Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television, Volume 5

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Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television, Volume 5

Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television A Note About Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television and Who's Who in th

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Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television

A Note About Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television and Who's Who in the Theatre Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television is a continuation of Who's Who in the Theatre, expanded to include film and television personalities. The editors believe this change in coverage of the series makes for a more representative and useful reference tool. To provide continuity with Who's Who in the Theatre (WWT), the cumulative index at the back of this volume interfiles references to Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television, Volumes 1-5, with references to Who's Who in the Theatre, 1st-17th Editions, and Who Was Who in the Theatre (Gale Research Co., 1978).

ISSN 0749-064X

Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television A Biographical Guide Featuring Performers, Directors, Writers, Producers, Designers, Managers, Choreographers, Technicians, Composers, Executives, Dancers, and Critics in the United States and Great Britain A Continuation of

Who's Who in theTheatne Monica O'Donnell Hubbard and Owen O'Donnell, Editors Sara J. Steen, Associate Editor

Volume 5 Includes Cumulative Index Containing References to Who's Who in the Theatre and Who Was Who in the Theatre


STAFF Monica O'Donnell Hubbard and Owen O'Donnell, Editors Sara J. Steen, Associate Editor Mel Cobb, James R. Kirkland, Jack Rosenberger, Sketchwriters Sharon Gamboa, Vincent Henry, Editorial Assistants Marilyn K. Basel, Christa Brelin, Diane L. Dupuis, Paul Gallagher, Anne Janette Johnson, James G. Lesniak, Joanne M. Peters, Barbara J. Pruett, Bryan Ryan, Kenneth Shepherd, Thomas Wiloch, Contributing Editors Linda S. Hubbard, Senior Editor, Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television Mary Beth Trimper, Production Manager Darlene K. Maxey, Production Associate Roger D. Hubbard, Graphic Arts Coordinator Arthur Chartow, Art Director

Copyright © 1988 by GALE RESEARCH COMPANY Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 84-649371 ISBN 0-8103-2068-1 ISSN 0749-064X No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who wishes to quote brief passages or entries in connection with a review written for inclusion in a magazine or newspaper.

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Contents Preface


Forthcoming CTFT Entries




Cumulative Index (Including references to Who's Who in the Theatre and Who Was Who in the Theatre)



Preface The worlds of theatre, film, and television hold an undeniable appeal, and the individuals whose careers are devoted to these fields are subjects of great interest. The people both behind the scenes and in front of the lights and cameras—writers, directors, producers, performers, and others—all have a significant impact on our lives, for they enlighten us as they entertain. Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television Provides Broad Coverage in the Entertainment Field Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television (CTFT) is a comprehensive biographical series designed to meet the need for information on theatre, film, and television personalities. Prior to the publication of CTFT, biographical sources covering entertainment figures were generally limited in scope; for more than seventy years Who's Who in the Theatre (WWT), for example, provided reliable information on theatre people. But today few performers, directors, writers, producers, or technicians limit themselves to the stage. And there are also growing numbers of people who, though not active in the theatre, make significant contributions to other entertainment media. With its broad scope, encompassing not only stage notables but also film and/ or television figures, CTFT is a more comprehensive and, the editors believe, more useful reference tool. Its clear entry format, allowing for the quick location of specific facts, combines with hundreds of photographs to further distinguish CTFT from other biographical sources on entertainment personalities. Moreover, since CTFT is a series, new volumes can cover the steady influx of fresh talent into the entertainment media. The majority of the entries in each Cr/Tvolume present information on people new to the series, but CTFT also includes updated versions of previously published CTFT sketches on especially active figures as well as complete revisions of WWT entries. The CTFT cumulative index makes all listings easily accessible. Scope CTFT is a biographical series covering not only performers, directors, writers, and producers but also designers, managers, choreographers, technicians, composers, executives, dancers, and critics from the United States and Great Britain. With nearly 700 entries in CTFT Volume 5, the series now provides biographies for more than 3,500 people involved in all aspects of the theatre, film, and television industries. Primary emphasis is given to people who are currently active. CTFT includes major, established figures whose positions in entertainment history are assured, such as actor, singer, and producer Harry Belafonte; actress and film producer Goldie Hawn; playwright Jerome Lawrence; television executive William S. Paley; and theatrical producer Ellen Stewart. New and highly promising individuals who are beginning to make their mark are represented in CTFT as well—people such as actor and recording artist Ruben Blades; actress Kim Greist who has appeared in such films as Brazil and Throw Momma from the Train; award-winning playwright David Hwang; Elizabeth Pena, whose acting credits include the films Down and Out in Beverly Hills and La Bamba as well as a starring role in the television series I Married Dora; and writer, director, and actor Luis Valdez, who has gained renown for his plays Actos and Zoot Suit as well as for directing La Bamba. CTFT also includes sketches on people no longer professionally active who have made significant contributions to their fields and whose work remains of interest today. This volume, for example, contains entries on actress and singer Vivian Blaine; actor Sterling Hollo way; screenwriter Ring Lardner, Jr.; and producer, director, and screenwriter Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Selected sketches also record the achievements of recently deceased theatre, film, and television personalities. Among such notables with listings in this volume are Jean Anouilh, Michael Bennett, Jackie Gleason, Charles Ludlam, David Susskind, and Emlyn Williams. With its broad coverage and detailed entries, CTFT is designed to assist a variety of users—a student preparing for a class, a teacher drawing up an assignment, a researcher seeking a specific fact, a librarian


searching for the answer to a question, or a general reader looking for information about a favorite personality. Compilation Methods Every effort is made to secure information directly from biographees. The editors consult industry directories, biographical dictionaries, published interviews, feature stories, and film, television, and theatre reviews to identify people not previously covered in CTFT. Questionnaires are mailed to prospective listees or, when addresses are unavailable, to their agents, and sketches are compiled from the information they supply. The editors also select major figures included in WWTwhose entries require updating and send them copies of their previously published entries for revision. CTFT sketches are then prepared from the new information submitted by these well-known personalities or their agents. Among the notable figures whose WWT, seventeenth edition, entries have been completely revised for this volume of CTFT are George Abbott, Gene Feist, Lucille Lortel, and Murray Schisgal. If people of special interest to CTFT users are deceased or fail to reply to requests for information, materials are gathered from reliable secondary sources. Sketches prepared solely through research are clearly marked with an asterisk (*) at the end of the entries. Revised Entries Each volume of CTFTis devoted primarily to people currently active in theatre, film, and television who are not already covered in the series or in WWT. However, to ensure CTFT's timeliness and comprehensiveness, in addition to the updates of WWT sketches mentioned above, the editors also select CTFT listees from earlier volumes who have been active enough to require revision of their previous biographies. Such individuals will merit revised entries as often as there is substantial new information to provide. For example, the update of Gene Hackman's entry from CTFT, Volume 1, included in this volume adds eight titles to his list of screen acting credits; moreover, research has brought to light additional information about his early television and stage appearances, which has also been incorporated into his updated listing. Similarly, Volume 5 provides revised entries containing significant new information on Richard Benjamin, Richard Dreyfuss, Mark Hamill, and Dana Ivey, among others. Format C77