waiting Room, (Sweden) 1942; To the Victor, 1947; The (New) Adventures of Don Juan, 1948; Night unto Night, 1949; Backfire, 1950; No Sad Songs for Me, 1950; This Side of the Law, 1950; Dark City, 1950; Gypsy Fury, 1951; The Flying Missile, 1951; Four in a Jeep, 1951; Journey into Light, 1951; The Raiders, 1952; No Time for Flowers, 1952; Run for Cover, 1953; Moonfleet, 1953; Weddings and Babies, 1956; / Accuse!/Captain Drey fuss, 1958; The Tempest, 1959; The Story ofRuth, I960', King of Kings, \962\NoExit, 1962; These Are the Damned, 1962; An Affair of the Skin, 1964; Brainstorm, 1965; Sylvia, 1965; The Witness (voice only), 1967; The Stronger; The Jewish Wife; An Actor Works; The Way We Were, 1973; Welcome to L.A., 1975; Tabu, 1975; The Wedding, \911\Creepshow, 1983. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Bridge of San Luis Rey, 1958; The Idiot, 1958; scenes from Anasatsia; The Last Tycoon; The Defenders, 1963; Naked City, 1963; Ben Casey, \964-TheNurses, 1964; others.

MAJOR TOURS—Lead, All the Way Home, New England Company, 1947; Bloomer Girl, Los Angeles and San Francisco Opera, 1951; Dance Jubilee Co. starring Bambi Linn and Rod Alexander, East Coast, 1958; soloist, American Ballet Co., Spoleto World Festival, Italy, 1959; Elsie, Redhead, north east tour, 1960.

WRITINGS: PLAYS—I Am a Woman (with Paul Austin), 1972; My Mother, My Son (with Kristoffer Tabori). MEMOIRS— Viveka . . . Viveca.

FILM DEBUT—Dance-Laurie, Oklahoma!, 1956. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Kate Smith Show, Peter Potter Show, Seven Lively Arts, 1949; lead dancer, Your Show of Shows, 195356; guest dancer (alternate weeks), N.B.C. Special, 195658; Ed Wynn Special, Benny Goodman Special, General Motors Fiftieth Anniversary Show, Ding Dong School, 1957; The Verdict Is Yours, 1959; Jerome Kern Special, Dave Garroway Show, 1959; Andy Williams Special, Music for a Spring Night, 1960.

A WARDS: Berlin Festival Film Award, I960: No Exit, 1951: Four in a Jeep; Drama League Award, Anastasia. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—(and co-founder with George Tabori) The Strolling Players, 1966; co-founder, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Stockbridge, MA; (artistic director, 196669); founder, Berkshire Children's Theatre. ADDRESS: Home—172 E. 95th Street, New York, NY 10028.

AWARDS: Theatre World Award, 1945; Donaldson Award, 1945. SIDELIGHTS:MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, AFTRA, SAG, AGVA. In addition to theatre, film and dance companies, Ms. Linn has performed in nightclubs in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. She worked as a dance critic for the Westport News, 1980-82, and has lectured on dance in dance schools, public high schools, and colleges since 1957, when she organized the dance department of the Bronx House Music School. Her one-woman show, Women of Ireland, written for her in 1979, has been performed around the East Coast and has been expanded to a two-women presentation featuring Susan Reed. It was performed in various towns in Connecticut in 1982.

LINN, BAMBI (nee Linnemeier), actress, dancer, choreographer PERSONAL: Born April 26, 1926, in Brooklyn, NY; daughter of Henry William (a surveyor and accountant) and Mary (Tweer) Linnemeier; married Rod Alexander (dancer, choreographer) 1950 (divorced 1959); married Joseph G. De Jesus (a dancer, teacher, and builder), July 10, 1960; children: Belinda, Elisa, Joseph, Jennifer. EDUCATION: Professional 320

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 ADDRESS: Home—45 S. Compo Road, Wesport, CT 06880.


LIVINGSTON, Harold, screenwriter, producer PERSONAL: Born September 4, 1924, in Haverhill, MA; son of Myron (a physician) and Betty (Segal) Livingston; married Lois Leavitt, August 31, 1958; children: Myra, Leah, Eve, David. EDUCATION: Brandeis University, 195053. MILITARY: U.S. Air Force, 1942^5; Israeli Air Force 1948^9; U.S. Air Force, 1950-51.

LITHGOW, John, actor, director PERSONAL: Born June 6, 1945 in Rochester, NY; son of Arthur W. (a producer) and Sarah Jane (a teacher; maiden name, Pride) Lithgow; married Jean Taynton (divorced 1980); married Mary Yeager (a professor); children: Ian, Phoebe, Nathan. EDUCATION: Graduate, Harvard College; London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Printmaker, founded Lithgow Graphics.

WRITINGS: SCREENPLAYS—The Street Is My Beat, 1966; The Hell with Heroes, 1968; Star Trek-The Motion Picture, 1979. TELEVISION—(scripts for, with inclusive dates) Banacek (1972-74); Barbary Coast (1975-76); Mannix (196375); Mission Impossible (1966-72); Star Trek (1966-69); Destination Mindanao. PLAYS, PRODUCED—The Recruiting Officer, Royal Playhouse, NY, 1958. NOVELS—The Coasts of the Earth, 1954; The Detroiters, 1958; The Climacticon; Summer Colony, 1961; The Heroes Are All Dead.

CAREER: DEBUT—Mustardseed, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Antioch Shakespeare Festival, OH, 1953. NEW YORK DEBUT—Kendall, The Changing Room, Morosco, 1973. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—James, My Fat Friend, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1973; George, Once in a Lifetime, Circle in the Square, NY; Frank, Spokesong, Circle in the Square; Treva, Bedroom Farce, Brooks Atkinson; Joe Hill, Salt Lake City Skyline, Public Theatre, NY; Chris, Division Street, Ambassador, NY; Bruce, Beyond Therapy, Brooks Atkinson; Gethin, Comedians, Music Box, NY; 1974; Burke, Anna Christie, Imperial, NY, 1974; Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, OH: appeared in fifteen Shakespearean roles, 1963-64; Bunthorne, Patience, Peachum, Threepenny Opera, Don Andres, La Perichole, Lord Chancellor, lolanthe, Highfield Theatre, Falmouth, MA, 1965; Henry Higgins, Pygmalion, Lennie, Of Mice and Men, Achilles, Troilus and Cressida, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1969-70; Sir, The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd, Dr. Talacryn, Hadrian VII, Captain Vale, The Magistrate, Bucks Country Playhouse, New Hope, PA, 1970; Kendall, The Changing Room, Kiper, What Price Glory, Arthur, Trelawney of the Wells, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1972.

AWARDS: Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship, 1954: The Coasts of the Earth. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild of America, West. ADDRESS: Home- -273 N. Layton Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049.

LIVINGSTON, Jay, composer, lyricist PERSONAL: Born March 28, 1915 in McDonald, PA; son of Maurice and Rose (Wachtel) Livingston; married Lynne Gordon on March 19, 1947; children: Travilyn, Laura. EDUCATION: University of Pennsylvania, B.A. (Journalism), 1937; studied piano and harmony with Harry Archer in Pittsburgh, PA. MILITARY: U.S. Army, Private, 1942^3.

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, Director—As You Like It, Much Ado About Nothing, The Way of the World, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1970; The Magistrate, Barefoot in the Park, Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, PA, 1970; Abduction from the Seraglio, Princeton, NJ Opera Theatre, 1970; Beaux Strategem, Center Stage, Baltimore, MD, 1972; A Pagan Place, Long Wharf, 1973.

CAREER: DEBUT—rehearsal pianist and contributor of songs for Olsen & Johnson's Hellzapoppiri, 46th Street, NY, 1938. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, SONGWRITER—Sons O Fun, Winter Garden, 1941; / Love Lydia, Players Ring, Hollywood, CA, 1952; Oh Captain (music and lyrics with Ray Evans), Alvin, NY, 1958; Let It Ride, Eugene O'Neill, 1961; Sugar Babies (two songs), Mark Hellinger, NY 1979.

FILM DEBUT—LaSalle, Oppression, 1976. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—All That Jazz, 1977; Rich Kids, 1977; The World According to Garp, 1981; Twilight Zone, 1983; Terms of Endearment, 1983; Footloose, 1984. TELEVISION DEBUT— "The Country Girl," Hallmark Hall of Fame, 1973.

PRINCIPAL FILM WORK, SONGWRITER—Swing Hostess, 1944; / Accuse My Parents, 1944; Why Girls Leave Home, 1944; Crime, Inc., 1945; Stork Club, 1945; Kitty, 1945; To Each His Own, \946\MonsieurBeaucaire, 1946'JmperfectLady, 1947'; My Favorite Brunette, 1947; Golden Earrings, 1947; Isn't It Romantic, 1948; The Paleface, 1948; Streets of Laredo, 1949; Sorrowful Jones, 1949; Song of Surrender, 1949; My Friend Irma, 1949; The Great Lover, 1949; Samson and Delilah, 1949; Copper Canyon, 1950', Paid in Full, 1950; Captain Carey, U.S.A., 1950; Fancy Pants, 1950; My Friend Irma Goes West, 1950; The Furies, 1950; The Lemon Drop Kid, 1951; The Mating Season, 1951; The Cowboy and the Redhead, 1951; Ace in the Hole, 1951; Here Comes the Groom, 1951; Aaron Slick from Pumpkin Crick, 1951; A Place in the Sun, 1951; Crosswinds, 1951; When Worlds Collide, 1951; My Favorite Spy, 1951; Rhubarb, \95\'ThafsMyBoy, 1951;

AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination, Best Supporting Actor, 1983: Terms of Endearment; Antoinette Perry Award, Best Supporting Actor, 1973: The World According to Garp; The Changing Room; Fulbright Study Grant, London, 196769; magnum cum laude, Harvard College, 1967. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA. RECREATION—Music, guitar, banjo, art and painting, drawing, and t f c my family." ADDRESS: Agent—Contemporary Artists Agency, 1888 Century Place, Los Angeles, CA 90048. 321


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Mr. Livingston's best-known songs are: G'bye Now, To Each His Own, Buttons and Bows, Golden Earrings, Almost in Your Arms, Tammy, Que Sera Sera, Never Let Me Go, Silver Bells, I'll Always Love You, As I Love You, A Thousand Violins, Dear Heart, Wish Me a Rainbow, themes from Bonanza, and Mister Ed, All the Time, Through Children's Eyes. Mr. Livingston has performed his songs and music at the 92nd Street YMHA in New York City as well as on various cruise ships and at Duke University. ADDRESS: c/o ASCAP, One Lincoln Plaza, New York, NY 10023.

LLOYD, Christopher, actor PERSONAL: Born October 22, 1938 in Stamford, CT; married Kay (an actress). EDUCATION: Studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse, NY. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Happy End, NY; Red White and Maddox, NY; Macbeth, New York Shakespeare Festival; Hot L Baltimore, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA; The Possessed, Yale Repertory, New Haven, CT; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Yale Repertory; Kaspar, NY. JAY LIVINGSTON

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, 1975; Another Man, Another Chance, 1977; Three Warriors, 1978; Coin South, 197'8; The Onion FieId, 1979; The Black Marble, 1980; The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1981; Mr. Mom, 1983; Star Trek III, The Search for Spock; Buckaroo Banzai; National Lampoons Highjinks; To Be or Not to Be, 1983; The Lone Ranger; Pilgrim Farewell; The Lady in Red; Acts of a Young Man; The Early Adventures of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Anything Could Happen, 1952; Somebody Loves Me, 1952; Son of Paleface, 1952; The Great Houdini, 1952; What Price Glory, 1952; Thunder in the East, 1953; Off Limits, 1953; Sangaree, 1953; Here Come the Girls, 1953; The Stars Are Singing, 1953; Three Ring Circus, 1954; Red Garters, 1954; Casanova s Big Night, 1954; Lucy Gallant, 1955; Second Greatest Sex, 1955; TTze Scarto //0wr, 1956; The Man Who Knew Too Much, 1956; Istanbul, 1957; Tammy and the Bachelor, 1957; The James Dean Story, 1957; Raw Wind in Eden, 1958; The Big Beat, 1958; Saddle the Wind, \958;This Happy Feeling, 1958; Another Time, Another Place, 1958; Once Upon a Horse, 1958; Houseboat, 1958; Vertigo, 1959; Take a Giant Step, 1959; A Private's Affair, 1959; All Hands on Deck, 1961.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Barney Miller; The Word; Lacy and the Mississippi Queen; Visions; Stunt Seven; Jim, Taxi. AWARDS: Obie Award, Kaspar, Kaspar; Drama Desk Award, Kaspar, Kaspar. SIDELIGHTS: Mr. Lloyd has also performed extensively in summer stock and off-Broadway productions in addition to his Broadway, film, and television performances.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK, SONGWRITER—Satins and Spurs, 1957; theme song—Bonanza, Mister Ed, To Rome with Love.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Phil Gersh, Gersh Agency Inc., 222 Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

AWARDS: Aggie Award, American Guild of Authors and Composers, 1982; elected to Songwriters Hall of Fame, 1973; Academy Award Nominations: "Dear Heart," 1964, "Almost in Your Arms," from Houseboat, 1958; Academy Awards: "Que Sera Sera (What Ever Will Be Will Be)" from The Man Who Knew Too Much, 1956, "Mona Lisa," from Captain Carey, U.S.A., 1950, "Buttons and Bows," from The Paleface, 1948.

LLOYD WEBBER, Andrew, composer PERSONAL: Born March 22, 1948, in London, England; son of William Southcombe (CBE) and Jean Hermione (Johnstone) Lloyd Webber; married Sarah Jane Tudor (Hugill); children: one son. EDUCATION: Westminster School.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Executive Board, Motion Picture Academy (Music Branch), 1960's and 70's; Executive Board, Record Academy, 1960's; Dramatists Guild; ASCAP; West Coast Executive Committee, AGAC.



CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, 1968; Jesus Christ Superstar, 1970; Jeeves, \915\Evita, 1976; Tell Me on a Sunday, 1980; Cats, 1981; Song and Dance, 1982. FILM SCORES— Gumshoe, 1971; The Odessa File, 1974. COMPOSITION— Variations (based on A minor Caprice No. 24 by Paganini), 1977. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award: Evita; Antoinette Perry Award: Cats. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—The Savile Club. RECREATION—Architecture . ADDRESS: 11 W. Eaton Place, SW1, London, England.*

LOBEL, Adrianne, designer PERSONAL: EDUCATION: Yale University, School of Drama. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, DESIGNED—My One and Only, St. James Theatre, NY, 1983; The Mikado, Chicago Lyric Opera; Dwarfinan, Goodman Theatre, Chicago; Play Mas, Goodman Theatre, Chicago; Lulu, American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge, MA; The Inspector General, American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge, MA; La Traviata, Julliard School of Music and Drama, NY; The Visions of Simone Machard, La Jolla Playhouse, CA; Ms. Lobel's design work has also been seen at Arena Stage, Washington, DC, Guthrie, Minneapolis, MN, Yale Repertory, New Haven, CT, Hartford Stage Company, CT, Manhattan Theatre Club, NY, American Place, NY, Phoenix, NY.


Strange Invaders; Peter No Tail. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Lassie; Lost In Space; Petticoat Junction; Magnum P.I.; The Greatest American Hero; Quincy—The Wedding; Grizzly Adams; Knots Landing; Braking the Habit; Take My Word for It.

AWARDS: Joseph Jefferson Award, Play Mas, Goodman Theatre, Chicago. ADDRESS: Home—50 E. 80th Street, New York, NY 10021.

AWARDS: Anoinette Perry Award, Best Debut Performance: For Love or Money; Donaldson Award, Theatre World Award, Woman of the Year in Drama (Associated Press): For Love or Money; Emmy Award Nomination: Lassie. SIDELIGHTS: "June has ridden a camel in New Delhi, an elephant in the circus, and cuddled gorillas, orangutans, and tigers. She is a 4zoo freak.' She has owned and driven a 1923 Seagrave fire engine, flown a blimp, is an antique car buff, a member of the Teamsters Union, flown in a hot air balloon, driven the Army's largest tank, and recently sat at the throttle of the Canadian VIARAIL. She is actively involved in Hearing Dog Inc., a new program in which dogs are rescued from the Animal Shelter and trained to hear for the deaf. She writes limericks."

LOCKHART, June, actress PERSONAL: Daughter of Gene (an actor) and Kathleen (an actress) Lockhart; children: Anne Kathleen, June Elizabeth. EDUCATION: graduated from Westlake School for Girls. CAREER: DEBUT—Peter Ibbetson, Metropolitan Opera House, New York. BROADWAY DEBUT—ingenue, For Love or Money. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—The Pleasure of His Company, San Antonio, TX; Forty Carats; Bedroom Farce, Ahmanson, Los Angeles; Butterflies Are Free; Once More with Feeling, Lawrence Welk Village Theatre; No Sex Please, We're British, Stage West, Los Angeles, CA; Murder at the Howard Johnson s, Union Plaza, Las Vegas, NV. MAJOR TOURS—Bedroom Farce, U.S. cities', Once More with Feeling, U.S. cities.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Patricia Newby Management, 9021 Melrose Ave., #207, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

LOEWENSTERN, Tara, actress

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—All This and Heaven Too; Sergeant York; Adam Had Four Sons; The White Cliffs of Dover; Meet Me in St. Louis; The Yearling; Son of Lassie;

PERSONAL: Daughter of Hugo (a musician) and Mary Lou (an artist; maiden name, Parr) Loewenstern. EDUCATION. 323



Attended Southern Methodist University, University of Texas and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art; trained for the stage at Herbert Berghof Studios with Uta Hagen. CAREER: DEBUT: Patrick Henry Lake Liquors, Performing Arts Foundation, Huntington, NY, 1977. LONDON DEBUT— Wendla, Spring Awakening, Vanbrugh, 1977. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Abigail, The Crucible, Equity Library, 1977; Ismene, Oedipus the King, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NY, 1977; women, The Black, the Blue, and the Gray, Hartford Stage Company, CT, 1978; Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, Ophelia, Hamlet, Belle/Mrs. Fred, A Christmas Carol, Mrs. Pinter, Right of Way, Georgia, Vienna Notes, Lucy Lockit, The Beggar's Opera, Lucy, The Rivals, Guthrie, Minneapolis, MN, 1978-80; link Solheim, Museum, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC; Billye Harmony, Progress!, Westbeth, NY, 1981; Antigone, Antigone, Denver Center Theater, CO, 1982; Witch/understudy Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Circle in the Square, NY, 1982; Janice, Weapons of Happiness, Studio Arena, Buffalo, NY, 1983; Carol, Family Friends, Gramercy Arts, NY, 1983; Lupe, Action, Actors and Directors Lab, 1983. AWARDS: Honours Diploma, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art; Kendal Prize; Sir Emile Littler's Award; Caryl Brahms Award; William Poel Memorial; Bryan Mosley Prize. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIP—AEA. FAVORITE ROLES—Janice, Weapons of Happiness; Juliet, Romeo and Juliet. ROBERT LOGGIA

"I need to act, to create. The role of Juliet was important because it taught me how to sink or swim: circumstances important to my career.''

mond, Psycho II, 1982; Frank Lopez, Scarface, 1983. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Nine Lives of Elf ego Baca, Walt Disney series, 1957-59; T.H.E. Cat, title role, 1966-68.

ADDRESS: Telephone Service—(212) 799-9099.

ADDRESS: Agent—Blake Edwards Entertainment, 1888 Century Park E., Suite 1616, Los Angeles, CA 90067. LOGGIA, Robert, actor PERSONAL: Surname pronounced "low-jah;" born January 3, 1930 in New York, NY; son of Benjamin (a shoe designer) and Elena (Blandino) Loggia; married (2nd marr.) Audrey O'Brien (a business executive), December 27, 1982; children: (first marriage) Tracey, John, Kristina. EDUCATION: University of Missouri, Bachelor of Journalism, 1951; studied with Stella Adler at the Actors Studio. RELIGION: Catholic. MILITARY: U.S. Army, Panama Caribbean Forces Network.

LONDON, Roy, actor, writer, director PERSONAL: Born March 3, 1943 in New York, NY; son of Robert Lincoln (an attorney) and Frances (a teacher; maiden name Abes) London. EDUCATION: Antioch College, B.A., 1963. RELIGION: Jewish.

CAREER: DEBUT—Petruchio, The Taming of the Shrew, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY, 1948. NEW YORK DEBUT—Frankie Machine, Man with the Golden Arm, Cherry Lane, 1955. LONDON DEBUT—Solyony, The Three Sisters, World Theatre Festival, Aldwych, 1964. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Julian, Toys in the Attic, Hudson Guild, 1960; Solyony, The Three Sisters, Morosco, 1963; In the Boom Boom Room, 1973-74.

CAREER: DEBUT—Christy Mahon, Playboy of the Western World, Trotwood Circle, Dayton, OH, 1959. LONDON DEBUT—Trinculo, The Tempest, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1968. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(Broadway) Little Murders; The Gingham Dog; The Birthday Party; (Off-Broadway) America Hurrah; Viet-Rock; Monopoly; Once in a Lifetime. MAJOR TOURS—Lovers and Other Strangers; The Two of Us. DIRECTED (Off-Broadway): Sweeney Agonistes, Circle Repertory Company (New York) and The Lesson, Manhattan Theatre Club.

FILM DEBUT—Frankie Peppo, Somebody Up There Likes Me, 1956. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Joseph, The Greatest Story Ever Told; Tulio Renata, The Garment Jungle, 1956; Byron Mayo, An Officer and a Gentleman, 1982; Dr. Ray-

FILM DEBUT—Rucker, Hardcore, 1979. TELEVISION DEBUT— Holden Caulfield, Catcher in the Rye, Revisted, 1965. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Botticelli; district attorney, 324



1951; Stanford University, Ph.D., 1954. POLITICS: Democrat. RELIGION: Protestant. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1953-55. WRITINGS: BOOKS—Briefing and Conference Techniques, 1959; Tragedy and Comedy (two anthologies, with Robert Corrigan), 1971; The Forms of Drama (with Robert Corrigan), 1972; Peter Brook's RSC Production of'A Midsummer Night's Dream,'' 1974; Authorized Production Book of Young Vic's "Scapino," 1975; The Shakespeare Complex (with Pat MacKay), 1975; Your Future in the Performing Arts, 1980; The House of Mirth/The Play of the Novel, 1981; Twentieth Century Theatre (2 vols), 1983; California GoldRush Drama, 1983; American Musical Theatre, 1984; Staging Shakespeare, 1984. CRITIQUES, ESSAYS, AND REPORTAGE— Educational Theatre Journal; Quarterly Journal of Speech; Opera News; High Fidelity I Musical America; Opera (Holland); Modern Drama; Craft Horizons; Progressive Architecture; Theatre Crafts; After Dark; Dance; Rundschau; Life; Reporter; Signature; Saturday Evening Post; Scandinavian Times; Cue; Show; Theatre Arts; Theatre Design and Technology; Music Journal; Smithsonian; Architectural Forum; Commonweal; American Scholar; Variety; Players; Theatre Annual; American Artist; NAEB Journal; AmericanGerman Review; Theatre Today; Dramatists Guild Quarterly; INTERIView; Performing Arts Journal. NEWSPAPER REVIEWS AND REPORTAGE—Christian Science Monitor; New York Herald-Tribune; New York Times; New York Daily News I Weekly Column; Los Angeles Times. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Educator—instructor, San Francisco State University, 1955-56; instructor, University of Nevada/Las Vegas, 1956; professor, University of Maryland (Europe), 1956-59; instructor, Hofstra University, 1959-61; instructor, Adelphi University, 1959-61; professor, Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center, 1961-present.


The Trial of the New York Thirteen; Jeffrey Kleinblatt, House Calls; Hill Street Blues; Newhart.

AWARDS: Fellow, American-Scandinavian Foundation.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED—The Amazing Activity of Charley Contrare and the Ninety-Eighth Street Gang, 1974; Mrs. Murray's Farm, 1976; Disneyland On Parade, 1984. PLAYS, UNPUBLISHED—Bicentennial show, Museum of the City of New York, 1976; In Connecticut, 1980; Here Wait, 1980; Kiss Me, 1983. RADIO PLAY—Chinaman's Chance, 1977. TELEVISION SHOWS—The California Gold Rush (movie, with Tom Chapman) 1981; Devil's Food (movie).

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Mu Gamma, AAUP, American Society for Theatre Research, Theatre Library Association, IFTR, Theatre Historical Society; League of Historic American Theatres; Drama Desk; New Drama Forum; Outer Critics Circle; American Theatre Critics Association; Ibsen Society of America. 4

'Even before going to teach in Europe (and North Africa and the Middle East) in 1956, I was fascinated by theatre history's surviving monuments. During my European tour of duty, and subsequently each summer vacation, I have been able to study many famed theatres and sites, as well as to report on foreign theatre activity and personalities. I have reviewed major music and drama festivals, always relating drama, dance and opera to the theatre tradition.''

AWARDS: National Endowment for the Arts Award for Play writing, 1975: The Amazing Activity of Charley Contrare and the Ninety-Eighth Street Gang: Grants—New York State Creative Arts Program, 1975. ADDRESS: Office—c/o Paul Diaz, 6430 Sunset Blvd., #701, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Agents—c/o Bret Adams Ltd., 440 W 44th Street, New York, NY 10036 and c/o Peggy Hadley Enterprises, 119 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

ADDRESS: Home—3 E. 71st Street, New York, NY 10021. Office—Ph.D. Program in Theatre, City University Graduate Center, 33 W. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036. Agent—c/o Sally Wecksler, 170 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023.

LONEY, Glenn, writer and educator PERSONAL: Born December 24, 1928; son of David Merton (a farmer) and Marion Gladys (a teacher; maiden name Busher) Loney. EDUCATION: University of California at Berkeley, A.B., 1950; University of Wisconsin, M.A.,

LONG, Jodi, actress PERSONAL: Born January 7; daughter of Lawrence K. (an 325



VORITE ROLES—Cherie, Bus Stop; Becky Lou, The Tooth of Crime; Titania, A Midsummer Night's Dream. "I believe that if one is emotionally true to a part, and with the proper classical training, one can transcend typecasting and yet not deny what one is. I am an actress foremost who happens to also be an American of Chinese and Japanese descent." ADDRESS: Home—450 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013. Telephone Service—(212) 757-6300.

LONGENECKER, John, producer, screenwriter PERSONAL: Born February 12, 1947; son of C. Robert (a talent agent and television producer) and Ruth Hussey (the actress) Longenecker. EDUCATION: Attended UCLA, Motion Picture Department and the University of Southern California, Cinema Department. RELIGION: Catholic. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Producer/co-writer, The Resurrection of Bronco Billy, 1970; production assistant, The Sting, 1973; production assistant/casting director, The Trial of Billy Jack, 1973; producer, Prior Commitment (upcoming); co-producer, Boy Wonders (with Randy Carter; upcoming); writer, The Executive Woman (upcoming); producer/owner, John Longenecker Pictures; producer/partner, Carter-Longenecker-Glennon Productions.


ex-vaudvillian and golf professional) and Kimiye T. (an ex-vaudvillian; maiden name, Tsunemitsu) Leung. EDUCATION: State University of New York at Purchase, B.F.A., 1976; trained for the stage with Joseph Anthony, Robert Lewis, and Norman Ayrton.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Producer/host, Take One: Student Films, 1971. AWARDS: Academy Award, Best Short Film, Live Action, 1970: The Resurrection of Bronco Billy.

CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—Hop Daughter, Nowhere to Go But Up, Winter Garden, 1962. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Rossignol, MaratISade, Changing Space, NY, 1976; Blue, Strippers, Everyman, NY, 1977; Monica Chin Lee, The Verandah, Gene Frankel Theater, NY, 1978; Ophelia, Hamlet, Everyman, NY, 1978; Blossom Springfield, Fathers and Sons, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1978; Seline, Loose Ends, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, Circle in the Square, NY, 1979-80; Sumi, Monkey Music, Pan Asian Repertory, NY, 1980; Bacchae Woman, TheBacchae, Circle in the Square, NY, 1980; Joanne, Family Devotions, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1981; Commentator, Rowher, Pan Asian Repertory, NY, 1982; Titania, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Pittsburgh Public Theatre, PA, 1982; Becky Lou, The Tooth of Crime, Syracuse Stage, NY, La Mama, NY, 1983; Titania, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Pan Asian Repertory, NY, 1983; Alice, I'm Getting My Act Together and. . . , Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Cincinnati, OH, 1983; Cherie, Bus Stop, Byrdcliff, Woodstock, NY, 1983.

WRITINGS: BOOK—Sanctuary (co-author). ARTICLES—"Hollywood Tributes," Premiere Magazine. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, Producers Guild, USC Cinema-Television Alumni Association, Community Legal Assistance (board of directors), Beverly Hills Citizen Committee. "Mr. Longenecker holds the distinction of having been the youngest producer (23 years old) to ever win the Academy Award." ADDRESS: Office—John Longenecker Pictures, P.O. Box 5155, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

LORD, Jack (ne John Joseph Patrick Ryan), actor, director, producer, and writer

FILM DEBUT—Betsy Okamoto, Rollover, 1981. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Reporter, Splash, 1984. TELEVISION DEBUT—Jade Precious Stone, Jade Snow, 1976. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Gail, "Nurse," CBS Movie of the Week, 1980.

PERSONAL: Born December 30, 1930 in New York, NY; son of William Lawrence (a steamship executive) and Ellen Josephine (a farmer; maiden name O'Brien) Ryan; married Marie de Narde (a fashion designer), April 1, 1952. EDUCA-




(multiple episodes). PRODUCED: TELEVISION SHOWS—Hawaii Five-O (series). WRITINGS: TELEVISION SCREENPLAYS—Melissa, 1968 AWARDS: Theatre World Award, 1954: Traveling Lady; Cowboy Hall of Fame Award, 1963; Fame Award, 1963; St. Gaudens Plaque for Fine Arts; 1948. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Screen Actors Guild, Actors Equity Association, AFTRA, AGVA, DGA. Mr. Lord's paintings are displayed in over thirty major galleries and universities around the world. "Hawaii Five-O was a huge and successful plateau in my life, but now it is time to climb some new mountains. Capricorn goats are always doing that anyway." ADDRESS: Office—c/o Hawaii Five-O Studio, Honolulu, HI 96816. Agent—c/o J. William Hayes, 132 S. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA.

LOREN, Bernice (nee Bernice Levine), actress, director, and writer PERSONAL: Born in Montreal, Canada; daughter of Sam (a businessman) and Gertrude (Goldfine) Levine; married Duncan Tulk, November 29, 1951 (divorced 1953); married Roland Frederick Bernhagen (a designer/technical director), July 25, 1967. EDUCATION: McGill University, Montreal, B.A.; trained for the stage at the New School for Social Research with Erwin Piscator; also Lee Strasberg, Reiken Ben-Ari, Valerie Bettis, and Marian Rich.


TION: New York University, B.S., 1954; trained for the stage at the Neighborhood Playhouse with Sanford Meisner.

CAREER: DEBUT—Karen Andre, Night of January 16th, Center Stage, East Jordan, MI, 1948. NEW YORK DEBUT— Calpurnia, Julius Caesar, Everyman's Theatre, 1951. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Ruth, Blithe Spirit, 1948; Judith, Hay Fever, 1949; Toinette, The Imaginary Invalid, 1949; Tracy, The Philadelphia Story, 1949; Marian, Parlor Story, Miriam, Guest in the House, 1949—all at Center Stage, East Jordan, MI; Mrs. Brown, Claudia, Centre Play house, Rockville Centre, NY, 1950; Veta Louise, Harvey, Palm Tree Playhouse, Sarasota, FL, 1952; Anne, The Milky Way, Palm Tree Playhouse, Sarasota, FL, 1952; Sue, All My Sons, Palm Tree Playhouse, Sarasota, FL 1952; Tatiana, The Anniversary, Contemporary, New York, 1955; Marguerite Ida/ Helena Annabel, Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights, Carnegie Chapter Hall, New York, 1958; Aunt Sarah, One Foot in America, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 1959; Chorus of Women, Electra, IASTA, New York, 1961; Eury dice, Antigone, Stage 73, New York, 1966. DIRECTED: All My Sons, 1948; Voice oj*the Turtle, 1948; Arsenic and OldLace, 1948; Angel Street, 1949; Home of the Brave, 1949; My Sister Eileen, 1949; The Importance of Being Earnest, 1949; Guest in the House, 1949—all at Center Stage, East Jordan, MI; Hello Out There, Equity Library, New York, 1954; The Enchanted Forest, Stage 73, New York, 1962; Aspects of Theatre, Expressions Theatre, New York, 1964; Theatre Offerings, Expressions Theatre, New York, 1976.

CAREER: DEBUT—The Illegitimist, ANTA New York, 1954. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Slim Murray, The Traveling Lady, 1954; Brick, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Morosco, New York, 1955. MAJOR TOURS—Flame Out, Cleveland, OH Washington, DC, Philadelphia, 1953; The Little Hut, 1954; The Savage, Boston, Marblehead, MA. FILM DEBUT— The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—God's Little Acre; Dr. No; Williamsburg, the Story of a Patriot; Tip on a Dead Jockey; Man of the West; The Hangman; Walk Like a Dragon; Ride to Hangman's Tree; Doomsday Flight. TELEVISION DEBUT— Man Against Crime (series). PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Stoney Burke, Stoney Burke (series); Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-O (series); Omnibus; Studio One; U.S. Steel Hour; Goodyear Playhouse; Playhouse 90; The Untouchables; Alcoa Theatre; Bonanza; Loretta Young Show; The Millionaire; Checkmate; Have Gun, Will Travel; The Greatest Show on Earth; Climax; Kraft; Philco; Danger; Suspense; The Web; You Are There; Rawhide; Lineup; Naked City; Route 66; Dr. Kildare; Grand Hotel; The Virginian; The FBI; The Loner; Kraft Suspense Theatre; Combat; 12 O'Clock High; The Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre. DIRECTED: FILMS—M Station: Hawaii, 1979. TELEVISION SHOWS—Death with Father; How to Steal a Masterplace; Honor is an Unmarked Grave; Top of the World; Why Wont Linda Die; Who Says Cops Don't Cry; Hawaii Five-O

TELEVISION DEBUT—The Marble Faun. 327



RELATED THEATRICAL CAREER: Teaching theatre—City College of New York, 1955-68; School for Creative Communication, New York, 1982-present; Expressions, School for Theatre Arts, New York, 1972-present.

FILM DEBUT—Garbo Talks, 1984. TELEVISION APPEARANCES— The Gary Moore Show, 1962; The Ed Sullivan Show; The Kraft Music Hall; The Dinah Shore Show; Those Ragtime Years, 1960; Music of the Thirties, 1961; Regards to George M. Cohan, 1962; celebrity panelist, Laugh Line, 1969', Dorothy, 1979.

WRITINGS: BOOKS—Toward Greater Theatre Appreciation, 1954; Effective Speaking, 1963.

RECORDINGS: In addition to cast albums of Annie and Ballroom, there is Dorothy Loudon at the Blue Angel, Decca, 1960 and others.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Actors Equity Association, Dramatists Guild. With Roland F. Bernstein and Marilyn Lief Kramberg, Ms. Loren co-founded Expressions, a not-for-profit theatre school. "I developed something of a crusading spirit about the quality of theatre and of theatre practice. I think acting is at its most exciting and rewarding when, along with the ability to communicate with and affect the audience, there is a characterization so full and true that the actor may not even be recognizable from role to role.''

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER—Nightclub singer and satirist, Ruban Bleu, Blue Angel, Mister Kelly's, others; "cover" records singer for RCA. AWARDS: Sarah Siddons, Actress of the Year, 1982; West Side Waltz; Antoinette Perry Award, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle, 1977: Annie; Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, Drama Desk Nomination, 1979; Ballroom; Drama Desk, 1970: Three Men on a Horse, 1969: The Fig Leaves Are Falling; Theatre World, Most Promising Newcomer, 1962: Nowhere to Go But Up; Woman of the Year, Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1979.

ADDRESS: Office—250 W. 55th Street, New York, NY 10019.

SIDELIGHTS: Ms. Loudon can be heard singing the best songs of the great masters of theatre music on the series of Ben Bagley "Revisited" albums, many conducted by her late husband, Norman Paris. RECREATIONS—Writing, painting, sewing (she makes most of her own clothes), playing the piano.

LOUDON, Dorothy, actress PERSONAL: Born September 17, 1933, in Boston, MA; daughter of James E. (advertising manager for a machine company) and Dorothy Helen (sheet music demonstrator at Filene's department store; maiden name, Shaw) Loudon, Jr., married Norman Paris (a composer and music arranger/ conductor), December 18, 1971 (died 1977). EDUCATION: Syracuse University; American Academy of Dramatic Arts; studied for the theatre with Sawyer Falk, Lola Allbee, Gertrude Binley Kay.

"I'm happiest when I'm onstage. I think that's probably why most people act: it's because they get to be somebody else. I find a strength onstage that I don't have offstage. It's when I have my confidence.'' ADDRESS: Agent—Lionel Larner, Ltd, 850 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

CAREER: DEBUT—Passionella, The World of Jules Feiffer, pre-Broadway tryout, 1962. NEW YORK DEBUT—Wilma Risque, Nowhere to Go But Up, Winter Garden, 1962, for two weeks. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Noel Coward's Sweet Potato, Ethel Barrymore, NY, 1968; Lillian Stone, The Fig Leaves Are Falling, Broadhurst, NY, 1969; Mabel, Three Men on a Horse, Lyceum, NY, 1969; Charlotte Haze, Lolita, My Love, Shubert, Philadelphia, 1971; Beatrice, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, ACT, Marines, San Francisco, 1972; Edith Potter, The Women, 46th Street Theatre, NY, 1973; Miss Hannigan, Annie, Alvin, NY, 1977; Bea Asher, Ballroom, Majestic, NY, 1978; Mrs. Lovett (replacing Angela Lansbury), Sweeney Todd, Uris, NY, 1980; Cara Varnum, West Side Waltz, Ethel Barrymore, NY, 1981; Dottie Otley, Noises Off, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1983-84.

LOWRY, Jane, actress PERSONAL: Born February 11, 1937, in Minneapolis, MN; daughter of Goodrich (a banker) and Louise (Moyer) Lowry. EDUCATION: Northwestern University, B.A.; trained for the stage with Alvina Krause. CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—Beatrice Blaine, This Side of Paradise, Sheridan Square Playhouse, 1963. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(Broadway) Lila, Poor Bitos, Cort; standby, A Delicate Balance, Martin Beck; (Off-Broadway) Sophie Gluck, A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur, Hudson Guild; Irene, Cracks, Theatre de Lys; Vicky, The Dodge Boys, Hudson Guild; Marion, Father's Day, Van Dam; Suzy, Hot L Baltimore, Circle in the Square; Olga, The Three Sisters, Circle Repertory; Eve, And He Made a Her, Cherry Lane; TheZykovs, Manhattan Theatre Club; (Regional) Julie Cavendish, The Royal Family, Faye, Chapter Two, Meadow Brook, MI; Flo, The Summer People, Coconut Grove Playhouse; Miss Gilchrist, The Hostage, Cincinnati Playhouse, OH; Lily, Ah, Wilderness, Stage West, Suzy, Hot L Baltimore, Center Stage, Baltimore, MD; Julia, A Delicate Balance, Pittsburgh Playhouse, PA; Kitty DuVal, The Time

MAJOR TOURS—title role, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, stock, 1963; Reno Sweeney, Anything Goes, stock, 1964; Ellen Manville, Luv, national, 1965; Eve, Bar-bara, Passionella, The Apple Tree, national, 1970; You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running, national, 1970; Karen Nash, Muriel Tate, Norma Hubley, Plaza Suite, national, 1971; Beatrice, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-theMoon Marigolds, 1972; Cara Varnum, West Side Waltz, national, 1981-82. 328



52; associate director, International Press Institute, Zurich, Switzerland, 1952-53; director, Ford Foundation, 1953-64, vice president, 1964-75; director, American Council of Learned Societies, 1976-present. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Vice president, Ford Foundation, Humanities and Arts Program, 1964-present; director American Assembly on Performing Arts, 1977. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Distinguished Support of the American Theater, 1963; ANT A Award, 1961 American Association Dance Companies Award, Distinguished Service in Dance; National Council Arts Administrators Award, Leadership in Visual Arts; American Association of University Press Award, Distinguished Services to Higher Education. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Century Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi, National Press Club (Washington, DC), Art Students League. ADDRESS: Home—1161 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021. Office—104 E. 40th Street, New York, NY 10016.

LUCAS, George, producer, director, writer JANE LOWRY

PERSONAL: Born 1944, in Modesto, CA; married Marcia Griffin, 1969. EDUCATION: University of Southern California, B.A.

of Your Life, Loretto-Hilton, St. Louis, MO; Laura, The Glass Menagerie, Ivanhoe; Hannah Jelke, The Night of the Iguana, Clinton, CT; Miss Alma, Summer and Smoke, Wayside.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Assistant to director, The Rain People, 1969; director, documentary on making The Rain People; director/co-author, THX-1138, 1971, American Graffiti, 1973; director/writer, Star Wars, 1977; executive producer, More American Graffiti, 1979, Empire Strikes Back, 1980, Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981; Return of the Jedi, 1982; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 1984.

FILM DEBUT—Aunt Annie, Alice, Sweet Alice, 1975. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Susan Harding, Believe in Me. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Esther, "My Mother Was Never a Kid," ABC Afterschool Special; Pat Broer, Ryan s Hope; Anne Bingham, Adams Chronicles; "The Gang that Stole Manhattan," McCloud; Gloria, Run, Valerie, Run; Nurse Galbraith, Love of Life.

AWARDS: Grand Prize for Film, National Student Film Festival, 1967: THX. ADDRESS: Office—P.O. Box 2009, San Rafael, CA 94912.*

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA. ADDRESS: Telephone Service—(212) 757-6300.

LUCKINBILL, Laurence (George), actor, director PERSONAL: Born November 21, 1934, in Fort Smith, AR; son of Laurence Benedict and Agnes (Nulph) Luckinbill; married Robin Strasser (actress, divorced); Lucie Arnaz (actress), June 23, 1980; children: (first) Nicholas, second son, step-daughter, Jennifer; (second) Simon. EDUCATION: University of Arkansas, B.A., 1955; Catholic University of America, M.F.A., 1957; trained for the theatre with Uta Hagen at HB Studios; George Kernodle, University of Arkansas. RELIGION: Roman Catholic. MILITARY: Army Chemical Corps. 1956. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Cannery worker; studied medicine.

LOWRY, W. (Wilson) McNeil, writer and patron PERSONAL: Born February 17, 1913; son of Benedict Harrison (a businessman) and Helen (a teacher; maiden name, Graham) Lowry; married Elsa Koch, August 31, 1936; children: Elsa. EDUCATION: University of Illinois, A.B., 1934; Ph.D., 1941. POLITICS: Democrat. MILITARY: U.S. Navy Reserve (active duty, 1943^6). NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Associate editor, Dayton, OH, Daily News, 1946-47; chief, Washington bureau, Cox newspapers, 1947329


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 SIDELIGHTS: FAVORITE PART—Galileo. HOBBY—Writing articles about the theatre and films.

CAREER: DEBUT—China, Pageant of All Nations, St. Boniface Parish Hall, Fort Smith, AR, 1939. NEW YORK DEBUT— Old Shepherd, Oedipus Rex, Carnegie Playhouse, 1959. LONDON DEBUT—Hank, The Boys in the Band, Wyndham's, 1969. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—George Fabry, There Is a Play Tonight, Theatre Marquee, 1961; lago, Othello, Hotspur, Henry IV, Part 1, Justice Swallow, Henry IV, Part 1, Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, Cleveland, OH, 1962; title role, Caligula, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1962; William Roper, A Man for All Seasons, ANTA, NY, 1963; Faces in the American Mirror, 1963; William Roper, A Man for All Seasons, ANTA, NY, 1963; Simon Holt, Beekman Place, Morosco, NY, 1964; Damis, Tartujfe, ANTA Washington Square, NY, 1965; title role, Galileo, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1965; Arms and the Man, 1965;

ADDRESS: Office—c/o Richard M. Rosenthal, 445 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022.*

LUMET, Sidney, director PERSONAL: Born June 25, 1924, in Philadelphia, PA; son of Baruch and Eugenia (Wermus) Lumet; married Rita Gam (divorced); Gloria Vanderbilt, August 27, 1956 (divorced 1963); married Gail Jones, November 23, 1963 (divorced 1978); married Mary Gimbel, October, 1980; children: Amy, Jenny. EDUCATION: Attended Columbia University. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1942^6.

Sodom and Gomorrah, Playhouse in the Park, Cincinnati, OH, 1966-67 season; Biff Loman, Death of a Salesman, Edmund, King Lear, American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco, 1966, Orestes, The Flies, APA Repertory, NY, 1966; Hank, The Boys in the Band, Theatre Four, NY, 1968; Sensuality, Horseman, Pass By, Fortune, 1969; Ted, The Electric Map (in a double bill called The Memory Bank), Tambellini's Gate, NY, 1970; Dr. Prentice, What the Butler Saw, McAlpinRooftop,NY, 1970; Patrick, A Meeting by the River, New Theater for Now, Los Angeles, CA, 1972, also Edison, NY, 1972; Tadpole, New Theatre for Now, 1973; Frank Elliot, Alpha Beta, Eastside Playhouse, NY, 1973; Brian, The Shadow Box, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1975; Hamlet, Poor Murderer, Ethel Barrymore, NY, 1976; The Shadow Box, Morosco, NY, 1977; Simon, A Prayer for My Daughter, Public/Anspacher, NY, 1977; title role, Galileo, New York Actors Theatre, Havemeyer Hall, Columbia, NY, 1978; (replacement) George Schneider, Chapter Two, Imperial, NY, 1979; Past Tense, Circle in the Square, NY, 1980; Ken Harrison, Whose Life Is It Anyway?', Los Angeles, 1980; Vernon Gersch, They're Playing Our Song, St. Louis Municipal Opera, 1982; The Guardsman, U. of Arkansas, 1983.

CAREER: DIRECTOR—Films: Twelve Angry Men, 1957; Stage Struck, 1958; That Kind of 'Woman, 1959; The Fugitive Kind, 1960; A View from the Bridge, 1961; Long Days Journey into Night, 1962; Fail Safe, 1964; The Pawnbroker, 1965; The Hill, 1965; The Group, 1966; The Deadly Affair, 1967'; Bye, Bye Braverman, 1968; Last of the Mobile Hot Shots, 1970; Child's Play, 1972; Serpico, 1974; Lovin' Molly, 1974; Murder on the Orient Express, 1974; Dog Day Afternoon, 1975; Network, 1977; Equus, 1977; The Wiz, 1978; Just Tell Me What You Want, 1980; Prince of the City, \9%\\Deathtrap, 1982; The Verdict, 1982;Daniel 1983. TELEVISION—Mama; Danger; You Are There; Alcoa; Goodyear Playhouse; Best of the Broadway; Omnibus; Playhouse 90; Kraft Television Theater; Studio One. PLAYS—Summer Stock, 1947^9; Caligula, 1960. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(Child actor) Dead End, 1935; My Heart1 s in the Highlands, 1939; George Washington Slept Here, 1940-41.

MAJOR TOURS—William Roper, A Man for All Seasons, national, 1963-64; Educating Rita, stock tour, 1981; He, / Do, I Do, stock tour, 1983.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o LAH Film Corporation, 156 W. 56th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10019.*

DIRECTED: Plays—As State Department Drama Advisor to Sudan in 1961, directed Macbeth in Arabic; Our Town, Rome (in Italian), 1961; Old Aquaintance, Paramus, NJ, 1967. LU PONE, Patti, actress

PRINCIPAL FILMS—Hank, The Boys in the Band, 1970; Such Good Friends, 1971; The Money; The Promise, 1979.

PERSONAL: Born April 21, 1949, in Northport, NY. EDUCATION: Trained for the stage at the Juilliard School.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Pabundren, As I Lay Dying; Frank Carver, The Secret Storm; Glenn Garth Gregory, The Delphi Bureau, 1972-73; Eisenhower, 1978; The Mating Season, 1980; One More Try, 1982; Death Sentence; Panic on the 5:22; Winner Take All; The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case.

CAREER: DEBUT—Title role, Iphegenia, student company at Young Vic, Europe, 1970. NEW YORK DEBUT—Lady Teazle, The School for Scandal, Kathleen, The Hostage, Natasha, The Lower Depths, the Acting Company (first season), Good Shepherd Faith Church, 1972. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Irina, The Three Sisters, Lucy Lockit, The Beggar's Opera, Lizzie, Next Time I'll Sing to You, Acting Company (second season), Billy Rose, NY, 1973; Rosamund, The Robber Bridegroom, Prince Edward, Edward II, Kitty Duval, The Time of Your Life, Acting Company, Harkness, NY, 1975; Genevieve, The Baker s Wife, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, 1976; Ruth, The Woods, St. Nicholas,

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Stage carpenter; founding director, New York Actors Theatre, 1978. WRITINGS: BOOKS—Feature People. PLAYS—Roy Brightswood (also known as Roy Hurd)\ The Golden Gate. ARTICLES—'The Irrelevance of Being an Actor," New York Times, 1970. 330



Chicago, 1977; Rita/Lily La Pon, The Water Engine, Plymouth, NY, 1978; Call Girl, Working, 46th Street, NY, 1978; Monagh, Catchpenny Twist, Hartford Stage, CT, 1979; title role, Evita, Broadway Theatre, NY, 1979; Rosalind, As You Like It, Guthrie, Minneapolis, 1981; Ruth, The Woods, Second Stage, NY, 1981; Moll, The Cradle Will Rock, NY, 1982; Stars of Broadway, Colonie Coliseum, Albany, NY, 1983, Edmond, NY, 1983; Nancy, Oliver!, Mark Hellinger, 1984. MAJOR TOURS—Title role, Evita, pre-Broadway national tour, 1979. FILM APPEARANCES—King of the Gypsies, 1978; 1941, 1980; Striking Back, 1981. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Kitty, The Time of Your Life. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, 1980: Evita; Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, 1976: The Robber Bridegroom. SIDELIGHTS: In addition to her stage work, Ms. LuPone has lead an active nightclub and concert life, performing in major venues. Both her brothers are also in the theatre. ADDRESS: Agent—DHKPR, 165 W. 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.*


LUPUS, Peter, actor PERSONAL: Born June 17, 1943 in Indianapolis, IN; son of Peter Sr. (a businessman) and Mary I. (Lambert) Lupus; married Sharon M. Hildenbrand (a fitness consultant). EDUCATION: Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, three years; studied with Robert Montgomery, Lurene Tuttle, Jeff Corey, Eric Morris, Al Morganstern, and Martin Landau at Jordon College in Indianapolis. MILITARY: U.S. Army. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Executive Vice-President and Part Owner, Family Fitness Centers of Southern California.

Magazine; Best Built Actor, World Body Building Guild; The Bronze Halo, Southern California Motion Picture Council, for Outstanding Contributions to Entertainment. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—USO National Council; past Honorary Mayor of Studio City; CA; past National Chairman of Cystic Fibrosis; Salute to Youth program; past King Pin for National "Bowl Down Cancer;" past member L.A. Mayor's Citizens Narcotics Commission; past Grand Marshal of the Christmas Lane Parade.

CAREER: DEBUT—Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, Indianapolis Starlight Musical Series. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Cactus Elower; Accommodations; Boeing, Boeing; Love in E Flat; Saving Grace; Arsenic and Old Lace; Any Wednesday; Wake up Darling; The Paisley Convertible; Agatha Sue, I Love You; The Only Game in Town; A Streetcar Named Desire.

ADDRESS: Agent—Ruth Webb Agency, 9229 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

TELEVISION DEBUT—I'm Dickens, He's Eenster. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Willy Armitage, Mission Impossible (seven seasons); The Red Skelton Show; Jack Benny Show; Dobie Gillis; Joey Bishop Show; Danny Kaye Show; Mike Douglas Show; Johnny Carson Show; Merv Griffin Show; Donald O'Connor Show; Woody Woodbury Show; Lucky Paris; Movie Game; Skitch Henderson Show; Tom Kennedy Show. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Muscle Beach Party.

LYMAN, Dorothy, actress, director, and producer PERSONAL: Born April 18, 1947 in Minneapolis, MN; daughter of Hector H. (a stockbroker) and Violet E. (Brightwell) Lyman; married Joachim Tillinger, December 1, 1971 (divorced 1978); children: Emma, Sebastian. EDUCATION: Attended Sarah Lawrence College. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Niagara Falls, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1968; The Serpent, Open Theatre's European tour, 1968; Shrivings, London, 1969; Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Florida, 1970; Action, American Place, New York, 1976; House of Mirth, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1977; On the Outside—On the Inside, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1977; Fefu and

WRITINGS: Peter Lupus' Guide to Radiant Health and Beauty, with Dr. Samuel Homola; Peter Lupus' Celebrity Body Book, with Dr. Samuel Homola. AWARDS: Winner, New Male Star of the Year Award, Southern California Symphony; Man of the Year, Play girl 331



Her Friends, American Place, New York, 1978; Later, Phoenix, New York, 1979; Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking, Astor Place Theatre, New York, 1980.

Mellendick. EDUCATION: Montclair State College, B.A.; Fordham University, M.F.A. POLITICS: Republican. RELIGION: Roman Catholic. MILITARY: U. S. Air Force, 1943-46.

DIRECTED: PLAYS—Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking, Astor Place Theatre, 1980; Frugal Repast, New York Theatre Studio, 1982; Loving Reno, New York Theatre Studio, 1983. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Gwen Frame, Another World, 1976-80; Opal Gardner, All My Children; Naomi Gates Harper, Mama's Family.

CAREER: DEBUT—chorus, Paper Mill Playhouse, Millburn, NJ. NEW YORK DEBUT—Reverend John Witherspoon, 7776, 46th Street Theater, New York, 1969. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(New York) Louis Leplee, Piaf, A Remembrance, Playhouse Theater, 1977; Judge Turpin, Sweeney Todd, Uris, 1979; Eric Didrickson, A Doll's Life, Mark Hellinger, 1982;The Wizard, Merlin, Mark Bellinger, 1983; (Regional) Praed, Mrs. Warren's Profession; The Coach, That Championship Season; Angelino, A Yard of Sun; Deeley, Old Times; Claudius, Hamlet; Vincentio, Taming of the Shrew; Reverend Anderson, The Devil's Disciple; Con Melody, A Touch of the Poet; Fagin, Oliver; Noirtier, The Count of Monte Cristo; Walter Burns, The Front Page. MAJOR TOURS—Judge Turpin, Sweeney Todd, U.S. cities, 1980-81.

AWARDS: Emmy Award, Best Actress, 1983: All My Children; Emmy Award, Best Supporting Actress, 1982: All My Children. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—League of Professional Theatre Women. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Jacksina and Freedman, 1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

TELEVISION DEBUT—Dr. Hendryx, The Doctors, 1972. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Teaching—(English) St. Peter's College; Jersey City State College; St. Francis College. LYNDECK, Edmund (ne Mellendick), actor

ADDRESS: Home—24 Willow Street, Bayonne, NJ 07002. Agent—c/o J. Michael Bloom, Ltd., 200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10017.

PERSONAL: Son of George Henry and Rose Ann (Tennyson)


M Fear, with Joanna Roos, 1950; The Box Supper, with music by Otis Clements, 1950; Jasper, with music by Otis Clements, 1950; The O'Neills, with Ruth Friedlich, 1949-50; The Woman at High Hollow, 1958. TELEVISION SHOWS, PUBLISHED—Borderline of Fear, The Best Television Plays of 1951. RADIO SHOWS—Borderline of Fear (beamed behind the Iron Curtain by U.S. State Department), 1951; Created Equal, 1947; author of more than 50 produced plays for radio and television.

MABLEY, Edward (Howe), playwright, director, educator (John Ware) PERSONAL: Born March 7, 1906 in Binghampton, NY; son of Clarence Ware (a film technician) and Mabelle (a musician; maiden name, Howe) Mabley. EDUCATION: Attended Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 1923. MILITARY: U.S. Army, Signal Corps, Sergeant, 1942-43. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER—Mayor of Pomona, NY, 1971; U.S. Navy civilian employee, New York, 1944-45; research writer for Walter Dorwin league, (an industrial designer), New York, NY, 1937-42.

BOOKS, PUBLISHED— The Motor Balloon "America;" Dramatic Construction. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Manager/Puppeteer, Tatterman Marionettes, Cleveland, OH; free-lance writer and director, New York, 1945-52; television director, CBS, 1952-69, NBC, 1969; Instructor, Play writing, under John Gassner, New School for Social Research, 1946-present.

CAREER: PLAYS, PRODUCED— Temper the Wind, with Leonard Mins, Playhouse Theatre, NY, 1946; Glad Tidings (original title: Sacred and Profane) Somerset Playhouse, MA, 1951, Lyceum, NY, 1951; Red Sky at Morning, with Joanna Roos, Olney Theatre, MD, 1953. MUSICAL PLAYS, PRODUCED—The Mermaid in Lock No. 7 (jazz opera), music by Elie Siegmeister, American Wind Symphony, PA, 1958; Dick Whittington and His Cat (symphonic story for narrator and orchestra), music by Elie Siegmeister, Philadelphia Orchestra, 1967; / Have a Dream, (cantata based on speech by Martin Luther King), music by Elie Stiegmeister, New York, 1967; The Plough and the Stars (grand opera, based on the play by Sean O'Casey), music by Elie Siegmeister, Louisiana State University, 1969, Grand Theatre, Bordeaux, France, 1970; Dublin Song, music by Elie Siegmeister, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, 1963; Night of the Moonspell (grand opera based on A Midsummer Night's Dream), music by Elie Siegmeister, Shreveport, LA, 1976; Bon Voyage, book and lyrics (adapted from play by Labiche), music by Vera Brodsky Lawrence, York Players, NY, 1977.

AWARDS: National Theatre Conference Play writing Fellowships, 1947^-8; Naval Ordinance Development Award for exceptional service, 1945. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild; American Society of Composers, Authors and Published; Directors Guild of America; Charter member, Writers Guild of America, East. "In 1947, Mabley bought a 200-year-old farmhouse in northern Rockland County, where he lived until 1973. His hobby is travelling, and he has visited many remote parts of the world. In 1937, when he joined the staff of Walter Dorwin Teague, to work on exhibits for the New York World's Fair of 1940, he wrote and staged half a dozen major exhibits including the Ford Motor Company's A Thousand Times Neigh, which told the story of the coming of the automobile from the point of view of the horse. The dancers assembled for this production became the nucleus of The New York City Ballet."

PLAYS, UNPRODUCED—The Feathered Serpent; Doubleplay; Cross-Currents. MUSICAL PLAYS UNPRODUCED—Piggy Bank Rag; The Twin Musicals; Monsieur Choufleuri.

ADDRESS: Home—15 W. 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023. Agent—Bertha Klausner, International Literary Agency, 71 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016.

PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Glad Tidings, 1952; Discrimination for Everybody (from his radio play, Created Equal), 1948; Spring Journey, with Joanna Roos, 1950; June Dawn, with Dorothy Evans, 1949. MUSICAL PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Dick Whittington and His Cat; I Have a Dream; The Mermaid in Lock No. 7; Monsieur Chofleuri. MUSICAL PLAYS UNPUBLISHED—The Plough and the Stars; Night of the Moonspell.

MACK, Carol K., writer TELEVISION SHOWS—The Silver Cord (adaptation of Sidney Howard's play of the same title), 1949; Laburnum Grove (adaptation of J. B. Priestley's play), 1949; Borderline of

PERSONAL: Born Nov. 20, daughter of Edwin A. (a manufacturer) and Sylvia (Levy) Klein; married Peter R. Mack; 333


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 MACKAY, Lizbeth, actress PERSONAL: Born March 7, 1951 in Buffalo, NY; daughter of Robert J. (a salesman) and Alice F. (a dancer; maiden name, Steurnagel) Mackay. EDUCATION: Adelphi University^. A. (Acting); Yale School of Drama, M.F. A. (Acting). CAREER: DEBUT—American Shakespeare Festival, Fellowship Actress, Stratford, CT, 1970. NEW YORK DEBUT— Lenny Magrath, Crimes of the Heart, Manhattan Theatre Club, 1980. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Cleveland Playhouse, Cleveland, OH, 1975-78—Anne Whitefield, Man and Superman, Cora Flood, Dark at the Top of the Stairs, Ginny, Relatively Speaking, Curley's Wife, Of Mice and Men, Estella, Great Expectations, Alexandra, Little Foxes; Henriette, The Learned Ladies, Elena, The Romantics, Zerbinetta, Scapino; Alice, You Cant Take It with You, Center Stage, Baltimore, 1979; Miss Fancy, Sly Fox, Alaska Repertory, 1980; Lenny, Crimes of the Heart, Golden, NY 1981-82. MAJOR TOURS—Lenny, Crimes of the Heart, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, 1983. TELEVISION DEBUT—Leora Sanders, All My Children, 18 months. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—P.M. Magazine. AWARDS: Theatre World Award, Lenny, Crimes of the Heart, 1982; Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Debut, Lenny, Crimes of the Heart, 1981-82. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, AFTRA. CAROL MACK

ADDRESS: Agent—Sheila Robinson, International Creative Management, 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. children: Joshua, Melissa, Dinah. EDUCATION: Mount Holyoke College, B.A.; studied acting at the Herbert Berghof Studios with Uta Hagen. RELIGION: Jewish. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Lecturer, Wagner College, Hampshire College; writer of educational film strips; reader for a film company.

MACKINTOSH, Cameron, producer PERSONAL: Born October 17, 1946, in Enfield Middlesex, England; son of Ian Robert (a jazz trumpeter and timber merchant) and Diana Gladys (a production secretary; maiden name, Tonna) Mackintosh. EDUCATION: Attended Prior Park College (Somerset, England); studied for the stage at the Central School of Speech and Drama. RELIGION: Roman Catholic.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Esther, New Dramatists, 1975, White Barn Theatre Foundation, 1976, Promenade, NY, 1977; Survival Games, Berkshire Theatre Festival (Unicorn Stage), MA, 1980; Postcards, University of Jacksonville and Daytona Playhouse, FL, 1982, Ensemble Studio Theatre, 1983; A Safe Place, Berkshire Theatre Festival in association with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 1981; Territorial Rites, American Place, NY, 1983. PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Territorial Rites, Women's Project Anthology, Vol. 2, 1984. BOOKS—The Chameleon Variant (novel, with Dr. David Ehrenfeld), 1980.

CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Stage manager, Oliver!. tour, British cities, 1965. NEW YORK DEBUT—Producer/ deviser, Tomfoolery, Top of the Gate, 1981. LONDON DEBUT—Producer, Little Woman, Jeanetta Cochrane, 1967. PRODUCED: Plays—(London) Anything Goes, Saville, 1969; Trelawney, Sadler's Wells, Prince of Wales, 1972; The Card, Queens, 1973; Winnie the Pooh, Phoenix, 1974, 197'5; Owl and the Pussycat Went to See, Westminster, 1975; Side by Side by Sondheim, Wyndhams, Garrick, 1976; Oliver!, Albery, 1977-80, Aldwych, 1983'Godspell, Phoenix, 1975, Her Majesty's P.O.W., 1977, Shaftsbury, Duke of York, 1978; Diary of a Madam, Phoenix, 1977; After Shave, Apollo, 1977; Out on a Limb, Vaudeville, 1977; Gingerbread Man, Old Vic, 1978; My Fair Lady, Adelphi, 1979; Gingerbread Man, Old Vic, 1979, Royalty, 1980, Westminster, 1981; Tomfoolery, Criterion, 1980; Jeeves Takes Charge, Fortune, 1981; Cats, New London, 1981; Song and Dance, Palace, 1982; Blonde I, Old Vic, Aldwych,

AWARDS: Susan Smith Blackburn Prize finalist and FDG/ CBS Award finalist, 1983: Territorial Rites; University of Jacksonville One Act Award, 1982: Postcards; John Gassner One-Act Memorial Award (second place), 1982: Gazebo; Stanley Drama Award, 1976: A Safe Place. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild, League of Professional Theatre Women/NY, The Women's Project. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Susan Schulman, 454 W. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036. 334



SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Society of West End Theatres (executive officer), Dramatist League. ADDRESS: Office—46 Museum Street, London WC1, England.

MACKLIN, Albert, actor PERSONAL: Born November 18, 1958, in Los Angeles, CA; son of Dr. Sherman Mussoff (dean, UCLA School of Medicine) and June Bernice (O'Connell) Mellinkoff. EDUCATION: Stanford University, B.A., 1979; trained for the stage at the American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco. CAREER: DEBUT—Mr. Mell, The Play s the Thing, California Actor's Theatre, Los Gatos, CA, 1979. NEW YORK DEBUT—Ricky Hocheiser, Poor Little Lambs, Theatre at St. Peter's, 1982. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Menzies, Another Country, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1983; Zonker, Doonesbury, Biltmore, New York, 1983. FILM DEBUT—Martin, Streamers, 1983. TELEVISION DEBUT— The Angel, Amy and the Angel, ABC Afternoon Special, 1982. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Leaverton-Sames Associates, Ltd., 1650 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. CAMERON MACKINTOSH

1983;\ Little Shop of Horrors, Comedy, \9%3;Abbacadabra, Lyric Hammersmith, 1983; The Boyfriend, Old Vic, 1984.

MACLAINE, Shirley, actress PERSONAL: Born April 24, 1934, in Richmond, VA; daughter of Ira O. and Kathlyn (MacLean) Beaty; married Steve Parker, September 17, 1954; children: Stephanie Sachiko. EDUCATION: Attended Washington and Lee High School, Arlington, VA.

INTERNATIONAL: Relatively Speaking, Canada, 1974; Little Whiff of Windsor, South Africa, 1975; Side by Side by Sondheim, Canada, 1976, Ireland, 1977; Lauder, South Africa, 1976; Australia, New Zealand, 1977; Tomfoolery, Ireland, 1981, NY, Village Gate, 1981; Little Shop of Horrors, Orpheum, NY, 1982, South Africa, 1984; Cats, Winter Garden, NY, 1982; My Fair Lady, Canada, 1982; Oklahoma, Australia, 1982; Tomfoolery, South Africa, 1982; Oliver!, Scandinavia, 1982, Canada, 1983, Australia, 1984; Song and Dance, Australia, 1983.

CAREER: FILM DEBUT— Trouble with Harry, 1956. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Artists and Models, 1956; Around the World in 80 Days, 1956; Hot Spell, 1957; The Matchmaker, 1958; The Sheepman, 1957; Some Came Running, 1958; Ask Any Girl, 1959; Career, 1959; Can-Can, 1960; The Apartment, 1960; Two Loves, 1961, The Loudest Whisper, 1962; My Geisha, 1962; Children's Hour, 1962; Two for the Seesaw, 1963; Irma La Douce, 1963; What a Way to Go, 1964; The Yellow Rolls Royce, 1964; John Goldfarb Please Come Home, 1965; Gambit, 1966; Woman Times Seven, 1967; Sweet Charity, 1968; The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom, 1968; Two Mules for Sister Sara, 1969; Desperate Characters, 1970; The Possession of Joel Delaney, 1971; The Turning Point, 1977; Being There, 1979; A Change of Seasons, 1980; Loving Couples, 1980; Terms of Endearment. 1983.

MAJOR TOURS (BRITAIN) Little Woman, 1967; Murder at the Vicarage, 1969; Rebecca, 1969; At Home with the Dales, 1970; Salad Days, 1972; Butley, 1973; Winnie the Pooh, 1973-74; Time and Time Again, 1974; Godspell, 1974-80; The Owl and the Pussycat Went to See, 1974, 1975, 1976; Relatively Speaking, 1974—75; An Inspector Calls, 1974; Private Lives, 1974; Bell, Book and Candle, 974; A Merry Whiff of Windsor, 1975; Beyond the Fringe, 1975; Rock Nativity, 1975; So Who Needs Marriage, 1975; John, Paul, George and Ringo, 1975-76; Touch of Spring, 1976; Virginia Woolf, 1976; Lauder, 1976; Oliver!, 1977, 1983;S/\ Soft Beds, Hard Battles, 1973; TTie Great McGonagall, 1974; TTie /town of the Pink Panther, 197'4; The Pink Panther Strikes Again, 1976', Ghost in the Noonday Sun; The Revenge of the Pink Panther, 1978; Murder by Death, 1911 \ The Prisoner ofZenda, 1979; Being There, 1980; The Fiendish Plot ofDr Fu Manchu, 1980.


Endowment for the Arts; Craft and Folk Art Museum; president, Louis B. Mayer Foundation. Mr. Selznick is currently working on productions for Columbia Pictures, Rastar Productions, and Motown Productions. ADDRESS: Office—9441 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Attorney— Joel Behr, Silverberg, Rosen, Leon and Behr, 2029 Century Park E., Los Angeles, CA 90067.

SEYMOUR, Anne (nee Eckert), actress PERSONAL: Born September 11, 1909, in New York, NY; daughter of William Stanley (a copper expert) and May Davenport (an actress and museum curator; maiden name, Seymour) Eckert. EDUCATION: Trained for the stage at the American Laboratory Theatre School with Richard Boleslavsky and Maria Ouspenskaya. POLITICS: Democrat. RELIGION: Episcopalian.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—BBC: Gently Bentley, Idiot Weekly, A Show Called Fred, Son of Fred, The Cathode Ray Tube Show; The Muppet Show, 1979. RADIO PERFORMANCES—BBC: The Goon Show, 1951-60, Ray's a Laugh, Crazy People.

CAREER: DEBUT—The Jitney Players, New England tour, 1928. NEW YORK DEBUT—Mr. Moneypenny, 1928. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(Broadway) At the Bottom, 1930; Maria, A School for Scandal, 1931; Sara, Sunrise at Campobello, 1958; (Regional) first woman of Corinth, Medea, Valley Music Theatre, CA, 1965; Gertrude, After the Rain, Schoenberg Hall, Los Angeles, 1965; Capulet, Ring Round the Moon, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, 1975; Josephine Whitaker, Close Ties, Coronet, Los Angeles, CA, 1982; (Stock) The Elverhoj Theatre; Falmouth Playhouse; Berkshire Playhouse; Westchester Playhouse; Millbrook Theatre; Ogonquit Theatre; Copley Theatre, Boston, MA.

AWARDS: Honorary Degree, Mannheim Festival, 1959-60; Silver Miqueldi statuette Bilboa, 1960; Golden Gate Award for best fiction still San Francisco, 1960; Best British Actor Award, 1959: I'm Alright Jack *

SELZNICK, Daniel, producer, writer FILM DEBUT—Lucy Stark, All the Kings Men, 1949. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— Man on Fire, 1957; Gift of Love, 1958; Home from the Hill, 1960; Pollyanna, 1960; The Subterraneans, 1960; All the Fine Young Cannibals, 1960; Misty, 1961; Good Neighbor, Sam, 1964; Where Love Has Gone, 1964; Stay Away Joe, 1968; Triumphs of 'a Man Called Horse.

PERSONAL: Born May 18, 1936, in Los Angeles; son of David O. (a film producer) and Irene (a theatre producer; maiden name, Mayer) Selznick; married Joan Keller (a film maker). EDUCATION: Harvard University, B.A., 1958; graduate work at Brandeis; studied with Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg. CAREER: PRINCIPAL THEATRE WORK—Stage manager, The Highest Tree, NY; stage manager, The Tumbler, NY; stage manager, The Complaisant Lover, NY; director, Bouboroche, I AST A, NY; associate director, American Tent Theatre, Spoleto, Italy, 1962.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Studio One; Robert Montgomery Presents; Kraft Television Theatre; Lux Television Playhouse; Alcoa Presents; Climax; The Jackie Gleason Show; Mama; Steve Allen s Tonight Show; Gunsmoke; Hawaiian Eye; Rawhide; Ben Casey; My Three Sons; Eleventh Hour; Mr. Novak; Empire, 1962; The Tim Conway Show, 1970; Policewoman; Police Story; Sandburg s Lincoln; Planet of the Apes; Portrait of Grandpa Doc; Ironside; Emergency; Marcus Welby; Bewitched; Bonanza; Another World; General Hospital; One Day at a Time; The Tony Randall Show; Tough Girl; Angel on my Shoulder; Beatrice; Mr. Merlin; Gloria; Cagney and Lacey. RADIO—Grand Hotel; The Story of May Marlin; Lights Out; Inner Sanctum; Against the Storm; The Magnificent Montague; Studio One; Portia Faces Life; Armstrong Theatre of Today.

PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Associate producer, Targets, 1968; former production executive, MCA-Universal. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Co-producer, Night of Terror; co-produced, Blood Eeud, 1983. WRITINGS: ARTICLES—"Moguls, Executives and Other Types," Sunday New York Herald-Tribune; "Wreck of the Brokaw Mansions," Sunday New York Herald-Tribune; "An Old Pro on the Go Again," New York Times Sunday Magazine; numerous pieces for the International HeraldTribune. BOOKS—The Coming of Christ; A Tanglewood Dream.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Actors' Fund (chairman, West Coast Committee Board); Motion Picture Television Fund (board); Episcopalian Actors Guild; AFTRA (national and local boards); SAG (national board); Theatre Authority. Ms. Seymour is the seventh generation of a theatrical family that

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Trustee, Motion Picture Relief Fund; American Cinematheque; various panels, National 459



begins with %Jack Johnstone in Belfast, Ireland in 1740 and includes Fanny Davenport, an actress/manager, Harry Davenport (Gone with the Wind and Meet Me in St. Louis], and James Seymour, the writer of Forty-Second Street.

Roomies; How Green Was My Brownie; Dream Lover; Take a Number, Darling; Who's on First; Once Is Enough; The Creature Creeps; Honestly, Now; M Is for the Million; Meanwhile, Back on the Couch; Saving Grace; Kiss or Make Up; The Murder Room; Rich Is Better; A Gentlemen and a Scoundrel; Double Exposure; Par for the Course; Your Flake or Mine; The Second Lady; June Groom; Play On; A Turn for the Nurse; But Why Bump OffBarnaby; Return of the Maniac; The Clone People; This Must Be the Place; Let's Murder Marsha; My Son the Astronaut; Turkey in the Straw; Dracula: The Musical; Beauty and the Beast, Really; Pushover; Turnabout; What a Spot; Woman Overboard; Operetta; The Picture of Dorian Grey; Hope for the Best; The Saloonkeeper's Daughter; Not the Count of Monte Cristo; Slow Down, Sweet Chariot; And on the Sixth Day; My Husband the Wife.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Writers and Artists Agency, 450 N. Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Agent—c/o Abrams-Rubaloff, 2106 Live Oak Drive E., Los Angeles, CA 90068.

SEYMOUR, Jane, actress PERSONAL: Born February 15, 1951, Hillingdon, Middlesex, England; daughter of John Benjamin and Mieke (Frankenberg) Seymour; married David Flynn, July 18, 1981. EDUCATION: Attended Arts Educational School, London, England.

NOVELS PUBLISHED—The Secret Martians; Ultimatum in 2050 A.D.; Murder Maestro, Please; Death for Auld Lang Syne. SHORT STORIES AND ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN Playboy Magazine; Dude; Gent; Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine; Fantastic; Amazing; Magazine of Fantasy and Science; Galaxy; Worlds Beyond; Rogue; Sir Kay.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Oh! What a Lovely War, 1968; The Only Way, 1968; Young Winston, 1969; Live and Let Die, 1971; Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, 1973; Somewhere in Time, 1979; Oh Heavenly Dog, 1979.

AWARDS: Key to the City of Garden Grove, CA, by mayor for work in the theatre and the honor of premiering Honestly Now at theatre in the city's Arts Complex.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Frankenstein, the True Story, 1972; Captains and the Kings, 1976; Seventh Avenue, 1976; The Awakening Land, 1977; The Four Feathers, 1911 \ Battlestar Galactia; The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, 1979; Our Mutual Friend, 1975; Killer on Board; Las Vegas Undercover; Benny and Barney; Love's Dark Ride; East of Eden, 1980.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild; Writers League of America. "I wrote my first novel at the age of 10 in 1941 and sold my first short story at age 18 in 1949. After serving in the Army, I moved to New York City and into full-time writing, creating hundreds of short stories and seven novels sold. Once my career was established, I moved back to Chicago, got married and submitted my first play, Here Lies Jeremy Troy to New York producer Elliot Martin in 1965; it was optioned and produced that summer. There are now over 47 plays and musicals. . . . My musical instincts stem from childhood, when I was a piano-playing prodigy doing Chopin, Liszt, et al. with easy abandon, and slated to become a concert pianist before I was out of my teens—but I found the daily practicing a drag, and much preferred composing my own music. . . . Writing a play tailored to a particular talent is always challenging—but definitely a lot of fun.''

PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Amadeus, Constanze, Broadhurst, NY, 1980-81. AWARDS: Named Honorary Citizen of Illinois, 1977; Emmy nomination, 1976: Captains and The Kings. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SAG, AEA, British AEA, AFTRA. ADDRESS: Agent—William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino Drive, Beverly Hills, C A 90212.*

ADDRESS: Agent—M. Abbott Van Nostrand, 25 W. 45th Street, New York, NY 10036. SHARKEY, Jack, playwright, composer, writer, director (Rick Abbot, Mike Johnson, Monk Ferris) SHATNER, William, actor

PERSONAL: Born May 6, 1931 in Chicago; son of John Patrick (a superintendent, city mail, Chicago, IL) and Mary Jane (a schoolteacher; maiden name, Luckey) Sharkey; married Patricia Arlene Walsh (a linguist) on July 14, 1962; children: Beth Eileen, Carole Lynn, Susan Kathleen, Michael Joseph. EDUCATION: St. Mary's College, Winona, MN, B.A. (Creative Writing), 1953. POLITICS: "no party affiliation." RELIGION: Roman Catholic. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1955-56.

PERSONAL: Born March 22, 1931, in Montreal, Canada; son of Joseph and Anne Shatner; married Gloria Rand, August 12, 1956 (divorced 1969); Marcy Lafferty, October 20, 1973; children: 3 daughters. EDUCATION: McGill University^.A., 1952. CAREER: PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Omnibus; Studio One; U.S. Steel Hour; Alfred Hitchcock Presents; Naked City; Alcoa Premiere; Twilight Zone; Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre; Name of the Game; Mission: Impossible;

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED—first publishing date, 1968, all titles are subsequent—Here Lies Jeremy Troy; Spinoff; 460



PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Creator, Make Room for Daddy, My World, and Welcome to It; writer/producer/ director: The Legend of Valentino, The Great Houdinis, Ike, The Other Woman, Deception (forthcoming).

Testimony of Two Men; The Tenth Level; The Andersonville Trial; Star Trek, 1966-69; Star Trek (animated), 1973-75; Barbary Coast, 1975-76; T. J. Hooker; (movies) The Bastard, 1918; Disaster on the Coastliner, 1979; The Babysitter, 1979; The Kidnapping of the President.

WRITINGS: In addition to screenplays above: BOOKS—How to Make a Jewish Movie (non-fiction); Lualda (novel); The Great Houdinis (biography, based on screenplay); Ike (biography, based on screenplay); The Eleventh Commandment (novel). PLAYS, PRODUCED—Jimmy (book), NY.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—The Brothers Karamazov, 1958; The Intruder; The Outrage, 1964; Big Bad Mama; Dead of Night; Star Trek, 1979; Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, 1982; Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, 1984.

AWARDS: Writers Guild of America, Laurel Award for Screen writing; Screen Writers Guild, 1959: The Five Pennies; Academy Award Nominations, 1958: Houseboat, 1955: The Seven Little Foys; seven Screen Writers Guild Nominations; Fame Magazine Award; San Sebastian Film Festival Award; Taormini Festival Award; four Box Office Blue Ribbon Awards; three Southern California Motion Picture Council Awards.

STAGE DEBUT—Tom, Tom Sawyer, Montreal, Canada, 1952. NEW YORK DEBUT—Usumcasame, Tamburlaine the Great, Winter Garden, 1956. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Montreal Playhouse, 195253; Canadian Repertory Theatre, Ottawa, Canada, 1952-53; Young Lord, Measure for Measure, Lucentio, The Taming of the Shrew; Chorus, Oedipus Rex, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Ontario, Canada, 1954; Lucius, Julius Caesar, Gratiano, The Merchant of Venice, Chorus, King Oedipus, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Ontario, Canada, 1955; Fenton, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Duke of Gloucester, Henry V, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Ontario, Canada, 1956; Robert Lomax, The World of Suzie Wong, Broadhurst, NY, 1958; Paul Sevigne, A Shot in the Dark, Booth, NY, 1961; Tom, Remote Asylum, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, CA, 1971.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild of America, West (past president); Screen Writers (past president); president, Writers Guild Foundation. ADDRESS: Agent—William Morris, 151 El Camino Drive, BeverlyHills,CA90212.

MAJOR TOURS—Canadian Repertory Theatre, Canadian cities; The Tricks of the Trade, U.S. cities, 1977.

SHAWN, Wallace, playwright, actor

AWARDS: Theatre World Award, 1958; Tyrone Guthrie Award, 1956.

PERSONAL: Born November 12, 1943; son of William (editor, New Yorker) and Cecille (Lyon) Shawn. EDUCATION. Dalton; Putney; Harvard; Oxford. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER— Taught English in India on a Fulbright.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA. RECREATION—Riding, archery, photography, writing.

CAREER: DEBUT—Prologue/Fawning Servant, The Mandrake, Public Theatre's Other Stage, NY, 1977. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—The Cat, The Master and Margerita, Public Theater's LuEsther Hall, NY, 1978; Ilya, Theatre Manager, Chinchilla, Phoenix, Mary mount Manhattan, NY, 1979; Julius Goldfarb, The First Time, 1983; Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte, Symphony Space, NY, 1984.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.*

FILM DEBUT—"Sexual Beast Husband", Manhattan, 1979. FILM APPEARANCES—Starting Over, 1979; All That Jazz, 1979; Simon, 1980; My Dinner with Andre, 1982; Lovesick, 1982; Strange Invaders, 1983; Crackers, 1983; The Deal of the Century, 1983; Freud, The Hotel New Hampshire, 1984.

SHAVELSON, Melville, writer, producer, director PERSONAL: Born April 1, 1917; son of Joseph (a store owner) and Hilda (Chanin) Shavelson; married Lucille Meyers; children: Richard, Carol-Lynn. EDUCATION. Cornell University, B.A.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Owr Late Night, Public Theatre, NY, 1975; translation of Machiavelli's The Mandrake, 1977; A Thought in Three Parts, first seen in London; Marie and Bruce; The Hotel Play; The Music Teacher, LaMama Annex, NY, 1983; Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte. SCREENPLAYS, PRODUCED—My Dinner with Andre. PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Marie and Bruce, The Hotel Play, The Mandrake, My Dinner with Andre.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Writer/producer/director: Princess and the Pirate; Wonder Man; The Kid from Brooklyn; Sorrowful Jones; It's a Great Feeling; Daughter of Rosie O'Grady; Always Leave Them Laughing; Where There's Life; On Moonlight Bay; Room for One More; /' // Be Seeing You in My Dreams; April in Paris; Trouble Along the Way; Living It Up; The Seven Little Foys, 1955; Beau James, 1957; Houseboat, 1958; The Five Pennies, 1959; It Started in Naples, I960-On the Double, \96\-The PigeonThatTook Rome, 1962; A New Kind of Love, 1963; Cast a Giant Shadow, 1966; Yours, Mine, and Ours, 1968; The War Between Men and Women, 1972; Mixed Company, 1974.

AWARDS: Obie, Our Late Night, 1975; Academy Award Nomination, 1983: My Dinner with Andre. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Luis Sanjurjo, I.C.M., 40 W. 56th Street, New York, NY 10019. 461



SHEINESS, Marsha, playwright and director PERSONAL: Born November 20, 1940, in Corpus Christi, TX; daughter of Lewis (a merchant) and Sylvia Betty (a community service volunteer; maiden name, Krasner) Sheiness. EDUCATION: Los Angeles State College, B.A. CAREER: DEBUT—Crazy Agnes, The Drunkard, Knox Street Theater, Dallas, TX. MAJOR TOURS—National Repertory Theater Company, U.S. cities, 1965-66. DIRECTED: PLAYS—Professor George, Playwrights Horizons, NY, 1975; The Spelling Bee, Westbeth Theater Center, NY, 1977; Bus Stop, St. Clement's, NY, 1978; Dr. Kneal, New York Stage Works, NY, 1978; Professor George, New York Stage Works, 1978; Monkey Monkey Bottle of Beer, How Many Monkeys Have We Here, New York Stage Works, NY, 1979; Play Golem, Jewish Repertory, NY, 1980; Best All 'Round, New York Stage Works, NY, 1981; Reception, 18th Street Playhouse, NY, 1982. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Pancho Pancho, The Angels Company Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 1968, Little Room, NY, 1969; Clair and the Chair, Clark Center, NY, 1971, Queens Festival Theater, NY, 1975, Playwrights Horizons, NY, 1975; Stop the Parade, Clark Center, NY, 1973, Queens Festival, NY, 1976, Playwrights Horizons, 1976; Dealers' Choice, Clark Center, NY, 1973, Queens Festival, NY, 1978, Playwrights Horizons, \91$; New York, New York "Pick-Up," "No Way,", Queens Festival, NY, Playwrights Horizons, 1975; The Spelling Bee, Eugene O'Neill Playwrights Conference, Waterford, CT, 1975; Queens Festival, NY, 1976, Playwrights Horizons, NY, 1976, Westbeth, NY, 1977; Monkey, Monkey Bottle of Beer, How Many Monkeys Have We Here?, New Theater, NY, 1971, Walpole Footlighters, MA, 1974, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, OH, 1974, NY, 1979; Professor George, Eugene O'Neill Playwrights Conference, Waterford, CT, 1972, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 1972, Drake University, Des Moines, IA, 1973, Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ, 1975, ASTA, Washington, D.C., 1975, George Street Playhouse, NJ, 1975, Queens Festival Theater, New York, 1975, Playwrights Horizons, NY, 1975, New York Stage Works, NY, 1978; Reception, 18th Street Playhouse, NY, 1982; Best All 'Round, Perry Street Theater, NY, 1982.


SHELTON, Reid, actor PERSONAL: Born October 7, 1924, in Salem, OR; son of Roy Van (a real estate broker) and Jennie (an income tax auditor; maiden name, White) Shelton; married Mari Leslie, October 31, 1959 (divorced 1964). EDUCATION: Willamette University, B.M.; University of Michigan, M.M. CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT— Wish You Were Here, Imperial. LONDON DEBUT—Theseus, Phedre, American Embassy, 1966, 12 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— (Broadway) Daddy Warbucks, Annie; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; The Rothschilds; Canterbury Tales; Oh, What a Lovely War!; My Fair Lady; The Saint of Bleecker Street; Carousel; (Off-Broadway) The Contractor, Chelsea Theatre Center; The Beggar s Opera, Chelsea Theatre Center; Man with a Load of Mischief; Phedre, Greenwich Mews; Butterfly Dream, Greenwich Mews; Duchess of Malfi. MAJOR TOURS—Annie, U.S. cities; The Rothschilds, U.S. cities; 7776, U.S. cities', My Fair Lady, U.S. cities, USSR; Phedre, British cities.

PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Professor George; Monkey, Monkey Bottle of Beer, How Many Monkeys Have We Here?; Reception. SCREENPLAYS—Have a Nice Weekend, 1975. TELEVISION PLAYS—Monkey, Monkey Bottle of Beer, How Many Monkeys Have We Here?, 1975. BOOKS—Two Swallows in No Time, 1970. AWARDS: National Endowment for the Arts Award, 197980; Dramatics Magazine Award (second place), 1974: Professor George; Exxon Award, 1974: Monkey, Monkey Bottle of Beer, How Many Monkeys Have We Here?

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Too Good to Be True; Tales of the Gold Monkey; Remington Steele; Cheers; Knight Rider; The Annie Christmas Special; The Tony Awards Special; Merv Griffin Show; Mike Douglas Show; Lottery; Three's Company; Webster.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild; Writers Guild East, PEN; AEA; SAG.

AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, Best Actor in a Musical: Annie.

ADDRESS: Agent—Fifi Oscard Agency, 19 W. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.




CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Days of Heaven, 1978; Resurrection, 1980; Raggedy Man, 1981; Frances, 1982; The Right Stuff, 1983.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Gage Group, 9229 Sunset Blvd. Suite 306, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

WRITINGS: PLAYS—Cowboys, Rock Garden, Up to Thursday, Dog, Rocking Chair, 1964; Chicago, Icarus's Mother, 4-H Club, 1965; Fouteen Hundred Thousand, Red Cross, La Turista, 1966; Forensic and the Navigators, Melodrama Play, 1961 \ Shaved Splits, 1968; True West, Operation Sidewinder, The Unseen Hand, 1970; Mad Dog Blues, Cowboy Mouth (with Patti Smith), Back Bog Beast Bait, The Holy Ghostly, 1971; The Tooth of Crime, Open Space, London, 197'2; Blue Bitch, Nightwalk(with Jean-Claude Van Itallie and Megan Terry, 1973; Little Ocean, Geography of a Horse Dreamer, Action, 1974; Killer's Head, 1975; Angel City, Curse of the Starving Class, Suicide in B Flat, 1976; Seduced, Buried Child, 1978; TonguesI'Savage Love, 1979. SCREENPLAYS—Zabriski Point, 1969; Me and My Brother.

SHELTON, Sloane, actress PERSONAL: Born March 17, 1934 in Hahira, GA; daughter of Clarence Duffie (an insurance salesman) and Ruth Evangeline (Davis) Shelton. EDUCATION: Attended Berea College, KY, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England for two years, 1957-59. POLITICS: Democrat. CAREER: DEEm—The Curtain Rises, Flat Rock Playhouse, Flat Rock, NC, 1952. NEW YORK DEBUT—Miss Metcalf, Dark of the Moon, Equity Library Theatre, 1960. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Christian, Androcles and the Lion, Phoenix, NY; The Basic Training ofPavlo Hummel, Public Theatre, NY; / Never Sang for My Father, Longacre, NY; Sticks and Bones, Golden, NY; The Runner Stumbles, Little Theatre, NY; Shadow Box, Morosco, NY; Passione, Morosco, NY.

AWARDS: Pulitzer Prize, Obie Award, 1979: Buried Child; Obie Award, 1977: Curse of the Starving Class, Action, La Turista; Obie Award, 1973: The Tooth of Crime; Obie Award, 1968: True West; Obie Award, 1966: Icarus' Mother; National Society of Arts and Letters Award, 1974. Fellowships—Rockefeller, Guggenheim.

MAJOR TOURS—Cassandra, The Trojan Women, Madame Josephine, Madwoman of Chaillot, National Repertory Theatre, 1965-67 'Exit the King, APAtour.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o Magic Theatre Building D, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA 94123. Agent—c/o Toby Cole, 234 W. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.*

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—All the President's Men, 1976; All That Jazz, 1979. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—F.D.R.: The Last Year; Concealed Enemies; Summer Switch, Afternoon Special. WRITINGS: Documentary film, Millay at Steepletop, 1976. AWARDS: Honors Graduate at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England.

SHEROHMAN, Tom, actor, director, producer

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Served for three years on the Theatre Advisory Panel of the New York State Council on the Arts; Actors Fund of America; AEA; SAG; O'Neill Foundation, Waterford, CT.

PERSONAL: Born April 12, 1945, in Minneapolis, MN; son of Thomas C. (a factory worker) and Patricia F. (a cook; maiden name, Andrews) Sherohman. EDUCATION: Attended University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1964—67.

Miss Shelton has begun her directing career with a production of Kudzu at Playwrights Horizons in New York and is a member of the Directors Lab at the Circle Repertory Company.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Actor, Son of Miss America, Brave New Workshop, Minneapolis, 1967; artistic director, Sweetness and Light, Omaha, NE, 1970-71; artistic director, Dudley Riggs Etc., Minneapolis, 1973-75; writer/director, The Limbo Lounge, Olios, Los Angeles, 1984.

ADDRESS: Home—49 Grove Street, New York, NY 10014. Agent—The Spylios Agency, 250 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10107.

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Screen writer/actor, Modern Problems, 1981; screenwriter, New Magic, 1984. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Player/sketchwriter, The Redd Foxx Show. WRITINGS: SCREENPLAYS—Modern Problems (with Arthur Sellers and Ken Shapiro), \9%\; New Magic, 1984. PLAYS— The Limbo Lounge.

SHEPARD, Sam (ne Samuel Shepard Rogers), actor, playwright PERSONAL: Born November 5, 1942, in Ft. Sheridan, IL; son of Samuel Shepard and Jane Ekaine (Schook) Rogers; married O-Lan Johnson Dark, November 9, 1969; children: Jesse Mojo. EDUCATION: Attended Mt. San Antonio Junior College.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild West, AFTRA, SAG, AEA. ADDRESS: Agent—Leading Artists Inc., 445 N. Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. 463


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 DIRECTED: Plays—A Taste of Honey, Noisy in the Nursery, Sundown Beach, Actors Studio, NY; Suddenly, Last Summer, Cubiculo, NY; Zoo Story, Class Reunion, Ensemble Studio, NY; (Regional) Artichoke; Glass Menagerie. FILM DEBUT—Baby Doll, 1956. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1958; Sweet Bird of Youth, 1962; Parrish, 1961; Hurry Sundown, 1967; Pendulum, 1969; Until She Talks; Mr. Preble Gets Rid of His Wife; The Changeling, 1980; Resurrection, 1980; Teachers; Wicked, Wicked; The 91st Day. TELEVISION DEBUT— Westinghouse Summer Theatre, 1952. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Mother Superior, The Flying Nun, 1966-70; Studio I; Playhouse 90; The Defenders; Rich Man, Poor Man; Bonanza; The Waltons; The Electric Grandmother; Wins low House; One Life to Live; Guiding Light. RELATED CAREERS: Teacher—Circle in the Square Theatre School, NY; New York University; Madeleine ThorntonSherwood Theatre Workshop. AWARDS: Obie Award, 1962: Hey, You, Light Man! SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, AFTRA, SAG, Actors Studio, Ensemble Studio Theatre, American Film Institute, Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, Esalen Institute, The Fortune Society.


ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Susan Smith, 850 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

SHERWOOD, Madeleine (nee Thornton), actress and director PERSONAL: Born November 13, 1922, in Montreal, Canada; daughter of Laurence H. and Yvonne M. (Villard) Thornton; married Robert Sherwood (divorced); children: Chloe. EDUCATION: Attended Yale Drama School; trained for the stage at the Montreal Repertory Theatre and the Actors Studio.

SHIRE, Talia (Rose), actress PERSONAL: Born April 25, 1946, Jamaica, NY; daughter of Carmine (an arranger and composer) and Italia (Pennine) Coppola; married David Lee Shire, March 29, 1970 (divorced); Jack Schwartzman, August 23, 1980. children: (first marriage), Matthew, (second marriage), Jason. EDUCATION: attended Yale University School of Drama, 2 years.

CAREER: THEATER DEBUT—Bessie Walty, Corn Is Green, Montreal Repertory, Canada. NEW YORK DEBUT—Abigail, The Crucible, Martin Beck, 1953. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Mae, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Morosco, NY, 1955; Miss Lucy, Sweet Bird of Youth, Martin Beck, NY, 1959; Lily Brown, Invitation to a March, Music Box, NY, 1960; Ida, The Garden of Sweets, ANTA, NY, 1961; Morgan la Fay, Camelot, Majestic, NY, 1961; Lula Roca, Hey, You, Light Man!, May fair, NY, 1962; Brecht on Brecht, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1962; Maxine Faulk, Night of the Iguana, Royale, NY, 1962; Betty Dullfeet, Arturo Ui, Lunt-Fontanne, NY, 1963; Mrs. Mcllhenny, Do I Hear a Waltz?, 46th Street Theater, NY, 1965; Mrs. Garnsey, Inadmissible Evidence, Belasco, NY, 1965; The Daughter, All Over, Martin Beck, NY, 1971; Teresa, Friends, Nita Moon, Relations, Provincetown Playhouse, NY, 1971; Older People, Anspacher, NY, 1972; Epic, O Glorious Tinntinnabulation, Actors Studio, NY, 1974; Mother, Getting Out, Marymount, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1978; The Suicide, (Broadway); (Off-Broadway) Alfred Dies; Hamlet; Medea; The Secret Thighs of New England Women; The Music Keeper; Rain, Paradise Lost, Mirror Theatre Repertory, NY, 1983.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—The Dunwich Horror, 1971; Gas-s-s; The Christian Licorice Store, 1971; The Godfather, 1972; The Outside Man, 1973; The Godfather Part II, 1974; Rocky, 1976; Old Boyfriends, 1977; Rocky II, \919-Windows, 1980; Rocky III, 1982. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Rich Man, Poor Man, 1976; Kill Me If You Can, 1977.

AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination, Best Actress, 1976: Rocky; Best Actress, New York Film Critics, 1976: Rocky; Academy Award Nomination, Best Supporting Actress, 1974: The Godfather Part II. ADDRESS: Agent—Creative 'Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park E., Los Angeles, CA 90067. 464



FILM DEBUT—Werner, The Anderson Tapes, 1971. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—B.S. I Love You; Such Good Friends, 1972; Slither, 1972; Hail to the Chief, 1972; The Black Bird, 1974; Cockfighter, 1975; Hearts of the West, 1975; SSSSSSSSSS, 1976; The Fortune, 1976; Dreamer, 1978; Wholly Moses, 1980; Heartbeeps, 1980; Spring Break, 1982; Lovesick, 1982; Will There Really Be a Morning, 1982; Unfaithfully Yours, 1983; Splash, 1984. TELEVISION DEBUT—Howard Tollbrook, Diana, 1974. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Holmes & Yoyo, 1975; Rockford Files, 1975; Good Times, 1975; Love, American Style, \915-Ironside, 1915', Hart to Hart, 1978, 1979; Lou Grant, 1979, \9W\TheRopers, 1980. WRITINGS: SCREENPLAYS—Pamela, Pamela You Are; Aroused; The Abortion. ARTICLES—Lead article on entertainment in the People's Republic of China, Variety, 1977. AWARDS: Scarlet Mask Award, State University of Iowa, 1949; Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, 1975: Goodtime Charley. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—University Club, NY; Friars Club; Players Club; Lambs Club; Dutch Treat Club; Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; Episcopal Actors Guild; Pennsylvania-German Society. 44 I went to China to view theatre and film and television studios in 1977 and since then I have studied Chinese extensively. I am a 'railroad fan' and an antique automobile enthusiast, a member of Orders and Medals Society of America."


ADDRESS: Office—130 W. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036. Agent—Belson & Klass, 211 S. Beverly Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90212.

SHULL, Richard B., actor, production stage manager PERSONAL: Born February 24, 1929 in Evanston, IL; son of U. Homer (a manufacturing executive) and Zana Marie (a court stenographer; maiden name, Brown) Shull; married Marilyn Swartz, July 6, 1969 (divorced 1984). EDUCATION: State University of Iowa, B.A. (Drama), 1950. POLITICS: Populist. RELIGION: Pantheist. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 195053.

SHULTZ, Tony, actor PERSONAL: Born August 8, 1947, in Los Angeles, CA; son of Max (an aircraft parts business owner) and Evelyn (a real estate broker; maiden name, Kahn) Shultz. EDUCATION: University of California at Berkeley, B.A. (Drama), 1969; studied with Joan Darling, Mary Tarcai, Michael Howard, Milton Kasselas; dance with Jorma Strassborg and Geoff Moore, voice with Carlo Menotti, speech with Lynn Masters.

CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—Maxie, Minnie s Boys, Imperial, 110 performances, 1970. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Broadway productions ofGoodtime Charley, 1974, Fools, 1981, Oh, Brother, 1981; Stephano, The Tempest, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1979; Frimbo, Frimbo, NY, 1980; Ephraim Cabot, Desire Under the Elms, NY, 1982; (Stock)—The Petrified Forest, The Contrast, Luv, Ring 'Round the Moon, High Tor, The Odd Couple.

CAREER: DEBUT—Kodally, She Loves Me, Karamu, Cleveland, OH, 1967. NEW YORK DEBUT—Danny Zuko, Grease, Roy ale, 1974, 50 performances. LONDON DEBUT—Fro ines, The Chicago Trials, Open Space, 1969, 30 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Raoul, The Baker s Wife, Martin Beck, NY, 1977; Shultzie, Platinum, Mark Hellinger, NY, 1978; (Off-Broadway) Tom, Resting Place, Theater for the New City; Stephen, Seminary Murder, Lion Theatre Company; Vito, Virgin Territory, St. Clements; O.J., Jass, New Dramatists; Tom, Holding Patterns, Encompass; Doug, Badgers, Jewish Repertory; Peter, Winterlude, Cubiculo; Anthony, Ketchup, New Dramatists; (Regional) Romeo, True Romances, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA; Dracula, The Passion of Dracula, Dorset Theater Festival; Haemon, Antigone, Company of Angels,

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, PRODUCTION STAGE MANAGER— Black-Eyed Susan, Playhouse, NY, 1954; Red Roses for Me, Booth, NY, 1955; Wake Up Darling, Barrymore, NY, 1956; / Knock at the Door, Belasco, NY, 1957; Pictures in the Hallway, Playhouse, NY, 1958; (Off-Broadway) Coriolanus, Phoenix, NY, 1953; Purple Dust, Cherry Lane, 1957; Journey to the Day, Theatre de Lys, 1963; Mr. Ferris and the Model, Warner Playhouse, Hollywood, CA, 1967; (Others)— Night of Stars, Madison Square Garden, 1960; (Film) Tears Are for Tomorrow; English Panto, Dame Wiggins Dilemna; worked at Fred Miller Theatre, Hyde Park Playhouse, Lake Luzerne Playhouse, Hilltop Theatre, Music Circle Theatre, Shady Lane Playhouse. 465



Los Angeles, CA; Touchstone, As You Like It, Romeo, Romeo and Juliet, Theatricum Botanicum, Los Angeles, CA; Joey, Ferry Boat, Oxford, Los Angeles, CA; (Europe) Monk, Noonday Demons, Open Space, London; company, Stage 2, Hampstead Theater Club, London; Green, The Sapping, Southtown, London. MAJOR TOURS—Moving Being Company, European cities.

Kaye Ballard, readings from the comic strip, Peanuts, composed music for children's record, Learn to Tell 1963; as a performer on Rodgers and Hart Revisited, singer/pianist, Ben Bagley's Painted Smiles records visited Series"—Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, etc.

1962; Time, 1964; "Re-

AWARDS: Grammy Award for children's albums of Rosemary Rice.

FILM DEBUT—Corporal, Executive Action, 1975. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Bob Thompson, A Stranger Is Watching, 1981; Bud Remmington, Girl's Night Out, 1981; Bob, Writing for Work.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—ASCAP; Local 802, Musicians Union; AGAC. RECREATION—collecting phonograph records, books, theatre programs, old sheet music, and old magazines.

TELEVISION DEBUT—Review (London), 1970. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Sal Brooks, Ryan's Hope, 1981; Tommy Geraci, Hill Street Blues, 1982; Lou, One Life to Live; intern, The Guiding Light.

ADDRESS: Home—29 W. 65th Street, New York, NY 10023.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA; New York Writers Bloc. ACTIVITIES—Singer, composer, plays piano, guitar, harmonica, drums. Fences, rides motorcycles. ADDRESS: Office—110 W. 40th Street, Suite #501, New York, NY 10018. Agent—c/o ATM Associates, 8282 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046; c/o Bret Adams, Ltd., 448 W. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.

SILVER, Ron, actor PERSONAL: Born July 2, 1946, in New York, NY; son of Irving Roy and May (Zimelman) Silver; married Lynne Miller, December 24, 1975. EDUCATION: University of Buffalo, B.A.; St. John's University (Taiwan), M.A.; trained for the stage at Herbert Berghof Studios with Uta Hagen and the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg.

SIEGEL, Arthur, composer, pianist, performer CAREER: DEBUT—Kaspar and Public Insult, City Center, NY, 1971. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Pepe Hernandez, El Grande de Coca-Cola, Mercer Arts Center, NY, 1972; Lotta, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1973; More Than You Deserve, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1973; Pepe Hernandez, El Grande de Coca-Cola, Los Angeles, CA, l915',Ralphie, Awake and Sing, Hollywood, CA, 1976; Lanx, Angel City, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1977; Guy, In the Boom Boom Room, Long Beach Shakespeare Festival, CA, 1979; Charlie, Gorilla, Goodman, Chicago, 1983; Mel, Friends, Manhattan Theater Club, 1983-84.

PERSONAL: Born December 31, 1923 in Lakewood, NJ; son of Nathan (a fruit and vegetable wholesaler) and Fanny (Kahn) Siegel. EDUCATION: Studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 1942 and at the Juilliard School of Music, NY. CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Musical director and actor, Stamford Playhouse, Stamford, CT, 1943-44. WRITINGS: MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS—(revue) Wish You Were Here, Greenwich Playhouse, CT, 1945; Lovely Me, Adelphi, NY, 1946; Curtain Going Up, Forrest, Philadelphia, 1952; New Faces of J952, Royale, NY, 1952; Shoestring Revue, President, NY, 1955; New Faces of 1956, Barrymore, NY, \956'MaskandGown, Golden, NY, 1957; New Faces of 1962, Alvin, NY, 1962; Not While I'm Eating, Madison Avenue Playhouse, NY, 1961; New Faces of 1968, Booth, NY, 1968; The American Hamburger League, New Theatre, NY, 1969; incidental music for Hay Fever, Helen Hayes, NY, 1970; A Quarter for the Ladies Room, Village Gate, NY, 1972; Tallulah, NY, 1983. Songs include Love Is a Simple Thing, Monotonous, Penny Candy; special arrangements/pianist, Eddie Cantor Show, Carnegie Hall, NY, 1950; also for Imogene Coca, Hermione Gingold.

FILM DEBUT—Vlada, Semi-Tough, 1977. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Dr. Tom Halman, Silent Rage, 1981; Larry Weisman, Best Friends, 1982; Dr. Phil Schneiderman, The Entity, 1982; Ted Caruso, Lovesick, 1983; Paul Stone, Silkwood, 1983; Eddie Bergson, Goodbye People, 1984. TELEVISION DEBUT—Rhoda, 1976. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Rhoda; Hill Street Blues; Stockard Channing Show; Mac Davis Show; Bakers Dozen; Dear Detective; (TV movies) Betrayal; Word of Honor. AWARDS: Joseph Jefferson Award Nomination, Best Actor, 1983: Gorilla.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION/RADIO COMPOSITION—(Radio revue) New Faces, 1948; television: wrote song for remake of Miracle on 34th Street, 1973. PRINCIPAL NIGHT CLUB WORK— Composer and pianist, New Faces, Persian Room, Plaza Hotel, NY, 1948; (revue) Come As You Are, Versailles Restaurant, NY, 1955; musical director, Kaye Ballard's club and television appearances. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK, COMPOSITION—Songs for New Faces, 1954. RECORDINGS—With

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AE A; SAG; AFTRA; Actors Studio; Actors Fund; Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Litke-Grossbart Management, 8500 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA; c/o Phil Gersh Agency, 222 N. Canon, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. 466



Park; Sam S. Shubert Award, 1968; Writers Guild Screen Award, 1975, 1970, 1968.

SILVERSTEIN, Elliot, director PERSONAL: Surname sounds like "Silverstine"; born August 3, 1927, in Boston, MA; son of Maurice Louis (a physician) and Esther (Ostrofsky) Silverstein; married Alana King (an actress) July 18, 1982. EDUCATION: Boston College, B.S. (Social Sciences), 1949; Yale University, M.F.A., 1952. MILITARY: U.S. Coast Guard, Reserves.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o Eugene O'Neill Theatre, 230 W. 49th Street, New York, NY 10019. Office—c/o Dramatists Guild, 234 W. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.*

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Director: Cat Ballou, 1965; The Happening, 1967; A Man Called Horse, 1970; The Car, 1976.

SLADE, Bernard (ne Newbound), playwright, actor

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Director: Staff director, Omnibus, 1953; many live prime time shows, 1953-59.

PERSONAL: Born May 2, 1930, St. Catherines, ON, Canada; son of Frederick (a mechanic) and Bessie Harriet (Walbourne) Newbound; married Jill Hancock (nee Jill Foster, an actress and family therapist), July 25, 1953; children: Laurel, Christopher. EDUCATION: Caernarvon Grammar School, Croydon, England.

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Director, Maybe Tuesday. AWARDS: Directors Guild Nomination, Best Director, 1966: Cat Ballou.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Actor with Garden Center Theatre, Vineland, ON, Canada, Crest Theatre, Toronto, Citadel Theatre, Edmonton, AB, and appeared on CBC Television in Canada. Produced 25 plays at the Garden Center Theatre in Vineland, ON, 1954.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Directors Guild of America, chairman creative rights negotiating committee, first vicepresident, 1982-84. ADDRESS: Agent—Harold Cohen, Associated Management, 9200 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.

WRITINGS: PLAYS PRODUCED/PUBLISHED—Simon Says, Get Married, Crest, Canada, 1959; A Very Close Family, Manitoba Theatre Center, Winnipeg, 1961; Same Time Next Year, 1975; Tribute, 1978; Romantic Comedy, 1979; Special Occasions, 1982; Fling!. SCREENPLAYS—Stand Up and Be Counted, \912', Same Time Next Year, 1979; Tribute, 1980; Romantic Comedy, 1983. TELEVISION—fifteen hour and half-hour anthologies for CBC, 1957-62; four plays for the U.S. Steel Hour, 1957-62; plays for Matinee Theatre and Chrysler Theatre; created and wrote series, Love on a Rooftop, The Flying Nun, The Partridge Family, the Girl with E.S.P.; episodes for series, Bewitched and for Movie of the Week.

SIMON, Neil (ne Marvin Neil Simon), writer PERSONAL: Born July 4, 1927, in New York, NY; son of Simon and Mamie Simon; married Joan Bain, September 30, 1953 (deceased); married Marsha Mason (divorced); children: (first marriage) two daughters. EDUCATION: Attended New York University. MILITARY: U.S. Army Air Force, 1945^6. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Come Blow Your Horn, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1961; (Broadway) Little Me 1962; Barefoot in the Park, 1963; The Odd Couple, 1965; Sweet Charity, The Star-Spangled Girl, 1966; Plaza Suite, 1968; Promises, Promises, 1968; Last of'the RedHot Lovers, 1969; The Gingerbread Lady, 1970; The Prisoner of Second Avenue, 1971; The Sunshine Boys, 1972; The Good Doctor, 1973; God s Favorite, 1974; California Suite, 1976; Chapter Two, 1977; They're Playing Our Song, 1978; / Ought to Be in Pictures, 1980; Fools, 1981; Little Me, 1982; Brighton Beach Memoirs, 1983.

RELATED CAREER: Screenwriter for CBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, 1957-present. AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination, Best Screenplay, 1979: Same Time Next Year; Drama Desk Award, Best American Play, 1975: Same Time Next Year; Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, 1975; Same Time Next Year. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild, Writers Guild of America, West, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Society of Authors and Artists (France). Mr. Slade's plays, Same Time Next Year, Tribute and Romantic Comedy, have been internationally produced in London, Paris, Canada and have toured the U.S. In 1978, he and his wife appeared on stage in Same Time Next Year at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, ON. 4 T am a prisoner of a childhood dream: to write for the theatre. The fulfillment of that dream has lived up to all my expectations. I believe the theatre should be a celebration of the human condition and that the artist's job is to remind us of all that is good about ourselves. I feel privileged to be given a platform for my particular vision of life, and, whether my plays succeed of fail, I am always grateful for the use of the hall.''

SCREENPLAYS—After the Fox, 1966; The O ut-of-Towner s, 1970; The Heartbreak Kid, 1972; Murder by Death, 1976; The Goodbye Girl, 1977; The Cheap Detective, 1978; Only When I Laugh (also produced and directed), 1981. TELEVISION—Phil Silvers Arrow Show, 1948; The Tallulah Bankhead Show, 1951; Sid Caesar Show, 1956-57; Gary Moore Show, 1959-60. REVUES AND SKETCHES—Tamiment (PA) Revues, 1952-53; Catch a Star, NY, 1955. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Special Award, 1975; Antoinette Perry Award, 1965: The Odd Couple; Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, 1963: Little Me, Barefoot in the 467



ADDRESS. Office—650 Park Avenue, New York, NY, 10021. Agent—Jack Hutto, 405 W. 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011; Murray Neidorf, 315 S. Beverly, Beverly Hills, CA90212.

pany, Old Vic: Silvia, The Recruiting Officer, 1963, Desdemona, Othello, also at the Chichester Festival, 1964, Hilde Wangel, The Master Builder, 1964, My ra, Hay Fever, 1964, Beatrice, Much Ado About Nothing, 1964, Clea, Black Comedy, 1965, title-role, Miss Julie, 1965-66, Marcela, A Bond Honoured, 1966, Margery Pinchwife, The Country Wife, 1969, Mrs. Sullen, The Beaux' Stratagem, Masha, The Three Sisters, in Los Angeles, CA, and London, 1970, Hedda, Hedda Gabler, 1970; Amanda Prynne, Private Lives, Queen's, London, 1972; title-role, Peter Pan, Vaudeville, London, 1974, 46th Street, NY, 1975; Stratford Ontario, Shakespeare Festival season, 1976: Cleopatra, Antony and Cleopatra, Millamant, The Way of the World, Masha, The Three Sisters; the Actress, The Guardsman, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, CA, 1976; Stratford Ontario Shakespeare Festival, 1977-78: Titania/Hippolyta, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Queen Elizabeth, Richard III, the Actress, The Guardsman, Judith Bliss, Hay Fever, Rosalind, As You Like It, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Amanda, Private Lives; Ruth Carson, Night and Day, Phoenix, London, ANT A, NY, 1979; Stratford Ontario Shakespeare Festival, 1980 season: Virginia Woolf, Virginia, Beatrice, Much Ado About Nothing, Masha, The Sea Gull; Virginia Woolf, Virginia, Haymarket, London, 1981.

SMITH, (Joseph) Cotter, actor PERSONAL: Born May 29, 1949; son of John Lewis, Jr. (a federal judge) and Madeline (Cotter) Smith. EDUCATION: Trinity College, B.A., 1972; trained for the stage with the Actors Studio and Stella Adler. CAREER: DEBUT—James, The Collection, Woods Hole Theatre Festival, Woods Hole, MA, 1974. NEW YORK DEBUT—Morris, The Bloodknot, Roundabout, 1980, 100 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Lt. Byrd, A Soldier s Play, Negro Ensemble Company, NY 1981-82; Jack, The Death of a Miner, American Place, NY, 1982; Victor/Tony, The Last Carnival, Trinidad, West Indies, 1982.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Othello, 1966; The Honey Pot, 1961 \ Oh! What a Lovely War, 1968; Hot Millions, 1968; The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, 1968; Love and Pain, and the Whole Damn Thing, 1971; Travels with My Aunt, 1972; Murder by Death, 1976; Death on the Nile, 1977; California Suite, \91S\Quartet, 197'8; Clash of the Titans, 1981; Evil under the Sun, 1981.

MAJOR TOURS—Lt. Byrd, A Soldier s Play, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 1982. TELEVISION DEBUT—Robert Kennedy, Blood Feud, 1983. AWARDS: Outstanding Young Men of America, 1982. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Much Ado about Nothing, Man and Superman, On Approval, Home and Beauty.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Writers and Artists, 162 W. 56th Street, New York, NY 10019.

AWARDS: Evening Standard, Best Actress, 1981: Virginia; Academy Award, Best Supporting Actress, 1979: California Suite; Golden Globe, 1979: California Suite; Variety Club's Best Actress, 1972: Amanda, Private Lives; Evening Standard, Best Actress, 1970: Hedda Gabler; received the CBE in the New Year Honours, 1970; Academy Award, Best Actress, 1969: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie; Film Critics Guild Award, 1968; Best Film Actress Award, Society of Film and Television Arts, UK, 1968; Variety Club Award, Best Actress, 1963: Mary, Mary; Evening Standard Award, Best Actress, 1962: The Private Ear and The Public Eye, 1962.

SMITH, Maggie, CBE, actress PERSONAL: Born December 28, 1934, Ilford, U.K.; daughter of Nathaniel and Margaret (Hutton) Smith; married Robert Stephens, 1967 (divorced 1974); Beverley Cross, 1974; children: (first marriage) two sons. EDUCATION: Oxford High School for Girls; studied for the stage at the Oxford Playhouse School.

ADDRESS: Agent—ICM, 388 Oxford Street, London, WIN 9HE.

CAREER: DEBUT—Viola, Twelfth Night, OUDS, 1952. NEW YORK DEBUT—a comedienne, New Faces '56 Revue, Barrymore, 1956. LONDON DEBUT—comedienne, Share My Lettuce, Lyric, Hammersmith, Comedy, London, 1957. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Vere Dane, The Stepmother, St. Martin's, London, 1958; with the Old Vic Company, 195960: Lady Playant, The Double Dealer, Celia, As You Like It, Queen, Richard II, Mistress Ford, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Maggie Wy lie, What Every Woman Knows; Daisy, Rhinoceros, Strand, London, 1960; Lucile, The Rehearsal, Royal, Bristol, Globe, London, Queen's, Apollo, London, 1961; double-bill, Doreen, The Private Ear, Belinda, The Public Eye, Globe, London, 1962; reading, Pictures in The Hallway, Mermaid, London, 1962; Mary, Mary, Mary, Queen's, London, 1963; with the National Theatre Com-

SMITH, Sheila, actress and singer PERSONAL: Born April 3, 1933, in Conneaut, OH; daughter of Edward R. (a comptroller for a railroad) and Margaret Fitzgerald (a teacher; maiden name, Tinney) Smith. EDUCATION: Attended Kent State University; trained for the stage at the Cleveland Playhouse. NON-THEATRICAL CAREERS: Feature writer, Cleveland Plain Dealer (newspaper), 1965-75; president, Meese Smeese, Inc. (fashion designers). 468



CAREER: DEBUT—Corps de ballet, The Merry Widow, Cleveland Music Hall, 1947. NEW YORK DEBUT—Minerva, Best Foot Forward, Equity Library Theatre, 1956. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Mitzi, Fiorello, City Center, NY, 1962; Remo, Anything Goes, Orpheum, NY, 1962; Miani, Sweet Miani, Players, NY, 1962; Allison, Hot Spot, Majestic, NY, 1963; To Broadway with Love, World's Fair, NY, 1964; Mame/Vera, Mame, Winter Garden, NY, 196669; Meredith Lane, Follies, Winter Garden, NY, 1971; Joanne, Company, Alvin, NY, 1971; Sweet Sue, Sugar, Majestic, NY, 1972-73; Mme. Irene, Five O'clock Girl, Helen Hayes, NY, 1981; Dorothy/Maggie, 42nd Street, Majestic, NY, 1981-83; Janet, Taking My Turn, Entermedia, NY, 1983-84.

Sunshine; Two Marriages. FlLMS^-Honeysuckle Rose; Casey's Shadow; Annie; The Toy.

MAJOR TOURS—The Ziegfeld Follies, Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA, 1956; Hope, Fade Out, Fade In, Australian cities, 1965; Mame, Mame, U.S. and Canadian cities, 196970; Mrs. Latham, Forty Carats, East Coast cities, 1974; Lucille, No, No Nanette, East Coast and Midwest cities, 1974; Hesther Salomon, Equus, U.S. cities, 1975-76; Elsa, Sound of Music, U.S. cities, 1977; Golde, Fiddler on the Roof, East Coast and southern cities, 1978;Carlotta, F0///e,s, Chicago, IL, 1980.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Adams, Ray and Rosenberg, 9200 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.

AWARDS: Writers Guild Awards: Sunshine, Sunshine Christmas, The Neon Ceiling; Writers Guild Award Nominations; Amelia Earhart, Where the Ladies Go, Two Marriages, Harry Truman: Plain Speaking; Emmy Award Nomination: Harry Truman: Plain Speaking; Women in TV and Film Awards: Amelia Earhart, The Women s Room; San Francisco Film Festival Award: The Neon Ceiling. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild of America West.

SOHMERS, Barbara, actress PERSONAL: Born July 7, in New York, NY; daughter of Phillip Harry (singer then dress manufacturer) and Ethel (a retail dress buyer; maiden name, Grossman) Sohmers; married Claude Nicot (an actor) June 30, 1961 (divorced 1976). EDUCATION: Graduate of High School of Music and Art, New York City; attended Antioch College, one year; studied at Ohio Dramatic Workshop with Erwin Piscator and others for two years. RELIGION: Jewish.

TELEVISION DEBUT—Omnibus, 4 'Leonard Bernstein Salute to Musical Comedy." PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES— RayBolgerSeries, "WashingtonSquare," \956-51; Love Is a Many-Splendor ed Thing; The Young and the Restless; Charley's Angels; Great Performances, "Taking My Turn, 1984. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—An Operetta Nosegay, Chelsea, NY, 1980; From Broadway with Love, High Falls, NY, 1982 and 1983; An American Operetta Soiree, John Street, NY, 1983; A Viennese Operetta Soiree, John Street, NY, 1983.

CAREER: DEBUT—As the resident leading/character actress, Loon Lake Playhouse, Loon Lake, NY, 1950's. NEW YORK DEBUT—lisa, Spring s Awakening, Provincetown Playhouse. PARIS DEBUT—Janet, Boeing, Boeing, Comedie Caumartin. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Sarah, Table Manners, Meadow Brook, Rochester, MI, 1977; Essie, Ah! Wilderness, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1978; Beverly, The Shadow Box, Gilda, Design for Living, Asolo State Theatre, Sarasota, FL, 1979; Hermione, A Winter s Tale, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1979; Linda, No Time for Comedy, Play makers Repertory, Chapel Hill, NC, 1980; Ethel Barrymore, Ned and Jack, Little Theatre, NY, 1981; Giselle, The Workshop, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1982; Mme. Knorr, On theRazzle, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1982; Lete, Elba, Manhattan Theatre Club, 1983; Titania, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Actors Theatre of Louisville, KY, 1983; Hesione Hushabye, Heartbreak House, Indiana Repertory Company, 1983. MAJOR TOURS—Amanda, Private Lives, Eleanor, Lion in Winter, Long Wharf Theatre tour of U.S.; Mitzi, Madame Princesse, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon.

AWARDS: Theatre World Award, 1967; Mame; Key to the City of New York, 1961. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Gamma Phi Beta. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Martin Gage, The Gage Group, 1650 Broadway, New York, NY 10019.

SOBIESKI, Carol (nee O'Brien), screenwriter PERSONAL: Born March 16, 1939, in Chicago, IL; daughter of Frank Thomas (a lawyer and rancher) and Emeline (a painter, politician, and teacher; maiden name, Bush) O'Brien; married James Louis Sobieski (a lawyer), November 22, 1964; children: Emeline, Mona, James. EDUCATION: Smith College, B.A., 1960; Trinity College (Ireland), Masters of Literature, 1961. RELIGION: Episcopalian.

FILM DEBUT—Daisy, La Verite, 1959. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Hold-up a 'St. Trop ; Nick Carter £a Tout Casser; A la Franqaise; L Ombre dans la Glace; What's New, Pussycat?, 1965; L'Enfer; L'Aine des Ferchaux; Marseille Contract.

WRITINGS: EPISODIC TELEVISION—Mr. Novak; The Mod Squad; Peyton Place; Fame Is the Name of the Game. TELEVISION MOVIES—The Neon Ceiling; A Little Game; Where the Ladies Go; Sunshine; Sunshine Christmas; Reflections of Murder; Amelia Earhart; Harry Truman: Plain Speaking. TELEVISION PILOTS—Dial Hot Line; Paper Moon;

TELEVISION DEBUT—Rien Que La Verite. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—UAbonne de la ligne; Anna; L'Etonnante Decouverte du Professeur Delalune; Saute-Mouton; 469


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 SOKOL, Marilyn, actress PERSONAL: Daughter of Sidney S. (a commissioner of the U.S. Treasury) and Evelyn Sylvia (Gold) Sokol. CAREER: DEBUT—Belly dancer, Man of La Mancha, national tour, U.S. cities, 1966-67. NEW YORK DEBUT— The Year Boston Won the Pennant. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(New York) The Beggar s Opera, 1972. MAJOR TOURS—San Francisco Mime Troupe, U.S. cities, 1967-69. FILM DEBUJ—Zabriskie Point, 1969. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— The Hospital, 1971; The Front, 1975; Foul Play, 1976; The Last Married Couple in America, 1978; Can t Stop the Music, 1980. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES— The Tonight Show.

AWARDS: Obie Award, Variety Critics Award, 1972: The Beggar s Opera. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA. ADDRESS: Office—The Shukat Company, 340 W. 55th Street, New York, NY 10019. Agent—c/o Agency for the Performing Arts, 888 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

SOKOLOW, Anna, choreographer, teacher


PERSONAL: Born February 9, 1910 in Hartford, CT; daughter of Samuel and Sara (Cohen) Sokolow. EDUCATION: Studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse; member of Martha Graham Dance Company. RELIGION: Jewish.

La Bonne Education; Le Chevalier d'Eon; La Duchesse d'Algues; L'Ecureuil; La Vie Privee de Percy; Shulmeister; Le Mutant.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, CHOREOGRAPHY—The Great Campaign, Princess, NY, 1947; Street Scene, Adelphi, NY, 1947; Sleepy Hollow, St. James, NY, 1948; Regina, 46th Street, NY, 1949; Happy as Larry, Coronet, NY, 1950; The Dybbuk, Studio, NY, 1951; Madam, Will You Walk, Phoenix, NY, 1953; Session for Eight, LHistoire du soldat, Kaufmann Auditorium, 92nd Street YM-YWHA, NY, 1954; Rooms, Anna Sokolow Dance Company, 92nd Street Y, 1955; Red Roses for Me, Booth, NY, 1955; designed choreography for New York City Opera Company productions of La Traviata, Carmen, die Fledermaus, The Tempest, Susannah, Orpheus in the Underworld; choreographed Copper and Brass, Martin Beck, NY, 1957; Pinkville, American Place, NY, 1971; The Merry Wives of Windsor, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, 1971.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Has dubbed hundreds of foreign films into English. WRITINGS: SHORT STORY—'The Adventuress," Playgirl Magazine, 1980. ARTICLE—"Les Maisons de Rendezvous of Paris," Cosmopolitan Magazine. SIDELIGHTS: "I left the U.S. in 1957 and spent most of the 20 following years in Paris working in French theatre, films, television and radio. I speak fluent French. As a singer, I created a one-woman 'Jazz Show, 1 which ran for six weeks in a Cafe-theatre in Paris and in concerts outside of Paris, and sang in several jazz clubs in Paris. Before going to Paris, I spent six months in Dublin, where I played in a production of de Ghelderode's Pantagleize, and toured the South and West of Ireland in a variety show and modeled for Irish fashion magazines. Even before leaving for Europe, I was a working actress, having appeared in John Van Drutens' last play and in the Theatre de Lys's production of The Threepenny Opera with the late Lotte Lenya."

ORIGINAL WORKS FOR DANCE—Strange American Funeral, Dance Unit, NY, 1935; Slaughter of the Innocents, Guild, NY, 1937; Opening Dance, Guild, 1937; Ballad in a Popular Style, Alvin, NY, 1939; A Short Lecture and Demonstration on the Evolution of Ragtime as Presented by Jelly Roll Morton, Danny Daniels and Group, 92nd Street Y, NY, 1952; Lyric Suite, New Dance Group, 92nd Street Y, 1954; Poem, Anna Sokolow Theatre Dance Company, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 1956; Le grand spectacle, Phoenix, NY, 1957; Session '58, Julliard Dance Ensemble, NY, 1958;

ADDRESS: Home—484 W. 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036. Agent—Peggy Hadley Enterprizes, Suite 2317, 250 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10107. 470



Repertory, NY, 1972; The Merchant of Venice, Lincoln Center Repertory, \913', Full Circle, NY, 1973; Who's Who in Hell, NY, 1974; The Shadow Box, Morosco, NY, 1977; Drinks Before Dinner, NY, 1978; The 1940's Radio Hour, Golden, NY, 1979; Spokesong, Circle in the Square, NY, 1979; Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Trafalgar, NY, \980;Black Angel, NY, \9$2;Lydie Breeze, NY, 1982; The Lady and the Clarinet, NY, 1983. Has appeared with San Diego Shakespeare Festival, 1967, American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco, 1970-71, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, 1962-66, 1968-70, and 1972-76, Seattle Repertory Company, 1967-71, Hartford Stage Company, 1975, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1980, Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT, 1976-79 and 1983, also at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC, in The Archbishop s Ceiling, 1977. MAJOR TOURS—George, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, with the Seattle Repertory Theatre Company at the Bergen Norway International Theatre Festival, 1969.

Dreams, 92nd Street Y, 1961; Suite No. 5 in C Minor, New Dance Group, 92nd Street Y, 1963; Opus '63, Julliard Dance Ensemble, 1963; The Question, Juilliard Dance Ensemble, 1964; Forms, Anna Sokolow Dance Company, 1964; Odes and Ballade, Juilliard Dance Ensemble, 1965; Opus '65, Jeffrey Ballet, Delacorte, NY, 1965; Time + 6, Boston Ballet, 1966; Night, Juilliard Dance Ensemble, 1966; Deserts, Anna Sokolow Dance Company, 1968; Steps of Silence, Repertory Dance Theatre, University of Utah, 1968, Anna Sokolow Dance Company, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 1968; Tribute, Anna Sokolow Dance Company, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 1968; Echoes, Juilliard Dance Ensemble, \969;Magritte, Magritte, andAct Without Words No. 1, Anna Sokolow Dance Company, Lyric, Edison, NY, 1970; The Dove, Juilliard Dance Ensemble, 1970; Scenes from the Music of Charles Ives, Juilliard Dance Ensemble, 1971; Three Poems, Juilliard Dance Ensemble, 1973; Homage to Federico Garcia Lorca, Jose Limon Dance Company, 1974; Come, Come Travel with Dreams, Juilliard Dance Ensemble, 1974; Ecuatorial, Paul Sanasardo Dance Company, 1974; A Cycle of Cities, Wolf Trap Farm Park, Vienna, VA, 1974.

FILM DEBUT—District Attorney, Dirty Harry, 1971. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES^77?£> Front, 1976; Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 1977; Oliver's Story, 1978; Hide in Plain Sight, 1980; Reds, 1981; Independence Day, \9%\\ Absence of Malice, \98\-HankyPanky, 1982; Still of'the Night, 1982; Rollover, 1982; Sophie's Choice (narration), 1982; Silkwood, 1983; Iceman, 1984. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Morning Becomes Electra; The Scarlet Letter; Saigon; Sparkling Cyanide.

DIRECTED—The Moon, New York City Opera, 1956; Bugs and Veronica, Pocket, NY, 1965; (with her Players Project) Metamorphosis, Loeb, Harvard, Cambridge, MA, 1971; (as assistant director)—CaminoReal, National, NY, 1953. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK, Choreographer—"Esther, The Queen," Lamp Unto My Feet, 1960.

AWARDS: Obie Award, LydieBreeze, 1982; Fulbright Grant to study professional theatre in Germany, 1960-61.

AWARDS: Dance Magazine Award; American Israel Alliance Foundation; Ohio State University; Brandeis University.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; AFTRA; SAG. ADDRESS: Office—c/o Lazarow & Company, 119 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. Agent—Jeff Hunter, c/o DHKPR Agency, 165 W. 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Teacher, Dance, Movement for Actors, Juilliard School of Drama, NY; organized own dance company, 1939; guest choreographer for dance companies in U.S. and abroad. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers. ADDRESS: Home—71 W. 55th Street, New York, NY 10019. Office—Juilliard School of Dance, Lincoln Center, New York, NY 10023.

SONDHEIM, Stephen, composer and lyricist PERSONAL: Born March 22, 1930, in New York City; son of Herbert and Janet (Fox) Sondheim. EDUCATION: Graduated from Williams College.

SOMMER, Josef (ne Maximilian Josef Sommer), actor CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Composer incidental music, Girls of Summer, Longacre, NY, 1956. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Lyricist, West Side Story, 1957; lyricist, Gypsy, 1959; composer incidental music, Invitation to a March, 1960; composer/lyricist, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, 1962; composer/lyricist, Anyone Can Whistle, 1964; lyricist, Do I Hear a Waltz?, 1965; composer/ lyricist, Company, 1970; composer/lyricist, Follies, 1971; composer/lyricist, A Little Night Music, 1973; composer/ lyricist, Sonheim: A Musical Tribute, Shubert, NY, 1973; composer incidental music, The Enclave, 1973; composer/ lyricist, The Frogs, Yale Repertory, New Haven, CT, 1974; co-lyricist, Candide (revival), 1974; composer/lyri-

PERSONAL: Born June 26, 1934 in Greifswald, Germany; son of demons (Professor of History, University of North Carolina) and Elisebeth Sommer; children: Maria. EDUCATION: Carnegie-Mellon University, B.F.A. 1957; studied at the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, CT, 196264. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1958-60. CAREER: DEBUT—Bodo, Watch on the Rhine, Carolina Play makers, Chapel Hill, NC, 1943. NEW YORK DEBUT— Brabantio, Othello, ANTA, 1970. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— The Trial of the Catonsville Nine, NY, 1971; Children, Children, NY, 1971; Enemies, Lincoln Center 471



SPACER, Sissy (nee Mary Elizabeth), actress PERSONAL: Born December 25, 1950, Quitman, TX; daughter of Edwin A. and Virginia Spacek; married Jack Fisk, 1974. EDUCATION: Attended Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. CAREER: FILM DEBUT—Prime Cut, 1972. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Ginger in the Morning, 1972; Badlands, 1974; Carrie, 1976; Three Women, 1977; Welcome to LA., 1977; Heart Beat, 1980; Coal Miner s Daughter, 1980; Raggedy Man, 1981; Missing, 1982; Violets Are Blue (forthcoming). PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Movies for television, The Girls of Huntington House, 1973; The Migrants, 1973; Katherine, 1975; Verna: USO Girl, 1978; guest host, Saturday Night Live, 1977; series, two episodes of The Waltons. AWARDS: Academy Award, Best Actress, 1980: Coal Miner's Daughter; Best Actress, New York Film Critics, Los Angeles Film Critics, Foreign Press Association award, National Film Critics award, 1980; Album of the Year, Country Music Association, 1980: Coal Miner's Daughter; Best Supporting Actress, New York Film Critics, 1977: Three Women; Best Actress, National Society of Film Critics, 1976: Carrie; Academy Award Nomination, Best Actress, 1976: Carrie. ADDRESS: Agent—Creative Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park E., Los Angeles, CA 90067.* STEPHEN SONDHEIM

cist, Sweeney Todd, 1979; composer/lyricist, Merrily We Roll Along; composer/lyricist, Sunday in the Park with George, 1983. ANTHOLOGIES—(musicals of collected songs)— Side by Side by Sondheim; Marry Me a Little.

SPELLING, Aaron, executive producer PERSONAL: Born April 22, 1928, in Dallas, TX; son of David and Pearl (Wall) Spelling; married Carole Gene Marer, November 23, 1968; children: Victoria, Randall. EDUCATION: Studied at the Sorbonne, University of Paris, France, 1945^4-6; Southern Methodist University, B.A., 1950. MILITARY: USAAF, 1942^5.

PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Composer, Stavisky, 1974; composer, Reds. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Composer/lyricist, Evening Primrose, 1966.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Producer: Zane Grey Theatre, Honey West, Smothers Brothers Show, Dick Powell Show, Danny Thomas Hour, Burke's Law, Mod Squad, The Rookies, Starsky and Hutch, Family, The Beach Bums, The Love Boat, Vegas, Charlie's Angels, Fantasy Island, Hart to Hart, The B.A.D. Cats, Aloha Paradise, Dynasty, Strike Force; movies for television—The Legend of Valentino, 1975; The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, 1976; One of My Wives Is Missing, 1976; Little Ladies of the Night, 1977; The Users, 1978; Murder Can Hurt You, 1980; The Best Little Girl in the World, 1981; Sizzle, 1981; Matt Houston, 1982; Masserati and the Brain, 1982; Wild Women of Charity Gulch, 1982; Dont Go to Sleep, 1982; Shooting Stars, 1983; Hotel, 1983.

WRITINGS: EPISODIC TELEVISION—Topper, 1953. SCREENPLAYS—77^ Last of Sheila (with Anthony Perkins), 1973. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Best Composer and Lyricist, 1970: Company, 1971: Follies, 1973: A Little Night Music, 1979: Sweeney Todd; New York Drama Critics Circle Award, 1970: Company, 1971: Follies, 1973: A Little Night Music, Pacific Overtures, 1979: Sweeney Todd; Hutchison Prize for Musical Composition, Williams College. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild (council), National Association of Playwrights, Composers and Lyricists (president, 1973-81), American Academy, Institute of Arts and Letters.

PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Executive producer, Mr. Mom, 1983. AWARDS: NAACP Image Awards, 1970, 71, 73, 75; Man of the Year, Publicists of America, 1971; B'nai B'rith Man of the Year, 1972; Eugene O'Neill Awards, 1947-48; Purple

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Flora Roberts, 157 W. 57th Street, Penthouse A, New York, NY 10019. 472



SPIELBERG, Steven, film director, producer

Heart with oak leaf cluster, Bronze Star Medal; Writers Guild of America, 1962.

PERSONAL: Born December 18, 1947, in Cincinnati, OH. EDUCATION: California State College, B.A., 1970.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild of America, Producers Guild of America, the Caucus, Hollywood Radio and Television Society, Hollywood Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, Friars Club, Big Brothers of America.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Director: The Sugar land Express, 1974; Jaws, 1975; Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 1977; 7947, 1979; Raiders ofthe Lost Ark, 1981;ET.: The Extra-Terrestrial, 1982; Poltergeist, 1982; Twilight Zone—The Movie, 1983; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 1984. Producer: / Wanna Hold Your Hand, 1978; 1941, 1979; Used Cars, 1980; Poltergeist, 1982; E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, 1982; Twilight Zone—The Movie, 1983; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 1984; Gremlins, 1984; Screenwriter: with Patrick Mann, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 1977.

ADDRESS: Office—Aaron Spelling Productions, 1041 N. Formosa, Los Angeles, CA 90046.*

SPIELBERG, David, actor

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Director: segments, Night Gallery, Marcus Welby, M.D., Columbo; movies for television—Duel, 197'1, Something Evil, 1972.

PERSONAL: Born March 6, 1939; son of George (a merchant) and Manuela (Benitez) Spielberg; married Barbara Gladtone (an executive) June 13, 1965; children: Daniel. EDUCATION: Attended University of Texas for 2 years; studied with Ben Iden Payne at Ben Iden Payne School. MILITARY: U.S. Naval Reserve, two years active service, 1957-59.

AWARDS: Has received several Academy Awards. RELATED CAREER: Television director, Universal Pictures; formed own production company, Amblin Productions.

CAREER: DEBUT—King, Ondine, Hogg Auditorium, Austin, TX, 1959. NEW YORK DEBUT—Jesse, A Man's a Man, Masque, 1963. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Gordon, Thieves, Broadhurst, NY, 1971; Larry Parks, Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?, Cast Theatre, 1974—75; The Trial of the Catonsville Nine, NY; Macbird, NY; Funnyhouse of a Negro, NY; Gil, Sleep, American Place Theatre, NY; Story Theatre, Chicago, IL; Mr. Spielberg has performed with Long Wharf Theatre, Yale Repertory Theatre, Williamstown Theatre Festival, and Stockbridge Festival Theatre. MAJOR TOURS—Mickey, After the Fall, national tour.

SIDELIGHTS: Mr. Spielberg made home movies as a child; at 12 he made his first film with actors and a story. When he reached 13, he won a film contest with a 40 minute war movie, Escape to Nowhere. At 16, he made a 140 minute film Eire light. At California State College, he made five films and his first professional work, Amblin, which led to his working at Universal Pictures. ADDRESS: Office—Amblin Productions, Burbank Studios, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91522.*

FILM DEBUT—Goodman, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, 1972. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— Law and Disorder, 1974; Hustle, \915\Winterkills, 1976; The Choirboys, 1977; Real Life, 1978; The Hunter, 1980; Christine, 1983; The Children's War, 1983. TELEVISION DEBUT—Wai berg, D.A., The Bold Ones. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Wilentz, The Lindbergh Kidnapping Trial; Max, Jessica Novak; Bob, BoblCarollTed & Alice; David, The Practice; Peter Pan, Mork & Mindy; Two Brothers; Games Your Mother Taught You; Maid in America, 1982; over 100 additional appearances.

SPOTA, George, producer, writer PERSONAL: Born September 27, 1917, in New York City; son of Thomas D. (a builder) and Esther A. (De Fies) Spota; married Marie Carletti, October 12, 1940; children: Georgeann. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Producer, Will Rogers' U.S.A., with James Whitmore, 1970, ten national tours; Eleanor, with Eileen Heckert; Bully, an adventure with Theodore Roosevelt, with James Whitmore.

AWARDS: Obie Award for Distinguished Performance, 1971: Gil, Sleep; L.A. Critics Circle Award, Best Performance, Larry Parks, Are You Now or Have You Eve Been?; Emmy Award Nomination, The Lindbergh Kidnapping Trial.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Producer/creator, You and the Law, When I Grow Up, Faye Emerson s Women Want to Know, Readers Review Theatre; executive producer, Jonathan Winters and Arlene Francis specials; Jonathan Winters Specials, 1964;

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Associate Instructor of Acting, Yale School of Drama, 1968-69; founding member, Open Theatre; company member, Long Wharf Theatre, 1965-80.

RELATED CAREER: Writer, Kramer Productions Inc, NY, 1947-49; writer, associate producer, Robert Jennings Productions, NY, 1950-52; producer, writer, Martin Goodman Productions, NY, 1952-70; producer, George Spota Productions, NY, 1970-present; co-personal manager for 10 years or longer: Jonathan Winters, Bill Cullen, Carol Burnett, Arlene Francis, Bess Myerson, Donald Woods, Hugh Downs.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Academy of Television Arts and Sciences; Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. ADDRESS: Agent—The Artists Agency, 10000 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069. 473



WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED— Walls Come Tumbling Down, with William Storm, Company of Angels Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 1975.

\916\F.LS.T., 1978; Paradise Alley, 197'8; Rocky II, 1979; Nighthawks, 1980; Escape to Victory, 1980; Rocky III, 1981; First Blood, 1983; Staying Alive, 1983; Rhinestone, 1984. SCREENWRITER/PRODUCER—Rocky, 1976; F.I.S.T., 1977; Paradise Alley, 1978; Rocky II, 1979; First Blood, 1983; Staying Alive, 1983. DIRECTOR—Paradise Alley, Rocky II, Rocky III, Staying Alive.

ADDRESS: Office—11151 Ophir Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90024.

WRITINGS: BOOKS—The Rocky Scrapbook, 1977; Rocky II. AWARDS: Show West Actor of the Year, 1979; Star of the Year, 1977; Academy Award, Best Picture, 1976: Rocky; Golden Globe, Best Picture, 1976; Donatello for Best Actor in Europe, 1976; National Theatre Owners, 1976; Christopher, 1976; Scholastic Magazine Bell Ringer, 1976.

SPRINGER, Ashton Jr., producer, manager PERSONAL: Born November 1, 1930 in New York, NY; son of Ashton and Julia Euphenia (Horsham) Springer; married Myra Louise Burns (a teacher) November 6, 1956; children: Mark, Chesley. EDUCATION: Ohio State University, B.S., 1954, M.A., 1955. RELIGION: Episcopalian. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Director, Richard Lawrence Youth Center, Bronx, NY 1955-57; partner, A&M Laundromats and Coin Equipment Maintenance, NY, 1956-60; president, Motor Car Associates, Inc. New Rochelle, NY, 1960-67.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SAG, Writers Guild, Stuntmans Association (hon), Directors Guild. Mr. Stallone was nominated for two Academy Awards for acting and writing for his work in Rocky in 1976, which has only occurred three times in the history of the Academy Awards.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, PRODUCED—No Place to Be Somebody, NY, 1970; My Sister, My Sister, NY, 1974; Bubbling Brown Sugar, NY, 1975; Going Up, NY, 1976; Cold Storage, NY, 1911'Eubie, NY, 1978; Whoopee, NY, 1978; A Lesson from Aloes, NY, 1981'Jnacent Black, 1981; The Apollo—Just Like Magic, NY, 1981.

ADDRESS: Agent—Creative Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park E., Los Angeles, CA 90067.*

AWARDS: Drama Critics Circle Award, Best Play, 1981: A Lesson from Aloes; Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, Best Play Producer, 1975: Bubbling Brown Sugar.

STANLEY, Gordon, actor, writer, and singer

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Chesmark Productions Inc., 1967-70; Theatre Management Associates, Inc., New York City, 1970-present; managing partner, Little Theatre, New York, NY, 1979-present.

PERSONAL: Born December 20, 1951, in Boston, MA; son of Malcolm McClain (a medical research scientist; maiden name, Dumoff) Stanley; married Renee Lutz (a stage manager), May 18, 1980. EDUCATION: Brown University, A.B., 1973; Temple University, M.F.A., 1976.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Board of Governors, Goodspeed Opera House, East Haddam, CT; League of New York Theatres and Producers. ADDRESS: OfflCC-

CAREER: DEBUT—First Murderer, Richard III, Court, Chicago, IL, 1969. NEW YORK DEBUT—Singer, Lyrical and Satirical, Joseph Jefferson, 1977, 14 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(Broadway) Fleming, Onward Victoria, 1980; Jacob, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, 1981-83; (Off-Broadway) Charlie, Allegro, Equity Library, 1978; Doc, The Tooth of Crime, 1979; Cecil, Elizabeth and Essex, 1980; Mr. Erlanson, A Little Night Music, 1981; Rodney, Two on the Isles, 1981; Sid el Kar, The Desert Song, Light Opera of Manhattan, 1981; (Stock/ Dinner Theater) First Voice, Under Milk Wood, Court, Chicago, IL, 1970; Allan Felix, Play it Again, Sam, Benvolio, Romeo and Juliet, Gangster #2, Kiss Me, Kate, Boss Mangan, Heartbreak House, Weathervane Theatre, 1971; multiple roles, Bullshot Crummond, Grendel's Lair, Philadelphia, 1977; Morris, 7776, Carter-Barron, 1980; Mr. Snow, Carousel, Coachlight, 1980; Motel, Fiddler on the Roof, Artpark, 1981; Freddy, My Fair Lady, Theatre of the Stars, Atlanta, GA, 1983.

-240 W. 44th Street, New York, NY


STALLONE, Sylvester (Enzio), actor, writer, director, producer PERSONAL: Born July 6, 1946, in New York City; son of Frank and Jacquline (Labofish) Stallone; married Sasha Czack, December 28, 1974; children: Sage, Seth. EDUCATION: Attended the American College in Switzerland, 196567; University of Miami, 1967-69. NON-RELATED CAREER: Usher, fish salesman, horse trainer, delicatessen worker, truck driver, bouncer, zoo attendant, bookstore detective, short order cook, pizza demonstrator, motel superintendant, physical education teacher, teacher, American College Switzerland.

AWARDS: GRANTS—National Endowment for the Arts, Design Demonstration, 1981.

CAREER: FILM DEBUT—Lead role, The Lords ofFlatbush, 1973. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Capone, 1974; Rocky,

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; National Trust for Historic Preservation. 474


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume I ADDRESS: Office—330 W. 45th Street, Lobby J, New York, NY 10036. Agent—c/o Jeff Lowenthal, Monty Silver Agency, 200 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

STAPLETON, Jean (nee Jeanne Murray), actress PERSONAL: Born in New York City; daughter of Joseph E. and Marie (Stapleton) Murray; married William Putch (a producer and director). EDUCATION: Studied with Carli Laklan at the American Apprentice Theatre, with Jane Rose and William Hansen at the American Actors Company, with Joseph Anthony and Peter Frye at the American Theatre Wing, and with Harold Clurman; attended Hunter College in New York. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Secretary. CAREER: DEBUT—at the Greenwood Playhouse, Peaks Island, Maine, 1941. NEW YORK DEBUT—Mrs. Watty, The Corn Is Green, Equity Library Theatre, 1948. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Sang with the Robert Shaw Chorale touring women's clubs performing Double Dozen Double Damask Dinner Napkins, 1940; stock at Peterborough Playhouse, NH, Whitefield Playhouse, NH, and Chase Barn Playhouse, 1947-^-8; Mother, America Gothic, Circle in the Square, NY, 1953; Inez, The Summer House, Playhouse, NY, 1953; Sister, Damn Yankees, 46th Street, NY, 1955; Sue, Bells Are Ringing, Shubert, NY, 1956; at her husband's theatre, the Totem Pole Playhouse, Fayettesville, PA: Woody, Goodbye My Fancy, Miss Cooper, Separate Tables, Mother, Charm, Grace, Bus Stop, Mme. St. Pe, The Waltz of the Toreadors, 1958; Swart Petry, A Swim in the Sea, Walnut Street, Philadelphia, 1958; Maisie Madigan, Juno, Winter Garden, NY, 1959; Sally Adams, Call Me Madam, Totem Pole Playhouse, 1959; Laura Partridge, The Solid Gold Cadillac, Totem Pole Playhouse, 1960; Mrs. Ochs, Rhinoceros, Longacre,NY, 1961;


more Opera Company, 1984; The Italian Lesson, Baltimore Opera Company, 1985. MAJOR TOURS—Mrs. Watty, The Corn Is Green, 1948^9; Myrtle Mae, Harvey, 1948^9 and 1949-50; Mrs. Coffman, Come Back Little Sheba, 1950-51; Mrs. Ochs, Rhinoceros, tour of California, 1961; Aary, Mornings at Seven, national tour, 1976; title-role, Daisy Mayme, 1979-80; The ShowOff, tour of Florida ending at the Papermill Playhouse, NJ, 1983; Clara s Play, New England tour, 1983.

Totem Pole Playhouse: Mrs. Keller, The Miracle Worker, Emma, Apple in the Attic, revue, A Thurber Carnival, Opal, Everybody Loves Opal, Mrs. Baker, Come Blow Your Horn, Mrs. Spofford, Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Nannie, All for Mary, 1962; Aunt Eller, Oklahoma!, 1963; Mrs. Strakosh, Funny Girl, Winter Garden, NY, 1964; Totem Pole Playhouse: Brewster, A Rainy Day in Newark, Rosemary, Picnic, Annabelle, George Washington Slept Here, Mrs. Walworth, Speaking of Murder, Mrs. Pearce, My Fair Lady, Mrs. Yoder, Papa Is All, Mother Abbess, The Sound of Music, 1964, Anna Leonowens, The King and I, Bloody Mary, South Pacific, Lottie, The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, 1964, Dolly Gallagher Levi, Hello Dolly!, 1971, Mrs. Baer, Butterflies Are Free, Lola, Come Back Little Sheba, Opal, Everybody Loves Opal, 1972; The Time of the Cuckoo, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, 1974; Totem Pole Playhouse: title-role, The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild, Hay Fever, The Late Christopher Bean, \916, The Reluctant Debutante, The Show-Off, 1977, The Great Sebastian s, title-role, Daisy Mayme, Little Mary Sunshine, 1978, MissMarple, AMurder Is Announced, Papa Is All, 1979, Miss Marple, Murder at the Vicarage, Aunt Eller, Oklahoma!, 1981, The Curious Savage, Butterfly Days, 1981, The Corn Is Green, 1982, Ernest in Love, 1983; The Late Christopher Bean, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, 1983; The Show-Off, Syracuse Stage, Syracuse, NY, 1983; Old Woman, Candide, Balti-

FILM DEBUT—Damn Yankees, 1958. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Bells Are Ringing, 1960; Something Wild, 1961; Cold Turkey, 1971; Klute, 1971; The Buddy System. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Omnibus; Camera Three; Naked City; You Cant Take It with You; Aunt Mary; played Edith Bunker on All in the Family series from 1971; for cable tv, Ms. Tweed, Something s Afoot; Ogress, Jack and the Beanstalk and Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, Faerie Tale Theatre; movies for television—I sober s Choice, Angel Dusted, Eleanor: First Lady of the World, A Matter of Sex. AWARDS: Three Emmy Awards for Edith Bunker, All in the Family; honorary degrees from Emerson College, Boston, Hood College, Frederick, MD, Monmouth College, NJ. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—President, advisory board, Women's Research & Institute, Washington, DC; board, Eleanor Roosevelt's Val-Kill, Hyde Park, NY; board, Won475


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Juan, The Cavern; The Fuhrer Bunker and Great Days, American Place, NY; The Seagull and The Learned Ladies, Roundabout, NY; other Off-Broadway: Blue Boys, Ergo, Iphigenia in Aulis, The Minister's Black Veil, The Persians, Taming of the Shrew, Domestic Issues, Four Friends, The Two Character Play; appeared at Martinique Theatre, Public Theatre, Circle in the Square, Playwrights Horizons, Phoenix, Theatre de Lys, Quaigh, in Circle Repertory; regional theatre companies include the American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT (four seasons), Arena Stage, Washington, DC, Syracuse Stage Company, PAF Playhouse, Indiana Repertory, Milwaukee Repertory, McCarter. In New York, he appeared in eight productions at the New York Shakespeare Festival between 1966 and 1976.

der Woman Foundation, New York City. RECREATIONS: Swimming, singing, reading. ADDRESS: Agent—Bauman and Hiller, 9220 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.

STATTEL, Robert, actor PERSONAL: Born November 20, 1932 in Floral Park, NY; son of Raymond G. (a beverage distributor) and Elizabeth (Dubon) Stattel. EDUCATION: Manhattan College, B.A. (English Literature); studied European Theatre Style at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Theatre Arts. MILITARY: U.S. Navy, 1956-57.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES— You Are There; Kojak; Love of Life; As the World Turns; All My Children; The Late Great Me; Another World; King Lear; The Fifty Years' Revolution; The Adams Chronicles.

CAREER: DEBUT—Lysander, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, OR, 1955. NEW YORK DEBUT—Theo, Heloise, Gate, 1968. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Camille, Danton's Death, Mr. Harcourt, The Country Wife, Edgar, King Lear, Lincoln Center Repertory, 1966-69; Von Taussig, A Patriot for Me, NY, 1969; Robert, Voices, NY, 1972; understudy, The Incomparable Max, NY, 1971-72; Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes, NY, 1975-76; appeared at the City Stage Company (CSC) from 1978-to 1982 in the title roles in King Lear, Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonnus, Woyzeck, Dr. Faustus, Henry IV, and leading roles in The Cherry Orchard, Gilles de Rais, Don

AWARDS: Drama Desk Award Nomination: King Lear. ADDRESS: Home—377 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014. Agent—Kingman Ganz, 1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

STEINBERG, Norman, writer PERSONAL: Born June 6, 1939, in Brooklyn, NY; son of Morris Alex and Lillian (May) Steinberg; married Bonnie Strock (an interior designer) October 8, 1977. EDUCATION: University of Maryland, A.B. 1961; University of Pittsburgh, LLB (School of Law), 1964. WRITINGS: SCREENPLAYS—Blazing Saddles (with Mel Brooks), 1912; Yes, Giorgio, 1982; My Favorite Year, 1982; Johnny Dangerously, 1984. RELATED CAREER: Has written extensively for numerous TV series, pilots, specials and variety shows. AWARDS: Writers Guild of America West Nominee, 1982; Writers Guild of America West Award, 1973: Blazing Saddles; Emmy Award, Flip Wilson Show, 1970. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild of America, Directors Guild of America, SAG. ADDRESS: Office—c/o Paramount Studios, 5555 Melrose Avenue, LA, CA, 90038.

STEINER, Sherry, actress PERSONAL: Born September 29, 1948; daughter of Jack (an accountant) and Doris (Glass) Handsman. EDUCATION: Chatham College, B.A.; studied with Kurt Cerf, Stephen Strimpell, and Irene Baird in New York City. RELIGION: Jewish.





STEWART, Michael, playwright, lyricist

CAREER: DEBUT—Ophelia, Hamlet, Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia Drama Guild, 1977. NEW YORK DEBUT—Understudy, Ashes, Manhattan Theatre Club/Public Theatre, 1977. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Sonia, Uncle Vanya, Philadelphia Drama Guild, 1978; Hillary, Safe House, Manhattan Theatre Club, 1978; the daughter, Catsplay, Promenade, NY, 1978; Sister Rita, The Runner Stumbles, Actor's Theatre of Louisville, KY, 1978; New Play Festival at the Actor's Theatre of Louisville, 1979; Elizabeth, Sorrows of Stephen, Public Theatre, NY, 1979; member of the acting company at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, 197980; Nurse/Madeleine, Piaf, Plymouth, 1980-81; Susan, Loose Ends, Alliance, Atlanta, GA, 1982; Edward/Victoria, Cloud 9, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1982-83; member of the People's Light & Theatre Company, Malvern, PA, 1984.

PERSONAL: Born August 1, 1929, in New York City; son of William E. and Kate (Dunitz) Rubin. EDUCATION: Queen's College, B.A.; Yale University, M.F.A., 1953. CAREER: WRITINGS: PLAYS—Those That Play the Clowns, 1966; D, 1980. LIBRETTOS—Bye Bye Birdie, I960-Carnival, 1961; Hello, Dolly!, 1964; George M. (with John and Fran Pascal), \96S; Mack and Mabel, 1914'I Love My Wife (also lyrics), 1977; The Grand Tour (with Mark Bramble), 1979; 42nd Street (with Mark Bramble), 1980; How Do You Do I Love You; Harrigan and Hart, 1984; Treasure Island (with Mark Bramble; forthcoming). LYRICS—Barnum, 1980. TELEVISION— Caesar's Hour, 1956-58. BOOKS—Belle (novel), 1977.

FILM DEBUT—Blind girl, The Asylum of Satan, 1971. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Sherry, Three on a Meathook, 1972; Lost Girl, The Devil's Express; Victim, The Demon. TELEVISION DEBUT—Psychiatrist, Ryan's Hope.

AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, 1964: Hello, Dolly!; Antoinette Perry Award, 1960: Bye Bye Birdie; New York Drama Critics Award, 1964: Hello Dolly; New York Drama Critics Award, 1961: Carnival.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA. ADDRESS: Office—c/o Dramatists Guild, 234 W. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.


'As a child growing up in the New York area, I attended both Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. To be an actress was a dream begun at 12 and continues into the present.'' ADDRESS: Home—341 S. 25th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Agent—Writers & Artists, 162 W. 56th Street, New York, NY 10019.

STILLER, Jerry, actor PERSONAL: Born June 8, in New York; son of William and Bella Stiller; married Anne Meara (an actress) September 14, 1954; children: Amy, Benjamin. EDUCATION: Syracuse University, B.S. (Speech and Drama), 1950.

STENBORG, Helen, actress

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Performed in various summer stock companies, 1951-53, and the Henry Street Settlement and the Cherry Lane Theatre, NY, Erie Playhouse, PA, Memphis Arena Theatre, TN, Phoenix, NY, Shakespeare Festival Theatre, Stratford, CT, New York Shakespeare Festival; Billy Barnes, Showboat, Chicago, 1950; The Golden Apple, NY, 1954; Boubouroche, NY, 1911'TheRitz, 1975; Unexpected Guests, 1977; Hurlybury, Promenade, then Barrymore, NY, 1984. MAJOR TOURS— Peter Pan, national tour, 1951.

PERSONAL: Born January 24, 1925 in Minneapolis, MN; daughter of John A. (a dentist) and Ida M. (Johnson) Stenborg; married Barnard Hughes (an actor) on April 19, 1950; children: Douglas, Laura. EDUCATION: Attended Hunter College, Columbia University; studied drama with Frances Robinson-Duff. CAREER: DEBUT—Understudy, Claudia, Claudia, National Touring Company, 1943. NEW YORK DEBUT—Witness, The Trial of the Catonsville Nine, Lyceum, 1971. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Wife, Sheep on the Runway, Helen Hayes, NY; Fifth of July, Circle Repertory, NY, 1978; Da, Morosco, NY, 1979; A Life, Morosco, NY, 1980. MAJOR TOURS—Understudy, Claudia, national tour, 1943; Three's a Family, national tour; Da, national tour, 1979-80.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—The Taking ofPelham One, Two, Three, 1974; Airport '75, 1974; The Ritz, 1916', Nasty Habits, 1976; Those Lips, Those Eyes, 1980. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Take Five with Stiller and Meara, 1977-78; Joe and Sons; guest appearances on game shows, talk shows and specials. NIGHTCLUB APPEARANCES—Stiller and Meara Comedy Team, Compass Players, St. Louis, MO, 1957; Happy Medium, Chicago, 1960; Village Gate, NY; Village Vanguard, NY; The Blue Angel, NY; Bon Soir, NY; Phase Two, NY; Mr. Kelly's, Chicago; The Hungry I, San Francisco; Establishment, London, England; Sands, Las Vegas; Flamingo, Las Vegas; Harrah's, Reno; Lake Tahoe, NV.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Three Days of the Condor, 1975; The Europeans, 1979; Starting Over, 1979; Fifth of July; A Flash of Green. TELEVISION DEBUT—Kraft Television Theatre. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; AFTRA; Episcopal Actors Guild; SAG; Circle Repertory Company.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: With wife, formed commercial production company in New York to aid businesses in promotion, advertising, and image building.

ADDRESS: Agent—Milton Goldman, ICM, 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. 477


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 cago, IL, specializing in improvisational and original satirical revues.

AWARDS: Voice Imagery Award, Radio Advertising Bureau; honored by the Marketing Communications Executives International for (their) outstanding contributions on advertising and promotion; Arents Pioneer Medal, 1979; Entertainment Father of the Year Award, 1977; Distinguished Alumnus Award, Syracuse University, 1973.

AWARDS: Theatre World Award, Murray/Announcer, 1978: The Water Engine; Joseph Jefferson Award, Jake, Green Julia; Joseph Jefferson Award Nomination, Nick Potter, Holiday.

SIDELIGHTS: "After their marriage, the Stillers began acting with Joe Papp's just-formed Shakespeare Company in Central Park. Jerry was usually cast as a clown or oaf and Anne was cast as the leading lady. Their salaries were small. One day they discovered that the ushers made more. This revelation plus the two factors that they wanted to have children, and that their innate comedic talents were surfacing, led the Stillers to leave the legitimate theatre and form a comedy team. In addition to their act together, Jerry and Anne have taken time in recent years to continue their acting careers; Jerry has popped up several times on numerous television sitcoms such as Alice, Private Benjamin, No Soap Radio and Amanda s. Both hope to star in their own television special in the near future."

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA. ADDRESS: Agent—DHKPR, 165 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

STONE, Ezra (ne Ezra Chaim Feinstone), actor, director, producer, writer, teacher, farmer PERSONAL: Born December 2, 1917, in New Bedford, MA; son of Solomon (a chemist, teacher, collector, philanthropist) and Rose (Meadow), Feinstone; married Sara Seegar (an actress, director, teacher), October 5, 1942; children: Josef, Francine. EDUCATION: Graduate, Oak Lane Country Day School of Temple University, 1934; attended summer courses at CCNY, and Temple University; studied for the stage at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts with Charles Vehlinger and Philip Loeb; also studied at Columbia University. POLITICS: Independent. MILITARY: U.S. Army Special Services, Staff Sergeant, 1940^3; USAAF, M/ Sgt., 1943-^6; director of USO Camp shows. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Director of Special Events, consultant, IBM for 22 years.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o William Morris Agency, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019.

STINTON, Colin, actor PERSONAL: Born March 10, 1947; son of Frederick M. (an engineer) and Barbara O. (Botting) Stinton. EDUCATION: Attended Northern Illinois University, three years. CAREER: DEBUT—Ensemble, Verbatim, Body Politic Theatre/Dinglefest Theatre Company, Chicago, IL. NEW YORK DEBUT—Murray/Announcer, The Water Engine, Public Theatre, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1971 and Plymouth, NY, 1977-78. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Guessworks, Body Politic Theatre, Chicago, IL; Tom Swift and His . . . , Body Politic Theatre, Chicago, IL; Cody the Horse Dreamer, Geography of a Horse Dreamer, Organic Theatre, Chicago, IL; Jake, Green Julia, Magic Circle Theatre, Chicago, IL; Cop/Detective, Cop-Out, Hull House Theatre, Chicago, IL; Treetrunk Eel, Captain Marbles, St. Nicholas Theatre, Chicago, IL; Card Player, Prairie du Chien, Public Theatre, New York Shakespeare Festival; Goodman Theatre Company, Chicago, IL: Buckley, Native Son, Nick Potter, Holiday, Van Brandt, Lone Canoe, Walter Burns, The Front Page, Edmond, Edmond; series of plays, The Invitational, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NY; Glassnap, The Beaver Coat, Feste, Twelfth Night, Circle Repertory, NY, 1980-81; McGahey, The Curse of an Aching Heart, Little Theatre, NY; Edmond, Edmond, Provincetown Playhouse, NY; Angus, Early Warnings, Manhattan Theatre Club, NY; Derek Meadle, Quartermaine's Terms, Playhouse 91, NY.

CAREER: DEBUT—Young child, Phosphorus and Suppressed Desires, YMHA Players, Philadelphia, PA, 1924. NEW YORK DEBUT—Seven roles in revue, Parade, Guild, 1935. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—The Flower Seller, Plays and Players Club, Phildelphia, PA, 1929; Abie Applebaum, pre-Broadway tryout, Room Service, closed Phildelphia, 1935; Ed, Oh Evening Star!, Empire, 1936; Al, Three Men on a Horse, Playhouse, 1935; Mistol Bottome, Brother Rat, Biltmore, NY, 1936; Bank Messenger Room Service, Cort, NY, 1937; Henry Aldrich, What a Life, Biltmore, NY, 1938; Dromio, The Boys from Syracuse, Alvin, NY, 1938; Arthur Lee, See My Lawyer, Biltmore, NY, 1939; Joshua Winslow, Your Loving Son, Brattle, Cambridge, MA, 1940; Sir Epicure Mammon, The Alchemist, NY City Center, 1948; Tony Lumpkin, She Stoops to Conquer, NY City Center, 1949; Son-in-Law, The Middle of the Night, Bucks County Playhouse, PA, 1958; Banjo, The Man Who Came to Dinner Maxwell Archer, Once More with Feeling, Bucks County Playhouse, 1959; Capt. Andy, Showboat, Cape Cod Melody Ten, Hyannis, MA, 1960. MAJOR TOURS—Incas the Younger, The Last of the Mohicans, Georgie, Quality Street, Sid Sawyer, Tom Sawyer, Jim Hawkins, Treasure Island, National Junior Theatre of Washington, DC, East Coast tour, 1931-32; vaudeville act, Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ, Keith's Theatre, Wilmington, DE, 1932; Studio Messinger, Ah! Wilderness, 1935; directed and appeared in U.S. Army Special Service productions of We're Ready, First Year, Brother Rat, Three Men on a Horse, Six Jerks in a Jeep.

FILM DEBUT—Billy, The Verdict, 1982. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Dale, Daniel, 1983; Sam, Paul's Case; Barnum, Mr. Barnum; Telzon. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Elliot, The Hamptons. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Three years as actor, writer, and associate director of the Dinglefest Theatre Company, Chi478



That Guy, 1952; Auto Light Easter Parade, 1953; / Married Joan, 1954-55; Joe and Mabel, 1955-56; Ceasar's Hour, 1956; Command Preformance (special), 1957 and a Command Performance with Ethel Barrymore, 1958; 4 and 20 Buddahs, 1959; "Kelly and the College Man," Bachelor Father, 1959; Angel, 1960; Affairs of Anatol, 1961; The Hathways, 1961; The Shari Lewis Show, 1962; IBM industrials, 4 t . . . a better way", Area for Action, 1963; Bob Hope Presents: Wake Up Darling and Time for Elizabeth, 1964; My Living Doll, 1964-65; Take Five, 1964; IBM Processing Division, The Know How People; Petticoat Junction; The Phyllis Diller Show; Lost in Space; Please Don't Eat the Daises; Julia; The Flying Nun; The Debbie Reynolds Show; The Jimmy Stewart Show; Sandy Duncan Show; Night clubs—revue, The Roaring Twenties, Chicago, IL, 1951.

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK: Directed—Brother Rat, touring production, 1936; Room Service, touring production, 1937; What a Life, touring production, 1938; See My Lawyer, Biltmore, NY, 1939; with Herbert Berghof, Reunion in New York, Little, NY, 1940; summer tryout, Your Loving Son, 1940; U.S. Army Special Services touring productions: We're Ready, First Year, Brother Rat, Three Men on a Horse, Six Jerks in a Jeep; This Is the Army, Broadway, NY, 1942; Salvo, Metropolitan Opera House, NY, 1943; tours of Air Force revues: Bonds Away, At Your Service, You Bet Your Life, 1943; January Thaw, Golden, NY, \946-Meand Molly, Belasco, NY, 1948; To Tell You the Truth, New Stages, 1948; At War with the Army, Booth, NY, 1949; pre-Broadway try outs, The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg, Erlanger, Philadelphia, 1951; Count Your Blessings, Bucks County Playhouse, 1952; Blue Danube, Bucks County Playhouse, PA, 1952; The Pink Elephant, Playhouse, NY, 1953; summer touring companies, Loco, The Play's the Thing, 1953; pre-Broadway tryout, Comin Thru the Rye, Theatre Guild at the Olney, MD, 1953; Blithe Spirit, Bucks County Playhouse, PA, 1954; Mrs. Gibbon s Boys, Bucks County Playhouse, PA, 1955; tent ice show version of On the Town, Asbury Park, NJ, 1956; Wake Up Darling, Barrymore, NY, 1956; pre-Broadway tryout, The Mistress of The Inn, Bucks County Playhouse, PA, 1956; Season in the Sun, Bucks County Playhouse, PA, 1957; one women show of Ethel Barrymore Colt, Curtains Up!, ANTA, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1958; Half in Earnest, Bucks County Playhouse, PA, 1957; Curtains Up!, East 74th Street, NY, 1959; West Coast tryout, Only Game in Town, Ivar Theatre, Hollywood, CA, 1960; Dear Ruth, Come Blow Your Horn, Sombrero Playhouse, Phoenix, AZ, 1962; IBM industrial show, 100 Percent Club, San Francisco, CA, 1963, NYC, 1964; benefit performance, Tunnel of Love, Biltmore, LA, CA, 1963; summer tryout, God Bless Our Bank, Charlotte, NC, 1963; Fallen Angels, La Jolla Playhouse, 1963; Sweet Land, tricentennial celebration, Newtown, PA, 1983.

THEATRE RELATED CAREER: Director of student productions/ lecturer, University of Virginia, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Michigan State University, Adelphi, Brooklyn College, Boston University, The New School for Social Research, Yale University and the University of North Carolina; served as special projects consultant, Secretary of Commerce of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1952, the Fred Miller Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, the Ford Foundation Humanities Program, 1958; Fresno Community Theatre, 1960; teacher, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 1956-59; founder and executive director of the postgraduate professional center of the AADA, since 1959, associate director of AADA, also taught at the American Theatre Wing, Professional Training Program, 1946-58. WRITINGS: Sketches for: Li'I Abner, The Aldrich Family, Danny Thomas Show, Martha Raye Show, Fred Allen Show, Ed Wynn Show, Colgate Comedy Hour, Ezio Pinza Show, Caesar s Hour, (also editor); with Larry Gelbhardt, Command Performance with Ed Wynn, and Command Performance with Ethel Barrymore; with Rick Dorio, episodes of The Hathways; Swami Chimp, A Man for Amanda; writer: Petticoat Junction, The Phyllis Diller Show, Lost in Space, Please Don't Eat the Daisies, Julia, The Flying Nun, The Debbie Reynolds Show, The Jimmy Stewart Show, Sandy Duncan Show; with Weldon Nelick, Coming Major; contributor to magazines and newspapers, and since November, 1962, has written a monthly humor column t 4 Actors' Glossary," for Equity magazine.

FILM DEBUT—Ally Bangs, Those Were the Days, 1940. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—This Is the Army, 1943; directed/staged, The Daydreamer, 1966, Tammy and the Millionaire, 1967. PRINCIPAL RADIO AND TELEVISION APPEARANCES: debut, commercials for Childrens Hour, Philadelphia, 1932-34, Young America, 1932-34, Tasty Yeast Program, 1934-35; from 1938^0: Rudy Vallee Show, Kate Smith Show, Eddie Cantor Show, Fred Allen Show, Walter O'Keefe Show, Jack Benny Show, Norman Corwin Show, Kay Kayser Show, Stoopnagle and Bud, We the People, Hobby Lobby, Edgar Bergen Show, Lux Radio Theatre, created the role of Henry Aldrich, The Aldrich Family series, 1938^1, The Eternal Light series, 1951-present.

AWARDS: For t c Real World", IBM; Grand Prize, Barcelona Film Festival, The 40 Million; Cine Golden Eagle Award; Golden Mike Award, Old Time Radio Association, Baltimore, MD; National Visuals, Cris, N.A.M. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AGVA, Writers Guild, East, AFTRA, Radio and TV Directors Guild, SDG, SDIG, AADA, SSD&C, (secretary, 1960), TV Producers' Guild, Dramatists Guild, AMTA, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Actor's Fund of America, Radio Pioneers of America, American Legion, American Veterans' Committee, Air Force Society, Pennsylvania Association of Rescue Squads, Newton Reliance Company, Ayeshire Breeders' Association, Dairy Herd Improvement Association, Sacred Order of Old Bastards, Committee on Economic Development (Radio & TV), American Association for the UN, Trustee AADA, '84 Fellow AADA, Chairman of the Board, American National Theatre Academy West, American College Theatre Festival Regional Judge, the David Library of the American Revolution-director/president.

TELEVISION DEBUT—An FCC demonstration as Henry Aldrich in The Aldrich Family, 1940; Deuteronomy Katz. 1952; Tvye, 1953; Faye Emerson Show, 1954; Urial, Trial of Urial, 1959; Rabbit, Kim Quixote, Hawaiian Eye, 1960; Flashback, 1963. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK: Producer/director—Olsen and Johnson Buick Show, 1948-49; Li91 Abner, 1948; The Aldrich Family, 1949; Danny Thomas Show, 1950-51; Martha Raye Show, 1950-51; Fred A lien Show, 1950-51; Ed Wynn Show, 1950-51; Colgate Comedy Hour, 1950-51; Ezio Pinza Show, 1950-51; Life with Father, 1952; Love 479



"Since moving back to Pennsylvania, Mr. Stone and his wife have been active in the cultural life of Newtown. Their production of Sweet Land included many local actors and technicians and brought the community together in celebration of their past through the theatre.''

don, 1982, Plymouth, NY, 1984. PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, 1967; The Real Inspector Hound, 1968; Albert's Bridge, 1968; Enter a Free Man, 1968; After Magritte, 1971; Jumpers, 1972; Artists Descending a Staircase, 1973; Where Are They Now?, 1973; Travesties, 1975; Dirty Linen/Newfoundland, 1976; Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, 1978; Professional Hamlet I Cahoots Macbeth, 1980, The Real Thing, 1983; On the Razzle, 1984.

ADDRESS: Home—Stone Meadow Farm, Box D, Newtown, PA, 18940. Office—c/o The David Library, Box 76, Washington Crossing, PA, 18977. Agent—Contemporary-Korman, 132 Lasky Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90212; Georgia Gilley Agency, 8721 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.

SCREENPLAYS—The Romantic Englishwoman, 1975; Despair, 1978 ;The Human Factor, 1979. TELEVISION PLAYS—A Separate Peace, 1966; Teeth, 1967; Another Moon Called Earth, 1967; Neutral Ground, 1968; Boundaries, 1975; Squaring the Circle, 1984. RADIO PLAYS—The Disolution of Dominic Boot, 1964; M is for Moon Among Other Things, 1964; // You're Glad I'll Be Frank, 1965; Albert's Bridge, 1967; Where Are They Now?, 1970; Artist Descending a Staircase, 1972; The Dog It Was That Died, 1983.

STONE, Oliver, director, writer PERSONAL: Born September 15, 1946, in New York City; son of Louis (a stockbroker) and Jacqueline (Goddet) Stone; married Majwa Sarkis, May 22, 1971 (divorced 1977); Elizabeth Burkit Cox (an assistant in film production), June 7, 1981. EDUCATION: Attended Hill School, 1964; Yale University, 1965; New York University, B.F.A., 1971. MILITARY: U.S. Army Infantry, Specialist 4th Class.

DIRECTED: Plays—Born Yesterday, Greenwich, London, 1973; Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, Metropolitan Opera, NY, 1979. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Best Play, 1984: The Real Thing; Evening Standard Award, 1982: The Real Thing; Evening Standard Award, 1978: Night and Day; Antoinette Perry Award, Evening Standard Award, 1976: Travesties; Evening Standard Award, 1972: Jumpers; Antoinette Perry Award, New York Drama Critics Circle, 1968: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead; Evening Standard Award, Most Promising Playwright, 1968; John Whiting Award, 1967. Honorary Degrees—Bristol, 1976; Brumel, 1979; Leeds, 1980; Sussex, 1980.

WRITINGS: SCREENPLAYS—Seizure (also directed), 1973; Midnight Express, 1978; The Hand (also directed), 1981; Conan the Barbarian, 1982; Scarface, 1983. AWARDS: Academy Award, Best Screenplay Adaptation, 1978: Midnight Express; Writers Guild Award, 1978: Midnight Express; Bronze Star for Valor, Purple Heart. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Writers Guild of America, Directors Guild of America, Yale Club.

SIDELIGHTS: RECREATIONS—Fishing, cricket. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Eraser and Dunlop, 91 Regent Street, London W l , UK.

ADDRESS: Office—9025 Wilshire Blvd., #301, Beverly Hills, CA, 90211. Agent—Jim Wiatt, c/o ICM Agency, 8899 Beverly Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90048.

STRANGIS, Greg, producer, writer PERSONAL: Born January 5, 1951, in Los Angeles, CA; son of Sam J. (a producer and director) and Jane (Longuevan) Strangis; married Melissa Partridge, December 12, 1970 (divorced 1983); married Jill Jacobson (an actress), January 1, 1984; children: Walker Kellogue (first marriage). EDUCATION: California State University at Northridge, B. A., 1973.

STOPPARD, Tom, CBE (cr. 1978), playwright and critic PERSONAL: Born July 3, 1937, in Zlin, Czechoslovakia; son of Eugene Straussler and Martha Stoppard; married Jose Ingle, 1965 (divorced 1972); married Dr. Miriam MooreRobinson, 1972. EDUCATION: Attended Pocklington, Yorkshire.

CAREER: FIRST TELEVISION WORK—Love, American Style. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Writer/producer, Eight Is Enough; writer/producer, Harper Valley; writer/producer, Shirley; executive producer, Rainbow; executive producer/ co-writer, Better Late Than Never; executive producer, Great Traffic Jam; executive producer, Not Just Another Love Affair; executive producer, Bulba (pilot); executive producer/co-creator, / Gave at the Office (pilot).

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, National, London, 1967, NY, Alvin, 1967; Enter a Free Man, London, 1968; The Real Inspector Hound, London, 1968; After Magritte, Ambiance, London, 1970; Where Are They Now?, 1970; Dogg's Our Pet, Ambiance, London, 1972; Jumpers, National, London, 1972; Travesties, Aldwych, London, 1974, NY, 1976; Dirty Linen/Newfoundland, Ambiance, London, 1976; Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, London, 1977; Night and Day, Phoenix, London, 1978; Dogg's Hamlet and Cahoot's Macbeth, Collegiate, London, 1979, NY; The Real Thing, Lon-

AWARDS: People's Choice Award (2): Eight Is Enough. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Writers Guild of America, West. 480



TELEVISION DEBUT—Goodyear Playhouse, Catch a Falling Star, 1953. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Romeo and Juliet, 1954; "Dear Brutus," Omnibus, 1956; The Cherry Orchard, 1959; "Four Kings," Chrysler Theatre, 1963; "The Experiment," CBS Playhouse, 1969; The Virginian, 1966; The F.B.I., 1967-68; Name of the Game, 1968; Marcus Welby, M.D., 1969; Men from Shiloh, 1970; Alias Smith and Jones, \91\-McCloud, 1971; Toma; Night Gallery, 1971; The Immigrants; Beggarman Thief; Mazes & Monsters; The World of Books; Terror in the Sky; Medical Center; Owen Marshall; The Minds Eye.

ADDRESS: Office—8271 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Agent—c/o Harry Bloom Agency, 8833 Sunset Blvd., #202, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

STRASBERG, Susan (Elizabeth), actress PERSONAL: Born May 22, 1938; daughter of Lee (drama coach, teacher, actor) and Paula (an actress and drama coach; maiden name, Miller) Strasberg; married Christopher Jones on September 25, 1965 (divorced); children: Jennifer. EDUCATION: Studied at the Actors Studio in New York.

WRITINGS: AUTOBIOGRAPHY—Bittersweet. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Lecturer: "Method or Madness: My 30 years in Acting'';' 4Love and Light: How to Survive in Today's World"; "Psychic Healing, Which Includes SelfHealing."

CAREER: DEBUT—Maya, Maya, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1952. BROADWAY DEBUT—Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank, Cort, 1955. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Amanda, Time Remembered, Morosco, NY, 1957; Minnie Parnell, Shadow of a Gunman, Bijou, NY, 1958; The Time of Your Life, with the New York City Center at the Brussels World's Fair, 1958; Marguerite Gautier, The Lady of the Camellias, Winter Garden, NY, 1963. MAJOR TOURS—Caesar and Cleopatra, 1959; A Woman sRites (one-woman show), Ohio and Florida, 1982-83.

SIDELIGHTS: RECREATION—Writing, drawing, traveling. FAVORITE ROLES: Millie in Picnic, Kapo, and Anne Frank. ADDRESS: Office—c/o G. Hart, 1244-11th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Agent—Traubner and Flynn, 1849 Sawtelle Blvd., #500, Los Angeles, CA 90025.


Millie, Picnic, 1955; Stage Struck, 1958; Kapo, 1960; Scream of Fear, 1961; Adventures of a Young Man, 1962; The Disorder, 1964; The Stronger, The High Bright Sun, 1964; The Trip, 1967; The Other Side of the Wind; Psyche Out, 1968; Chubasco, 1968; The Name of the Game Is Kill, 1968; Rollercoaster, 1977; The Manitou, 1978; In Praise of Older Women, 1979; Sweet Sixteen, 1984; The Returning.

STREEP, Meryl, (ne Mary Louise Streep), actress PERSONAL: Born in Summit, NJ; daughter of Harry and Mary W. Streep; married Donald J. Gummer, 1978; children: Henry. EDUCATION: Vassar College, B.A., 1971; Yale University, M.A., 1975. CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—Imogen Parrott, Trelawny of the 'Wells/ Vivian Beaumont, 1975. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Flora Meighan, 27 Wagons Full of Cotton, Patricia, A Memory of Two Mondays, Jan/Edith Varney, Secret Service, Phoenix, NY, 1976; Katherine, Henry V, Jul/Isabella, Measure for Measure, Delacorte, NY, 1976; Dunyasha, The Cherry Orchard, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1977; Lillian Holliday, Happy End, Chelsea Theatre Center, Martin Beck, NY, 1977; Katherina, The Taming of the Shrew, Delacorte, NY, 1978; Alice, Wonderland in Concert, Public, NY, 1978; Andrea, Taken in Marriage, Public, NY, 1979. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Julia, 1977; The Deer Hunter, 1978; Seduction of Joe Tynan, 1979; Kramer vs. Kramer, 1980; The French Lieutenant's Woman, 1981; Still of the Night, 1982; Sophie s Choice, l9&2',Silkwood, 1983. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—(movies) The Deadliest Season, 1977; (mini-series) Holocaust, 1978; (specials) Secret Service, 1911'.Uncommon Women and Others, 1978. AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination, 1983: Silkwood; Academy Award, 1982: Sophie's Choice; New York Film Critics Award, Los Angeles Film Critics Award, Best Actress, Academy Award, Best Supporting Actress, 1980: Kramer vs. Kramer; National Society of Film Critics Award, Best Supporting Actress, 1978: The Deer Hunter; Hasty





Pudding Society Award, Harvard University, 1980; Woman of the Year Award, B'nai Brith, 1979; Mademoiselle Award, 1976; Honorary Ph.D., Dartmouth College, 1981, Vassar, 1983.

75; founder, director, Westdale Savings & Loan Corp., 1965-74. CAREER: FIRST FILM WORK—Director/producer, Muscle Beach, 1948. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Producer/director: The Savage Eye, 1959; The Balcony, 1963; Legend of Boy and Eagle, 1963; Ulysses (also screenwriter), 1967; Ring of Bright Water, 1968; Tropic of Cancer (also screenwriter), 1910', Interviews, 1971; The Darwin Adventure, \912\Road Movie, 1974; Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, 1977; producer, Never Cry Wolf, 1984.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o ICM, 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.*

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Director: Callow's Humor, Gaiety, Dublin, Ireland, 1965; An Evening of Aristophanes, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

STREISAND, Barbra, singer, actress, producer, director PERSONAL: Born April 24, 1942, in Brooklyn, NY; daughter of Emanuel and Diana (Rosen) Streisand; married Elliott Gould, March, 1963 (divorced); children: Jason Emanuel. EDUCATION: Attended Erasmus High School, Brooklyn, NY and Yeshiva of Brooklyn.

RELATED CAREER: Managing director, Ulysses Film Production Ltd., 1967-present; president, Laser Film Corporation, 1970-present.

CAREER: NEW YORK STAGE DEBUT—Another Evening with Harry Stoones, Gramercy Arts, 1961. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Miss Marmelstein, / Can Get It for You Wholesale, Shubert, NY, 1962; Fanny Brice, Funny Girl, Winter Garden, NY, 1964, Prince of Wales, London, 1966.

AWARDS: Academy Award Nominations: 1984: Never Cry Wolf, 1967: Ulysses, 1963: The Balcony; Christopher, 1972; Academy Award, 1971: Interviews; Venice Critics, Film Guild, 1959: The Savage Eye; Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, Point Park College, 1984.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Funny Girl, 1968; Hello Dolly, 1969; On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, 1970; The Owl and the Pussy Cat, 1970; What's Up Doc?, 1972; Up the Sandbox, \912\TheWayWeWere, 1973; For Pete s Sake, 1974; Funny Lady, 1975; The Main Event, 1979; A Star Is Born (also produced), 1976; All Night Long, 1981; Yentl (also produced and directed), 1983.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Directors Guild of America. ADDRESS: Office—c/o TransLux Corporation, 625 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Gary Moore Show; Tonight Show; Judy Garland Show; Dinah Shore Show; Ed Sullivan Show; (specials) My Name Is Barbra, 1965; Color Me Barbra, 1966.

STROUSE, Charles, composer PERSONAL: Born June 7, 1928, in New York, NY; son of Ira and Ethel (Newman) Strouse; married Barbara Siman. EDUCATION: Eastman School of Music, B.M., 1947; studied composition with David Diamond, Aaron Copland, Nadia Boulanger and Arthur Berger.

AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination, 1983: Yentl; Grammy Award, Best Female Vocalist, 1978, 1965, 1964, Best Song Writer (with Paul Williams), 1978; Georgie Award, 1977; Academy Award, Best Actress, 1968: Funny Girl; Emmy Award (5), 1965: My Name Is Barbra.

CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Composer, Green Mansions Theatre, Warrensburg, NY, 1952-55. FIRST BROADWAY WORK—Musical score, Shoestring Reviews, President, 1955. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Musical score—Shoestring '57, 1956; A Pound in Your Pocket, 1956; Bye, Bye Birdie, 1960; All American, 1962; Golden Boy, 1964; It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman, 1966; Applause, 1970; book/music/ lyrics, Six, 1971; / and Albert, London, 1972; The Member of the Wedding, 1975; Annie, 1977; A Broadway Musical, 1978; Flowers for Algernon, 1979; Nightingale, 1982; Dance a Little Closer, 1983; Rags, 1984.

SIDELIGHTS: Ms. Streisand played in concert to 135,000 people in Central Park, New York, in 1968. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Solters and Sabinson, Inc., 62 W. 45th Street, New York, NY 10036. Office—c/o Press Relations, Columbia Records, Inc., 51 W. 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019.*

PRINCIPAL FILM SCORES—Mating Game, 1959; Bonnie and Clyde, 1968; The Night They Raided Minskys, 1969; There Was a Crooked Man, 1970; Just Tell Me What You Want, 1979.

STRICK, Joseph, director, producer, writer PERSONAL: Born July 6, 1923, in Braddock, PA; son of Frank (an inventor) and Rose (Abramowitz), Strick; married Anne (a publicist) May 9, 1946 (divorced 1965); Martine Rossignol (a paleobotanist) September 20, 1970; children: David, Betsy, Jeremy, Terence, Helen. EDUCATION: UCLA. NON-FILM CAREER: Chairman, Physical Sciences Corporation, 1965-75; chairman, Electrosolids Corporation, 1964-

AWARDS: Honorary Doctor of Music, Niagra University, 1984. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Linden and Deutsch, 110 E. 59th Street, New York, NY 10022. 482



maiden name, Stevens) Surovy. EDUCATION: Studied with Sanford Meisner and at the Juilliard School of Drama in New York. MILITARY: U.S. Army, Sergeant, 1968-69; awarded Bronze Star, Air Medal with three clusters.

SULKA, Elaine, actress, producer, manager PERSONAL: Born New York City; daughter of Michael (a butcher/shopkeeper) and Anna (Chehovich) Sulka; married Philip Meister in June 1967 (died 1982); children: Deirdre. EDUCATION: Queens College, Flushing, NY, B.A. (Sociology); Brown University, M.A. (Sociology); attended University of Wisconsin; studied at the Actors Workshop in San Francisco, 1957-60, also at the American Shakespeare Festival and Academy. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Probation officer; criminologist.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Telemecus, Helen, Bowery Lane Theatre, NY, 1964; Mick, The Caretaker and Mercutio, Romeo and Juliet, Buffalo Studio Arena, NY, 1971; Roger, The Balcony, Hercules, Alcestis, Juilliard Theatre Center, NY, 1972; Joe, The Time of Your Life, NY; Mike Fink, The Robber Bridegroom, NY; Bassanio, The Merchant, NY; St. Claire, Crucifer of Blood, NY; Cousins, Major Barbara, NY; Tony Kirby, You Can't Take It with You, NY; Man, Sisters of Mercy, NY; Uncle Harry/ Martin, Cloud Nine, NY; at the Acting Company—Peter, The Kitchen, Canterbury, Edward II, Fedotik, The Three Sisters, Marlowe, She Stoops to Conquer, Tom, The Glass Menagerie, Henry IV, Henry IV; at the Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL—Benedick, Much Ado About Nothing, Don Juan, Don Juan, Buckingham, Richard III; Hamlet, Hamlet, California Shakespeare Festival; man, Sisters of Mercy, Shaw Festival, Canada; Seymour, Billy Budd, Loretto-Hilton Repertory Theatre, St. Louis, MO; Steve, Domestic Issues, Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, CT.

CAREER: DEBUT—with the Actors Workshop in San Francisco, 1957. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Appeared with Old Globe Theatre Company, San Diego, CA, 1961 and 1963; understudy, Courtesan, The Comedy of Errors, understudy, Goneril, King Lear, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, 1963; performed in approximately 30 productions with the National Shakespeare Company, including Rosalind, As You Like It, Katherine, The Taming of the Shrew, Gertrude, Hamlet, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Beatrice, Much Ado About Nothing; Medea, Circle in the Square, NY. Performed in over 50 classical revivals and original works at the Cubiculo, NY; Brotherhood, St. Mark's Playhouse, NY, 1971; Marylou, The Brothers, Theatre Four, NY, 1972.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—For Pete's Sake, 1967; Julian, Bless em All; Olsen, Bang the Drum Slowly, 1973. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Ben Casey; Branded; Blue Light; The Big Valley; Death Valley Days; Chrysler Theatre; The Road West; A World Apart; Mayflower: The Pilgrims' Adventure; Ron Elsen, Franken; Joe, The Time of Your Life; Steve, Nurse; Billy Simmons, Renegades; Orsen, Ryan's Hope; Rudy Lavas so, One Life to Live; James, Century Hill; Mike Roy, All My Children.

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, PRODUCED—Happy Ending and Day of Absence, Harper Theatre, Chicago, IL, 1966; thirtynine abbreviated and full-length Shakespearean productions for touring with the National Shakespeare Company. THEATRE—RELATED CAREER: Co-founder with husband, and managing director, the national Shakespeare Company, 1963-present; co-founder, producer, director and performer, the Cubiculo Theatre, 1968-present; teacher, National Shakespeare Company Conservatory, 1977-present; guest artist, lecturer at colleges and universities.

ADDRESS: Agent—ICM, 8899 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048; 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

WRITINGS: Short stories appeared in periodicals, Woman, Aphra. PLAYS PRODUCED—Clytemnestra. SUTHERLAND, Donald, actor

AWARDS: Scholarship and Fellowship to Brown University and University of Wisconsin; graduated, Phi Beta Kappa and Cum Laude, Queens College.

PERSONAL: Born July 17, 1935 in St. John, NB, Canada; son of Frederick (a salesman) and Dorothy Isobel (McNichol) McLae; married Shirley Douglas (divorced); children: Keifer, Rachel, Roeg, Rossif Bon Bon. EDUCATION: University of Toronto, B.A.; studied at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG. "With the NSC and Cubiculo, Ms. Sulka has served as producer, director, booking agent, publicity director, bookkeeper, casting director and program coordinator. After the death of Mr. Meister in 1982, she became the organization's head."

CAREER: DEBUT—Wally, The Male Animal, Hart House, Toronto, Canada, 1952. NEW YORK DEBUT—Humbert, Lolita, Brooks Atkinson, 1981. LONDON DEBUT—August for

ADDRESS: Home—35 W. 92nd Street, New York, NY 10025. Office—National Shakespeare Company, 414 W. 51st Street, New York, NY 10019.


The Tempest, Hart House, Toronto, Canada; On a Clear Day You Can See Canterbury; The Shewing up of Blanco Posnet; The Spoon River Anthology. Performed with the Perth Repertory Theatre, Scotland and Nottingham, Chesterfield, Bronley, and Sheffield repertory theatres, England. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Castle of the Living Dead; Dr. Terror's House of Horrors, 1965; The Dirty Dozen, 1967; Oedipus the King, 1968; Interlude, 1968; Joanna, 1968; The Split, 1968; Don't Look Now, 1969; Start the Revolution Without Me, 1970; The Act of the Heart, 1970;

SUROVY, Nicolas, actor PERSONAL: Born June 30, 1946 in Hollywood, CA; son of Walter (an actor and manager) and Rise (an opera singer; 483



M*A*S*//*, 1970; Alex in Wonderland, 1970; Kelly's Heroes, 1970; Little Murders, 1971; Klute, 1971; FT.A., 1972; Steelyard Blues, 1973; Alien Thunder, 1973; The Master, 1913', Lady Ice, 1973; S*P*F*S, 1974; The Day of the Locust, 1975; 1900, 1976; Casanova, 1977; 77^ Eagte //as Landed, 1977; Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978; Animal House, \91%; The Great Train Robbery, \919\ Murder by Decree, 1979; A Maw, a Woman, and a Bank, 1979; Ordinary People, \9%&, Eye of the Needle, 1981; Nothing Personal, 1981; Gas, 1981; TTze Return of Max Dugan, 1983.

SUZMAN, Janet, actress PERSONAL: Born February 9, 1939, in Johannesburg, South Africa; daughter of Saul and Betty Suzman; married Trevor Nunn, 1969; children: Joshua. EDUCATION: University of Witwatersand, B. A.; trained for the stage at LAMDA. CAREER: STAGE DEBUT—Liz, Billy Liar, Tower, Ipswich, 1962. LONDON DEBUT—Luciana, The Comedy of Errors, Royal Shakespeare Company, Aldwych, 1962. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Joan la Pucelle, Henry VI, Lady Anne, Richard III, Stratford, U.K., 1963; Lady Percy, Henry IV, Part I and II, Stratford, 1964; Lulu, The Birthday Party, Aldwych, London, 1964; Rosaline, Love's Labour s Lost, Portia, The Merchant of Venice, Stratford, 1965; Ophelia, Hamlet, Aldwych, London, 1965; Kate Hardcastle, She Stoops to Conquer, Carmen, The Balcony, Playhouse, Oxford, U.K. 1966-67; Katharina, The Taming of the Shrew, Celia, As You Like It, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford, U.K., Aldwych, London, 1961-6%; Pleasure and Repentance, Royal Shakespeare Company, Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, 1970; Cleopatra, Antony and Cleopatra, Lavinia, Titus Andronicus, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford, King's Head, Islington, U.K., 1973; Cleopatra, Antony and Cleopatra, Aldwych, London, 1973; Hester, Hello and Goodbye, King's Head, Islington, Place, London, U.K., 1973; Masha, Three Sisters, Cambridge Theatre, U.K., 1976; Hedda, Hedda Gabler, Duke of York's, Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, 1977; Shen Te, The Good Woman ofSetzuan, Royal Court, London, 1977; Minerva, Boo Hoo, Open Space, London, 1978; Clytemnestra, The War, Helen, The Murders, Chorus, The Gods, Royal Shakespeare Company, Aldwych, London, 1980; Cowardice, Ambassadors, London, 1983; Boesman and Lena, Hampstead, London, 1984.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Marching to the Sea; The Death of Bessie Smith; Hamlet at Elsinore; The Saint; The Avengers; Gideon s Way; The Champions. AWARDS: Hon. D. Litt., Saint Mary's University; Officer, Order of Canada. ADDRESS: Agent—Ron Meyer, c/o Creative Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park E., Los Angeles, CA 90067.

MAJOR TOURS—Beatrice, Much Ado About Nothing, U.S. cities, 1969; The Duchess of Malfi, U.K. cities, 1979. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—A Day in the Death of Joe Egg; Nicholas and Alexandra, 1971; The Draughtsman's Contract, 1983; And the Ship Sails On, 1983. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Three Sisters; Hedda Gabler; Twelfth Night; Miss Nightingale; Clayhanger; The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood, 1983; Mountbatten, The Last Viceroy, 1984. AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination, Best Actress, 1971: Nicholas and Alexandra; Honorary Masters Degree, Open University, 1984. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—LAMDA (council member). ADDRESS: Agent—c/o William Morris Agency, 147-149 Wardour Street, London W l .

SWADOS, Elizabeth A., writer and composer PERSONAL: Born February 5, 1951, in Buffalo, NY; daugh-





ter of Robert O. and Sylvia (Maisel) Swados; EDUCATION: Bennington College, B.A., 1972. RELIGION: Jewish.

4 'Introduction to Theatre," Hunter College, 1981-82teacher, CCNY, "Theatre History and Acting," 1982-present.

CAREER: WRITINGS: MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS, TheatrePeter Brook, Paris France, Africa, U.S., 1972-73; La Mama Experimental Theater Club, NY, 1977-present; Medea, 1912; Elektra, 1973; Conference of the Birds, 1973; Sylvia Plath Song Cycle, 1973; Trojan Women, 1974; Nightclub Cantata, 1917; Agamemnon, 1977'; Runaways, 1978; Alice in Wonderland in Concert, 1978; Dispatches, 1979; NBC Too Far to Go, 1978. Television—CBS Camera 3 Shows, 1973-74; Ohms, Gauguin, 1979; PBS Short Story Series, 1978-79. BOOKS—Girl with the Incredible Feeling, 1976.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA, ATA. Has recorded many Talking Books for the American Foundation for the Blind. ADDRESS: Home —203 W. 81st Street, New York, NY 10025.

RELATED CAREERS: Teacher, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1974, Bard College, 1976-77, Sarah Lawrence College, 1976-77.

SWANSEN, Larry (Laurence T. Swanson), actor, playwright

AWARDS: Obie Awards, 1978, 1977, 1972; Outer Critics Circle Award, 1977; grants—New York State Council of the Arts; Guggenheim Fellowship.

PERSONAL: Born November 10, 1932 in Roosevelt, OK; son of James L. (a farmer) and Ethel May (a schoolteacher; maiden name, Colvin) Swanson. EDUCATION: University of Oklahoma Theatre School, B.F.A.,M.F.A.

SIDELIGHTS: AEA, Broadcast Music Inc.

CAREER: DEBUT—Biff, Death of a Salesman, Norwich Summer Theatre, CT, 1950. NEW YORK DEBUT—Young man from across the sea, Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights (Living Theatre), Cherry Lane, 1951.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o New York Shakespeare Festival, 425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003.*

PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—The Unknown Soldier and His Wife, Vivian Beaumont, Lincoln Center, NY; Captain Orton, The King and I; Eubanks, The Great White Hope, NY; The Sound of Music, City Center and Jones Beach, NY; Aimwill, The Beaux Strategem; Alonso, The Tempest; Sir Andrew, Twelfth Night; John Shand, What Every Woman Knows; Higgins, Pygmalion; Jack, The Importance of Being Earnest; Lear, King Lear; Drum, Da; Field Marshall Doerfling, The Prince of Homburg, Chelsea Theatre Center; Those That Play the Clowns, ANTA, NY, 1966; Pastor Holm, Ice Age,; Egg of Head, MacBird; Gilles de Rais, A Darker Flower, Pocket, NY; Theo Van Gogh, Vincent, Cricket, NY; Vicar, Thistle in My Bed, Gramercy Arts, NY. Mr. Swanson has performed at Seattle Repertory Company, Hartford Stage Company, Dartmouth Repertory Theatre, and Toledo Repertory Company.

SWAIN, Elizabeth, actress, critic, literary manager PERSONAL: Born August 6, 1941, in Peterborough, England; daughter of John Arthur and Eva Kathleen (Crane) Swain; married Robert Anthony, December 11, 1965 (divorced 1972); children: Katherine Rachel. EDUCATION: London School of Economics, 1960-63; City College of New York, B.S., 1978, M.A., 1979, Ph.D., 1984; studied with Michael Howard, Bobby Lewis and Herman Shumlin. CAREER: DEBUT—Maria, School for Scandal, Asolo State Theatre, Sarasota, FL, 1964. NEW YORK DEBUT—Alice, Alice Thro' the Looking Glass, Equity Library Theatre, 1966. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—New York: Epitaph for George Dillon, Witness for the Prosecution, The Crucible, Tango, Charley's Aunt, 1970, Crown Matrimonial, 1973, Sherlock Holmes, 1975; Regional—Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, A Midsummer Night's Dream, As You Like It, The Lady's Not for Burning, The Deer Park, Private Lives, The Great Sebastians, Candida, The Day After the Fair, A Contemporary Theatre, Seattle, WA, New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, American Shaw Festival.

MAJOR TOURS—Carr Gomm, The Elephant Man, national tour; Herr Zeller, The Sound of Music, national tour; Clive Champion-Cheney, The Circle, national tour. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Scream Baby Scream, TELEVISION DEBUT—Field Marshall Doerfling, The Prince of Homburg, PBS; guest appearances: The Tonight Show; To Tell the Truth; Dark Shadows. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Director of Drama, William Woods College, Fulton, MO.


WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Boston 1721, 1976; Unfamiliar Beds, 1981, and others since 1968.

WRITINGS: TRANSLATIONS—Feydeau's Le Systeme Ribadier, produced at the Sharon Playhouse, CT, Hartman Theatre Company, Stamford, CT, Intiman Theatre, Seattle, WA; reviews, criticisms and interviews with playwrights in Other Stages and Theatre Times.

AWARDS: First Prize, Indiana Arts Commission Play writing Contest, 1976: Boston 1721; First Prize, Civic Theatre of Minneapolis, 1981: Unfamiliar Beds. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA; Dramatists Guild.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Freelance dramaturg, literary manager, New York Theatre Studio, 1982-present; teacher, 485



' 'As a performer, I first earned money as a magician while in high school, with a full stage act running 1 !/2 hours."

Way Is Up, 1977; Heaven Can Wait, 1978; The Wanderers, 1979; Go Tell the Spartans, 1978; To Smithereens, 1980.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o The Hayes Registry, 701 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10036.

TELEVISION DEBUT— The Defenders, 1961-63. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Nurses, 1963; East Side I West Side, 1963; title role, "The Dragon," Dupont Show of the Week, 1963; Sgt. Garrison, The Trials of O'Brien, 1966; Harry Constable, The Edge of Night, 1967; Sheriff Jesse Bard, The Desperate Hours, 1967; Morgan, 4 To Confuse the Angel," Prudential's Onstage, 1970; General, Between Time and Timbuktu, 1972; Henry Peterson, The Watergate Tapes, 1974; sheriff, The Migrants, 1974; Gil McGowan, Another World, 1974-75; Billy Peoples: Portrait of a Street Kid; Taxi; Little House on the Prairie; Spider man; Angie; A Killing Affair; co-star, Gimme a Break; Hill Street Blues.

SWEET, Dolph (ne Adolphus Jean Sweet), actor, director, teacher PERSONAL: Born July 18, 1920 in New York City; son of John Walter (a master auto mechanic) and Louise Marie (Brasser) Sweet; married Reba Gillespie October 24, 1945 (divorced, 1973, died 1978); married Iris Braun (an actress) October 5, 1974; children: (first marriage) Jonathan. EDUCATION: Attended University of Alabama, 1939^0, 1942^3; Columbia University, B.A., 1948, M.A., 1949; studied voice with Peyton Hibbett, 1951-52 and with Elizabeth Howell, 1971-73, acting with Tamara Daykarhanova and Joseph Anthony at the Daykarhanova School for the Stage in New York City, 1958-70. RELIGION: Catholic. MILITARY: USAAF, ETO, WWII. USAF Reserve, Lt. Col. (Ret.); awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, and ETO Campaign Ribbon. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Textile foreman, truck driver, skating rink manager. CAREER: DEBUT—While a prisoner of war during WWII, appeared as Mrs. White, The Monkey's Paw at the Stalag LuftHI, Sagan, Germany, 1944. NEW YORK DEBUT—Grocer/ Fireman, Rhinoceros, Longacre, 1961. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Appeared in many roles at the Lakes Region Playhouse in New Hampshire, 1950-52, also at the Chautauqua Opera Association in New York State and at the Cherry County Playhouse in Traverse City, MI, 1956, Barter Theatre in Abingdon, VA, 1958; Vincent, Legend of Lovers, 41st Street Theatre, NY, 1959; Chef, Romulus, Music Box, NY, 1962; Commodore Roseabove, Oh Dad, Poor Dad . . . , Phoenix, NY, 1962; title role, The Dragon, Phoenix, 1963; Sacco, The Advocate, ANTA, NY, 1963; Johnson, Too Much Johnson, Phoenix, 1964; Max, The Sign in Sidney Brusteins Window, Longacre, NY, 1964; Bonnie Doon, The Great Indoors, O'Neill, NY, 1966; Max, Berlin Is Mine, Forum, Lincoln Center, NY, 1966; Bludgeon, Serjeant Musgrave's Dance, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1966; Edward Quinn, Hogan's Goat, American Place, St. Clement's, NY, 1965; Stever Kenny, The Natural Look, Longacre, NY, 1967; Sussex, The Ceremony of Innocence, American Place, NY, St. Clement's, NY, 1968; Whiskers, Billy, Billy Rose, NY, 1969; Frank Bishop, The Penny Wars, Royale, NY, 1969; King, Exit the King, Mary mount, Tarry town, NY, 1970; Max (revival), The Sign in Sidney Brusteins Window, Longacre, NY, 1972; title role, Agamemnon, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1972; Stanley, Bread, American Place, NY, 1974; Streamers, Newhouse, Lincoln Center, NY.

AWARDS: The Distinguished Flying Cross; The Purple Heart; ETO Campaign Ribbon. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Head of Drama Division of the English Department, Barnard College, Columbia University, 1949-1961. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA; Life Member, Reserve Officers Association; Air Force Association; Life Member, Retired Officers Association; American Association of Retired Persons; Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; John Jay Society of Columbia University; Columbia University Alumni Association; Columbia University Alumni Association of Southern California; Actors Fund of America; Phi Beta Kappa. RECREATION: Swimming, reading, eating, and cooking. As a navigator of B-24's during WWII, Mr. Sweet was shot down on the Ploesti raid and was a prisoner of war in Germany for two years. It was there that he made his theatrical debut performing roles in plays which the prisoners put on for their own entertainment. He became a full-time actor in 1961 and has remained so, ever since. Mr. Sweet was a semi-pro football player and a boxer, and is a skilled swimmer. ADDRESS: Home—6709 Sunnybrae Avenue, Canoga Park, CA 91306. Agent—Richard Dickens & Company, 5550 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.

SWINDELLS, John (ne John Rayner Harcourt Swindells), actor, director, playwright PERSONAL: Surname is pronounced Swin-dells; born June 22, 1931 in Liverpool, England; dual citizen of England and Canada; son of George Hodgkiss (an accountant) and Doris Margery (a teacher and business woman; maiden name, Johnson) Swindells; married Audrey Battersby (a clerk), 1960 (divorced 1972); married Judith Ann Booty (nee Judy Leigh-Johnson, an actress) October 28, 1972. EDUCATION: Liverpool College of Art, two years. MILITARY: Royal Air Force, S.A.C. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Worked as a clerk for a shipping line for 12 years.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— You re a Big Boy Now, 1967; The Swimmer, 1968; Finian's Rainbow, 1968; A Lovely Way to Die, 1968; The April Fools, 1969; The Lost Man, 1969; The Out-of-Towners, 1970; Colossus: The Forbin Project, 1970; The New Centurions, 1972; Cops and Robbers, 1973; Fear Is the Key, 1973; The Amazing Grace, 1974; Sisters, 1974; Bad News Bears, Part II, 1977; Which

CAREER: DEBUT—Sgt. Cadwallader, The Unexpected Guest, Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green, North London, England, 486



wise Engaged; Ernest, Bedroom Farce; Old Ekdal, The Wild Duck; Maxim, Rebecca; Chandebise/Poche, A Flea in Her Ear; Mr. Glass, Slow Dance on the Killing Ground; Sebastian, The Tempest; King of France, Alls Well That Ends Well; one of the critics, Fanny's First Play; Touched, Wonderhorse, NY, 1982; Billy Liar, Westside Mainstage, NY, 1982; standby for co-lead, Beethoven's Tenth, Nederlander, 1984. MAJOR TOURS—Chandebise/Poche, A Flea in Her Ear, Canadian tour; Bonno, Amadeus, national tour, U.S., 1982-83; standby for co-lead, Beethoven's Tenth, national tour, U.S., 1984. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK: Directed—Spider's Web, England, 1968; in Canada: Spring and Port Wine, 1974; The GingerbreadLady, 1915', Pygmalion, 197'6; The Last ofthe Red Hot Lovers, 1977; The Secretary Bird, 1977; Move Over Mrs. Markham, 1978; Time and Time Again, 1978; The Unexpected Guest, 1978; Come Blow Your Horn, 1978; Sleuth, 1919; The Bear, \9&Q; Showboat, 1981; Blithe Spirit, 1981. Served as artistic director for the Red Barn Theatre, Ontario, 1978. FILM DEBUT—First technician, 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1969. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Teacher, Ragtime Summer; Police Sgt., Nightmare Rally; Battle of Britain. TELEVISION DEBUT—Sgt. Ted Bowman, Z. Cars, BBC (3 years). PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Sgt. Ted Bowman, Coronation Street, Granada TV; Des O'Connor Show; Sidestreet, CBC (3 years); Swiss Family Robinson; The Frankie Howerd Show. AWARDS: Three SAM Awards for Best Radio Commercials in Canada; 2 National Awards for TV Commercials in Canada; RAF, merit award for Nursing.


WRITING: PLAYS—Woodbine Willie (with Robert Buck).

1964. NEW YORK DEBUT— Bonno/Swieten, Awtfdews, Broadhurst, 1983. LONDON DEBUT—Rafe, Spring and Port Wine, Richmond, 1969. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—In England appeared at: Theatre Royal, Margate, Salisbury Playhouse, Ludlow Shakespearean Open Air Festival, Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, and the Mermaid Theatre in London, 1965-70; Saul Hodgkin, The Ghost Train, Atheneum, Plymouth, England, 1968; Duke of Norfolk, A Man for All Seasons, Opera House, Harrogate, 1969; in Canada appeared at: Shaw Festival, Ontario, Gryphon Theatre, Barrie, ON, Theatre New Brunswick, Bastion Theatre, Victoria, BC, and Stage West Regina; James Joyce, Travesties, St. Lawrence Center, Toronto, 1977; Deeley, OldTimes, Phoenix, Toronto, 1978; Sidney, Absurd Person Singular, Theatre London, Ontario, 1979; Harry Trew, Pantomime, Geva, Rochester, NY, 1982; Bri, Joe Egg; Stephen Hench, Other-

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Professor of Acting and Voice, University of Regina, SK, 1980-81. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Chair, Disciplinary Committee, ACTRA, Toronto, committees for young people's clubs and for senior citizen clubs; Nestorian Association, Liverpool. ' 'My main motivation is to serve the craft of acting and have the respect of my peers. In my circumstances, Luck has served me well, being in the right place at the right time! My favorite roles are Shylock in Merchant of Venice (I have yet to play it however) and Bri in Joe Egg. The journey and quality of Life is important—acting is but a part of Life.''


+ TABORI, Kristoffer (ne Christopher Donald Siegel), actor and director

Orchid"; Cannon, "Flashpoint"; Marcus Welby, "The Faith of Childish Things"; Rookies, "Walk a Tight Rope"; Ben Franklin; Toma, "The Friends of Danny Beecher"; Owen Marshall, "A Lesson in Loving"; Terror on the Beach; QB VII; The Glass House; A Memory of Two Mondays; Young Lawyers; Nichols; The Lady's Not for Burning; Family Flight; Noel Coward, 4 4Mad About the Boy''; Medical Center.

PERSONAL: Born August 4; son of Donald (a film director) and Viveca (an actress; maiden name, Lindfors) Siegel. EDUCATION: Attended New York City public and private schools; trained for the stage with Diana Maddox and Ada Brown Mather. CAREER: DEBUT—Flute, Midsummer Night's Dream, U.M.H.A. Children's Theatre, NY, 1960-61. NEW YORK DEBUT—Cry of Players, Lincoln Center, 1968. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(Broadway) Habeas Corpus; The Penny Wars; Henry V, American Shakespeare Festival; (Off-Broadway) leads, The Wager; Emit and the Detectives; Brecht, Guns ofCarrar; Dreams of a Blacklisted Actor; How Much, How Much?; Treats; (Repertory) The Trouble with Europe, Phoenix, NY; Hamlet Hamlet, Arena, Washington, DC; The Threepenny Opera, Berkshire Drama Festival; A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Merchant of Venice, Waiting for Godot, Berkshire Playhouse; Hal, Henry IV, Part I, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA; Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, American Shakespeare Festial; My Mother, My Son, Boston Repertory, MA; Scribes, Phoenix, NY; Dauphin, Saint Joan, Arena, Washington, DC, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT; Orlando, As You Like It, Los Angeles Free Shakespeare, CA; Romeo, Romeo and Juliet, Buffalo Arena, NY; Rose Tattoo, Philadelphia Drama Guild, PA; Hamlet, Hamlet, North Shore; Romeo, Romeo and Juliet, Biondello, Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth, Macbeth, California Shakespeare Festival; Law, Boy Meets Girl, South Coast Repertory.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Players Club. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Phillip B. Gittelman, 1221 N. Kings Road, #405, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

TALLY, Ted, playwright PERSONAL: Born April 9, 1952 in Winston-Salem, NC; son of David K. and Dorothy E. (Spears) Tally; married Melinda Kahn (an art gallery director) December 11, 1977. EDUCATION: Yale University, B.A., 1974, School of Drama, M.F.A., 1977. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED/PRODUCED—Hooters, 1978; Terra Nova, 1981; Coming Attractions, 1982; Silver Linings, 1983. TELEPLAYS—Couples Only, 1979; Hooters, 1983. SCREENPLAYS—Empire (unproduced), 1981; Hush-aBye (to be produced), 1983.

DIRECTED: Plays—Treats, Romeo and Juliet, Grove Shakespeare Festival; Two Gentlemen of Verona, Grove Shakespeare Festival.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER—Instructor, play writing seminars, Yale College, New Haven, CT, 1977-79.

FILM DEBUT—Title role, Weddings and Babies, 1958. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Acts of a Young Man; Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker; Sweet Charity, 1969; John and Mary, 1969; Making It, 1971; Journey Through Rosebud, 1972; Girl Friends, 1978.

AWARDS: National Endowment for the Arts Grant in Playwriting, 1983-84; John Gassner Award in play writing, 1981; New York Outer Critics Circle Award, 1981: Coming Attractions; New York State CAPS Grant, 1980; Los Angeles Drama-Logue Award, 1979: Terra Nova; CBS Foundation Play writing Fellowship, Yale University, 1977; Theron Rockwell Field Prize, Yale University, 1977; Kazan Award, Yale University, School of Drama, 1977.

TELEVISION DEBUT—"Neither Are We Enemies," Hallmark Hall of Fame, 1969. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES— Dr. Max Carson, Chicago Story; lead, T. J. Hooker; Rockford Files; Trapper John, M.D.; Rappaccinis Daughter; The Commandments; Brave New World; Black Beauty; Class of '65, "A Short Swim to Catalina,"; Baretta, "A Fragile Monster Is Loose"; Seventh Avenue, "Best Sellers"; Most Wanted, "Urban Guerilla"; Streets of San Francisco, "Most Likely to Succeed"; Barnaby Jones, "The Deadly

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild, Writer's Guild of America. ADDRESS: Agent—Helen Merrill, 337 W. 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011. 488



don, 1933; Titania, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Open Air, U.K., 1933; Betty, Ten Minute Alibi, Haymarket, London, 1933; Rosamund, Birthday, Cambridge, U.K., 1934; Eva Whiston, Line Engaged, Duke of York's, London, 1934; Viola, Twelfth Night, Anne Page, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Hippodrome, Manchester, U.K., 1934; Ophelia, Hamlet, New, London, 1934; Ada, Noah, U.K., 1935; Anna Penn, Anthony and Anna, Whitehall, London, 1935; Marie Rose, The Ante-Room, Queen's, London, 1936; Jacqueline, French without Tears, Criterion, London, 1936; Pamela March, Honour Thy Father, Arts, London, 1936; Viola/Sebastian, Twelfth Night, Katherine, Henry V, Old Vic, London, 1937; Ellen Murray, Yes, My Darling Daughter, St. James's, London, 1937; Kay, Time and the Conways, Ritz, NY, 1938; Leda, Glorious Morning, Duchess, London, 1938; Nora Fintry, The White Steed, Cort, NY, 1939; Viola, Twelfth Night, Open Air, London, 1939; Deaconess, Geneva, Henry Miller, NY, 1940; Cordelia, King Lear, Miranda, The Tempest, Old Vic, London, 1940; Dr. Mary Murray, Jupiter Laughs, Biltmore, NY, 1940; Abigail Hill, Anne of England, St. James, London, 1941; Cattrin, Yesterday's Magic, Guild, London, 1942; Portrait of a Madonna, Los Angeles, CA, 1946; Blanche Dubois, A Streetcar Named Desire, Ethel Barrymore, NY, 1947; The Little Blue Light, Brattle, Cambridge, MA, 1950; Hilda Crane, Hilda Crane, Coronet, NY, 1950; Agnes, The Fourposter, Ethel Barrymore, NY, 1951; Mary Doyle, Madame, Will You Walk, Phoenix, NY, 1953; Agnes, TheFourposter, City Center, NY, 1955; Mary, The Honey s, Longacre, NY, 1955; Frances Farrar, A Day by the Sea, ANTA Playhouse, NY, 1955; Martha Walling, The Man in the Dog Suit, Coronet, NY, 1958; Mrs. Morgan, I Spy, Angela Nightingale, Bedtime Story, Innocent Bystander, A Pound on Demand, Palm Beach Playhouse, 1959, Playhouse, NY, 1959; Louise Harrington, Five Finger Exercise, Music Box, NY, 1959; Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Cassandra, Troilus and Cressida, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, 1961; Edith Maitland, Big Fish, Little Fish, Duke of York's, London, 1962; Gertrude, Hamlet, Olga, The Three Sisters, Linda Loman, Death of a Salesman, Tyrone Guthrie, Minneapolis, MN, 1963; Doktor Mathilde von Zahnd, The Physicists, Martin Beck, NY, 1964; Lady Wishfort, The Way of the World, Madame Ranevskaya, The Cherry Orchard, Mother-in-Law, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Tyrone Guthrie, Minneapolis, MN, 1965; Hear America Speaking, White House, Washington, DC, 1965;


TANDY, Jessica, actress PERSONAL: Born June 7, 1909, in London; daughter of Harry and Jessie Helen (Horspool) Tandy; married Jack Hawkins, 1932, (divorced 1940); married Hume Cronyn, 1942; children: Susan (1st marriage), Christopher Hume, Tandy. EDUCATION: University of Western Ontario, LL.D., 1974; trained for the stage at Ben Greet Academy of Acting. CAREER: STAGE DEBUT—Sara Manderson, The Manderson Girls, Playroom Six, U.K., 1927. LONDON DEBUT—Lena Jackson, The Rumour, Court, 1929. NEW YORK DEBUT— Toni Rakonitz, The Matriarch, Longacre, 1930. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Gladys, The Comedy of Good and Evil, Ginevra, AliceSit-by-the-Fire, Birmingham Repertory, U.K., 1928; Typist, The Theatre of Life, Arts, London, 1929; Maggie, Water, Little, London, 1929; Aude, The Unknown Warrior, Haymarket, London, 1929; Olivia, Twelfth Night, Oxford, U.K., 1930; Cynthia, The Last Enemy, Shubert, NY, 1930; Fay, The Man Who Pays the Piper, St. Martin's, London, 1931; Audrey, Autumn Crocus, Lyric, London, 1931; Ruth Blair, Port Said, Wyndham's, London, 1931; Anna, Musical Chairs, Arts, London, 1931; Below the Surface, Repertory Players, London, 1932; Juarez, and Maximilian, Phoenix, London, 1932; Troilus and Cressida, See Naples and Die; The Witch; Rose without a Thorn, The Inspector General, The Servant of Two Masters, Cambridge Festival, U.K., 1932; Carlotta, Mutual Benefit, St. Martin's, London, 1932; Manuela, Children in Uniform, Duchess, London, 1932; Alicia Audley, Lady Audley's Secret, Arts, London, 1932; Marikke, Midsummer Fires, Embassy, Lon-

Agnes, A Delicate Balance, Martin Beck, NY, 1966; Frosine, The Miser, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 1968; Hesione Hushabye, Heartbreak House, Shaw Festival, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 1968; Pamela Pew-Pickett, Tchin-Tchin, Ivanhoe, Chicago, IL, 1969; Marguerite Gautier, Camino Real, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1970; Marjorie, Home, Morosco, NY, 1971; The Wife, All Over, Martin Beck, NY, 1971; Winnie, Happy Days, Mouth, Not I, Forum, NY, 1972; Anna-May Conklin, Come into the Garden, Maude/Hilde Latymer, A Song at Twilight, Ethel Barrymore, NY, 1974; Lady Wishfort, The Way of the World, Hippolyta/Titania, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Eve, Eve, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Ontario, Canada, 1976; Mary Tyrone, Long Day's Journey into Night, Theatre London, Ontario, Canada, 1977; Fonsia Dorsey, The Gin 489


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 ducer) February 2, 1957 (died March 1958); married Eddie Fisher (a singer/actor) May of 1959 (divorced); married Richard Burton (an actor) March 15, 1964 (divorced 1974); remarried Richard Burton, October 10, 1975 (divorced 1976); married William J. Warner, 1976, (divorced); children: second marriage, two sons; third marriage, one daughter, Liza. EDUCATION: Bryon House and the Hawthorne School, London, England; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer School, Hollywood, CA.

Game, Golden, NY, 1977; Annie Nations, Foxfire, Mary Tyrone, Long Day's Journey into Night, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Ontario, Canada, 1980; Mother, Rose, Cort, NY, 1981; Annie Nations, Foxfire, Guthrie, MN, 1981, Barrymore, NY, 1982-83; Amanda, The Glass Menagerie, O'Neill, NY, 1983-84. MAJOR TOURS—Lydia Blake, Yellow Sands, U.K. cities, 1928; Charles the King, Geneva and Tobias, The Angel, Canadian cities, 1939; Blanche Dubois, A Streetcar Named Desire, U.S. cities, 1947; Face to Face, U.S. cities, 1954; Louise Harrington, Five Finger Exercise, U.S. cities, 1960; Agnes, A Delicate Balance, U.S. cities, 1967; Noel Coward in Two Keys, U.S. cities, 1974; Fonsia Dorsey, The Gin Game, U.S. cities, Lyric, London, U.S.S.R., 1979.

CAREER: FILM DEBUT—Lassie Come Home, 1942. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Man or Mouse; There's One Born Every Minute; Jane Eyre, 1943; The White Cliffs of Dover, 1943; National Velvet, 1944; The Courage of Lassie, 1946; Life with Father, 1946; Cynthia, 1947; A Date with Judy, 1948; Julia Misbehaves, 1948; Little Women, 1948; Conspirator, 1949; The Big Hangover, 1949; Father of the Bride, 1950; A Place in the Sun, 1950; Callaway Went Thataway, 1951; Love Is Better Than Ever, 1951; Ivanhoe, 1951; The Girl Who Had Every thing, 1952; Rhapsody, 1954; Elephant Walk, 1954; Beau Brummell, 1954; The Last Time I Saw Paris, 1955; Giant, 1956; Raintree County, 1957; Car on a Hot Tin Roof, 1958; Suddenly Last Summer, 1960; ButterfieldS, I960' Cleopatra, 1963; The V.I.P.'s, 1963; The Sandpiper, 1965; Who's Afraid of Virginia Wool/?, 1966; The Taming of the Shrew, 1967; Reflections in a Golden Eye, 1967; The Comedians, 1967; Doctor Fautus, l96S',Boom!, 1968; Secret Ceremony, l969',The Only Game inTown, 1970; Under Milkwood, 1971; X, Y and Zee, 1972; Hammersmith Is Out, 1972; Night Watch, 1973; Ash Wednesday, 1973; That's Entertainment, 1974; The Driver s Seat, 1915; The Blue Bird, 197'6; Winter Kills, 1979; A Little Night Music, 1979; The Mirror Crack'd, 1980.

FILM DEBUT— The Indiscretions of Eve, 1932. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Murder in the Family, 1938; The Seventh Cross, 1944; The Valley of Decision, 1945; Dragonwyck, 1946; The Green Years, 1946; Forever Amber, 1946; A Woman s Vengeance, 1947; September Affair, 1950; The Desert Fox, 1951; The Light in the Forest, 1958; Adventures ofaYoungMan, \96\-The Birds, \962\Butley, \913',Honky Tonk Freeway, 1980; Still of the Night, 1981; The World According to Garp, 1981; Best Friends, 1982; The Bostonians, 1984. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Marriage, 195354; Christmas 'Til Closing, 1955; The Moon and Sixpence, 1959; Alfred Hitchcock Hour; Hallmark Hall of Fame; The Fallen Idol; Dupont Show of the Month; Tennessee Williams' South; Many Faces of Love, 1977; The Gin Game, 1979. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Drama Desk, Outer Circle Critics Best Actress, 1983: Foxfire; Common Wealth, 1983; Theatre Hall of Fame Award, 1979; Sarah Siddons Award, 1979; Los Angeles Critics Award, 1979; Drama Desk Award, 1978; Antoinette Perry Award, 1978: The Gin Game; Creative Arts Award, Brandeis University, 1978; Drama Desk Award, 1973: Happy Days and Not I; Obie Award, 1973: Not I; Bronze Medallion Award (with Hume Cronyn): The Fourposter; Delia Austria Medal, Drama League of New York; Twelfth Night Club Award, 1948; Antoinette Perry Award, 1948: A Streetcar Named Desire. Honorary Degrees—Hon LLD, University of Western Ontario, 1974.

PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Regina, The Little Foxes, O'Neill, NY, 1981; Private Lives, O'Neill, NY, 1983. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES— Victory at Entebbe; Return Engagement; Genocide (documentary narration); Between Friends. AWARDS: Theatre World Special Award, 1981: Little Foxes; Academy Awards, Best Actress, 1966: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, 1960: Butterfield 8. WRITINGS: BOOKS—Nibbles and Me, with Richard Burton; World Enough and Time (poetry reading), 1964.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA (councillor), SAG, AFTRA, Cosmopolitan Club.

SIDELIGHTS: "Miss Taylor has always dedicated time and financial support to the needs of the unfortunate. The value of the goodwill she has earned throughout the years now accrues to causes to which she has lent her support both financially and through active participation. Among the many causes she has assisted was the Israeli War Victims Fund in 1976 for the Chaim Sheba Hospital, which was specifically established for the victims of all nationalities. She has also assisted the Variety Clubs International by raising money in Europe, Israel, and America for the children's wings in hospital; and the Botswana Clinics in Africa by giving contributions to health clinics in Lobaste and Gaborne . . . Miss Taylor and producer Zev Bufman have formed the Elizabeth Theatre Group which will present major productions on Broadway beginning with Private Lives, The Corn Is Green, and Inherit the Wind. She and Mr. Bufman plan to undertake other theatrical ventures in future seasons."

Ms. Tandy became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1954. ADDRESS: Office—63-23 Carlton Street, Rego Park, NY 11374.

TAYLOR, Elizabeth, (Rosemond), actress PERSONAL: Born February 27, 1932 in London, England; daughter of Francis (an art dealer and historian) and Sara (an actress; maiden name, Southern) Taylor; married Conrad Nicholas Hilton, Jr., May 6, 1950 (divorced); married Michael Wilding (divorced); married Mike Todd (a pro490



AWARDS: National Endowment for the Arts Grant, Artistic Association to the American Place Theatre, 1982-83; NEA Opera/Musical production grant: for Revolutionary, people/ puppet musical to be produced by American Place Theatre, 1982-83 season; CAPS Award, for development of a mixed media theatre piece, 1982; Peg Santvoord Foundation Grant, Script Development, 1981; Maharam Theatre Design Citations, Way of Snow and costumes for Tirai, 1981; Citation of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry, Way of Snow, Haggadah, American Center of the Union Internationale de la Marionette, 1980-81; Villager Theatre Award, for the art of play direction for Way of Snow, 1980-81; International Communications Agency, Ford Foundation and Asian Cultural Council, special funding to direct Asian/American Theatre Workshop sponsored by the La Mama Third World Institute of Theatre Art Studies, 1980; Maharam Theatre Design Award, The Haggadah, 1979-80; Villager Theatre Award, for distinguished prop/set design and puppets for The Haggadah, 1979-80; Ford Foundation Grant, complete video-tape documentary on Teatr Loh; U.S. State Department Grant to serve as consultant on Indonesian art forms, 1978; Ford Foundation Grant, to develop and direct a new international theatre company (Teatr Loh) in Indonesia, 1977-78; Thomas J. Watson Traveling Fellowship in Visual Theatre and Puppet Theatre, Eastern Europe, Indonesia and Japan, 1974; Ohio Arts Council Grant, 1974.

ADDRESS: Agent—Chen Sam & Assoc., Inc., 315 E. 72nd Street, New York, NY 10021.

TAYMOR, Julie, designer, director, writer, actress PERSONAL: Born December 15, 1952 in Boston, MA; daughter of Melvin Lester (a gynecologist) and Elizabeth (political science teacher; maiden name, Bernstein) Taymor. EDUCATION: Oberlin College, Ohio, B.A. (Folklore and Mythology), 1974; American Society for Eastern Arts, Seattle, WA, 1973; studied with Herbert Blau, director Oberlin Group, 1973-74; Herbert Berghof Studios (acting), 197172; Open Theatre, NY, 1971; Bread and Puppet Theatre, VT, 1971; Ecole du Mime de Jacques Coq, Paris, 1970; Theatre Workshop of Boston, 1967-69; Boston Children's Theatre, 1963-66. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, DESIGN: Puppetry, Masks, Set, and Costumes—Masks—The British Theatre Group, Paris, France, 1970, Bread and Puppet Theatre, VT, 1971, Robin Wood, theatre director, Boston, MA, 1972; puppets—The Elephant Calf, Oberlin College, 1973; costumes— Seeds ofAtreus, Oberlin Group, 1974; production design— Tirai, Teatr Loh, Java, Bali, 1978, La Mama, NY, 1980, The Odyssey, Center Stage, Baltimore, MD, 1979, The Haggadah, New York Shakespeare Festival, 1980, 1981, 1982, Way of Snow, Teatr Loh, Java Bali, 1976, Ark, NY, 1980, World Puppet Festival, Washington, DC, 1980, Sea Rhythms, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, 1980, Black Elk Lives, Entermedia, NY, 1981; sets and puppetry—Gioconda and Si-Ya-U, Dance Theatre Workshop, for the Talking Band, 1982, La Mama Theatre, 1982 and Europe, 1982; moving sculptures and shadows—Savages, Center Stage, Baltimore, MD, 1982; masks and puppets—This Chameleon Love, Theatre for a New Audience, NY, 1982-83; sets—Do Lord Remember Me, American Place, NY, 1982.

ADDRESS: Home—718 Broadway, New York, NY 10003.

TEER, Barbara Ann, director, actress, dancer, writer PERSONAL: Born June 18, 1937 in East St. Louis, IL; daughter of Fred L. and Lila B. (Benjamin) Teer; children: a son, Omi, and a daughter, Folashade. EDUCATION: University of Illinois, B.A. (Dance Education), 1957; studied with Sanford Meisner, Paul Mann, Phillip Burton, and Lloyd Richards; studied dance in Berlin, Paris, and at Wigman School of Dance.

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, DIRECTED— Way of Snow; Liberty's Taken; Tirai; The Haggadah (visual concept, masks, and puppetry); Perjuangan Suku Naga (choreography).


mina, 54th Street Theatre, NY, 1961; Bella Belafunky, Raisin Hell in the Son, Provincetown Playhouse, NY, 1962; The Living Premise, Premise, NY, 1963; Violet, Home Movies, Provincetown Play house, NY, 1964; Funnyhouse of a Negro, Theatre Company of Boston, 1965; Prodigal Son, Greenwich Mews, NY, 1965; Mary, Day of Absence, St. Mark's Playhouse, NY, 1965; Clara, Who's Got His Own, American Place Theatre at St. Clement's, NY, 1966; Jean Biggs, The Experiment, Orpheum, NY, 1967; Slaves, 1968; Angel Levine, 1969; Where's Daddy, 1969. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, DIRECTING—Founder, executive producer, National Black Theatre, Inc. 1968; Ritual, National Black Theatre (NBT), 1971; Change! Love Together! Organize! A Revival, NBT, 1972; A Soul Journey into Truth, NBT, 1974; The Believers, off-Broadway; Softly Comes a Whirlwind, Whispering in Your Ear, NBT, 1978; Five on theBlackHand Side, 1970; (television)—Me and My Song; "The Ritual," Soul, 1970; guest lecturer, Positively Black, 1976; writer, co-producer, film—Rise: A Love Song for a Love People. MAJOR TOURS—She has toured with the National Black Theatre to Haiti, Bermuda, Trinidad, Guyana, South Africa, Nigeria.

FILM, TELEVISION, AND VIDEO PROJECTS—Documentaries, Awaji Puppet Theatre, Japan, 1977, Kabuki Backstage, Japan, 1977, Chinese Temple Puppets, Indonesia, 1978, Cremation, Bali, Indonesia, 1978, Last Rites of Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia, 1978; videos—Teatr Loh, Indonesia, I^JI^JS, Boston, MA, 1979; television—Video Dream Theatre, 1980, The Haggadah, PBS, 1981, Betcha Don't Know . . . , Children's Television Workshop, Songs of Innocence, CBS cable; film—Say No, (puppet design). WRITINGS: PLAYS PRODUCED— Way of Snow and Tirai (see Principal Stage Work, Theatre Design). THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Teacher, workshop in puppet construction, Ohio Arts Council, 1974; conducted lecturers and theatre workshops in Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Sumatra, and Java for the U.S. Information Service, 1977; workshop and lecturers, Baltimore International Theatre Festival, 1979; teacher, New School for Social Research, NY, 1981-82. 491



PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Gone Are the Days, 1964; The Pawnbroker, 1965; The Group, 1966; The Slaves, 1969. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—A Carol for Another Christmas; Camera Three; Kaleidoscope; The Ed Sullivan Show; Black Journal.

AWARDS: Monarch Merit Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Performing and Visual Arts, National Council for Culture and Art, 1983; National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc., Riverside Club, for Contribution to the Field of the Performing Arts, 1981; Blackfrica Promotions, Harlem Week '80, for Creative Excellence, 1980; Community Service Award, Reality House, Inc., 1980; Universal Awareness Award, Toward a New Age, Inc., 1979; Cultural Arts Service Award, Black Spectrum Theatre Company, 1978; Certificate of Appreciation, Lorton Voices, Lorton Penitentiary, 1976; Best Film, National Association of Media Women's Black Film Festival, 1975: Rise: A Love Song for a Love People; Female Artist of the Year Award, Blackfrica Promotions, 1975; Dedication and Achievement in Theatre, Mt. Morris Church, 1975; International Benin Award, New Dimensions Associates, 1974; Certificate of Achievement, Harlem Chamber of Commerce, 1974; First Annual Audelco Recognition Award in Theatre, 1973; Token of Esteem, E. St. Louis Illinois Community Schools, 1973; New York Metropolitan Chapter of Alabama State University Alumni Association, for Dedication and Efforts in the Field of Drama, 1972; Distinguished Contribution, M. W. King Solomon Grand Lodge, 1972; Vernon Rice Drama Desk Award, Best Actress, 1965: Violet, Home Movies.

WRITINGS: ARTICLES PUBLISHED— ' The Black Woman: She Does Exist,'' New York Times, 1967;' 'We Can Be What We Were Born To Be," New York Times, 1968.


SIDELIGHTS: "In 1973 Ms. Teer received a Ford Foundation Fellowship to visit seven African countries to further her research. She spent four months in Western Nigeria acquainting herself fully with the Yoruba culture and religion. Ms. Teer has visited Nigeria 7 times and considers it to be her 'second home.' She wanted to discover the science of spirit and the secret of Soul. She along with her performing company of 35 people continued their research in South America, the West Indies, Haiti, bars, the Apollo Theatre and numerous churches in Harlem. The National Black Theatre has performed in Trinidad, Guyana, Western Nigeria and throughout the United States. Because of [its] cultural contributions to the City and State of New York, Mayor Koch and the Government of New York State proclaimed May 7, 1979 as 'National Black Theatre Day.' . . . in Harlem . . . on the corner of 125th Street and Fifth Avenue she is developing an educational and cultural facility: The National Black Institute of Theatre Arts, dedicated to demonstrating the material wonders of high technology and the magnificence which flows from the cultural sound called Soul."

TEICHMANN, Howard Miles, playwright, writer, director, producer, educator PERSONAL: Born January 22, 1916 in Chicago, IL; son of Jack (a businessman) and Rose (Berliner) Teichmann; married Evelyn Jane Goldstein (a writer) on April 2, 1939; children: Judith Robin Steckler. EDUCATION: University of Wisconsin, B.A., 1938. MILITARY: U.S. Army, senior editor, OWI, Overseas Branch, WWII, on staff of Lt. General Brehon Sommerrell. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Professor of English, Barnard College, Columbia University. CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Assistant stage manager, Orson Welles's Mercury Theatre, first production, Dantoris Death, 1938; became stage manager and assistant to the president of the Mercury Theatre. WRITINGS: PLAYS PRODUCED/PUBLISHED—Co-author with George Kaufman, The Solid Gold Cadillac, 1953; Miss Lonelyhearts, 1957; The Girls in 509, 1959; Julia, Jake and Uncle Joe, 1961; A Rainy Day in Newark, 1963; Smart Aleck: Alexander Woollcott at 8:40.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o The National Black Theatre, Nine E. 125th Street, New York, NY 10035.

TELEVISION—A Day in the Life of a Chorus Girl; Trio; Showtime U.S.A.; Slezak and Son; Ford 50th Anniversary 492


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Show; Gillette Christmas Show; Rosalind Russell s Wonderful World of Entertainment; The Jane Frohman Show; and for Theatre U.S.A. RADIO SHOWS—Orson Welles's Mercury Theatre of the Air; Twelve Crowded Months; Cavalcade of America; Texaco Star Theatre; Campbell Playhouse; Helen Hayes Theatre; Stories America Loves; CBS Workshop; The Nature of the Enemy; Enough and on Time; Tell It to the Marines; They Were Expendable; Newsreelfor Thaksgiving; Many a Watchful Night; They Live Forever; We Glory in the Title; Labor for Victory; Warriors of Peace; 167th Anniversary of the U.S. Marine Corps; Opening Recruitment Drive, U.S.A.F.; Road of Life; Ford Theatre; Gertrude Lawrence's Revlon Revue; Radio Reader's Digest; Theatre USA; Great Scenes from Great Plays. BIOGRAPHIES—George S. Kaufman, An Intimate Portrait; Smart Aleck: The Wit and World of Alexander Woollcott; Alice: The Life and Times of Alice Roosevelt Longworth; Fonda: My Life. AWARDS: Declaration of Esteem and Appreciation from the Broadway Association, 1972; Distinguished Service Award, School of Journalism, University of Wisconsin, 1959; Emmy Award, Ford50th Anniversary Show, 1954; Peabody Award, 1953. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Council of the Dramatists Guild; Dramatists Guild, treasurer, Dramatists Guild Fund; Director, Dramatists Play service; Writers Guild East; PEN; Mayor's Advisory Board, New York City. LAUREN TEWES

ADDRESS: Agent—Morton Janklow, 598 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

SIDELIGHTS: "I have traveled extensively with the Love Boat company, Australia, South America, China, Japan, South Pacific, Mediterranean, Carribbean; my hobbies include gourmet cooking, reading, movies. Communication is most important.

TEWES, Lauren (nee Cynthia Tewes), actress

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Thomas K. Barad, Barad Entertainment Inc., 7285 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

PERSONAL: Surname sounds like "Tweeze;" born October 26, 1953 in Trafford, PA; daughter of Joseph (a wood pattern maker) and Joanne (Woods) Tewes. EDUCATION: Attended Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA, and the University of California at Riverside, CA; studied with Rich Walters, Rick Rizzo, and Charles Conrad.

THOMAS, Richard, actor

CAREER: DEBUT—Arsenic and Old Lace, Pacific Conservatory Theatre, CA. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Billie Dawn, Born Yesterday, Jacksonville Dinner Theatre, FL, 1982; Meg, Crimes of the Heart, Westport Country Playhouse, CT, 1983.

PERSONAL: Born June 13, 1951, in New York, NY; son of Richard S. (a ballet instructor) and Barbara (a ballet dancer and teacher; maiden name, Fallis) Thomas; married Alma Gonzales, February 14, 1975; children: Richard F., Barbara, Gwyneth, Pilar. RELIGION: Christian.

MAJOR TOURS—Meg, Crimes of the Heart, Corning Theatre, Pocono Playhouse, Cherry County Playhouse, 1983. FILM DEBUT—Eyes of a Stranger, 1980. TELEVISION DEBUT—

CAREER: DEBUT—Singer, Damn Yankees, Sarendaga, NY, 1957. NEW YORK DEBUT—John Roosevelt, Sunrise at Cam-



The Love Boat; Fantasy Island; Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders; Starsky & Hutch; Vegas.

Member of the Wedding, Equity Library, NY, 1959; Strange Interlude; Playroom; Everything in the Garden; Fifth of July, NY; Saint Joan; Merton of the Movies; Streamers, Los Angeles, CA. MAJOR TOURS—Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Eastern U.S. cities.

AWARDS: 1st Annual Chancellor's Award for Excellence in the Theatre at University of California at Riverside. 493



FILM DEBUT— Winning, 1969. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— Last Summer, 1969; The Todd Killings, 1971; Red Sky at Morning; Cactus in the Snow; You II Like My Mother, 1972; 9/30/55, 1978; Battle Beyond the Stars. TELEVISION DEBUT—Hallmark Hall of Fame, ' 'A Christmas Tree," 1959. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Waltons; The Homecoming; Silence; No Other Love; All Quiet on the Western Front; Red Badge of Courage; Getting Married; To Find My Son; Berlin Tunnel 21; Roots: The Next Generations; Johnny Belinda; Living Proof: The Hank Williams, Jr. Story; Hobson s Choice; Master of Ballantrae. WRITINGS: BOOKS OF POETRY—Poems by Richard Thomas; In the Moment; Glass. AWARDS: Emmy Award, Best Actor in a Dramatic Series: The Waltons; Friends of Robert Frost Award. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o John Gaines, APA, 9000 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069.

THOMPSON, Robert, producer, director PERSONAL: Born May 31, 1937, in Palmyra, NY; son of Roger (a farmer) and Gladys (Smith) Thompson; married Helen M. Miller, August 31, 1957 (divorced 1976); children: Mark, Peter, Patrick. EDUCATION: Ithaca College, B.S. (Radio and TV), 1960; UCLA, M.F.A. (Directing), 1961. CHRISTOPHER TIMOTHY

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Producer, The Paper Chase, 1973. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Producer/director, Lanigans Rabbi, 1974; The Paper Chase, 1976; producer/director, Bud and Lou, 1978; California Fever, 1980; The Mark ofZorro; director—///// Street Blues, Fantasy Island, Dynasty, Greatest American Hero, Magnum P.I., ABC Playbreak, Fame, Dallas, The New FBI, Chicago Story.

TIMOTHY, Christopher, actor PERSONAL: Born October 14, 1940, in Bala, N. Wales; son of Eifion Andrew and Marian Gwladys (Hailstone) Timothy; married Annie Veronica Swatton. EDUCATION: Central School of Speech and Drama, London, 1960-63.

FILM-RELATED CAREER: Head of talent, signing of contract players, Universal Studios, 1961-68; head of talent, creative affairs, Cinema Center Films, CBS, Los Angeles, CA, 1968-72; president, Thompson-Paul Productions Inc. Sherman Oaks, CA, 1974—present.

Mr. Thompson acted and directed extensively while attending Ithaca College and UCLA. He adapted work for television while at Ithaca College and worked at local radio and television studios which produced his work.

CAREER: LONDON DEBUT—Corporal M.P., Chips with Everything, Royal Court, London. NEW YORK DEBUT—Corporal M.P., Chips with Everything, Booth (six months). PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Three years with the National Theatre at the Old Vic, Queen's Theatre, U.K. tours, and tours to Moscow and West Berlin; Sid, Waiting for Lefty; Hibbert, Long Day's Journey into Night, Cambridge Theatre, London; Alvin, Actor's Nightmare, Ambassador's, London; Bernard, Happy Birthday, Apollo, London; Clive, See How They Run, Shaftesbury, London; Rosencrantz, Rosencrania and Guildenstern Are Dead, Young Vic, then Cambridge Theatre, London; Jesus, The York Mystery Plays, York Abbey, 1980; lead, The Cure for Love, U.K. tour; Firk, The Shoemakers' Holiday, Leicester; Petruchio, Taming of the Shrew, Farnham.

ADDRESS: Home—4536 Mary Ellen Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. Office—13444 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. Agent—Irv Schecter & Associates, 9300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 410, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—lead, Some Sunday; Spike, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, 1968; Cerdic, Alfred the Great, 1969; Corporal Brook, The Virgin Soldiers, 1969; The Mind of Mr. Soames, 1970; Up the Chastity Belt; Spring and Port Wine; the National Theatre's Othello.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, UNPUBLISHED—three one acts, The Preparation, It Is Only a Game, Goodbye My Son. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Directors Guild of America.



CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Willis, ' 'Murder Must Advertise," Lord Peter Wimsy; Kevin, The Kitchen; Corporal, The Moon Shines Bright on Charlie Chaplin; Sid Love, "Murder Most English," The Flaxborough Chronicles; Voyzek, "Voyzek," All the World's a Stage; James Herriot, All Creatures Great and Small; the National Theatre's Much Ado About Nothing; Julius Caesar; Twelfth Night; Royal Command Performance of1982; Three Sisters; Mussolini; Take Three Girls; Take Three Women; A History and Its Heritage; A Family and a Fortune; et al. AWARDS: BBC TV Personality of 1979: All Creatures Great and Small (co-winner); Variety Club of Great Britain; Outstanding Male Personality for 1978: All Creatures Great and Small; Screenwriters' Guild/Pye Television Ltd; Amateur Film Maker Award, Best Sound: Some Sunday; Laurence Olivier Award: Sid, Waiting for Lefty; John Gielgud Scholarship. ADDRESS. Agent—Peter Froggatt, Plant and Froggatt Ltd., 4 Windmill Street, London Wl, England.

TOLAN, Michael (ne Seymour Tuchow), actor and producer PERSONAL: Born November 27, 1925, in Detroit, MI; son of Morris (a tool and die maker) and Gertrude (Gold) Tuchow; married Rosemary Forsyth, June 29, 1966 (divorced 1970); married Carol Hume, January 1, 1979; children: Alexandra, Jenny. EDUCATION: Wayne State University, B. A., 1947; trained for the stage with Stella Adler.


Bulfighter, Wingless Victory, 1960-61; Dr. Tazinski, The Nurses; Espionage; Ladies' Man; Naked City; Bob Hope Presents; Felony Squad; Wallace Stevens: A Poet's Season; The Bell Telephone Hour; Stage for Protest; Tarzan; Rat Patrol; The Invaders; Mannix; The FBI; Mission: Impossible; Journey to the Unknown; Dan August; Owen Marshall; Nichols; Medical Center; Cannon; Ghost Story; Loose Change; The Best of Families; Valley Forge; Mary Tyler Moore Show; The Senator; The Adams Chronicles; The Mountbatten Story; Robert Lowell Biography; Dance in America. PRODUCED: Plays—The Old Glory, St. Clement's Church, 1964, Theater deLys, NY, 1965; The Outside Man, St. Clement's, NY, 1964; Lower Than Angels, St. Clement's, NY, 1965; Juana La Loca, St. Clement's, NY, 1965. Film—Five On the Black Hand Side; Four Friends. PRODUCED AND ASSOCIATE DIRECTED: Plays—A Step Away from War, 1965, Jonah, 1966, Who's Got His Own, 1966, Mercy Street, 1969, Five on the Black Hand Side, 1970, Two Times One, 1970, The Pig Pen, 1970, Sunday Dinner, 1970, St. Clement's, NY; The Carpenters, 1970, Pinkville, 1971, Bog Bay Beast Bait, 1971, American Place, NY.

CAREER: DEBUT—(radio)—Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Challenge of the Yukon, Detroit, MI, 1945. NEW YORK DEBUT—Senatorial messenger/first sentinel, Coriolanus, Phoenix, 1954. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Dr. Astro v, Uncle Vanya, Rev. Morell, Candida, John Worthing, The Importance of Being Earnest, Oedipus, Oedipus, Actors Company of Detroit, MI, 1941—49', chauffeur, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, Belasco,NY, 1955;Mother, AHatfulof Rain, Lyceum, NY, 1955; John Rivers, The Genius and the Goddess, Henry Miller's, NY, 1957; Igor Romanoff, Romanoff and Juliet, Plymouth, NY, 1957; Jerome Black, A Majority of One, Shubert, NY, 1959; Freud, A Far Country, Music Box, NY, Huntington Hartford, Hollywood, CA, Geary, San Francisco, CA, 1961; Rudd Kendall, Old Acquaintance, Royal Poinciana Playhouse, Palm Beach, FL, 1961; Ralph Granger, Banderol, Forrest, Philadelphia, 1962; Lilburn Lewis, Brother to Dragons, St. Clement's, NY, 1965; Nikolai Alexeevich Chulkaturin, The Journey of the Fifth Horse, St. Clement's, NY, 1966; Eli, Eli the Fanatic, Plymouth, NY, 1971.

AWARDS: Broadway Show League's Most Valuable (baseball) Player, 1959; Sylvania Award Nomination, Best Television Performance in a starring role, 1957: Teddy Bear.

FILM DEBUT—Duke Malloy, The Enforcer, 1951. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Lazarus, The Greatest Story Ever Told, 1964; The Lost Man, 1969; John and Mary, 1969; Dr. BM'mger, All That Jazz, 1979.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Player's Club. RECREATION— Baseball, tennis.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Eleventh Hour; The Nurses; Dupont Show of the Week; Route 66; US Steel Hour; Play of the Week: The Dybbuk, Volpone, Lament for a

ADDRESS. Agent—J. Michael Bloom, 400 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017. 495



TOSER, David, costume designer PERSONAL: Born in Milwaukee, WI; son of Franz Carl (a businessman) and Janet Young (a social activist; maiden name, Wilson) Toser. EDUCATION: Brown University, Providence, RI, B.A.; Yale, M.F.A.; studied for the theatre at Parsons School of Design. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER—Guest lecturer, Carnegie Mellon University, 1979-80; Guest professor, Temple University, 1980-81. CAREER: LONDON DEBUT— Very Good Eddie. PRINCIPAL THEATRE WORK—Sterling Silver; Any Resemblance to Persons Living or . . .; Shoot Anything with Hair That Moves; Christopher Fish; Trixie True, Teen Detective, Theatre de Lys, NY; Bundle of Nerves; Noel Coward's Sweet Potato, NY; Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?, NY; The Great White Hope, NY, 1968; Very Good Eddie, Booth, NY; Going Up, NY; Whoopie!, NY; Little Johnny Jones, NY; Our Town, NY; Status Quo Vadis, NY; Tip-Toes, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY; 46 productions at Goodspeed Opera House, East Haddam, CT, including: Red Blue Grass Western-Flyer Show, After You, Mr. Hyde, Cowboy, Annie, Shenandoah, Hubba, Hubba, The King ofSchnorrers; Rhinoceros, Pittsburgh Playhouse, PA; Juno's Swans, PAF Playhouse; Pittsburgh Public: The Importance of Being Earnest, Uncle Vanya, Ashes, Vanities, Father's Day, Medalof Honor Rag, For Colored Girls. . .; American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco: The Devil's Disciple, Endgame, Noah, Tiny Alice, Death of a Salesman; Vanguard Projects: Cyrano de Bergerac, Hamlet, The Glass Menagerie, Elizabeth the Queen, Caesar and Cleopatra, The Trial; Betrayal, Syracuse Stage; Blithe Spririt, Pennsylvania Stage Company. MAJOR TOURS—Absurd Person Singular, national; The Great White Hope, national; The Price, bus and truck; A Majority of One, bus and truck; Shenandoah, bus and truck; The Sound of Music, bus and truck.


Student Prince, Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera; The Music Man, P.C.P.A., CA; The Importance of Being Earnest, McCarter, Princeton, NJ; Play It Again Sam, Ivoryton Playhouse; Babes in Arms, Goodspeed Opera House, East Haddam, CT; Mame, Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, GA; Something s Afoot, Alaska Repertory Theatre; Comedy of Errors, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Tartuffe, Alabama Shakespeare Festival; Mass Appeal, Actors Theatre of Louisville, KY; Follies, In White America, Oklahoma, Equity Library Theatre, NY; The Refrigerators, La Mama ETC, NY; Here Be Dragons/A Knack with Horses, Theatre at St. Clement's; The Girls Most Likely to Succeed, Bloodsport, The Case Against Robert Guardino, Playwrights Horizons, NY; The Year of the Dragon, American Place, NY; Cottonpatch Gospel, Lambs, NY. MAJOR TOURS—Cottonpatch Gospel. TELEVISION—The Year of The Dragon; Cottonpatch Gospel.

TELEVISION SHOWS—Best of Families, episodes 3-6; Under Milkwood. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—United Scenic Artists, Local 829. ADDRESS: Home—253 E. 77th Street, New York, NY 10021. Office—Ten W. 19th Street, New York, NY 10011.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Head of Drama Department, Interlochen Arts Academy, Traverse City, MI, 1965-66; artistic director, Ashtabula Playhouse, OH, 1966-68; artistic director, resident director, Theatre by the Sea, Portsmouth, NH, 1975-79.

TREYZ, Russell, director, writer PERSONAL: Born August 9, 1940; son of George Victor (a manufacturer and a banker) and Jane (Leffing well) Treyz; married Alice Elliot (an actress) on May 15, 1971; children: Amanda Mary, Ross Denney-Elliott. EDUCATION: Princeton University, B.A., 1962; Yale University, School of Drama, M.F.A. (Directing), 1965; studied Film Production at New York University.

WRITINGS: BOOK OF MUSICAL—Cotton Patch Gospel, with Tom Key and Harry Chapin. AWARDS: Drama Desk Award, Most Promising Director, 1971; Cum Laude Graduate, Princeton University, 1962.

CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK, DIRECTED—Light up the Sky, Stage West, Springfield, MA, 1970. NEW YORK DEBUT— Whitsuntide, Martinique, 1972. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, DIRECTED—Private Lives, Woodstock Playhouse; Look Back in Anger, Theatre by the Sea, Portsmouth, NH; Man with a Load of Mischief, Royal Poinciana Playhouse, FL; The

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers; Dramatists Guild. ADDRESS: Home—107 Bedford Street, New York, NY 10014.



CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 TUCCI, Maria, actress PERSONAL: Born June 19, in Florence, Italy; daughter of Niccolo (a novelist) and Laura (Rusconi) Tucci; married Robert Adams Gottlieb (a publisher); children: Elizabeth and Nicholas. CAREER: THEATER DEBUT—Romeo and Juliet, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte, 1958. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Angelina, The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore, Morosco, NY, 1963; Katia, Five Evenings, Village South, NY, 1963; Elena, Corruption in the House of Justice, Cherry Lane, NY, 1963; Cassandra, The Trojan Women, Circle in the Square, NY, 1963; girl, The Deputy, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1964; Virgilia, Coriolanus, Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, 1965; Isabella, The White Devil, Circle in the Square, NY, 1965; Rosa, The Rose Tattoo, City Center, NY, 1966; Maria, Yerma, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1966; Antigone, Antigone, Stratford, CT, 1967; Alexandra, The Little Foxes, Vivian Beaumont, NY, 1967; Ophelia, Hamlet, Stratford, CT, 1969; Teacher, The Shepherd of Avenue B, Fortune, NY, 1970; Agnes, The School for Wives, Lyceum, NY, 1971; Annie/Susan, Sissie's Scrapbook, Playwrights Horizon, NY, 1973; Teacher, A Pagan Place, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1974; Ruth Atkins, Beyond the Horizon, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1974; Kattrin, Mother Courage, 1975; Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, 1975; Regan, King Lear, Stratford, CT, 1975; Hermione/Perdita, The Winter s Tale, Stratford, CT, 1975; Catherine Sloper, The Heiress, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1976; Elizabeth Proctor, The Crucible, Stratford, CT, 1976; title role, Major Barbara, McCarter, Princeton, NJ, 1976; Kitty, Spoke song, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1978; Andrea, Drinks Before Dinner, Public, NY, 1978; Kitty, Spokesong, Circle in the Square, NY, 1979; A Lesson from Aloes, Playhouse, NY, 1981; Kingdoms, Cort, NY, 1981; The Guardsman, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1983; Requiem for a Heavyweight, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1984.


Little Whorehouse in Texas, Entermedia, NY, 1978, 46th Street Theater, 1979; A Day in Hollywood, A Night in the Ukraine, John Golden, NY, 1980; Cloud 9, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1981-Nine 46th Street Theater, NY, \9%2\MyOneand Only, St. James, NY, 1983. CHOREOGRAPHED: Plays— Canterbury Tales, U.S. cities, 1969; The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Entermedia, NY, 1978, 46th Street Theater, NY, 1979; A Day in Hollywood, A Night in the Ukraine, John Golden, NY, 1980; My One and Only, St. James, NY, 1983. Films—Hello, Dolly!, 1969; The Boyfriend, 1971; That's Dancing, 1984.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Daniel, 1983; Priscilla Hiss, Concealed Enemies, 1984. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Beyond the Horizon, 1975. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o D.H.K.P.R., 165 W. 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—Chorus, Baker Street, Broadway Theater, 1965. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Joyful Noise, Mark Hellinger, NY, 1966; How Now Dow Jones, Lunt-Fontanne, NY, 1967; David, Seesaw, Uris, NY, 1973; Captain Billy Buck Chandler, My One and Only, NY, 1983. MAJOR TOURS—David, Seesaw, U.S. cities, 1974.

AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Best Choreography (with Thommie Walsh), 1983: My One and Only; Antoinette Perry Award, Best Actor in a Musical, 1983: My One and Only; Antoinette Perry Award, Best Director, 1982: Nine; Obie Award, Best Director, 1982: Cloud Nine; Drama Desk Award, Outstanding Choreography (with Thommie Walsh), 1982-83: My One and Only; Drama Desk Award, Best Director of a Musical, 1981-82: Nine; Drama Desk Award, Best Director of a Play, 1981-82: Cloud Nine; Antoinette Perry Award, Best Director of a Musical, Best Choreography, 1980: A Day in Hollywood, A Night in the Ukraine; Drama Desk Award, Best Choreography, Best Musical Staging, 1979-80: A Day in Hollywood, A Night in the Ukraine; Drama Desk Award, Best Director of a Musical, 1977-78: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas; Antoinette Perry Award, Best Actor, 1974: Seesaw.

DIRECTED: Plays—The Club, Circle-in-the-Square, NY, 1976; Sunset, Studio Arena, Buffalo, NY, 1977; The Best

SIDELIGHTS: FAVORITE ROLE—Billy Buck Chandler, My One and Only.

TUNE, Tommy, director, choreographer, dancer, actor PERSONAL: Born February 28, 1939, in WitchitaFalls, TX; son of Jim P. and Eva M. (Clark) Tune. EDUCATION: University of Texas at Austin and University of Houston, B.F.A.



CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Producer, Vanities, HBO: Superman, ABC Special; Cheaters, Showtime.

ADDRESS. Office—c/o Towerhouse Productions, Inc., 890 Broadway, New York, NY 10003.

FILM—Hotel New Hampshire. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SDG; League of New York Theatres. TURMAN, Lawrence, producer

ADDRESS: Office—119 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

PERSONAL: Born November 28, 1926; children: John, Andrew, Peter. RELIGION. Jewish. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Producer: The Graduate, 1967; The Film Flam Man, 1967; The Great White Hope, 1970; The Drowning Pool, 1975; Cave Man, 1981.

TYSON, Cicely, actress

ADDRESS: Office—9336 W. Washington, Bungalow G, Culver City, C A 90230.

PERSONAL: Born December 19, 1933, in New York City; daughter of William and Theodosia Tyson; married Miles Davis, 1981. EDUCATION: Attended New York University; trained for the stage at the Actors' Studio. CAREER: NEW YORK DEBUT—Jolly Rivers, Jolly's Progress, Longacre, 1959. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Girl, The Cool World, Eugene O'Neill, NY, 1960; Stephanie Virtue Diop, The Blacks, St. Mark's Playhouse, NY, 1961; Mavis, Moon on a Rainbow Shawl, East llth Street, NY, 1962; Celeste Chipley, Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, Booth, NY, 1962; Joan, The Blue Boy in Black, Masque, NY, 1963; Reverend Marion Alexander, Trumpets of the Lord, Astor Place Playhouse, NY, 1963; A Hand Is on the Gates, Longacre, NY, 1966; Myrna Jessup, Carry Me Back to Morningside Heights, John Golden, NY, 1968; Reverend Marion Alexander, Trumpets of the Lord, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1969; To Be Young, Gifted and Black, Cherry Lane, NY, 1969; The Blacks, Playhouse in the Park, Cincinnati, OH, 1970-71; Abbie Putnam, Desire Under the Elms, Academy Festival, Chicago, IL, 1974.

TWAIN, Norman, producer, director PERSONAL: Born September 13, 1930, in Atlantic City, NJ; son of Charles (a merchant) and Doris (a merchant; maiden name, Ager) Twain; married Sandra Church (an actress) 1964 (divorced); married Deanna Deignan September 27, 1981; children: (second marriage) Dena Rose. EDUCATION: Columbia University, B.A. 1952, M.A. (English) 1953. MILITARY: U.S. Army 1953-55. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Producer, with Warner Le Roy, The Golden Six, York Playhouse, NY, 1958; with Bernard Miller, Epitaph for George Dillon, Henry Miller, NY, 1959; producer and director, A Distant Bell, O'Neill, NY, 1960; producer, Roots, Mayfair, NY, 1961; with Carroll and Harris Masterson, The Lady of the Camellias, Winter Garden, NY, 1963, also, Traveller without Luggage, ANTA, NY, 1964; with Edward Padula, Carroll and Harris Masterson, Bajour, Shubert, NY, 1964; Gilbert Becaud on Broadway, Longacre, NY, 1966; with Carroll and Harris Masterson, The Apparition Theatre of Prague, Cort, NY, 1966; with Edward Specter Productions, Henry, Sweet Henry, Palace, NY, 1967; with Marcel Akselrod by arrangement with Feliz Marouani, Gilbert Becaud Sings Love, Cort, NY, 1968; in association with Albert I. Fill, Charles Aznavour, Music Box, NY, 1970; Lolita, My Love, Shubert, Boston, MA, 1971; Nicol Williamson s Late Show, Eastside Playhouse, NY, 1973; in association with Michael Liebert, The World of Lenny Bruce, Players, NY, 1974; artistic director, Westwood Playhouse, Streamers, Hold Me; artistic director of the Long Beach Theatre Festival, Cyrano de Bergerac, Our Town, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Eccentricities of a Nightingale, In the Boom Boom Room, As You Like It.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Twelve Angry Men, 1957; Odds Against Tomorrow, 1959; The Last Angry Man, 1959; A Man Called Adam, 1966; The Comedians, 1967; The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, 1968; Sounder, 1972; The Blue Bird, 1976; The River Niger, 1976; A Hero Ain't Nothin but a Sandwich, 1978; The Concorde-Airport'79, 1979. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—East Side/West Side, 1963; The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, 1973, 1974; Just An Old Sweet Song, 1976; Roots, 1977; A Woman Called Moses, 191 S', King, 1978. AWARDS: Emmy Award, Best Actress in a Special, 1973: The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman; Academy Award Nomination, Best Actress, 1972: Sounder; National Society of Film Critics Award, Atlanta Film Festival Award, Best Actress, 1912: Sounder; Vernon Price Award, 1962;NAACP Award; National Council Negro Women Award; Capitol Press Award. Honorary Doctorates—Atlanta University; Loyola University; Lincoln University.*


u 1950; Quo Vadis, 1951; The Egyptian, 1954; We re No Angels, 1955; Spartacus, 1961; Photo Finish, 1963; John Goldfarb, 1965; Viva Max, 1970; One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing, 1975 '.Logan's Run, 197'6; Treasure ofMatacumbe, 1976; The Last Remake of Beau Geste, 1977; The Mauve Taxi, 1911 \ Death on the Nile, Thief of Bagdad, 1978; Ashanti, 1979; Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen, 1980; The Great Muppet Caper, 1981; Evil Under the Sun, 1982.

ULLMANN, Liv, actress PERSONAL: Born December 16, 1939, in Tokyo, Japan; daughter of Norwegian parents; married Hans Stang (divorced); children: one daughter by Ingmar Bergman (film/ stage director). EDUCATION: Studied acting in London for eight months. CAREER: DEBUT—Diary of Anne Frank, Stavanger, Norway. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—a leading actress of classic roles in Norway; Nora, A Doll's House, Vivian Beaumont, NY; Anna Christie, Broadway, NY, 1977; / Remember Mama, Royale, NY, 1979; Mrs. Alving, Ghosts, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1982.

PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Producer, School for Secrets, 1946; producer, We're No Angels, 1955; writer/actor, The Way Ahead, 1943^4; writer, The Banbury Nose, 1944; Love of Four Colonels, 1951; director/actor, Billy Budd, 1962; writer/director/actor, Photo Finish, 1963; writer/actor, Romanoff and Juliet, 1958; director/actor, Hammersmith Is Out, 1972; producer/director/actor, MemedMy Hawk, 1984.

FILM DEBUT—Persona, 1966. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— The Hour of the Wolf; Shame; The Passion of Anna; Cries and Whispers, 1972; Face to Face; Scenes from a Marriage; Serpents; Autumn Sonata; The Night Visitor; Pope Joan; The Emigrants; The New Land; Lost Horizon; 40 Carats; Zandy's Bride; The Abdication; A Bridge Too Far.

PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Romanoff and Juliet, New York, London; Beethoven's Tenth, Vaudeville, London, 1983, Nederlander, U.S. tour, 1983-84. OPERA—Director, The Magic Flute, Hamburg, 1968; director/set and costume designer, Don Quichotte, Paris, 1973; director/set and costume designer, Don Giovanni, Edinburgh Festival, 1973; director, Les Brigands, Berlin, 1978; director/libretticist, The Marriage, Piccola Scala, 1981, Edinburgh Festival, 1981; director Mavra and The Flood, Piccola Scala, Milan, 1982.

WRITINGS: BOOKS—Autobiography, Changing, 1978. AWARDS: Official Goodwill Ambassador, UNICEF, 1980; National Society of Film Critics or New York Film Critics Best Actress awards for 6 films in past 7 years; honored for performances in Face to Face and Scenes from a Marriage by NY Film critics and National Society of Film Critics; Best Actress, NY Film Critics, Cries and Whispers.

WRITINGS: BOOKS—The Loser, 1960; We Were Only Human, \96\\AddADashofPity, 1966; Frontiers of the Sea, 1966; Unknown Soldier and His Wife, 1967; Halfway Up the Tree, 1968; Krumnagel, 1971; Dear Me, 1977. PLAYS— Romanoff and Juliet; Overheard, 1981; Beethoven s Tenth, 1983.

ADDRESS: Agent—Paul Kohner—Michael Levy Agency, 9169 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.*

AWARDS: UNICEF Award, Distinguished Service at the International Level, 1978; Emmy Award, Best Dramatic Actor in a Single Program, 1971: A Storm in Summer; Emmy Award, 1966: Barefoot in Athens; Academy Award, Best Supporting Actor, 1964: Topkapi; Academy Award, Best Actor, 1961: Spartacus; Emmy Award, 1957: Dr. Johnson; Commander, Order of the British Empire.

USTINOV, Peter (Alexander), actor, writer, director PERSONAL: Born April 16, 1921, in London; son of lona and Nadia (Benois) Ustinov; married Isolde Denham, 1940 (divorced); married Suzanne Cloutier (divorced); married Helena du Lau d'Allemans; children: (first marriage) Tamara; (second marriage) Pavia, Andrea, Igor. EDUCATION: Attended Westminster School; trained for the stage at the London Theatre Studio. MILITARY: British Army, World War II.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Queens, Club, Royal Automobile Club, Arts Theatre, Garrick Savage. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o William Morris Agency, 147-149 Wardour Street, London Wl.

CAREER: FILM DEBUT—Mein Kampf, My Crimes, 1941. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Odette, 1950; Hotel Sahara,


V peared with Manitoba Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta, Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, Front Street Theatre, Memphis, TN, Theatre Calgary, Neptune Theatre, Nova Scotia, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Philadelphia Drama Guild, Loeb Drama Center (Harvard University), Bastion Theatre, Victoria, BC, Hartford Stage Company, Studio Arena, Buffalo, NY, Westport Country Playhouse, Coconut Grove Playhouse, FL, and University of Michigan Professional Theatre Program, Actors Company. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Stolen Face, England, 1951; Gathering Storm, England, 1952', Brittanus, Caesar and Cleopatra.

VALENTINE, James, actor, teacher PERSONAL: Born February 18, 1930, in Rockford, IL; son of Everett Carl (a furniture salesman) and Mae Elizabeth (Swenson) Valentine. EDUCATION: Attended Beloit College in Wisconsin for one year and the Central School of Speech and Dramatic Art in London, England for three years; received diploma, 1951. CAREER: DEBUT—House painter, Kiss and Tell, Shady Lane Playhouse, Maringo, IL, 1944. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(New York)—Regency Rake and footman, Conversation Piece, Barbizon, 1956; Ben, Cloud 7, 1956; Geoffrey Colwyn-Stuart, Epitaph of George Dillon, Golden and Henry Miller, 1957; Joseph, Duel of Angels, Helen Hayes, 1958; Flight Lt. Higgins, Ross, O'Neill and Hudson, 1961; Peter Cook, Beyond the Fringe, Golden and Barry more, 1964—65; Brittanus, Caesar and Cleopatra, Palace, 1976; Jack Worthing, The Importance of Being Earnest, Circle in the Square, 1977; Merlyn, Came lot, New York State Theatre and Winter Garden, 1980; Mock Turtle, Alice in Wonderland, Virginia Theatre, 1982-83.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Live from Manchester, England, 1954; ITV's Armchair Theatre, England, 1954; Capt. Stanhope, If This Be Treason, 1954; The Dupont Show of the Month: Gilbert, The Browing Version, 1957, Fritz, The Prisoner ofZenda, 1958, Lt. Wyatt, Billy Budd, 1958, Noah Claypole, Oliver Twist, 1958; Play of the Week, Gaston, Waltz of the Torreadors, 1959, Yasha, The Cherry Orchard, 1959; The Hallmark Hall of Fame, Shangri-la, 1959; also Camera Three, Look up and Live, and the HBO production of Camelot. AWARDS: The Laurence Olivier Prize for Best Actor, Central School of Speech and Dramatic Art, London, England, 1951.

MAJOR TOURS—David Bulloch, The Reluctant Debutante, 1957; Gilbert Dayney, Jane, 1957; Eric Birley, An Inspector Calls, 1958; Geoffrey Cowlyn-Stuart, Epitaph for George Dillon, 1959; Yasha, The Cherry Orchard, 1960; Timothy Gregg, Not in the Book, 1960; narrator, Under Milk Wood, 1963; son, Six Characters In Search of an Author, Circle in the Square production, 1963; Peter Cook, Beyond the Fringe, U.S. and Canada, 1964-65; Andrew Hunter, Girl in My Soup, 1969; Almady, The Plays the Thing, 1978; Merlyn and King Pellinore, Camelot, 1980-83.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Teacher, Beloit College, WI. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA. RECREATION—Reading, cooking, walking, and sitting in parks. "A Shaw Festival production of You Never Can Tell was given a Command Performance for Her Majesty the Queen on June 28, 1973 at the Festival Theatre, Niagra-On-TheLake, Ontario Canada. The cast was presented to Her Majesty and Prince Philip. . . . The appreciation of the theatre lives of Sir Ralph Richardson and Sir John Gielgud are a constant and treasured inspiration to me. . . . I have acted in every state in the union except Wyoming and in all the Canadian provinces.''

PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES (Regional)—With American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, Poins, Henry IV, Part I, 1962, Young Percy, Richard III, 1962, Andrew Agucheek, Twelfth Night, 1966, Duke of Warwick, Henry IV, Part II, 1966, Caesar, Julius Caesar, 1967, Egeus, Philostrate, A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1967, Prince of Arragon, Merchant of Venice, 1967; with the Shaw Festival, Niagra-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, Randall, Heartbreak House, 1968, Chemmy Circle, 1968, Dr. Paramore, The Philanderer, 1971, General Mitchner, Press Cuttings, 1971, Reginald Bridgenorth, Getting Married, 1971, Boone, You Never Can Tell, 1973, Juggins, Fanny's First Play, 1973, Phano Cles, The Brass Butterfly, 1973, Major Swindun, The Devil's Disciple, 1974, Jack Chesney, Charley's Aunt, 1974, Bashville, The Admirable Bashville, 1974, Brittanus, Caesar and Cleopatra, 1975, Dean Knapp, Leaven of Malice, 1975, Valentine, You Never CanTell, 1977, Captain Kearney, Captain Brassbound's Conversion, 1977; has ap-

VALLONE, Raf, actor, director PERSONAL: Born February 17, 1916; son of Giovanni (a lawyer) and Caterina Vallone; married Elena, July 26, 1952; children: Eleonora, Arabella, Saverio. EDUCATION: University of Turin (Italy), degrees in Law and Philosophy. RELIGION: Catholic. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER—Journalist. 500



Moses, Something about a Soldier, Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, PA, 1940; Toby, Carriage Trade, Stamford Playhouse, CT, 1940; Roger, The Lady Who Came to Stay, Maxine Elliott's, NY, 1941; Timothy Kincaid, The Land Is Bright, Music Box, NY, 1941; Bodo, Watch on the Rhine, Majestic, Boston, MA, 1942; "Short Pants Houlihan," Evening Rise, Woodstock Playhouse, NY, 1942; telegraph boy, The Skin of Our Teeth, Plymouth, NY, 1942; Elwood, The Snark Was a Boojum, 48th Street Theatre, NY, 1943; Felix, Decision, Belasco, NY, 1944;

CAREER: DEBUT—Woyzeck, Woyzeck, Gobetti, Turin, Italy, 1946. NEW YORK DEBUT—Eddie, A View from the Bridge. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—The Prince, Theatre Antoine, Paris, Eliseo, Rome; also plays by Pirandello, Ibsen, Garcia-Lorca, Valle Inclan. MAJOR TOURS—All the major cities of Europe including Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Geneva, Florence. FILM DEBUT—Bitter Rice, 1948. FILM APPEARANCES—Vendetta, 1949'JlCristoProbito, 1950;Awza, \95\-JlCammino della Speranza; Therese Raquin, 1953; The Beach, 1953; The Sign of Venus, 1955; El Cid, 1961; A View From the Bridge, 1961; Phaedra, 1962; The Cardinal, 1963; Harlow, 1965; Beyond the Mountains, 1966; The Italian Job, 1969; Obsession, 1976.

Dexter Franklin, Kiss and Tell, Biltmore, NY, 1943; Sgt. Walter Burrows, Too Hot for Maneuvers, Broadhurst, NY, 1945; Ernie Sheffield, The Wind Is Ninety, Booth, NY, 1945; Michael Brown, O Mistress Mine, Empire, NY, 1946; Toto, Cry of the Peacock, Locust, Philadelphia, PA, 1950; Ensign Pulver, Mister Roberts, Alvin, NY, 1948, Quarterdeck Theatre, Atlantic City, NJ, 1951; Nels, Here's Mama, Ogunquit Playhouse, ME, Cape Playhouse, Dennis, MA, 1952; Michael Barnes, The Male Animal, Music Box, NY, 1952; Charlie Reader, The Tender Trap, Pocono Playhoue, PA, 1955; Grant Cobbler, Oh Men! Oh Women!, Pocono Playhouse, PA, 1955; Happy, Death of a Salesman, Long Beach Playhouse, NY, 1955; Francis X. Dignan, King of Hearts, 1956; Ruby Pulaski, Have I Got a Girl for You, Music Box, NY, 1963; Mr. Hollender, Don't Drink the Water, Coconut Grove Playhouse, FL, 1968; Hon. Newton Prince, But, Seriously. . . , Henry Miller's, NY, 1969; Marion Cheever, Next, Adaptation, Greenwich Mews, NY, 1969.

TELEVISION DEBUT—Eddie, A View from the Bridge (live—in London). TELEVISION APPEARANCES—All My Sons, A View from the Bridge, II Mulino del Po; others. WRITINGS: PLAYS, UNPUBLISHED—"Forbidden? By Who?"; 4 'Repos du Guerrier'' (adapted from a French novel). AWARDS: Golden Donatello Award; Foemina, Paris; Silver Bear, Berlin; Grand Prix, Cannes Festival; Prix "Anna Magnani." Military—Commendatore, given by President Sandro Pertini, Italy. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; SAG; AGMA; SIAE (Italian Authors League); British Equity.

MAJOR TOURS—George Macauley, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, 1957; Ensign Beau Gilliam, Golden Fleecing, 1960; Henry Greene, Strictly Dishonorable, Mt. Tom Playhouse, MA, Vineland Theatre, Toronto, Canada, Tappen Zee Playhouse, NY, ElitchGardens, Denver, CO, 1964-65.

ADDRESS: Home—Via Bacone, 14, Rome, Italy, 00197. Agent—William Morris, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, Y 10019; 151 El, Camino, Beverly Hills, CA 90212; Via Nomentana 60, Rome, Italy 00161; 147/149 Wardour Street, London, Wl, England.

FILM DEBUT—Jimmy Dugan, Reg lar Fellers, 1941. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Edgar Palmer, Psychomania, 1964; Charly, 1968; Making It, 1971; Joe Kid, 1972; Dirty Little Billy," 1972; Snowball Express, 1972; Westworld, 1973; Soylent Green, 1913'Superdad, 1974.

VAN PATTEN, Dick (ne Richard Vincent Van Patten), actor

RADIO DEBUT—Mark Brown, Young Widder Brown series, 1941. PRINCIPAL RADIO BROADCASTS—Hartzell, One Foot in Heaven; Teddy Thompson, Miss Hatty; Wilfred, Duffy's Tavern; Toby Smith, Henry Aldrich; Ray, David Harum; Teddy, Right to Happiness; Jimmy Dugan, Reg'lar Fellers; The March of Time; Dexter Franklin, Kiss and Tell; Chic, Wednesday's Child; Michael Brown, O Mistress Mine; Roger, Theatre; Wayne, State Fair; Ben Banks, Father of the Bride; Nick Kane, Elmer the Great; Cadet Osborne, The Major and the Minor; Nat Kahn, Good Housekeeping.

PERSONAL: Born December 9, 1928, in Kew Gardens, NY; son of Richard (an interior decorator) and Josephine (worked in advertising; maiden name, Acerno) Van Patten; married Patricia Poole (a dancer) April 25, 1954; children: Nels, Jimmy, Vincent. EDUCATION: Attended public schools in Richmond Hills, NY. RELIGION: Catholic. CAREER: DEBUT—The child, Tapestry in Gray, Shubert, NY, 1935. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Henry Wadsworth Benson, Home Sweet Home, Greenwich Guild, Theatre, CT, 1936; Isaac, The Eternal Road, Manhattan Opera House, 1937; Theodore, Goodbye Again, Pine Brook Country Club, Nichols, CT, 1937; boy, On Borrowed Time, Longacre, NY, 1938; Nine, Run Sheep, Run, Windsor, NY, 1938; Karl Gunther, The American Way, Center, NY, 1939; Pete Brown, The Woman Brown, Tommy, Ah! Wilderness, Wharf Theatre, Provincetown, MA, repeated role of Pete Brown in The Woman Brown at the Biltmore, NY, 1939; Tommy, Ah! Wilderness, Maplewood Theatre, NJ, 1940; Jessie, Our Girls, Starlight Theatre, Pawling, NY, 1940;

TELEVISION DEBUT—As a child on Story Hour, 1936. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Nels, series, Mama, 194958; Final Ingredient, 1959; Larry Renfrew, Young Dr. Malone, 1963; The Kraft Television Theatre; Nurses; The Verdict Is Yours; Mike Hammer; Silent Service; Rawhide; Men in White, Dupont Show of the Month, 1960; Eight Is Enough; When Things Were Rotten; The Dick Van Dyke Show; Patners; Arnie; Grandpa Max; A Memory of Two Mondays; The Love Boat. AWARDS: The Donaldson Award 1941: The Lady Who Came to Stay. 501



SIDELIGHTS: RECREATION—Tennis, swimming, horseback riding.

Rothschilds (national company), 1971-72, Forum, 197172.

ADDRESS. Office—MEW Co., 151 N. San Vicente Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

General manager—Paris Is Out!, 1969-70, Salvation (NY and Los Angeles), 1969-70, A Dream Out of Time, 197071, The Me Nobody Knows (Chicago Company), 1970-71, Earl of Ruston, 1970-71, W.C. (summer tour), 1970-71, The Sunshine Boys, 1971-72, The Good Doctor, 1973-74, Scapino, NY and Los Angeles, 1974-75, TheWiz, 1974-75, God's Favorite, 1974-75, Poison Tree, 1975-76, Me & Bessie, 1975-76, California Suite (NY and national company) , 1976-77, Ain't Misbehavin', 1977-78, Chapter Two (NY and national company), 1911-1 S, Whose Life Is It Anyway?, 1978-79, They're Playing Our Song (NY and national company), 1978-79, The Mighty Gents, 1978-79, Division Street, 1979-80, / Ought to Be in Pictures (NY and national company), 1979-80, Children of a Lesser God (NY and national company), 1979-80, Last Licks, 1979-80, Grownups, 1980-81, Einstein and the Polar Bear, 1980-81, Fools, 1980-8 \, Little Me, 1981-82, Duet for One, 198182, Georgia Brown and Friends, 1982-83, Master Harold and the Boys, 1982-83, Brighton Beach Memoirs (NY and national company), 1982-83, The Real Thing, 1983-84.

VEGA, Jose, general/production manager, actor, producer PERSONAL: Born November 7, 1920 in New York City; son of Manuel and Pilar (Cagancho) Vega; married Victoria Vandyke, December 21, 1933; children: one daughter. CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Dancer, Prince Igor, Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY, 1937. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Flamenco dancer, Carmen, Mecca Temple, NY, 1940; flamenco soloist, Senia Russakof Ballet, Jordan Hall, Boston, MA, 1940; toured U.S., Jose Vega and His Spanish Ensemble, 1939^2. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Detective, Mr. and Mrs. North, Catskills, NY, 1942; sailor/consul, My Sister Eileen, Summer tour and with the New York Co. Subway Circuit, 1944; Guildenstern, Hamlet, Bridgeport Summer Theatre, CT, 1945; Croupier, Her Cardboard Lover, Montclair Playhouse, NJ, 1945; Count Giolio Dorse, Within This Hour, Corporal Resnick, Return to Eden, Martha's Vineyard Playhouse, Oak Bluffs MA, 1945; stage manager and understudy property man, Lute Song, Plymouth, NY, 1946; stage manager and general understudy, Another Part of the Forest, Fulton, NY, 1946, Erlanger, Chicago, IL, 1947; assistant stage manager and understudy, A Streetcar Named Desire, Barrymore, NY, 1947; Bell, Book and Candle, Barrymore, NY, 1950; I Am a Camera, Empire, NY, 1951; Flight into Egypt, Music Box, NY, 1952; The Children s Hour, Coronet, NY, 1952; The Seven Year Itch, Fulton, NY, 1955; The Chalk Garden, Barrymore, NY, 1955; A Very Special Baby, Playhouse, NY, 1956; Anniversary Waltz, Blackstone, Chicago, IL, 1956; The Genius and the Goddess, Henry Miller's, NY, 1957; High Spirits, Alvin, NY, 1964.

AWARDS: Emmy Award, 1959: Open End (producer); Emmy Award, 1959-60: Art Carney Special, V.I.P. (associate producer). SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. ADDRESS: 32 King Street, New York, NY 10014. Office— 1564 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

VERHEYEN, Mariann, costume designer PERSONAL: Born March 9, 1950; daughter of Lawrence Gerard (a mechanic) and Esther Catherine (Roob) Verheyen. EDUCATION: St. Norbert College, DePere, WI, B.A. 1972; University of Wisconsin, M.F.A. 1978; studied color theory with Margery Krelick.

DIRECTOR—A Streetcar Named Desire, Princeton Summer Theatre, NJ, 1951; producer/director, Roosevelt Playhouse, Miami, FL, 1951; producer/director, Astor Theatre, Syracuse, NY, 1952; summer tour, Bell, Book and Candle, 1953; productions at the Lakewood Theatre, Barnsville, PA, 1955; summer tour, The Bad Seed, 1956; productions at the Joy Thompson's Tent Theatre, Mt. Gabriel, Canada, 1956; summer tour, Show Girl, 1961.

CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Costume design, A Christmas Carol, St. Norbert College, WI, 1970. NEW YORK DEBUT—Costume design, Electra and Orestes, Juilliard School of Music and Dramatic Art, 1981. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK, Design assistant at Brooks Van Horn, Inc., 1978-80; assistant to Jane Greenwood, 1980-81, worked on The White Devil, Acting Company, NY, The Ruling Class, State University of New York at Purchase; Summer, Hudson Guild, NY; Hedda Gabler, Roundabout Theatre, NY; Merlon of the Movies, Hartmann, Stamford, CT; Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Civic Light Opera of Los Angeles; Romantic Comedy, road company; The Bob Hope Birthday Special at West Point; Hot'I Baltimore, The White House Murder Case, After the Fall, The Trojan Women, Lear, The Tales of Hoffman, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1975-78; AW s Well That Ends Well, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Boulder, CO, 1981; Comedy of Errors, Juilliard School of Music and Dramatic Art, NY, 1981; Love's Labour Lost, Juilliard School of Music and Dramatic Art, NY, 1981; The Royal Family, Missouri Repertory Theatre, Kansas City, 1982;

PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK: Company manager—Mark Twain Tonight—Hal Holbrook, 1962, Oh Calcutta, 1971 -72, JFK, 1971-72, A Doll's House (road company), 1971-72; production manager—Aspern Papers, 1961, Night Life, 1962, The Boys from Syracuse, 1963, Semi-Detached, 1963, Something More, 1964-65, High Spirits, 1964-65, Hello Dolly (international company, Las Vegas company), 1965, Oliver (road company), 1965, The Lion in Winter, 1966, Eugene O'Neill Foundation Playwrights' Conference, 1966, Those That Play the Clowns, 1966, Something Different, 1967, The Impossible Years, 1967, To Clothe the Naked, 1967, The Natural Look, 1967, Fire!, 1968, George Ml, 1968, The 502



Emigres, Hudson Guild, NY, 1982; Henry V, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, 1982; Close Ties, Alley, Houston, TX, 1982; The Dining Room, Huntington Theatre Co., Boston, MA, 1982; Something Different, Second Stage, NY, 1983; Salome, staged reading at San Antonio Festival, TX, 1983; Wednesday, Accounts, Blood Relations, Hudson Guild, NY, 1983; Design for Living, Time and the Conways, Huntington Theatre Company, Boston, MA, 1983. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—American Dance Machine, Showtime, 1981. AWARDS: The Villager, Downtown Theatre Award, Outstanding Costumes, 1983: Wednesday, Accounts, Blood Relations, Hudson Guild, NY. ADDRESS: 80 N. Moore Street, New York, NY 10013.

VERNON, Anne (nee Edith Vignaud), actress, painter, writer PERSONAL: Born January 7, 1924, in Paris, France; daughter of Georges and Raymonde (Vatasso) Vignaud. EDUCATION: Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France. RELIGION: Catholic. CAREER: DEEm—Huis-Clos, Theatre du Vieux Colombier, Paris. NEW YORK DEBUT—La Petite Hutte, Coronet. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—L'Invitation au Chateau, Theatre de L'Atelier, Paris. MAJOR TOURS—Quatre Pieces surJardin, South America, 1946; France, Antilles, Tunisia, 1973.


Danielle, Francis Jr. EDUCATION: Hofstra University, B.A., 1962.

FILM DEBUT—Edouar et Caroline, 1950. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Shakedown; Terror on a Train; La Rue de L'Estrapade; Love Lottery; Ainsi EinitLa Nuit; A Warning to Wantons; Patto Col Diavolo; A Tale of Five Cities; Song of Paris; The Umbrellas of Cherbourg; General Delia Rovere.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL PRODUCTIONS—(with Robert Greenwald): Television Films—Delta County U.S.A.; Escape from Bogen County; Sharon: Portrait of a Mistress; Getting Married; Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold; Flatbed Annie and Sweetpie: Lady Truckers; Anatomy of a Seduction; Portrait of a Stripper; Disaster on the Coastliner; Portrait of an Escort; The Babysitter; Miracle on Ice; Return of the Rebels; Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal; In the Custody of Strangers; Eorbiddin Love; The First Time; Baby Sister; Night Partners; Policewoman Centerfold; Obsessive Love; The Club; Summer Fantasies; Television— Texas Rangers; Answers; Films—The Desperate Miles; 21 Hours at Munich; Plays— Me and Bessie, NY and National Tour; I Have a Dream, NY and National Tour; A Sense of Humor.

WRITINGS: French cookbooks, 1978-80. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Cercle Interallie, Paris. Miss Vernon was the subject of a 1980 French TV film detailing her work in painting, Les Peintres Enchanteurs. Her pseudonym is F.M.R., and her paintings have been in various exhibitions in Paris. ADDRESS: Home—37 quai d' anjou, Paris, France. Agent— Lorcaster, 27 rue de Richelieu, 1 Paris, France.

AWARDS: Emmy Award Nomination (multiple); Golden Globe Award; Christopher Award (multiple); Certificate of Excellence Award of National Film Board of Review.

VON ZERNECK, Frank, producer

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—California Theatre Council, League of Resident Theaters, Producers Guild of America, League of New York Theaters and Producers.

PERSONAL: Born November 3, 1940; son of Peter (an actor) and Beatrice Francis (an agent) von Zerneck; married Julie Hawthorne Mannix (a writer) January 15, 1965; children:

ADDRESS: Office—100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608. Agent—c/o Ziffren, Brittenham, Gullen, 2049 Century Park E., Los Angeles, CA 90067. 503

w WADE, Adam, actor, director, producer, writer, singer

WAITE, Ralph, actor

PERSONAL: Born March 17, 1935, in Pittsburgh, PA; son of Henry O. (a steel worker) and Pauline (Simpson) Wade; married Oscar Lewis (a dancer and choreographer), May 16, 1978; children: Sheldon, Damon, Patrice, Tanya. EDUCATION: Attended Virginia State University; trained for the stage at the Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble with Al Fann.

PERSONAL: Born June 22, 1928, in White Plains, NY; son of Ralph H. (a construction engineer) and Esther (Mitchell) Waite; married Beverly, 1951 (divorced 1966); married Kerry, 1972 (divorced 1980); married Linda East (an interior decorator), December 4, 1982; children: Kathleen, Suzanne, Liam. EDUCATION: Bucknell University, B.A.; Yale Divinity School, B .D.; trained for the stage with Lee Strasberg and Mary Tarchi. MILITARY. U.S. Marine Corps. 1946-48.

CAREER: DEBUT—Hallelujah Baby. NEW YORK DEBUT— Father, My Sister, My Sister. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Reflection in a Glass; Too Late; King Heroin; Masks in Black; God's Trombone; Falling Apart; Nathan Detroit, Guys and Dolls, Las Vegas, NV; Same Time Next Year, Drury Lane, Chicago, IL, 1982. MAJOR TOURS .Hallelujah Baby, East Coast cities; Adam Wade Show, South Africa, Spain, Portugal.

CAREER: DEBUT—Chief of police, The Balcony, Circle in the Square, NY, 1960. LONDON DEBUT—Lead, Blues for Mr. Charley, Aldwych, 1966. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Hogans Goat, NY, 1965; Watering Place, NY, 1969; The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, NY, 1967; Captain, The Father, Circle in the Square, NY, 1981; appeared in numerous productions at the Theatre Co-op, Boston and the Long Wharf, New Haven, CT.

FILM DEBUT—Claudine. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—The Anderson Tapes, 1971; Phantom of the Fillmore; Across 110th Street, 1972; Come Back Charleston Blue, 1972; Gordon s War, 1973; Crazy Joe, 1974; The Education of Sonny Carson, 1974; The Taking ofPelham One-Two-Three, 1974; Super Cops, 1974; Nicky's World; Street Killers.

FILM DEBUT—Harry, CoolHandLuke, 1970. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Five Easy Pieces, 1970; Grissolm Gang, 1911', The Lawman, 1971; The Sporting Club, \91\\ Chato's Land, 1972; The Stone Killer, 1973; On the Nickel, 1980. TELE VISION DEBUT—John, The Waltons, 1972-1980. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Roots, 1977; Waiting for Godot; Red Alert; The Secret Life of John Chapman; A Good Sport, 1984.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—John Burroughs, Search for Tomorrow; Kojak; Where the Heart Is; As the World Turns; Edge of Night; Love of Life; Somerset; Police Woman; Sheriff Lobo; Madigan; Adam 12; F.B.L; Tony Orlando and Dawn; Tonight Show; Good Times; Jeffersons; B J. and the Bear; This Is the Year That Will Be; David Frost Comedy Revue; Sammy Davis Jr. Show; Mike Douglas Show; Positively Black; Sanford and Son; Sanford Arms; Like It Is; Dukes of Hazard; host, Musical Chairs; host, Miss Teenage Black America; host, AM Chicago. RADIO—Heartbeat Theatre; Reflections in a Glass; Sounds of the City. DIRECTED: Plays—Guys and Dolls.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Founder, Los Angeles Actors Theater, 1975-present. SIDELIGHTS: FAVORITE ROLE—Azdak, Caucasian Chalk Circle. ADDRESS: Office—Warner Brothers Studio, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91522. Agent—c/o Ron Meyer, Creative Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park E., Suite 1400, Century City, CA 90067.

WRITINGS: PLAYS—The Dancer (musical). SCREENPLAYS— Kaanan. AWARDS: Actors Temple Award (Ezrath Israel Congregation); Grand Marshal Award (Virginia State University); Keys to the City (Pittsburgh, PA; Petersburg, VA); Clio Award Nomination, 1973: Baby Sitter; Clio Award, 1972: Virgin Islands 50 Dollar Days.

WALLACE, George D., actor PERSONAL: Born June 8, 1917 in New York, NY; son of George (a shipbuilder) and Helen (a fashion model; maiden name, Dewey) Wallace; married Lydia Tobies in 1939 (divorced 1950); married, Jane Johnston (an actress), October 19, 1964; children: Linda. EDUCATION: Attended public schools on Long Island, NY; studied with Ben Bard in

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA; SAG; AFTRA. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o William Cunningham Agency, 261 S. Robertson, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. 504


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Hollywood, CA. MILITARY: U.S. Navy, 1936-40, 1942^5, Chief Boatswain Mate. CAREER: DEBUT—Clash By Night, Ben Bard's Dramatic School, Hollywood, 1950. NEW YORK DEBUT—Mack, Pipe Dream, Shubert, 1955. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— Sid Sorokin, The Pajama Game, 46th Street, NY, 1957; Matt, New Girl in Town, Warwick Musical Theatre, RI, Carousel, Framingham, MA, Oakdale Musical Theatre, Wallingford, CT, 1958; Frank Butler, Annie Get Your Gun, Carousel Theatre, MA, 1958; Fred Graham, Kiss Me Kate, Sacramento Music Circus, CA, 1958; Billy Bigelow, Carousel, Musicarnival, Cleveland, OH, 1959; Joe Dynamite, Wildcat, State Fair Music Hall, Dallas, TX, 1960, Theatre under the Stars, Atlanta, GA, 1963; Randolph, James O'Connor, Omar, Jennie, Majestic, NY, 1963; David, Company, Alvin, NY, 1970. MAJOR TOURS—King Arthur, Camelot, national tour, 1964; David, Company, national tour, 1971; Man of La Mancha, national tour. FILM DEBUT—Commando Cody, Radar Men from the Moon. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Forbidden Planet, 1955; Six Black Horses, 1962; Caprice, 1967; Towering Inferno, 1974; Lifeguard, 1976; Billy Jack Goes to Washington; Secret Files ofJ. Edgar Hoover. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The Ed Sullivan Show; Fireside Theatre; Armstrong Circle Theatre; Lux Video Theatre; Gunsmoke; Maverick; Rawhide; Hill Street Blues; Remington Steele; Kojak; The Waltons; Bonanza; The Bionic Woman; Bob Newhart Show; Days of Our Lives. LEE WALLACE

AWARDS: Drama Critic's Circle Award Nomination, Best Actor, 1957: Matt, New Girl in Town; Sylvania Award, fct International Incident" episode of Fireside Theatre, 1951; Pacific Fleet's Light Heavyweight Boxing Championship and Outstanding Athlete of the Year, U.S. Navy.

Theatre Festival, MA; In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer, Atlanta Municipal Theatre, GA; Uncle Vanya, Yale Repertory, New Haven, CT; Tartuffe, Servant of Two Masters, Death of a Salesman, Antigone, American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco, CA. MAJOR TOURS—Irene, U.S. cities; Laugh a Little, Cry a Little, U.S. cities.

ADDRESS: Agent—Henderson-Hogan Agency, 200 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Klute, 1971; The Happy Hooker; mayor, The Taking ofPelham 1-2-3, 1974; Thieves, 1977; Children's War. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES— Visions, "Blessings"; Child Stealers; Long Journey Back; Concealed Enemies.

WALLACE, Lee, actor

THEATRE-RELATED CAREERS—Acting teacher and coach, NY, 1978-present.

PERSONAL: Born July 15, 1930, in Brooklyn, NY; son of Eddie and Celia (Gross) Melis; married Marilyn Chris Wallace (an actress), December 14, 1974; children: Paul Christopoulos. EDUCATION: Attended New York University; trained for the stage with Michael Howard. RELIGION: Jewish. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1951-53.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Henderson, Hogan Agency, 200 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

CAREER: DEBUT—Young man, A Flag Is Born, Joan of Arc Theater, NY, 1949. BROADWAY DEBUT—Ted, Unlikely Heroes, Plymouth, 1970. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— (Broadway) Some of My Best Friends; Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild; Molly; Zalman or the Madness of God; (Off-Broadway) Goodnight Grandpa; The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel, Public; Macbeth, Public; Journey of the Fifth Horse, American Place; Booth Is Back in Town, Lincoln Center; Saturday Night; Awake and Sing; Curtains; (Regional) Hickey, The Iceman Cometh, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT; Lopakin, The Cherry Orchard, Williamstown

WALLACE, Tommy Lee, writer, director PERSONAL: EDUCATION: Ohio University, B.F.A. (Design), 1971; University of Southern California, M.F.A. program in film production, 1971-74. 505



CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—director, co-writer, Starman in November, University of Southern California, 1974; associate art director, Dark Star, 1974; art director, sound effects editor, Assault on Precinct 13, 1976; production designer, picture editor, Halloween, 1978; co-writer, El Diablo, 1979; production designer, picture editor, The Fog, 1980; writer, Test Pattern, 1980; writer, Amityville II: The Possession, 1981; co-writer, The Ninja, 1982: director, writer, Halloween HI, 1982; director, co-writer, Motel, 1983; writer, White Rabbit, 1984. FILM-RELATED CAREER: Animation cameraman, 1971-72; teaching assistant, USC, Cinema Division, 1973-74; story analyst/film editor, 1974-78. AWARDS: Cum Laude graduate, Ohio University. ADDRESS: Agent—The Gersh Agency, 222 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

WALLACH, Eli, actor PERSONAL: Born December 7, 1915, Brooklyn, NY; son of Abraham and Bertha (Schorr) Wallach; married Anne Jackson (an actress), March 5, 1948; children: Peter, Roberta, Katherine. EDUCATION: Attended University of Texas and City College of New York; studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre and with Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio.


MAJOR TOURS—Alvarro Mangiacavallo, The Rose Tattoo, 1951; The Tiger and The Typists, national tour, 1966; Promenade All!, 1971; General St. Pe, The Waltz of the Toreadors, 1974; Colin, Absent Friends, 1977; Alexander, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, 1979.

CAREER: DEBUT—Boy's club performance in Brooklyn, 1930. NEW YORK DEBUT—Crew Chief, Skydrift, Belasco, 1945. LONDON DEBUT—Sakini, Teahouse of the August Moon, Her Majesty's, 1954. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Androcles and the Lion, Yellow Jack, 1947^8, American Repertory Company, NY; Diomedes, Antony and Cleopatra, Martin Beck, NY, 1947; Stefanowski, Mister Roberts, Alvin, NY, 1949; Alvarro Mangiacavallo, The Rose Tattoo, Martin Beck, NY, 1951; Kilroy, Camino Real, National, NY, 1953; Dickson, Scarecrow, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1953; Julien, Mademoiselle Colombe, Longacre, NY, 1954; Sakini, Teahouse of the August Moon, Martin Beck, NY, 1955; Bill Walker, Major Barbara, Martin Beck, NY, 1956; Old Man, The Chairs, Phoenix, NY, 1958; Willie, The Cold Wind and the Warm, Morosco, NY, 1958; Berenger, Rhinoceros, Longacre, NY, 1961; Ben, The Tiger, Paul XXX, The Typists, Orpheum, NY, 1963, Globe, London, England, 1964; Milt Manville, Luv, Booth, NY, 1964; Charles Dyer, Staircase, Biltmore, NY, 1968; Ollie H and Wesley, Promenade All!', Alvin, NY.

FILM DEBUT—Baby Doll, 1956. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES— The Magnificent Seven, 1960; The Misfits, 1961; How the West Was Won, 1962; The Victors, 1963; Lord Jim, 1965; Tiger Makes Out, 1967; Cinderella Liberty, 1974; Crazy Joe, 1974; The Sentinel, 1977. AWARDS: Emmy Award, A Poppy Is Also a Flower. SIDELIGHTS: FAVORITE ROLES—Kilroy, Camino Real, Mangiacavallo, The Rose Tatoo. RECREATIONS—Woodwork, collecting antiques, tennis, baseball, swimming. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Creative Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park E., Los Angeles, CA 90067.

General St. Pe, The Waltz of the Toreadors, Eisenhower Theatre, Washington, DC, 1973, and the Circle in the Square, NY, 1973; Peppino, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Martin Beck, NY, 1974; Arthur Canfield, The Sponsor, Peachtree Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, 1975; Colin, Absent Friends, Long Wharf, New Haven, CT, 1977; Mr. Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank, Theatre Four, NY, 1978; Alexander, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, Metropolitan Opera, NY, 1979; Twice Around the Park, Cort, NY, 1982-83 and Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, 1984; Stephan, The Nest of the Woodgrouse, Public, NY, 1984.

WALSH, Dermot, actor, director, producer, writer PERSONAL: Born September 10, 1924, in Dublin, Ireland; son of Michael Francis (a journalist) and Josephine (Leslie) Walsh; married Hazel Court (an actress), 1949 (divorced 1963); Diana Scougall (an actress), 1968 (divorced 1972); Elisabeth Annear (nee Scott; actress, producer), 1972; children: Sally, Michael, Elisabeth, Olivia. EDUCATION: St.




WALSH, James, manager, producer

Mary's College, Dublin, 1932-41 (matriculation); National University, Dublin, 1941^44; Four Courts, Dublin, 194144; studied at the Abbey Theatre School of Acting with Lennox Robinson. RELIGION: "Would-be Catholic."

PERSONAL: Born May 6, 1937; son of Harold F. (a doctor) and Henrietta C. (a nurse; maiden name, Sanders) Walsh; married Juliet Taylor (a casting director) June 15, 1976; children: Jason, Sam. EDUCATION: University of California at Los Angeles, B.A., 1960. MILITARY: U.S. Army Medical Corps.

CAREER: DEBUT—Crowd artiste, The Strings Are False, Olympia, Dublin. LONDON DEBUT—Firstborn, Buoyant Billions, Prince's, 1949. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Tone, Reluctant Heroes, Whitehall, London, 1950-52; Relations Are Best Apart, Garrick, London, 1954-55; The Kidders, Arts Theatre, St. Martin's, London, 1957-58; Policy For Murder, Duke of York's, London, 1962; Ring of Jackals, Queen's, London, 1965; The Man Most Likely To . . . , Vaudeville, London, 1968-69; Lady Frederick, Vaudeville, Duke of York's, London, 1970; Laburnim Grove, Duke of York's, London, 1977; Murder Among Friends, Comedy, London, 1978; Who Killed Agatha Christie?, Mayfair, London, 1979; The Mousetrap, St. Martins, London, 1980-81; No Sex, Please, We're British, Garrick, London, 1984-85.

CAREER: GENERAL MANAGER, NEW YORK PRODUCTIONS— Thieves; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; Prince of Grand Street; Finishing Touches; The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie; The Wake of Jamey Foster; Lenny; Barnum; Lena Home, the Lady and Her Music, and over 30 other productions. PRODUCER—NEW YORK PRODUCTIONS—Matty and the Moron; Madonna; The Hawk; Riot; The Deer Park; The Beard; The Watering Place; Doonesbury. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHiPS^-League of New York Theatres and Producers, ATP AM.

MAJOR TOURS—The Doctor's Dilemma, Patrick Sarsfield, The Importance of Being Earnest, The United Brothers, The School for Scandal, Southern Ireland, 1944; A Trip to Scarborough, The Earl of Straw, Carmilla, Arms and the Man, Southern Ireland, 1945; Random Harvest, U.K. and West Germany, 1948; The Stars Bow Down, Malvern Festival, 1949; Smilin' Through, U.K., 1952; The Long March, The Distant Hill, U.K., \953',Tropical Fever, Ireland, 1955; Kathleen, Love Her to Death, U.K., 1955; Mary, Mary, Australia, New Zealand, 1963-64; Person Unknown, The Morning After, Counter crime, U.K., 1965; The Constant Wife, Canaries Sometimes Sing, No Fear or Favour, I Wonder Who the Baddy Is?, U.K., 1967; Home on the Pig's Back, Jane Eyre, She Stoops to Conquer, King's Rhapsody, A Christmas Carol, U.K., 1972; See How They Run, U.K., 1975; Murder with Love, U.K. and Ireland, 1976; A Murder Is Announced, U.K., Ireland, 1978; Murder, Bloody Murder, U.K., 1979; Stage Stuck, Blithe Spirit, U.K., Ireland, 1982.

ADDRESS: Office—161 W. 54th Street, New York, NY 10019.

WALTER, Jessica, actress PERSONAL: Born January 31, 1944, in New York, NY; daughter of David (a musician) and Esther (a teacher: maiden name, Groisser) Walter; married Ross Bowman, March 27, 1966 (divorced 1978); married Ron Leibman (an actor), June 26, 1983; children: Brooke (1st marriage). EDUCATION: Graduated from Performing Arts High School; trained for the stage at the Neighborhood Playhouse. CAREER: DEBUT—Kid sister, Middle of the Night, Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, PA, 1958. NEW YORK DEBUT—Liz, Advise and Consent, Cort, 1961. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Cigarette girl, Nightlife, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1962; Clarice/Ada, Photofinish, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1963; mistress, A Severed Head, Roy ale, NY, 1964. FILM DEBUT—Laura, Lilith, 1964. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Libby, The Group, 1965; Pat Stoddard, Grand Prix, 1967; Leslie, Bye Bye Braverman, 1968; Pat, Number One, 1969; Evelyn, Play Misty for Me, 1971. TELEVISION DEBUT—Amy Prentiss, 197'4-1'5; Love of Life; The FBI; Mission: Impossible; Cannon; Medical Center; Mannix; Visions; Barnaby Jones; Hawaii Five-O; Wheels; (TV Movies) Hurricane, 1974; Having Babies, 1976; (series) Bare Essence, 1983.


Hungry Hill, \946\Jassy, 1946; The Mark ofCain, 1947; To the Public Danger, 1947; My Sister and I, 1947; Third Time Lucky, 1948; Sea Fury, 1958; Sea of Sand, 1958', Make Mine a Million, 1958; The Bandit ofZhobe, 1958; The Flesh and the Fiends, 1959; The Challenge, 1959; The Cool Mikado, 1962; The Wicked Lady, 1982; twenty-six second-feature films from 1949-66. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Richard, Richard the Lionheart, 39 episodes, BBC; fifty-three TV films, thirtyfour TV plays, 1949-79. THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Co-producer, Random Harvest, 1948^49; co-producer, Smilin' Through, 1952; producer, director, The Murder Line, 1967-68, Stage Struck, 1982, Blithe Spirit, 1982; managing director, Quillbell Ltd. Theatrical Producing Company, 1981-present.

AWARDS: Emmy Award Nominations, 1980: Trapper John, M.D.; 1976: Streets of San Francisco; Emmy Award, Best Actress, 1975: Amy Prentiss; Golden Globe Award, 1971: Play Misty for Me; Clarence Derwent Award, 1963: Photofinish.

WRITINGS: PLAYS—The Murder Line, 1967.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SAG (board member, 197374, vice president, 1975-83); AFTRA; A.E.A.

ADDRESS: Office—28 Berkeley Square, London WIX 6HD, England.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Phil Gersh Agency, 222 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. 507


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 dren: Christopher. EDUCATION: Attended Barringer High School, Newark, Our Lady of Good Counsels, Newark, graduated, DuPont Manual High School, Louisville, KY: trained for the stage with Margo Jones. POLITICS: Democrat. MILITARY: U.S. Navy, 1938-41; U.S. Maritime Service, 1941-42; U.S. Army, 1941^6. CAREER: DEBUT—Sir Toby Belch, Twelfth Night, Margo Jones, Dallas, TX, 1947. NEW YORK DEBUT—Mickey, Golden Boy, ANTA, 1952. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Asphalt Jungle, \ 950; From Here to Eternity, 1953; Edge of the City, 1957; Twelve Angry Men, 1957; Bachelor Party, 1957; Run Silent, Run Deep, 1958; That Kind of Woman, 1959; The Sound and the Fury, 1959; Wake Me When If s Over, 1960; Escape from Zahrain, 1962; Donavan's Reef, 1962; Thin Red Line, 1964; Blindfold, 1966; The Sporting Club, 1971; Welcome to the Club, 1971; Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things about Me?, 1971; Summertree, 1971; The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, 1973; Billy Two Hats, 1974; Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, 1974; Shampoo, 1975; White Buffalo; All the President's Men, 1976; Death on the Nile, 1978; Heaven Can Wait, 1978;. . .And Justice for All, 1979; Being There, 1979; Beyond the Poseidon Adventure, 1979; Dreamer, 1979; The Change; Used Cars; Carbon


WARD, David S., director and writer PERSONAL: Born October 24, 1945, in Providence, RI; son of Robert and Miriam (Schad) McCollum; married Rosana Desoto (an actress), 1979; children: Joaquin Atwood, Sylvana Bonifacia Desoto. EDUCATION: Pomona College, B.A., 1967; University of California at Los Angeles, M.F.A., 1970. CAREER: DIRECTED— Cannery Row, 1982. WRITINGS: SCREENPLAYS—Steelyard Sting, 1973; Cannery Row, 1982.

Blues, 1972; The

AWARDS: Academy Award, Best Original Screenplay, 1913: The Sting. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Directors Guild; Writers Guild. ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Jeffrey Berg, I.C.M., 8899 Beverly Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90048.

WARDEN, Jack (ne Lebzelter), actor PERSONAL: Born September 18, 1920, in Newark, NJ; son of John (an engineer and technician) and Laura (Costello) Lebzelter; married Wanda Dupree, 1958 (divorced); chil-





Souffle, Festival of Two Worlds, Spoleto, Italy, 1966; The Man in the Glass Booth, Royale, NY, 1969; Stages; Actor andActrices.

Copy, \9Sl;SoFine, 1981; The GreatMuppet Caper, 1981; The Verdict, 1982; Crackers; The Aviator Pilot. TELEVISION DEBUT—Arthur Clary, Philco Television Playhouse, "Ann Rutledge," 1950. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Gorman, Retaliation, 1951; champ, Assignment: Man Hunt, "The Champ," 1952; Lefty, Kraft Television Theater, "Snookie," 1953; Teddy Merrill, The Big Story, "Chester Potter of the Pittsburgh Press," 1953; Jerry French, Gulf Playhouse, "Comeback," 1953; Kraft Television Theater, "Old MacDonald Had a Curve," 1953; Brick Nelson, Campbell Soundstage, "The Promise," 1953; Frank T. Whip, Mister Peepers Show, 1953; Blik, Goodyear Television Playhouse, "Train to Trouble," 1953; Taxi Driver, Kraft Television Theater, "Dream House," 1953; Dr. Max, Goody ear Television Playhouse, "Native Dancer," 1954;

AWARDS: Obie Award, 1963; Emmy Award, 1972. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA, National Maritime Union, Players Club. RECREATION—Golf, swimming, walking, dancing, skiing, sailing, fishing, singing, reading, carpentry, sunset watching. ADDRESS: Office—9000 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069. Agent—c/o John Gaines, Agency for the Performing Arts, 888 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10106.

Pete, The Big Story, "Jean Barrett of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin," 1954; Sheriff Bass, Kraft Television Theater, "Dr. Rainwater Goes A-Courtin', 1954; Stamper, Kraft Television Theater, "The Worried Ban Blues," 1954; The Imogene Coca Show, 1954; Hal, Goodyear Television Playhouse, "Class of'58," 1954; Bill Foley, The Big Story, "Roger Dove," "Courant," 1954; Lt. Earl Floyd, Justice, "Save Me Now," 1955; Ted Link, The Big Story, "Ted Link of the St. Louis Post Dispatch," 1955;BuzzCalderone, Philco Television Playhouse, "Shadow of the Champ," 1955; Boze, Producers' Showcase, "The Petrified Forest," 1955; Alex Hamner, Justice, "Flight from Rear," 1955; Harry Pomeroy, Goodyear Television Playhouse, "The Mechanical Heart," 1955; Frank Doran, Alcoa Hour, "Tragedy in a Temporary Town," 1956; Home Show, "A Very Special Baby," 1956;

WARE, John, playwright, director, educator

See MABLEY, Edward (Howe)

WARREN, Lesley Ann, actress PERSONAL: Born August 16, 1946; daughter of William (a real estate agent) and Carol (a singer; maiden name, Verb-

Sgt. Debb, Kaiser Aluminum Hour, "A Real Fine Cutting Edge," 1957; Robert de Beaudrincourt, Hallmark Hall of Fame, "TheLark," 1951'^Newspaperman, Suspicion, "The Flight," 1957; Jack Armstrong, Omnibus, "Abraham Lincoln: The Early Years," 1959; Mike Wilson, Bonanza, The PaiuteWar," 1959; Emmet Fitzgerald, Five Fingers, "The Moment of Truth," 1959; Ollie, The Outlaws, "Starfall," 1960; Martin, Wagon Train, "The Martin Onyx Story," 1962; Axton, Ta les of Wells Fargo, "The Traveler," 1962; Jubal Tatum, The Virginian, "Throw a Long Rope," 1962; The Trailmaster; Walt Disney's World; Dr. Kildare; Naked City; Bob Hope Presents; Slavery's People; Bus Stop; Great Adventure; The Untouchables; Desilu Playhouse; The Breaking Point; The Wackiest Ship in the Army; Twilight Zone; Route 66; Ben Casey; The Fugitive; The Invaders; N.Y.P.D.; Hobsori s Choice; Topper; Jig Saw John; Bad News Bears; A.D.; The Life and Times of Robert Kennedy. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Algernon, The Importance of Being Earnest, Tony Lumpkin, She Stoops to Conquer; Tristotin, The Learned Ladies; Gremio, The Taming of the Shrew, Yasha, The Cherry Orchard, Front Porch (retitled Picnic}, Summer and Smoke, Lear and Bough, Margo Jones Theater Company, Dallas, TX, 1947-51; Johnny, Lullaby, Lyceum, NY, 1954; Mike Hertzog, Sing Me No Lullaby, Phoenix, NY, 1954; Marco, A View from the Bridge, Coronet, NY, 1955; Joey, A Very Special Baby, Playhouse, NY, 1956; Dave, The Body Beautiful, Broadway, NY, 1958; Cages, York, NY, 1963; Conversations in the Dark, Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia, PA, 1963; A Wen and Orange





low) Warren; married Jon Peters, May 3, 1967 (divorced 1977); children: Christopher. EDUCATION: Attended the Professional Children's School and Music and Art High School; trained for the stage at the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg.

WATKIN, David, cinematographer PERSONAL: Born March 23, 1925; son of John Wilfrid (a lawyer) and Beatrice Lynda (Dadswell) Watkin. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Cinematographer, The Knack, 1964; Help, 1965; MaratISade, 1966; The Charge of the Light Brigade, 1967; Catch 22, 1969; The Devils, 1970; The Boyfriend, 1971; The Three Musketeers, 1974; The Four Musketeers, \915; Jesus of Nazareth, 1975; Endless Love, 1981; Chariots of Fire, 1981; Yentl, 1983.

CAREER: DEBUT—Snookie, 110 in the Shade, NY. FILM DEBUT—Happiest Millionaire, 1966. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Race to the Yankee Zephyr; Norma, Victor I Victoria, 1982; Faye, Night in Heaven, 1983; Eve, Choose Me, 1983; Gilda, Songwriter, 1983. TELEVISION DEBUT—Cinderella, Cinderella,


Marja, 79 Park Avenue, 1978; Portrait of a Stripper, 1980; Sara, Beulahland, 1981; Michelle, Portrait of a Showgirl, 1982.

ADDRESS: Home—6 Sussex Mews, Brighton, England.

AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination, Best Supporting Actress, Golden Globe Award Nomination, People's Choice Award, 1982: Victor/Victoria; Golden Globe Award, 1979: 79 Park Avenue.

WATSON, Moray, actor


PERSONAL: First name sounds like "Murry;" born June 25, 1928, in Sunninsdale, Berks, England; son of Gerard Arthur (a ship-broker) and Jean (MacFarlane) Watson; married Pam Marmont (an actress), June 28, 1955; children: Emma Kate, Robin Guy. EDUCATION: Eton College, 1946; Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, London. RELIGION: Protestant. MILITARY: National Service, Officer in Northamptonshire Regiment, 1946-48.

ADDRESS: Office—500 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite #510, Los Angeles, CA 90049. Agent—c/o Ron Meyer, Creative Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park E., Suite 1400, Los Angeles, C A 90067.

CAREER: DEBUT—Repertory season, Nottingham, England. NEW YORK DEBUT— The Public Eye, Morosco, 1963. LONDON DEBUT—Small Hotel, St. Martins, 1955. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—London: A River Breeze, Phoenix, 1956; Plaintiff in a Pretty Hat, St. Martins, 1957; The Grass is Greener, St. Martins, 1958; The Bad Soldier Smith, Westminster, 1960; The Doctor s Dilemma, Haymarket, 1963; You Never Can Tell, Haymarket, 1966; The Rivals, Haymarket, 1967; Don't Just Lie There—Say Something, Garrick, 1972; On Approval, Vaudeville, 1977'; Hay Fever, Queens, 1983; U.S.— The Private Ear/The Public Eye, Morosco, 1963-64; The American Shaw Festival, Mt. Gretna Playhouse, PA: Misalliance, Hay Fever, The Browning Version, 1983. MAJOR TOURS—Widowers Houses, How the Other Half Loves, English Actors Company, Latin American Tour, 1976.

WASSERSTEIN, Wendy, writer PERSONAL: Born October 18, 1950, in Brooklyn, NY; daughter of Morris W. (a textile manufacturer) and Lola (a dancer; maiden name, Schleifer) Wasserstein. EDUCATION: Mount Holyoke College, B.A., 1971; City College of New York, M.A., 1973; Yale Drama School, M.F.A., 1976. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Any Woman Cant, Playwrights Horizons, NY, 1973; Uncommon Women and Others, Phoenix, NY, 1977, Los Angeles Stage Company, CA, St. Nicholas, Chicago, IL, Magic, San Francisco, CA; Isn't It Romantic, Phoenix, NY, 1981, Playwrights Horizons, NY, 1983. SCREENPLAYS—The House of Husbands (with Christopher Durang—not filmed), 1981. TELEVISION SCRIPTS—Uncommon Women and Others, 1978; The Sorrows of Gin, 1980.

FILM DEBUT—Sellars, The Grass Is Greener, 1959. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—The Valiant, 1968; Operation Crossbow, 1970; Every Home Should Have One, 1971; The Sea Wolves, 1982.

AWARDS: Obie Award, Joseph Jefferson Award, Dramalogue Award, Inner Boston Critics Award: Uncommon Women and Others; Hale Mathews Foundation Award; Guggenheim Fellowship, 1983.

TELEVISION DEBUT—Compact. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES— Upstairs Downstairs; Quiller, The Palissers; Rumpole of the Bailey; Churchill; Pride and Prejudice.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild; Playwrights Horizons (artistic board); Dramatists Guild for Young Playwrights.

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Director, Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.


SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—British Actors Equity Association, The Garrick Club, Board of Directors, Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England.

I have been most inspired by the work of my colleagues and being involved on the artistic board of Playwrights Horizons. My associations with this community is vital to my work. Also, as a child, I studied at the June Taylor School of the Dance. In its own way, that too is vital."

"I endeavour to see life through rose-tinted glasses, whilst not missing the other grimmer realities. My constant aim is to search for the dignity in man, while endeavoring to better myself through my fellow man—and so be worthy of the

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Arlene Donovan, I.C.M., 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. 510



AWARDS: Drama Desk Award, Distinguished Drama Criticism, 1983; Silurian Society Award, Distinguished Drama Criticism, 1979. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—New York Drama Critics Circle, Dutch Treat Club, ASCAP, AGAC. ADDRESS: Home—27 W. 86th Street, New York, NY 10024. Office—Daily News, 220 E. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017.

WATTS, Robert, manager PERSONAL: Born May 23, 1938, in London; son of Hugh Shadforth (a barrister) and Aziz Diane (Meade) Watts; married Julia James; children: Simon, Lydia, Barnaby. EDUCATION: Marlborough College (England), S.C.E.,; University de Grenoble (France), Certificat de Slides Francaises. MILITARY: Royal West African Frontier Force (Nigeria), 195860. CAREER: FILM DEBUT—A French Mistress, 1960. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—runner, Fury at Smuggler's Bay, 1960; assistant director, The Man in the Middle, The Pumpkin Eater, 1964; assistant director, Hysteria, The Yellow Rolls Royce, Repulsion, Darling, 1965; assistant director, Thunderball, 1965; production manager, 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968; location manager, You Only Live Twice, 1967; location manager, Billion Dollar Brain, 1967; location manager, The Adventurers, 1970; production manager, El Condor, 1970; production manager, Flight of the Doves, 1970; production manager, The Wrath of God, 1972; unit production manager, Papillon, 1973; production supervisor, Alfie Darling, 1973; production manager, The Wilby Conspiracy, 1975; production manager, Inside Out, 1975; production supervisor, Star Wars, 1977; production manager, The Other Side of Midnight, 1977; associate producer, Meetings with Remarkable Men, 1977; associate producer, The Empire Strikes Back, 1980; associate producer, Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981; co-producer, Return of the Jedi, 1983; producer, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 1984.


search. A life in the Theatre lends itself to this pursuit more readily than most careers.'' ADDRESS: Home—Underwood House, Etlhingham E., Sussex, England. Agent—c/o Lending Artists, Michael Whitehall, 60 St. James Street, London Wl, England.

WATT, Douglas, critic

SIDELIGHTS: LANGUAGES—French, Spanish, German.

PERSONAL: Born January 20, 1914, in New York, NY; son of Benjamin Douglas (a structural engineer) and Agnes Rita (Niemann) Watt; married Ray Mantel, November 7, 1937 (divorced 1950); married Ethel Madsen (a theatrical producer), November 5, 1951. children: Richard, James. EDUCATION: Cornell University, B.A., 1934; trained for the stage with Alexander Drummond. RELIGION: Roman Catholic. MILITARY: U.S. Army Air Force, World War II.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o E.M.I. Studios, Boreham Wood, United Kingdom. Agent—c/o Duncan Heath, 162/170 Wardour Street, London, Wl U.K.

CAREER: New York Daily News; copy boy, 1936-37; radio columnist, 1937^-0; drama reporter, 1940-71; senior drama critic, 1971-present; staff writer New Yorker Magazine, 1946-present.

WEAVER, William, actor and production stage manager PERSONAL: Born October 15, 1917, in Miamisburg, OH; son of Harry Clay (a hotel owner) and Clara (Hurst) Weaver. EDUCATION: High school graduate. POLITICS: Democrat. RELIGION: Lutheran. MILITARY: U.S. Air Force, 1941-45, Captain; awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and two Air Medals.

WRITINGS: SONGS, PUBLISHED—There's Not a Moment to Spare, 1939; After All These Years, 1940; I'd Do It Again, 1941; Marc, 1945; Heaven Help Me, 1968. RELATED CAREERS: Columnist, Small World, 1955-70. 511



CAREER: DEBUT—Officer Owens, Pickup Girl national tour, U.S. cities, 1945^6. NEW YORK DEBUT—Production stage manager, TheFourposter, Ethel Barrymore, 1951, 631 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—(Production stage manager/stage manager) One Eye Closed, Bijou, NY, 1954; The Desperate Hours, Barrymore, NY, 1954-55', Red Roses for Me, Booth, NY, 1955-56; Happiest Millionaire, Lyceum, NY, 1956-57; Mighty Man Is He, Cort, NY, 1959-60; Kwamina, 54th Street, NY, 1961; An Evening's Frost, Theatre de Lys, NY, 1965-66; Showboat, State, NY, 1966; More Stately Mansions, Broadhurst, NY, 1967-68; Zelda, Barrymore, NY, 1969; Emperor Henry IV, Barrymore, NY, 1972; The Kingfisher, Biltmore, NY, 1978-79; Deathtrap, Music Box, NY, 1979; My Fair Lady, Uris, NY, 1981.

Tomorrow, M.P. Daily's 15th Annual Radio Poll, 1950-51. Over 100 comendations of merit awarded by radio and TV critics. WRITINGS:BOOKS-The Badge, 1958. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Honorary Chairman, United Cerebral Palsy Association; SAG, Screen Directors Guild, American Society of Cinematographers, AFTRA.*

WEILL, Claudia, director

MAJOR TOURS—Henry Adams, Magnificent Yankee, U.S. cities, 1946-47; young man, Sabrina Fair, U.S. cities, 1954; Hibbetts, Take Her She's Mine, U.S. cities, 1962-63; (production stage manager/stage manager), Desperate Hours, U.S. cities, 1955; Romanoff and Juliet, U.S. cities, 1959; How to Succeed . . . , U.S. cities, 1963-64; Oliver, U.S. cities, 1965; Showboat, U.S. cities, 1966; Forty Carats, U.S. cities, 1970-71; The Kingfisher, U.S. cities, 1979-80; My Fair Lady, U.S. cities, 1980-81.

PERSONAL: Daughter of Guy and Marie-Helene Weill. EDUCATION: Radcliffe, B.A., 1969. CAREER: PRINCIPAL THEATRE WORK—Director: An Evening for Merlin Finch, Williamstown Theatre Festival, MA, 1975; Scenes from American Life, Williamstown Theatre Festival, MA, 1976; Standing on My Knees, Tacoma Actors Guild, WA 1983; Stillife, American Place, NY, 1983; Digging to China, Williamstown Theatre Festival, 1983; 'night, Mother, Syracuse Stage, NY, 1984; Found a Peanut, Public, NY, 1984; The Longest Walk, American Place, NY, 1984.

ADDRESS: Home—59 W. 21st Street, New York, NY 10010.

PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Director: The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir, 1974; Girlfriends, 1979; It's My Turn, 1981. WEBB, Jack, producer, writer, director, actor

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION AND SHORT FILM WORK—Director: This Is the Home of Mrs. Levant Graham, 1970; The 51st State, ten segments; Sesame Street, twenty segments; Joyce at 34, 1972; The Great Love Experiment, 1984.

PERSONAL: Born April 2, 1920, in Santa Monica, CA; died December 22, 1982; son of Samuel Chester and Margaret (Smith) Webb; married Julie Peck, July 1947 (divorced); Dorothy Thompson, January 1955 (divorced 1957); Jackie Loughery, June 1958, (divorced 1964); children: (first marriage) Stacy, Lisa. EDUCATION: Attended public schools in California. MILITARY: U.S. Army Air Force, World War II, 1942^5.

RELATED CAREER—Teacher, acting, Cornish Institute, 1983; guest lecturer on film directing, New York University and Columbia. AWARDS: Donatello, Best Director, 1979; Mademoiselle Woman of the Year, 1974 (shared); American Film Institute Independent Filmmakers Grant, 1973.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL RADIO WORK—Star, Pat Novak for Hire, San Francisco, 1945; Johnny Modero Pier 23, 1947; created Dragnet, 1949; created Pete Kelly's Blues, 1950; created True Series, 1961.

ADDRESS: Office—Cyclops Films Inc., 1697 Broadway, New York, NY 10019.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Producer/director/actor, Dragnet, 1955-70; creator, producer, Adam-12, 1968-74; executive producer, TheD.A., 1970-71, O'Hara, U.S. Treasury, 1910-11, Emergency, Mobile One, 1971-75, Chase, 1973, The Rangers, 1974-75; Mobile Two, 1975, Sam, 1977, Project UFO, 1978, Little Mo, 1978; narrator, Escape, 1973.

WEINER, Robert, producer, critic, manager, journalist PERSONAL: Born September 9, in New York City. EDUCATION: Columbia University, B.A.

PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—feature roles: Sunset Boulevard, The Men, Halls of Montezuma, You're in the Navy Now, He Walked By Night, Dragnet, Pete Kelly s Blues, The D.L, The Last Time I Saw Archie; producer/director, Archie, 1959.

CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Production assistant, Show of the Month Club, Inc., 1950. PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK— Press promotion, management, producer, press assistant to Arthur Cantor for approximately 25 productions in New York; box office treasurer, Newport Casino Theatre, 1955; production assistant, The Desk Set, Broadhurst, 1955, Shangri-La, Winter Garden, 1956, Auntie Mame, Broadhurst, 1956; producer, No Time for Sergeants (two company tours), 1958, Tall Story, Belasco, NY, 1959, Medium Rare,

AWARDS: Winner, Look Magazine award, Best Director, 1954; Best Mystery Show, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 1952-54; Best Mystery Show, TV & Radio, 1953-54; Best Mystery Show and Most Popular Star of 512

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Happy Medium, Chicago, IL, 1960, Put It in Writing, Royal Poinciana Playhouse, Palm Beach, FL, 1962; general manager, Double Entry, Martinique, NY, 1961, and production supervisor for Spoon River Anthology, Booth, NY, 1963, What Makes Sammy Run? 54th Street, NY, 1964, Her First Roman, Lunt-Fontanne, NY, 1968, Gantry, George Abbott, NY, 1970, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, Brooks Atkinson, NY, 1968.


PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—created, Hootenanny, The Dukes of Hazard. RELATED CAREER: In the music business, Mr. Weintraub introduced Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Peter, Paul and Mary, and managed Joan Rivers, Neil Diamond, Bill Cosby and the Four Seasons. He owned the Bitter End club in New York City. He served as a studio executive with Warner Brothers Inc.

PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Production supervisor/casting director, Who Killed Teddy Bear, 1965; associate producer, Bullitt, 1968; technical advisor to director, John and Mary, 1969; producer, Groupies, 1970; production executive/casting supervisor, The French Connection, 1971; production executive/casting supervisor, The Seven-Ups, 1973. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Production supervisor, pay-TV production of Spoon River Anthology, Hartford, CT, and Electric Showcase, ABC, 1963; associate producer, forD'Antoni/ Baer Television Productions, 1965-66; associate producer, Comedy Tonight series, 1970; producer, Dylan Thomas s ' 'A Child's Christmas in Wales", 1973; producer, Alley Celebrates Ellington; executive producer, Gianni Schicchi (comic opera).

ADDRESS: c/o MGM/UA Entertainment Company, 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230.

WEIR, Peter, director, writer PERSONAL: Born August 8, 1944, in Sydney, Australia. CAREER: FIRST FILM WORK—Director/writer, "Michael" an episode of the feature, Three to Go, 1970. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Director/writer: The Cars That Ate Paris; The Last Wave, 191 %\ The Plumber, 1979; director: Picnic at Hanging Rock, 1975, Gallipoli, 1981, The Year of Living Dangerously, 1982.

RELATED CAREER: Managing Director of theatre operations, executive producer, and liaison for the Yale-ABC Writing for the Camera grant, Yale University, School of Drama, 1966; consultant, Joseph E. Seagram/U.S.A. 1981-83, coordinator for special promotional events, for charities and the arts; guest lecturer, Yale Schoolof Drama.

ADDRESS: Agent—Tom Patak, William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212.*

WRITINGS: ARTICLES/COLUMNS—Weekly columnist, Soho Weekly News, NY, 4 years; contributor to New York Magazine, New York Sunday News, Daily News, Cue, People, Penthouse, US, Variety, Circus, New York Post; contributing editor, Inter/View Magazine, Words and Music Magazine; weekly columnist, Friday Morning Quarterback; drama, film, music, dance critic, WBLS/FM Radio, two years.

WERTMULLER, Lina, writer, director PERSONAL: Born in Rome, Italy. CAREER: FIRST FILM WORK—Assistant to Federico Fellini, 8l/2, 1962. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Writer/director: This Time; Let's Talk about Men; The Seduction of Mimi; Love and Anarchy; All Screwed Up; Swept Away; Seven Beauties; A Night Full of Rain; The Lizards.

AWARDS: Emmy Award Nomination, Alley Celebrates Ellington; Christopher Award, Dylan Thomas's "A Child's Christmas in Wales." SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Voting member, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Drama Desk Awards Nominating Committee, 1980-83, Blue Ribbon Jury Panel, Emmy Awards, 1973-76 and 1980, League of New York Theatres and Producers, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Rock Writer's Guild, AFTRA, Theatre Arts Jury, Brandeis University, 1975.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Italian series, GianBurasca. SIDELIGHTS: "After graduating from high school, Ms. Wertmuller went to drama school and began working in the theatre in 1951. She stage managed, did puppetry, and wrote for radio shows, prior to assisting Fellini ong 1 /^."*

ADDRESS: 161 W. 54th Street, New York, NY 10019.

WEST, Mae, actress, writer PERSONAL: Born August 17, 1892, in Brooklyn, NY; died November 22, 1980; daughter of John Patrick and Matilda (Delker-Dolger) West; married Frank Wallace, 1911 (divorced 1943). EDUCATION: Privately tutored.

WEINTRAUB, Fred, producer CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Producer: Woodstock, \91Q,Klute, 1971, Summer of '42, 1972, Rage, 1972, Enter the Dragon, 1973, OutlawBlues, 1977, ThePromise, 1979, TomHorn, 1980, High Road to China, 1983, Out of Control, 1984, Killer Angels, 1985.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—On Stage in vaudeville at age 5; Little Nell the Marchioness, 1897; Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch; Ten Nights in a Barroom; East 513



Lynne; The Fatal Wedding; A la Broadway, 1911; Vera Violetta, 1911; A Winsome Widow, 1912; Such Is Life, 1913; Sometime, 1918; Demi-Tasse, 1919; The Mimic World, 1921', Sex, 1926; The Wicked Age, 1927; Diamond Lil, 1928; The Constant Sinner, 1931; Catherine Was Great, 1944; Ring Twice Tonight, 1946; Diamond Lil, 1948-51; Come on Up. . .Ring Twice, 1952; Sextet, 1961.

administrator, Australian National Playwrights Conference, 1973; delegate, International Theatre Institute, Moscow, 1973; member, Connecticut Commission on the Arts, 1979; co-founder, Caribbean-U.S. Theatre Exchange. DIRECTED: Actors Theatre of St. Paul, 1979-80; Hartman Repertory Theatre, 1980.

PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Night After Night, 1932; She Done Him Wrong, 1933; I'm No Angel, \933\DiamondLil, 1933; Belle of the Nineties, 1934; Going to Town, 1935; Klondike Annie, 1936; Go West Young Man, 1936; Every Days a Holiday, 1937; My Little Chickadee, 1940; The Heat's On, \943;MyraBreckenridge, 1969; Sextette, 1978.

AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Special Award, 1979; National Opera Institute Award; New London Bar Association's Public Service Award; Connecticut Magazine Award, Special Contributions to the State, 1981; Distinguished Citizen's Award, Town of Waterford, 1976; Margo Jones Award, 1968; New England Theatre Conference Award, Special Citation, 1968.

WRITINGS: PLAYS— 77ze Drag, 1927; Pleasure Man, 1928. NOVEL—Diamond Lil; The Constant Sinner. AUTOBIOGRAPHY— Goodness Had Nothing to Do with It, 1959.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Arts and Business Council; International Theater Institute; Film Forum International; Eastern Connecticut Symphony; Dance Arts Council; Connecticut Opera Association; Connecticut Public TV; Operation Rescue (planning board); Rehearsal Club (board of directors); Theater of Latin America; Yale Alumni Board; National Endowment of the Arts; Yale Club; Century Club; Players Club; Cosmos (Washington, DC); Thames Club.

SCREENPLAYS—I'm No Angel, 1933; Going to Town, 1935; Klondike Annie, 1936; Go West Young Man, 1936; My Little Chickadee (collaborator), 1940. AWARDS: Voted Money-Making Star, Motion Picture HeraldFamePoll, 1933-34.*

ADDRESS: Office—Eugene O'Neill Memorial Theater Center, 234 W. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.

WHITE, George C., director and theater executive WHITEHEAD, Paxton, actor

PERSONAL: Born August 16, 1935, in New London, CT; son of Nelson Cooke (a writer and artist) and Aida Catherine (Rovetti) White; married Elizabeth Darling (a jeweler), July 5, 1958; children: George, Caleb, Juliette. EDUCATION: Yale University, B.A., 1957; Yale School of Drama, M.F.A., 1961; trained for the stage at the Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-on-Avon, England. POLITICS: Independent. RELIGION: Protestant. MILITARY: U.S. Army.

PERSONAL: Born October 17, 1937, in East Mailing, Kent, U.K.; son of Charles Parkin and Louise (Hunt) Whitehead; married Patricia Gage; children: Sarah, Charles (previous marriage). EDUCATION: Attended Rugby School; trained for the stage at Webber-Douglas School. CAREER: STAGE DEBUT—Alphonse, All for Mary, Devonshire Park, Eastbourne, U.K., 1956. NEW YORK DEBUT— Dawson-Hill, The Affair, Henry Miller's, 1962. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Francisco, Hamlet, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford, U.K., 1958; Torvald Helmer, A Doll's House, Theatre Four, NY, 1963; Gower, Henry V, King of France, King Lear, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, 1963', Beyond the Fringe, John Golden, NY, 1964; Higgins, My Fair Lady, Memphis, TN, 1964; Jack Absolute, The Rivals, Boston, MA, 1964; Archie Rice, The Entertainer, Hartford, 1965; Cusins, Major Barbara, Cincinnati, 1965; Algernon, The Importance of Being Earnest, Winnipeg, 1965; Lord Summerhays, Misalliance, Magnus, The Apple Cart, Shaw Festival, Niagra-on-the-Lake, 1966; Sergius, Arms and the Man, Cusins, Major Barbara, Shaw Festival, 1967; Hector Hushabye, Heartbreak House, Coustilliou, The Chemmy Circle, Shaw Festival, 1968; Dubedat, The Doctor's Dilemma, the actor, The Guardsman, Shaw Festival, 1969; Tempest, Forty Years On, Shaw Festival, 1970; Charteris, The Philanderer, Tonight at 8:30, Shaw Festival, 1971; Valentine, You Never Can Tell, Savoyard, Fanny's First Play, Shaw Festival, 1973; Fancourt Babberley, Charley's Aunt, Shaw Festival, 1974; Burgoyne, The Devil's Disciple, Shaw Festival, 1975; Sergius, Arms and the Man, Magnus, Apple Cart, Adrian, The Millionairess, Shaw Festival, 1976; Ronnie Gamble, Thark, Shaw Festival,

CAREER: DEBUT—Assistant manager, International Ballet Festival, Nervi, Italy, 1955. NEW YORK DEBUT—Stage manager, Azuma-Kabuki, Broadway Theater, 1955, 30 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Various roles, John Brown's Body, Players, NY, 1956. MAJOR TOURS— Azuma Kabuki, international cities, 1955. TELEVISION DEBUT—Bruce Bennett, Citizen Soldier, 1958. PRINCIPAL WORK—Production coordinator, Talent Associates, 1961-63; administrative vice-president, Paramount Pictures, 1963-65; founder/president, Eugene O'Neill Memorial Theater Center, Waterford, CT, 1965-present; advisor/director, Theatre One, Connecticut College for Women, 1967-70; regional theatre consultant, National Educational TV Network; guest lecturer, Wagner College, 1970; acting director, Hunter College, 1972-73; professor, University of North Carolina; professor of theater administration, Yale University, 1978-79. SPECIAL POSITIONS—Co-chairman, theatre administration program, Yale Drama School; member executive committee, Theatre Library Association, 1967; board of governors, American Playwrights Theatre; board member, ANTA, 1967-68; member, Mayor's Theatre Advisory Committee, NY; advisory board, International Theatre Institute; guest 514


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 1977; The Emperor, The Brass Butterfly, Chelsea Theater Center, NY, 1970; Reverend Alexander Mill, Candida, Longacre, NY, 1970; Canon Throbbing, Habeas Corpus, Martin Beck, NY, 1975; Sherlock Holmes, The Crucifer of Blood, Helen Hayes, NY, 1978; Henry Carr, Travesties, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg, Canada, 1979; Oscar Wilde, The Trials of Oscar Wilde, Citadel, Edmonton, 1980; Ronnie Gamble, Thark, Malvolio, Twelfth Night, Philadelphia Drama Guild, PA, 1980; Pellinore, Camelot, State, NY, 1980; Sergeant of Police, Pirates ofPenzance, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, CA, 1981; Harpagon, The Miser, Old Globe, San Diego, CA, 1982; Hector, Heartbreak House, Theatre Royal, London, 1983; Anthony Absolute, The Rivals, Old Globe, San Diego, CA, 1983; Freddy, Noises Off, Brooks Atkinson, New York, 1983-84. MAJOR TOURS—Anew McMaster Company, U.K. cities, 1957; Francisco, Hamlet, Royal Shakespeare Company, Soviet Union, 1958; Beyond the Fringe, U.S. cities, 1963. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Lady Windermere s Fan, The First Night of Pygmalion, Kiel, 1977; Hart vs. Hart, 1982, \9%3',MagnumP.I., 1983. DIRECTED: Plays—The Circle, The Shaw Festival, Niagraon-the-Lake, 1968; Misalliance, Shaw Festival, 1972; Getting Married, Shaw Festival, 1972; Charley's Aunt, Shaw Festival, 1972; Widowers' Houses, Shaw Festival, 1977. RELATED CAREERS—Artistic director, Shaw Festival, Niagra-on-the-Lake, 1967-77; Playhouse, Vancouver, Canada, 1971-73. AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, 1980: Camelot.


SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Players Club. RECREATION— Tennis, Skiing, cards.

hoe, Chicago, IL, 1982; Disability: A Comedy, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1978, Mark Taper Forum Lab, Los Angeles, CA, 1979-80, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1981, Actors Theatre of St. Paul, MN, 1983, Off-Broadway, NY, 1983-84; Counter/Cultures, Birmingham Festival, AL, 1979; The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, American Stage Festival, NH, 1979, New York Shakespeare Festival, NY, 1981; The Final Extinction of Alexander Pope, PostusTeatret, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1980; Andromeda II, The Actors Studio, New York, 1980.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Barna Ostertag, 501 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

WHYTE, Ron, writer PERSONAL: Born in Black Eagle, MT; son of Henry A. Melville (a railroad executive) and Eva (an executive secretary; maiden name, Ranieri) Whyte. EDUCATION: San Francisco State College, B.A., 1964; Yale University School of Drama, M.F.A., 1967; Union Theological Seminary, M. Div., 1976; trained for the stage at the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg and Harold Clurman. POLITICS: Democrat.

PLAYS, PUBLISHED— Welcome to Andromeda, 1973; Disability: A Comedy, 1982. SCREENPLAYS—Valentine's Eve, 1968; Pigeons, 1970; The Happiness Cage, 1972; The Parents, 1978. BOOKS—The Flower That Finally Grew, 1970; Exeunt Dying: Theatrical Mysteries, 1977; Sign-Off Devotional, 1978; The Story of Film: A History of World Cinema from Its Dawn to the Present, 1980.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED— Welcome to Andromeda, American Place, NY, 1969, Cherry Lane, NY, 1973, Actors Theatre of Louisville, KY, 1975, John Jay New Theatre, NY, 1979, Toronto, Vancouver, SK, Canada, 1983; Amerikan Shrapnel, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, \91\\Horatio, Loretto-Hilton, St. Louis, MO, American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 1974, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1975; Funeral March for a OneMan Band, Westbeth Theater Center, NY, 1978, St. Nicholas, Chicago, IL, 1979, San Diego Repertory, 1981, Ivan-

AWARDS: Pulitzer Prize Nomination, 1983: Disability: A Comedy; Joseph Jefferson Award Nomination, 1983: Funeral March for a One-Man Band; Joseph Jefferson Award (4), 1979: Funeral March for a One-Man Band; DramaLogue Award (3), 1978: Welcome to Andromeda; Best Short Plays of 1974 Award, 1974: Welcome to Andromeda; Time Magazine Award, Ten Best Plays of the Year, 1973-74: Welcome to Andromeda. 515



SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—American Association for the Advancement of the Humanities; American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers; The Actors Studio Playwrights and Directors Unit; The Authors League; Baker Street Irregulars; Creative Artists Public Service Program; The Dramatists Guild; National Endowment for the Arts; New York State Council on the Arts; The Riverside Church; Writers Guild of America East and West.

WILDER, Billy, producer, director, writer PERSONAL: Born June 22, 1906, in Austria; married Audrey Young (a reporter). MILITARY: Head film section, Psychological Warfare division, U.S. Army, American Zone, Germany, 1945. CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Screenwriter, People On Sunday, Berlin; Emil and the Detectives; screenwriter/director, Mauvaise Graine, Paris; screenwriter: Bluebeards Eighth Wife, 1938, Midnight, 1939, Ninotchka, 1939, Arise My Love, 1940, Hold Back the Dawn, 1941; director/screenwriter :Five Graves to Cairo, 1943; Double Indemnity, 1944, The Lost Weekend, 1945, The Emperor Waltz., 1948, A Foreign Affair, 1948, Sunset Boulevard, 1950; producer/ director/screenwriter, The Big Carnival, (Ace in the Hole), 1951, Stalag 17, 1953, Sabrina, 1954, Love in the Afternoon, 1957, Some Like It Hot, 1959, The Spirit of St. Louis, 1957, Witness for the Prosecution, 1957, One, Two, Three, 1961, Irma La Douce, 1963, Kiss Me, Stupid, 1964, The Fortune Cookie, 1966, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, 1970, Avanti, 1972, Fedora, 1979; director/screenwriter: The Front Page, \914, Buddy, Buddy, 1981.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Paul William Bradley, Ruth Hagy Brod Agency, 15 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Theatrical Attorney—c/o Robert N. Solomon, Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein and Selz, 485 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

WIENER, Sally Dixon, writer, composer, lyricist PERSONAL: Born September 18, 1926; daughter of George Lane (a doctor) and Ellen S. Pay son (a nurse; maiden name, Swanson) Dixon; married John A. Wiener (a lawyer), April 10, 1951; children: John, Ellen, Ann. EDUCATION: University of Arizona, B.A., 1947; at the New School studied music and theatre with Aaron Frankel and playwriting with Harold Callen and Edward Mabley. RELIGION: Episcopalian.

AWARDS: Academy Awards, Best Picture, co-award, Best Story/Screenplay, 1960: The Apartment; Academy Award, co-award, Best Story/Screenplay, 1950: Sunset Boulevard; Academy Award, Best Director, co-award, Best Screenplay, 1945: The Lost Weekend.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Book, music, lyrics, Major ie Daw (musical), Equity Library, NY, 1970; Telemachus, Friend, St. Peter's Gate, NY, 1972, Baruch College, NY, 1972; The Blue Magi, St. Peter's Gate, NY, 1972, The Lambs, NY, 1976; The Pimienta Pancakes, Theatre Off Park, NY, 1976, Double Image, NY, 1976; Fly in' Turtles, University of Western New Mexico, Silver City, 197'6; Show Me a Hero, Sunset, Carmel, CA, 1979, St. Malachy's, NY, 1980. PLAYS, PUBLISHED— Telemachus, Friend, 1974.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o Equitable Investment Corp., 6253 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1122, Los Angeles, CA, 90048.*

WILKOF, Lee, actor and writer PERSONAL: Born June 25, 1951, in Canton, OH; son of Darwin B. (a businessman) and Ann Louise Wilkof; married Constance Marie Grappo (a writer and director), February 2, 1984. EDUCATION: University of Cincinnati, B.A.; trained for the stage at Herbert Berghof Studio with Austin Pendelton and Ellen Sandier. RELIGION: Jewish.

AWARDS: American Song Festival Lyric Competition, Honorable Mention, Certificate of Merit, 1982: Gonna Lock the Door and Throw Away the Key; National Play Award, Semi-Finalist, 1981: The Second Battle of Baltimore; Festival of First Playwriting Award, 1979: Show Me a Hero; Stanley Drama Award, Semi-Finalist, 1978: Show Me a Hero.

CAREER: DEBUT—Dr. Kitchell, Bells Are Ringing, Showboat Majestic, Cincinnati, OH, 1973. NEW YORK DEBUT— Styopka, Diary of a Scoundrel, Theater in Space, 1974, 12 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—The Present Tense, Park Royal, NY, 1977; The Tavern, Snowmass, CO, 1981; Pennant Fever, Beverly Hills Playhouse, CA, 1980; Little Shop of Horrors, WPA, Orpheum, Westwood Playhouse, NY, 1982-83.


'Harold Prince, the producer, has said that casting is 90% of direction, and I suppose 99% of playwrighting is sweat. It's the 1%, when a character takes over the typewriter, that's the joy. Putting Act I, Scene 1, Page 1 on a piece of paper is giving over a period of your life, all too voluntarily, to discouragement and loneliness, and, usually, with no promise of it becoming a reality on stage. If and when it does, there is another kind of joy—the collaborative process during which, suddenly, it is no longer your baby. It is a child who has learned to walk. And even though the monetary rewards are, for the most part, few and far between, for the average playwright, one feels in good company."

FILM DEBUT—Brian, Serial, 1980. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Yussol, Wholly Moses, 1981. TELEVISION DEBUT— Harvey Perlstein, W.E.B. Delta House, 1978. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Einswine, 1979; Stanley Freisen, Hart to Hart, 1979-198 \; Moviola, 1981; Prisoner without a Name, Cell without a Number, 1983; Newhart, 1983; Oh, Madeline, 1983. WRITINGS: PLAYS—The Present Tense (with Stephen Rosenfield, Jeff Sweet, Alen Menken, and Haila Strauss), Off-Broadway, 1977.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Robert Freedman, Brandt and Brandt Dramatic Department, 1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. 516



AWARDS: Dramalogue Award, 1980: Pennant Fever; Obie Award, 1977: Present Tense; Drama Desk Nomination, 1977: Present Tense.

1940; children: Stacy, Toby, Jody. EDUCATION: Attended public schools; studied film editing with Merrill White. RELIGION: Protestant.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—American Film Institute. RECREATION: Banjo playing, composing, cartooning.

CAREER: FIRST FILM WORK—Editor, Lady for a Day, 1933. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Editor: Nell Gwyn, Peg Woffington, 60 Glorious Years, Victoria the Great, Sunny, No No Nanette, Cowboy, High Noon; director: Tall Texan, Apache Kid, The Cowboy; assistant producer, The Longest Day, 1962; producer: Zorba the Greek, 1965, Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, 1966, The Blue Max, 1966, Tora! Tor a! Toraf, 1970, Sidewinder, 1977, Caravans, 1978, Man, Woman and Child, 1983.


I take an active interest in the cause of nuclear disarmament." ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Abrams Artists, 420 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017. Agent—c/o Abrams, Harris, Goldberg Agency, 9229 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

AWARDS: Academy Award, Film Editing, High Noon; Academy Award Nomination, Editing, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; Gold Scissors Award, A.C.E. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—A.C.E., A.M.P.A.S., DGA, S.M.P.F.E.,P.G.

WILLIAMS, Bradford Cody, puppeteer, designer, director

ADDRESS: Office—Gaylord Productions, 9255 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049.

PERSONAL: Born January 8, 1951 in White Plains, NY; son of Robert Cody and Patricia (Packard) Williams. EDUCATION: Hope College, Holland, MI, B.A. (Art), 1973; studied puppetry at the University of Connecticut, 1975-79 and puppet performance with Burr Tillstrom.

WILLIAMS, Jobeth, actress

CAREER: FIRST STAGE WORK—Actor/designer/prop master, Hope Summer Theatre, Holland, MI, 1972-75. FILM, TV, STAGE WORK—Puppeteer/designer, Brad Williams' Punch & Judy Theatre (a one-man touring show), 1975-present; puppeteer/designer, The Pandemonium Puppet Company, tours throughout New England, 1976-79; assistant puppet, mask and set design, Black Elk Lives, Entermedia, NY, 1981; puppeteer/puppet design and construction, Pinwheel, children's cable television production (Nickelodeon), 1980-81; director, puppet and mask designer, The Scarecrow, Union Square, Y, 1981; puppet design and construction, Mainly Mozart, Story Concert Players, NY, 1982; mask builder, Lennon, Entermedia, NY, 1982; set designer, Story Concert Players, 1982; puppeteer, designer, The Nickelodeon Roadshow, NY, present; mask designer, builder, The Fantastic Toyshop, New York Pantomime Theatre, 1983.

PERSONAL: Born in Texas. EDUCATION: Brown University. CAREER: STAGE APPEARANCES—Performed with theatre companies in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Rhode Island and Boston; Gardenia, Manhattan Theatre Club, 1982. FILM DEBUT—Kramer vs. Kramer, 1979. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Stir Crazy, 1980; The Dogs of War, 1981; Poltergeist, 1982; Endangered Species, 19S2', The Big Chill, 1983. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Fun and Games; Feasting with Panthers; Jabberwocky; The Guiding Light; Somerset *

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Puppeteers of America, Union Internationale de la Marionette, Association of Theatrical Artists and Craftspeople, SAG. WILLIAMS, Tennessee (ne Thomas Lanier Williams), playwright

"Puppetry can be a valuable tool in adult theatre. Like the mask, a puppet can add dimension and visual variety. Adults also need fantasy (often more than children)." ADDRESS: Home/Office—214 Riverside Drive, #109, New York, NY 10025.

PERSONAL: Born March 26, 1911, in Columbus, MS; died February 25, 1983 in New York City; son of Cornelius Coffin and Edwina (Dakin) Williams. EDUCATION: University of Missouri, 1931-33; Washington University, St. Louis, MO, 1936-37; State University of Iowa, B. A., 1938.

WILLIAMS, Elmo, film editor, director, writer

CAREER: WRITINGS: PLAYS, PUBLISHED/PRODUCED—one acts, Candles to the Sun, 1936, The Fugitive Kind, 1937, Spring Song, 1938, Not About Nightingales, 1939, produced under the title American Blues, 1939; Battle of Angels, Boston, 1940; Stairs to the Roof, Chicago, 1944; The Glass Menagerie, Chicago, 1944, NY, 1945; You Touched Me, 1945; A Streetcar Named Desire, 1947; Summer and Smoke, 1948; The Rose Tattoo, 1950; Camino Real, 1953; Cat on a

PERSONAL: Born April 30, 1913; son of Oscar P. (a farmer) and Audra O. (a clerk, maiden name, Etter) Williams; married Lorraine Cunningham (a writer) December 23, 517



Hot Tin Roof, 1955; Three Players of a Summer Game, 1955; Orpheus Descending, 1957; Garden District (double bill, Something Unspoken, Suddenly Last Summer}, 1957; Sweet Bird of Youth, 1959; Period of Adjustment (co-directed), 1959; The Night of the Iguana, 1961; The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore, 1963; The Mutilated and The Gnadiges Fraulein, produced as Slapstick Tragedy, 1966; The TwoCharacter Play, 1967; The Seven Descents of Myrtle, 1968; In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel, 1969; Small Craft Warnings; Out Cry, 1973; The Latter Days of a Celebrated Soubrette, 1974; The Red Devil Battery Sign, 1975; This Is, 1976; The Eccentricities of a Nightingale, 1976; Vieux Carre, 1976; A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur, 1979; Clothes for a Summer Hotel, 1980; Kerche Hutchem, und Kinder, 1980; A House Not Meant to Stand, 1981; Something Cloudy—Something Clear, 1981; other short plays—The Lady of Larkspur Lotion, The Purification, This Property Is Condemned, IRise in Flames Cried the Phoenix, Portrait of a Madonna, 27 Wagons Full of Cotton, The Last of My Solid Gold Watches, I Can t Imagine Tomorrow, Confessional, A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot. SCREENPLAYS—The Glass Menagerie; A Streetcar Named Desire; The Rose Tattoo; Baby Doll; Suddenly Last Summer; The Fugitive Kind. BOOKS—The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone; Noise and the World of Reason; POETRY—Androgyne Mon Amour, In the Winter of Cities; SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS—One Arm; Hard Candy; The Knightly Quest; Eight Mortal Ladies; Possessed. AUTOBIOGRAPHY—Memoirs, 1975. WALTER WILLISON

AWARDS: Medal of Freedom, President Carter, 1980; Kennedy Center Honors, 1979; Theatre Hall of Fame, 1979; Gold Medal for Drama, National Institute of Arts and Letters, 1969; Antoinette Perry Award, New York Drama Critics Award, 1962: The Night of the Iguana; Pulitzer Prize for Drama, New York Drama Critics Award, 1955: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Pulitzer Prize for Drama, New York Drama Critics Award, 1947^-8: A Streetcar Named Desire; New York Drama Critics Award, 1944-45: The Glass Menagerie; Honorary LHD,HHD.*

Richard Rodgers, Imperial, NY, 1972; Prince Charming, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, St. Louis Municipal Opera, MO, 1972; Pippin, Pippin, Imperial, NY, 1972-73; Lt. Cable, South Pacific, 25th Anniversary, NY, Players Club, NY, 1974; guest star, A Gala Tribute to Joshua Logan, Imperial, NY, 1974; guest star, A Tribute to George Abbott, Shubert, NY, 1975; Carny O'Brien, Front Street Gaieties, Mayfair, Santa Monica, CA, 1980-81; lead, They Say It's Wonderful, a Salute to Irving Berlin, St. Regis Hotel, NY, 1981; Kid Kotten, Broadway Scandals of 1928, O'Neal's, NY, 1982.

WILLISON, Walter, actor, singer, playwright, lyricist

MAJOR TOURS—James Preston, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, bus and truck national tour, 1967-68; Danny, Your Own Thing, bus and truck national tour, 1969-70.

PERSONAL: Born June 24, 1947 in Monterey Park, CA; son of Clarence Virgil (fleet sales manager for Chevrolet) and Freda Arline (McClaren) Willison. EDUCATION: Attended public schools in California.

FILM DEBUT—Mongolian Prince, Harry and Tonto Go to New York, 1976. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Soundtrack vocals, Fantasies, 1980. TELEVISION DEBUT— The Today Show, 1970. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—The David Frost Show, 1970; Clyde Griffins, An American Tragedy, segment of The Great Novelists, 1975; Celebrity Revue, 1976; Dr. Buck Wheaton, Days of Our Lives, 1978; Dr. Calvin Campbell, McDuff, the Talking Dog, 1976-77; co-star, Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women, 1978.

CAREER: DEBUT—Walter, Here's Love, California Theatre, San Bernadino, CA, 1964. NEW YORK DEBUT—Garson Hobart, Norman Is That You?, Lyceum, for 20 previews and 12 performances, 1970. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES— James Preston, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, Greek, Los Angeles, CA, Geary, San Francisco, CA, 1968; Danny, Your Own Thing, Marines Memorial, San Francisco, CA, 1968; Prince Dauntless, Once Upon a Mattress, Desert Inn Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, 1969; Japheth, Two by Two, Imperial, NY, 1970-71; celebrant/first rock singer, Mass, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, 1971; Charlie, Wild and Wonderful, Lyceum, NY, 1971; guest star, A Celebration of

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Front Street Gaieties, "Dodge City's Hottest Revue," Los Angeles, CA, 1980-81; Broadway Scandals of 1928, book and lyrics, Club Broadway, O'Neal's Times Square, NY, 1982. 518


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 AWARDS: Honorary Lifetime Citizenship of the State of Kansas, 1983; Theatre World Award, 1970-71; Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, Best Supporting Actor in a Musical, 1971: Two by Two. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Board of Directors, William Inge Library, Independence Community College, Kansas, Dramatists Guild, ASCAP, SAG, AEA, AFTRA, AGMA. ADDRESS: 123 W. 78th Street, Penthouse #4, New York, NY 10025. Agent—Luis San Jurjuro, ICM, 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

WILSON, Lanford, playwright PERSONAL: Born April 13, 1937, in Lebanon, MO; son of Ralph Eugene and Violetta Careybelle (Tate) Wilson. EDUCATION: Attended University of Chicago and San Diego State College. WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—5V? Long at the Fair, Caffe Cino, NY, 1963; Home Free, No Trespassing, Sandcastle, The Madness of Lady Bright, 1964; Ludlow Fair, Balm in Gilead, This Is the Rill Speaking, Days Ahead, Sex Is Between Two People, 1965; The Gingham Dog, The Rimers of Eldritch, Wandering, 1966; Wandering Days Ahead, 1967; Lemon Sky, 1969; Serenading Louie, The Great Nebula in Orion, 1970; The Hot L Baltimore, The Family Continues, 1972; The Mound Builders, 1915', Fifth of July, 1978; Brontasaurus, 1978; Talley s Folly, 1979; A Tale Told, 1981. PLAYS, PUBLISHED—Balm in Gilead and Other Plays, 1966; The Rimers of Eldritch and Other Plays, 1968; The Gingham Dog, 1969; Lemon Sky, 1970; The Hot L Baltimore, 1973; The Mound Builders, 1976; Fifth of July, \919\Talley sFolley, \9&Q;ATaleTold, 1982. TELEVISION PLAYS—This Is the Rill Speaking, 1967; The Sandcastle; Stoop; The Migrants; Taxi!


WINDSOR, Marie (nee Emily Marie Bertelsen), actress

CAREER: DEBUT—Miss Smith, Forty Thousand Smiths, Ben Bard, Los Angeles, CA, 1940. NEW YORK DEBUT—Phyllis Brent, Follow the Girls, 44th Street Theater, 1945. PRINCIPAL THEATRE APPEARANCES—Once in a Lifetime, Pasadena Playhouse, CA, 1940; Merry-Go-Rounders, National, Washington, DC, 1943; Fashions of the Times, NY, 1944; The Would-be Gentleman, Ritz, Los Angeles, 1959; Fancy Meeting You Again, La Jolla Playhouse, CA, 1960; The Vinegar Tree, Actors Repertory, 1983. FILM DEBUT—All American Coed, 1941. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Weekend for Three, 1941; Playmates, 1941; Call Out the Marines, 1942; Smart Alecks, 1942; Parachute Nurse, 1942; Eyes in the Night, 1942; The Big Street, 1942; The Lady or the Tiger, 1942; Three Hearts for Julia, 1943; Pilot Number 5, 1943; Let's Face It, 1943; The Hucksters, 1947; Romance of Rosy Ridge, 1947; Song of the Thin Man, 1947; Unfinished Dance, 1947; On an Island with You, 1948; Three Musketeers, 1948; The Kissing Bandit, 1948; Force of Evil, 1948; Outpost in Morocco, 1949; Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend, \949\Hellfire, 1949; The Fighting Kentuckian, 1949; Dakota Lil, 1950; The Showdown, 1950; Frenchie, 1950; Double Deal, 1950;

PERSONAL: Born December 11, 1921, in Marysvale, UT; daughter of Lane Joseph (a mining investor and businessman) and Etta Marie (Long) Bertelsen; married Ted Steele, 1946 (annulled 1947); married Jack Rodney Hupp (a realtor), November 18, 1954; children: Richard Rodney. EDUCATION: Attended Brigham Young University; trained for the stage with Maria Ouspenskaya, Jeff Corey, Lee Strasberg, Peggy Fury, Harvey Lembeck, and Stella Adler. POLITICS: Independent or Republican. RELIGION: Science of Mind.

Little Big Horn, 1951; Hurrican Island, 1951; Two Dollar Bettor, 1951; Japanese War Bride, \952\TheSniper, 1952; The Narrow Margin, 1952; Outlaw Women, 1952; The Jungle, 1952; The Tall Texan, 1953; Trouble Along the Way, 1953; City that Never Sleeps, 1953; So This Is Love, 1953; Cat Women of the Moon, 1953; The Eddie Cantor Story, 1953; Hell's Half'Acre, 1954; The Bounty Hunter, \954',The Silver Star, 1955; Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, 1955; No Man s Woman, 1955; Two-Gun Lady, 1956; The

AWARDS: Pulitzer Prize, 1980; Outer Critics Circle Award, Drama Critics Circle Award, 1980, 1973; Obie Award, 1975, 1972; Vernon Rice Award, 1966-67. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild, Circle Repertory Company (founder and resident playwright). ADDRESS: Office—P.O. Box 891, Sag Harbor, NY 11963.*




Killing, 1956; Swamp Women, 1956; The Parson and the Outlaw, 1951 \ Unholy Wife, 1957; Girl in Black Stockings, 1957; The Story of Mankind, 1957; Day of the Bad Men, 1958; Island Women, 1958; Paradise Alley, 1961; Critic's Choice, 1963; The Day Mars Invaded Earth, 1964; Bedtime Story, 1964; Mail Order Bride, 1964; Chamber of Horrors, 1966; The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, 1969; Wild Women, 1970; Support Your Local Gunfighter, 1971; One More Train to Rob, 1971; Cahill—U.S. Marshall, 1973; Manhunter, 1974; The Outfit, 1974; Hearts of the West, 1975; Freaky Friday, 1977; Salem9s Lot, 1980; The Perfect Woman, 1980; Lovely but Deadly, 1981.

vorced 1955); married Lucy Zackheim, September 27, 1958; children: Anne Kilner, Victoria Rose, George Woodruff, Juliet Halliday. EDUCATION: University of Minnesota, B.A., 1935; M.A., 1936; Ph.D., 1942; trained for the stage at the Bush Conservatory, Chicago, with Elias Day. POLITICS: Rooseveltian Democrat. RELIGION: Episcopalian. MILITARY: U.S. Army Air Corps, 1942^6. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(New York) Match Seller, A Slight Ache, Classic Theater; Chorus, Agamemmon, Greek Theatre; Dr. Evans, In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer, 92nd Street Y; Aegeon, The Comedy of Errors, Manhattan Punchline; Fred, A Midnight Moon, Theatre for the New City; Freeman, The Tavern, Meat and Potatoes; Cosme, Phantom Lady, New York Theatre Ensemble; Serebryakov, Uncle Vanya, Troupe; Duke of York, Richard II, American Folk; James Mayo, Beyond the Horizon, 78th Street Lab; Creon, Black Medea, New Federal; Witness #2, The Investigation, Friends' Meeting House; Gonzalo, The Tempest, Westbeth; Tom Garrison, / Never Sang for My Father; Vermandero, The Changeling, 3 Muses; Firs, The Cherry Orchard, 18th Street Theatre; Capulet, Romeo and Juliet, Riverside Shakespeare Company; Devlin, The Movie Man, Theatre 12; Alfred Tennyson, Freshwater, Gene Frankel Theatre; The Lord, Livin' at the Racoon Lodge, Classic; Compulsion, Summer and Smoke, A Night at the Black Pig, The Seagull, Ivanov, The Mousetrap, Oedipus Rex, 1974-83; (Regional) Broadway; The Beaux Stratagem; An Enemy of the People; She Stoops to Conquer; A Marriage of Convenience; The Rivals; Volpone; The Merchant Gentleman; A Midsummer Night's Dream, 193050.

TELEVISION DEBUT—Actress-model, Orry Kelly Fashion Show, 1944. PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Shultz Playhouse of the Stars; The Whistler; Ford Theater; Lux Theater; Gem Theater; Bonanza; Waterfront; Pepsi Cola Theater; Derringer; Bat Master son; Outsider; Pursuit; Studio One; "Wild Women," ABC Movie of the Week; City Detective; The Falcon; Science Fiction Theater; Meet McGraw; Best of the Post; Lawman; Maverick; Bridges Show; Bronco; The Rebel; Requiem of a Planet; Charlie Farrell Show; Alaskans; Screen Directors Playhouse; The Unexpected; Playhouse 90; Grand Jury; Branded; Batman; Jesse James; The Rogues; Tales of Wells Fargo; Rawhide; Lassie; Family Theater; 77 Sunset Strip; Mr. Public Defender; Cheyenne; The Eddie Cantor Comedy Hour; Wyatt Earp; This Is Your FBI; Apartment in Rome; The Verdict Is Yours; Hawaiian Eye; Little Cabbage; Trademark; Bourbon Street Beat; Grand Jury; New Comedy Showcase; Deputy; Matinee Theater; The Nicest Girl in Gomorrah; The Outsider; Bracken s World; Adam 12; Lloyd Bridges Show; Hawaii Five-O; Scared Stiff; Full Circle; Divorce Court; Perry Mason; Mannix; Key Witness; Climax; Alias Smith and Jones; Hec Ramsey; Man Hunter; Barnaby Jones; Police Story; Marcus Welby, M.D.; Stranded; Project UFO; Charlie's Angels; Incredible Hulk; Simon and Simon.


Cotton Tufts, The Adams Chronicles; A Death in the Country; Harry, Nobody Ever Died of Old Age; Admiral Whitley, Murder for Two.

AWARDS: Honorary Captain, U.S. Army U.S.O. (Korea), 1952.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA, Players Club, American Association of University Professors.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—SAG (board), AFTRA, AEA, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, WAIFS, THALIANS, John Tracy Clinic Womens Auxiliary, Silver Dollar Club, Actors for an Actors' Guild (steering committee), Theater East.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Eric Ross, 60 E. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10032.

' T have sold over a hundred and twenty-five of my paintings and for two years had my own gallery.

WOLPER, David (Lloyd), producer PERSONAL: Born January 11, 1928, in New York City; son of Irving S. and Anna (Pass) Wolper; married Margaret Dawn Richard, 1958 (divorced); Gloria Hill, June 11, 1974; children: (first marriage), Mark, Michael, Leslie. EDUCATION. Attended Drake University, 1946, University of Southern California, 1949.

ADDRESS: Office—9743 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Agent—c/o Mark Levin, 328 S. Beverly Drive, BeverlyHills,CA90212.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Producer: The Devil's Brigade; The Bridge atRemagen; If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium, 1968; / Love My Wife; Wattstax; Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 1971; The Hellstrom Chronicle, 1911', Visions of Eight, 1973; Birds Do It, Bees Dolt, 1974.

WINTERS, Warrington, actor PERSONAL: Born July 28, 1909; son of George Woodruff (a farm machinery salesman) and Annie Bell (a piano teacher; maiden name, Brown) Winters; married Helen Elveback, 1934 (divorced 1946); married Margaret Spears, 1947 (di-

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Producer: Biography series, 1962-63; Hollywood and the Stars series, 1963-64; Men in 520



(a set designer and decorator) and Marci (a ballet dancer; maiden name, Kuleff) Gurdin; married Robert Wagner, 1957 (divorced 1962); Richard Gregson, May 31, 1969 (divorced); Robert Wagner, July 16, 1972; children: (second marriage) one daughter; (third marriage) Courtney.

Crisis; Race for Space; Project: Man in Space; The Rafer Johnson Story; Biography of a Rookie; Hollywood: The Golden Years; Hollywood: The Fabulous Era; Hollywood: The Great Stars; D-D ay; Escape to Freedom; The Making of the President, 1960, 1964, 1968; The Yanks Are Coming; Berlin: Kaiser to Khrushchev; December 7: Day of Infamy; The American Woman in the 20th Century; The Rise and Fall of American Communism; Legend of Marilyn Monroe; Four Days in November; Kreboizen and Cancer; National Geographic Series; The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, 1967-68; China, Roots of Madness; The Journey of Robert F. Kennedy; Say Goodbye George; George Plimpton Series; Appointment with Destiny; American Heritage Smithsonian Specials; They've Killed President Lincoln; Sandburg's Lincoln; I Will Fight No More Forever; The March of Time Series; The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich; Primal Man, the First Woman President; Chico and the Man; Get Christie Love; Welcome Back, Kotter; Collision Course; Roots; Roots: The Next Generation; Moviola, 1979; The Thorn Birds, 1982; Murder Is Easy, 1982; Casablanca, 1982; Victory at Entebbe; Mystic Warrior, 1983; North and South, 1984.

CAREER: FILM DEBUT—Happy Land, 1943. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Tomorrow Is Forever, 1946; The Bride Wore Boots, 1946; Miracle on 34th Street, 1947'; The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, 1947; Driftwood, 1947; Chicken Every Sunday, 1949; No Sad Songs for Me, 1950; The Jackpot, 1950; Never a Dull Moment, 1950; Our Very Own, 1950; The Blue Veil, 1951; Just for You, 1952; The Star, 1953; Rebel without a Cause, 1955; The Searchers, 1956; Burning Hills, 1956; Girl He Left Behind, 1956; Marjorie Morningstar, 1956; Cry in the Night, 1956; No Sleep Till Dawn, 1957; Kings Go Forth, 1958; Cash McCall, 1959; All the Fine Young Cannibals, 1960; West Side Story, 1961; Splendor in the Grass, 1961; Gypsy, 1963; Sex and the Single Girl, 1964; Love with the Proper Stranger, 1964; The Great Race, 1965; Inside Daisy Clover, 1966; Penelope, 1966; This Property Is Condemned, 1966; Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, 1969; The Affair, 1973; Peeper, 1975; Meteor, 1979; Brainstorm, 1982.

RELATED CAREER: Vice-President, treasurer, Flamingo Films, TV sales company, 1948-50; Vice-President in charge of West Coast operations Motion Pictures for Television, 1950-54; chairman of the board, president, Wolper Television Sales Company, 1964-present; chairman of the board, Metromedia, Inc., 1965-68; president, chairman of the board, Wolper Productions, Los Angeles, 1958-present, Wolper Pictures Ltd.; president, Fountainhead International, 1960-present.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; From Here to Eternity *

AWARDS: Academy Award and 11 nominations from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; Grand Prix, Television Program, Cannes Film Festival, 1964, 1971; Monte Carlo International Film Festival, 1964; 28 Emmy Awards and 93 nominations from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences; Distinguished Service award, U.S. Jr. Chamber of Commerce, 1963; George Foster Peabody, 1963; Golden Mike of the American Legion, 1963; award for documentaries, San Francisco International Film Festival, 1960.

WOODWARD, Joanne (Gignilliat), actress PERSONAL: Born February 27, 1930, Thomasville, GA; daughter of Wade and Elinor (Trimmer) Woodward; married Paul Newman (an actor) January 29, 1958; children: Elinor Terese, Melissa Stewart, Clea Olivia. EDUCATION: Attended Louisiana State University; studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse Dramatic School. POLITICS: Democrat. RELIGION: Episcopalian.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences; Screen Producers Guild; American Rocket Society; Writers Guild of America; Manuscript Society; Chairman, board of directors, Dodger Baseball Museum; board of directors, Cedars of Lebanon-Mt. Sinai Hospital, Thalina Clinic, Emotionally Disturbed Children; founding member, Hollywood Museum; chairman, President's Advisory Council to American Revolution Bicentennial Administration; Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee.

CAREER: DEBUT—understudy, Picnic, 1953. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Baby Want a Kiss, 1964; Candide, Circle in the Square, NY, 1982. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Kiss Before Dying; Three Faces of Eve, 1957; Count Three and Pray, 1955; Long Hot Summer, 1958; No Down Payment, 1957; Sound and the Fury, 1959; Rally Round the Flag Boys, 1958; The Fugitive Kind, 1960; Paris Blues, 1961; The Stripper, 1963; A New Kind of Love, 1963; A Big Hand for the Little Lady, 1965; A Fine Madness, 1965; Rachel, Rachel, 1968; Winning, 1969; WUSA, 1970; They Might Be Giants, 1971; The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, 1972; Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams, 1973; The Drowning Pool, \915\TheEnd, \91'8; Harry and Son, 1983.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o Warner Brothers Inc., 4000 Warner Blvd.,Burbank,CA91522.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—All the Way Home; Sybil, 1976; Come Back Little Sheba, 1977; See How She Runs, 1978; Streets of LA., 191'9; The Shadow Box, 1980; narrator, Angel Dust. *

WOOD, Natalie (nee Natasha Gurdin) actress PERSONAL: Born 1938, in San Francisco, CA; died November 29, 1982, off the coast of CA; daughter of Nicholas



CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Charity, Sweet Charity, Prince of Wales, 1968 for ten months. PRINCIPAL ENGAGEMENTS—Chorus, Guy sand Dolls, 1952; Janice Dayton, Silk Sotckings, Imperial, NY, 1955; Lola, Damn Yankees, 46th Street Theatre, NY, 1956; Rumple, NY, 1957; Rose, Bye Bye Birdie, 1961; Sly Fox, Broadhurst, NY; The Gingerbread Lady, University of Miami; Maggie, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Williamstown Theatre Festival, MA; First Lady, Berkshire Theatre Festival, MA, 1981; leading roles in stock productions of Mame, Redhead, Annie Get Your Gun, Kismet, Say, Darling, 110 in the Shade, Here's Love, Bells Are Ringing, Call Me Madam, Anything Goes, Golden Rainbow, Applause, Dames at Sea, The Boy Friend, Bus Stop, A Hatful of Rain, Rattle of a Simple Man, Born Yesterday. MAJOR TOURS— Adelaide, Guys and Dolls, national tour; Frenchy, Destry Rides Again, national tour; Viola, Your Own Thing, national tour; And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little, national tour. PRODUCED: Plays—The Ballad of Johnny Pot, Off-Broadway, NY, 1971.

WOUK, Herman, writer, playwright PERSONAL: Surname rhymes with "spoke," born May 27, 1915 in New York City; son of Abraham Isaac (an industrialist in the power laundry field) and Esther (Levine) Wouk; married Betty Sarah Brown (a literary agent) December 9, 1945; children: Abraham (deceased), Nathaniel, Joseph. EDUCATION: Columbia University, A.B., 1934. MILITARY: U.S. Navy, served in Pacific aboard two destroyer minesweepers, U.S.S. Zane, and U.S.S. Southard became lieutenant, 1942-46. RELIGION: Jewish. WRITINGS: PLAYS PRODUCED/PUBLISHED—The Traitor, 48th Street Theatre, NY, 1949; The Caine Mutiny CourtMartial, Santa Barbara, CA, 1953, Plymouth, NY, 1954; Nature's Way, Coronet, NY, 1957. SCREENPLAYS—The Winds of War, from his novel of the same title, 1983; motion pictures based on Mr. Wouk's novels include—Slavery's Hurricane, 1949, Her First Romance, based on The City Boy, 1951, The Caine Mutiny, 1954, Marjorie Morningstar, 1958, Young blood Hawke, 1962; Don't Stop the Carnival, 1965; The Winds of War, 1971; War and Remembrance, 1978. NON-FICTION—This Is My God, 1959.

FILM DEBUT—Pollyanna, 1960. FILM APPEARANCES—The Devil's Brigade, 1968; Aunt YAssy, Private Benjamin, 1979; When the Circus Came to Town. TELEVISION DEBUT—Colgate Comedy Hour, 1956. TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Bob Crosby I Gretchen Wyler Show, summer replacement for the Perry Como Show, 1958; Step This Way, 1966; Toni McBain, On Our Own, 1977-78; Dr. Conrad, Dallas, 1981; also: Charlie's Angels, St. Elsewhere, Hart to Hart, Making a Living, The New Odd Couple, Gimme a Break, "Portrait of an Escort—" CBS Movie.

AWARDS: Ralph Waldo Emerson Award, International Platform Association, 1981; American Book Award nomination, 1981: War and Remembrance; Alexander Hamilton Medal, Columbia College Alumni Association, 1980; Litt.D., American International University, 1979; LL.D., Clark University, 1960; L.H.D., Yeshiva University, 1955; Columbia University Medal of Excellence, 1952; Pulitzer Prize in fiction, 1952: The Caine Mutiny: A Novel of World War II; four campaign stars and the presidential unit citation, for service in WWII; Richard H. Fox Prize, 1934.

AWARDS: Outer Circle Critics Award, Best Supporting Actress in a Musical, 1955: Silk Stockings. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Fund for Animals (vice-chairman).

THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Radio program writer for various comedians, New York City, 1935; writer for Fred Allen, radio comedian, 1936-41; editor, Columbia University's humor magazine, Jester and wrote varsity musicals.

In addition to the above, Miss Wyler has toured extensively with her own night-club act and has become a "Town Hall Concert Artist" with her one-woman show, Broadway Greats and the Songs That Made Them Famous. Offstage, Ms. Wyler is an activist for the rights of animals. In 1968, she founded a shelter for animals in upstate New York. She is on the boards of seven humane and wildlife organizations; she has sponsored successful animal welfare legislation.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Authors Guild, Authors League of America, P.E.N., Dramatists Guild, Reserve Officers Association of the United States, Writers Guild of America East, Century Club (New York City), Bohemian Club (San Francisco, Cosmos Club, Metropolitan Club (Washington, DC). ADDRESS: Agent—BSW Literary Agency, Inc. 3255 N Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20007.

ADDRESS: Agent—Jack Fields & Assoc., 9255 Sunset Blvd., Suite 1105, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Agent—HesseltineBaker, 165 W. 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

WYLER, GRETCHEN (nee Weinecke), actress, dancer

WYNN, Tracy Keenan, writer

PERSONAL: Born February 15, 1932, in Bartlesville, OK; daughter of Louis Gustave (a gasoline engineer) and Peggy (Highley) Weinecke; married Shepard Coleman, June 18, 1956 (divorced 1968). EDUCATION: Graduated high school, Bartelsville, OK; studied dance with June Runyon in Tulsa, OK.

PERSONAL: Born February 28, 1945, in Hollywood, CA; son of Keenan (an actor) and Eve (Abbott) Wynn; married Kerstin Wassgren, 1976; children: Aidan, Amanda, Brendan. EDUCATION: Le Rosey, Switzerland, 1962; UCLA, Westwood, CA, B.A., 1967 (cum laude). RELIGION: Episcopalian. MILITARY: U.S. Air Force Reserve.

CAREER: DEBUT—Ballet ensemble, St. Louis Municipal Opera, 1950. NEW YORK DEBUT—Chorus dancer, Where's Charley? Broadway, 1951 for one year. LONDON DEBUT—

WRITINGS: SCREENPLAYS—The Deep; The Longest Yard. MOVIES FOR TELEVISION—Tribes, 1970; The Glass House, 1972; Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, 1974. 522

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 AWARDS: Emmy Award, 1970: Tribes; Writers Guild Award, 1970: Tribes; Emmy Award, 1974; Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, and Writers Guild Award; Emmy Award Nomination, 1972: The Glass House.


Mr. Wynn teaches screenwriting, most recently at the Aspen Playwrights Conference in Colorado. ADDRESS: Agent—Bill Haber, Contemporary Artists Agency, 1888 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA 90067.



Y ADDRESS. Office—c/o Lorimar, 3970 Overland Avenue, Culver City, CA 90230.*

YABLANS, Frank, executive producer PERSONAL: Born August 27, 1935, in New York City; son of Morris and Annette Yablans; married Ruth Edelstein, December 21; children: Robert, Sharon, Edward. EDUCATION: City College of New York, University of Wisconsin. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1954-56.

YANKOWITZ, Susan, writer

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Executive producer, Frank Yablans Presentations, Inc: Silver Streak, 1976; The Other Side of Midnight, 1977; The Fury, 1978; North Dallas Forty, 1979; co-screenwriter, Mommie Dearest, 1982; Monsignore, 1982.

PERSONAL: Born February 20, 1941, in Newark, NJ; daughter of Irving N. (an attorney) and Ruth (Katz) Yankowitz; married Herbert Leibowitz (a writer and editor), May 3, 1977; children: Gabriel. EDUCATION: Sarah Lawrence College, B. A., 1963; Yale School of Drama, M.F. A., 1968.

RELATED CAREER: Booking manager, Walt Disney Productions, 1958-66; vice-president Filmways Productions, 196669; vice-president sales, marketing, executive vice-president, Paramount Pictures Corporation, New York City, 1969-75; president, Frank Yablans Presentations Inc., 1975-present.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—The Cage, Omar Khayyam Cafe, NY, 1965; Nightmare, Yale University, New Haven, CT, \961\ Slaughterhouse Playt Public Theatre, NY, 1971; Boxes, Magic, Berkeley, CA, 1972; Wooden Nickels, Theatre for the New City, NY, 1973; America Piece, U.S. and Europe, 1974; Still Life, Interart,NY, 1977, Factory Theatre Lab, Toronto, Canada, 1977; True Romances, Mark Taper Lab, Los Angeles, CA, 1978; Qui Est Anna Mark?, TEP, Paris, France, 1979; Who Done It?, Interart, NY, 1982; A Knife in the Heart, O'Neill Theatre Center, Waterford, CT, 1982; Baby, Barrymore, NY, 1983. PLAYS, PUBLISHED— Slaughterhouse Play, 1971; Boxes, 1973; Portrait of a Scientist as a Dumb Broad, 1974; Terminal, 1975. BOOKS— Silent Witness, 1976-77. SCREENPLAYS—Portrait of a Scientist as a Dumb Broad, 1969; To See the Elephant, 1974; Milk and Funny, 1976; The Prison Game, 1977; Charlotte Perkins Oilman: Forerunner, 1979; Silent Witness, 1979; The Amnesiac, 1980. RADIO PL AYS—Rats' A lley, 1969.

AWARDS: Decorated Commendatore Repubblica Italiana. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Chairman, Variety Club International; director, Motion Picture Association; corporate chairman, entertainment division, Federation of Jewish Philanthropies; board of directors, Boy's Clubs of America; Will Rogers Hospital; trustee, American Film Institute; Fairview Country Club. ADDRESS: Office—Frank Yablans Presentations Inc., MGM Studios, 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230.*

YABLANS, Irwin, producer

AWARDS: Vernon Rice Drama Desk Award, 1969. GRANTS/ FELLOWSHIPS—Joseph E. Levine, 1968 ;NEA Creative Writing, 1972; Rockefeller, 1973; CAPS Award, 1974; Guggenheim, 1975;NEA Creative Writing, 1979.

PERSONAL: Born in Brooklyn, NY. MILITARY: U.S. Army, 1954-56.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild, Writers Guild of America East, PEN.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Associate producer, Badge 373, 1972; producer: The Education of Sonny Carson, 1974; Halloween, 1978; Roller Boogie, \91%\ Fade to Black, 1979; Hell Night, 1981; The Seduction, 1982; Tank, 1983.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Flora Roberts, Inc., 157 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10107.

RELATED CAREER: Warner Brothers, 1956 held sales posts in Washington, DC, Albany, Detroit, Milwaukee and Portland; Los Angeles manager Paramount Productions, 1962, western sales manager, 1972; president, Compass International Pictures, 1974; Executive vice-president, Lorimar Productions.

YATES, Peter, director PERSONAL: Married Virginia Pope, 1960; children: three. 524



THEATRE-RELATED CAREER: Associate professor, Yale University, 1975-82; teacher, BMI Musical Theatre Workshop, 1982-present.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Assistant director, A Taste of Honey, The Entertainer; director: Summer Holiday, 1962; One Way Pendulum, 1964; Robbery, 1967; Bullitt, 1968; John and Mary, 1969; Murphy s War, 1971; The Hot Rock, 1972; The Friends of Eddie Coyle, 1973; For Pete's Sake, 197'6; Mother, Jugs and Speed, \916\TheDeep, 1977; producer/director: Breaking Away, 1979; Eyewitness, 1981; Krull, 1982; The Dresser, 1983.

AWARDS: Antoinette Perry Award, Best Score, Drama Desk Award, Best Music, Best Lyrics, 1982: Nine. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Dramatists Guild, Society of Music Theory, A.M.S.

ADDRESS: Office—c/o Tempest Productions, Inc., 1775 Broadway, Suite 621, New York, NY 10019. Agent—c/o ICM, 40 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.*

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Flora Roberts, 157 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

YESTON, Maury, composer, writer

YORK, Michael (ne York-Johnson), actor

PERSONAL: Born December 23, 1945; son of David (a businessman) and Frances (a businesswoman; maiden name, Haar) Yeston; married Anne Sheedy (a flutist), November 13, 1982; children: Jake. EDUCATION: Yale University, B.A., 1963-67; Clare College/Cambridge University, M.A., 1967-69; Yale University, Ph.D., 1970-74; trained for the stage with the BMI Musical Theatre workshop and Lehman Engel.

PERSONAL: Born March 27, 1942, in Fulmer, England; son of Joseph Gwynne (a businessman) and Florence May (Chown) Johnson; married Patricia Watson (a photographer), March 27, 1968. EDUCATION: University College, Oxford, M.A.; trained for the stage with the National Youth Theatre (England). CAREER: DEBUT—Sergius, Arms and the Man, Repertory Theatre, Dundee, Scotland, 1964. LONDON DEBUT—Walkon, Much Ado about Nothing, National Theatre Company, 1965. NEW YORK DEBUT—Felice, Out Cry, Lyceum, 1973, 16 performances. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Hamlet, Hamlet, Thorndike, Leatherhead, England, 1970; the Twin, Ring Round the Moon, Ahmanson, Los Angeles, 197'5; Bent, NY, 1980; Cyrano, Cyrano de Bergerac, Santa Fe, NM, 1981. FILM DEBUT—Lucentio, The Taming of the Shrew, 1966. PRINCIPAL FILM APPEARANCES—Accident, 1967; Red and Blue, 1961 \ Smashing Time, 1967; Tybalt, Romeo and Juliet, 1968; The Strange Affair, 1968; The Guru, 1969; Alfred the Great, 1969; Justine, 1969; Something for Everyone, 1970; Zeppelin, 1971; La Poudre d'Escampette, 1971; Cabaret, 1972; England Made Me, 1973; Lost Horizon, 1973; D' Artagnan, The Three Musketeers, 1974; Murder on the Orient Express, 1974; D'Artagnan, The Four Musketeers, 1975; Conduct Unbecoming, 1975; Logan s Run, 1976; Seven Nights in Japan, 1977; Last Remake of Beau Geste, 1977; Island of Dr. Moreau, 1977; A Man Called Intrepid, 1978; The Riddle of the Sands, 1978; The White Lions, 1979; Fedora, 191'9; Final Assignment, 1980.

WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Composer/lyricist—Nine, 46th Street Theater, NY, 1982. BOOKS—The Stratification of Musical Rhythm, 1975; Readings in Schenker Analysis, 1976.

TELEVISION DEBUT—Young Jolyon, The CIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Rebel Expectations; Jesus of Nazareth; True about Nothing; A Man Called Intrepid; Opera; For Those I Loved.

Forsyte Saga. PRINin the Grave; Great Patriot; Much Ado The Phantom of the

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o John Gaines, Agency for the Performing Arts, 9000 Sunset Blvd., Suite 315, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

YORKIN, Bud (Alan), producer, director PERSONAL: Born February 22, 1926, in Washington, PA;




CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 What's Happening; Carter Country; Films—Come Blow Your Horn, 1963; Never Too Late, 1965; Divorce: American Style, 1967; Inspector Clouseau; Start the Revolution without Me, 1970; The Night They Raided Minsky's (with Norman Lear); Cold Turkey (with Norman Lear).

married Peg (a producing director); children: Nicole, David. EDUCATION: Carnegie-Mellon University, B.A.; Columbia University, M.A. MILITARY: U.S. Navy Air Force. CAREER: TELEVISION DEBUT—Stage manager/director, Colgate Comedy Hour. DIRECTED: Television—The Dinah Shore Show; The Tony Martin Show; The Ernie Ford Show; The George Gobel Show; writer/director/producer, An Evening with Fred Astaire; producer/director, Jack Benny Special (2); Television Specials (with Norman Lear)—Duke Ellington Special, "We Love You Madly"; Another Evening with Fred Astaire; TV Guide Awards Show; Bobby Darin and Friends; The Danny Kaye Special; Henry Fonda and the Family; The Andy Williams Special; An Evening with Carol Channing; Stage 67, "Where It's At"; The Many Sides of Don Rickles; Robert Young and the Family; Television Series—All in the Family; Sanford and Son; Maude; Good Times; Diff rent Strokes; Archie Bunker's Place;

AWARDS: Emmy Award (6); Peabody; Sylvania; Look; Directors Guild; Man of the Year, Television Academy, 1973; Industry Award, Publicists Guild. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Directors Guild of America (board of governors), Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (board of governors), American Film Institute (council board), Carnegie-Mellon University (board of trustees). ADDRESS: Office—1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1600, Los Angeles, CA 90067.


z 1971-81; O'Neill Center, CT, 1975; Phoenix, 1976-78; Arena Stage, Washington DC, 1978.

ZADAN, Craig, writer, director, producer PERSONAL: EDUCATION: Hofstra University, LI, NY.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES—Tuscaloosa s Calling Me, 1979; Attica, 1979; CBS Kennedy Center Tribute to James Cagney, 1980; Gentleman Bandit (movie), 1981.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Co-producer, Sondheim: A Musical Tribute, Shubert, NY; producer/writer of dialogue/director, Broadway at the Ballroom, a series of evening performances by songwriters using their own material; director, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, New York Shakespeare Festival, workshop production; director/co-conceived, Up in One.

DIRECTED: PLAYS—Ensemble Studio, NY, 1978-80; Phoenix Theatre, NY, 1980-81; Playwrights Horizons, NY, 1981; Philadelphia Drama Guild, 1981. AWARDS: Drama Desk Nomination, Outstanding Actor in a Musical, 1980: Tintypes.

PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Co-producer, Footloose, 1983; executive producer, Bread & Circus.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—AEA, SAG, AFTRA, SSD&C, Ensemble Studio Theatre (board of directors, 1976-present), Ark Theatre Company.

RELATED CAREER—Writer of features, and the ''Intelligencer" column, New York Magazine; director of theatre projects, New York Shakespeare Festival, two years; associate producer, recording, I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking It on the Road; vice president of Creative Affairs, United Artists; vice president, Theatre Production/Motion Picture Development, Casablanca Records & Film works; head of development and production executive, Indieprod Company; associate producer original motion picture soundtrack, Footloose; own production company, Storyline Productions, film in development, Parallels.

ADDRESS: Agent (directing)—c/o Helen Merrill, 337 W. 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011. Agent (acting)—c/o Monty Silver, 200 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019.

WRITINGS: BOOKS—Sondheim & Co.

ZALOOM, Paul, puppeteer, political satirist

AWARDS: Grammy Award nomination for best Original Cast Recording: I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking It on the Road.

PERSONAL: Born December 14, 1951; son of Joseph Albert (an importer) and Virginia Bell (an executive; maiden name, Carson) Zaloom; married Jayne Ellen Israel (a drug and alcohol counselor) on June 6, 1981; children: Amanda. EDUCATION: Goddard College, B.A. (Puppetry), 1973; studied puppet theatre with Bread and Puppet Theatre in Vermont.

ADDRESS: Office—Tri-Star Pictures, 711 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

CAREER: DEBUT—Puppeteer, many different productions with the Bread and Puppet Theatre, Glover, VT, 1971. NEW YORK DEBUT—Puppeteer, The Revenge of the Law, and Harvey McLeod, with the Bread and Puppet Theatre at the New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre, 1972. PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—Created one-man shows; The Fruit of Zaloom, Performing Garage, NY, 1979, Zalooming Along, Performing Garage, NY, 1980, Zaloominations, Theatre for the New City, NY, 1981, Crazy as Zaloom, Theatre for the New City, 1982, Creature from the Blue Zaloom, Inroads Theatre Company, NY, 1984. MAJOR TOURS—Has toured all of his one-man shows throughout the U.S.

ZAKS, Jerry, actor and director PERSONAL: Born September 7, 1946, in Stuttgart, Germany; son of Sy (a butcher) and Lily (Gliksman) Zaks; married Jill P. Rose (an actress), January 14, 1979; children: Emma Rose. EDUCATION: Dartmouth College, A.B., 196367; Smith College, M.F.A., 1967-69; trained for the stage with Curt Dempster. CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE APPEARANCES—(Broadway) Grease, 1914', Once in a Lifetime, 1977'; 7940's Radio Hour, 1978; Tintypes, 1980; (Off-Broadway)—Ensemble Studio,

AWARDS: Citation of Excellence, Union Internationale de la 527


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 day, the gravity and urgency of these issues hits the audience/ " ADDRESS: Home—54 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013. Agent—Arts Arcadia Associates, 853 Broadway, Rm. 1208, New York, NY 10003.

ZINNEMANN, Fred, film director PERSONAL: Born April 29, 1907, in Austria; son of Oskar (a doctor) and Anna F. (Feiwel) Zinnemann; married Renee Bartlett, 1936; children: Tim. EDUCATION: University of Vienna, B.A., 1927; trained as a student of film at the Technical School of Cinematography in Paris, 1927-28. CAREER: DIRECTED: Films—The Wave, 1934; The Seventh Cross, 1941; The Search, 1946-47; The Men, 1949-Teresa, 1950; High Noon, 1951; Benjy, 1951; The Member of the Wedding, 1952; From Here to Eternity, 1953; Oklahoma, 1956; A Hatful of Rain, 1957; The Nuns Story, 1958; The Sundowners, 1959; Behold a Pale Horse, 1964; A Man for All Seasons, 1966; The Day of the Jackal, 1972; Julia, 1976. AWARDS: Order of Arts and Letters (France), 1982; Donatello Award, 1978: Julia; Fellowship Award; D. W. Griffith


Marionette, 1983: Crazy as Zaloom; Villager Theatre Award, The Villager, NY; 1979: Fruit of Zaloom. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—Puppeteers of America, Union Internationale de la Marionette, Performing Artists for Nuclear Disarmament, Puppetry Guild of Greater New York, Executive Board, 1983-84, Member of the Bread and Puppet Theatre, 1971-76 (full-time). Since 1976, he has been a part-time member of the company. "Zaloom's work animates found-objects, debris, junk, and toys as puppets and environments in short plays, and he uses conventional hand-puppets. He also creates paper videotapes (or "crankies"), a scroll of paper with illustrations that is unrolled with an accompanying narration. Zaloom designs and builds all of his puppets, draws all paper videotapes, and directs and performs all the work. Two elements can be found in all my work: first it is all funny. My primary objective is to make people laugh. Secondly, it is political. By "political," I mean that the work is about real issues and events in the world today as I see them. I do not espouse any political line or suggest any solutions. I try to reduce complex issues like acid rain, deterioration of U.S. underground water supplies, book banning, the greenhouse effect, civil defense planning, nuclear war, ocean dumping, etc. into simple, clear, accurate puppet scenes. But if the audience doesn't laugh, then I have failed. Ideally, the audience does laugh and has a great time; then simultaneously or even the next





WRITINGS: PLAYS, PRODUCED—Conversations with Myself, The Last Three Rounds of Eddie Jacobs, both produced in London, England; Temporary Technical Difficulties, produced off-Broadway, NY. SCREENPLAYS—Shooting. TELEPLAYS—Bicentennial Minutes.

Award, 1971; Gold Medal Award (Vienna), 1967; New York Film Critics Award, Best Director, Academy Award, Best Picture, Best Director, Directors Guild Award, 1966: A Man for All Seasons; Golden Thistle Award (Edinburgh), 1965; New York Film Critics Award, 1958: The Nuns Story; New York Film Critics Screen Directors Guild, Academy Award, 1951: From Here to Eternity; Academy Award, Best Documentary, 1951: Benjy; Screen Directors Guild Award, New York Film Critics Award, 1951: High Noon; Screen Directors Guild Award, 1947: The Search.

AWARDS: Guys and Dolls revival received five Antoinette Perry Award Nominations; 'night Mother received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama; Emmy Award for The Bicentennial Minutes. SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—New York League of Theatre Owner and Producers.

SIDELIGHTS: MEMBERSHIPS—American Film Institute, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Directors Guild of America (vice-president, 1961-64), Directors Guild of Great Britain (honorary president, 1982), British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Sierra Club.

ADDRESS: Office—Zollo Productions, 357 W. 55th Street, New York, NY 10019.

ADDRESS: Agent—c/o Stan Kamen, William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. ZUCKER, David, director, producer, electrician PERSONAL: Born October 16, 1947, Milwaukee, WI. EDUCATION: University of Wisconsin, B.A., (Electrical Engineering), 1970; studied with Ed Gein at the Method School.

ZOLLO, Frederick M., producer, writer PERSONAL: Born February 24, 1950 in Boston, MA; son of Carmen F. Zollo. EDUCATION: Boston University; London School of Economics and Political Science; Brandeis University. NON-THEATRICAL CAREER: Stringer, Manchester Guardian, Northern Ireland, 1970's.

CAREER: DEBUT—Actor/writer/director, Kentucky Fried Theater: Vegetables, 1972, My Nose, 1974, Beating a Dead Horse, 1975. PRINCIPAL FILM WORK—Writer, Kentucky Fried Movie, 1977; writer, director, Airplane!, 1980; Top Secret, 1984.

CAREER: PRINCIPAL STAGE WORK—Producer (Broadway productions) Guys and Dolls (revival), The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel, Paul Robe son, On Golden Pond, 'night Mother, Hurlyburly, Almost an Eagle; (Off-Broadway Productions) Key Exchange, Funhouse; (National Tours) On Golden Pond, The Shadow Box, Key Exchange; (Regional Theatre) Bosoms and Neglect, Vanities, Sexual Perversity in Chicago and The Duck Variations, The Last Minstrel Show.

PRINCIPAL TELEVISION WORK—Writer, director, Police Squad, 1982. AWARDS: Writers Guild, Best Comedy, 1980: Airplane! ADDRESS: c/o Paramount Pictures, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038.


Cumulative Index To provide continuity with the last edition of Who's Who in the Theatre, this index interfiles references to Who's Who in the Theatre, 17th Edition, with references to Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television, Volume 1. References in the index are identified as follows: Number only—Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television, Volume 1 WWT-17— Who's Who in the Theatre, 17th Edition

Abbensetts, Michael 1938WWT-17 Abbot, Rick see Sharkey, Jack 1 Abbott, George 1887WWT-17 Abel, Lionel 1910/ Abel, Walter 1898WWT-17 Abraham, F. Murray / Abrahams, Doris Cole 1925WWT-17 Abrahamsen, Daniel Charles 1952/ Abravanel, Maurice 1903/ Abuba, Ernest 19471 Ackerman, Bettye 1928/ Ackland, Joss 1928WWT-17 Ackland, Rodney 1908WWT-17 Ackroyd, David 1940/ Adam, Ken (Klaus) 19211 Adams, Edie WWT-17 Adams, Julie (Betty May) 1 Adams, Mason 1 Adams, Wayne 19301 Addams, Dawn 1930WWT-17 Addy, Wesley 1913WWT-17 Adler, Jerry 1929WWT-17 Adler, Luther 1903WWT-17 Adler, Richard 1921WWT-17 Adler, Stella WWT-17 Aidman, Betty Linton 1 Aidman, Charles 19251 Ailey, Alvin 1931/ Aitken, Maria 1945WWT-17 Akalaitis, Jo Anne 1937WWT-17 Akroyd, Dan(iel Edward) 19521 Albee, Edward 1928WWT-17 Albert, Allan 1945WWT-17 Albert, Eddie 1908/ Albert, Edward Laurence 1951/ Albertson, Jack 7-1981 WWT-17 Albery, Donald, Sir 1914WWT-17 Albery, Ian Bronson 1936WWT-17 Alda,Alan 1936/ Alda, Robert 1914WWT-17 Alderton, John 1940WWT-17 Aldredge, Theoni V. 19321 Aldredge, Tom (Thomas Ernest) 1928/ Aldridge, Michael 1920WWT-17 Aletter, Frank 19261 Alexander, Bill 1948WWT-17 Alexander, C. K. 1923WWT-17 Alexander, Jane 19391 Alexander, Jason (Jay Scott) 1959/ Alexander, Terence 1923WWT-17 Alison, Dorothy 19257

Allen, Billie Allen, Elizabeth 1934Allen, Jack 1907Allen, Jay Presson 1922Allen, John Piers 1912Allen, Karen 1951Allen, Patrick 1927Allen, Rae 1926Allen, Ralph G. 1934Allen, Sheila 1932Allen, Vera 1897Allen, Woody 1935Allers, Franz 1905Allinson, Michael Allmon, Clinton 1941Alper, Jonathan 1950Alswang, Ralph 1916-1979 Ambrose, David 1943Ameche, Don 1908Amram, David 1930Anderson, Craig Anderson, Daphne 1922Anderson, J. Grant 1897Anderson, Judith 1898Anderson, Lindsay 1923Anderson, Richard 1926Anderson, Robert Woodruff 1917Anderson, Rona 1928Andrews, Dana 1912Andrews, George Lee 1942Andrews, Harry 1911Andrews, Julie 1935Andrews, Nancy 1924Andros, Douglas 1931Angers, Avril 1922Anglim, Philip 1953Annals, Michael 1938Anouih, Jean, 1907Anthony, Joseph 1912Antoon, A. J. 1944Antrobus, John 1933Applebaum, Gertrude H Apted, Michael 1941Arbus, Allan Arden, Eve 1912Arden, John 1930Argent, Edward 1931Arkin, Alan 1934Arlen, Harold 1905Arnatt, John 1917Arnaz, Desi, Jr. 1953531

7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / 1 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 /

Arnaz, Lucie 1951Arnold, Tom 1947Arnott, James Fullarton 1914Aronson, Boris 1900-1980 Aronstein, Martin 1936Arrabal, Fernando 1932Arrowsmith, William 1924—

Arthur, Beatrice 1926Arthur, Carol 1935Ashcroft, Peggy 1907Asher, Jane 1946Asherson, Renee Ashley, Elizabeth 1939Ashman, Howard 1950Ashmore, Basil 1915Ashton, Ellis 1919Askey, Arthur Bowden 1900Asner, Edward 1929Astredo, Humbert Allen Atherton, William 1947Atienza, Edward 1924Atkins, Eileen 1934Atkinson, Barbara 1926Atkinson, (Justin) Brooks 1894-1984 Atlee, Howard (Heinlen) 1926Attenborough, Sir Richard 1923Attles, Joseph (Egbert) 1903Auberjonois, Rene 1940Aubrey, James 1947Audley, Maxine 1923Aukin, David 1942Auletta, Robert 1940Aulisi, Joseph G Aumont, Jean-Pierre 1909Austin, Lyn 1922Avedis, Howard Avni,Ran 1941Axworthy, Geoffrey 1923Ayckbourn, Alan 1939Ayers, David H. 1924Ayrton, Norman 1924Azenberg, Emanuel 1934Azzara, Candy 1947Babe, Thomas 1941Bacall, Lauren 1924Baccus, Stephen 1969Backus, Richard 1945Baddeley, Hermione 1906Bade, Tom 1946Badel, Alan 1923-

/ WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1

WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 7 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17

CUMULATIVE INDEX Badel, Sarah 1943Badham, John MacDonald 1943Baer, Marian 1924Bagden, Ronald 1953Bagley, Ben 1933Bagnold, Enid 1889-1981 Bailey, Frederick 1946Bailey, Pearl 1918Bailey, Robin 1919Bain, Conrad 1923Baird, Bil 1904Baird, Mary E. 1947Baker, Blanche 1956Baker, Carroll 1931Baker, George 1931Baker, Mark 1946Baker, Paul 1911Baker, Raymond 1948Baker, Word (Charles William) 1923Balaban, Bob 1945Balanchine, George 1904-1980 Ball, William 1931Ballantyne, Paul 1909Ballard, Kaye 1926Ballet, Arthur H. 1924Balsam, Martin 1919Banbury, Frith 1912Bancroft, Anne 1931Bannen, Ian Banner-man, Celia 1946Banner-man, Kay 1919Bantry, Bryan 1956Baraka, Imamu Amiri 1934Baranski, Christine 1952Barber, John Barbera, Joseph R Bardon, Henry 1923Barge, Gillian 1940Barker, Clive 1931Barker, Felix Barker, Howard 1946Barker, Ronnie 1929Barkworth, Peter 1929Barnabe, Bruno 1905Barnes, Clive Alexander 1927Barnes, Fran 1931Barnes, Peter 1931Barney, Jay Barr, Patrick 1908Barr, Richard 1917Barranger, Millie S. 1937Barrett, Leslie 1919Barrie, Amanda 1939Barrie, Barbara 1931Barrie, Frank 1939Barrs, Norman 1917Barry, B. Constance 1913Barry, B. H. 1940Barry, Michael 1910Barry, Paul 1931Barry, Raymond J. 1939Bart, Lionel 1930Bartenieff, George 1935Bartlett, D'Jamin 1948Bartlett, Hall 1925Barton, John 1928Basehart, Richard 1914Bass, Alfred 1921Bass, George Houston 1938Bate, Anthony Bates, Alan 1934Bates, Kathy 1948Bateson, Timothy 1926Bauersmith, Paula 1909-

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 WWT-17 7 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / / 7 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 7 7 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17

Baumann, K. T Baumgarten, Craig 1949Baxley, Barbara 1927Baxter, Anne 1923Baxter, Jane 1909Baxter, Keith Baxter, Stanley 1926Baxter, Trevor 1932Bay, Howard 1912Bayliss, Peter Beach, Ann 1938Beach, Gary 1947Beacham, Stephanie 1947Beal, John 1909Bean, Orson 1928Beardsley, Alice 1925Beatty, John Lee 1948Beatty, Robert 1909Beaufort, John 1912Beaumont, Gabrielle 1942Becher, John C. 1915Beck, Julian 1925Becker-man, Bernard 1921Beckett, Samuel 1906Bedford, Brian 1935Beers, Francine Beim, Norman 1923Belafonte, Harry 1927Beldon, Eileen 1901Bel Geddes, Barbara 1922Belkin, Jeanna 1924Bell, Ann 1939Bell, John 1940Bell,Lynne 1944Bella, Joseph F. 1940Bellamy, Ralph 1904Bellaver, Harry 1905Benedict, Dirk 1945Benedictus, David 1938Benjamin, Louis 1922Benjamin, P. J. 1951Benjamin, Richard 1938Bennett, Alan 1934Bennett, Fran 1937Bennett, Hywel 1944Bennett, Jill 1931Bennett, Joan 1910Bennett, Michael Bennett, Peter 1917Benson, George 1911Bentham, Frederick 1911Bentley, Eric 1916Berg, Barry 1942Berger, Robert 1914Berger, Senta 1947Berger, Sidney L. 1936Berger, Stephen 1954Berghof, Herbert 1909Bergman, Ingrid 1915-1982 Bergman, J. Peter 1946Bergner, Elisabeth 1900Berkoff, Steven 1937Berle, Milton 1908Berlin, Irving 1888Berlind, Roger 1930Berlinger, Warren 1937Berman, Ed 1941Beimel, Albert 1927Bernard, Kenneth 1930Bernette, Sheila Bernhardt, Melvin Bernstein, Leonard 1918Bernstein, Walter 1919Berry, Eric 1913-


1 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 1 I WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 7 1 1 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / 1 1 1 WWT-17 1 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17

Bertrand, Sandra 1943Benin, Joseph 1924Besch, Bibi 1940Bethencourt, Francis 1926Bettger, Lyle 1915Bettis, Valerie 7-1982 Bewes, Rodney 1937Bicat, Tony 1945Bikel, Theodore 1924Billig, Robert 1947Billington, Ken 1946Billington, Kevin 1934Billington, Michael 1939Bilowit, Ira J. 1925Binder, Steve Bingham, Sallie 1937Birch, Patricia Bird, David 1907Bird, John 1936Birney, David E Birney, Reed 1954Bishop, Andre 1948Bishop, Conrad J. 1941Bishop, Kelly 1944Bivens, Diane E Black, David 1931Black, Kitty (Dorothy) 1914Black, Malcolm 1928Blackman, Eugene Joseph 1922Blackman, Honor Blaine, Vivian 1921Blair, Isla 1944Blair, Joyce 1932Blair, Lionel 1931Blake, Betty 1920Blake, Charles H. 1916Blakely, Colin 1930Blakemore, Michael 1928Blaxill, Peter 1931Bleckner, Jeff Bliss, Helena 1917Bloch, Scotty Bloom, Claire 1931Blount, Helon 1929Blundell, Graeme 1945Blythe, John 1921Bock, Jerry 1928Bogart, Paul 1919Bogdanov, Michael 1938Bogdanovich, Peter 1939Bogin, Abba 1925Bolam, James 1938Bolasni, Saul Bolger, Ray 1904Bolt, Robert 1924Bond, C. G. 1945Bond, Derek 1920Bond, Edward 1954Bond, Gary 1940Bond, Sheila 1928Bond, Sudie 1928Bonder, Rebecca Bonerz, Peter 1938Bonus, Ben Boockvor, Steve 1945Booke, Sorrell 1930Boone, Debby 1956Booth, James 1933Booth, Shirley 1907Boothby, Victoria Boothe, Power 1945Bosco, Philip 1930Bosley, Tom 1927Bouchier, Chili 1909-

/ WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Boule, Kathryn 1949Bova, Joseph 1924Bovasso, Julie 1930Bowden, Charles Bowen, John 1924Bowers, Lally 1917Bowes, Janet Elizabeth 1944Bowles, Anthony 1931Bowles, Paul 1910Bowles, Peter 1936Boxer, (Cyril) John 1909Boyle, Billy 1945Boyle Katie 1926Bracken, Eddie 1920Brady, Leo 1917Brady, Terence 1939Brahms, Caryl Brambell, Wilfrid 1912Brand, Oscar 1920Brandon,Johnny Bregman, Martin 1926Brennan, Eileen 1935Brenton, Howard 1942Brett, Jeremy 1935Breuer, Lee 1937Brewster, Townsend Tyler 1924Bricusse, Leslie 1931Bridge, Peter 1925Brien, Alan 1925Brierley, David 1936Briers, Richard 1934Brighton, Pam 1946Brill, Fran (Frances Joan) 1946Brisbane, Katharine 1932Brisson, Frederick 1913Bristow, Charles 1928Britton, Tony 1924Broad, Jay 1930Brockett, Oscar G. 1923Brodziad, Kenn 1913Brogger, Ivar Bromka, Elaine 1950Bron, Eleanor Brook, Faith 1922Brook, Peter 1925Brook, Sara Brooke, Harold 1910Brooke, Paul 1944Brookes, Jacqueline 1930Brooks, David 1920Brooks, Jeff 1950Brooks, Mel 1926Brotherson, Eric 1911Brough, Colin 1945Broun, Heywood Hale 1918Brown, Arvin 1940Brown, Barry 1942Brown, Georgia 1933Brown, John Russell 1923Brown, Kermit 1939Brown, William F. 1928Brown, Zack 1949Browne, Coral 1913Browne, E. Martin 1900-1980 Browne, Roscoe Lee 1925Browning, Susan 1941Bruce, Brenda Bruce, Carol 1919Bruce, Shelley 1965Bruckheimer, Jerry Bruford, Rose Elizabeth 1904Brustein, Robert 1927Bryan, Dora 1924Bryan, Robert 1934-

7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / 1 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / 1 WWT-17 7 1 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

Bryant, Michael 1928Bryceland, Yvonne Bryden, Bill 1942Bryden, Ronald 1927Brynner, Yul 1915Buchholz, Horst 1933Buck, David 1936Buckley, Betty Lynn 1947Budries, David 1953Buell, Bill 1952Bufman, Zev 1930Bull, Peter 1912-1984 Bullard, Thomas 1944Bullins, Ed 1935Bullock, Christopher 1934Buloff, Joseph Bundy, William 1924Bunnage, Avis Burbridge, Edward Burden, Hugh 1913Burge, Stuart 1918Burke, Alfred 1918Burke, David 1934Burke, Patricia 1917Burlingame, Lloyd Burnett, Carol Burns-Bisogno, Louisa 1936Burr, Robert Burrell, Sheila 1922Burrows, Abe 1910Burstyn, Ellen 1932Burton, Margaret 1924Burton, Richard 1925-1984 Bury, John 1925Busey, Gary 1944Bussert, Meg 1949Butler, Robert Butlin, Jan 1940Button, Jeanne 1930Buzo, Alexander 1944Byerley, Vivienne Byers, Catherine Byrne, John 1940Byrne, Patsy 1933Byrne, Peter, 1928Cacoyannis, Michael Caesar, Irving 1895Caesar, Sid 1922Cahn, Sammy 1913Cain, William 1931Cairncross, James 1915Cairney, John 1930Calder-Marshall, Anna 1947Calderisi, David 1940Caldicot, Richard 1908Caldwell, Zoe 1933Callan, K Callow, Simon 1949Calloway, Cab 1907Calvert, Phyllis 1915Campbell, Douglas 1922Campbell, Glen 1938Campbell, Judy 1916Campbell, Ken 1941Campbell, Patton 1926Campton, David 1924Candler, Peter 1926Cannan, Denis 1919Canova, Diana 1953Cantor, Arthur 1920Capalbo, Carmen 1925Carambo, Cristobal 1950Carey, Denis 1909Carey, Harry Jr. 1921-


CUMULATIVE INDEX WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 1 / 1 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 /

Carey, Joyce 1898Cargill, Patrick 1918Cariou, Len 1939Carle, Cynthia Carlin, Lynn 1938Carlisle, Kitty 1914Carmichael, Ian 1920Carmines, Al 1936Carney, Art 1918Carney, Kay 1933Carnovsky, Morris 1897Caro, Warren 1907Carpenter, Carleton 1944Carpenter, Constance 1906Carpenter, Freddie 1908Carpenter, John 1948Carradine, John 1906Carradine, Keith 1949Carrera, Barbara Carroll, David-James 1950Carroll, Helena Carroll, Vinnette 1922Carson, Jeannie 1929Carter, Lonnie 1942Carteret, Anna 1942Carver, Mary Carver, Steven 1945Cary, Falkland L. 1897Cash, Rosalind 1938Cass, Henry 1902Cass, Peggy Cass, Ronald 1923Castang, Veronica Castle, John 1940Cavett, Dick 1936Cazenove, Christopher 1945Cecil, Jonathan 1939Chadbon, Tom 1946Chagrin, Julian 1940Chaikin, Joseph 1935Chaikin, Shami 1931Chamberlain, (George) Richard 1935Champion, Gower 1920-1980 Champion, Marge 1919Chang, Tisa 1941Channing, Carol 1921Channing, Stockard 1944Chansky, Dorothy 1951Chapin, Louis Le Bourgeois 1918- . . Chapin, Miles 1954Chapman, Constance 1912Chapman, David 1938Chapman, John R. 1927Chappell, William 1908Charles, Maria 1929Charles, Pamela 1932Charles, Walter 1945Charleson, Ian 1949Charnin, Martin 1934Chartoff, Melanie Chase, Mary 1907Chasen, Heather 1927Chater, Geoffrey 1921Chayefsky, Paddy 1923-1981 Cheeseman, Peter 1932Chelton, Nick 1946Cherrell, Gwen 1926Cherry, Wai 1932Cheskin, Irving W. 1915Chetwyn, Robert 1933Chinoy, Helen Krich 1922Choate,Tim 1954Chodorov, Edward 1914Chodorov, Jerome 1911-

WWT-17 WWT-17 7 / 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 / / 7 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17

CUMULATIVE INDEX Christie, Audrey 1912Christine, Virginia 1920Church, Tony 1930Churchill, Caryl 1938Churchill, Sarah 1914-1982 Cilento, Diane 1933Cizmar, Paula 1949Claire, Ludi 1927Claman, Barbara S. 1939Clancy, Deidre 1943Clanton, Ralph 1914Claridge, Norman 1903Clark, Brian 1932Clark, Candy Clark, Ernest 1912Clark, John Pepper 1935Clark, John Richard 1932Clark, Peggy 1915Clarke, David 1908Clary, Robert 1926Clavell, James Clements, John 1910Clurman, Harold 1901-1980 Coates, Carolyn Coburn, D(onald) L. 1938Coca, Imogene Coco, James 1929Codron, Michael 1930Cody, Iron Eyes 1915Coe, Peter 1929Coe, Richard L. 1914Coffey, Denise 1936Coffin, Frederick (D.) 1943Cogan, David J. 1923Coghill, Nevill 1899Cohen, Alexander H. 1920Cohen, Edward M. 1936Colbert, Claudette 1905Cole, George 1925Coleman, Cy Coleman, Nancy 1917Coleridge, Sylvia 1909Collamore, Jerome 1891Collier, Patience 1910Collins, Barry 1941Collins, Pauline 1940Collins, Robert 1930Collison, David (John) 1937Colon, Miriam 1945Colt, Alvin 1916Comden, Betty 1919Commire, Anne Concannon,John N. 1946Connell, Jane 1925Connelly, Marc 1890-1980 Connolly, Michael 1947Connor, Whitfield, 1916Conried, Hans 1917-1980 Conroy, Kevin 1955Conti,Tom 1941Conville, David 1929Convy, Bert 1934Conway, Kevin 1942Coogan, Jackie 1914-1984 Cook, Barbara 1927Cook, Peter 1937Cook, Roderick 1932Cooney, Ray 1932Cooper, Hal 1923Coote, Robert 1909-1982 Copeland, Joan Copeland, Maurice 1911Copley, Paul 1944Copley, Peter 1915-

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17

Coppola, Francis Ford Corbett, Gretchen 1947Corbett, Harry H. 1925Cord, Alex 1931Corfman, Caris 1955Corman, Gene 1927Cornthwaite, Robert 1917Cornwell, Judy 1942Corsaro, Frank 1924Corson, Richard Cort, Bud 1950Corwin, Norman 1910Cossins, James 1933Costigan, Ken 1934Cotes, Peter 1912Cotsirilos, Stephanie 1947Gotten, Joseph 1905Cotton, Oliver 1944Cottrell, Richard 1936Coulouris, George 1903Counsell, John 1905Courtenay, Margaret 1923Courtenay, Tom 1937Courtneidge, Cicely 1893-1980 Courtney, Richard 1927Covington, Julie Cowan, Edie Cox, Brian 1946Cox, Constance 1915Cox, Ronny 1938Coyle,J. J. 1928Cracknell, Ruth 1925Craig, Helen 1912Craig, Michael 1928Craig, Wendy 1934Crane, Richard 1944Cranham, Kenneth 1944Craven, Gemma 1950Crawford, Cheryl 1902Crawford, Michael 1942Cregan, David 1931Cribbins, Bernard 1928Crinkley, Richmond Dillard 1940Crist, Judith 1922Cristofer, Michael 1945Critt,C. J. 1954Crofoot, Leonard John Croft, Michael, QBE 1922Croft, Paddy Cromwell, John 1887-1979 Cronyn, Hume 1911Cronyn, Tandy 1945Cropper, Anna 1938Cross, Beverley 1931Croswell, Anne Crouch, J. H. 1918Crowden, Graham 1922Crowley, Mart 1935Crowther, Leslie 1933Cruickshank, Andrew 1907Cruttwell, Hugh 1918Cryer, David 1936Cryer, Gretchen 1935Cuka, Frances 1936Cukor, George Dewey 1899-1983 Cullum, John 1930Culver, Roland 1900Cummings, Bob 1910Cummings, Constance 1910Currah, Brian Mason 1929Currie, Glenne 1926Curry, Julian 1937Curtis, Keene 1923Cusack, Cyril 1910534

7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

Cusack, Sinead 1948Gushing, Peter 1913Cushman, Robert 1943Cuthbert, Neil 1951Cuthbertson, Allan 1920Cuthbertson, Iain 1930Dabney, Augusta Da Costa, Morton 1914Dailey, Irene Dale, Grover 1935Dale, Jim 1935Dallas, Meredith Eugene 1916Dalrymple, Jean 1910Dalva, Robert 1942Damon, Stuart 1937Dana, F. Mitchell 1942Dana, Leora 1923Daneman, Paul 1925Daniel, T. 1945Daniels, Ron 1942Danner, Blythe Danson, Ted 1947Dare, Daphne Darlow, Cynthia 1949Da Silva, Howard 1909Dauphin, Claude 1903Davenport, Nigel 1928Davidson, Gordon 1933Davies, Robertson 1913Davis, Allan 1913Davis, Allen III 1929Davis, Ariel 1912Davis, Bette 1908Davis, Carl 1936Davis, Jeff 1950Davis, Joe 1912Davis, Ossie 1917Davis, Ray C Davis, Sammy, Jr. 1925Dawber, Pam 1954Dawson, Anna Day, Richard Digby 1940Dean, Isabel de Banzie, Lois de Cordova, Frederick 1910Dee, Ruby 1924Deering, Olive Delaney, Shelagh 1939de la Tour, Frances 1944de Laurentiis, Dino 1919Delfont, Bernard 1909de Liagre, Alfred Jun 1904Dell, Gabriel 1923de Mille, Agnes 1905Dench, Judi 1934Denham, Maurice 1909Denham, Reginald 1894De Niro, Robert 1943Denison, Michael 1915Denker, Henry 1912Dennis, Sandy 1937DePalma, Brian 1940De Santis, Joe 1909De Shields, Andre 1946DeVine, Lawrence 1935Devlin, Jay 1929DeVries,Peterl910Dewell, Michael 1931Dewhurst, Colleen 1926Dewhurst, Keith 1931Dews, Peter 1929Dexter, John Diamond, I. A. L. 1920Diamond, Margaret 1916-

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17



Diener, Joan Dietrich, Dena Dietrich, Marlene 1900Dietz, Howard 1896Dignam, Mark 1909Diller, Phyllis 1917Dillon, John 1945Dillon, Mia Dishy, Bob Dobie, Alan 1932Dodd, Ken 1929Dodds, William Dodimead, David 1919Dodson,Jack 1931Donat, Peter 1928Donlan, Yolande Donleavy, J. P. 1926Donnell, Jeff (Jean Marie) 1921Donnell, Patrick 1916Donnelly, Donal 1931Donner, Clive 1926Donohue, Jack 1908Dooley,Ray 1952Dore, Alexander 1923Dorn, Dolores Dossor, Alan 1941Dotrice, Roy 1925Douglas, Diana 1923Douglas, Felicity Douglas, Kirk 1916Douglas, Melvyn 1901-1980 Douglas, Michael 1944Douglas, Torrington Douglas, Wallace 1911Douglass, Stephen 1921Dowd, M'el Down, Angela 1943Downs, Jane Dragoti, Stan(ley G.) 1932Drake, Alfred 1914Drexler, Rosalyn Dreyfuss, Richard 1947Drivas, Robert 1938Driver, Donald Dromgoole, Patrick 1930Drulie, Sylvia Drummond, Alice 1928Drury, Alan 1949Du Bois, Raoul Pene 1914Duberman, Martin Bauml 1930Duchin, Peter 1937Dudley, William 1947Dufour, Val 1927Dukakis, Olympia 1931Dullea, Keir 1936Dunaway, Faye 1941Duncan, Ronald 1914Duncan, Sandy 1946Dunham, Joanna 1936Dunham, Katherine 1910Dunlop, Frank 1927Dunn, Geoffrey 1903Dunn, Thomas G. 1950Dunning, Ruth 1911Dunnock, Mildred 1900Durand, Charles 1912du Rand, le Chanche 1941Durang, Christopher 1949Duras, Marguerite 1914Durrenmatt, Friedrich 1921Du Sautoy, Carmen 1950Dussault, Nancy 1936Duvall, Robert 1931Dyall, Valentine 1908-

WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 1 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17

Dyer, Charles Raymond 1928Dyer, Christopher 1947Dysart, Richard A Eaker, Ira 1922Easton, Richard 1933Eastwood, Clint 1930Eaton, Wallas 1917Ebb, Fred 1933Ebert, Joyce 1933Eccles, Donald 1908Eckart, Jean 1921Eckart, William J. 1920Eda-Young, Barbara 1945Eddington, Paul 1927Eddison, Robert 1908Ede, George 1931Edelman, Herbert 1933Edgar, David 1948Edgeworth, Jane 1922Edgley, Michael Christopher 1943Edmead, Wendy Edwards, Ben 1916Edwards, Blake 1922Edwards, Hilton 1903Edwards, Maurice 1922Edwards, Sherman 7-1981 Egan, Peter 1946Eggar, Samantha 1939Eggerth, Marta 1916Eigsti, Karl 1938Eisner, Michael D. 1942Elder, Eldon 1924Elder, Lonne III 1931Elg,Tainal930Elgar, Avril 1932Elias, Hector Eliasberg, Jan 1954Elizondo, Hector 1936Elkins, Hillard 1929Ellenstein, Robert 1923Ellerbe, Harry 1906Elliott, Denholm 1922Elliott, Michael 1931Elliott, Michael (Allwyn) 1936Elliott, Patricia 1942Elliott, Paul 1941Elliott, Stephen 1945Elliott, Sumner Locke 1917Ellis, Mary 1900Ellis, Vivian Elsom, John 1934Elston, Robert 1934Emmet, Alfred 1908Emney, Fred 1900Emonts, Ann 1952Engar, Keith M. 1923Engel, Susan 1935Epstein, Alvin 1925Epstein, Pierre 1930Erman, John 1935Ernotte, Andre 1943Erskine, Howard (Weir) 1926Essex, David 1947Esslin, Martin 1918Esterman, Laura Evans, Dillon (David) 1921Evans, Don 1938Evans, Jessie 1918Evans, Maurice 1901Evans, Ray 1915Evans, Tenniel 1926Eveling, (Harry) Stanley 1925Everhart, Rex 1920Ewell, Tom 1909535

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 I 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 . WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 7 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 7 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

CUMULATIVE INDEX Eyen, Tom 1941Eyre, Peter 1942Eyre, Richard 1943Eyre, Ronald 1929Eysselinck, Walter 1931Faber, Ron 1933Fabray, Nanette Fairbanks, Douglas Jr. 1909Fairweather, David Carnegy 1899- . . Fairweather, Virginia 1922Faithfull, Marianne 1946Falk, Peter 1927Fallen, Richard G. 1923Falls, Gregory A. 1922Farentino, James 1938Fargas, Antonio 1946Farleigh, Lynn 1942Farquhar, Malcolm 1924Fair, Derek 1912Farr, Jamie Farrah, Abd' Elkader 1926Farrand, Jan 1925Farrell, Charles 1906Farrell, Mike 1939Farrow, Mia 1946Fassbinder, Rainer Werner 1946-1982 Fawcett, Farrah 1947Faye, Joey 1910Fazan, Eleanor 1930Fearl, Clifford Fearnley, John 1914Feast, Michael 1946Feder, A. H. 1909Feely, Terence John 1928Feiffer, Jules 1929Feingold, Michael 1945Feist, Gene 1930Feldman, Marty 1934-1982 Feldshuh, Tovah Fellini, Federico 1920Fernald, John 1905Ferrer, Jose 1912Ferrier, Noel 1930Ferris, Barbara Ferris, Monk see Sharkey, Jack Feuer,Cy Ffrangcon-Davies, Gwen 1896Fiander, Lewis 1938Fichandler,Zeldal924Field, Barbara 1935Field, Crystal 1940Field, Ron Fielding, Fenella 1934Fielding, Harold Fieldler, John 1925Fierstein, Harvey 1954— Finlay, Frank 1926Finnegan, Bill 1928Finney, Albert 1936Firth, David 1945Firth, Tazeena 1935Fisher, Douglas 1934Fisher, Jules 1937Fisher, Linda 1943Fitzgerald, Geraldine 1914Fitzgerald, Neil 1893Fjelde, Rolf 1926Flagg, Fannie 1944Flanagan, Pauline 1925Flannery, Peter 1951Fleetwood, Susan 1944Fleischer, Richard Fleming, Lucy 1947Fleming, Tom 1927-

7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17

CUMULATIVE INDEX Flemyng, Robert 1912Fletcher, Allen 1922Fletcher, Bramwell 1904Fletcher, Robert 1923Flicker, Ted 1930Flint-Shipman, Veronica 1931Flynn, Don 1928Foch, Nina 1924Folsey, George Jr. 1939Fonda, Henry 1905-1982 Fonda, Jane 1937Foote, Horton Forbes, Brenda 1909Forbes, Meriel 1913Ford, Constance Ford, Frances 1939Ford, Nancy 1935Ford, Ruth 1920Fordin, Hugh 1935Forman, Milos 1932Fornes, Maria Irene 1930Forsyth, Bruce 1928Forsythe, Charles Forsythe, Henderson 1917Forsythe, John 1918Fosse, Bob 1927Foster, Barry Foster, Frances 1924Foster, Gloria 1936Foster, Julia 1942Foster, Paul 1931Fowler, Clement 1924Fox, Terry Curtis 1948Fox, William 1911Foxworth, Robert 1941Francis, Alfred 1909Francis, Arlene Francis, Clive 1946Frank, Mary K Frankel, Gene 1923Frankel, Kenneth 1941Franklin, Bonnie 1944—

Franks, Laurie 1929Franz, Joy 1945Fraser, Bill 1908Fraser, John 1931Fraser, Moyra 1923Fraser, Shelagh Frayn, Michael 1933Frazier, Ronald 1942Fredrik, Burry 1925Freedman, Bill 1929Freedman, Gerald 1927Freek, George 1945Freeman, Al Jr Freeman, Arny 1908Freeman, Morgan 1937French, Harold 1900French, Leslie 1904French, Valerie 1932Freudenberger, Daniel 1945Frey, Leonard 1938Fridell, Squire 1943Fried, Martin 1937Friedman, Bruce Jay 1930Friedman, Phil 1921Friel, Brian 1929Friessen, Rick 1943Frisby, Terence 1932Frisch, Max 1911Fruchtman, Milton Allen Fry, Christopher 1907Fryer, Robert 1920Fugard, Athol 1932-

CONTEMPORARY WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / 1 WWT-17 1 1 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 I I

I / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1

Fuller, John G. 1913Fuller, Rosalinde Furth, George Gabel, Martin 1912Gable, June Gabor, Eva Gagliano, Frank 1931Gale, John 1929Gallacher, Tom 1934Gallagher, Helen 1926Gallagher, Mary 1947Galloway, Jane 1950Gam, Rita 1928Gambon, Michael 1940Garde, Betty 1905Garden, Graeme 1943Gardenia, Vincent 1922Garfield, Julie Garland, Beverly Garland, Geoff 1926Garland, Patrick Garnett, Gale Garrett, Betty 1919Garrett, Joy Garson, Barbara 1941Gascoigne, Bamber 1935Gascon, Jean 1921Gaskill, William 1930Gaspard, Raymond L. 1949Gates, Larry 1915Gaunt, William 1937Gaynes, George 1917Gazzara, Ben 1930Gazzo, Michael V(incente) 1923Geer, Ellen 1941Gelb, Arthur 1924Gelb, Barbara Gelbart, Larry 1923Gelber, Jack 1932Geller,Marc 1959Gellner, Julius 1899Gemmell, Don 1903Gems, Pam 1925Genet, Jean 1910George, Colin 1929Gerber, Ella 1916Gerroll, Daniel 1951Gerstad, John 1924Gersten, Bernard 1923Ghostley, Alice 1926Gibson, William 1914Gielgud, John (Arthur) 1904Gilbert, Bruce 1947Gilbert, Lou 1909-1978 Gilbert, Olive Gilder, Rosamond 1891Gilford, Jack Gilhooley, Jack 1940Gill, Brendan 1914Gill, Peter 1939Gillespie, Dana 1949Gillespie, Robert 1933Gillette, Anita 1936Gilliatt, Penelope Ann Douglass Gilmore, Peter 1931Gilpin,Jack 1951Gilroy, Frank D. 1925Gingold, Hermione 1897Ginsbury, Norman 1903Gish, Lillian 1893Glass, Joanna McClelland 1936Glassco, Bill 1935Gleason, John 1941Glenville, Peter 1913-


THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / / / / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

Glines,John 1933Glover, John 1944Glover, Julian 1935Glynn, Carlin 1940Goddard, Willoughby 1926Godfrey, Derek 1924Goetz, Ruth Goodman 1912Going, John 1936Goldemberg, Rose Leiman Golden, Michael 1913Goldie, Hugh 1919Goldman, James 1927Goldstone, James 1931Gooch, Steve 1945Goodman, Dody Goodwin, John 1921Goolden, Richard 1895Gordon, Hannah 1941Gordon, Hayes 1920Gordon, Michael 1909Gordon, Ruth 1896Gordone, Charles Edward 1927Gorelik, Mordecai 1899Goring, Marius 1912Gorman, Cliff Gorney, Karen Lynn Gorshin, Frank 1934Gotlieb, Ben 1954Gottfried, Martin 1933Gottlieb, Carl Gottlieb, Morton 1921Gough, Michael 1917Gould, Elliott 1938Gould, Harold 1923Gould, John 1940Gould, Morton 1913Goulet, Robert 1933Gow, Ronald 1897Grace, Nickolas 1949Grade, Lew 1906Graham, Ronny 1919Grainer, Ron 1922Grainger, Gawn 1937Granger, Percy 1945Grant, Bob 1932Grant, Joyce 1924Grant, Lee 1931Grant, Micki Grant, Pauline Graves, Peter 1911Graves, Peter 1926Gray, Amlin 1946Gray, Charles 1928Gray, Dolores 1924Gray, Dulcie 1919Gray, Elspet 1929Gray, Linda 1910Gray, Nicholas Stuart 1919Gray, Sam 1923Gray, Simon 1936Grayson, Kathryn 1924Green, Adolph Green, Guy Green, Hilton 1929Green, Joanne 1955Green, Paul 1894Green, Stanley 1923Green, William 1926Greenberg, Edward M. 1924Greene, David 1921Greene, Graham 1904Greene, James 1926Greene, Richard 1946Greenwald, Robert Mark 1943-

/ WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 / 1 / WWT-17 / / / 1 WWT-17 / 1 /


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Greenwood, Jane 1934Greenwood, Joan 1921Gregg, Hubert 1916Gregory, Andre 1959Greth, Roma 1935Grey, Joel 1932Grifasi, Joe (Joseph G.) 1944Griffin, Hayden 1943Griffin, Tom 1946Griffith, Hugh 1912-1980 Griffiths, Derek 1946Griffiths, Trevor 1935Grimaldi, Marion 1926Grimes, Tammy (Lee) 1934Grizzard, George 1928Grodin, Charles 1935Groenendaal, Cris 1948Grosbard, Ulu 1929Gross, Shelly 1921Grossvogel, David I. 1925Grout, James 1927Grout, Philip 1930Gruenewald, Thomas 1935Guare, John 1938Guber, Lee 1920Guettel, Henry A. 1928Guiness, Alec 1914Gunn, Moses 1929Gunter, John 1938Gunton, Bob 1945Gurney, A. R. Jr. 1930Gurney, Rachel Gussow, Mel 1933Gustafson, Carol 1925Gutierrez, Gerald 1950Gwilym, Mike 1949Gwynne, Fred 1926Hack, Keith 1948Hackett, Joan 1942Hackman, Gene 1930Haddrick, Ron 1929Hagen, Uta 1919Hague, Albert 1920Haigh, Kenneth 1931Hailey, Oliver 1932Haines, Larry Haire, Wilson John 1932Hairston, William Jr. 1928Hale, Fiona 1926Hale, Georgina 1943Hale, John 1926Hales, Jonathan 1937Hall, Adrian 1927Hall, Davis 1946Hall, Delores Hall, Grayson Hall, Peter 1930Hall, Willis 1929Halliwell, David 1936Hambleton, T. Edward 1911Hamilton, Kelly 1945Hamilton, Lynn 1930Hamilton, Margaret 1902Hamlett, Dilys 1928Hamlisch, Marvin 1944Hammerstein, James 1931Hammond, David 1948Hampshire, Susan 1942Hampton, Christopher 1946Hancock, Christopher 1928Hancock, John 1939Hancock, Sheila 1933Handl, Irene 1901Handler, Evan 1961-

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1

Handman, Wynn 1922Hands, Terry 1941Hanley, William 1931Hanning, Geraldine 1923Hanson, Curtis 1945Hanson, John 1922Harbottle, G. Laurence 1924Harburg, Edgar Y. 1898Hardiman, Terrence 1937Harding, John 1948Hardwick, Paul 1918Hardwicke, Edward 1932Hardy, Joseph 1929Hardy, Robert 1925Hare, David 1947Hare, Doris 1905Hare, Ernest Dudley 190OHare, Will 1919Harmon, Charlotte Harmon, Lewis 1911Harnick, Sheldon 1924Harper, Gerald 1929Harrell, Gordon Lowry 1940Harris, Barbara 1937Harris, Julie 1925Harris, Margaret F. 1904Harris, Robert 1900Harris, Rosemary Harrison, John 1924Harrison, Kathleen 1898Harrison, Rex 1908Hart, Diane 1926Hart, Harvey 1928Hartley, Mariette 1940Harvey, Anthony 1931Harvey, Frank 1912Harvey, Peter 1933Harwood, Ronald 1934Haskell, Peter 1934Hasso, Signe 1918Hastings, Hugh 1917Hastings, Michael 1938Hauser, Frank 1922Havergal, Giles 1938Havoc, June 1916Hawk, Jeremy 1918Hawkins, Trish 1945Hawn,Goldie 1945Hawthorne, Nigel 1929Hayden, Terese 1921Haydon, Julie 1910Hayers, Sidney 1922Hayes, Helen 1900Hayes, Joseph 1918Hayes, Patricia 1909Hayes, Peter Lind 1915Hayman, Lillian 1922Hayman, Ronald 1932Haynes, Tiger 1914Hays, Bill 1938Hays, David 1930Hayter, James 1907Haythorne, Joan 1915Heal, Joan 1922Healy,Mary 1920Heap, Douglas 1934Hecht, Paul 1941Heckart, Eileen 1919Hedley, Philip 1938Heeley, Desmond Heffernan, John 1934Heflin, Frances 1924Heifner, Jack 1946Heller, Paul M. 1927537

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7

Hellman, Lillian 1905-1984 Helpmann, Robert 1909Henderson, Dickie 1922Henderson, Florence 1934Henderson, Robert 1904Heneker, David 1906Henley, Beth 1952Henritze, Bette Henry, Buck Henson, Jim 1936Henson, Nicky 1945Hepburn, Katharine 1909Hepple, Jeanne 1936Hepple, Peter 1927Hepton, Bernard 1925Herbert, Jocelyn 1917Herlie, Eileen 1920Herlihy, James Leo 1927Herman, Jerry 1933Heron, Joyce 1916-1980 Herrmann, Edward Kirk 1943Herrmann, Keith 1952Hersey, David 1939Heston, Charlton 1922Hewes, Henry 1917Hewett, Christopher Hewett, Dorothy 1923Hewitt, Alan 1915Heyman, Barton 1937Hickman, Charles Hickson, Joan 1906Higgins, Colin 1941Higgins, James 1932Higgins, Michael 1925Hiken, Gerald 1927Hilary, Jennifer 1942Hill, Arthur 1922Hill, George Roy 1922Hill, Ken 1937Hill, Leonard F. 1947Hill, Lucienne Hill, Mars Andrew III 1927Hill, Ronnie 1911Hill, Rose 1914Hiller, Arthur 1923Hiller, Wendy 1912Hines, Patrick 1930Hingle, Pat 1923Hinkle, Vernon 1935Hird, Thora 1913Hirsch, John Stephan 1930Hirsch,Juddl935Hirschfeld, Albert 1903Hirschhorn, Clive 1940Hitchcock, Alfred (Joseph) 1899-1980 Hobbs, William 1939Hobgood, BurnetM. 1922Hobson, Harold, Sir 1904Hochhuth, Rolf 1931Hodgeman, Edwin 1935Hoffman, Dustin 1937Hoffman, Jane Hoffman, William M. 1939Hofsiss, Jack 1950Hogg, Ian 1937Holbrook, Hal 1925Holden, Jan 1931Holder, Geoffrey 1930Holder, Owen 1921Hole, John 1939Holgate, Ron 1937Holland, Anthony 1912Hollis, Stephen 1941Holloway, Julian 1944-

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

CUMULATIVE INDEX Holloway, Stanley 1890-1982 Holm, Celeste 1919Holm, Hanya Holm, Ian 1931Holm, John Cecil 1904Holme, Thea 1907Holt, Fritz 1940Holt, Thelma 1933Holt, Will 1929Holzer, Adela Home, William Douglas 1912Hood, Morag 1942Hooks, Robert 1937Hooper, Ewan 1935Hopkins, Anthony 1937Hopkins, John 1931Hordern, Michael (Murray) 1911Horner, Richard 1920Horovitch, David 1945Horovitz, Israel 1939Horsford, Anna Maria Hoskins, Bob 1942Houghton, Katharine Houghton, Norris 1909House, Eric Houseman, John 1902Houston, Donald 1923Houston, Renee 1902-1980 Howard, Alan 1937Howard, Ken 1944Howard, Pamela 1939Howard, Roger 1938Howard, Ron 1954Howard, Trevor 1916Howarth, Donald 1931Howe, George 1900Howell, Jane Howells, Ursula 1922Howerd, Frankie 1921Howes, Sally Ann Howlett, Noel 1901Hudd, Roy 1936Hudson, Verity 1923Hughes, Barnard 1915Hughes, Del 1909Hughes, Dusty 1947Hughes, Laura 1959Hughes, Mick 1938Hugo, Laurence 1927Humphrey, Cavada Humphries, Barry 1934Hunkins, Lee 1930Hunt, Hugh 1911Hunt, Peter 1938Hunter, Kim 1922Hunter, Victor William 1910Huntley, Raymond 1904Hurley, Kathy 1947Hurndall, Richard 1910Hurran, Dick 1911Hurt, John 1940Hurt, Mary Beth Hurt, William 1950Husmann, Ron 1937Huston, John 1909Hutt, William 1920Hutton, Geoffrey 1909Hyde-White, Wilfrid 1903Hyland, Frances 1927Hyman, Earle 1926Ide, Patrick 1916Immerman, William J. 1937Ingham, Barrie Ingham, Robert E. 1934-


WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 7 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / / WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 1

Innaurato, Albert 1948Innocent, Harold 1935lonesco, Eugene 1912Ireland, Kenneth 1920Ireland, John (Benjamin) 1916Irving, Amy 1953Irving, George S. 1922Irving, Jules 1925Ives, Burl 1909Ivey, Judith 1951Ivory, James 1928Izenour, George C. 1912Jacker, Corinne 1933Jackson, Anne 1926Jackson, Freda 1909Jackson, Glenda 1936Jackson, Gordon 1923Jackson, Nagle 1936Jacobi, Derek 1938Jacobi, Lou 1913Jacobs, Jim 1942Jacobs, Rusty 1967Jacobs, Sally 1932Jacques, Hattie 1924-1980 Jaffe, Sam 1893-1984 Jaglom, Henry 1943Jago, Raphael Bryan 1931James, Brian 1920James, Clifton 1923James, Emrys 1930James, Gerald 1917James, Peter 1940James, Polly 1941Jameson, Pauline 1920Jampolis, Neil Peter 1943Janis, Conrad 1928Jarvis, Graham 1930Jarvis, Martin 1941Jason, David 1940Jayston, Michael 1936Jeakins, Dorothy 1914Jeans, Isabel 1891Jefford, Barbara 1930Jeffrey, Peter 1929Jeffreys, Anne 1923Jellicoe, Ann 1927Jenkins, David 1937Jenkins, George Jenkins, Hugh 1908Jenkins, Megs 1917Jenkins, Warren Jenn, Myvanwy 1928Jennings, Ken Jens, Salome 1935Jensen, John 1933Jessel, George 1898-1981 Jewel, Jimmy 1912Jewison, Norman 1926Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer 1927Jillian,Ann 1951Johns, Glynis 1923Johns, Mervyn 1899Johns, Stratford 1925Johnson, Celia 1908-1982 Johnson, Linda Lee Johnson, Mary Lea 1926Johnson, Mike see Sharkey, Jack Johnson, Richard 1927Johnson, Van 1916Johnston, Denis 1901Johnston, Justine Johnston, Margaret 1918Johnstone, Anna Hill 1913Jolly, Peter 1951538

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 I WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 7 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / 1

Jones, Brooks 1934Jones, David 1934Jones, Disley 1926Jones, Dudley 1914Jones, Gemma 1942Jones, Griffith 1910Jones, James Earl 1931Jones, L. Q. 1927Jones, Mary Jones, Paul 1942Jones, Peter 1920Jones, Tom 1928Jones, Tommy Lee 1946Jory, Victor 1902-1982 Joselovitz, Ernest A. 1942Joslyn, Betsy 1954Joyce, Stephen 1931Julia, Raul 1940Justin, John 1917Kahn, Michael Kaikkonen, Gus 1951Kalcheim, Lee 1938Kalfin, Robert 1933Kander, John 1927Kane, Richard 1938Kanin, Garson 1912Kanin, Michael 1910Kanner, Alexis 1942Karlin, Miriam 1925Karnilova, Maria 1920Karras, Alex 1935Kasha, Lawrence N. 1933Kass, Jerome 1937Kassin, Michael B. 1947Kasznar, Kurt S. 1913-1979 Katselas, Milton 1933Kay, Charles 1930Kay, Richard 1937Kayden, William 1926Kaye, Danny 1913Kaye,Judy 1948Kaye, Stubby 1918Keach, Stacy 1941Keagy, Grace Kean, Jane 1928Kean, Marie 1922Kean, Norman 1934Keane, John B. 1928Keating, Charles 1941Keaton, Diane 1949Keats, Viola 1911Keel, Howard 1919Keeler, Ruby 1909Keen, Geoffrey 1916Keith, Brian 1921Keith, Paul 1944Keith, Penelope Kellin, Mike 1922Kelly, Brian 1956Kelly, Kevin 1934Kelly, Nancy 1921Kelly, Patsy 1910-1981 Kelly, Tim 1937Kemp, Jeremy 1935Kempson, Rachel 1910Kemp-Welch, Joan Kendal, Felicity 1946Kennedy, Arthur 1914Kennedy, Cheryl 1947Kennedy, George 1926Kennedy, Harold J Kennedy, Laurie Kennedy, Patrica 1917Kent, Barry 1932-

/ WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17




Kent, Jean 1921Kenton, Godfrey 1902Kenwright, Bill 1945Kepros, Nicholas 1932Kercheval, Ken 1935Kernan, David 1939Kerr, Bill Kerr, Deborah 1921Kerr, E. Katherine 1937Kerr, Jean 1923Kerr, Walter 1913Kerridge, Mary 1914Kerry, Anne 1958Kert, Larry 1930Kestelman, Sara 1944Ketron, Larry 1947Keyloun, Mark Anthony 1960Kidd, Michael 1919Kidd, Robert 1943-1980 Kidder, Margot 1948Kiley, Richard 1922Killeen, Sheelagh 1940Kilty, Jerome 1922Kindley, Jeffrey 1945King, John Michael 1926King, Woodie Jr. 1937Kingsley,Ben 1943Kingsley, Sidney 1906Kingston, Mark 1934Kinnear, Roy 1934Kinski, Natassia 1960Kipness, Joseph Kippax, H. G. 1920Kipphardt, Heinar 1922Kirk, Lisa Kirkland, James R. Ill 1947Kirkland, Sally 1944Kirkwood, James 1930Kirkwood, Pat 1921Kirtland, Louise 1910Kitchin, Laurence 1913Kitt, Eartha 1930Klar,Gary 1947Klaris, Harvey J. 1939Klein, Robert 1942Kleiser, Randal Kliban,Ken 1943Kliewer, Warren 1931Kline, Kevin 1947Klotz, Florence Klugman, Jack 1922Klunis, Tom 1930Knapp, Eleanore Kneale, Patricia 1925Knight, David 1927Knight, Esmond 1906Knight, Joan 1924Knight, Shirley 1936Knight, Ted 1923Knobeloch, Jim 1950Knott, Frederick 1916Knox, Alexander 1907Kobart, Ruth 1924Koch, Howard W. 1916Koch, Howard W. Jr. 1945Kohler, Estelle Koltai, Ralph 1924Kopit, Arthur 1937Kops, Bernard 1926Kopyc, Frank 1948Korty, John Van Cleave 1936Kosinski, Jerzy 1933Kossoff, David 1919Kramer, Stanley E. 1913-

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 7

Krasna, Norman 1909Krauss, Marvin A. 1928Kretzmer, Herbert 1925Krupska, Danya 1923Kubrick, Stanley 1928Kulukundis, Eddie 1932Kurtz, Swoosie Kustow, Michael 1939Kyle, Barry 1947Lachman, Morton 1918Lack, Simon 1917Lacy-Thompson, Charles Robert 1922Ladd, Diane 1939Laffan, Kevin Barry 1922Lahr, John 1941Lahti, Christine 1950Laird, Jack 1923Laird, Jenny 1917Lambert, J. W. 1917Lamos, Mark 1946Lampert, Zohra 1937Lan, David 1952Lancaster, Burt 1913Land, David 1920Landau, Martin Landen, Dinsdale 1932Landis, John Davis 1950Lane, Burton 1912Lang, Charley 1955Lang, Harold Lang, Pearl 1922Lang, Philip J. 1911Lang, Robert 1934Langella, Frank 1940Langham, Michael 1919Langner, Philip 1926Lansbury, Angela 1925Lansbury, Edgar 1930Lansing, Sherry Lee 1944— Lantz, Robert 1914Lapotaire, Jane 1944Larkin, Peter 1926LaRusso, Louis H. 1935Lassick, Sydney 1922Laszlo, Andrew 1926Latimer, Hugh 1913Lauchlan, Agnes 1905Laughlin, Sharon 1949Laurence, Paula Laurents, Arthur 1918Laurie, John 1897-1980 Lauro, Shirley 1933Lavin, Linda 1937Lawrence, Carol 1935Lawrence, Eddie 1921Lawrence, Jerome 1915Lawrence, Vicki 1949Lawton, Leslie 1942Laye, Dilys 1934Laye, Evelyn 1900Layton, Joe 1931Leachman, Cloris 1930Lear, Norman 1922Learned, Michael 1939Lederer, Francis 1899Lee, Anna 1913Lee, Bernard 1908Lee, Eugene 1939Lee, Franne 1941Lee, Jack 1929Lee, Lance 1942Lee, Michele 1942Lee, Ming Cho 1930-


WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17

Lee, RobertE. 1918Lee, Vanessa 1920Leech, Richard 1922LeFevre, Adam 1950LeFrak, Francine 1950Leggatt, Alison (Joy) LeGallienne, Eva 1899Lehmann, Beatrix 1903-1979 Leibman, Ron 1937Leider, Jerry 1931Leigh, Mike 1943Leigh, Mitch 1928Leigh-Hunt, Barbara 1935LeMassena, William 1916Lemay, Harding 1922Le Noire, Rosetta 1911Lenthall, Franklyn 1919Lenya, Lotte 1900-1981 Leonard, Hugh 1926Leonard, Lu 1932Leontovich, Eugenie 1900Lerner, Alan Jay 1918Leslie, Don 1948Lester, Mark L. 1946Letts, Pauline 1917Levene, Sam 1905-1980 Leventon, Annabel 1942LeVien, Jack 1918Levin, Herman 1907Levin, Ira 1929Leviton, Stewart 1939Levy, Jacques 1935Lewenstein, Oscar 1917Lewine, Richard 1910Lewis, Arthur 1916Lewis, Marcia 1938Lewis, Robert 1909Libin, Paul 1930Lim, Paul Stephen 1944Linden, Hal 1931Lindfors, Viveca 1920Link, Peter 1944Linn, Bambi 1926Linney, Romulus 1930Lipman, Maureen 1946Lister, Laurier 1907Lister, Moira 1923Lithgow, John 1945Little, Cleavon 1939Littler, Emile 1903Littlewood, Joan Livings, Henry 1929Livingston, Harold 1924— Livingston, Jay 1915Lloyd, Christopher 1938Lloyd Webber, Andrew 1948Lobel, Adrianne Locke, Philip 1928Lockhart, June Lockwood, Margaret 1916Loewe, Frederick 1901Loewenstern, Tara Logan, Joshua 1908Loggia, Robert 1930London, Roy 1943Loney, Glenn 1928Long, Avon 1910Long,Jodi Longdon, Terence 1922Longenecker, John 1947Loos, Anita 1893-1981 Loquasto, Santo Lord, Basil 1913-1979 Lord, Jack 1930-

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17

7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7



Loren, Bernice 1951/ Lortel, Lucille WWT-17 Loudon, Dorothy 1933/ Love, Bessie WWT-17 Lovejoy, Robin 1923WWT-17 Lowe, Arthur 1915WWT-17 Lowry, Jane 1937/ Lowry, W(ilson) McNeil 1913/ Lucas, George 1944— / Luce, Claire WWT-17 Luckham, Cyril 1907WWT-17 Luckinbill, Laurence (George) 19341 Ludlam, Charles 1943WWT-17 Ludlow, Patrick 1903WWT-17 Ludwig, Salem 1915WWT-17 Luke, Peter 1919WWT-17 Lumet, Sidney 19241 Lund, Art 1920WWT-17 Lundel, Kert Fritjof 1936WWT-17 LuPone, Patti 19491 Lupus, Peter 1943/ Lyman, Dorothy 1947/ Lyndeck, Edmund / Lynn, Jonathan 1943WWT-17 Lynne, Gillian WWT-17 Mabley, Edward 19061 MacDermot, Gait WWT-17 MacDonald, Murray 1899WWT-17 MacDougall, Roger 1910WWT-17 MacGrath, Leueen 1914WWT-17 Mack, Carol K / Mackay, Fulton 1922WWT-17 MacKay, Lizbeth 1951WWT-17 Mackintosh, Cameron 19461 Macklin, Albert 19581 MacLaine, Shirley 1934/ WWT-17 MacLeish, Archibald 1892-1982 Macleod, Gavin 1931/ MacMahon, Aline 1899WWT-17 MacNaughtan, Alan 1920WWT-17 MacOwan, Michael 1906WWT-17 Macnee, Patrick 1922/ Macy, Bill 1922/ Madden, Ciaran 1945WWT-17 Madden, Donald 1933WWT-17 Madeira, Marcia 1945/ Magee, Patrick 7-1982 WWT-17 Mahaffey, Valerie / Maher, Joseph 1933/ Maiden, Karl 1914/ Malick, Terrence 1943/ Malina, Judith 1926WWT-17 Malle, Louis 19327 Maltby, Richard Jr. 1937WWT-17 Maltz, Albert 19087 Mamet, David 1947WWT-17 Mancini, Henry 1924—

Mandelker, Philip 7-1984 Mander, Raymond Josiah Gale Mankowitz, Wolf 1924Mann, Delbert 1920Mann, Emily 1952Mann, Theodore 1924Manning, Hugh Gardner 1920Manulis, John Bard 1956Manulis, Martin 1915Manus, Willard 1930Marasco, Robert 1936March, Elspeth Marchand, Nancy 1928Marcus, Frank 1928Margolis, Mark 1939Margulies, David 1937Markham,Davidl913-


/ WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17

Markham, Monte 1938Markinson, Martin 1931Marks, Alfred 1921Marley, John 7-1984 Marlowe, Hugh 1911-1982 Marlowe, Joan 1920Marowitz, Charles 1934Marre, Albert 1925Marriott, Anthony 1931Marriott, B. Rodney 1938Marriott, Raymond Bowler 1911Marsden, Betty 1919Marshall, Armina 1900Marshall, E. G Marshall, Gary 1934Marshall, Norman 1901Marshall, Penny 1943Martell, Gillian 1936Martin, Christopher 1942Martin, Elliot 1924Martin, Ernest H. 1919Martin, Mary 1913Martin, Millicent 1934Martin, Vivienne 1936Marx, Arthur 1921Masak, Ron 1936Mason, Beryl 1921Mason, Brewster 1922Mason, James 1909-1984 Mason, Marsha 1942Mason, Marshall 1940Mason, Pamela 1918Massey, Anna 1937Massey, Daniel (Raymond) 1933Massey, Raymond 1896-1983 Massi, Bernice Masterson, Peter 1934Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth Matalon, Vivian 1929Matheson, Murray 1912Matheson, Richard (Burton) 1926Mathews, Carmen 1914Matthau, Walter 1920Matthews, Francis 1927Matthews, Jessie 1907-1981 Matura, Mustapha 1939Maude-Roxby, Roddy 1930Maule, Annabel 1922Maxwell, Ronald F. 1947May, Beverly 1927May, Elaine 1932May, Jack 1922May, Val 1927Mayne, Ferdy 1920Mayo, Virginia 1920Mayron, Melanie 1952Mazursky, Paul 1930Mazzola, John W. 1928McAnally, Ray 1926McBain, Diane 1941McCall, Nancy 1948McCallin, Clement 1913-1977 McCallum, David 1933McCallum, John 1918McCarthy, Kevin 1914McCarthy, Mary 1910McCarty, Mary 1923-1980 McClanahan, Rue McClelland, Allan 1917McClure, Michael 1932McCowen, Alec 1925McCracken, Jeff McCrane,Paul 1961McDonald, Tanny 1940540

7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17

WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 7

McDonough, Jerome 1946McDougall, Gordon 1941McDowall, Roddy 1928McEnery, Peter 1940McEwan, Geraldine 1932McGill, Everett Charles III 1945McGrath, John 1935McGuire, Biff 1926McGuire, Dorothy 1918McGuire, Mitch 1936McHale, Rosemary 1944McHenry, Don 1908Mclnerney, Bernie 1936McKay, Scott 1915McKayle, Donald 193OMcKechnie, Donna 1940McKellen,Ian 1939McKenna, Siobhan 1923McKenna, T. P. 1929McKenna, Virginia 1931McKenzie, James B. 1926McKenzie, Julia McKern, Leo 1920McLerie, Allyn Ann 1926McMahon, Ed 1923McMartin, John McMillan, Kenneth 1932McNally, Terrence 1939McNamara, Brooks 1937McNaughton, Stephen McNeil, Claudia 1917McQueen, Butterfly 1911McQueen, Steve 1930-1980 McShane, Ian 1942McWhinnie, Donald 1920Meacham, Anne 1925Meacham, Paul 1939Meadow, Lynne 1946Meara, Anne Medford, Kay 1920-1980 Medoff, Mark 1940Meeker, Ralph 1920Meiser, Edith 1898Melfi, Leonard 1935Melford, Jill 1934Melia,Joe Melly, Andree 1932Melville, Alan 1910Melvin, Murray Mendillo, Stephen W. 1943Mercer, David 1928-1980 Mercer, Marian 1935Merchant, Ismail 1936Merchant, Vivien 1929-1982 Meredith, Burgess 1908Meredith, Don 1938Merman, Ethel 1909-1984 Merriam, Eve 1916Merrick, David 1912Merrill, Bob 1920Merrill, Dina Merrill, Gary 1915Meyer, Nicholas 1945Meyers, Timothy 1945Michael, Kathleen 1917Michael, Ralph 1907Michaels, Richard 1936Michell, Keith 1928Middleton, Ray 1907Midgley, Robin 1934Midler, Bette Miles, Bernard 1907Miles, Joanna 1940Miles, Julia

7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Miles, Sarah Miles, Sylvia Milgrim, Lynn 1940Millar, Mary Millar, Ronald 1919Miller, Ann 1919Miller, Arthur 1915Miller, Buzz 1923Miller, Harry M. 1934Miller, Jason 1939Miller, Joan 1910Miller, Jonathan 1934Miller, Susan 1944Milligan, Spike Ahmaddnager 1918Milligan, Tuck Millington, Rodney 1905Mills, Hayley 1946Mills, John 1908Mills, Juliet 1941Milton, David Scott 1934Miner, Jan 1917Minkus, Barbara 1943Minnelli, Liza May 1946Minnelli, Vincente 1903Mirren, Helen 1946Mischer, Don Mitchell, David 1932Mitchell, James 1920Mitchell, Julian 1935Mitchell, Lauren 1957Mitchell, Ruth 1919Mitchell, Stephen 1907Mitchell, Warren 1926Mitchenson, Joe Moffat, Donald 1930Moffatt, John 1922Mohyeddin, Zia 1933Moiseiwitsch, Tanya 1914Mollison, Clifford 1897Molnar, Robert 1927Montague, Lee 1927Montgomery, Earl 1921Montgomery, Elizabeth 1902Montgomery, Robert 1946Moody, Ron 1924Mooney, William 1936Moor, Bill (William H. Ill) 1931Moore, Christopher 1952Moore, Dudley 1935Moore, Judith 1944Moore, Maureen 1952Moore, Robert 1927-1984 Moore, Stephen 1937Moore, Tom (H. Thomas) 1943Morahan, Christopher 1929More, Kenneth 1914-1982 Moreno, Rita 1931Morey, Charles 1947Morgan, Diana 1910Morgan, Gareth 1940Morgan, Joan 1905Morgan, Roger 1938Moriarty, Michael 1941Moriyasu, Atsushi 1956Morley, Christopher Morley, Robert 1908Morley, Sheridan 1941Morris, Aldyth 1901Morris, Edmund 1912Morris, Joan 1943Morris, John 1926Morris, Mary 1915Morris, Phyllis 1894Morrison, Hobe 1904-

WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / 1 / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 1 / 1 / / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

Morrison, Jack 1912Morse, Robert 1931Mortimer, John 1923Moses, Gilbert III 1942Mosher, Gregory 1949Moss, Arnold 1910Mosse, Spencer 1945Mostel, Joshua 1946Mostel, Zero 1915-1977 Motley Moulton, Robert 1922Mount, Peggy 1916Mrozek, Slawomir 1930Muldoon, Roland 1941Mulgrew, Kate 1955Mullen, Barbara 1914-1979 Mulligan, Richard 1932Mundy, Meg Munro, Nan 1905Murcell, George 1925Murdoch, Richard 1907Murphy, Michael 1938Murply, Rosemary 1927Murray, Barbara 1929Murray, Bill Murray, Braham 1943Murray, Brian 1937Murray, Don 1929Murray, Mary Gordon 1953Murray, Peg Murray, Stephen 1912Musante, Tony Musser, Tharon 1925Myers, Paul 1917Myles, Lynda 1939Nadel, Norman 1915Nadell, Carol L. 1944Naismith, Laurence 1908Napier, John 1944Nash, N. Richard 1913Natwick, Mildred 1908Naughton, Bill 1910Naughton, James 1945Neagle, Anna 1904Nederlander, James 1922Negro, Mary-Joan Neilson, Perlita 1933Nelligan, Kate 1951Nelson, Barry 1925Nelson, Gene 1920Nelson, Kenneth 1930Nelson, Novella 1938Nelson, Ralph 1916Nelson, Ruth 1905Nesbitt, Cathleen 1888-1982 Nesbitt, Robert 1906Nettleton, John 1929Nettleton, Lois Neufeld, Mace 1928Neufeld, Peter 1936Neufeld, Sigmund Jr. 1931Neuman, Joan 1926Neville, John 1925Nevins, Claudette Neway, Patricia 1919Newley, Anthony 1931Newman, Paul 1925Newman, Phyllis 1935Newmar, Julie 1933Newton, John 1925Nichols, Mike 1931Nichols, Peter 1927Nicholson, Jack 1937Nimmo, Derek 1932541

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 7 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17

Nimoy, Leonard 1931Niven, David 1910-1983 Nolan, Lloyd 1902Nolte, Nick 1942Norgate, Matthew 1901Norman, Marsha 1947Normington, John 1937North, Edmund H. 1911Northen, Michael 1921Norton, Elliot 1903Noto, Lore Nouri, Michael 1945Nugent, Nelle 1939Nunn, Trevor 1940Nuyen, France 1939Nye, Carrie Nye, Pat 1908Nype, Russell 1924Oakland, Simon 1922-1983 Gates, Warren 1928-1982 O'Brian, Hugh 1925O'Brien, Jack 1939O'Brien, Maureen 1943O'Brien, Timothy 1929O'Callaghan, Richard 1940O'Connell, Arthur 1908-1981 O'Connor, Carroll 1924O'Connor, Kevin 1938O'Conor, Joseph 1916O'Donnell, Mark 1954O'Donovan, Desmond 1933Ogilvie, George 1931O'Horgan, Tom 1926Olaf, Pierre 1928Oliansky, Joel 1935Olim, Dorothy 1934Oliver, Anthony 1923Oliver, Edith 1913Olivier, Laurence Kerr 1907Olson, James 1930Oman, Julia Trevelyan 1930O'Mara, Kate 1939O'Morrison, Kevin O'Neal, Frederick 1905O'Neal, Patrick 1927O'Neal, (Patrick) Ryan 1941O'Neil, Colette O'Neill, Sheila 1930Opatoshu, David 1918Orbach, Jerry 1935Ordway, Sally Ornbo, Robert 1931O'Rourke, Robert 1947Orr, Mary 1918Osborne, John 1929Osborne, Kipp 1944Osterman, Lester 1914Osterwald, Bibi 1920Ostrow, Stuart 1932O'Sullivan, Maureen 1917Osuna, Jess 1928O'Toole, Peter 1932Ottaway, James 1908Oulton, Brian 1908Owen, Alun 1925Owen, Bill Owens, Rochelle 1936Pacino, Al 1940Pagano, Giulia 1949Page, Anthony 1935Page, Geraldine 1924Paget-Bowman, Cicely 1910Pagett, Nicola 1945Paige, Janis

/ / 1 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 7 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

CUMULATIVE INDEX Pakula, Alan J. 1928Palmer, Betsy 1929Palmer, Lilli 1914Palmieri, Joe 1939Pape,Joan Papp, Joseph 1921Parfitt, Judy Parks, Hildy 1926Parnell, Peter 1953Parsons, Estelle 1927Pasco, Richard 1926Patrick, John 1907Patrick, Nigel 1913Patrick, Robert 1937Patterson, Raymond 1955Patterson, Tom 1920Pavlow, Muriel 1921Payn, Graham 1918Payton-Wright, Pamela 1941Peacock, Trevor 1931Pearson, Richard 1918Peaslee, Richard 1930Peck, Gregory 1916Peckinpah, Sam 1925Pember, Ron 1934Pemberton-Billing, Robin 1929Pendleton, Austin 1940- , Pendleton, Wyman 1916Penn, Arthur 1922Perkins, Anthony 1932Perry, Roger 1933Perryman, Jill 1933Persky, Lester 1927Persoff, Nehemiah 1920Pertwee, Jon 1919Pertwee, Michael 1916Peters, Bernadette 1948Peterson, Lenka 1925Petherbridge, Edward 1936Petrie, Daniel 1920Phethean, David 1918Phillips, Leslie 1924Phillips, Margaret 1923Phillips, Robin 1942Phillips, Sian Phillpotts, Ambrosine 1912Piazza, Ben 1934Pickup, Ronald 1941Picon, Molly 1898Pidgeon, Walter 1897Pielmeier, John 1949Pilbrow, Richard 1933Pintauro, Joseph T. 1930Pinter, Harold 1930Pippin, Donald 1931Pithey, Wensley 1914Pitkin, William 1925Pitoniak, Anne 1922Plater, Alan 1935Pleasence, Angela Pleasence, Donald 1919Pleshette, Suzanne Plouviez, Peter 1931Plowright, Joan 1929Plumley, Don 1934Plummer, Christopher 1927Poggi, Gregory 1946Poiret, Jean 1926Poitier, Sidney 1924Polanski, Roman 1933Poliakoff, Stephen 1952Pollack, Sydney 1934Pollock, Ellen 1903Pompian, Paul 1944-

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 . WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 WWT-17

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 1 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 /

Pond, Helen 1924Poole, Roy 1924Pope, Peter 1955Popplewell, Jack 1911Porter, Don 1912Porter, Eric 1928Porter, Stephen 1925Poston, Tom 1921Potter, Dennis 1935Potts, David 1949Potts, Nancy Powell, Robert 1944Powers, John 1935Preece, Tim 1938Pressman, Michael 1950Preston, Robert 1918Price, Lonny 1959Price, Michael P. 1938Price, Vincent 1911Pride, Malcolm 1930Priestley J. B. 1894-1984 Primrose, Dorothy 1916Prince, Harold S. 1928Prince, William 1913Prinz, Rosemary Psacharopoulos, Nikos 1928Pudenz, Steve Purdham, David 1951Purnell, Louise 1942Quayle, Anna 1937Quayle, Anthony 1913Questel,Mae 1908Quilley, Denis 1927Quinn, Anthony 1915Quinn, Patrick 1950Quintero, Jose 1924Rabb, Ellis 1930Rabe, David 1940Radnitz, Robert B Rae, Charlotte 1926Raedler, Dorothy 1917Rain, Douglas Rainbow, Frank 1913Raitt, John 1917Rampling, Charlotte 1946Ramsay, Remak 1937Ramsden, Dennis 1918Randall, Leslie 1924Randall, Tony 1920Randell, Ron 1923Randolph, Elsie 1904Randolph, Robert 1926Rattigan, Terence 1911-1977 Raucher, Herman 1928Rawlings, Margaret 1906Rawlins, Lester 1924Rawls, Eugenia Ray, Aldo 1926Ray, James 1932Raye, Martha 1916Raymond, Gene 1908Raymond, Paul Reader, Ralph 1903Reardon, Dennis J. 1944Redeker, Quinn K. 1936Redford, Robert 1937Redgrave, Corin 1939Redgrave, Lynn 1943Redgrave, Michael 1908Redgrave, Vanessa 1937Redington, Michael 1927Redman, Joyce 1918Redmond, Liam 1913Redmond, Moira


WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 / WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

Rees, Llewellyn 1901Rees, Roger 1944Reeve, Christopher 1952Reeves, Geoffrey 1939Reid, Beryl 1920Reid, Kate 1930Reid, Tim 1944Reilly, Charles Nelson 1931Reinking, Ann 1949Reisner, Allen Repole, Charles Resnick, Patricia 1953Revill, Clive (Selsby) 1930Reynolds, Burt 1936Ribman, Ronald 1932Rice, Peter 1928Rice, Tim 1944Richards, Angela 1944Richards, Lloyd Richards, Martin 1932Richardson, Claibe 1929Richardson, Ian 1934Richardson, Ralph 1902-1983 Richardson, Tony 1928Ridley, Arnold 1896Rietty, Robert 1923Rigby, Harry 1925Rigdon, Kevin 1956Rigg, Diana 1938Ritchie, June Ritman, William Rivera, Chita 1933Rivers, Joan 1937Rix, Brian 1924Robards, Jason Jr. 1922Robbins, Carrie Fishbein 1943Robbins, Jana Robbins, Jerome 1918Roberts, Doris 1930Roberts, Ewan 1914Roberts, Rachel 1927-1980 Roberts, Tony 1939Robertson, Malcolm 1933Robertson, Toby 1928Robinson, Martin P. 1954Robson, Flora 1902Rodd, Marcia 1940Rodgers, Anton 1933Rodgers, Mary 1931Rodgers, Richard 1902-1979 Rodway, Norman 1929Roebling, Paul 1934Roerick, William 1912Rogers, Anne 1933Rogers, Gil 1934Rogers, Ginger 1911Rogers, Paul 1917Rolle, Esther Roman, Lawrence Romero, Cesar 1907Roose-Evans, James 1927Rose, George 1920Rose, Philip 1921Rosenthal, Rick 1949Rosenwald, Richard S. 1943Ross, Annie 1930Ross, Charles Cowper 1929Ross, George I. 1907Ross, Justin 1954Rossiter, Leonard 1926Roth, Ann Roth, Lillian 1910-1980 Rotha, Wanda Routledge, Patricia 1929-

WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Rowland, Toby 1916Rowlands, Patsy 1935Rowles, Polly 1914Rubinstein, John 1946Ruby, Thelma 1925Rudd, Enid 1934Rudd, Paul 1940Ruddock, John 1897Rudkin, David 1936Rudman, Michael 1939Rudolph, Louis 1942Rule, Janice 1931Russell, Iris 1922Rutherford, Mary 1945Ryan, Madge 1919Ryder, Alfred 1919Rylands, George 1902Sabin, David 1937Sachs, Andrew Sachs, Leonard 1909Saddler, Donald 1920Saint Johns, Richard R. 1929Saint-Subber, Arnold 1918Saks, Gene 1921Salberg, Derek S. 1912Sallis, Peter 1921Saltz, Amy Sand, Paul Sanda, Dominique 1951Sandrich,Jay 1932Sands, Dorothy 1893-1980 Sands, Leslie 1921Sanger, Jonathan 1944—

Santoni, Reni Saphier, Peter 1940Sarandon, Chris 1942Sarony, Leslie 1897Saroyan, William 1908-1981 Sartre, Jean-Paul 1905-1980 Sato, Isao 1949Saunders, James 1925Saunders, Nicholas 1914Saunders, Peter 1911Savory, Gerald 1909Saxon, John 1936Sayles, John 1950Scales, Prunella Schaefer, George 1920Schafer, Natalie Schaffel, Robert 1944Senary, Dore 1905-1980 Schechner, Richard 1934Scheeder, Louis W. 1946Schisgal, Murray 1926Schlesinger, John 1926Schmidt, Douglas W. 1942Schmidt, Harvey 1929Schmidt, Marlene Schmoeller, David L. 1947Schnabel, Stefan 1912Schneider, Alan 1917-1984 Schoenbaum, Donald 1926Schottenfeld, Barbara Schultz, Michael A. 1938Schwartz, Arthur 1900-1984 Schwartz, Stephen L. 1948Scofield, Paul 1922Scorsese, Martin 1942Scott, George C. 1927Scott, Jay Hutchinson 1924-1977 Scott, John 1937Scott, Margaretta 1912Scott, Martha Scourby, Alexander 1913-

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 7 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1

7 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 1 WWT-17 / / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / / WWT-17

1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

Scully, Anthony 1942Scully, Joe 1926Seal, Elizabeth 1933Scale, Douglas 1913Scale, Kenneth 1916Seamon, Edward 1932Sears, Heather 1935Sears, Joe 1949Seawell, Donald R Secombe, Harry 1921Secrest, James Seff, Richard 1927Segal, Erich 1937Selby, Nicholas 1925Selby, Tony 1938Seldes, Marian 1928Sell, Janie 1941Sellars, Elizabeth 1923Selleck, Tom Sellers, Peter 1925-1980 Selznick, Daniel 1936Senn, Herbert 1924Serban, Andrei 1943Seymour, Alan 1927Seymour, Anne 1909Seymour, Jane 1951Shaffer, Anthony 1926Shaffer, Peter 1926Shange, Ntozake 1948Shanks, Alec Sharaff, Irene Sharkey, Jack 1931Sharp, Anthony 1915Shatner, William 1931Shavelson, Melville 1917Shaw, Glen Byam 1904Shaw, Irwin 1913-1984 Shaw, Sebastin 1905Shawn, Dick Shawn, Wallace 1943Sheen, Martin 1940Sheiness, Marsha 1940Shelley, Carole 1939Shelton, Reid 1924Shelton, Sloane 1934Shepard, Sam 1942Shepherd, Jack 1940Sheridan, Dinah 1920Sherin, Edwin 1930Sherman, Hiram 1908Sherohman, Tom 1945Sherrin, Ned 1931Sherwood, Henry 1931Sherwood, Madeleine 1922Shevelove, Burt 1915Shine, Bill 1911Shipley, Joseph T. 1893Shire, Talia (Rose) 1946Shull, Leo 1913Shull, Richard B. 1929Shulman, Milton 1913Shultz,Tony 1947Shumlin, Herman E. 1898-1979 Shyre, Paul 1929Sidney, Sylvia 1910Siegel, Arthur 1923Sillman, Leonard 1908-1982 Sills, Paul Silver, Joe 1922Silver, Ron 1946Silvers, Phil 1911Silverstein, Elliot 1927Simms, Hilda 1920Simon, John 1925-


7 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 / / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17

WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17

Simon, Louis M. 1906Simon, Neil 1927Simpson, N. F. 1919Sims, Joan 1930Sinclair, Barry 1911Sinden, Donald 1923Skala, Lilia Skelton, Thomas Slade, Bernard 1930Slade, Julian 1930Slezak, Walter 1902-1983 Smith, Alexis 1921Smith, Cotter 1949Smith, Derek 1927Smith, Dodie Smith, Kent 1907Smith, Lois 1930Smith, Maggie 1934Smith, Oliver 1918Smith, Sheila 1933Sobieski, Carol 1939Soboloff, Arnold 1930-1979 Sofaer, Abraham 1896Sohmers, Barbara Sokol, Marilyn Sokolow, Anna 1910Sommer, Josef 1934— Sondergaard, Gale 1901Sondheim, Stephen 1930Sorvino, Paul 1939Spacek, Sissy 1950Sparer, Paul Spelling, Aaron 1928Spencer, Marian 1905Spielberg, David 1939Spielberg, Steven 1947Spigelgass, Leonard Spinetti, Victor 1933Spota, George 1917Spriggs, Elizabeth Springer, Ashton Jr. 1930Squire, Katherine 1903Squire, William 1920Stadlen, Lewis J. 1947Stafford-Clark, Max 1941Stallone, Sylvester 1946Standing, John 1934Stanley, Florence Stanley, Gordon 1951Stanley, Kim 1921Stapleton, Jean Stapleton, Maureen 1925Starkie, Martin 1925Stattel, Robert 1932Steadman, Alison 1946Steele, Tommy 1936Stein, Joseph Steinberg, Norman 1939Steiner, Sherry 1948Stenborg, Helen 1925Stephens, Robert 1931Sterling, Jan 1923Sternhagen, Frances 1930Stevens, Roger L. 1910Stevens, Ronnie 1925Stevenson, Margot 1914Stewart, Ellen Stewart, James 1908Stewart, Michael 1929Stewart, Patrick 1940Stickney, Dorothy 1900Stiller, Jerry Stinton, Colin 1947Stock, Nigel 1919-

WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17

CUMULATIVE INDEX Stoddard, Haila 1913Stone, Alix Stone, Ezra 1917Stone, Oliver 1946Stone, Paddy 1924Stone, Peter H. 1930Stoppard, Tom 1937Storch, Arthur 1925Storey, David 1933Strachan, Alan 1946Straight, Beatrice 1918Strangis, Greg 1951Strasberg, Lee 1901-1982 Strasberg, Susan (Elizabeth) 1938Stratton, John 1925Streep, Meryl Streisand, Barbra 1942Strick, Joseph 1923Stride, John 1936Stritch, Elaine 1926Strouse, Charles 1928Strudwick, Shepperd 1907-1983 Stubbs, Una 1937Styne, Jule 1905Sulka, Elaine Sumner, Geoffrey 1908Sumner, John 1924Surovy, Nicholas 1946Sutherland, Donald 1935Suzman, Janet 1939Svoboda, Josef 1920Swados, Elizabeth A. 1951Swain, Elizabeth 1941Swann, Donald 1923Swansen, Larry 1932Swanson, Gloria 1899-1983 Swash, Bob 1929Sweet, Dolph 1920Swenson, Inga 1934Swenson, Swen 1932Swift, Clive 1936Swinburne, Nora 1902Swindells, John 1931Symonds, Robert 1926Sympson, Tony 1906Tabori, George 1914Tabori, Kristoffer Tagg, Alan 1928Tally, Ted 1952Tandy, Jessica 1909Tanner, Tony 1932Tavel, Ronald 1941Taylor, Cecil P. 1929-1981 Taylor, Clarice 1927Taylor, Elizabeth 1932Taylor, John Russell 1935Taylor, Noel 1917Taylor, Samuel 1912Taylor, Valerie 1902Taymor, Julie 1952Teer, Barbara Ann 1937Teichmann, Howard Miles 1916Teitel, Carol TennetLtd., H. M. 1936Ter-Arutunian, Rouben 1920Terry, Megan 1932Terson, Peter 1932Tewes, Lauren 1953Thaw, John 1942Thaxter, Phyllis 1920Thomas, Gwyn 1913Thomas, Richard 1951Thompson, Eric 1929Thompson, Robert 1937-

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / 7 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 7 1 1 WWT-17 / / WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 / 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 1

Thompson, Sada 1929Thornton, Frank 1921Thorpe-Bates, Peggy 1914Tilton, James F. 1937Timothy, Christopher 1940Tinker, Jack 1938Todd, Ann Todd, Richardl919Toguri, David Tolan, Michael 1925Tomlinson, David 1917Toms, Carl 1927Toone, Geoffrey 1910Torn, Rip 1931Toser, David Towb, Harry 1925Towers, Constance Toye, Wendy 1917Traube, Shepard 1907Travers, Ben 1886-1980 Trewlin, John Courtenay 1908Treyz, Russell 1940Trilling, Ossia 1913Trinder, Tommy 1909Troobnick, Eugene 1926Troy, Louise Trueman, Paula 1907Trussler, Simon 1942Tucci, Maria Tumarin, Boris 1910-1979 Tune, Tommy 1939Tupou, Manu Turman, Lawrence 1926Turner, Bridget 1939Turner, David 1927Turner, Douglas see Ward, Douglas Turner Turner, Michael 1921Tushingham, Rita 1942Tutin, Dorothy 1930Twain, Norman 1930Tynan, Kenneth 1927-1980 Tyson, Cicely 1933Tyzack, Margaret Ullmann, Liv 1939Ustinov, Peter 1921Vaccaro, Brenda 1939Valdez, Luis 1940Valentine, James 1930Vallone, Raf 1916Van, Bobby 1930-1980 Vance, Charles 1929Vance, Nina 7-1980 Van Fleet, Jo 1922Van Griethuysen, Ted 1934Van Gyseghem, Andre 1906-1979 Van Heusen, James 1913Van Itallie, Jean-Claude 1936Van Patten, Dick 1928Van Patten, Joyce 1934Van Peebles, Melvin 1932Vaughan, Stuart, 1925Vega, Jose 1920Venuta, Benay 1911Verdon, Gwen 1925Vereen, Ben 1946Verheyen, Mariann 1950Vernon, Anne 1924Vernon, Richard 1925Vidal, Gore 1925Villiers, James 1933Voelpel, Fred Voight, Jon 1938Von Furstenberg, Betsy 1931544

WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17

Von Scherler, Sasha 1939WWT-17 Von Zerneck, Frank 19407 Voskovec, George 1905-1981 WWT-17 Voss, Stephanie 1936WWT-17 Waddington, Patrick 1901WWT-17 Wade, Adam 19357 Wager, Michael 1925WWT-17 Wagner, Robin 1933WWT-17 Waissman, Kenneth 1943WWT-17 Waite, Ralph 19287 Walken, Christopher 1943WWT-17 Walker, Nancy 1921WWT-17 Walker, Sydney 1921WWT-17 Walker, Zena 1934WWT-17 Wall, Max 1908WWT-17 Wallace, George D. 19177 Wallace, Hazel Vincent 1919WWT-17 Wallace, Lee 19307 Wallace, Tommy Lee 7 Wallach, Eli 19157 Waller, David 1920WWT-17 Walsh, Dermot 19247 Walsh, James 19377 Walston, Ray 1917WWT-17 Walter, Jessica 19447 Walter-Ellis, Desmond 1914WWT-17 Walters, Thorley 1913WWT-17 Walton, Tony 1934WWT-17 Wanamaker, Sam 1919WWT-17 Ward, David S. 19457 Ward, Douglas Turner 1930WWT-17 Ward, Simon 1941WWT-17 Warden, Jack 19207 Wardle, (John) Irving 1929WWT-17 Ware, John see Mabley, Edward (Howe) 1 Warner, David 1941WWT-17 Warre, Michael 1922WWT-17 Warren, Jeff 1921WWT-17 Warren, Lesley Ann 19467 Warrick, Ruth 1916WWT-17 Warriner, Frederic 1916WWT-17 Washbourne, Mona 1903WWT-17 Wasserstein, Wendy 19507 Waterhouse, Keith 1929WWT-17 Waterman, Dennis 1948WWT-17 Waters, Jan 1937WWT-17 Waterston, Samuel A. 1940WWT-17 Watford, Gwen 1927WWT-17 Watkin, David 19257 Watling, Dilys 1946WWT-17 Watling, Jack 1923WWT-17 Watson, Douglass 1921WWT-17 Watson, Moray 19287 Watt, Douglas 19147 Watts, Richard Jun 1898WWT-17 Watts, Robert 19387 Watts, Stephen 1910WWT-17 Wayne, David 1914WWT-17 Weaver, Fritz 1926WWT-17 Weaver, William 19177 Webb, Alan 1906WWT-17 Webb, Jack 1920-1982 7 Weidman, Jerome 1913WWT-17 Weidner, Paul 1934WWT-17 Weill, Claudia 7 Weiner, Robert 7 Weintraub, Fred 7 Weir, Peter 19447 Weiss, Marc B WWT-17 Weiss, Peter 1916-1982 WWT-17 Welch, Elisabeth 1909WWT-17 Weldon, Duncan Clark 1941WWT-17 Weller, Michael 1942WWT-17 Wenham, Jane WWT-17


CONTEMPORARY THEATRE, FILM, AND TELEVISION • Volume 1 Wertmuller, Lina Wesker, Arnold 1932Wesley, Richard 1945West, Lockwood 1905West, Mae 1892-1980 West, Timothy 1934Westbrook, John 1922Weston, Jack Wexler, Peter 1936Wheatley, Alan 1907Wheeler, Hugh 1912Whitby, Gwynne 1903White, GeorgeC. 1935White, Jane 1922White, Joan 1909White, Michael Simon 1936White, Miles 1914White, Onna Whitehead, Paxton 1937Whitehead, Robert 1916Whitehead, Ted (E. A.) 1933Whitelaw, Arthur 1940Whitelaw, Billie Whitmore, James 1921Whitrow, Benjamin 1937Whittaker, Herbert 1911Whyte, Ron Wickham, Glynne 1922Widdoes, Kathleen 1939Wiener, Sally Dixon 1926Wilbur, Richard 1921Wilder, Billy 1906Wilder, Clinton 1920Wilkinson, Marc 1929Wilkof, Lee 1951William, David 1926Williams, Billy Dee 1937Williams, Bradford Cody 1951-

/ WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1

Williams, Clarence III 1939Williams, Clifford 1926Williams, Dick Anthony 1938Williams, Elmo 1913Williams, Emlyn 1905Williams, Jobeth Williams, Kenneth 1926Williams, Michael 1935Williams, Tennessee 1911-1983 Williamson, David 1942Williamson, Nicol 1938Willis, Ted 1918Willison, Walter 1947Willman, Noel 1918Wilmer, Douglas 1920Wilson, Elizabeth 1925Wilson, Lanford 1937Wilson, Robert 1941Wilson, Sandy 1924Wilson, Snoo 1948Windsor, Barbara 1937Windsor, Marie 1921Winters, Marian 1924Winters, Shelley 1922Winters, Warrington 1909Wisdom, Norman 1925Wise, Herbert 1924Wiseman, Joseph 1918Withers, Googie 1917Wittop, Freddy Wittstein, Ed 1929Wolper, David (Lloyd) 1928Wolsk, Eugene V. 1928Wood, Charles 1932Wood, David 1944Wood, John Wood, Natalie 1938-1982 Wood, Peter 1927-


WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 7 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 / WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 WWT-17 1 WWT-17

Woodman, William 1932Woodthorpe, Peter 1931Woodvine, John 1929Woodward, Charles Jr Woodward, Edward 1930Woodward, Joanne 1930Wooland, Norman 1905Woolfenden, Guy Anthony 1937 Wordsworth, Richard 1915Worth, Irene 1916Wouk, Herman 1915Wright, David 1941Wright, Nicholas 1940Wright, Teresa 1918Wyckham, John 1926Wyler, Gretchen 1932Wyngarde, Peter Wynn, Tracy Keenan 1945Yablans, Frank 1935Yablans, Irwin Yankowitz, Susan 1941Yates, Peter Yeston, Maury 1945York, Michael 1942Yorkin, Bud 1926Young, Bertram Alfred 1912Young, Joan 1903Zadan, Craig Zaks, Jerry 1946Zaloom, Paul 1951Zeffirelli, G. Franco 1923Zindel, Paul 1936Zinnemann, Fred 1907Zipprodt, Patricia 1925Zollo, FrederickM. 1950Zorina, Vera 1917Zucker, David 1947Zwar, Charles 1914-

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